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Full text of "Dod's peerage, baronetage and knightage of Great Britain and Ireland for ..., including all the titled classes"

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3 1833 00856 6207 

Gc 929.72 D66r! 1918 Pt 

Do d •■■ 5 peer ag e , b s r o n e t aq < 
and k n i g h t ag e o f G r eat 
Br i ts i n an d Ireland ... 

Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 





PI JU.ISMH' '■O'x •;?-!•; rKOFRJiTORS 

D O ]) ' & P K K R A G i: , L 1 M 1 T i; D 
j^ MHR^. COlJiri^ CHAMBERS, VEMPLE, E.C.j. i \: 

CO .-::.: 5 ^! 

SflsIPKIN, M vKSiiAL].,. HAMIL'iON, Kju^:'r ^ CO., L- l^ 

non s 


w .. 

f 1 

I Wj^llen Merchant, 

Ha;, one rf tii-^ !?.!\^c-st, choicest, ami naost varied stocks of 

T*^ /I-VN '■'\ 'T 7T^ r^ ■"n^ TTT r^f ..--i I 

:i ilic Lniied Kingdom. These rare, beaulfful. useful, and distinctive textiles 
-ire cj'ii "-J pesisant handiwork, spun snd woven in various mixtures and 
lieatlic-is, wooh. The Exhibition is well \.orth a visit. Scir.e are 
mo'-c 5-.;:t,"d (.ir t; -nt'cnien's wear, others for ladies, and not a fe^v for children. 

£i;d CC 

Of intrinsic 
\.etu-, sj-'ort. 
common in 

„-, i7945i3 

• Overcoats ; | 
for iadiej, ■ 


u'tfci fcr t-,ard country \ 

stes differing from the i 

As sold t ) s 
the Province 
StJies and S 
and llie husi 

liers in LONDON and 
le in th<' ordinal y biTj 
on being so limited ; 
ing experience hy the 
and the labour diffi- 

culties of both crofters and manufacturers, gopd pure woollen rloths are verv 
duiicuU tc- obtain and pri.:es must increase : the publi,. the:>.fore .-hould em- 
brace the (^jpcrtunity ci purchasing while there is stock to ot*er. 


P.<tte:ns rr.n only be sent to 'he Prav.nces and Abroad, and then ordy on a 
promise that thev will be returned promptly. A precise description of 
requirements is also necessary. Off hand '-nquiries and postcards, owing 
to our reduced staff, are lilcely to be delayed. 

(Hclinblc Toilorinn firnu in connection, should their s-'icices be uaiited.) 

''■ ^-''^'.°^ my <p?cia!i5ed business see "' VCliitaker'i" AIi 

■N.B C. ^ Cuic, . page i . I.or over 20 ; ea'.s ; " Di-':-- M 

A. .Ilia! : ■"I.n-,<-s WV-ckl.v edilioi) ; ' Review cf K- vi 

k, pai;e lii.. for the \^!^ 
VarEcok: -Uaz/Vi- 
etc . fi( . 

Branch; 93 iMEW BO^D BT'^BET, V^^J, 

{■fi'l^i-ic -i.i.'r. 

?>::LrPru\ LOXiXjN,. 

:d. m years.) 

GERHARD 630;. 




j 0'i'*-d b y ir^N* fe *3*i' '^^-2 f^ta k 'J ^aeP 'f.i- f] fe.« a S. -fti*^ i^.a-B L«^ t«» L^ e 
{Tr.-i.ding \\iih the Enemy Acts, "IGid). 
Un'kr the ab.i\'o Acts, th? in;nuifacrv>rv of :-:anat(..ccn (Wulilng's cxpirpil 
p.-itentl has boon closed by tlie Biua-:1 of Tra-k-. 

IHotice is bcrcl)\? cavcn 

thai the pnreiv British prochict 

accural i-'ly r- produces vho Gerraan article (as shosvii bv Aiialy: 
packet) arid is actually richer in organic phosplii.iims. 

As a tonic nc-rve and brain food in coses of Xenrrslh?;) 
Exhansiion, Sleeplessness from anxiet}- and overwork, and ^dso for tortif .-ing 
tlie system duriiii; ccjin-akscence, Sanagen is highlv commended by leailin.S; 
medical men. 

Sanagert is S'.iperior in flavour to the snpersfded German article. 

It can he taken with any .soft food, such as yjorridgc, milk puddings, etc., 
\vithou'. being noticed, or added to any non-acid beverage (milk, cocoa, coffee, 
ofc). or in waier or miik, ai'.d is a most vahhible pu-.L-milk foorl, en.iched with 
organic T>hos]-)|i;>rus. 

Sample- fyye --'i npiilicatfon to Caseix I.rn., Cni^-crt Works lUttersea, ^^ W . 1 ! W .rks: Tipperaiv, Ireland. 

on every 



All kinds of Personal Clothing and House- 
hold Textile Furnishings beautifully Dry- 
cleaned or Dyed at Moderate Prices. 

Head London Oiiicc : 58 CONDUIT STi;^EET, 

Telephone No.: Mavfai/ 3510 


f peerage; 

To»«;phone 602 Holbcrn. 

p r*^ r* Q A "i^.T ^> Tb A T, 7 'O T J ^':i .n i- ^ /Hi ^^'i^ 
LU'U/, Oil Li ^ Miit/l^iicjiiaOf 1 

FojnJ.j-J .n the Reign of V/.;!:nm and WiC.r/, 1639. 

Robe g^ .,'«'. ;j\ Court 

Makers ?9aK Tailors 



Koyal Wr.rrant Holders ic H.M.. THE KING. 



v\j \ MANTLES. 



V / 



r. ihi rcc.ijni';od aiilli .rity upni; Court Dress 
and l-;c.bci >iiKe i68(). 

93 cS 94, Chancery Lane, LONDON, W.C.2 

1 11 ill/ yy \j :^^%. jL^ jIj/ 

A tiour^^TAL FOF? ivrE:r>r ai^jd iatoivtei^. 

Fo.nlcJ in '. >74 /",- :.; C'^'J^ ! '(< .'on' ;t Journalist, Edmund Yates. 


ControUins Kciitcr—MTSl /. tie y/r:ND'FE\TON. 

THE WORLD'S distlr.eui^.. 1 and cslahliihcd audience of the Court, Societv, 
the Country Houses, t'r.e Chil s and Rci,'irnriital Mcbses, enables it to give just 
that intimate and authmtalne vaUir to ils comment and criticism which is so 

valuat'.e and <o rare in modern journalism. 
THE WORLD is an cxcelhr.'. Icil to the tlippant and " vain repetitions " of 
mere camera jomnalis!:.. and lor those who really care to think and talk sanely 

on curr; nt topics of real moment. 

THE WORLD contains the ri;ost exhaustive and reliable Court and Society 

chronicles r.nd ccmiricnt. Vs-.^ious and ler^e political articles pureed of dulness 

and convent, = '!i<il stc>ck op-nions and phrases. 

s)'i.Nf)i\(; r()\\i..u. 

ADVERTISER.^ need :o yet to c!.', c quarlcrs W)lh fjcople having money to 
spend, and not those whose tx-cndiUire nccessarilv ends with the purchase of 

the par-.r in \sf.;ch tl.rir advcrti,^.cment appears. 
The readers of THE WORLD poistss sptp.dini,' power in a remarkable degree. 

liiitorial, i'ucii.vhiiij*. .in.! ijv. rtisimcnt Of !i\-,s : — .>? d- o.^ l.ONti ACkl:, \\ .C. 
Ttl-i lon^s iWnu.i'. -'^Z .ii\.t :.:).'.. 

DS'U'S \'j.jy I'ELRAG 



'World's Jamom^m^^ 
to tde T fcihilit ii. 

Delicale Mailers conducted interprete/ always in 

with utn..o^l skill. attendance. 

Rcjcrcnces from Scliciiors. Bankci-, Merchants, &(.. 

102 NEW B0;;D street, W.l. Teleplione-. 1792 MAYFAIR. 

104 HIGH 'lOLBORN. Telephone: 20S0 HOLBORN', and 


Branches throuprHoui the Woil;!. 

criticises EVERY pros- 
pectus. Investors should 
therefore alv/ays consult 
•• The Financial Times 
before investing money in 
any new venture; 

You can aV-vays obtain gratis the 
best advice regarding your stocks 
and shares through the mediun: 
of \\\tAnswas to Correspondence 
coKunn of 

Financial Advice I 

You can always obtain | 
gratis the best advice re- j your stocks and | 
shares through the inediun"i 
of the Ansioers to Corres- 
pondents column of 

which has the largest cir- 
culation of any financial 
daily nev/spaper in the 

n COLEMAN STRli^f, LOUDON. E.C.^i ' | jocoLlMAN STREET, LO^iDOH, E.C.: 

Telephone: j-i3o. LanJon Wall, j I -f^i^.Tf^oju ; 3-436. London WaVi. 


TifTrums: "Fir.antimo. Al'e.. 



"h inantinto, /x!-;e. 



Manat^ins Dlrccior - - W!L»-RED T. Fr^Y. 

Tei<,pt c-.e : Cenlral o3:f. Tf rgrarns : "AJjuit, Lcrido. 

02 & ^3 QLHL:N STRF^EI, LONnON. EC.^ 

Wv- -.HT!,: 

icri'Mii uf income 

Tax a-^. t Supor Tax ]n •t-i.fvi ,,i 

IViaintenance of PropBriy 
Farm Losses 
Interest paid to Bankers 
Um Assurance 

also in }>reparinif Inconu- 'J"ax and Tax Reuiru<. 

Qui Tt-rni- are --n"ictl\ on a ( i :;^.ri;!S-i'-ii Basib. 
Write for FJ?EE BOOKLET, -r iu^':': : u^ t,. c,]\ ,!l.,,^^ou 





TE Iliuiitrated) 

'82'-', durinj the 


^ "Tiie Cijurt. Journal "" vas I'ouMd-?'! in Uie ye.^ 

reign of II.j.L King Georire IV. 

"i It has been published v.ithoul a I'joak. flniino; ih»^ reio-ns of no 

less than five British Sovereigns, and b.a< enjoyed tht- juivilege ol 

Royal Patronage throughout the wiiole eif its long and honourable 

career, an experience wiiieh is uneipudlcd. 

• It is the only journal %vhich possesses lln- privilege 

of bearing the " Royal Arms." 

The \\'eck!y Features arc 
STATE and SOCIETY t?ALLS. etc . in LONDON and the 
SKORTJNG. liOi.F. HL'^TlNci nnd >\0TO'.:iNfi NOFF.S; 
S'. PPLE.MFN'r. 

Price Sixpence, Everywhere. Ey post. 2S/- in Ih 
abroad f-r 12 months 
Head Office : DucUey House, Southajipioa Stieet 
Hhone S79o Reg^ont. 

Id 33 6 

i i 




"^HE ^lerlin- value of the SINGER " lo " and its 


inanv remarkable arliievcments in the past have 
placed it in an vaiassailable position — it is universally 
recognised as "Tlie Leading Li^'ht Car" — arid "Active 
service" has nioe than ever cinpliasized its exceptional 
]iov,er and efiicicncy. 
[here are n fen' SINGER " lo " features: 

{iNGlX.E: .(-Cyliiuler water cooled, 63 in /m liy ^8 in/uiitrok(;, 103 Jc..-.. 
LlIhRICATIOX : Autoii.alic to al! main bearings ana troughs. 
IC.XITION: Kiph tension inasueto. 

CARBTRIiTTOK : Claudel-Hobson. with hand and foot control. 
'I'KANSMJSSION : Leather faced cone liutcii, enclosed type, propeller 

shaft to gear box ;l^de. 
(il3Ai\S: Three speeds and re\ erse. 

Bi\.-\KESr Expanding type on back wheels, hand and foot independent. 
ST.\NDARD TVRE EyilPMENT: "Dunlops." 

*,* .■\'. cur \\'orki:irc eiitireiv at the dispo^itw:) ot rhe I'.ovennDent, we have 
■ hlv ill! iu^i(;:iiLic.i:u i uiuLicr of Cars Irjr riijposah We shall, however, be pitased 
iu Jciui Vv'U a Catiaotuc Diid to place voiir 'lame on our uaiunt' list for pri^niv ol 
t!Latineiit when circumstances admit of deUverv. 


and i? Horoorn Viaiuct. London. EC 1 






and to be daily posted up witli 


necessary lo enable you to form a judgment about Investments of every kind. 

Appear Dr.ilv with the NAMES OF THE SHARES about which the inquiry is made. 

P'.iLli';hine, .Advcrt'.^cments and Editorial OPaccs : 1 1 1. Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C 4 

leitgrains — F;-'-.. v.; C^nt. London (counts 2 words). Teicprifne-— oS30 C'tv (4 lines). 
Branch Offices — P.AJ^IS: 36 bis Boulevard Haussmann. NEW YORK — 2{:. Broad Street. 





Bucks, Dees, Stags^ or Hinds, 
Rabbits and Game. 


Telet;r:,phic />c)dicss- "COMPRESSOR, LONDON." 
Telephone : 4909 CITY. 

^^^Jl.X^^^^^ ^J-^ .LL4 iL4 ii4 ^ liL ij.:4 J. ^ 
^uwn^^ f rf>\T'.T,-'r^TT TT^TT 

(Members Loruloii Ciifmber of Couuoerce . 

I 9'^me Mercfkrnts, f 

i jmporiers of Mve Quaih, i 


Shortage of all kinds of Foodstuff. 
Advanced prices now being paid. 




Bankers' Rcfr ri lurs : 

London County and Westminster B.u^k. H..v.d tJil., r. I..,n,f.a,d .Sfr-et, KC 3 

London County and Midland Lank. ^^im'P.fu 'd. E.Q. \ 

■ loAi 

,1 IL A X:!^ 

j^^ 4 -.^^ 


12 Aliire Court Chc'imbers, Teiriple, Loncio:i, 

to vsiiicii Tt'ure.^s all coimtitniiialions siunitu be scn'i. 

frirf-HONr: C;rv /67') 



: T:\CE 


|1 ^E make a Special 
|},4/Q; Eeature in the 
Production of ramily 
and County Rccord5, 
Genealogies, Library 
and Art Qailery Cata- 
logues and Heraldic 
Work, Reproductions 
of family Pictures and 
Deeds by Photogravure 
and other Processes 

Head Office : The Selwood Printing Works Fronie 
London Ofuce: 19 Ludgate Hill London E.C.4 
Factories : 

i tLUHcStS 

i 'I'tLrGkfM:.: 

The Selwood Printing Works and 

The Adderwdl Printing Worh Frome 

Nr-. 4 Frome 

No. 13 109 ';.>ntral London 

Selwood Frome 

Typenhaft Central London 


PRli^lTEliS AM) R00K51MJ)ER5 

3 1 2 2 3 4 



A-idicioui iind .Alifratloiis ^Cccurrences duriu'j; Priniinir) 
List of II]u?trt)'ion.s ....... 

Iliii^traiions ........ 

Iiitroduction ........ 

i'rocedcnfo ........ 

Gentrrul Table of Prtoedence .... 

Knightly Prc-oedence ...... 

Judifciai and Legal I'i oc-;dence .... 

Cleiio'il Precedence ...... 

University PrecedoK-e ...... 

Kiu-nl Precedence ...... 

r^Iililfry Precedence ...... 

Corresponding Ranics in the Navy anc! An.iy 

Diplomatic Precedence. ..... 

l'onsul:ir Procedenco ...... 

Precedence in Scotland ..... 

Precedence in .Ireland ...... 

Precedence in India ...... 

Procedenco in Can.-ida ...... 

Pr. f.iicnco nniHugii. Ladies ..... 

L'.'cai l'rec< d''Jiuy .... . . 

I'n-cedencc of Foreigners in England 
Not, :i on ihe L.forior Ti Ics ci Living Pcer.s 
TuE Kc-y.iL Family ....... 

His Majesty's Officers of Arms 

Li5;t of OmcKP.s vlio?? names appeared in the Peerage, and 

lives in till-- war ........ 

Abbreviation.^ ........ 

I'EEBS, and Baroxfas, with their immediate lix in:': relative.^, 
Pkity Coc-xsellors, I>ords of .S.essiox, an;! Kxight.s 

Titles Dormant and Titlis )n Abeyance and Inder-c 

Prief view of Titular Distinctions and terms relating to Kai 

Formal modes of Addressing Letters to Persons of Title 

Tlio Standing Council of the Baronetage 

The Imperial Societj of Knights Bachelor . 

Order of Kniglits of the Garter. .... 

Order of Knights of th- Thistle 

Order of Knights of St. Patrick .... 

Order of Alerit . 
'ThA Victoria Croi-s 

'ilie Ro\rI Victorian Ciiain ..... 

The Companioiiago . . . . . _ . 

Connjnandcrs of the Path, of St. Michael and St. George 
O'-der. and of i:ie i'ritisli l-hnpire 

Addif !(i;-,al Li.-t of Hunours conferred duri.Uf; Prinup.g 


Principal London Club 9 ...... 



of R 

leir cliildr 


t th 


. Ivii 




. xxii 

. x.xiii 

. y.xiii 

. XMiv 

. xxiv 

. xxiv 

. xxvi 

. xxvi 

. xxvi 

. xxvi 

. xxvii 

. xxix 

. XXX 

. XiX 

. x.Nxii 
. xxxii 



. lix 


. 895 

. 909 

. 91:? 

. 915 

. 917 

■ 919 

. 920 

. 921 

. 922 

. «^6S 
. 0-ZV< 
. 1013 


■•hli . ! i!, ;.: ,. i i- .:. 

i'l...... .,f w..:- -.■ i -.. ,t ui. i 11 

C'.r. l..t * f Vr- IS.,. •• ..j \\.:l. : 

C'T..!.. 1 <-[ ]'..i... -, f it..- K: . .i il-.v,.! ^'' 

C'.r^.:.-.. ei :. 1 >,:;..■ ' iv 

Corv...a of n Mnr.;.. ,^ . iv 

Cur.:.|.^t of ::!. JJrrI ... i^ 

C>.r..!:-r uf .; V...'u;:;i iv of ■; I'.av n . . iv 

Bad^f of tin- ii.iivii.H of Ni.Nu .^" til . . • • • ■ • i'^' 

otarTCoUfv, ond JXid-.- c: tii- U;! i .f t!..- <;uvr v 

Star, Collar, unci B...i,-.i of t;i • i'-d-r <■{ il>- !!.•!:•. v 

Star, C'>llcr, and i'uj;;.; uf li.-- cf S:. l,.-r,.U ...... v 

Stai.CoIUir, J:ndjj;r.d:-^cfi}..0!iln-i-y IC:,:.;!,!- <,r;,n-l("r. ^s ..f tho OrJ-r of tho Bat!i vi 

btar, Collar, B'.idgo of ti;- C.- il Kn.-Lts «;.a:.l Cr • - c^f t!ie Ordc.T of thf. Bath vi 

Stars of tlie Knights Conimaiulcr i.Miii'iuv '.iv.d (. .■. ;i I 'i\ i-i.>iisi of tlif Ordc-roi tho Ba;!i vi 
Stfir. Collar, and B&d^e of the Kir.iri;' i (•.r.i d (,". ii.r^.iMl. r of the Order of the Star of 

India ..'.,. vii 

Star, Collar, and Badge of iho Ki.iL'iiti- '•rand t'r ;.s of ili" Onlrr of St. Michael and 

St. George vii 

Star, ColJai, ar^d Bad::e of the Kn-L'lu.s C..init;.'.i.<l.T of il.e C)id';r of tJin Indian 

Ernpiru . '\ . / vii 

Star, Collar, aud Badge of the K:U'.;ht^ Crnud Ci -^ < : the Ileyal Victoiian Order viii 

Star of Kriiglits Commander of the B'\val Vi: ton/.r. Oni -r ..... viii 

Badge o{ th? Royal ^ ictorian Order viii 

Order of :Mcrit, M:i:t/.ry Division ix 

Order of Merit, Civil Division .......... i^' 

Order of Merit, Reverse . . . ix 

Distinguished Service Order .......... ix 

The Victoria Cross . . .... ...... ix 

Badge of the Royal Order of A ictoria and Alb- rt x 

Badge of the Imperial Order of tlie Crown of h.diu ...... x 

The Kai.sar-i-Hind Medal x 

Ine Kai;-ar-i-Hind Medal, Rove.--? ......... x 

Badge of the Order of tlie iUil of St. John of J.-ni<alern in England . . xi 

Irriperi>\l Scrvico Order ........... xi 

VolLDtetT Oiiicirs' D.^corati"n xi 

Territoriid O lieers' Dpc.nitmn . . xi 

Star and Badge oi the Order ei the British En;pire ...... xii 

The Military Cress xii 

The Distinguished Service Cr .ss ......... xii 

Ti:c O^de;- of Mci:-v ............ xii 

THE king's cr.o- 




OF WALi:?.. 











MITl'.K OF Tin: Bli^HOl' 







i ■••■ - ^ 






' ^HM^^^-s^^f^f^ 












'*!', rOLTJlP., AND BADOi-: (;K x;:", MO-T ANt.Ii:>;T l;TAR, rnLL.\P>. A:«£( BATJGi; Ol<- TCP M ->P 


<:■■ • 



' .« 



'^ "H-- 





Mihtar'*' Division. 

C'ivil DivUion. 

OkDKU OV Tun BA'i U. 



Military Divi-ron. 


iBMBTW'- =,;]jg>'*»*Utf».-»''-' 








vear ttar and 
ba'M;e, t.nd 

Imiji only. 

3 TAP., COL- 








ISDiA> IMHI;'.:. "^^ 

Knightt Commandcrt 

xixar sUiT and badge, 
and Ci/uipatujui 


Cfr.-.itiiud TS 

W-jr fi'if -■'■-' 

badge, atui 

tadji on!y. 

'r ' 






^^'^^.:^:^:k // A 

.V . n >■■-■ 

Miiitrtry Divii^ion. 



Civil Division. 



■ J-iii^iS^ --jj 





HE DlrnrN-GUISHED <.i:r<\lCE OKDER. 



(, \ 



/ .'"-^ 




■' ^ 



/ ,.,. 





O" THE CKOV,X or IXi:iI\. 





'^ HI VLU>E, 

iv>y. KAiSATi j-n;No >:kl'ai, ion pcblic s]:p.ykt: in india. 



■^ . 

■V', J 

IV i x 

'ADOE or TF.r 7^:ri:xjAL service 

Or.L'ER. (I.S.O,) 



liAij'iK OF THJS or.ncn of the 

aOtjl'JTAt, OF J-.T. JOUN cy 

jf,r;L">ALr:M in lkolainD. 






(Sk- tell kindly supplied by'.G;xr.;-.rd & Co., Ltd ) 

\ . 


;X^ / y / ■'■■ ,. 



TEE >iiLirAi;y 




" C'l ^ 







BADGE O^- T'li: ORDil; of THE T.E \G I E OK MEKCV 


■■ Dod's Pekkag};," no-vv in its 7Sth year of publication, eiii->igf^d in 1034. aiju 
will l:e!iCeforth contuiti lun-tieuJars of all iirunediate living relutivcs of the (n-e-en' 
iir-d docciifcd heads of horcditary tilled Families, ^^it^. their residence.?, also of tiit- 
.-ons and daughters of Bishops, Privy Counsellors, and Knights, and tiie surManies 
i)f Peers ; the whole grouped in one alphabetical list. 

Olds t]io.--c members of the family who are ahve. or being dead ha\e lefi widows, 
an; iii.?.TLcd, except in cases where it is neces.'^ary to .show the relationship of tlie 
p.reseiit holder of the title (or the heir presumptive) to a former holder of the title. 

I'xperience, and the numerous letters which tiie editor has received duxing past 
year sliow thai a " Peerage " is principally reieired to as a book of referenco 
f -I- pri.O'(''nre. to ascertain dates of birth, marriage and death, or to lind how 
.•.■rt'.;:i reoj>lt_' are rLlatcd to one another, and these are the considerations whieh 
b:r. <• \>- <n ijorne in n.ind in re-modelling the book. 

ill I'liv jT-Iiniinary pages of this volume will he foimd, — 

i'l.'TY-Siv Ima.-tratioxs. — tlieso ere the insignia peculiar to Princes, P>;.,-y_ 
iiiihops, i!;.ioiiC-i5, K'.iights of the Garter, the Thi.-^l'e. 6t, l^atnck, the But":,, t)K3 .>t:ir oi 
Iiidi.i. St. rviiohrel and St. George, the Indian Empire, the Fvoyal \'ictorian Ordor i,n<\ 
thoUrJor oitiioJJritish Empire, inembei-s of the Order oi Merit, Distin^rTji -hed tjcrvice ar.J 
Imperial Service Orders, Vietori.a and Albert, the Cro%m of India, Victoria Cro.¥.=i, etc. 

Pr.ECEDEXCE. — An essay in which the grounds for each claim to precedence are exp.;ni.-.ed 
and explained at length, under the head of every oflico or dignity. To tin.'; are added tar>iei 
CI knightlj-, judicial and legal, clerical, university, naval, iniliiary, and diplomuiic 
deneo ; as ■nel! as an article on precedence araong.?t ir.die.?. ' j 

A List of His ^rAJESTY's Officeks of Arms. | 

The Roy.\l Famu-y 

A List of Officers of His M.vjesty's Xavy axd whose naraes appeared in tlie ' 
I'eerage and v,'ho hive lost their lives in tiio Mar. 

The follo^ving clarses will be found collected into one general dictionary, In ! 

which details are given of their titles, parentage, ages, marriages, education, pro- ' 

fessions, residences, pubhc services, offices, the occasions on wliich their titles were ! 

conferred, with numerous liistorical, personal, and professional details. j 

The Peers.- — .\cc0unl3 are contained in the following page.? of the heads of a'l the nobL> I 
families in the empire, whether belonging to tiie English, the Scottish or the Iiish peeragr, 1 
together with all their immediate living relatives. These notices a^-e cha.'-acterized by fre- j 
quent reference to the circumstances under which titles oiiginated, to the revival of ancient j 
dignities, or to any peculiarity in the course by which honours ha\e descended., or are j 
intended to descend. 

The Peeressis. — Ir. the particulars given of the head of every nob'e family, the married 
ladies and tho dowagers eonnoctod \rit.h each are rr.entior.ed ; while, as reiinrds Pceresse.s 
in their c^m right, .separate statements will be found in their proper alphabeticai position. 
The Bishops. — Copious notices are given, of al! English. Irish, or Colonial diocesan 
Hishops and Pi-liops Sufiraj-an havhig territorial tit!e= in British Dominions, as weii 
as the Oislior? of the Episcopal Church in Scotland, including particulars of the local c.Tt«nt 
of their jui-is Uctien. the colleges at which they wore educated, tiieir births, marriages, and 


Tue Baroxexs.- Kosjiecting this large di->i-:ioTi of the titled orders, tj;o u,-ual details Wj'li 
bo found, ."ori;piicd with great care, and preseniing in g\ ery respect al! tlie requisites of ;i 
compI,:t& Pf-.ronetago of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 
Tixg Sci^iji,;n Jl-i>&es.— Tho Lords of Sessicn. Darmg th-^ last tiir.'o centuries th':> liavo 
eigo\'od ths Hiyla and titla of " LoziD," with the prefix of " Hoxocjrabi.e." 

XJil i 

INTP.ODL-t T.(ON xiv 

Tin; Privv C'or.vcn..— A .i^r.s-uvribi^ pTupoi-.i-n of -:;i-<bc;/ aro eiiher Peer;;, Bishops, 
Barririets, cr Kri'.:;.t.< ; Jv.t eu::. m ar- no: ijiclaic-J votiiiu these Orders are men cf 
i'TfiM ornirieace ir. :iie ^■Lf.•.o, ai.i i'.'d or have l\'..c<i t;-e hij^hc.i'. o;;icej in tht? public service. 
Knj:.\i:jL; i':.'? jiroti.-: of " I'.icar .H-'NO-haiuv/' tiif-y may bo recr.rdcd ft:? forrr.inp: Fv p'^rrion 
of til" ciii=?-ci ; a!:J. f on-i ::rin2; tho cjri-r icuoiis position N^'luch t';ey occupy, not'rJnj 
i)iut rciiitc.-r to tiiC-m car. !-;■ ii.Ji:;-.-.0!it t.-. the j u: iio. Details rcipectir.g al! ti.e Pijvy C''U'v-i: 
ni.d iiiforiTiycion a? to childrvn, wiil rhcir^iore be t -ur.d in tiiid work under tneir iti'li vidua! 

Tiit: J-I.-.j-His OF T3ii: l'\r^ .'.Kr) or .^r. y.vJ.'ty.i and Sr. — In these Order-- vril! be 
found tho i.-.iiiisi'. rs ^^ ho rej.rese.'.: Bri:i;ii intci'-sis a: i^cisn c^i-urts, or t.he oi-cers be:o;i;:ing 
to both branches of tJiC ierylct; -.^hose achi-^'.i.-.T.ei-.ts in vf.nous qaaners of tho Trorid have 
proci:r::d \\.i approbatioa of t;.-? and ■.•o!i-.i:.a:idod th.a gratitude of the country. 

Tus. KNiciirs OF t::!: Omck.-; cr xni: .- ;ah ot I.v; h. ami o" the Inpi.»s EMrr?.':.. — la 
these Orders will b-i found oihocrs of ti,e Xiivy luid .-Vrrny \\iio have ui^tinauished themselves 
in India, and dij i'rnutie and civ.l ?orvaius c! ■A:--' Cr:.-vii in that part of the British posses- 
sious, tor-;'i;.-;r v.-i;h j^a::- e Prir.^ej a:;d ether.-: whc i.:t\c rer.dered ccr-jpicu ous and usefu' 
ser\i(;os to tiiO It. liCr. h.-; ;:;••>. 

Tj!kKnigh-< oftk;: Kov.'.-. Vi'-: :i:an ');:;.; ;i.— Ii; th'^ Or l.r uiil p.-;c:ally ce found those 
t,ubjeot3 «:.-?e -••rvrv- to t:.-.- ^.v^-■:.::i ; • •. e i.i- ;i s;..;t;iahy leco-nized. 

Dames and Ksic.ias or th.-; U.-.; ;:;; u/ rr:-. i ; ::i.-'i Lyiiy.L. — lu Order wiii b- looni 
snen aud v.cnien who ;...\e r- : ■-•■■rvd ;:;.!.•...'•. .1.1 .- r-...i.- te liit- E:;,j.ire. 

lijE Knights Bachelok corra-tri-e ;i l^.-ze i-ocy cf ►.•:r.i::eiic lu>vjcr3, judges, men of science 
tmd of lotters, phyiiciatis ar.d bt;r;eons, diplor.a:i-t.^. and artists. The notices of tiiis branch 
of the titled c!a=-e?, ,•^tilt•^ with all ot;.---r rf.r'iru'ar--, th;:3 oriices they have iield, snd tlte 
Ecrvicei? which each ha~ ;>"ri- r.ved. 

Widows or 1-rNnnT.s. — Ui::il ♦li-? rrodtictioi! <f nn eu' .y.^ nr.-.'-r this title in v.-ork 
of refer-c-nce existed wisich pa\e any account (f .■;^l!.■.> --j'j j>r ons er.titied to tho prelii: cf 
" Lady," and being the widows o: Kju',-hts w;;g3o are e.\tinct. 

At tho end of tho volume will be found : — 

PoTtM.ANT TiTTEa Avp TiTiv.s IN ABEVANfp o!t \Nt>i-;'. .-Vtt AiN t>}:!:, with the po.-sible heir 

or coheJrr-i to, or cl'un:i^!-ts cf. ttith titu.', i.:.i i..: r:-:iti. :i a;-, to -uch ca^es as aro now 

before tho House of Lords, toj- 1 .vr v.-i:h an .:!•!■ a : • [!;■• i:,.fi'.c.s of .■^uch hci's. 
View of litular di-tincti. ;.s ai.i Tern..? ivlai.::: 1 > i-.^-.].^: 
MouES OF Ai'DiiEs.siNG Li fiEF.?. — A terie.s oi iuv--. •:,:..4. arranged iu alphabeiicf-l c^dc-, 

exhibiting tha ino.'.e of a.i.-'res-ir.; letter- t-) •• . t rv | .-r- :i vi tit !-?. 
IvNiGiiTS 01 tlie Order of the Garter, of thv Ord.M- • '. tho JinsrL!:, and of ilie Order of 

St. Patrick. 
Okdek cf Mziui. 
The Vif.xCRiA Cf.gss, the ^ ictokian t i:.i.:n, tl.f C, ir.njar.u. r.^ 01 the B.ath. of the Order 

of St. :Micha}:l .vNt- ^v. Cec?....'^, o: li.e I;mvai, V:i.-;uiua.s Okdek, of the Order of the 

Bkitish Empire, the Co.^'FAM_NAGr. etc. 

Of the labour be.stowed upon tlui liL-^t-'^ry of tho tit I'd cia.^c;e.--, no estimate can be 
formed by persons unacc\i~:or!ud to .i*t niry u ii ; nor probably could the inost 
experienced compilers — othcnMse iJian froin n-u;al ob.-er\ation — form an adequate 
notion of the paLns vrith whicli i^s ni.'if-rinl.-j ]::\w Iv.-n accunuiltitcd and corrected, 
ckt£.-?ified and condensed. To .-av. -^s is tin- '\v-.', ti:.;: it containii the statement of 
thousands upon thousands of fa- :;-, .still u!l< no means of imagining tho extent 
of research and inquiry- requisite for tnch n compii.ition, or the liability to error 
necessarily inseparable from ^o ianre an necnmnln'ion of minute particulars. Al- 
thouj^li many sources are a\ail il ; ' fr^in wi,i.!i i can he procui-ed whereby the 
work may be corrc.-ted jMid iir.ii:..:it li-'-Mi :> tlat-, proof- of t!io articles are sent 
out annually to aU mt inlx-is oi t::- nunilir.- tfMit"<l of, wliose addressc.5 are obtain- 
able, and it is on the i-iio.rm iri'.n :a^ai-^;lo(i by t!i.:n that reliance is elnofly placed ; 
it i.s f. 'It thill if t:.:-^ point u-- m ri' i;i:;oia:;y nw.-zvd by members of tlie ari.sto- 
craoy tl,fv vw-.aild, i>i t;\a i:-.'ore-t, ref tirn the fornv- .-ent to them, notifying 
oham:.-s. of i.ddv.-- au i p .> ti.-w!. ;- ..f .,thor n.' (--ary a'terariv ns. While iliere 
vxiiA? u Hol'titN' to crn'r. it i:? hop, d the fe^v inacetiracies winch 
i:.ay i-o-iMyepi ^.l^ \^ .A v.- : •'■■ ::: : u'< vi to } ..-t., ^ ^ :.• i;i.>nee ; and that tlie reader 
will continue to ftp|.reci.n<' t:.;- a •.■e\iiu of tiie titj.d crdors, forming a volume of 
convmi-nt i-ize and i:.( fj-r:;'.- pr. •.•. J .tnieulnriy .a.^y of reference, and enibracing, 
^■iti.M.t di:;vi-.i;- >. ti.a i.i < ^^ i. c^.- v i^u-ij tli,- p;:i.!K; n.iinrally deiixe to obtain 
.oru-t riling Ok- Ari.^t.'Taey. and \vhi,-h the liiphvr cla^<os usiially possess with 
^^pc' t to tuch otJior. 

•♦• \\i to:i.n.uMC.»tion« rx-P«i -.^j i:.^ corif -its of ti.i:* w;.:^ should be addivssed to th» LDirjE 
-' i»oii'8 I'ttRAiE," li. .Xlitia t.o.;ri Chftii.tvrs, Tt:;aj.;,j, London. E.C 


i-v.".rz\:T.i>Ci: J? not r?friib'ti ■•) by ir;eri' convcn- 

• i li.ii nrran'reiiient? ; ii- ir* no fluciuatin.e practice 
. •■ ' : iiionrtlilo life, im result f>f voUnuary coin- 
w.viM HI P'>c!ft , no usurpation of one class over 
' ;!,. i-~ : but, on tho foritrnry, is " pari and parcel 
-.{ t':ie law m' Kngiaii-J " ; s b-i^tina undorthe 
,i:!i;< ritr of nets of p:iriini:ient, solemn decisions 
:•• 'V.irt- of jir-ti'-c. or jnibiic instruinc-nts pro- 
.•■!:••? fr'iiri the Crovn. 'I'lie earlie.'?t statute 
< u t'u .-nbjf'.t of precedence is I he 3i.-t of Henry 
\n 1. cap. 10, %vhi.?b, fdthou:i;h passed ciiietly 
!■ ; t!.-.- purpose, of iixin;? tho oiileial precedence 
■■• •:■' rt •'in stole functioTiarios and of tiie Lords 
i.: i ■.:;■. iir.tnt, lir;? bf-cn tu-ceprcd as an autliority 
:' •: rj'-.-iii:^ tlif-^' persons :iri ail occasions, wh tb.tT 
fcii.'y liairied in the act or n<it. The next 
F'tiMic dociiM.ents rolatiii-ir to this subject are the 
dicrfcs of James T. issued in ItU'J and 101*3: 
tinn I lie 1st of William and Mary, cap 21 ; tlio 
!'•! h of At'.tic. cap S ; the 5th of Anne, cap 8 ; the 
'Mx)t of George HI. cap. (w ; v»-ith many other 
li ■»■! d-t'-riiiiiiinp indivi^iua! precedence, besides 
r'.ynl ordinances, decrees, warrants, letters 
j.utini. and statutes of knightly Orders. 

At .til p^rinds of our historj-, but e.speciai'y 
<!'.iri;ii: the 200 years, tlie aristocratic spirit 
i i Ivritis'i .';oeie:y hi-.s presented a %veil-defined 
n;iii ii-'>.^rtnincd cliaracter. From this source 

• ivr- -.; ni-i'/ a \aiie;y (.f arraiifrcments connected 
•■■.'^ ••■111 r,T.n.»'ii::d a? well a-i v. itli the inter- 
' ■ r-.- ..( c-iva;.- s<.ci-ty. -ivliirh are mingled with. 
' ': .., •■■r- t.-r,. ,i., on':',- di^^tinct from the 
■•:': ■ I '^i\ i!-u'i-s, (ii;>l iM'.v.r^- of thoKC wiio are 
' .■ • • I IT. ti.e ] ulilic sfivioe. lor example, 
I u.-'i < 1-,1-h rank in ll;.- p.--"racf c'>niniand.s, 
I.: <■■:}. l:::/ ',K, f.i'iriun {.'radunt 'c' .-cale, t;ie respect 

• i '- • ■ ty. whilf ii L'ratin^-s the ambition of its 

I iuii! !an-,iiy, yet no one member i 

<■• i';e Jloine of Lords pcs^csses in his political | 
(•r judicial caj.acity any greater amount of power 1 
tb.Tn bis brethren ; tlie vote of a duke reckons \ 
1'if DO more tiian the vote of a viscount or baron, j 

It is to bo observed, that primoo;eniture and j 
-• iiiiiity are nmonirst tliC leadinc: principles of j 
f' Kvstem of precedence. Priority of birth, and j 
dntw of patents and commissions, determine the i 
|Toce(icn<-e which individuals of t:ie game rank i 
i.ikc auK'ncst (•acl; otl'.er, and thu? tiie station and i 
depxee of each are ascertairiorl "oy jr.eans which ■ 
rarely admit of coiitroversy or doubt. ; 

la Great Britain all rank and lionours are either ; 
hereditary-, official, or personal. The order of ', 
Lr.rfinets, tlie five ranks of the peerage, and the ' 
siaereicrnty of the realm, constitute the hereditary ' 
distinctions in society. The discltarae of public • 
diities, civil, military, and ecclesiastical, impart i 
ofiicia! dignity, while a seat in the Privy Council i 
or in the House of Commons, the lionour of knishf - j 



precedence at the Bar. etc.. 

confer distinctions whicii. beinp neither iiereditnry 
nor official, may fairly be comprehended under 
tlio tliird of the above-named classes. | 

In seeking to arrive at clear and satisfactory. ; 
yiew.s of a subject like tliis. wo are naturallv 
induced to venture upon some attempts to trace 
these honorary- distincti^.n.^ to their respective 
origin.'*, and to examine their remote as well as 
their recent history ; but yet even th.cse aids do 
not seciire nil the infor-nalion that is necessarj- i 
to satisfy the deir.r.iul.s of a lil'rral cnrio.tity. , 
Tlicro aio no [.utlier.tic S'^iurci-s from wliicii anv 
very mnterinl information can be derived with ' 
resjx-et to the manners and custom.'* of our remote | 
ancestors, as regards rark, pkjce. and precedence. \ 
In a primiiixti condition of society, tho p-jpremo , 
ivler, the piiesthood. and the peopln ere file i 

: natviral divisions into wlii.?h a nntion would, as 
' it were, chi.s.-^lfy itself. Any inquiry into tr.© 
usai:;es of tlie Saxons, still less into those of the 
i aiicicnt liritisii, would iuipply but liitlo assnt- 
. anco towards rendering more interestin:^ i.r 
, u.sefu! the account iiero proposed to bo triven of 
j the various orders of society in this couiUry. 
j It is well known that the Xorn-,an invaders nnd 
I tiieir descendants assumed iti ICngland idl tiios'^ 
I exclusive privilefres by -ahich they i;iade liicm- 
i selves everythinjr. and tlie serfs, who culti->ated 
: the .soil, no better than .slaves. Althouirh tlie 
j leiial iu'^titutions. the ianfruntje, and tho liuea^e 
j of tlie ^>axons, in jiroccss of time, recovered tneir 
I intluence, and ultimately iirevailed, yet it is to our 
! Norman conquerors, and to their usages, we mu-t 
i look for tho <.'erm of that which constitutes our 
I ceremonial and titular code— the principle upon 
I which our ranks and diLrnitios have been formed 
I and arranged, as u-ell as the power by wh.ich they 
i are conferred. Still it is only tho gcr.-n of ti)at 
' -system that modern l-'nelisli society may be said 
to liave derived from the rude soldiers of f(;rvur,e 
who followed in the train of WiDiam, Duke of 
Normandy. With the consent of their leader, 
they constituted tb.cmselvcs the nobles of th" 
land ; and lliough the titles of duke and ea'] 
micht be traced to an ago antecedent to the 
extinctio-i of the Saxon dynasties, yet a lot. 2 
I period eir.p.sed after the Conquest before any 
I defrrccs of nobility than those of baron and 
j of knight were establislied in England. T';-' 
I latter was, ns it still continues to be, a p.:>rs.inal 
j distinerion ; the a result <'t toriiici i i 
j possessions. It was the tenure of certain l::n'.is 
I which in tlm.^e daxs imp:^rted to a nmn ;i>- 
I diirnity of a baron. .""Lany knitrhts yHipscs.sed v.h.'it 
I were termed "knichts' fees," and if I'ley 
I sucli lands t];ey wore bound to perform '' k)ii.7hts' 
j service " ; but the existence or continuance of 
I knifrhtliood did not in any respect depend upon 
I territorial po.ssessions. 

I It is here perliaps not unworthy of ob.servation. 
i that inasmuch as tho Crown has not exten- 
j sivcly exercised the power of givinp; precod e:>;' 
j to new knights or newly made barons, over iri-ii 
already in the enjoyment of tliose dignities yet 
th^? monarch crodually called into existtiice r.^?\v 
orders of nobility ; and though he did not rnu'^l: 
alter tho positions of individual nobles amongst 
each other in their respective ranks, yet he 
a.-sumed the power of placing one entire ord'^r 
above another. Thus tlie whole peerage at one 
time consisted chie(:y of barons ; and now bi-.rons 
form its lowest rani: : for each stsccessively 
created order was placed not after, but before 
those wlio may be considered to have constituted 
the original nobility of the land. In like manner 
tlie ancient and general fraternity of knij:i'.ts 
bachelor has been moved downwards in tiie 
scale of precedence, to make waj- for the knii'b.ts 
of the several Orders and for the baronets. 

In the subjoined tables of precedence the 
reader v. iilfuid tliat, wherever necessary, an cx- 
planator.v notice has been civen under each i:ea.i, 
to acciint f<:r the arranuement adopt.-d, to show 
tile relati'n which that particular rank may 
towards others, to describe chauL-es, nnomaiit-^. 
and exceptions, or to supply any additional 
information which the case may seem to rcquir.\ 


]. T.TE Soveheign. — It is hardlj' necessary 
ta remind the reader, that es the mon.'vrcb is the 
highoEt personage in tiio reeln:, no one tsk-*^ 



precedence of hun. The king or tl'.e queen reg- 
nani i^ always, aud in all ro.-peci.-=, superior to any ; 
feuf.jvcl, and hU or her po,-:tion cxenipiiucs more '. 
clearly tlian that of any othtr person iho_ icul , 
i!iei<n!nir of the torin rrecedL-noe. Common obsei-- 
VGticu; i.i ^ufi;cif»nt to inform the itader, wlien ' 
consideriiii; the precedence of the sovereign, that ' 
on nir.iiy occasions propinquity to tho place of | 
greatcr^t" honour is regulated by a reversed scale i 
to that of numerical precedence, ai.d tlicvs.'h i 
(ij>paiOntly a coistradiction in terms, it i.s inie, tli.vt j 
j» r.sons of greatest ditrnity do not strictly precede | 
tho.-e of less consideration and importiince. Tiiiis : 
ii. many siate-proces-ions it is well known thai ! 
!!,o po.-ition cceupicd hy royaltj' i- not by any! 
means tho first in numerical order ; but -.vheievcr j 
tlio Sovereign is placed, from that point radiate i 
the gradations of dignity and rank, and by pro- j 
pin'iuity to tliat ceiUre i.s reeu'ated tiie vs-hole | 
conplieated machinery of eCiquetio and pre- j 
r'Uen-?c. Th^^reforn in any foaio tho Sovf-rci.^n 
i? not !^o lYiiich to be regarded as having a ^pecilio ] 
per-oiiid rank, but as con-.tituting and e-tr-b- \ 
lislimj: by his own position Uie source from j 
which ail dignity shall spring. Jianj- ofrcor-; of i 
Ptcte on ceremonial occasions actually go br-tV>ro | 
Ifi-; J\ir.jesty, without thereby negativin':? the i 
rojpl title to pr(!cedence, or aeqairini: for them- 
selves any inurea>e of dignity or rank. A'.'hate^er 
po-iiicn therefore tlie Sovereign oceupie.-, that 
ii ipso jacio the first plac^ with referenjo to ail 
precedence, thosigh it may be far from fir-t in 
nurnti-:cal point cf viev»-. 

2. PuiNCE OF Wales. — Tha Prince of Wales 
has been at all times regarded as tho first subject 
in tho rcahn — tito neaieit to the throne — t!io 
niOot dignified of thfi peers of pi-.rhauicnt, RTid, 
though I'Ot exercising any political poM-cr b>'yo!:d 
his vote as a legi.-lator, yet regarded by uJl men i 
lis tho most eminent personage in the state Jiext i 
after the Sovereign ; the Prince of Wales is the j 
heir apparent ; tho heir presumptive may be j 
brother, uncle, nephew, niece, or even a more 
distant relative of tlie Sovereign ; but the ]irn-T .^er j 
which an heir prc>rin-;])tive)aay possess of 
uaily svicceoding to the throne gives liim no p 
in tho scale of precedency ; the rank lie 
merely derived from consangtiinity. But the j 
station of Prince of Wales is clearly and indispul- I 
ably thf.t of the first and highest of "tho Sovereign's { 
Fubjects. : 


second son of the relgninc: monarch t:ilce^ rank ; 
next aft'-r the eldest, and all tlie younu'or >ons 
take pieccdence amongst each oth-^r .i,-i->r.:inL' 
to priority of birth. They u-ua!ly rf;'ei\'e ih--"- ;::t;s 
as soor. as th.ey become of age : and in the lio'ise 
of Lords they would of course rank above all 
other peers, and take precedence amonj-t each 
other according to tlie dates of their re-pective 
patents ; for example, if the tilth son rec-ived his 
dukedom previous to the fourth, th.en the youn;:er 
woidd in all proceedincs of the Upp'-r I'o'i-o take 
precedence of tho elder : but this sort of nnomaly 
is not likely to occur ; for the practice i-;. to grant 
tho pecrnses in tne order of priniocreiiiture. so 
that the precedence of thosp prince^ i-i thf Homsp 
of Lords should coincide with, tin ir .-latioiis in i 
all other assemblies. 

4. Kldcst Son- or thr Hf.ip. A'M' ai^f.nt. — 
Tlie eldest san of tiie Prince of Wales takes pre- 
Cf'i'.'nco of any other grjini,l.-on of the !so\erri_-n, 
r.ii.i^fi.Uous the younae-t son of liis irrami parent 
the Sovcreien. as'was >eitled in the casi- oi L.iward 
l>iilce oi \ ork, second son of I'redeiick I'rince 
o: ^\■ales, and crandson of Georizo II., in ITCU. of 
thf liifo D'lke of Clarence iti ISt'O, and of the Duke 
of V...^k iu lb'J2. 

5. Gkandsoxs of TUE SovKKEir.N. — Estab- : 
lished u^ago gives the grandsons of theSoverei,:n ' 
thij position, 'the rule appears to be, th:U every 



r>uf- who could m any event .succeed to the throne, 
tAtea precedence of those subjects who, during 

liis lifetime, are inrr.; .'.bie of such succession. 

0. Bp.OTHEi'.s or XHL Sovereign:. — In tho royal 
family the first class mo the sons of thn moaarchv 
the .second his grandsons, etc. ; then fohov." Jtis 
brothers, iiis iiephews, his uncles, etc. Thus 
ihe next to the king nihght; ha at ono 
tin-je tl:e first subject in the icalm ; but if the king 
should marry and have seven sons, tho brotJser 
then \.-or.ld take the eighth place : iio might also 
live to follou' fifteen or sixteon of his grand- 
ncphowa ; Vjut one of might succeed to the 
ttirone, marry, have sons, and so ren:\ovo hisgrand- 
uaole still further from tho liighe^t point : it 
frequently hapyjens, therefore, that as a royal 
duke gro;\s older he sinks in the scale of pie- 

'7. Uncles or the Sovereigx. — A royal duko 
WAV be in one reign the son of the king : in the 
next reign I-.e may become broilier to the Sove- 
rei;.'n ; in tho next, uncle to tlie monarch ; and 
in the follos'.-mg reign, grand-uncle. In tho first. 
of these cases he belongs to tho h.igiiest rank, in 
the ne.\t lie falls into the .^ccond grade, and nnally 
into the third. Every niomber of the royal 
family capable of succeeding to the throne retaitis 
an acknowledged .supeiioriiy over other subjects, 
but th.o rank that ho hoKls amongst his own 
relatives is altered e\'ei\- timo a new reign com- 

S. XKrnFws or the Sovekeign. — These pro- 
ceed in tho following order : — 1st, such of tho 
monarch's nephews as arc the sons of his next 
brother; -ndly, the sons of his :;econd brother; 
then those of his third brother, and so on accordiiig 
to tho senioritj' of their respectivo fathers ; the 
sons of each father, of course, taking precedence 
amonc-st each o'lier acjordiiig to priority of birth. 
The sons of the eldest sister of the Sovereign 
follow those of liis youngest brother, takitig rank 
amongst each other accordiiic to th.e usual rule 
of priority of birth ; the sons of each si.ster enjoy. 
ing precedence according to the seniority of their 
respective mothers. 

!). AnciiBiSiTor or Cantekbuky. — After many 
contests bctwec!! tho Archbishops ofCanterbuiv 
and of York, it was decided by Kini; Edward 111. 
in L352 that the former should "always enjoy 
precedence over tlie latter ; and this decision has 
ever since remained in force. Both were always 
entitled to co before dukes. 


— The act of Henry VIII respecting precedence, 
enacts that tlie Lord High Chancellor shall, if n 
baron or a>)ove tliat decree, take precedence next 
after the Archbi-hop of Canterbury. Tiiis officer 
is ex-f>)?icio Pre-idont of the Court of Appeal of the 
High Court of Justice. Tho Lord Chancellor of 
Ireland is not always raised to the poerago, but 
in modern times that honour has been invariably 
conferred on the Lord Chancellor of Great Britaiiii. 
Xo provision is made by Act of Parliament for 
the precedence in England of any of the threat 
oihcers of state either of Scotlarid or Ireland ; 
htit at the coronation of AX'illiam IV the Lord 
Chancellor of Ireland (Lord Pkmket) walked 
immediately next to t!r;' Lord Chancellor of 
Great Britain. 

11. Ancnnisnop or York.— Until tho 31st 
of Henry VIll tliL- prelate ranked next to the 
.■\rchbis}inp of Canterbury, but the act passetl in 
that year m -ardiuf; precedence placed the Lord 
Chancellor between tlie two (ir"hbi~ho(js. 

1-. Tiii; Pr.EMiE."-. — By ruval warrant dated 
Dec, 10 Go. 

13. Archbishop of Armagh. — This prelate, 
under the fourth article of th.e .-Vet of Union, too'; 
rank next to the of York ; and upon 
tho disijstaijlishment of ti.o Irish Church it vas 
enacted by the Irisli Church Act that every 
Archbishop, etc., then iivimi ^hould, during his 
life, enjoy the samo title !-.p 1 precedence. Ses 
Clerical rr>-ced^iice. 

14. ARCiiBisitoi' CF Dinu IS-. — This prelate bus 


. cava taken prt-'-tdeiice iioxt ufter the Arch- , 

iiop of Armagh, and ihv Afi oi Union placed 

:.. iwiincdiatojy before liifc Lotd Iligli Treasurer ; ! 

Iff precpdir.g arii'Ie. i 

Ij. LoKD lli'^ii Ttti;A5L-iiE.H. — Thi^ id the i 

1 ition vhieh thv law a^-^igns lo the Lord High 

irea.siirer, whenever there happens to bo such; 

. -. oiTicer. The niodern pniciice is to appoint [ 

> rtain comuiisiioncis for the perforrnan'^e of 

:;.>■ duties of thii ol/ico vrlio are usually called ] 

Lords of the Tr''.'.-^ury," but w'lo linve no special i 

I ink in right of their offices. At present, there- j 

i :c-, there is no one to e:>joy tl;i.5 position in the . 

■ ;";o of precedence. I 
]»). Lop.D ri:>:s!r«nN-r of the Pbivy Council. I 

-In modern tiiut-s the Pieiidc:it of the Council I 
:- usually a of the Ilouso of Peers. He ; 
.: joy.^ the place hero assigned to him, provided , 
: ■ bo of the degree of a b;\rou or above it ; but 
.'.- none of lower degree has ever been jippointed 
•. i!.e ot'fwc. this has abuays been his place. i 
17. Lord Pe:".*v Seal. — Tlio rule wliieh applies 

• . Xo. 10 is equtilly applicable to liiC pre.-Lni caso. 
ihis is the j)o.siiijn of the Lord Privy Seal, pro- 
•> i led lie be of tl;e degree of a baron or Jsiu'hor. 

J 8 Lord CiiAMBERLAix. — The person 
•■^'I'.o tills the oltice of Great Climnberlain does not 
o.r-iijiy this position in the scale of precedence 
\::iltss ho happct s to be a duke. If a marquess, 
!.- tnkes prectclcnce of all otln-r -narquesses ; if 
i.:i earl, viscount, or baron, of all otisers of bis 
(•'■'■n <leL:ree. Bv.t thi.< juecodence is strictlj' 
'fticial. ~By a priveto Act of Parliament, 1 Geo. 
L cap. 0, ihc'place to v.b.ioli this oillcor was 
entitled under the 31st of Heury VJ.IL cap. 10, is 
lit'.i.i.rd ilirncefonh to I..,.- o.Ay held while ho is 
;:. li;.- i; uial execution of hi- .,;;ire. From 183S 
!•. lST(.i ;nc ciiice \v;r; fille J joi!T.l\- liv the Marcjness 

■ :i ;.>:v :...].:.y;;:ulLor(i Will -icrbby De Eref=by, 
: :.-i '■• ,. ■;l.'-v :..:•:• h-.d dilf'rrat po-itions in 

• • •■'■.■■■ ■■'■<■ ! : .■.::.ii:.:: ;•> th" r.-.nk of tiieir peer- 
n ■■ . v.;i;i.- t.-'.'.-T of -li'in t'li'I: the po.-ition 
S..-.I)' ,.t.d l>y t\,'.~ ani<I". thoufrh if either liad at 

• ::y ti!. c r-oeived a dukedom, this would be his 

i".f. l-'KD JlifJi Constabi.j:. — At present there 
i- no sneii oilker as Lord Hich Coi;<table, but 
••vl,"never the Crown appoints one, this is his place, 
"ipposing him to bo a duke ; if of any lower rank, 
i-i- j.'lace would be at the head cf all of his own 
•.:'_'iie. Lit/e No. 31, Xo. !_, Xo. 50, and Xo. 


20. Earl M.-vkshal. — The present Earl T^Iarshal, 
tl-.o .Duke of Xorfoik, happe:is to be tho premier 
d'i!ce of Eriglaiid, but .nny duke holding the ollico 
•'_<iu!d tako precedence of all oclier duke-^. and, 
;f he belonged to any lower rank in the peerage, 
would i)reeede all of his own decree. Vide No, 32, 
end Xo. 43. 

2i. Lord High Admiral. — There is at present 
lio Lord High Admiral : tho duties of the oflice 
are performed by commi-sionr-rs ; but wiienever 
the Crov.n appoints a Lord High Admiral, he takes 
precedence of all dukes, as well as of the two 
great orncers next mentioned in this table. 

22. Lord Steward of the Household. — 
-As to tiiis ofilce, the ranlc whkh it imparts to its 
holder is not ur.iformly that or placing liini above 
ail dukes, but merely that of placing bim above 
all v.-iin belong to tlie same rank in tho peerac^e 
which he enjoys. Vicfz Xo. 33, Xo. 44, Xo. 5G, 
and Xo. 72. 


— If this great otlicer be a duke, ho takes the 
precedence hero- assigned to liim ; and, if of lower 
rank, lie precedes all others of the same decree. 
Vula No. 34. Xo. 45, Xo. 57, and No. 73. 

23a. r.lASTEi-. OF TKK }loHss, if of tho rank of 
« duke ; if of lower rank he precedes all others of 
the ^-rtn,e degree. Vide Xo. 3 Ja, X'o. 45a, Xo. 57a, 
Xo. 73a, and Xo. 81. 

24. L»rKK!= OF England. — .Mi dukes of England 
who-o title, were created, beforo tho year 1707, 
take n»r.k immediateiv ftfi'>r Xo. 23, each accord- 

ing to the anliquiiy of his patt,iit of creation ; 
tlius tho iJuko of Xorfoik is tho Unt, and tha 
Buke of Paitland the last in this class. The 
former, liov.ever, tvs Eari .Marshal, enjoys a 

2o. DcKEs oy Scotland. — By tho 23rd articlo 
in tho treaty of vaiion between Ihigland and 
Scotland, which was confir.n^ed by the 5th of .\nno, 
cap. S, all Dukes of Scotland were gi-.\!;ted ])re- 
ccdence next after English dukes ; that is to tay. 
that the English dukedoms were to be considered 
superior to tho Scottish dukedoms ; therefore. 
the Diike of Hamilton, whose titlo way conferred 
in 1643, sixty years earlier tiian the Duke of 
Rutland's, nevertheless follows that peer. All 
other JJukes of Scotland, however, follow each 
other according to the respective anticiuity of their 
patents. Since the period of the Unioii (1707), 
no Scottish dukedoms have been cr'i'ated ; tbero- 
fore every duko created between 1707 and the 
present time, is of lower station than any of tho 
six Scottisli dukes. 

26. Dl"kes of Grk.vj.' Britain. — This denomi- 
nation includes thoo'.< v.hich were created betwc«n 
the periods of the Scottish and Iri>h iinions ; 
namely, from 1707 till iSol. Of these the Duke 
of Portland was the earlie.-,t creation, and is there- 
fore the highest of this cla.>s, while the Duke of 
Xorthumberland is the lowest. I'ho Drke of 
Portland follows the last Scottish duke {Rox- 
burghe), and llieaeo the order proceeds according 
to tlie date of the patents, till wo reach the Duke 
of X'orthninberland, v.hoso title was conferred 
in 176G. 

27. Dukes of Irel.and. — The only Irish duko- 
dom in existence at the tin.c of the Union was 
that of Leinstcr, whicli was created antecedently 
to the Union. By tlieAci uniting tiio two coun- 
tries, it was declared .that ilio peers of Ireland 
should take precedence next after those of a liko 
degree in Great Britain. In the ye:>r ISOl, tlio 
junior British duke \ras his Grace of Xorthumber- 
land : the Dukes of Leinstcr theretore take prece- 
dence next to the Dukes of X'orthumberlp.nd. 
During tlie present century, several di.kes of Great 
Britain have been created, a!l of whom, of course, 
follow the Duke cf Leinsrer ; but tho only Iri-h 
duke who has since that been created, namely, 
the D'lico of Abercorn, does not take precedence 
immediately after the Duke of Leinster : on the 
contrary, he loliows tiio junior dul.e (at that time) 
of Great Britain, namely, tho Duke of Cleveland ; 

,for it is only the Irish peerages actiially existing 
at the time of the L'nion. which enjoj' the kind of 
precedence possessed by the Duko of Leinstor. 

28. Dukes of the United Ki.s-cdom. — This 
class includes the several dukes created .-ince ISOl, 
of whom the Duke of Wellington tho first ; 
and, according to the general rule, these take 
precedence in conformity with the dates of their 
respective patents, 

20. Eldest Sons of Dukes of the Blood 
Royal. — When theso do not happen to be 
brothers, uncles, grandsons, or nephews of the 
reigning Sovereign, their places are not regulated 
by any clause of the Act of Henry VIII ; and 
for their precedence we mu<t fall back upon 
earlier auiliority. The position indicated by 
this number (2i)) was that as^^ignod to them in 
the year 1399, in an ancient table of precedence 
now preserved in the College of Arm-, to which 
much weight is attached as an evidence of long- 
continued usage. 

30. Loi'.d Great Chamberlain, w'len of the 
ran;: of a tnarquess ; vide Xro. 18 autta. 

31. Lord High, v.-hcn of riie rank 
of a marquess ; vide X'o. 19 ai'tea. 

32. Earl ^Lirshal, when of the rank of a 
marquess ; vide X"o. 20 antea. 

33. Lord Steward of the Housr^HOLD, when 
of tlie rank of a marquess ; tide X'o. 22 antea. 

34. Lor.O CriAMni.RLAIN of the HO!7SEHOLr>, 

when of the rank of a marqueas ; vids Xo. 23 



34'3. yix&JT-R or ~2T. Hor.;-i-, v-hc-n cf the rank 
cf a inarniiass ; fide No. -•>':. 

3o. .Marqt'essks of Es'jlaxo created before 
tiir- 'Scottish l,"nion. — Of thi- cl;;-- there is otiiy 
oi-e now ill exi-ter.ce. v.z. the Marqiie-^ate of • 

So. MAnofE^si-S or ScoxLAyD. — Of the-e the 
Marque^? oi Huntiy is tiie -cnior. aiid the 
que-s of Lothian tiio junior. In ccufor-i.ity wlih 
the '2ofd article oi the Treaty ofUjiion, ail .Sco'ti-ii 
marquf: -OS v.lio-e pj.iir.t- are diiod i!!i!'--C'eut:itiy 
to that event (1 m»7) t^ke precofienco of ai! other-; 
of like dcj;ree. e.vcep'ing iliose Kncrli.-h iiinffiue-se-; 
whose patents are of earlier claie. 

37. M.VitQU.'-ssES ofGkjiat JiSritain. — Thi-cS.T=.- 
of peer.- enjoy tiries wJi.-h are fji'ted betv'-er- t'-,c 
years 1707 aiid IfcOl : arid th^ ol(i<.-t liip.rqucs^ate, 
viz. thai of Lansdowne, folinws the inst of the 
Scottish Marquc.-ses. 

33. MAr.Qvr.ssEs of Ir..':i.A:-:T>.— Ti-,- Art of 
Ui.ion (pa-sed in IfvOi'O betw<='pn Gre^^t Britoi:'. 
and lrei;u:d dociares, that r..'i [iCi;-- ns IroliiUii 
?-ho;l th^Ttcr forward be peer^ of Grctu Brit:r:ii, 
and take pre'ejenoe next cift'-r th-'-o of r ii!:e 
df-;7roe. 'ihe Marqiie.-s of JJiUe is tiie junior of 
those Britidi nifirqiie;ses who-o patents were 
granted before -he Iri-h union, he tlierefore tire- 
cedes the senicrlrl-h narqtiess ; then thf^n follow 
seven Irish niarques.^es, of whom Lord K!v is the 


— The se-,-eral peers of this decree v.ho<9 titles 
wcrf- created .si:b'<eqi"ent to that of th.e Marquess 
of Ely, viz. after ;ho Iri-hUnioo, constiriite tiie 
marquesses of the United Kintr^io:;-. ; pnd they 
occupy this position in the fi-T.rral s<:''e, \vl;i!e 
i7if£r se they rani: r.ceordini' to the dr.tos of their 
rc^peetivo "i-atciit-, uhetjier il.oi; [>■-■' r.'.^c- be!,.na 
to Grf-at Brirain or to Irfhu d • liio Act of I'nion 
declares tliat or/.' poors of Jrthnid, M-ho-e tiiii's ' 
slia'I be crciitfj the .statute enine i;itofor<>e. 
.shall take rank and prceedenco as if they uero ' 
peers of the United Kinrrdom. nnd had seats in ; 
the hereditary branch of the leris'atnre. j 

40. DuKKs'" Eldest Sons.— Tiii- class of noblns , 
rank cbove carls, r.nd take prem denee anionirst i 
ench other eeeordinj^ to tiie dates of tiieir fathers' ' 
patents. 'Jhc piac-e thus assiened i.-^ not crranted 
in conformity with the provi-ions of any Act of ! 
Parliament, but in compliance with established I 
iisacc, v.hich can be disrinenv traced to t!;e vear \ 
1399. All I he eornj.Iex r-Iations v^hieh sutVin- ! 
between dukes of Engiand, of ."^'-otland, of Great j 
Britain, of Ireland, and of the Unit.^d ixin.L'doni, ' 
sra equally in force ns r---:.';:ids ih'ir i--ui- ; ami in i 
order to asi^ertain tiif exact po-ilion of an iiidi- i 
vidnr ! member of Xo. t^'>, it i- ••^ily niv'-sary to ; 
fix the position of iiis fattier ainon^j dnkes ; and , 
then it will be seen that the eldest son of any 
given duke will follow all eldest ^ons <,f mkIi other | 
dukes as his father hinv-eif follo\is. Thns the j 
paternal rank is th.e rei:iii;itin;- inllnencc ninons: i 
the ditTerent n^.embers of tins ria-s. and has 
already been detailed, while as a boriy they occupy . 
the position which the number at the head of this , 
article denotes. The scale of preced-Mits which I 
plafcs a duke's elile-t sC'ti nfr. r all i:;arqnes.;e5 i.s ■ 
in strict analotiy witli the liiiitat iuns uiTectinf; , 
tl.e assumption of courte-y titles ; for the former ! 
n.s<iaiiy enjoys hj conrte-y the ti.!'- of marq-jess, | 
which" the l.\tti r po-=i •-■•- in hi; own vi-!it, and, 
even when tliere cxi-ts in 'iie d.iks's family no; 
marques -ate for iho -i'7'.< to n--ur:i''. ii'-\crtheless . 
(althoit^ii pc-r'nis a lii^d^r b,>.:.-.n) ho is a i 
courtesy jr,arqi:.-:-s n< fir as pre.edence is con- , 
cemed. { 

tl. LoTiD GnpAT ri!AM:iKr.tAix, v.lion of the. 
rank of nn . : . ; ' t '- .V.\ Is. ' 

42. I.f)i:D fU .!'. f r-.-:r\:;i.,:. w:;. n of the rank 
of an earl ; vi'i-: N'o. 10. j 

43. EAT;r. ?.i .nsffAt,. when of thp rnik of an i 
earl ; riiU No. -o. j 

44. LoHi) ■-rE;wAi!:>op- thl tTorsr.norp. when [ 
of the rn-.-ik of an enrl ; n/c Vo. ^"2. ' 

45. LortD Chambep.lain- of the HorsnroLn, 
when of the rank of an ear! ; rfa'e No. 23. 

ion. .Ma.S'ieb or the Hopse, vhen of the rank 
of ati earl ; 'role No. 2;}a. 

4iJ. EAiiLS or E.\-gla:<-d. — This ch.s< includes 
all earls viio-e patents are dated nntoccdenuv 
to 1707, the period cf the nnicn with ScotLuod. 
Of tlieso tr;e Ear! of Shro^^sbury i.s the |-.rst. and 
fJari Eo'-i'ett the last. 

47. Eauls or Scoti..a.n-d. — By tlio Treaty cf 
Union boi ween i:!)n9:land and Scotland, ah Scottish 
peers became tjcers of Grciit Britain, with rank 
nest afLcr Enrli-ii peers of tiie like decree, but 
taiiiiig precedence among-t eacli other according 
to the dates of their patent;. 'J'b.e Earl of Craw- 
ford is the first oi this class, and the Earl of 
Hopetoun tho last. The patent of the Earl 
I'ciiiett bears date in 1706, and that of the Earl 
of Crawford in 139S : t!ie eifeet, bowexer, of l!if3 
tmlou has been to give precedence to the far:jier 
over the lat'er; but ail carls created since 1707 
follow the whole body of the Scottish ear!-, a:itl 
of course taice rank amon^-u each other in tho 
iisii.d iran;:er. according to the dates of their 
respective patents. 

48. Earis of Gi!rj.A.T Britain are those created 
between 17U7, tho of tho Scottisli Union, and 
1801, wiien thst with Ireland took place. In 
the scale of precedence, they follow the who'o of 
the Scottisli earls, and pieeede all tho Irish cails. 
Of this class ilie Earl Ferrers is the first, and tlio 
Earl of Malnie>bury the last. 

49. Earls of Ireland are of two classes ; ona 
created before Ihc; Union (ISOl). and the other 
since that event. By the Act v.hicli united the 
two countries it was dcc;lareci il>at p^-ers of Irelatid 
should be peers of Great, Britain, and .'=honJd take 
rank in Engliind ne.xt after thoso of a like deirrpe, 
enjoying j.roeedenoe amcn2st each other aceord- 
iiig to tho usual rule — date of patent. Tho first 
of this class is tlio .Earl of Cork ; lie tiicrcforc, 
in the scale of precedence, coit.cs next to the Earl 
of Malmesbury, who is tho junior of tho Briti-h 
earls. Tho rr.ost reiently created of the Iri.-h 
earls at tho time of tho Union w-as the Earl of 
Kcnniaro ; lie is, therefore, the last, and tlie Earl 
of Cork is tho first of the body of Irish earls whom 
the Act of I'nion added to the earls of Great 
Britain. The earls of Ireland created since the 
Union como into the next class. 

50. Eakls of the Unit-^cd Kingdom are those 
created since England, Scotland, and Ireland 
formed one United Kingdom ; the Earl of Rosslyn 
beinrr the first, find the Earl of Liverpool the la't, 
\\ ithin tiiat jieriod, however, twelve Irish enii- 
doms have been created, the po-sessors of ^^hic^. 
do not rank flnsongst the body of older oarjs. 
exi-^iing previous to th.e Union, but are, according 
to dates of patents, intermingled amongst the 
United Kingdom earls, nil of v.-hom, as olreadj- 
mentioned, were created within the present 
century. Tlie dificrence between an earl in tiie 
peeracre of Ireland and one in th.e peerat^e of the 
Um'ted Kingdom i=, that the latter has a sent in 
the Upper Hou<e, and the other has not, at least 
in right of his earldom, thoueh he may posi=rs3 
that ndvantaee if he be likewise a British viscount 
or baron, or a representative peer. As regards 
precedence, all peers, whether of Ireland or of the 
United Kingdom, if createdsince the Union, take 
rank anion t:st e ich other according to the dates 
of their respc'-'tive patents. 


ItoYAi',. — When these do not hapjjcn to fah within 
tlie proyi-inn.s of tr.o act of Henry \ III, vvhich 
refers to the brothers uncles, iriandsons, and 
lu'iiliews of the reiL'nins So\eroi_'n. they must 
re-t for their pmre.i-.ico v.poii usaiie, which can 
be distinctly traced, by a record of great authority 
(now preserved in th.e College cf Anns), a.s far 
back fts th.e year l-JSo, ■•ind wJiich gives them the 
place here nsiicned under the niimber 50. 

52. Ef.r.K.sT Sms-s or ^tARtjt-E.ssES. — The pre- 
cedence oi tho el lost Hon of a marquess doos not 


^. .• upon pr.fe^it, or Order in Coi!:ic-i!, or siittuto, 
' :• cn ibot v.hicli is oi eq;uii tofc-o — iuniiCirioriai 
,.,-->-, cvJ'.iPiicet"! •>y tl.o oiJ'To oi lac Con.-,tab!o 
, ;■ J r7i:it!ci in the year 1407, inado " according 

♦ ,) ii iiCient statutes." As a body, their po3>iiioii 
,s tliaT, whicli tlieir nuniher (5-) indicates, whilo 
i',"-?r se tln'i prc-c'idei'.ee of tlitir le.-poctive fatiiers 
uciiU'.tes the ru,'ik ui tiie >oii.s, as iias already been 
.•xphiined with relerence to dukes' eidest sous at 
No. 10. 

r". YouxGEP. SoxFs or DuTiES. — Thia place 
is as-isned to tlie younger sons of dukes iipon 
tl.o cuthoiily of ft decree pronounced by the 
,- -siiriviioners for cxeciitinE; tlio office of Earl 
'.!ii.' V.a.', in the reicrn of EliziibHih, loih Jan., 1594. 
h. ucordr.nce. wit!', the rules ah-eady reievred to, 
;';•> n^.etubers of this clnss, however, take rank 
;:,•■•?• .<€ in acco'dance v.ith tlie rcUitive precedence 
<.f thoir rosp^'crivo fatJieri. 

r>4. Lord Gr.irAT Chamblrlaik, wlion of tlie 
rvnk of a vi?oount ; r,ic!e No. IS. 

G-J. Lord Hifin Constaei.k, when of the rank 
cf n vi~ccn::t ; lide No. 19. 

50. Lord Steward of the Housr.Hoi/o, wtien 
of ti.e rank cf p ^•I-colTnt ; vide No. 22. 

57. LoRr> Ch \Mi'.rr'i,Ai:N of the Housetiolw, 
when of the rank of a viscoi'.nt ; vide No. 23. 

.57a. ?.L\siEn of the Horse, when of the rank 
.-.f a vi.-oomU ; vide No. £3a. 

.'i;^. VisrO';NT3 ov ExcLAxn. — T)ie same rule 
'•■]■] 'is t-:) these as to tlio higher ranks of tho 
J ■ ■ ' -f. Ti;C cla.JS now vnfler consideration are 
li. ■ v.hc:c title ! worn j^n.nlcd antecedently to 
tl; ■ r.'don with Scotland, and they arc extinct, f^ave 
... ;i . v;--onn»y of Heref<->rcK The peer who 

• 'i tii'U di.'r.iiv i^;, yf coiir?e, tho premier 

.' . \ i '. ' :.Ts or Sci-.ri.ANn.— As in tho cases 
■ I . .•' , ;. rv.-.H-f -, and dnke.s tho Scottish 
•. ; .:.!■' '...i.-..- V-'-. cf-denco iinir.cdiatdy after 
tVt i ..i:'.'-U irt'iird. bcforo tlio Uiiioii ; \'i.-connt 
ii-...-. '.'; u 1" ii.- ilio .'Ifit, an''. '.'i.seO'.uit Strathallan 
iM !r.t. oi four.-f, smor.gst each other they 
ji!' ■! t.ho '.i-nal rule, viz. dale of patent. 

Ci>. Vi.scou^cxs OF (tRE-'T Britain. — Those 
Wire crc.-iied between 1707, the period of the 
^\'Mi-h Union, and ISOl, that of the union with 
irt '.Hid ; tliey are therefore preceded, first, by tho 
<".•.' J'r.iiiih viscount, and 2ndly, by the Scottish 
\i-.; '.lilts, lliis rule is founded, like all other.-: 
(.'f .1 >.' kind, upon the provi.<ions of tiie Treaty 
of Unicin. The first of this class is Viscount 
Lcliii'.-Vroke, the la.-t is Vi-count Hood. 

_(■'. \'iscoL";sTs OF Ireland. — These are peers 
vf IrLiand created before the Union, and by the 
Aci whi'h ailoeU-d that groat change thoy became 
peers of Great liiitain, with "'precedence next 
after other peers of a like degree." The first of 
the number is Viscount, Gornianston ; the last, 
Vi>count Avonmore. Ainonpst each other, they 
follow the general rule of taking rank according 
to t'ho dates of patents. 

02. Viscounts of the United Kingdom 
constitute that portion of the peerage which has 
been created since ISOl. In the scale of pre- 
cedence, .several Irish vi-counts (created since 
the Union) are- intermingled with them, accord- 
ing ^ to dates of patent, on principles already 

<>'s. Eldest Sons of Earls. — It is not under 
any d^s-inct written a'itho.-ity that the eldest 
-i;.- cf ckv',- hold tills place, but by immemorial 
i"-ije, wi.ith can tio distjacily traced at least to 
Ike year 1399. Coliecti\ eiy, their position is 
indicated by the number 0:3, while individually 
il. - r.'ink of their respeclivc parents regulates the 
Kr-.-v.-dence of the cinldivn inter -se. 

*Ji. Younger Sons of I^lAUyLEsSES hold this 
ru:-,k by i:ii!r.enioria! usa£:e, in like manner as the 
8- us of dukes and eavls po.->ess theirs, and in the 
same svav their fathers' pre(.eden<-e ni:ion,'; mar- 
o,'.:f.-.,v} regulates theirs .crno.'igst the i.-iue of 

C5 The Bisiiup or London is hero placed Ly 
(he statute of Henry VIII. There is some ground 
for sup])Osing that antecedently to the pa.— ing 
of that .Act he occupied a diffeient po.sition, Ijut 
there cannot now be any doubt as to tho plac© 
which ougiit to be given to this prelate. 

(iG. Biftuor- OK Durham. — Tliesaniostatuta (thtU 
cf Henry VIII) which doteriniucs the precedence 
of tho iiishop of London cixes that * l^o of the 
Bishop of Dtirhani. 

G7. The Eisiiop ov VriNciiESTER. — By tho 
constitution of the Order of the Garter, it was 
declared that tho prelate of that Order shouki 
always take prececience of every other bi-diop. 
From tho foundation of the Order to th» pre.<eni/ 
time, with the exception of a few months in tho 
year 1553, this oriice has always boon held bj^ the 
bishops of Vv'inch.ester ; therefore the holders of 
this see have uniformly cnjoyt-d precedence ove."- 
all bi.shops, cxccpring those of London and Dur- 
ham, who in the 31st of Henry VIII were place 1 
above them by the Act passed in that year 
regulating precedence. 

C8. ENOEisii Bishops. — So many gencriitious 
lia^e pa.^sed away since .i was a Secretary 
of State, that it may be scarcely worth v.hile to 
call attention to the fact, that the 3!st of Henry 
VIII provides, if a prelato .should be a principal 
Secretary of State, that ho shall take precedence 
of all Ids brethren, unless some of them hold one 
of tho ten oftices already mentioned, which give 
a pu-ecedcnce over dukes. Bishops pre.;edo all 
temporal barons ; and tho general rule is that they 
shall tako rank amongst each other according to 
priority of con.secration, and not in right of 
privileges attaching to each see. The cTccpiions 
are, a.s already stated, that tho Bishops of Lovidon, 
Durham, and "\^■ inches ter, enjoy rank superior 
to anj- other member of the epi-^copal body. 

69.'Otii3;b Metropoijtans iit 'the .AnLdicf.n 
Communion according to tiieir dates of 
consecration (see Clerical Precedence). 

70. Lord Great Chamberlain, u" of the rank 
of a baron ; vide. No. IS. 

71. Lord High Con.staele, if of the rank of 
a baron ; vide- No. 19. 

72. Lord Steward of the Hot7Seiiold, if of 
the rank of a baron ; vide No. 22. 

73. Lord Chamberl.un of tkx^ IIcusehold, 
if of tho rank of a baron ; vidi No. 23. 

73a. Master of the Horse, if of the rank of 
a baron ; vide No. 23a. 

■ 74. Secrelary of State. — If the office bs 
filled by a baron, he takes precedence of all peers 
of that degree : but the rule does not hold beyond 
this rank, as the ofhco does not exalt th.e pre- 
cedence of a viscount, earl, marcjness, or duiiti 
(Coke. Inst. 4-362). When below the degree of a 
baron, his -rank is as at No. 86. 

75. B.\.RONS of England. — These are peers 
.sitting by v. rit or patent of earlier date than the 
Scotiish Union, a.d. 1707. 

16. Barons of Scotland. — The Treaty of 
Union between England and Scotland made 
provision tliat tho barons of that country should 
take precedence next after those of a like degree 
in Encrland, having rank amongst each other 
accortling to tlie antiquity of their titles. Tl;e 
first amongst this class is Lord Forbes, and the 
last Lord Polwartfi. 

77. Barons of Great Britain. — These are 
jjeers wlio.~o patents of creation bear date 
between The Scottish and Iri^ii v.nion'J. namely, 
cln-ing the period from 1707 till ISOl. They tako 
rank after tho Scottish, and 1 eforo rha iri.-h 

78. Barons of Ireland. — According to tho 
Act of I'nion between Great BriUiin and Ireiaid, 
this class of peers takes precedence next after 
those of a iiko degree in England, at the timo of 
the Unii'in, and ainong<i. each other, according 
to antiquity of creation. 



baioii-> c-i='ul0'] .-iiice ISOl. v.lici l-.'liL'IaiiJ. Scot- 
liiud, and lielaiirl becaivio oiio um-f-il kii-^'doin. 
An>oiiu'>t tiie.TC, ici ovd'H of pi.>c-.>(.l>iM''i.', -ovrra! 
Iii-h baioii.s are inlt^nriiiigie'l ai-coiiiiiitr lo tlatcs 
of ])atents on ]iiir'.cipl?s already explained in 
Nos. 27 and 40. Life peers rako rank witii tliese 
O'cording to dutoi of patents. 

50. fc;n:.\Kt;B or t.".k H-jusI;: of r.'VM«i>:s. — 
Tliis poiiiinii id ciijoyed in lieht oi a!!Li';rit u~ai:'\ 
coi-.firiiicd incidentally Ijv the woni-; einployeil 
for fixing thts place' of'Xo. 81 in the 'l«i" of 
Willipm and Mary. cap. 21. 

hj. COMMl.iSTONEHS O? TKE GltK.»T ??EA1..— 

Wlien the olVioc oi Lord Hitrli (.'liancc'lk'r i< 
txeeuted by coninii>;i'--iior.-?, the peiscm-s to wiunn 
tliis great trust i.s confided bfforiie entitled, under 
tiio lit of Wiiliani and 2«iai'v, tuip. "21, to pre- 
r-rrlor.oe ":i!'xt after the peci-s of thi-- real-;-'. ;>.;ul 
the f;pe.'^ker of tl:o HoM-.e of Cojnr.-ioivs." It lu-ed 
liardiy be observed that tlii.s rank r.nly bf^loni:* 
to =i.ich ashnvf- )'" iiJcher claim to p-* ct.-.-leni-i.' in 
i-ic'ht of other othces, or in ligJit of li^ii-<ii;ary 

«2. Tp.E.\sui!ER Oi- TiiK Household. i~ here 
pl.iced imdc-r tl.e nv.thority of a royal warrant of 
ilenry VJII, in the year' 1540. 

S"." Co:>.irT]Ki)-LKK or the Housr:i!OT.i>, is here 
plarcfl nnder tlie avuliorilN' of u ruval -.varraid, 
tew p. Henry Ylll. 

51. M.4STi=:P. OF thi: Iiohsi-. — In n:od(^rn times 
the Master of the Horse to the Kinr- or Quoen 
regnant, is generally a 'pf er ; lie th^.-refcr-^ r.ever 
has occasion to avail himself of tlie p'rccedenio 
which belongs to liis oiViee. 

83. Vtce-Chamberlain of the Househot.d.- — 
Tliis cftlcer i:3 iiere placed on tb.e authority f)f n 
v.arrai:t, icinp. IJenry VIII. 

SG. Secket.m>.v o?" State.- Wli. n l.-K.w the 
dcpvea of a b-tron, the place heiT ns-ic:ned to hiu' 
is that given by a v.-ariOT'fc of ll.Miry \IJI, in <;ie 
year 1540, but when a Secretary of State i-- a baron, 
his place v.ill be as (.'escribetl in Xo. 74. 

87. ET.DEST Soxs OF ViscocvT:* ovo licrc 
placed in conformity v.ith ancient n-ai-.c, evi- 
denced by the onters'of tlie Co'ist:tble r,i Ent^laiid 
iti the year 14G7, made "according ro ann.cicnt 
stp.iutes " ; the relative precedence of their 
respective fathers settles their rank inttr se. 

88. Younger Sons of EaPvLs, on the sanie , 
ground as Xo. S7. and \nidcT the same regnla- 
tions as regards precedence fn.'cr sc. 

89. EuDEST Sons of J3akons are ]:)laced npon < 
the same authority us ihe above, namely, ancient 

Ol". KsinriTs of tef — It v. ry rarely 
happens that the Tricmbcrs of tliis Order dvpend j 
altVv'other for th.eir rank upon the di-tinction 
which their l:nicrhthood confers, for the Knights | 
Comjianions of the Ganer gener.iUy belong to the I 
highest classes of the peerage. One of the most j 
recent instances of tiiis disiinction having been i 
conferred on a British snbject, not brir.rr - peer, i 
was the case oi th.e late Prince Consort. Bet\'.-een ) 
the period ti his investiture with, the Garter . 
and the settletneiit of his rank by royal j 
ordniancc, thi:i would have been hi' position, j 
Hc-pectin£: the ]ire'-edenee of oth-r Orders of i 
knii.-hth'11-.d, there has ocoa-ionally \)ccn some j 
vtnct rtninty, bin the r.inli enjoyed h-.' Ivnii.-hts of i 
ti.e Gart<-ris so clearly esitibUsrieJ by tiie statutes i 
oJ the Order, that i.o doubts lin\-e ari-en on the ' 
subject. The stnttue is dated April '22, 5ih i 
'-!',ark-< I. 102'.l. 

itl. Piavv GofN.sEi.LOus are liere placed under j 
tho authority of K-;ters patent, dated l^S May, j 
50 Jnines I, lol2. Ainonc-^t themselves this i 
'■''-•, like a!! oth'^r-. take !i(?i;oriiing to: 
^'•;!io:hy of npioiutrK nt. when no tti..-r piin- ; 
ciplc- c:f ;irecet!eiice exists in the indi\idual ', 
in-tan-fs. I 

!'-'. ( 'itANCKU.On OF THE OUDEP. OF JliE GaKTER. ; 

- On thi.' i.'hvl of April, IG:.'!!, it Wiis ordained by | 
Gimrlo, T. ihnt this o!>lcer srotild iioid the rank ; 
h'-ro r-s-it^'ied iiL:;i. provided !to wa^ a ; '. 

bnt from 1 l7.'i lu lbs";, i.i.d iro.e. lOOVi to the 
present time, the oiliee has been alwitys held by a 
Iji>hop, who enjoyeib a ingher in right of Id-: 
see. In tlie inietnjediato })i.-riod, liouover, viz. 
from 1(j2'J to IGO'.l, this Htaiulo regulating prjco- 
dcnco liad a practical utility, and ii at any ititiire 
time the o:ilce should bo opproprjaied to a iny- 
man. it v.oiild again cou'C uuo force. 

9a. The Chanceelou of the Exchequek iiokli 
thi~ position utider tho atithority of letters patent, 
dated is .May, 10 James I, Iu"l2 : bttc if he i>e a 
Peer or a Pji\-v ("ounsellor, of course !ie ratiks in 
tb.oe cla^-:c>. " 

94. The 1'ie\nceeeo)i of the Delhy of 
Lanoastek. on the saiuo crotiiid as Xo. 93 : 
but if a Peer or Privy Counsellor, of course acccrtl- 
int: to his place ui those classes. 

i'"". The Lor.ii Chief Justice of England, 
on the same trround as Xo. 9.') ; but if a Pe'-^r or 
]'ri\-v CoiiuHoUor, of course according to bus place 
in tho^e classes. 

9G. PIASTER OF TIIE P.C'LLs. ou tho .sanio ground 
as -Xo. 93, and if a Peer, with a. .similar exception 
in his fa\our as in the easo of tho Lord C'hiet 

97. The Lo.p.ds Justices of Affeae. — ^VheK 
the Court of .Appeal in Chancery was con-.tiLnted, 
in 1S51, tho Lord Jiisiiee.s \vere graiited this 
precedence, and this place was conMrrned to 
the Lords Ju-tices of the Court of Appeal created 
by tlie Judicature Acts 1873 and iS7.j, necord- 
in<i to seniority of appointment, but -when Peera 
or I'rivy Counsellors, they raidc accordingly. 

98. Judges of the High Couf.t of Justice 
are usuallj- Knights Bachelor, and rank accord- 
ing to semority of a[>pointment, but the Presidoit 
t:f tho Probate Div. being. ev otntio, a I\l','mbev of 
tiie Court of .Apjica!, takes raid< aceordingl.y. 

99. Knights Bannehet, created under t!io 
royal slandanl displayed in open war, tho 
.So\ ereign or the Prince of '"A'ales being present. 
They would take rani: amongst each other accord- 
ing to .<^eniority of creation. 

100. Younger Sons of Viscounts are hero 
placed under tho authority of letters patent, 
dated 28 May. 10 James I,' and rank according 
to the precedence of their rcsjjective fathers. 

101. Younger Sons of Barons have this 
place assigned them by a decree of Janies I. 

102. Sons of Life Peers and of Life Peers 
DECEASED were here placed by Royal favour in 
1897, but the warrant was not gazetted until 
August, 1898. This would seem to l)e an iitfringe- 
inent of 103, and has been challenged by the 
Society of tlie Baronetage accordingly. 

103. Baronets. — On n controversy of prece- 
dence between the younger sons of Viscount? and 
Barons and the Baronets, King James I, in 
1612, issued a decree, fixing the precedence of the 
latter next after tho formei-. By this decreo the 
King bound hiinself, his lieirs, and successor.? 
not at any time to give precedence to any persons 
beneath the deeree of Lords of Parliament, 
higher before or eqtial to the place of baronets, 
and a similar provision is to be found in the 
baronets' patents of creation. Baronots conform 
to the ceneral rule of taking precedence amongst 
each other according to the dates of their patents 
respectively. ]5ut no yjrovision is made in the 
Act of Union, either with Scotland or Ireland, 
for tiic precedence of the iiaronets of tliose coun- 
tries in Enulaud. Analogy wi;li tho orders 
tnade respecting the peeriicre, ho\'.-ever, would 
make the succession to l>o-— ist. Baronets of 
England whose patents arc dated before 1707 ; 
2nd, Baronets of Scotland or Xova Scotia (the 
order in Scotland havint; been crened by diaries 
1 for tho f..lvanceinent of tJnu Colony); 3rd, 
Baronets of Groat Britain whose patents are 
dated before 1801 ; 4ih. Baronets of Ireland ; 
5th, Baronets of the United Kingdom. 

104. Kntghts Banneret, jirovided they b.j 
not made in the manner described at Xo. 09. 
Tills position wa?i allotted to such us were created 


by the c"jiii!n:Mulcrri of ariuiL'S ir 
on Uio opoii iield of btvttle. 

]05. IvN'iaiiTS oi' TiiE Thistle. — The Order 
of the T'lisllo is scarcely ever conferred on any 
but Scolti.sli nobles of very high rank, and of 
cour.=!e they take precedence according to their 
peerages. The statutes of the Order are .silent 
respeotint; pr>" ■'■deuce, and there do not appear 
to be any Aei s of Parliament, royal ordinances, 
or letters pat;-nt, on the subject. In the absence 
of these authorities, the natural courae is to 
place the orders according to prietrity of institu- 
tion or revival. 

106. Knights of St. Patp-ick. — This Order 
has never been, and probably never '.vill be, 
conferred upon a commoner. Its right, therefore, 
to the place Iieve a53signed it in t?ie scale of prece- 

ing's name , 121. CujarAND]^:R5! oi'' ^sT. .\1i.:'uaei, .\nij .St. 


122. COMjfANDEiis OF thk Roval Viotop.ian 


124. Judges of County Courts in England 
AND Waxes and Judges of the City of Lon- 
don Court have precedence next after Knights; 
Bachelors by royal warrant with the title of 
"Ilis Honour" prefixed to the word "Judge" 
befor* their respective names. 

125. Serjeants-at-Law. 
12G. Masters in Chancery. 

127. Masters in Lunacy. 

128. CoMP.ANiONs of the Stab of India are 
here placed by the statutes of the Order. 

129. Companions of the Order of the 

declarot <hat in Ireland tlie Knights of St. Patrick | Victorian Order. 

131. Officers of the British Empire. 

132. Companions of the Distinguished 
Service Order tmdor the statutes of the Order. 

l.SS. Companions i>f the Impe.htal .Service 

13d. Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber. 
135. Eldest Sons of the Younger Sons of 

dence is not likely to be soon decided. The j Indian Empire under the statutes of the Order, 
warrant unrUr -which the Order was instituted,] 130. Members of the Ith Class of the PvOyal 
declarot <hat in Ireland tlie Knights of St. Patrick 1 
shall lake precedence immediately after the ' 
eldest sons oi barons. It has l)een sometimes I 
supposed that the warrant gave them this rank : 
in England, which would amount to granting j 
them procetlence over the Knights of the Garter. , 
This document does not abrogate any statute of I 
tlie Order of the Garter ; and nothing is more ' 

evide-it than that the Sovereign never intended j Peers are here placed under the authority of an 
to place the Irish Order above the more ancient i ordinance of the Earl Marshal's Court, dated ISth 
and illustrious fraternities of England and Scot- ; of March, 1G15. 

land. It is a position clearly establislied, that j 136. Eldest Sons of Baronets are here placed 
baronets shall come next after the younger sons ' under authority of the ordinance of the Etirl 
of borons, and that no kniglit in respect of his ' Marshal's Court. 

icnighthood (except those of the Order of the . 137. Eldest Sons of Knights of the Garter 
(/arti.M- tog^'lhor with certain bannerets), shall be i are, here placed on the ground of ancient itsage, 
entitled to }ireccdc a baronet. As the general which is confirmed by implication in the ordinance 
nilo then is that knights come after baronets, ; of the Earl IMarshal's Court already referred to. 
the several Orders of knighthood have been ■ In modern times, they enjoy however a superior 
|)laccJ, as already stated, according to priority i place, inasmuch as their fathers are always peers ; 
of institiilijii or revival. i and the hereditary nobility, therefore, yields them 

107. Knights Grand Cross of the Bath | a higher position tlian that springing from the 
are declared by tlio 19th statute of the Order, ! persona! honour of knighthood, 
made in ]-inr.-;uance of letters patent dated 14th | 138. Eldest Sons of Knights Banneret, on^ 
April, 1817, to have precedence "next to and j the same ground as No. 137; the usage can h» 
immediately after Baronets " ; a place clearly | distinctly traced as far back as the year 1399. 
inconsistent with awarding the positions hero j 139. Eldest Sons of the Knights of the 
given to Nos. 104, 105, and 106. ! Thi.stle, on the same ground as No. 105. 



Star of India under the statute of the Order of ' of the Bath, on the same ground as Ko. • 133 

19th April, 1866. 

taken in connexion witii the new statutes of the 

109. (-Iniohts Grand Cross of St. Michael I Orde- ; and, mter se, they rank according to tiie 
AND St. George under the statutes of the ^ seniority of their respective fathers in the Order of 
Order. j the Bath. 

110. K.n'ights Grand Comm.vnder of the ] ]41. Eldest Sons of Knights Gk.and Com- 
Indian- llMrntE under the statute oC the Order manner of the or India. 



pui-.uianeo of letters patent dated 1st 

14-. Eldest Sons of Knights Grand Cross 
OF St. ^Iichael and St. Georce. 

113. Eldest Sons of Knights Grand Com- 


144. Eldest Sons of I^^nights Grand Cross 
OF THE P.oyal Victorian Ordei 



Victorian Order. 

112. Kntohts Grand Cross of the British 

113. KxiGUTS Commander of the Bath are j 145. Eldest Sons of Knights Gr 
hero ij'aced under the statute of the Order referred | of the British Emptre. 

10 in A'o. 107. ^ 146. Eldest Sons of Knights Commander 

114. Knights Commander of the Utah op | of the Bath, on the same grounl as Xo. 136. 
Iniia under tlie statutes of the Order. : 147. Eldest Sons op KNiGifj-- C'ommandlr 

IJi". Knights Comm.ander of St. Michael of the Star of India. 
and St. George under the statutes of tho Order. ! 148. Eldest Sons of Knights Commamdeii 

116. Knights CoMM.ciNDER of the Indian j of St. Michael and St. George are here placed, 
Ejip?RE under the statute 'of the Ordc made in | on the gromid that tho general practice with 
pursuance of letters patent dated 15th Fob. 1887. respect to precedence gives^o the descendants oi 

117. Knights Commander or the Royal | titled persons a station amongst each other, 
ViCToiiiAN Order. ': analogous to that enjoyed by thtir fathers. 

rs Knights Commander of the British' 149'. Eldest Sons of Knights Commander 
E.MPi.tE. : OF THE Indian Empire. 

119. Knights Bachelor.- — By various patents 150. Sons of Knights Comm.\nder 
and or-dinanccs, as well as by Acts of Parliament, ! op the Royal Victorian Order. 
several classes in the state have been assigned! iol. Eldest Sons of the Knights Commander 
jnx'f.Tdenee over Knights Bachelor, and though, of the British Empire. 

they arc tho most ancient order of knights, [ 162. Eldest Sons OFCoM.M.vNDEns of theBath. 
we find them at length moved downwards by i l.')3. Eldest Sons op Comman-ders of St. 
suc'oe.-lve changes to this rank in the .<;cale of | Michael and St. George. 
preccfi. nc.--. | 154. Eldest Sons op Commanders of the 

/ ' . .'o-mim-vkders or -SHE Bath. Royal Victorian Order. 




s-3 Oi- 




;?.. ci: . 



• ^^OUn 

d us 







3 OF K 


:'T3 b 




' ?i'!i-:e 



C.5 XO. 








•3 G°.1 



i ••:: 

:^ B.\t; 





S-- or 


]6o. F.ZTi'.'x £o>5 OF CoL-'i^AKx-riiS OF ■niE. d-nr?, that it is scarcely po==:i>.!-.', in the ah-,euco 
EriT!ih Kyir-iT-.jZ. of di<iinot nutiiority from the Ivin::, as "the 

IJC. El.:-.£=i Sox^ OI K:-iv;ri.-i oach.-.loh fcunrain of iionoiir," to Hx tr.e position of ali 
iwO l.?ro p!.:;-.:i lu.Jjr ii;c a-;thoruy <j; leiiera C'-rigymeii odiprw:-? than by aiinlocry. Chiip- 
(■..'lii.t tiii'p. J;inii.-i I. : i-jins in tlie Ivoyai Xa^y, at! of wliorn mii-r he 

l.'iT. r*ih:?.(:-^i>.^ or t?ie 5jh Claj-: or tfi: ' Cierjiyinea in coiinexion \vir,]i the Cimrch of Er.c- 
liovAL \ ict::.i/..:n Or..;'KK. _ , la.'id, do not hold anj' naval riink, but the 

1";S. jlE:dEZS3 OF TiiE OflDLK OF THT liBiTUH rcy' ioiiS for that branch of the service enjoin 
L"ij:':.''.l'. ■ tiiai they ' riiall retain, viien a'loat, the position 

Ifii. Yorz'OE". So: H of ths Yor:r;;EP. So:>-3 to v.-hich tlicir oaice v.ouid entitle the-a \li-r:i on 
OF rj;i:R3 hz.l this rl^co by usage. s>hore." On the other hand, a d*-tini:e pe^uioa 

2C'-i. Voc>":-2B So::3 of Baronetn are here is laid down for chapl.iins in tlie Anv.y, -.rho 
plat-t-d on thr: sajne grour.d as ■*>o. 1-18. ; ooinprisa clergymen of the Cluirch of Eiirrland 

OF THE I ar.d of tho J-resbytenin and Ron-an Cutliolic 
Ciiurches. (S^e Miliiaiy Ranic end PrO'^'-dencr>.) 
■zp.ET, It i< not to be supposed that clerijynic-n i^i garsTj.! 
• society are to tai^e much lov^er pro'.nid than 
Cpos"? f.ccordc-d to inilitary ciiApiains, ili-uk-h of 
co'ir-e, a.s tJie po>vos>iou of an army foinvns-ioii 
Jn.AJN'D L-ives this defii'.ite rii:ik, its absence leave? oriier 
C;i:x::.-.:;d::r :r i"i: "T^n "r i>i)'..\. '••l.rgy!!i>'ii to re^t onb/ upon aiia!o;;y v."hcn placed 

iC''. Vc;'^';:"F. io:"s or .(\:si:;:'iTS G.~.i.:>-:ri C']: j.-s ii: coi.-ipvtition for precedence .vith civilian.-;. 
OF Sv. Mic::.^.".L a:cj. St. Glorc^. ISO. KiN'j'o Comcsbi. ore plpcod above all 

?C0 You;-.i.i; S^::3 ci Knichts Gr..v.yp otiior barristers in rigiit oi their pr.^ents, 
Co^•■•.^.^•D^H <.■? .-Ki: Jjv.TrAK Ei.i'.up.e. j 18(3. B.^rkistzp.s are often scat sd'to be esquiras 

]67. Vcvy-.'^K So:-"::; of Jv.N'uiirj C'imm.'.x:::?:?. ' by ciicicnt usage as well as bj' otnce, but this 
OF lEF. J5ath. on the si>mf> i.roiir.d a^ Xo. 140. ■ a?-;erLion lacks official recog^iiriofi ; bi.;t nccord- 

365. Yor: ';i;ii .So:-"£ 0=" fcnGuis C''';.!:iandfr ; ing to the rule of precedence in the profession, 
OT THE SrAi; 'jx Ind;.'.. ' thej' are merely regarded a-s holdirc a position 

i-30. Ycr:- :"': .Sons OF I'Nionrs Co:!:.-.'.xr)ER ' in the cuninjon lav, sori)e\.-ha.t a^J.^luccus to 
OF St. M;cuai.l ■,>'£:• St, GecpvOe, or: tii'; sanie i thi-.t of the bachelor in the civil law : the serjcant 
j'lour.d as elder bi'Othtr-. i in the one beii-'s reefsrded as of similar rank to the 

17L'. Yoi:. :..=:.?. S(>:-- of Kyicms Ccjii^i.M^Dzr. 1 dcctor in tho other. 
OF 'i!i.^ I:%Di.iN' EM-T-.i;. ; 137. The followin:? ])ersons are entitled to th^ 

171. Youy.--EU .Sons of K^.ionxs CrojMAXOER cSx of " Esquire," wliich; however, carri'^s with 
or a;::: Rovai. "\'!r; :-i.«:c •.^.of ?. it no prccedeuce. 

iTi. Ycr:- :f.i; .So.v= t.y l-^.i-iciris Co:j.i-'XD::fis j 1. Those v,ho are so styled by tliO Kins ir. their 
ov XHZ Bkii:.-;! .'Jmi:?!-. ; patents, eomiiii.'^sions or appointments.' 

ITS. Yon-.zH .SiNs or CciiMJ^:j::Bi OF rnr: i 2. Eldest sons of Baronets. 
■l^^ATi'. ' 3. Eldest tons cf Kniglits iii succes- 

I"'. Ycr:--i,a o'vs of Cc.ry.xr^vz-nE. or St. ; siDn. 
Mi<.L.^_i, .i:-r St. Cir-BOK. • 4. It is held by some authorities ako that eldest 

17-5. \ou:-'ef- Sons of CoM:JA>'DrF..= of iiit: '■ sons of yoiin;,'er sons of Pee? s and tl-.eir eldest 5ons 
RovAi- V:<. .- r.^AiN- O-.-EH. ! are also entitled, but tliis is doubttid. 

170. Yoe>-.-:p. rjo>-3 of Co.\::j.i>:r':?.s of rsE ; 1»5. Pkcfessionai, Gen-tlemk:--, as solicitors, 
.PiiiTTSH Jujniy.K. I attorneys, proctor--, engineers, architects, medieal 

177. Yorycr::?. Sons of Knights BACHFLon, | practitioners, artists, literary men, rcerchants, 
on th? .>-:a;;-ie i:round as X'o. 136. ! ir>ist<;r manufa'-turers, ccientinc professors, and 

17S. r/GCT07.s rx rivixiTi-, on the ground of . others, not engaged in manual labour, 
ancient usag,-. Tr is bv r;c':e -iuthcrit-e.s con- ; of land, or retrtirtrade, are considered to po-sfss 
tended that r:c-ors c: o ,-::<•<:: -i'.'ies r;'.!.k on a par scrne station in society, although th° la'.v takes 
with knighis. and, esc rjcji.-.ts-at-li. v. Queen's no copnizanco of their ranks inter ae. 
counsel, dear..-. e?i.., nrl to support thi- i: is cited 189.' Y'eomex. 

Th::i., -.-.l-en Q.,zcu Eii:be-.h v mu in .■...:e -o St. ; ]yo, Tiiaocsmen", being citizens. 
Paid'::, the u; tors wre accordjd t..;- p.j-if .n. ' 191. Tl^ ADESitE.v, facing burgesses. 

17?. D'TTOP.s OF La'..s. o:i t^'e -siuc- -^rcoiid as ; 1 " 

180. bocTOP.s or MFioiciiiE, on the same ground ' KNIGHTLY PRECEDENCE. 

as Xo. 17S. i The folloH-ing tables have reference solely to the 

181. Rach-iors or Rivesity. — The decree i precedence enjoyed 'oy the different laernbers of 
of a bachelor iv. any cf the faculties of divinity, : each Ord'>r, when assembled in their knightly 
law, or medirine is rarely ootained otherwise capacity at chapters, etc., for on such ocea-ions 
than as preparatory :j the superior ue^ree of many of the hir-hest dignities fail to give their 
doctor: and in divinity it generally happens that ! posses.sors precedence over a brother knight of 
those who take a b.iciielor's degree are also in ; an older creation, though in the common inter- 
prie-t's order: ; they "nave, therefore, the prefix ' course of society the rule bo otherwise. 

of Reverend. 

182. i5ACHEiOHs or Laws, on the j^round of ; knights b.vvnep.kt. 

anciei.t usage. | Ihose made by the Sovereign in person taking 

1S3. I'.ac-..71ot-.9 of Medici>:e, on tl-o £a.::e ' pre-jedencs. 
groui-.d ss Xo. l3i, 

3 Si C^ !-r-.----'EN. Fewibiri'' ' -"^^ most noble ordee ov tkk gap-tep. 

uni.d than tho p:.ceJ--:!ce d-.:e"to clo-::vr:iep. in i 1. The Sovereign. 

peneriil society. Oi" c.':r.<e it i-> wt 11 th-it i 2. Lady of tho Order, I3.?.I. the Queen, 

the prcedence oi the "' faculties '* i.s as follows : j 3. H..M\ Queen .A.le.vnndra. 

1st. Divinity: 2nd, L.w ; iJri, MM:-i!io; 4th ■ 4. H.R.H. The Prince of W."!e<?. 

yUir-ic. Eu^ there is another .;oi;^id. ruion thi;t , 5. Mouiher-: ot the Royul Ea'^diy. 

I'uprut--! to th-.s pro-.V->icn a :enip.Lr.-i d'gnity, o. Foreign l'otentate:i. 

v iiich is, tha: ofie n.; nbcr of it take- rank next j 7., pcccrding to 5rTnic^:^y. 

to the ioya! f,i;;-,;ly, th=: another takes vrocedenco j 8. The' Prelate, 

of ail duke.-. Sivj tiu.: the. t\venty->evea se:iior j 9. Tiie Criancellor. 

I'erdi^h biihot -; aro IjaI-; of p.-rhui;!e:\t ^!lpc^ior i 10. The R>.gi.-iiar. 

to barons, i'o ruauy ei.'cums-.ances • ecuiiar to ' 11. 'i'he Chtrter prineipi'l King cf .\.rma, 

individuak jr.cdify al; gcne^r.! ruic^' of pri:;-- ' 12. The U.-hcr of the" Black Rod. 



1. Tr.o Sovereign. 

2. '!ho Members of the Koj-sl Fiin-i;!-. 

X Kn!frht.< of the Order according tn KCr.iority ; 

4. Tiio'JJeati. j 

5. The Seoretaiy. i 
G. The Lj-on King cf At-.-t.^. , 
7, The GentlemtT! U-her of the Grten Rod. ^ 

fv.: MOST ii-LCSTiaors or.DrR of sx. iatbick. i 

1. Tlio Sovcreien. i 

:.'. Grand -Mastt?r, 11. E. The Lord Lieinenaat of | 
Irehind. for the tiinf^ Iwino;. i 

'.',. Tiif" Membc-r? of tlie J-tojv.I Family. 

4. Knishts according {o iCiiioriiy. 

y. TheChancellor. 

G. VUter King of Arm=; and Registrar. 

T. 'J'he Bvc-reX&ry. 

>i, Tho Gener.lo?i>t. 

<!. I'-hiOr of tJie BUfJc Rod. 
\i: I' Herald, 
i !. 1 rk ilcrild. 
J 'J .\ ihlone I'ur^uivan ( . 



The Sovrreign. 

Mfinber.-, of the Jtoynl Family. 

MihtP.ry and Civil Knights Grand Crcs=:, 

intenningied aocording to seniority of 

nppoinl :nent. 
Honorary- Knights Grand Cross, according 

to seniority cf p.ppcintrnent. 
Military and Ci\i! 1\night.s Coniinanders, 

intermingled according to sonieTity of 

I! •.'■or.iry Kii!^ht>^ Commander.?, in the 

-.i;!:i' "u,:e<-~ion. 
:i!,':*:.ry ".!i.l Civil Connnanders, int'-rminglcd 

:. ■.-.■t'.iy.i: tw -Miiority of appoiiif inent. 
!i ;..-r,iry Co:!:[)anifiTi-, in the s;ni)>> .^ncces- 

•)!;'«> ivnn. 

l\.'^ Diitii Mine of Arm*. 

'i:,. l:<^i-tr..r and Sccrrtarv. 

ITe Grn-alogi^t. 

The Gontloinen T'iher of the Scarlet Rod. 

3. The Knight? Grc^nd CrorT. 
i. The Ivniji.ts Commanders. 

5. Tlio Coujinaijdcr-, 

6. The Me)!-. hers of tho 4th^. 
7- The :N.'ember.s of the .5th Cla-:s. 
S. The Chancellor. 

Tho Soeretary. 


1. Thn Sovereign. 

2. The Grand blaster. 

3. The Kni;-rhts Grand Cross. 

4. Tiic Daraes C>rand Cross. 

5. The Knights Comnande.'-s. 

6. The Duines Comnmndeic. 

7. The Con.manders. 

8. The Orlicers. 

9. Tho INIenibcrs. 

iO. Tlic Kinrr of Arm-:. 

11. The Ite-istrar. 

12. The .Secretary. 

13. The Ccnle.mnn Ushor of the Purple Rod. 


Knights Bachelor, whether created by the 
Sovereign (yjersonally or by patent), or by th;- 
Lord-Liei!tena;it of Irelanc). ;anl-: aincing-£r each 
otiier according to seniority of creation. 

rilK .MOST 


1. The Sovereign. 

2. The .Master. 

3. li;-? Kni^'ht^ Grand Cominandrrs. 

■1. ']"he lionorarj' Ixniffht? C!rand Connnandere. 
.'i. 'fhe Knir.'hts Cominandei-s. 
0. 'il-.o Coirpanionn. 
7. 'J"!ie Secp-ta'-v. 
S. The Rc^i-traV. 



Grand .Ma=ler. 

Kni-hts Grand Cro^s. 

Honorary Knii^ht^ Grand Cross. 

Knights" Ccmninnders. 

Honorary Knights Commanders. 






Ofiicer of Arn:.'. 



Grand .Ma.«ter. 

Knights Grand Cominander.^'. 

Knight* Comninnders. 





Roveroirn. . 












































Except as stilted below, jicr-oiial or hereditary 
di.^inctions are not recognized as titles to prece- 
dence in the profe.^.sion of the law. One barrister 
does not lead, or enjoy pre-audience o\er another 
ill richt of being apeor, privy counsellor, !;nig.hf. 
baroiict, or the .son of a peer, 'i'ho following 
table prcsent.s the only ranks aelinowledged l>y 
the couits of iustice in England as coriferrinir 
oiliclai j-jrecedf-nce, xnlh ttie e.xceptio!i of special 
patents, whicli ihe Crown may grant to anj' mem- 
ber of the profes-^ion. 

1. The Lord Chancellor of Great Britain. 

2. Peers entitled to liear appeals in the Hon.--? 

of i^ords, and the Lords of Appeal in 

3. The Lord Chief Jtjstico of England. 

4. The Master of tho Rolls. 

5. The Locus J\istiees of Appeal, and the Presi- 

dent of the Proljate, Adniiraliy, aiu! 
Divorce Division of tlio' liigh Court accord- 
ing to senioritv of appointment. 

I 0. The Judges of the HiLih C)u.-t of Justice. 

1 ftceoriling to seniority of u]5pointiaenc. 

7. The Judec Advocate-General. 

8. The L'ina's Attorney-tiene.'-al. 

9. Tho Lord Advocate' of Scotland. 

10. The Kinn's Solicitor-General. 

11. Judges of County Court'=. 

12. Serjeant-:. 

13. Ivin^'s Cotin^ei. 

14. The Ilecorder of London. 

1.5. The Coinm.on Sergeant of London. 

16. Tho .\ttorney-General of the Duchy 


17. JListers in Chancery. 

18. IMasters in Lunacy. 

19. Doctors of the Civil Law. 

20. Barristers having Patents 

21. Barri-ters according to da 

22. The is'inc;'s Reiuenibr-mcer 


23. Proctors. 

24. Solicitors. 

25. Notaries. 



f call. 

he Cor.r!;. of 


Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Archbi-hop of ';'o' !■:. 
Archbishop of Armngh. 
/u'clibishop of Dublin. 


0. Bi-liop of fv.iicloii. 
fi. B:-!jop '•': D'jrhw,. 
7 Bi-,!io)i ol' Winohr-t'i. 

>(. Ofh.T Moiropohions in the Ait,?;!icn,'i (Join- 

iiumion acrcirding to their rJntt-s of cojise- 


'J. linnliih Diocc->an 13i.?liopo, according to 

t!n-ii uatc's of CGii.-^fccraiii/ii. 

10. i;-i3h Jji.-:iioiJ3,)ria •riinii.ironlfjroi .sur.c»>;ioii. 

li'. CoJofii.'il and M)>:.-:ioniiry Dii'C'.-;aii Bi-;lir/,').s, 

u'jcordiiij; to their dat.-.s of con.-:cf^ru;ion. 
13. Bisiiop.-/ Surtrnr-an, acccnJinc to date.-. 
)3. Rfitired and Assistant Uisliops, according to 

?-t. JJcaiis, apcordint; to dr-t'-s. 
J 5. Arciidftacuris, a';forfling to du<'-. 
ifj. Kectors being of the dt"j;roe ol D.L>. 
17. Rcciuri not of that dogroc-. 
13. VJc&rs of tlio degroi of D.D. 
J9. Vicars not of that dc-;;rec-. 
£■■. Curitoi. 
iTflates of tho Chinch of In^iand, of the 
P on;au Cathoiic Chiiir li in Jrcliaid.ari' ! ilio Modei u- 
tor of the Pre-bytcrian Cliiircli have ^-pocial 
rules of ])rece.ii?i:ce, but they \voiild oidy tnUe 
such preeodcnco in t!ie g<;iicrrtl tabio by csuvtf-.iy. 
Bishops SuffrG^'ari \vhi;n rep re -en ting their 
d;occ.-,uri withiti the dioceso t>iIco lli'- -nmo preco- 
denco aa their diocc-ian in occlc-jii\stical func- 


Uni\ fer.-ity degrees are Ihoso of Doctoi-, M;i^tcr, 
end Bachelor. 

The principal Faculties in which doj-recs are 
pruntcd arc : Arts, Divinity, j^aw, ^ii'dicinc-, 
n-.d ; dft'ieC' mo h]-.o given iw .f.c-ttor.s, 
IvJu^ic, Philosophy, Surgery, Agr:culnire -uid 

Per.f'jii.i of the hamj aetiJeinieal rmik, ar.d if of 
tho ynuis Univevsity, precedenc<^ arnoiir.'st 
each other aci-ording to the dates of rhcir deL-rees. 
Tho.-o of the .?arric rank ivho havo jrradi'ated ot 
different places, take rank according to the '.{■■•tf:H 
of foundation of the CijiverMtie^ to \\hi(;h they 

Tho follov.-ing are the Universities of the United 
Kinf".lon\ with tho dates of their foundations: — 

O.vfoid uncertain. 

Cunibridce di lo. 

St. Andrc-.v.s Mil 

Glas^ov/ I4.j) 

Aberdeen lA'M 

IvUnb.UL'h l.->^2 

Dublin "■ IVjl 

Lcinh.n lA-Mi 

Darh.un IS:;? 

Koyal Uni\er^irv of Ireland . . . ISSO 
Tho Victoria Univ. of Manchester . 1S50 

Univeisitv of Wales 1nS3 

BinnitiLdiam 1000 

Liverpool 1003 

Lr.ed-; I'J'U 

ShelVield 190.5 

Bristol I'JO'J 

-\inoii):st tho Colonial Uiii\ ersities granting 
di'!;rves, the following are those to «hoie de.'iees 
'ho .i.'iiiie precedence has been given as if th-cy 
v.erc granted by a University in the United 
Kir.gdoin, with tlio date of tlio Royal Letier.s 
Patent bestowinir tho priviicg--'; — 

.Sydney.X.S. Wales 1S5S 

.'•hlboarn---, Victoria Ifeo'J 

NevvZe.dand 1S76 

Cape of Good Hopo 1877 

Adelaide, S.Australia 18SI 

in (.ddiliou t'-. thc-^o theio .'.ro numerous 
*- i-:\'.rit:c3 i,i C<infcda, all granting Degrees. 



l^- Adr.-iircU of the Fleet. 
-• Admirals. 

3. V)ce-.-\diriiru!s. 

4. I'ear-Adi.-.ira'^. 

5. Commodore.s. 
fl. Captains. 

7. Staff-Captuin.s. 

8. Commanders. 

9. Staff-Cou.niander.s. 

10. Lieutenants. 

11. N'aviirating Lieutenants. 

12. .Sub-Lieiitenan'.s. 
1.3. Chief C«unner;5. 

14. Chief Boatswains. 

15. Gunner.;. 

17. Mid.^hiprnon. 

18. Naval Cadets. 

Tho E>-G/NKEK, Mfdicxl, andCivn, Bra?.-ches 
of the Xavy compri-jo tho und'tincntioned 
Oftlcera, who rank a.s follows : — 

1. I\Jedieal Diiector-Genercl, Mith Yk-c- 


2. Engineei--i,>-Chief of th« Floet, with Vice- 

Admiral or Bear-Adnural, aceo'-diM.^ to 
date of cornmi.s.-ion in each rank. 

3. .Surgeon-General, Engineer- Rear- A'' ndrul, 

with Bear-.Vduiirol. 

4. Secretary to an .Admiral of tlis Fleet, Pay- 

rnaster-in-Chief, Deputy Surgeon-Gen<,raI, 
Engineer-Captain, Secretary to a Coni- 
inandcr-in-Chief of 5 year.s' ser%icoas such, 
with Caprain. 
.5. Secretary to a Commander-in-Cliicf under 
5 years' service ars such, Fleet-Surgeon 
Flect-Payrnu-.ter, Engineer-Commander, 
Naval Instructor of l.j years' seniority, 
with Cotjinxmiier. 

6. Secretary to a Junior Flag-OiTcer, etc., 

Naval Ii!:triu;tor of 8 years' seniority; 
Engineer-Lieutenant of ^'years' seniority, 
Carpenter-Lieutenant of 8 years' seniority, 
with Lieutenant of 8 years' seniority. 

7. Secretary to o Commodoro of the 2nd Clas,s 

Surgeon, Navai Instructor under 8 years' 
.seniority, Engincer-l^ieuteni'iit under 8 
year*' seniority, Carpenter-Lieutenant 
under 8 years'' .seniority, A-sistant-Pay- 
niaster of 4 years' seniority, with 
Lieutenant under 8 years' senioVity. 

8. .\<iistant-I'ayniaster under 4 years' senioriij', 

1-^ngineer Sub-Lieutenant, Chief Car}>enter. 
Chief Artificer-Engineer, Chief Kehool- 
mister, with Sub-Lieuienant. 

9. Carpenter, .-Vrtificor-Eneinoer, Head School- 

master, with, but after, Gunner and Boat- 

10. Clerk, with Midshipman. 

11. Assistant-Clerk, Engineer-Cadet, with Xaval 



1. Field-Mi. r.dials. 

2. Generals. 

3. Lieutenanl-Generals, with whom ranks tho 

Surgeon-General holding tho appointi-ncnt 
of Director-General. Armyiledicai S-.Tvice. 

4. Major-GeiieruLs ; with whom rank tho Ciiap- 

iain-General, Surgeon-Generals, theCoionel 
holding the nijpointment of r;ii<-ctot- 
General Army Veterinary Service and the 
Principal Ordnance Oliicer. 

5. Brigadier-Generals, ranking among them* 

selves, according to the dates of their com- 
missions a.^ Ccloneis, arid not according to 
their appointments us 

6. Colonels ; nith whom rank 
Chwplains of the 1st class. 

7. Lientenanl-Co!onel-s ; with whom rank 
Chaplains of the 2nd class. 

6. ^Majors; wiiti \vhouj rauk 
Chaplains of the 3rd class. Qua-rterruaiter-, 


:.. Bi-lioj. of London. 

6. B'^Ik-^p '.1 Du.-hapu 

v. B;-,hop ol' \\i:ichr.?t'.-i. 

•S. Other Moiropolitans ia the An^licsn Uom- 

iiuuiion according to their dates of ccnss- 

V). Entrliih Diocesan Bishopi, aceordnig to 

t!ii,ii dates of coiibecrniK-;i. 
10. i/ioh Bisi.ops.ina siir.iJar order oi .succcisioti, 
13. Colonial and Mis.-iontxry Dioctsan Bi-iliops, 

a-.-cording to t'-.cir dat;s of con.^eeration. 

12. Bishops Suflrngan, acccrJiniT to dates. 

13. Retired und Assistant Jiisliops, according to 

It. Deans, >iCCordine to dftcs. 
15. ArcJideacuns, acfording to date-. 
id. Keotors bein^ of the degree of D.D. 
17. Reciurs not of that degree. 
IS. Vic&rs of tlie degrea of D.D. 
J9. Vicars not of that de;;ree. 
L'.'. Ciintes. 
Frdates of the Church of Ireland, of tlie 
P on;au Cailiolic Church in Ire' I the Modei u- 
tor of the Presbyterian Cluircli have special 
rules of precedence, but they \v-orild only tnke 
such proccdonce in tlie general table by courtesy. 
Bisho;j3 Suffragan when repre-entii:g their ^rithin the diocsse t>dce the -inie piece- 
(iencG as their diocesan in ecclesiastical func- 

Uni\ ersity degree.- are those of Doctor, Master, 
and Bachelor. 

The principal Faculties in wliich decrees are 
printed are : Art?, Divinity, Eaw, IMcdicine, 
n=.d ; df-giecs are al-o given iw Eetters, 
Mu=io, Philosophy, Siirgeiy, Agiicuhure '.nd 

Persrjiis of the same aeudemieal nnik, and if of 
the same University, t(.ke precedence amongst 
each other according to the dates of rheir deirree^. 
Those of the same rank who havo praduated at 
dift'crent places, take rank according to ilio d-tes 
of foinidalion of tlic C'niver^itie- to %\iiich they 

The foUov.-ing are the Universities of the United 
Kincdon-, \\-ith the dates of tlieir foundations: — 

Oxford uncertoin. 

CambridL'e ditto. 

St. Andrt-.vs 1411 

Glasgow 1-151 

.Aberdeen 1-194 

Ediubuig:h 3 5S2 

Dublin ' 1591 

London IS36 

D'arliam IS;17 

Koyal Universi;v oi Ireland . . . ISSO 
The \"ictO!ia Univ. of Manchester . ISSO 

Uni\ersit,y of Walos l!S83 

Birrninsham 1900 

Liverpool 1903 

Leeds 1904 

Sheirield 1905 

Bristol 1909 

AniOiigst the Colonial Uni\ersiiies granting 
dnijrees, the follouing are those to wiiose degrees 
?he sajue precedence has been given as if th.ey 
v.ere granted by a Univcrsitj' in tlie United 
Kingdom, with the dsto of the R'^yal Letters 
Patent bcstov/ing the privilec;e: — 

.S>dMey.X.S. Wales. ..''... 1S5S 

Moibciirr.p, Victoria 1S59 

NovvZojdand 1876 

Cape of Good Hope 1877 

Adelaide, S. Australia 18S1 

^ in (.daition to flie^e there nuir.erouo 
L r.'.>'.r=it;c3 ia Caatda, all granting Degrees. 


3. Vice- Admirals. 

4. P.ear-Adrnira's. 
<i. Commodores. 

6. Captains. 

7. Staff-Captains. 

8. Conirnaiidcrs. 

9. Staff-Couiiiianders. 

10. Lieutenants. 

11. Xavi^'ati'ig Lieutenants. 

12. Sub-Lieateuanls. 

13. Chief Gunners. 

14. Chief Boatswains. 
lb. Gunners. 

■16. Boatsv.ains. 

17. Midshipmen. 

18. Xaval Cadets. 

The Engineer, Medical, and Civij, Beaxches 
of the Xavy comprise the un<l •rmeniioned 
Officers, who rank os follows : — 

1. Medical Director-Genero), %^ilh Vice- 


2. Engineer-iii-Chief of the Fleet, \\ifh Vice- 

Adn.iral or Itcar-Admiral, BCcorclJng to 
date of commission in each rank. 

3. Surgeon-General, Engineer-Rear-Adrniral, 

with K ear-Admiral. 

4. Secretary to an Admiral of the Fleet, Pay- 

rnaster-in-Chief. Deputy Surgeon-General, 
Engineer-Captain, Secretary to a Coni- 
inandcr-in-Chief of 5 years' service as such, 
with Captain. 

5. Secretary to a Commander-in-Cliicf under 

5 years' service as such, Flcot-Surgeon 
Fleet-Paymaster, Engineer-Commander, 
Xaval Jn-tructor of 15 years' seniority'-, 
with Cornman-ier. 

6. Secretary to a Junior l-'Uig-OflTcer, etc., 

Staff-Surgeon, St afi-Paymp>cer.Paymaster, 
Xaval Iijffructor of 8 years' seniority; 
Enaineer-Lieutenant of S years' seniority, 
Carpentor-Lieutennnt of 3 years' seniority, 
with LioiUenant of 8 years" seniority. 

7. Secretary to o Commodore of the 2nd Class 

Surgeon, Xn\ai Instructor under 8 years' 
seniority, Engincer-Lieuten;nit tmder 8 
years' seniority, Carpenter-Lieutenant 
under 8 years' seniority, A<sistant-Pay- 
niastcr of 4 j-ears' seniority, with 
Lieutenant under 8 years' seniority. 

8. Assistant-I'aymaster under 4 years' seniority. 

Engineer Sub-Lieutenant, Chief Carpenter, 
Chief Artificer-Engineer, Chief School- 
imster, witii Sub-Lieutenant. 

9. Carpenter, Artificer-Engineer. Head School- 

master, with, but after. Gunner and Boat- 

10. Clerk, with :\Iid-hipman. 

11. Assistant-Clerk, Engineer-Cadet, with Naval 



1- AH,:iir..!s 
'■ Admirals. 


:.f the Fleet. 

1. Field-Mc.rshals. 

2. Generals. 

3. Lieutenant -Generals, with whom ranks the 
Surtrcon-Gcneral holding tho appointment 
of Director-General. Army^Iedieai Service. 

4. Major-Geiiorals ; with whom rank tho Chap- 
j Iain-General, Surgeon-General-, the Coionel 
I holding the nppoinnnent of Director- 
j General Army Veterinary Service and the 
I Prii)cipal Ordnance Oliicer. 

I 5. Brigadier-Generals, ranking among them* 
I selves, according to the dates of their com- 

1 missions as Colonels, arid not according to 

' their appointments as Brigadier-Generals. 

] 6. Colonels ; with whom rank 
I Chijplaing of the 1st class. 

! 7. Lieutenant-Colonels ; with whom rank 
j rhf.pi'tins of the 2nd class, 

j 8. Majors; Avivti whom 

Chapieins of the 3rd class. Quartermaotor*; 


i'.ding I\ra-l.->r.-=!, aiid InriK.ctors of Anuy 
School?, aft'?r 1-5 yoars' coinini-siyr.nd 
-cTvice on fii;l pay, lu^^ <.• tiie i.onora;y 
rank of ^lajor. 

■J. C<.ptai!i3 ; ^7^h whom rank 
Chiipiiviiis of tlio 4:h cla<i. Qucnertnasteis, 
Kidinp ifa'^teis, and Inspectors of Army 
ticlioolp, ra'tor I'J years' commi~-ioned 
son-ice on full pay, liave the honorary 
rank of 

10. Lieutenant.?. 
Quartermasters, Kiding Mastrrs, and Inspec- 
tors ci Army Schools with less than ten 
venrs' coniniissioned service, have ttio 
hoiiornry rank of Li'^utetinnt. 

jl Second Lisntfmrnts. '. 

Ei; P.^iial Warrant dnl'-'i liiccn.'.er Wih. ISSS. ■ 
ilc " Con-rtiii^ariat and Tnin-'port ''^!"Jf" ifus 
cl'Ai/shcd, and Us OJjiccrs v.-nre traaryjtrrvJ to a ; 
C-nps des{'j'i".'cd 1 1, 6 *' Ait^iii S- n-ic^ (.'nips," ; 
and n-er.: 'jra-tdd s'fo.i.'c.';.;/'.-" 'ivd lH-dar milltara ■ 
rjr.k. By oyo'hn- Ifoy.n Warrn^t, valcd lUh 
June, 1S96, ;/e '' OrtUioiict. i^ioic Jjc LjQrl,i>.:i:l" v:as , 
ahoUsh^d, ard a general d-:parl>i'CtifJr,r the ordnance 
i.ercicis of the Army tras citaiili^/ic-d, undc' the 
drsiqnat'.'ji: of " The Ar.yy Ord,ia»ce D-.p-jrimerd:' 
(he ojjicfri, ofuhidi enjoy ■•^ubslatJicc t-i'llary :a tk. 
Th& reiuit oj ihxsr chati'ifs i^ thu' inn d'.-ii-j nations : 
C:Hiri)i6SaryGr.n':ral {Mir-.-Gcnrr-d •, Deputy and \ 
A'-'iiifc-At Commis^aiy-Ocn^ral {Colonel), and \ 
Depiit'i A-?sista>u CoDnnisaary-Coa al {Captain) \ 
have d',!tnpp-nr.:d, exzipt a^ ap/Ucd lo i^'-crs rrho • 
uere on the- non-'/fcdive littpreviou* to trcpi-avt^iona \ 
of these Vyarrards coming into opirau' n. By 
I'cyal ]ynrro.nt dattd June 2:>ra, 1m.»6, //> tide of ^ 
^israeoit-MujorOemral vns nUnd to that of ■ 
Surgeop-Genrra?, n>,d the oijic'-rs of this ranh ulync i 
uere contlhut'.d ih-z " Medical ,'Si-i'tf '' of the Army. '. 
The nftccrs of the late Arrry Me-tical iitajf, bdow 
th-i rard: of Singi'm-Major-Oenerai, logelhcr udth \ 
the Warrard VJjiCtrs, 2^'rn-C'-hintissioned Officers, 
and men of ihi: ]\ledical ,'iiaff C.jrps ivere jurmed 
into a corps styled " 2'':C J.'Lyd Army Medical 
Corps,'' and the officers icere granted ■•iub.-^tiniive t 
artd tiJular rr-ilitary rank. Consequent on the \ 
Royal Watrcnl of 9th Jan. 1007, yurjeon-Gencruls \ 
and Colonels are noiv sh.'jwn as removed from the \ 
P.oypl Army Medical Corps, and the term Army I 
Mf.dical Staff b^ca^ne oh-soletc. Bj Boyal Warrant 
dated Aiian-it lOth, IfeOS, thf- alteration of rants 
just described uas extended to the odiccrs of the : 
Indian M&Pcai Service. Ccnseqvently the com- '■ 
round tiih.f of Sunjcon-M ajor-Ucy:n-nl, Surgeon- ' 
Colonel, Brir;cde-Sitrae"n-Lic>'t- nanf -Colonel, Sur- ; 
(jeon-Liei'.icnant -Colonel, Surjcon-Major Suryeoii- ■ 
Captain, and Surgeon-Lieutenant have disop- \ 
pmred in the Regular Arm.y. except in the case of ' 
certain retired officers, of medical oyjcers u-ho were j 
appointed to the regimental eslab'ishmcnt of the I 
Fool Guards previous to March 1904 axc^ Medical', 
Officers of the Household Cavalry, By Boycd i 
Warrant of February lC//r, iSSiO, the Ojjlcers of ; 
the Army Pay Department were qranted siibstan- \ 
five rank, and by lioycd M'arrant dated oth October, j 
1P03, tiiular military rank v:a.sgiren to the Officers , 
of the Army Medical Department, 

Military ofjiccrs in the sendee of the late Hon. i 
East India Company used lo enjoy the same prece- 
dence as those in the service of the Croun. <inhj ■ 
to long as liicy remained cafttiurd of the Cape of 
'•^■od Hope. West if '.he Cnpc th'.y had no militnru ' 
r-i)ik u-'u'itevcr ; out hu o>i. ordtr ■if Ih- Isl of May, 
1555, it «-a.-' settled fto such distinrlion dhonld be 
drauTi and " in nil part-i of Her Mencily'sdomin- ' 
ions and elsewhere "they vere declared to be entitled 
to rani- a;d precedence u-i!h n:ilccrs of th-- regular 
.-irnnj, t-.rcordihj to the dotes oj their eoinmis!>ions. 
'ihi sub.<eque)it extinction of the hast India Com- ■ 
pony, and conversion of the forces into ''Her 
Maieal.j's Indian Army," aioli.-hcd all distinctions. 
^(Jir.-.-o'.o i,-i tlie Spetifd Ri=.t-i\-o jir.d Yeouuinry 
of thi- United Kingdom, tiko rank with oiliccrd 
of the regular forcos as the yoursgest of their degreo. 

and take precedence amongst themselves aceord- 
in;j to the diice-; of appointrrA^nt in their respect- 
i\-e lar.;;-. 

OlViccrs of the regular force?. Si-ccial lie-civo 
and Yeonianry of the UnitCil KiHi'doin h.we 
precedence of, end coinmand over, tlie oii'ccis 
of equal degiee serving in the Honourabiu Artil- 
lery Company and Territorial Force, and oiuc^rs 
of the Ilonota-nble Artillery Company and Tciri- 
toridl Force take precedence amongst themselvo-; 
according to tlio dates of appointment i:. their 
re^■pective ranks. 

An citiccr of the Roy;:! !Ma!t3, Anilleiy tnk-es 
rank and precedence Leiow other oir.cer.s of the 
regular force?; of the same grade. 

Honorary rank, as v, c-11 a-; the suhstautivo 
rank of departmental oiiicers, carries the some 
precedence as the coTe^pouding military rank 
except as regyrds gen'-nd coinmai'd a;id tl:t jsr.?;;- 
dency of Courts and Boaril.-. 

Tlie fol'ov.-ing is tli^ order of precedence of tho 
severol reL-iment5? f.nd corps — 

1. T»!C Ilouseliold Cavalry, consiifing of the 

1st and 2nd Life Giuird-. and the, jloval 
Tlorse Guards {The Bhjrs;. 

2. Tlio Royal Horse Artillery ; but on piU.ide, 

«ith their gun?, this corps lakes the ri-riit, 
and marches at the liead of the Hou>f.Iioid 

3. llie Regiments of Cavalry of tlic Line, 

vrhicii comprise the .seven Regiments of 
Dragoon Guards, and the twenty-ona 
Regiments of L^rcigoonf, Lancer-, and 
Hussars in numerical order. 

4. The Royal Regiment of Artillery {local 

conipnnie.s abnjad excepted). The iloyal 
Manno Artillery takes the left of the Ko ,id 

5. Tho Corps of Royal Enjrijieers. 

C). The Regiraentr of Foot Guards in the fol- 
lovring order : — Grenadier Guards, Cold- 
stream Gufirds, Scots Guards, Irish Guards, 
Welsh Guards. 

7. The re_'i:nents of (he Infantry of the Line, 
including the Royai Marine Light Infantry, 
in tho following order : — 

The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment). 

The Queen's (Royal AVost Surrey Regiment). 

The Buffs (East Kent RegimcntY 

'Jhe King's Own (Rcya! Lnncnstcr Regiment) 

The Xorthumberl.inii Fusiliers. 

The Royai Warwickshire Regiment. 

The Royal Fusiliers (City oi London llieinieiU j 

The King's (Li\eri)ool 'Recri:,;ent). 

Tlie Norfolk Reeinient. 

The Lincohisiiire Rcfriment, 

The Devonshire Regiment. 

Tiie Sttflolk Regiment. 

The Prince Albert's (Somersetshire Light In- 

The Prince of Wales's Own (We?t Yorksliire 

'Die East Yorkshire Regiment. 

The Redfordshire Regiment. 

The Liecestershire Reeiment. 

The Royal Irish Regiment. 

Alexandra, Princess ""of Wdlcs's Own (Ycrk 
shire Regiment). 

The Lancashire Fusiliers. 

'J'i\e Royal Scots Fusiliers. 

'Jhe Chehire Resiment. 

Th.? Ro%al Welsh' Fn-iiiers. 

•n:e South Wairs Ruid-ror-. 

The King'.s 0\\n .Sto;li-ii P-.^rdt-rer 
•'J'liC Cameroninns f8c.itti-l! Rifies). 

The Roval Inni- killinL: Fu-iliei-. 

Tho Gloucester.hir.- It.L-in.'-i.t. 

TiK> WoT'-t^sir-i-h.rt:- Ri ..nii-'ni . 

The Ei-t Lanta-hiro ]■;• iiimciii. 

The Eii . .Surrey P.^ ,.'narnl. 

'I'he Duko of ('orii\\an'- LigLa Infautry. 

The IJuke of V.illiav'tou's (Wcii "Ridin? 

'nie Roider Ilcgimc/it. 


The Koyal Sussex Kocri.nent, 

Iho lltinipshire Rc'_-inu.nt. 

Ti-e Soinh .^nf:':>r ;-:!;iro Rcgia'-cnt. 

T!;e Dorset shifv lifzi-iirnt. 

The of V.'aio^'s A'oluutt-ori ^Souili 

Lanca^liire Rouii'icr-ty, 
T]ie WH<h ite-itlier.t. 
The Black Wci-jh (Koy. JliahlaivUrs). 
The Oxioi-d~-h:re light IiiUiiitry. 
Tlie E-^>ox llf.ijiiiifiu. 
The Sheru-ood Foreucr.- {Xoiiinghanishire 

and Deiby-iiiio Jtrc'in.cnt /. 
T):e Loyal NoitJi L ti:'ca-;'i!re Regt. 
Tlie Xorilianiptonsiiire ilcfriment. 
rru.cesK Charlotte oi Walo-'s (Kovai Berkshire 

Roviii Miuino LIglit Infinuiv. 
Ti.e Queen's Ov.n (Ku\ al We-t i\fnr llc'iinPnti. 
The Jving's Own (York.. Light lnu.iitry). 
The Kings (S!!ron.-;l\iie Li'^iiir lafa urV). 
The J)iiko ci CaiVibridga's^ Own (JUiiidleses 

'Jhe Iving'si Royal Rilio Corp^. 
The l>u!ce of Edinbrrgh'.s (\\ilt.:,hire Regiment ). 
The Manchester Reciiment. 
TJie I'rinco of AVales's (Xorth Siaiferdsliirc 

T"he York aiid J.iinca.Aci Rcdnieiit. 
The Durha-r. Lii^Lt Inia^itry: 
The HighianiJ Li-ht liUuuVv. 
Seafortli Iii,^hk;ndcr.= (Rosi'jliiro Buffo, Tiie 

Duke of Albanv'.-!^ 
The Gordon Kirhici^dcr;. 
The Queen's Own Ca:v.e:on Higl-landeri. 
'Die Royal Irish Rifles. 

Princess Vietoria's (Real Iririh rudlieif). 
The Connaugiit Ranger.. 
Princess Loniio's (.A.ri;yll and Sutherland High- 

Tiie Rifle Briu-ade (The Prince Conjoit's Own), 
ihe Prince of Wales's Leinster FveginKat (Royal 

'JIic Royal Miinsier Ku?i!ier.s-. 
The ]{cya) Dublin Fusiliers. 

8. The loetil companies of Royal ."vriiUery 

9. The West India Regiment. 
10. The Army Service Corf)-,. 

J I. The Royal Anny Medica Corpj. 
IL*. The -Armv Veterinary Corps. 

13. The Royal Malta An'iiiery. 

14. The West .-Urican Pcgiii.ent. 

15. The Departmental Corps, viz. tho Army 
Ordnance Corps, Ar;:iv Pt-v Cciros. Ar:;.y 
Post OiTico Corps. Coru'< of :.Ii!il iry .^iountod 
Police and Corps of Military Pl-ji police. 

18. The Units of the Special Reserve (ia order 
of arms as above). 

17. Ihe Honou-rable Artillery Company— Terri- 
torial Force. 
IS. The ^lilitia (in order of orrns as above). 

19. Tiie Territorial Fone, except the H..i.ourablo 
AniJlory Company (in order of arnjS a; above) 

20. The Ouicers Traiuirig Corps. 

DiTierent rtinksiii the Xavy and Army happen 
fo lo de>:gi!aied by tlie same name, thi'i:rh there 
i: in trath a \a ide distinction beLiveeii ihein 
Thus a \fwal cipiain is oi r.iiich lisui'tr st.:tioa 
ih-n a military, and so oji of ctl^^rs. 
'ili.- subjoined is a >ynop-is of the i.iithori/ed 
Ecaio of relative rank, us pr -.-i. ribed by an Order 
in Council, but it should b • i nder^-tood that an 
c.;i:cer of tiie X^ny has no ■• aim to v.:-nv.i\e the 
ccmmund of iii." ?.l-ije--ty's i.und Foro-.-> on .-hore, 
norvuiuuioiiiieroflhcArinv ; ssurnei he command 
o! i'.iiy of Hi-> ilujesty's .Squadrons or Siiips. 

1. A^dmirals of the Flea., rank with. Fie'.d- 

-. Admirals, with Gc?\.-ra!s 

3. Vjce-AUrnirah, wuh Lieutenant Ccaerala. 

4. Rear-Adniira!.s, with :\Iaior-Genera!-;. 

5. Commodores of the Rt and 2nd class, with 

ti. Captains of :i years' sctiioritv, with Colonels. 

7. Captains under :!,' seuiorav, Co--n- 
r.iandors, widi Lieiit-Colonela. but the latter are 
junior of t!ie Army rank. 

8. Lieutennnis of 3 years' senioritv, v.irh 

9. Lieutenants under S vc.rj' senioriiv, with 

10. Sub-Liontenan.s, v.ith Lieutenants. 

Precedence amongst diplomatic acrcnts is re^u- 
lated bv^ the 17th .-\.ct annesred to^ the general 
tr. aly of Coi'gre-s signed at Vienna, Jaii^* yth 
ISl.'i, and the Protocol Xo. 4.5, si-ned at the 
Co:;ferencc3 of Aix-la-Chai^eile, Xo\eMibi;r 21st, 
ISIS. Under iheso regulations the following 
is tlie order — ■ 

1. Aii.bassadors, Legates, or Xuncios. 

2. Envojvs, Ministers, or other r^ersons accred 

ited to SovcreiLms. 

3. :*Iii;isters R.-ident. 

■I. Cha.'-ges d'Aii'aircs .-cerediied to Ministers 
for Foreign Aii'airs. 

In each of these four classes rank is taken 
nec.Tdmg to ilij date of the orikial notification 
of the agent's arrival, not his appointment. Xo 
superiority is possessed by diplomatic agent.s 
on extri'ordinP-ry missions, nor in consequence 
of any relations of consanguinity, family alliance, 
or poliii.?aI connexion which may h'appen to 
subsist between their re.>pective courts.' 

The loliowing is a .-statement of the eomparativo 
rank of British Co.vsclak Okficeks in relation 
to the naval and military . services of their ov.n coun- 
try, as prescribed by tlie '"King's Rcgulauons." 
Those do not, however, confer pri'.ileges on the 
consuls in their relations with the'naval or militarj' 
officers of the foreign country in which they 
hayjpen to reside ; they apply only to the British 
service : — 
AofXTS .^N0 CoNSCLs-GENEr.Ai, rank with, but 

after, Rear-Admirals ; or jlaior-Generals. 
Coxsuls-Gkxek-^l rank with, but after. Com- 
modores ; or Brigadier-Ooncrais. 
Consuls rank with, but after, Capr-iins, R.X'., of 
3 years' standing ; or Colonels in the Ari;!}-, 
and before all other Captains, R X". 
VjCi;-CoNsCLs rank with, bui after. Lieutenants, 
R.X., of 8 years' standing ; or Majors in ihe 
C0NSULAR-.A.GENT3 rank with, but after, Lieu- 
tenants, R.X., and Xavigating Lieutenants of 
le-s than 8 years' standing ; or Captains m the 

Among their colleagues at tlie port of tlieir 
residence, consular orticers take rank in accordance 
vith tha rules prescribed by the Congress of 
Vieniiti for diplomatic agents, viz. -euiority 
according to official title and to priority of 
arrival. [Consuls-General in all cases take pre 
cedence of Consuls, and Consuls-General in Egypt 
ami Zanzibar resnectively take Drccedeneo of 
all Qag ouicers.) 


By Royal Warrant dated 9th March, 1905, 
tl;e folio'-vmc:. scale of prc-.-fdcn .e ui Scoil.incl is 
laid aov.n : — 

The Sovereign. 

The Lord High C mm'ssianor to the General 
-Assembly of the Church of ifootland during the 
sitiuig o"f tlio Gen- ltd As~0!ubly. 

D-ako of Rotliestiv. 

Y'uut.;jer sons of the Kovereiga. 


,;,(\ndson3 of thp Sover-M^. 
I'.r.ithcrs of the Sovircign. 
I i:,ips of iLe i^ovci-'.-ign. 
X,-.,l,,^',\ ■; of th"-* S:overeii;n-' 
ih^ Lord Chancellor of Or^Rt Bntsin. 
[ii^ Modcr.itor cf the G'-ncral .-\-?e!iibh' of 
M^ Chiifch of Kcotiand during' hiatoriT! of oft^ice. 
Til 9 Keeper of t!.e Crcr.t Sea! of Scotland [ihe 
■rrf lary for Scotland] (if a Peer). 
Tl.o Keeper of t!ic Frivy Scr/i of Seotiand (if a 

Tu'c. Hereditary High Constable pi ScoUivnd, 
The HereditarV -.laiiF.r of liie Piouseholii in 

Duke; cf EnjI-itid. 
iJi.kes of Scotland. 
J")!;!-/?? of Grtnt Britcin. 

Dukc-i of tht.' Uiiitfd Kir-dom ar,d '.Oiilces of 
.lAial created since the Union of Cicat Britain 
A Jrohmd. 

f'.jLii .-0i;> of D!:';e3 oi Blood I;oya!. 
M;iiq :c>.Kei of Ensltind. 
M;:rqi;f.-sC5 of .Scotland. 
Marquessei of Great Britai; 


tho United Kingdom f^nd Mar- 

il Irckmd created &iiK-6 the Union of 
ir.-ot Britain end Ivoland. 

Kldf^t sons of Dukes. 

Iviih of E:>iii?.nd. 

K;trU of ScJi'.aid. 

Ktirh of Grer:t Britain. 

ll.uls of tha United Kinc-dom and Earis of 
rc'u.iid cr'.'at'jd ;.-i:KO the Union of Great Britain 
,p i hciand. 

\' Mi/.v-r sor.=! of Dukes of Blood Royal. 

i'M.' t -iOf- of Mr.rrjMC-=se^-. 

■^ .,.i:i:J-- :-._.!: ^ 'f D.ii;»'>, 

■{],.. K .T- " r^: liio Groiit Seal [the Secretary 
:■ . •• ''..!ii i :i' not a Peer). 

Jv'T r • •.■ il.c- J'.-ivy Seal (if not a Peer). 


•;;..- i..;v.\ J.j-tko-Cic^rk. 

\ ! i. i.,l-: of Knal.'ind. 

Vi-co'ii.i-^ 01 Sr.'otlnnd. 

Vi-rount? of Groat Britain. 

Vi-count? of the United Kingdom and Vis- 
connts of Ireland creoted since tlie L'nion of 
Grrut Britrdn i:r..l Ireland. 

j:Mc-t sons of barli. 

"i'ounger sons of Marquesses. 

BaroM' of Fr.i-land. 

Baron, of SroiUMid. 

Barons of Urer.t 

Barons of ilio United K.r.f;dom end Enrons of 
Irelf.nd created since the Union oi Groat Britain 
end Ireland, 

Kldest sons of Visconnt?. 

Younger sons of Earls. 

Eldest sons cf Btirons. 

Kniehts of the Garter. 

Privy Coujiso'lors. 

Senators cf the College of Justice (Lord=^ of 

Yoimger sons of Vi^connts. 

Yonnper sons of B-.irons. 

Sons of Law Life Peers. 


Kniehts of the Thistle. 

Kni-hts of St. Patrick. 

Kini'hts Gn.nd t r> s,. of the Bath. 
~ Ki>i_dits tJrand Cu!iin;and.-rs O! the Star of 

• Lofiis-Livut -nai-.t rf Cu'ii. 

^iti-.- luiiis tx"it'i.!o Lnri- Li 

(i-i,<,!.-l'r!i /, ' 

L-i lie ir 

I.oi-.i lV>,vo>-s 
:w.l cf < ..iiinti' - 
ir tinii ot 

HI. I, in t!..' 'i:);ii..:j ui li,c ir i\<;.:V.'--' ci.uati s. li-::^. 
.'i:.: !-iivriiMoiiis. have prc..vJin- f n'jst aiut tiic Uoyai 
K.iD.hy .-.n! tin- I.-.r.l lii.l. Coi.iiiii-ik'iK-r. Kvery Lor.i- 
I!•^4| >i..:;t of a l oi^T!" v, a'l ! .v-ry i rr :-Liviit..ii;iia of 
a C'.>'!i.iy of P. (.'iry ^iurmt; liis ;■ r:;i < .' •■•\':-<-. an. I «-it::iii 
th'. ii:i.!i::<.i ),is j'.!ii.-.ii:-i!'.!i, J.-i-. iTiccil-'iice bif-Mrc t!.e 
S.'.vtitf-l'iiiicipal havJMii couC'iri-.-.h jur!»'-ii:;tion i.'i the 

fiiiid coac.iy or cooniy i^i .1 cif j 

Knights Groiid Cross of St. INIichae! and St.. 

Knish;^ Gr.ind Com;nand'-rj of the I;idi,-n 

Kniehts Grand Cross of t;ie Royal Vic'.orinn 

Knights Grand Cross of the British Empire. 

Knijrhts Commanders of the Batii. 

Knights Commanders of tiie Star of India. 

Kniehts Commanders of St. Z-iichael and St. 

Kniehts Comman.ders of the Indian Empire. 

Kniehts Comnia-nders of tlis Royal Victorian 

Kniglils Commander.'? of the Empire. 

Solicitor-GenTai for Seoiiand. 
' Lyon Kin.p; of Arms. 

SijeritTs principal. 

KniiJht.s Bacxielor. 


Commander.s of tlie Bath. 

Commander.s of St. Michael and St. Gcor^ie. 

Cornmaniiers of the J-to>ai Victorian Ord^.-r, 

Commanders of the British Empire. 

Companions of the Scar of India. 

Com]>anions of the Indian Empire. 

Members of t.he Fourth Cla-ss of ihe Royal 
Victorian Order. 

; Officers of the Order of the British Empire. 
' Companions of tlie Di . tinanislied Service Order. 
I Members of tho Imperial Service Order. 

Eldest sons of ynunfjcr sons of Peers. 

Eldest sons of Baronets. sons of Knights of the Garter, of tne 
' Thistle, and of St. Patrick. 

Eldest sOiis of Kn.isrhts. 

:Meinhcrs of the Fifth Cia^s of trio Royal Vi-J- 
torion Order. 

Member.': of the Order of the British Ernpir«. 

Younger .sons of B:<rouetr.. 

Yoi.nipcr sons of Knigh.ts. 

King's Counsel. 


I Tlio rules of (ii-ecedcnce. observed at " Ifi^ 
I I^Iajest.y's Castio of DubUn " differ slkhtly from 
tliose "which prevail in England. There are 
; several oihcird persons, moreover, with an c-t'x')- 
I iished precedence in Ireland, who do not coire- 
i spond exactly to any Ei^glish functionary >uid 
i wdio have in England no recognized po~ition. 
; But in the majority of' instances, tlie general 
i rules already laid down, apply equdly to both 
; countries. The difference.--, iiov.ever, v,i!! be 
> seen from the following rer>rint of the scale pub- 
lished on January 2n"i, l.-'S>" (v-'itli subsequent 
; alterations), by commend of the Lord-Lieutenant 

of Ireland : — 
; 1. The Sovereign. 

2. Tho Lord-LietitonDP-t of Ireland. 

3. The Princo of Wales. 

4. Sorjs of the Sovertipn. 

6. Grandsons of the Sovereign. 
6. Brothers of the Sovereign. 
' 7. I'ncles of the Sovereign. 

8. Nephews of the Sovereign. 

9. Ambassadors. 

i 10. Tho Lord Mavor of Dublin [only wi-thin 
tho precincts" of tiie City of Dublin]. 
IL The Archbishop of Canterbury, I'rimato of 

all Encf.and. 
]-2. 'Jne Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, 
j;!. 'IhcArchbi^liop of 'i'urk. Primate of England. 
•11. Tlio xVr..hbish.)ps 01 Arniairh. 
].-.. 'The Lord t hancelloi of Irci;.nd (if a Peer). 
]■;. Tho Aichbi^hops of' l.lublin. 

17. T);e :\ic.drj-nov oi tl:c Geriorjl As.-emb!y of 

tiie pre-i.vtt,riun Churcii in Indand. 

18. The ' ord c'l.ancMlo- .jf l.elai.d (not being 

Q Peer). 
'0. The Lord High Tre.'.=urfr. 
iiU. The Lord Proridcnc of rlie Pri/y Councii. 

being » Baron, or higher in de^ne. 


"1. Tho Lijrd l'i-i\y Sej! \i a J-!iuc:i, oi hi.rlior 

in dci^TPo. 
2'J. Mlic Lord 'jri-'ii C'jir.inborhiin. 
•JS. Tht' ]jjTd l£i.-.h Ccnstablc. 

24. 'J'ho i:ai-l!i:.!. 

25. T!ie Lord High Admiral. 

26. Tlio f.ord Stou-ard of ihc Hoii-xhold. 
2". 'J'iie Lord Cliaiu'.jcrlain of tho Household. 
2S. Tho Hereditary .Sene.scbul (Lord Hi^h 

Steward) of Ireland, the Earl ui bhrows- 

biiry end AVatcriord. 
[22-2S — Above all I'ecrs of their own degree.] 
20. Dukev of Eiipland. 
■^.0. Dukes of Scotland. 
3L DW-f^- 01 G':?iU Bntain. 

32. Dul.L-; of Trehiiid. 

33. Duke.- of the United Kinu'dom i-.nd Duke? 

of Ireland, created rtince the Union, 
according to their patents. 

34. Eldest soa.s of Dukei of the Dlood Roval. 

35. [Foreign IMini-.ters and Envoy;-.] 
30. Marque;.~-e.s of Jinidand. 
37. Marquesses of Scculand. 
3S. :Marqiie-;sea of Grea:, Britain. 

39. Morquc.-scs of Ireland. 

40. JMarquesses of the United Kingdom and 

jMarquesses of Ireland, created .-.inoo llie 
Union, according to their jxitent^. 

4L Eldest sons of Dukes, uecording to their 
fathers' prrcedence. 

4 2, Earb of England. 

43. Earlv: of Scotland. 

44. Earls of Great Britain. 

45. Earis of Ireland. 

46. Earls of the United Kingdom, and Earls 

o,f Ireland, cre^ued .-inco t;ie Unior., accord- 
ing to t!i:-u" parents. 

47. Younger .^ons of Liiike^ of the Blood Koyal. 
43. Elde-t sons of '.\farqiu'.-.;c~, according to 

their fulliers' pre<.i;denco. 

49. Younger son- of Dukes. 

50. Visconnts of Englmd. 

61. Viscoiuits of Scotland. 

52. Viscounts of ("reat Britain. 

53. Vi.scov.nts of Ireland. 

54. Vi.'^counts oi the United Kincdoin and "^'is- 

counts of Ireland, created since ihe Union, 
according to their patents. 

55. Eldest sons of Earls. 
58. Yotnii^cr sons of ?.Iarque.-ses. 

57. Bishops of London, Durham 


58. All otiicr English Bishops, aeoorduig to 

seniontv of consecration. 
oil. Iri>l! Bi.Jiops. 
GO. Secretary of St.jte, atid 

to the Lord-Lieutenant, 
6L Barons of England. 

62. Barons of Scotland. 

63. Barons of Great Britain. 

64. Barons of Ireland. 

65. Barons of the United Kingdo:n and Barons 
. of Ireland, created since tlie Union, accord- 
ing to their patents, and Lordi oi .Appeal 
in Ordinary. 

6G. Speaker of the House of Commons. 

67. Commissioners of the Great Seal oi Eng- 


68. Trt:.i urer of tlic Soveieign's Household. 

69. Coniptroiler of the So\erciens Household. 

70. Master of tlie Hc.i:-e to tlie Sovereign. 
7L Vice-Cliainlierlaiii of the S'V.Tci.-n's House- 

72. Secref.iry .u' St.ue. an 

the Lca-ti-Lieuteuant 
of a Baron. 

73. Eldct sons ui Vi<oo\i! 
7 4. Yo.:nge>- son:, uf itJarl- 

75. Elde-t sons of Baron.-, 

76.;:hts of the Garter 

77. KTiiy.Hs of tho ThisiK 

78. Knights of St. I'atrl.-l. 
7P. Privy-t oiinseilor. [1: 

(.'onnnanding tho I'orce-; ni ircUnd and I 

and Win 


Chief Secretary 
if a Baron. 

y to 

leaera! Ollieer 
ni ircUnd and 







1 1 9. 




t.he Attorney-Geiu ra! ot Ir- land (un!.'^'= 

of higiier ;)er,onaI rank) have tlii.- prrce- 
ilcnce, being abvays rri\y Co'.iusellors. 

and raidiingi us .siic-h. according to \lie 

dates of their being .sworii in.| 
Chancellor and Under Tro.-.surer cf tl\f. 

Chancellor of tiic TJuehv of Lai!cr..ter. 
Tho Lord Chief Justice.' 
The .Ma-tcr of the Rolls. 
Tlic Lord Chief Baron of ti'.e Ex'^'iequer. 
Tho Lords Justices of 
The Xicc-Ciiancellor. 
Tho J'.idgcs of the Hi:rh Court oi ..Tu-ticc, 

King's IJenc'i Divi-ion. 
Tho .Tudicial Commissioner o*' tlie lri-)t 

Le.nd Commission, being a Judge of the 

Hiirh Court of Justi'^e. 
Tlie Land .Judges of the Chancery D'vi-.ion. 

High Court of Justice. 
87-89 — Take rank rtinong themselves accord ■ 

ine to soidority of appointment. 
Knights Banneret made under the J\oyal 

Banner in 02:)en War. 
Younger .^-ons of Viseoinits. 
Younger sons of Barons. 
Sons of Lords of Apjjeal in Ordinary. 
Baronets, according to tiie dates of their 

Knights Grand Cross of tiie Bath. 
Kniudits Grand Commanders of tho Star 

of ]ndla. 
Ki;ig!it.-; Grand Cro-s of St. Michael and St. 

Knights Grand Commanders of the Indian 

]-:ni.dns Grand Cro^s of the Koyal Vic- 
torian (~)rder. 
Kni-hls Grajid Cross of the British Empire. 
KniLdtts Commaijders of the llilh. 
Knights Conunanders of the Star of India. 
. Knights Commaitdcrs of St. IMiciiael and 

St. George. 
Knights Coininander^ of tlic Inui:m En!i-)ire. 
Kniglit- Commanders of the Itoval ^'ictori^ln 

Knights Commanders of the British Empire. 
Knights Bacheiors. 
Commanders of tlio Bath. 
Coin)nand'-i-3 of St. IMiciiael and St. George. 
Cornir..inders of the Royal Victonjvu Onl-r. 
Commandcr.s of the Order of the British 

Th.e Attorney-General. 
Tho Solicit or -General. 
The Serjeants at Law, 
.Judges of Cotmtj- Courts. 
Companions of the Star of India. 
Companions of the Indian Empire. 
Members of the Founh Class Royal Vic- 
torian Onier. 
Otticers of tlie Order of tlie British Ernoire. 
Companions of the Distin^tiisiied Service 

Companions of the Imperial Service Order. 
Eldest Sons of the Youn:zer Sons of I'eors. 
Eldest Son^: of Baronet.-. 
Eldest Sons of Kniijhts of the Garter, of 

the Thistle, and of St. Patrick. 
Eldc-t sons of Kr.iLrhts Barmerers. 
Eldest sons of Kidgliis. 
:.Icinbers of the Fifth Cl.'^s 









l.ers of the Order of t 
iger sons of llaru;!! l 
iger sons d Ki 
Under Sccrcta 





, The I'rovo.-t of Trinity College. 

, Gentlemen. 

ersons liliing any of the above cilices [and] 

ing higjier personal .rank, will have that 

•edenco' [which is attaelud to tho latter], 

:i tho year 1819, on tlie occa.sion of Queeii 


\:itor;p.'c visit to fr>:l.«ir.l, ;t i/ioco \\:;s u-siiraod 
• 't).'jBo:nan Catliolic }'riraatc and to llio I'.omau 

■ ,-.:n io ArehK-rlif-p of DuMin. :ic:.;t al;< r aud ; 
-.o-.v the Archbi-:lioi)s oi th.j tlien JL.:tcibli-l!cd 

. ii'.iroli, ond in 1902 iM'ocedenco \va^ <:ranted to 
-;.o Modf-rator of the General As-cinbly of tlie 
rriTbyterinn Church in Irfluiid nioug wuh A;-cli- 
:ii iiops according to dtite of oleoiioii. 

iiy tlip cnactiiioais <jf the iriih Church Act, 1 
- rtlon 13. it i=5 provided that every Irish Arch- | 
) i-hop, etc., thon living shouid, during his hfe, i 
, I, joy the .?3mo title and precedence as previousiy. i 

Afurthc-r order, isbued in loSo, declares that | 
.;ii the prelates of the Konian Catnoiic Church in i ore to rank inter *c, according to' dates j 

■ .{ consecration or translation, witii preiates of j 
tiic Protestant Episcopal Church in Ireland. ■ 
.-. I'o arc to have th? precedence \vl)ich belonced ; 
•. . jj.cidtci oi tiie Establj-hed Cluircii of Irc-laud ; 
i.. i'-re the pa^iing of the Irish Church Act, ISClt. i 

T.he -rde:3 ?,rd the degree, of Orders of Knight- ! 
!,._d instituted since the publication of the | 
(.'-;«ve scale, v.-iij.of course, take precedence as 
tiio General Table. 


■Jhe Royal Vv'arrant by v.hicli precedence is 
iiov.- r.."jn'iatcd in British luaia, bears date 
DcceiTibcr 10th, ISOS, and .vas issued to supersede 
nil other tables of precedence previously pre- 

'I'h.o comparative rank of olTicors of the Xavy 
iind Army is the saino in India as it had always 
b' i;i i;i tht iJnropcan dor.unions of His Majesty 


d u 

ll s.- 


.h ti-.o readier is referred 
ieet); tiiercfore, all olTiccrs 
M ->\ibioii:ed table, whose 
! ,'>■•.[ !■>■ c',.iiipiiri-on with, rank in 
; -y the -anic i;;!i!-. with reference to 
as is oiijiycd by military olftcers i 
-:. All oiher persi'ns, not mentioned ; 
.:!r.- talilc, take rank according to 
. tlfO Govcrnor-Cei cral in Council 
dl di-:pUtC3. j 

i'rectdence atnongst woin-'Ti ia regulated by 
• he o'licial, not tlie hereditary or personal rank i 
!>f their husbands, with the exception of Peers' 
V, ivos, i,ad of ladies ]io?se=si!ig precedence in 
Eniri^iud indcfjendentiy cf their husbands, pro- 
viilid this be not belov.- tlie daui^hters of Barons. , 
Such Itbvlics rank according to Ejiglish rules inter i 
fc, and follow hnmedla'cAy nji-:r the wires of 
i/.rrnit;?-.v 0/ council at the presidencies in India. 
J. Go\ernor-General and \'iceioy of India. 
1'. Goveiiiors of ^ladras enU Bombay. 

3. President of tjic Council of the Governor- 


4. Lieutenant-Govtriiui, %\l!cn in his own 

■''. CoiDinander-iii-Chief in Iiidi;i,. 
0. Li.. I! tenant -Governor. 

7. Ch'u-i Justice of ]3engal. 

8. Bisliop of Calcutta, -Aletropohtan of India. 

9. Ordiniiry r\renibers of the Council of the 


10. Coinrnauder-in-Chief of Ui^ ^'.lajesty's Naval ' 

Forces in the East Indies. 

11. Chief Justice of a iligi'. Court other than 

that of l?enj,'rvl. 

12. P.i-hops of ihidras and Boinbav. 

n. Grdiiiary Monib.r^ of Cuiin.;il"in Mavlra^ 
aid Bombay. 

U. Lieut-:nant-(,;enerai- Commanding the- 
I'or(..s, Punj.ib, I5ciiij;il, ."Madras, and 

if'. Cl:;et i.'oi:i!!.-; of tlio Central I'-.jv- 
inces and A sam, JUddents at Hyder- 
abad and in IMysore, end Atrents to th.e 
lb)ve-=-nor-General in Bajputuna, Central 
India, and Baluehl-uin. 

!f>. Tui-iv Judges of a llicrh Court. 

17. (^hi-.f Judt'O of :; Chief Court. 




.1 fdiovc the rank of Major- 



nl Vn- ..I the Council of the 


1 ><..•-, i; 


-ral for n.-akiin,' Laws and 


l.( J.UJ. 


Wi" L; 

hoie, Bangooji, and ].,uck- 



ie> to 

Iho (lovernnunt of India. 

and .loint r^ccreiary to the (.kiv-n-nnieiu 
of Indi?. in the I'ubuc Works Department. 

22. Connnis-ioocr in Sind. 

23. Judges of a Chief Court, l.'ecorder of Ban- 

goon and Judicial Comtnisvioriers, Bunr.a. 

21. Chief .Secretaries to the Governments of 
Madras and Bombay. 

25. Major-General.:, ^Icmbers of a Bo.ird of 
Revenue, Commissioners of Revenue 
and Custom.?, Bombay ; and Financial 
Commissioner--, Pu.njai) and Burma. 

2C>. Judicial Ccmmisjioners. including .Addi- 
tional Judicial Commissioners of Oudh, 
the Central Provinces, and Sind. 

27. Additional Members of the Councils of the 

Governors of .Madi'as and Bombay for 
making Laws and Regulations. JJombers of 
the Legislative Council of a Lieutenant 

28. Vice-Chancellors of Indian Universities. 

nr.sT CLASS. 

29. ^ilembers of the Indian Civil .Service of 30 

years' standir.g. 

30. Advocate-General, Calcutta. 

31. Comptroller r.iid Auditor-Cencral. 

32. Comini.ssioners of Division.s, the S'lperin- 

tendent of Port Blair, and T<e>idents, 
Polilical Ageuts, and Su]5criniendenis Ks. 2000 a month anrl npunrds 
(not being Collectors or Depuiy C>.uniu=- 
.sioners of Brili^h Districts), ^iihin th.sir 
respecti\o charces. 

33. Chief Secreiarie; to Loc d Gov ernm-r.! - 

other than of IMadias and Boii.bay. 

3i. Suiveyor-General of India, l.Urcctors.Ge-ier.iI 
of the Post Oiiice, vi Teiearaphs in Ii dia 
and of Railways, Ciiicf .F'ngineer-, First 
Class ; and the Directors of Riiil\',ay Con- 
.strncrion and Ltailway Trafnc. Account- 
ants-General, Military and Public Works 
Departments ; Director, Royal Indian 
Marine ; aiid :Mana,!;ej-, North-TVe^tern 

3;'). Bi»hoj)S (not territorial) under licence from 
the Crown. 

3G. Ai-chdeacons of Calcutia,, and 

:{T. Brigadiers-General. 
, S'^. Commissioners of Divisions. 

30. Commisiicner of Xoithern Indi.-; 
Revenue ; and Opium Agents, B 
and Bihar. 

40. Secretaries and Joint Secretaries to Local 

Governments, and Private Secretary to 
the Viceroy. 


41. Members of the Indian Civil Service of 23 

years' standing and Colonels. 

42. Military Secretary to the Viceroy. 

43. Judicial Commissioners of the Hyderabad 

Assigned Districts and Baluchistan: the 
.Superintendent of Port Bliir ; Residents, 
Political Agents, and Superintendents 
drawing P.s. '20>ii.i a monili and upwards (not 
being Collectors or Dejiutv Couiunssioners 
of Brni>h Districts). 

44. Inspector-General of Forests in India, 

Director of the (ieidrvcical Sn!\-ey. and 
Dlre-lor-CUnerai of Edu'-.aion in I:.Jia. 

•iv-. Slanding ('(Huis,.! to tlio Goveri'inent of 

4G. Directors of I'ulilie Tn':tructi Jti, and 
Inspcctors-tl". t'crjil i.f Police i.nd .Prisons 
under Local Go\-irp.uKnts ; and Acci'jnt- 




47. Snrvej- CoTviin!.5'?ioner end Director of LAnrl 
Records and Asriouituro, BcmbAy ; Coin- 
i!ii.---i'-'iers of Sjttlsir.cnts ; rr.d Co:;- 
troliojs of ?.Iiiit.Try Accounts. 

4.4. Chief or Senior Civil .Secretary to a Local 

■19. Cliiet Kngmeers, second nnd lliird c!a^.-es ; 
.TJepuiy Sun-oyor-Gcneral ; JJc-pr.iy Direc- 
tor-General of Telocrrapbs in India ; and 
Dircctor-iii-Chief, Indo-European Tele- 
givph Department. 

50. DiVis'ior.r.l, and Di^,trict and Session.' Judse.?, 
Collcctois and Magistrates of Di-trict-s ; 
Deputy Co.rnmi.^.-ioners of Di3rrict=: ; Drputy 
Supeiintcndent of Port Bli;ir ; nnd the Cliief 
OiTicor of each I're.^idency ^Municipality, 
within their respective charcres. 

o3. Archdeacons oi Lahore, Lueknow, nnd P.nn- 

32. Deputy Secretaries 1.-. t'^e CioveninieirL of 

63. The Senior Chaplains of the Ciiurch of Scot- 

land in Bengal, JL'idra.^, and BoinLa}-. 
'3'i. Rcnieinbranciirs of Legal Affair-- nnd 
Government .A.d%-ocatCv; imd^r Local Gov- 

56. OlViccrr, in the Fir^'f Cla?; Graded Li=t of 

Civil Offices not reser\-ed for .Me;nbe:-s of 
the Indian Civil Service. 

THIRD CL.^S.'^. 

50. Members of tJiO Indian Civil Service of IS 
ve;irs' ftanding ; arui Lieutenant -Colonels. 

57. The Deputy Director, Rr,yat Marine. 

58. TheAs.-sistant Directo!', Royal Indian M".irinc. 

59. Commanders ard Jn^'peetors of ."^Inchinory, 

Royal Indian I\Iarnie. 

Cr*. i'olitical A^ent? and S\iporinfendon(=; draw- 
inj: le^.? than R.?. DOOO'a month (not beintr 
Co^^?ctor^• or Depr.fcy Commi.-'^ioners of 
Briti^li Di.siriot.s). within their own;e.>. 

fiL Secretaries to Local Admini.-tration«, other 
thhn lho?e already -specified. 

G:L Consultirig En-dneer.- to th.a Government 
of Ijidia for liailwaj'?. 

Go. Private Secret arie.-! to Governor.-;. 

64. Military Sf'crotaries to Governor.?. 
Co. Administrators-General. 

66. Sanitary Coinmis.?icners nnd^^r Local Govcrn- 
ment.-j ; Po.=,t..M;;-ters-General : t!ie Comp- 
troller, Post Ofncp ; ond Con.^ervator.^ of 
Fovesf=. first grade. 

C7. Direetrrs of Public Tn'^iructioTi and Inspoc- 
iors-Gencra! of PoHoo and Prison-: under 
Local Admini'-ti-.Ttions. nnd Co!uptroller.s 
and Deputy .-Xnditnrs-Gr-n-.'ra!. 

6?. Managers of Stato Railways ( than 
the Xorth-Weitern Railway ; Chairman 
of the liort Trust. Bomb.f'.y ; and Chair- 
man of the Port Trust, Calcuita. 

69. Vice-Chairman of the Port Tru=t. Calcutta; 

Director:, of Traffic and Con-tn:ction, 
Indian Telegraph Department ; ]--X'im- 
iners of Account.*, I'uhlic AVorlcs De- 
partment, first class ; O'ncers of the 
Superior Revenue Estah'Hshment oi State 
Railways, first class, Jlr- rmru- ; Snper- 
inten-ling Enprinecrs. J'nl.iic Works Do- 
pan nu lit. first c'a---;. Superintendents of the 
8n?v<-y of India Depnrtmen', !ii--t grade. 

70. Ir.'^fjector.s-Gencral of i'eui-tration and 

I'jirectors of L.util Records and .-irricul- 

ture, UTider Local r';o\-'T:in '-nf^. 
7L S''t)ior Chaplain^ otiier than t!!0.-" already 

"2. Sheriff.! within their ov.-n chiiTL-fs. 
T.T. Olllcer-: in the Second Civ--: Craded List of 

Civil Or.ioos not re-T\c.l for M'-mbcr.s of 

ti'.c Indian Civil Service. 

rotTKTH CL.\SS. 
';4. : It-mi-.c-rs of thn Indium i;i\ ii Sf.rvioe of 12 

vrnrs' star.dinc;, and .Maj>rs. 
7r>. Li.nit'-nnnts of over 8 year-:' -t.TnriiniT, and 

Chic-f En^nee-sof theRoyal Indian Marine. 

76. (iovemment Solicitors. 

77. Inspector.s-General of Recristration, Sani- 

tary Commis^Ini.ers and Direerors oi Land 

Records and .Vicriouicure under Local 

7S. Otnccr.s in tha Third Class Graded List of 

Civil OfTiees not re-erved for ?deii;ber.s 

of the Indian Civil .Sen-ice. 
Among the results of this as v\-ell as previou.s 
v.-arr.ints are two, peculiar to India. Tiio wives 
of ]5ishops, etc., have equal rank with their 
husbands ; and the v.ives of .Baronets or Kniehls 
of Orders have no rank wliatever, althouch they 
are per--ons of title, unless their husbands hold 
an oiiice of some kind, and oven then they rnur-t 
take rank according- to that, oiv'.ce. 


In the year 1S6S oiTicial preced-?nce in Canada 
w.t; defined to be accordintr to thefoHowijic order, 
and was communicated to tiie then &o\-ernor- 
Gentral. Lord rvionck, by rit-.-' Secretary of Slate 
for tlie Colonics, as approved by the Queen, and 
to bo observed -within the Dominion, tncn iitvly 
constituted: — 

L The Governor-General. 

2. The Commander of the Troops -within the 

Dominion, if a General, and the Commander 
of tho Na-^al Forces on the North A-mcrican 
Station, if an Admiral, their own relative 
rank to be determined by the Queen'.s 

3. The Li^mtenant-Govcrnor.? of Ontario, 

Quebec, Xova Scotia, and New Brunswick. 

4. The Archbi-hops aad Bishops of each Com- 

munion, accoiuinc; to .seniority o: consecra- 
tion, and without regard to ai.y titular 

5. The n-iembers of the Cabinet, according io 

C. Th.o Speaker of the Senate. 

7. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of 


8. The Chief Judges of the Court.s of Law and 

Eq-.dty. according to senioritj-. 

9. Privy Coun.=ellor.s, who are net members cf 

the Cabinet. 

10. General Orticers serving in the Dominion, 

and Admirals Fem-inc; on the Station, not 
beiriK in the chief command. 

11. Other Omcers com.manding in the Dominion, 

or on the Station, 

12. Members of th.e Sen-i'.te. 

13. The Speaiier of the House of Co.-nmoiis. 

14. Puisne Judges of tlie Supreme Court, accord- 

ing to seniority. 

15. Puisne Judges of tlie Co-:iris of La-.v and 

Eqiaty, according to senioritj'. Retired 
Judges take precedence next after active 
Judges of their re-^pective Courts. 
IG. ^.fenibers of the Hou^e of Commons. 

17. Member^ of the Kxecutive Council (Pro- 

vincial) witliin th.e Province. 

18. Speaker of the Legislativo Cottncil within 

his province. 

19. Members of the Le^i^IaHve Council. 
1.'0. Speaker of Legislative -Assembly. 

21. Members of Legislative Assembly within 
their province. 


Tiie rani: of married women is deri\ed from 
nnd cone-^ponds to that of their husbanfis ; but 
this rule admits of many exceptions, of wiiich the 
following may be enimicrated : — 

.■\ woman rioi.ile by hi.-'.h docs not lo=o )ier rank 
if she riiarries a eoinrrjiiner ; l>ut it is otherwise 
should <he inarrj' a peer, for then her preeclenco 
is regulated by that of hi.-r hushiuid. Although 
daughter.s of "tinker and marqui-i-s t.Tke place 
above the -wive-: of i.n--.)hs, yei il;e dau-hler of 
the premier duke of Lntriimd would sink to the 
rank of a baronos9 if sh.e married a baron ; if. 


howovei', ¥110 .'r.iiirieJ a lord by courtesy, or any 
other conimonor, or ;i bi-i'ioj), her rank, preee- : 
dence, and tiiie .■.ould reinain unchanged. The 
widow oi a potr, baronet, or knight, may retain 
her title not\vith'<(at)dincr a second marriage ; 
but in the case of tlie first and larit mentioned, 
she does so only by courtesy ; and sti-ictly speak- 
ing, loses her precedence : it is, tiicrefore, only 
those noble I'-y biiih who come within the limits 
of tiie-so ob.^erv•atic'Ils. Xeveriheless the widow 
of a peer marr^nni; another peer as a 2nd husband 
(say a duchess dov.i!i,'ei- iijarryins; a baron) retains 
the title and j)rec-^de!:ce .-pringinj< from the first 
husband, and is still a duchess, marchioness, etc., 
a^ the case niay bo ; for in this respect al! tlio 
nobility are parrs, and therefore such a second 
marriage is nodegradtition. (Blackstone, 1.40'. ; 
Coke, '2. Inst. 50. f 

The widow of a baronet by a provision in a 
baronet's patent, however, enjoys her preeodeace 
for life, and by UiO same authority the widows of 
the eldest and yonugor sons of baronets retain 
for their own lives the jirecedeace they gained : 
bv marriage. 

'That the o!:icial preoedenw -f the husband is 
not conmiuiiici'blc lo ti'.e wife, forms the n »xt 
exception ; yet ihis, thovigi- all but universal, 
has its own iioiiialion.s ; for in India the reverse 
is almost \vlu)l!y tlit rule of ladies precedence ; 
end even in tiiis coiinl ''y. iiu-> wife of a lord in iyor. 
or of this Lor>niaiit of Ireland, iias a 
[)recedonce dciiv.>d from h -r husband's oflif-e. 

The noxt exceijtion is that of a married v/on an, 
who happens to be a, peeress in her own ri^ht. 
Slie may thro'igh her husband ]iold a higlicr rank 
than thui «-!;!• la ■•olongs to licr birth ; but she 
does not lo,c )■ ;• lit"-eil;tary rank by one or ''loro 
rnarriiigcs, or <,y widowhood. 

it is i: g'. •.► :-.i; r.iie, that before marriago \\"y, i--".\ 
havo no ti'lcs or precedwice otherwi.-e ihan 
tlirough their iciti'icrs ; but, (*< stated abovo, tiieir 
paternal >lLst)r;ctions cease if tliey marry peers, -. 
unless the J' sh.ould actually inherit a peerage, i 
Several ranks irdervene between the eldest and | 
the ether sons of th.o same father, but witli the 
daughters it is or.herwiso ; they, in point of preoe- : 
donee, are a- ouo u til. >rokon scries, ranking a -..ougst 
each other uceordir.g t'< seniority, the oldest; 
coming next ct> the wife of the eldest sou (during 
the liiu of his riitho') ; anrl all of them several, 
degrees above ariv oi the v/i^es of their y'.i;ageri 
brethren, i)ro\-i(!eu those wi\ea srijoy iio c'J^tinc- ! 
tions by birtli. 

It is another general rule, that precedence! 
acqiiivcd ''V ma;ri::gi; is nt"\-er lost by the to- ' itnro 
of tlic- j.nsl-.itid. TIhis, ;in carl may bo ai;^ nied, 
but Jiis v.i'e r-.T i.iius a countess. ; 

It is ido 11 rile, t'lat rb.e rank enjoye-,i 'oy a; 
woman i.-i lie. i.iyn r\ii\>, va iiiCommunical'Jc to hor \ 

Th.e foreguiri^r statements are gixpn i ■; intro- 
ductory to the subjoir-ed table, without which a 
complet') \ie\i of tlio rules affecting female prece- 
dence could not liav •■ been presented. The author- 
ities on v.-iiiih. tliis table iias been arrang'. d are' 
not repi'iTe.i i ere, having been already set fortli ; 
in tho gencr-i table of n ida precedence. 

1. The Wife of tho Sovereign. ' 

2. The Queen Dowager. 

3. 'J'liO I'rinces.s Vicii'ria ("'Mary"). 

4. The Princess Royal. 

6. Wives of the Sovereign's younger sons iiccord- , 
ing to the senior! cy of their liusbands. ', 

6. Gi li; kii.ughters of the Sovereign according- 

lo iho seniority of their parents. [ 

7. V» ives of the sovereign's grandsons accord- j 

ing to tho seniori':y of their husbands" ; 

8. Sisct-rs of the Sovereign. ; 

9. ^^'ivc;S of tho Sovereign's brothers. 

10. Auni3 of the Sovereign. 

11. Wives of tho Sovereign's uncles. ' 

12. Niccs of the Sovereign. 

13. Vi'i'.os of cho Sovereign's nephews. I 
I'l. Duch' --es of England. ■ 
15. Di.ichcyt-s of Scotland. 

10. Ducliesses of Great Britain. 

17. Duchesses of Ireland. 

18. Duchesses of th.o United Kingdom and 

Duchesses of Ireland o: titles created since 
the Unio.n of Great iJi'itain and Ireland. 

19. Wives of the eldest sons of Dukes of tho 

Blood Royal. 

20. Jlarchionc-jsos su'oject to the same eiassi- 

fications as those ah-eady enumerated for 

21. Wives of the eldest sons of Dukes. 

22. Daughters of Dukes while unmarried, or 

when married to co:iimoner.s ; of course 
taking rank amongst "ach btlier 'TU'.ler 
the rales which regulate their fntiier's 

23. Countesses of England. 

24. Countesses of Scotland. 

25. Countesses of Great Britain. 

26. (Jountesses of Ireland (before the C'nion). 

27. Coimtosses of the United Kingdom, includ- 

ing those Countesses of Ireland whose 
titles were created subsequent to the Union. 

28. Wives cf the younger sons of Dukes of the 

Blood lloj'al. 

29. Wives of tho eldest sons of Marquesses. 

30. Daughters of Marques-es, taldng precoc'enoe 

amongst each other in conformity \\itli the 
rule which applies to tho daughters of Dukes. 

31. Wives of tlio j'ounger sons of Dukes. 

32. Viscountesses, subdivided in the same 

maimer as Countesses. 
'■JO. Wives of the el'lest sons of Earls. 
34. Daughters of Earls. 

3.5. Wives of tho younger sons of Marquc:-ses. 
30. Baronesses, subdivided in the same irumer 

as countesses. 

37. W'ives of the eldest sions of Viacom. . 

38. Daughters of Viscounts. 

39. Wives of the younger sons of Earb-. 

40. Wives of tho eldest sons of B-.irons. 

41. Dajghtor.s of Barons. 

42. Maids of Honour (who bear the title of 

"Honourable" for life). 

43. Wives of Knights of the Garter. 

44. WTves of Bamierets made by the King in 

■iS. V/ivos of the younttor sons of Viscounts. 
•10. Wives of the younger sons of Earur.s. 

47. Daughters of Life Poors. 

48. Wive3 of the sons of Life Peers. 

49. AV'ives of Baronets. 

50. Wives of Knights of tho Thistle. 

51. V.'ives of Knights of St. Patrick. 

52. Wives of Baimerc-ts not made by the King 

in person. 

53. Dames Grand Cross of the Britisl: Em;.'irc, 

54. Wives of iviiights Grand Cross of tiic Bath, 

55. V.'i\es of Kniglits Grand Commando: of ths 

Star of India. 

56. ^^'ives of Knights Grand Cross of St. >'ichae: 

and St. George. 

57. Wives of Ivnights Grand Commaiiuer of the 

Iridian Empire. 

58. Wives of Knights Grand Cro.s.= of th--^ Itoya! 

Victorian Order. 
£9. Dames Commanders of the British Empire. 
60. Wives of Knights Commander of 'le iJath. 
Gl. V.'ives of Knights Commander of tho St;u- 

c: India. 
02. ^^"ivcs of Knights Commander of Vi. "■'.lichae! 

and St. Georw'.;, 

63. V.'ives of Knights Commyidcr oi' ih- Indian 


64. Wives of Knights Com.mander of ^he Royal 

Victorian Order. 

65. Wives of Ivnights Commanders of the British 

6G. Wives of Kiughts Bachelor. 

67. Wives of Commanders of the Bat'n. 

68. Wives of Commander.-- of St. Michael and St. 


69. W^ives of the Commanders of the Royal 

Victorian Order. 

70 . Cotnmi'.ader* of tliaOrdor of th» Britife tiEinpire. 


;j. \Vi\e.< of Coiiimandor., of the Uirier of the 
British Empirf. 

72. V. .ve.> of Coninj.nirn-- t.'f O.m Star of Invlia. 

73. Wives of the Ccnpouious of the Indiiiii 

V-i. Oh'lccrs of the Order of the I■!rili^^ll llrnpirc. 
75. \Vi\es of Member? of the hoyal Viciorian 

Oicier (Jill cIp.hs). 
Id. Wi-c': oL '.>if:cci5 oi tho O.dcr of <.iio Briii^i: 

77. V.'ivfs of CouLi>iii''j>n'j of ij"^ iJi-fiiUMiishi d 

Service Oi di r. 
7S. Wives of Companions of Impc-rir.l Set \ ice 

79. '\Vivc-- o^ t'ie elde.-t so-is of the yc Jn^er sons 

of Peor-j. 
SO. Daughter.-; of Iho j-oimger ^ons of Peer-. 

81. Wives of the pldr-:t sons of JJoj-onct-;. 

82. r-aiirhtcrr of Bi.n.rK-Js. 

S;5. \ of -ih'} eldt-t .-uus of Ki^i^his of liio 

S!. D,yii;l.te!S of Kr.-^hti <.f ihc Cart.r. 

Sj. Wive^ of tlK< eld'^-t sons of ivnigi.t. Ban- 

SG. L>auf;.hter.s of Kniphts Banner-jt. 

S7. Wi--cs of tlio nldo-r 5on- of Kniuh'..-^ Grand 
Cro-:;3 of ths Bath. 

88. Wives of t)e e!d;r-i sons of Ivuijiifv Gnuid 

Corr'niniider of ihe Star ot i/;.lia. 

89. D.uightor.s of Jvni'-.hts Grand Ciu-s of ihe 


90. Dnu;;htcr= of Knidit.s Grraid Cor.ii..aiidei- of 

th'->' 8t.\r of liidic. 

91. Wive.s ox the cldf-t son-: of V\!iights Gr.ind 

Cross of St. AiioJi.iel and St. George. 

92. .DauG;luers of Knif:hts G'-and Cross of St. 

Jiichr;-! ,vm\ Si. George. 
f^!8. Wi.-es of the eldest .'■on* of Knights Grand 

Co'iimnnder of th.o Indian Einr>ne. 
di. liaughiers of Knights Grand Cro,;? of the 

Indian ICmpiro. 
VI). Wives of tlie cKle.-': sons of Knights Grand 

Cross oi thn Rojrd Vicloiion Order. 
9G. D.Tnghteis of Kn'gats Grand Gross of tiie 

Roya) Victorian Order. 
97. Vvi\-ea of eldest sons of Kuigi;ts Grr-nd Cross 
of tlie British Epipire. 
I- fS. Daughters of Knights (hand Cro-s of the 

' British Empire. 

' 99 Wives of tlie eldest sons of Knii.iit-('onnnan- 

der of the Botli. 
f 100. Wives of the eldest sons of Kr.ights Coni- 

r mandor of the Star of India. 

' 101. Daughters of Knichts Conunander of the 

\ Bath. 

■ 10-2. V,"ives of eldest sons of Knii^htsLornmander 

of the Star of Ind-a. 

103. Daughters of Knights Co!nniauu-.r of the 

Star of India. 

104. Wives of the eldest sons of Knights Com- 

mander of St. I\Iiehael and St. George. 

105. Daughters of Knights Commander of St. 

Michael and St. George. 
100. Wives of Knights Commander of the Indian 

107. Daughters of Knights Commander of the 

Indian Empire. 

108. Wives of Knights Commander of the I'.oyal 

Victorian Order. 

109. Daughters of Knights Comn.and-r of the 

Roya! Vie[-->;ian L'rJer. 

110. Wives of eldest sous of Knighti; Connnar.fler 

of the Biiii':'! Rinj'ire. 

111. T).uwiit.r> of Kni.'u- Com:i!a:,d-i ni the 

British Knipiro. 

112. Wives of eliie.-t sons of Guminaiuh^rs of tlie 

U•^. Daughter?, of Ccinmander- of ih-^ I'.atii. 
\\i. A\'ives of eldo.jt .sons of Comin -.ndns of St. 

Michael e.nd St, lieuiue. 
Hi. D.uighiers of Commanders of St. Michael 

116. Vv'ive.s ot e;dcst !-e;i.j m I'miHiuuiders of 
tho Rovrd V-etorii';! (jrcur. 


the Ko\-aI 

117. iJnoghteis of Coinniioide. 

\i'tonan Order. 
i):^. Wives ot owl'--=t ;:on^ of Con:,irij..,aero of the 

Jr'rI-h I'lOj^irc. 
'K. Dii.i^hters cl Conu^.anders oi liie Biirish 

120. 'iVi'ves oftheeldest sonsof Kniglits Bachelor. 
]Ji. .i'e;abcr3 of the Order oftlie Brit i-^o! Empire. 
122. \\iv-s of Memheri ,.f ,h? Itova! Victovian 

Older (5th e'ans). 
12 3. ^V;ve? of -Menibers of the Order of the British 

12-1. ]~)auTlit'-rs ..r Kn;-ht-- Bn.ehclor. 


By Warrant dated iSth February. jniK, ns 
regards E:ig's'itl i'^~'' Wales, and by .: - d.-'queiT; 
^Varraiit in the same year as ro:;.-dsi ii-i;.'i..i, Xdis 
Majesty has decl?red that tlie Lord-Li.-u!.-;i,-int 
of a County or Divi-ioii of ?. Covmty! " dur- 
ing iiis term of oiilce, and wiihin the limits of liis 
juri-dietion, have on all occi'^ions place, pre- 
endnenee, and precoilence before tho Sheriff 
having coneun-ent juri-^diction in thosaid County." 
{Si:nilar provision is incorporated in the Sc:df'* of 
Preredeneo laid dov.n for Scotland bv l;oya! 
V.'arrant in ]y05.) 

By long-estr.blished precedent the I\Lavor, or 
in Scotland, tlie Provost, of ruiy or City 
v. hen \vithin the limits of iiis jnrisdieiion, and 
^•dien prcs'.ot in his olheiai eapicity, t>ihes i)reop- 
tlence ot everybody, e.xeept laoii of tiie lioyal 

PRiXEDENCE OE eoreic;:;eps IX 

Xo for- igners \^-iiaie\er ra--; cr.littcd to precetlence 
in this caumiy, excei't thoy be n;embers of the 
diplonuttie b;"ly; l>i'.t all foreismers 'it^joj hy 
ccMr/c'sy SOI lie. -liare of distinction in mixed society. 
.Mere lio-ipdtality to strangers is the foimd.uion 
of thl^ ; but norrJe or princi]>lo can bo c-i'djlished 
on any titular aaalogics bet\r.'-en foreign and 
Eng]i-1; dignities: the e.idets of families abroad 
often bear the titles of T'rince. Buke, Count, or 
Baroii, and oe',-<i--;iona!iy r-^cen-c in British society, 
on the strength of a inere nominal honour and ils 
analogies, n place to v.diicli tiiey ai-e in no respect 
entitled. A foreicn count is often really of lo\i\^r 
position than a;i J'hjglisli countiy gi.-ntleinan, and 
hi- V. iff is no coimtcs-r in th.e Ei:idivii sen<e of tliat 
^^ord. Eacli ease rcouires to bo investigated ; 
and v.-lien the foreigner is foujid to bo ?/':•; head of a 
JainUy in possession of its tit'iiir honours, tlio 
custom is to yield liim th.e )irecedence enjoyed by 
envoys, viz. after dukes. It lias long been tho 
practice to yield to nmbarsadors and their Ti-ive.i 
the most distinguished piace in society, and even 
tho uncles or auiits of a sovereign, v/ho are not, 
themselves cliildren of a king, have been required 
to yield the place to this high diplomatic char- 
acter. Ambassadors are allowed at tiie Palace 
to precede all tlio peerage, and e!a\oys to precede 
marquesses. But the extreme iimit of hospitalile 
courtesy is exceeded wlien ovdinary titled for- 
eigners, being heads of families, are allowed a 
higlierplacothan envoys, and the cadets of foreign 
fa:nili<',-> possessed of titles ha\e no claim to 
piecede au.v British peer. 

Briti^h suljjects in pos ession of for:ii;n titles 
by purciiasc of land or otlierv.i-c. liave n.i ri.fnt 
ti) i-iiecedeneo licre on the strencth of their foreign 
dignitie; ; and -vvith re-pect to all genuine for- 
eigners, it is essential tliat tlieir po-ujou in tho 
land of tl-'ir ijir.h shouid hii ir.v--si israt-d before 
they arv iiono.r.e.i v.iih tin* or prf 'eiie-icH 
aitaehoil by iav.- to Briri-ii subjects. Tiie ana- 
logies derived front liuit podiien. and not tho 
liomi'ial ;eSL>nblanc<-s !)eiv.ei-n tlicir titln-- pti.i 
ojrs, are tlio foundiuion of such a-- is yielded 
t;.> ill tinguishcd foroigrici-s til the court of the Kiui,. 




•;Y exi- 

inferior tirle, Mheil-.or hcrue by 
:,:-.t -on or not, provided if. aijj'cr in narne 
u.c Miporior title,! ho ioiud in ii^ alplui- 



In The crpiition of new Peers, al.=o, it 
fr?qii?niiy iinporcant to ar-.jcnaiti witli f.^cility 
wheiher or not the title seiecled was alrc-i'Liy iu 
tiio possession of another as a subordiiutte de^ig- 
r;i-.tio:i ; but ?iich a s^carch v.a- jc^.rvely pcssii^ie 
to any but professional >zenoa'.ogi-^ts, and, ivtn 
to them, only after great trouble rtiid a lt.-!)prhtiied 
invnstii;at)oii. Ihus, in ail probabiiiiy, it 
jiot •\rfr)T.sirrlfj knov.Ti ia 1S;>8, v. iien Lord ^leiliuen 
was raised to^tlie Peerace, tiuit tiiere v»tt.s already 
a Baron iietiiuen in tha per.■^on of tho Dtike of 
P.ioI):.iOnd ; nor wfre the piibiic very fjenerally 
n\vji\ in ISiiO. wiiCii l^ord !Montea^ie ie„cived 
hi? title, that there was already a Baron }• of 
r.loiaepgle in the possei^ion of the Marquess of 
;:;iit imagine j Slipo. 
t ; I't'i'-rs -•■.:!i[ni conjectnre i Ih.e curious reader may observe in casting his 
■vced in hicriicr h.onoiirs. But i eye over this list, that the following are the only 
iftles they had been ecHi^sed, I English Cotindes at pre.sent unappropriated as 
n: now to be found, no book j titles : — 

Dorset, Monmoutli. 

GloiiOCiter, Oxford, and 

Harr.p-hiie, Shropshire. 


... ir: in, V Ttii p rei(.rf!!e;' lo the head uucler ; parcioui..i-.-^ mcy be discovered ; , 
i.r" fMiKid to aii-Mor, by a .^inglo .searr-h, ' 
tuic.-iioii-: for which the reader was pre- i 
in ii!P habit of co:i<ultinGf a variety of j 
^ .-,f sfcond lities— of Peers fitting in tlie | 
c: Ljid-; by one title and coiumonly j 
•u bv aiiother, etc. i 

f ihis Index was added to the other 
- ■■;" iiic volume of 1S.31, it v,a- impossible, ; 
vor)-: rflatn:g to the Peera^^o, to ascertain i 
i lio-.v '•ojne hundred -i of v.eli-knovvn title:; ; 
,;r,>o;ired. A few rtude 

;■ adc-r? l»ad asked themselves, '' What j 
;{ the Earl of Bsverif-y V " Xo such i 
be- found in the laie-_t"peerage books. 1 
l.o Earl of Burlington, where the Earl j 
..!!. J-urd .S•;^^!:Our, Lord Panmure, i 
ri. ],urd Bariiarn, lord Kin[^, Lord! 

The foliowi 



1,. of 

: 1. 

remembered f appropriated: 
c-j titles borne { Brighton, 
! : : ' ■:.i.;n bo e.v'.iO..-lf-.i to assist the 

. . r , • ■ ;,.:. iiUie-. 15at tVioy would lulp 

• ;, r. ;■ if •'..•• iri^tanct/s abo\'e-mentioned, 

is, for peers rivtec-n or seventeen 
: ■ .. r ui:-<, v.l.ile omIv one becomes known 
t:.: ul! Oif ii.idiuni of an eldest : — thus, tho 
I'..:..- of A!h.^il has 19 ; the Duke of Argyll, 17 ; 
f!:.' I Hike ot Hamilton, 16 ; the Marquess of Bute, 
I :. ; :!.-« Diiki: of BuL-cleueh 15 ; the Duke of Aber- 
> rn f.r-.-.l th.- Marquess of Lansdowne, each 1- ; 
:'.•• ::.;•• --.<-- of Huntly snd Lothian, each 
11 ; ::. • l'-..:oof Montro-eand t!jO Earl of Wemyss, 
<■ all lO ; the Duke of Beaufort, 9 ; while smaller 
!.';.: I • fj oocur ):t profusion throu-dioutth.a Peer- 
". ■- Xor can it be forgotten, ti;-it in tho case of 
(" i! Vi- counts and Barons, the inieri.jr or additional 
l;oii<.;:r.s ve-:ted in them are never borne as cour- 
'" y titles by their issue. And even amongst 
th- 'cotid title:> actually tised by eldest sons no 
'•••it.unty exists ; thus tho heir apparent of the 
L^iii-iuwno family in alternate generations is 
nylod Earl of Kcrrj- ; and then tho well-known 
tit!.' .-.f Sheiburiie disappears from view : an eldest 
• ■ 'ti ' .f t'.ie .M arquess of Lothian has iieen calledLcr<:t 
Jtdburs;h instead of Earl of Ancrum, and there 
are upwards of twenty Peers whose heirs apparent 
r ►:';indsons use titles which have no existence 
'^ hi. lover amongst the fatuily honours, or are 
ciiiy dfrived from these by indir..-ct course or 
'>!!;p ir.oditication of the real title, such as occurs 
i'l 'l'.' case.-, of Lf;ni Mahon, Lord In\ emrie. Lord 
i !'...iiicar, LordCorry, Lord Bincliam, Lord Bertie. 
!...-d r.'j<},t>;ij. Lord Bennct. l-:c. Furthermore, 
■ ■••■•y ji-;r^ liiippon to no mal<> issue to enjoy 
!i , -•. i.-ourti-y {iistincticns. At present nearly one 
bimdred Peers are in this state without sons, a I 
'•u:: !.er which is more than one-third of the whole | 
!•■ pr.--.>; ...d of tiip priviicL-J ; for it does not j 
-^'•!.u below the rank" of Earl. 

It. tVio-e and a multinlicitv of other cases, thcre- 

iportant places are also 


Tho Jsio of Tliaact. 

The Isle of V/ight. 

infies are in the sain© 





Th? fcilowing Scotch Cc 
state : — 

Banff. * Kirkcudbright, 

Ciackmamian, Stirling, and 

Dumbarton, Wigtown. 


Two ^Velsh Cotinties are vacant — Flint aiid 
ilciioneth : and, llnally, the Irish Counties of 

Clare, Queen's County, 

King's Coitnty,, 
are likewise 'onoccupied 

To this enumeration 

r r- lii^. reader was k-ft in tota' icrnor;'nrei : p 'ci- 1 
■ •-■ '>';^* fate of sr:?ne of the mo.->i. famctis n.inus m | 
■'■:;. ry. They were fiuiid nciiher amongst j 
•■xf.Ti.l nor exisvia.3 tit'ios. 


titular desicuations. 

It may be added, thct 

there are many instances of the same titio bemg 

held by difieront persons at once ; thus there are 

several — 

Lords Boyle. Lords Hid, 

Lords Bruce, Lords Howard. 

Lords DougltiS, Lords :\Iont!ngu, 

Lords Grey, Lords Murray, 

Lords Hatidlton, Lords Stewart or 

Lords Hay, .Stuart, etc.. 

Lords Herbert, 
together with duplicates in abundance and many 
r< -;-muiauoes, such as — 

.-Vn Eari Amiierst and a Baione^s Amh- r-t. 
An Eari of Bandon and a Baron of Bandon 

.\n E'.r! of Berkeley and a Baroness Berkeley, 
A Bowmoiit and a Beaumont. 
A Camden and a Ca'!-)>den, 
An Ei-.ri of Depart a:id an Earl of l)y^.lrt. 
A I'-uke of Devon-hire and an Earl of Devon, 
-A Fonors and a Ferrurd. 
.\ Ciord and a Gvii'ford, 
An Inv-rurie and an Inverary, 
A Bar .1. J'.'dburgh and a. Baron of Jedburgh 
!■ ores'., 


d an Earl of 

A Kiniois and n ivinro-.-, 
A MaiqiK s of Lii>ooli;sr 

A L!ml--?y and ;; Lindsey, 
A ila^ilby aiiJ a i\aj.'ii.!i, 
A Suciley and a Sudei- y. 

A Baron Ashton and a Baron A.shton of Hyde, 

These instances prove the importance of literal 
accuracy in the use of litle.-;, but the followincc Hit, 
showing the preservation of ancient orthography 
8'.i;ong modern Peerages, '.vill savi- I'ue reader 
from soiTie mistakes to which person? in crenerr.l 
seem vcrj- habic. XoLle fainiliv.-;; the 
pioper speliuig is— 

Aig>ll. nol Argyle, 
Ailssburj-, not Ayicsuury, 
Anglesey, not Angie^ea, 

Ceulfeild, not Cauh'ield, 

Clonuifij, not Cloui'iel, 

Fei'dmrr, net Tield .'ig, 

Donegaii, not J^onci-al, 

Guilford, Jiot Guildford, 

Inge-;tre, 'lot Jnt^eitrie, 

Kingsaie, not Kinsrde, 

Lat3'inor, 7ici La' 

Lyttelton, ?i^c Littiotou, 

M'idleton (Vir^c), not Middletui! (Baron) 

Miiltoun (Earl), tiot .Milton (Vi>e.), 

Filzv.illinni, /■•:;; Fitz^Viliiam, 

Mount Cn.^hell, not Mounica.shel, 

Xevill (Aljergavcnny), not Seville, 

Xeville (Braj^brooJ-.e), not Xevill, 

Montagu, r<ot Montngut-, 

Rc?ebery, jtot Ro.-eberry, 

Scarbro-Jgh, uoi Sca,rboroagh. 

We-tmorland, nol Wcsrinorelcnd, 

Winchili&a, jiot Wincheisea, etc. 



Cfcori^e the Fifth, BY THK Gp.iCK OK Gox), OF mt UsTTLn KiNT.DOM oi- Grkat Britain- axd Ir.ri.ASD a.-ct or 


/f/."? .V^t Jii5ry GEOr.GE Fhedkbick Eiinemt Ar.rjERX, second and only surviving soii vi His late 
'''(.jcsiy iving Edward Mil, and of Her ]\IajC3iy Queen Alcxandrn.^ B. at .Marlboroueh Hcaise. 3 
y.inf. "l8C'5; in. at St, Jamea's Palace, July," 1893, H.S.H. Princess Victoria Mary Auj-ustd 
l.yv\'rn O'.pa Pauline Ciauuiue A£;ne3, now Her Majesty Qceen rwAUY, wuo vns b. 2') .\lay. ISGT. 
i' ii ilie -■*Iost Xoblo Order of ths. Gartor, has O'lders of the Victoria and Albert, and Cr'^v.-n of 
lis";!'. Via. Doc, LL.D., '^ily daughter of H.H. tlie lata Francis, Diiko of Teck, anri H.R.H. tiie- late 
f!i::C---3 Mary of Catnbridge, Duchess of Teck; cieated Duke of York, End of Inverness, and Bi'ion 
/\'."':;r,!-y, in "tho pperasrt! of the United ICingdom, 1802, Prince •>/ ira'es and Earl oj Chcslar, c>.]--o in 
,1 .■ -,,. .irnp" of ilio United Kins;doin, 9 Xov. 1^01 ; ascended the throne on the doatii of liis father 
■ M.;v. IfilO ; crowned at Vrfstmiustcr Abbey, 22 June, 1911 ; entered the Royai Xav-j", iSTT, Mi-is^np- 
II ;'rt iS30, Sub-Li?m.. 1SS4, Lieutenant, iSSo", Commander 1891, Captain 18?3 {Perionoi Nnvr.! A.D.C. 
;t. 0-;.Mn Victoria 1SS7-1901, to King Edward 19(M). ] Jan. iOOl. Vico-Adnii:-.! 26 
,lii:;;. 1<^03, Admiral 1 March, 1907, Admiral of the iieet 7 iNhw, llilO ; gazetted General in the .inny 
i:r>-2. Field- Marshal 7 r.fay, 1910 ; Field-Marslial in the Prussian Army Ifi ."May, 1911; C«o!oue]-in- 
tiii.-f !sL and 2nd Life Gu!.rds. F.oyal Plorse Guard?, 10th (Prince of Wales's 0\ni Ruval) Plu.^sai?. 
Kiiii: l-ilward's Horse (The King's Oversea Doiriniong PiCgt.), Duke of Lancaster's Own, Norfolk 
{'i">n- jving's Own Royal Kegt.), and Suffolk (Yeomanry ). itoyal Rctriment of Artillery, The Honour- 
>:',•'.'• ArtiUory Company, and oth London f3rigade Royal Field Artillery (Tcrritciial Force), F.oyal 
Mil:.! A.itilk'ry, Corps of the PiOyal Engineers, Grenadier Guards. Coidstreani Guards, Scots Guards, 
tr :■ i. '.iiiiivd^. The P.oval Fusiiiers (Citv of London Regt.). 3rd Batt. Tiie Prijice of Walc:-'s Own (West 
\'-v\.-l.iir Fv-ut.). Tlie Royal "Welsh "" Fusiliers. The Iving's Royal Trifle Corps, The Queen's Own 
C.i! . r. n Hiirliltmdcrs, Prmcc>3 Victtoria's (Rojal Irisii) Fusiliers, Oulcers Training Corps, 1st Duke 
< f "i'.^rU's Own Lancers (Skinner's Horse), 6th King lOdward's Own Cavalry, 11th King Edw.iid's 
Ov. :! [viiireri ;Pro'oyn's iJoise), 18th King tJcoige's 0«^: Lancers, 2(ith King Georgt's Own J-ight 
•• :.\iilcy, 3Sth and 39th King George's Own Central India Horse, Ist Kirig George's Own Sappers and 
Miii'i-^'. I4ih King George's Own Ferozepore Sikhs, Gist King George's Own Pioneers, 102nd King 
I .i-.: .■ 1 - Own Grenadiers. 130th Kiuii Georuo's Own Bahichis (Jacob's Rifles), 1st KingGoorije's Ov.n 
i.: ^ rihe Mfdauu l^eiTt.), 2nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rilies (The Sirmoor Rifles). The 
and Sth (Isle of ^^'ight Rifles, "Princess Beatrice's") I'attu. the Ha;npshire Regt: 
r<.ft)i( 1st Dr.^gu^.u Guards (Germany) ; Hon. Col. nol Sth (Za.ii:ora) Iiiftintry R^^rr't. : 
. .• Orders <.d i!;-? G';.iter, the Thistle. St." Patrick, the I'Ath, ti;o Order of "Merit.,'the Star 

' ' ! . .-;. -Ji haii and i>i. George, tlie Indian JOnioiio. the Ro\al Victorian. Disti.n^ruisl'.ed Service, 

i\'i'l l.T.prriiii .S-rvii c ; S(jvercign and Patron of tlic Dnler of the Hospital of St. John of .Joni^tloTO in 
lliifji.iMii. :u;dof the Oriltrof. Mercy : has received the Or.icrs of the Black Eagle of Prussia, the Golden 

I"! < f.'^i'.iin. St. .indi-iAv OiP>u^sia, Grnnd Cordon ofthe Osmanich. theFfanedani Ali t)sinan. and 

tii.- .'•'iirn.ssa Initius of Turkey, the Annunciata oi Italy, Tlie White i]lophant of Denraor k, the .Sera- 
jilini <.! Sweden, the Legion of Honour, and many other Foreign Orders ; an Elder Brotlier of the 
J ■< rp'Tation of Trinity Itouse (formerly IMastor) ; President of many Societies, Colleges, etc., and 
l'a!r"'ii of many Listitutions ; installed Chancellor of the Universitvof the Cape of Good Hope 1901, 
( >'i the University of Wal.-s 1902 ; Hon. D.C.L. Oxford, LI..]). Cambridge, e.nd many other Uni- 
'.. r.-:',;<.-s, F.R.S. ; was Lord W'.aden of the Cinque Ports 1905-7; Bencher of Lincoln's Inn 1392. 
! n ...filler lin'H ; Trustee of ti:e British IMuseum ; Hi:^h Steward of Reading and Plyinout!; : and 
,Mij;.!vr of the Royai Comnussion on Food Supply in War-time 1303. etc. Residences — Wimlsor 
Cit.'^tli'. Bt'rkshire ; Buckingh.^m Palace, S.W. ;» l^almoral Castle, Scotland; York Coitago, San- 
drii-; Norfolk. Clubs—United Service, Mnrlb-^rough, etc. 
I':- .Majesty has issue — 

il.Rn. l-rinco Edward .\LBErvT C'HP-ISTIAN Gr.oEr.E An-drkw r'AiT.Kiv \y\'v K.c , noat. Trmct' of Wd.'fs 
arid Acr/o/ Cfe'/cr bv Lettt>T3P.itcnt under til' Groat Seal. 23 June. ] ' :''.''. >"PAHENTTO THE 
CfiOWX, Di'kc of CornuaU in the Peerat:e of Er^rlund (1337), DnW '■, / . ; •-/ nicarrirl; firoti of 
lienireic. Lord oi the Isfcs, and Great S/eirari! oi Sroflan'I.An the !^: ri. : • > i >■ u^i uid (1460). Duke ct 
S.ixony, and Prince of Si'.xe-Coburg and Gotha ; fir.^nd >[p.>tiT of the Or.:.^r oi m. j.Iichneland St.Georcc. 
B. at White Lodpc. .^, 23 June. 1S94 : j -ii ed RX. 1P07, niiaslupman 1911-12; lieut. 1913: 
an undcrpr.tduatc of Maadalen Coll. Oxford 1912 ; licit. Grtu. Guirdi li)U; cnpt. ii'lO; A. D.C. to 
Sir John French, C.-in-C. 'II British Forces in Fri.ce 1011-15; ptJi-crt. "v Stuf ot Ceti. Sir A. J. 
Miirri;., K.C.I'.., coradg. Fore, i in K .n. fi M l.t. rrnnean bm;; r ii,:' .ad Gcii-Stj:! oiTiCfr 
•.iiid Gr.idf 1011) ; has received tlv 'i\':-:,rv Cr -;, irA ordoi-s of the ( : ' • , Gr.iud Croix da 1.'. 

L'-gioii d'Hoiineiir,K;iiishts Cr - <'! Miiit".->- Or: r of Sivov aod of .■ r ,iv), cf thi E eph-nn 

oi Do^mrirk, the Gr i:\ i Cri>-s of St. 01 .v ins ith eh. tin) of Xorwav, oi b:, (... or.c, ;.:d clir^s (Ru.=;in), and 
Croix d-;- Guerre (Fraacc); Kni;;lit of Justice ot tlie Order of thc"nos[.itaI oi at. John of Jerusalem in 
Encland. iMuce Alpekt Fkf.pekick ARTnim George. B. 14 Dec. 1895 ; lieut. R.N. on staff of C.-in-C. Ports- 
raouth since 1916. 

H.lMl. Prince. IlEXRY M"iLLIA\t FREDERICK Al.nrRT. B. 31 March, 1900. Prince Geouob Edward AlE-Xaxder Edjun-w. C. 2>^ Dec. 1002; cidet R.X. since ll'lo. 

II.U.H. Prince JoH.x CEA>ti.E3 fRixas. B. 12 Jul/, 1905. 

H J;.}i. Pnncesj Vicxo>;rA Atexaxura .\ucc Maky. B. 25 April. i.SPT. 

Alexandra Caroline JIary Chaulotte Louisa Juua, oldest daughter of Christi.^n IX, King of 
IX-nu a: Ic (whc died 29 Jan., U»Ot;), Lady of the Ganer, and ol the Orders of Vietorio and Albert and 
Cr< -.vii iif India, Ludy of Juotuv of the Order of tlie Hospital of ^.t.John of .lerusalein in England, R.R.C., 
t« (J'lvi-riioi of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, President of tlie Xiusin;.,' Board. Quetn Alexandra's 
lni|«.riai "ililitary Xuiving Service, and of the Territorial Forco Xuiiing Service Advisory Council, etc. 
'*■ » l.)i.ei.niber, 1.S4-4 ; m. lu .March, 1803, His lute .Aiajesty King .Edward VU, and became 
k'v.>. M d'Hiuit and Empress of India on his uccoision, 22 .Jan. lUUl. ixesidonce — Suudringhan>. 


THE HOVAl- i-AMlL-. 1 /*J^OXlJ ^j.^ 

H.B.H. th; late I'FiscE ALBr.::r Victor Chi'L-tiav KDWiun or WjlLE^j, Dvr.i: ok Cikrz^ce ash Aaovdalk 

Karl of At::!.m.:, K.G., ii.V., LL.O. 15. J-!:4; d. 1;-J^. 
U.Ii.H. iTii!C'-5 i.oilSE VlCrOKIA ALKXANDllA DAOMAH, V.A., C.T., Pril.CfSS P.OYAL. B. 20 F°b. 1S67 • 

in. 'Si July, ],vsO, AKxamtir Wil'.iani George, 1« Duko of Fit>. K.G., 3v.T., G.C.V.O., P.C, wlio d'. 

1912. f.n.l has i^sui.. 
E.K.Ii. l-Tin<.-v?s ^■1CT01UA Alexavuka Olga >rA?>Y, V.A., C.I.. s. La-lv of Justice o!' the Or.i; r of ti.e llns- 

I.>it:'i 01 St. Jolinof J'-TUsaloin in Fnrrland. li r, .Inlv, iSi.^. 
H.M. tiiv (iuiii) of Norway (H.i\.H. i^nmuss >iArn Chakloxtk Mary Victokia). D. ::o Xov. isoi); 

III. 22 July, IS'JO, II.K.B. I'rincc Charlies of Drumnrk. wiio was fl,'cti.'d Kinc of Nonvay I'J05, and 

asr,>nd(d tiiat throiv.! uruter tlin nair.p. of Kini; H.i,-»koa foi llaco) VII.. lion. af:n-.i;al in British >'avy, hoti. 

col. Noiiolk V.'oni. ; K.G., lyiji;, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., ami iias is-uo. Kesidciiccs— itoval Cubtlo, Chria- 

tiauia; King George's I'alaco, Bredcade, Copinliagcn. 

n.R.K. the late rnnee Alfrej> ER:-ri;s;r Albert, Duke of Saxo-Coburg-Gntlm, Duke of Edinburgh, 
end Earl oiKeut and of Ulster. B. iS-ti; m. lS"-i, H.I. H. tho Grand Duchess :vl>ivie Alexan.irovna, 
wlio WH.s h. 1853, V.A., C.I., Grand Duchess of Russia, only fhiu, of .Alexandra II. Enipcror 
of J;uf>;n, and d. 1900. Issue — 

.U.U.II. I'rincc Ai.M?ED Al-EXANJ-K.H WiuiA.M Kii.NLsr ALUKUT, ll reditary I'rinco of Save-Coburcr-Golli,) 

B. l-7t : d. ISOO. 
Prine-s.* :>U)'.ii: ALEXANi'iiA VlCTmiiA, V.A., C.l. B. 3S75; m. 1S93, Il.K.II. Prince Ferdinand of 

P.oui; ania, G.C'.P-., and li;is i.-^s'io. 
Pruicoss ViCTOKTA M;:lita, V.A., C.I. B. 1b7<i; i.i. 1st, ISOi, her cousin, the Grand Duke of Hovm; 
{see below) (ni. dlis. 1901) ; m. 2nd, Oct. 1905, H.I.H. the Grand Duke Cv/ii of Ku.ssia, and hua 
Princess Ai.-EXAXDRA LowsK Olga VrcTOiii.i, V.A., C.I. B. 1878; ni. ISOO, ffereditary Prince of 

Hoheulohc-Lanctinburt', liirf'it of Saxe-Co'nirar-Gotha, and has issue. 
Princess Beatutce LEepr.i,i>T.NE \ictoeia. B. ISSl ; ni. 1919, Ah'onso, Infante of Spain, and has issue, 
H.R.H.Prino9.lKTHi}Ti\Vii.Li.4M P.vrnicK Albert. K.G.. K.T., K.V., P.C, G.C.R.. G.C.S.I., G.C.MG.,' 
G.C.I.E.. G.C.V.O., G.B.E., D.C.L.. LL.D., Duke of Connaught and Stratliearn, E'arl of So.sscx, Duke of 
Saxony and of Sa>ce-Cobr,rfT-Gotha frenounced succession 1890). B. 1 May,18.">0; n:. 1S79. H.R.H. 
Princc-s Louiio IMargaret Alexandra Victoria Acnes (d. 14 March, 191 7).V.A.", C.L, L.J.H.St...I..J.E., 
R.R.C., dau. of Piince Fred^^rick Charles of Prussia ; entered R.E. 3 SOS, R.. A.. 18t;S, Ri% Brigade ] 809; 
became Gen. 1893, Field-Mar.shal 19i)2 ; Corn, of Forces in Ireland 1900-1904 ; Insp.-Gen. of Forces, 
1904-7 ; Com. -in-Chief, ^Mediterranean Forces, and Hiph Commissioner in the ^Mediterranean 1907-9 ; 
Go'-enior-Gcneral of the Dominion of Canada 19il-li5; lnsi)ectov-Gen. of Overseas Troops .since 
3 017: Ool.-in-Chitf of the Vohmteer Force s^inee 1917, of Inniskilling Dracooiis. Hijhlnnd Li^ht 
Infantry. Royal Dublin Fusilier.s, lliOe Brigade, Supply and Transport Corpa, Indian Army ; 1 f'th 
Duke ot Connau.rht's Lancers, 31st Duko of Connanght's Own Lancers. 7th Duke of Connauglit's 
Ov.n Rajpiuts, 12tith Dxike of Connauglits Own iiaiuchis, Xew Zealand Rille Brigade ; coL Grenadier 
Gu:irds : col. .Army Service Corps ; lion. col. South Irish Hor<e. Hova! E. Kent Yeoinanrv, (itii Butt. 
Hanip-hiveRegl., 3rdBatt. The Onoon's Own (RoyanVest Kent Rogt.;, .'jrd and 4iiiF.att. Higiilnnd 
Light Infantry, ISth Bati. The London Itegt. (London Iri-,h Rifles); Chief I'er.sonal A.D.C.'to tho 
King, formerly Cliiff Personal A. D.C. to King Edward VII; Grand Ma-<ter of the Freemasons of 
England lOOl"; Great Jlasterof the Bath 1901 : Grand I'riorof the Order of the Ko=iitalof St. John of 
Jeru-aleni in England ; Great Prior of I' eland ; Ranger of Eppim: F vest; Presiiletit Institute of Volmi- 
tror Commanding Oniccr<19fi(> ; Prosi.lent Dukeof York's Royal Military School ; Mosterof the Trinity 
House since 19 10 ; a Knight of the Ord-^r of the Golden Fleece (Spain), of the Black Eagle (Geranuiy ) ; 
has Ordo's of St. .Andrew (Russia). St. Stephen (Austria), the Anuaziata (Italy),'' the Elejihant 
(DpnTuark), the 0<manli (Turkey), the Tower and Sword (Portugal), the Chrvsanthennnn (Ja|)^m), 
Mihtciry .>Ierit (of Spain and Prus-ia), Medjidie (2nd cl.). and the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour. 
Residences — Bugshot Park, Surrey : Ckirenco House, St. James'.s, S.W. Issue — 

H.n.H. Priiice Authcr Prv.i)i;i;ii k Pathick Ai.birt, K.G., K.T., C.B. I'niil.) GCVO'PC (1910) H 
1S33, IV.. 15 Oct. 10V\. U.ll. Prinrrss Al-.\andra Vicioria AH^-'rta IMuina Lo\ii.-^e. DucIm^s of Fif<-- 
ed. at Eton and li.M.C. Sauiihurst ; can*'. 2nil Draeonns 1907; uiaj. 1013 , late pe-soiial \ D C 
to Kins Kdward VIJ ; ai'i'td. !i ■..■! of c^n. eiil nii.-^-nou (o invest the Emneror of Japan with 
Order of Gart^T m;i.s ; s;erv. d en t': • : .; o: '■'■'■[ "dardral S;r John French. C. in C. of Briti-h. Forres 
intl.eFie'd in Fran-e 1914-1:. (.!■ - - ., , - -. ] .i;.s.. LL.D. Cainb.. 1914 : has Koval \ictoiian Chain 
(eonf. ]9vr.); aWu Order of \Vncl < . : l , : ,,, Grand Cross of Order of Charl'.s III of Spain, and 

Order of S-. Vi.'dirair 3rd cls^s ^vit'i . oi ; ; ; -^ K-iijIit of .TiHtiee of the Hospial of St. J'olin of 
Jeru^al'm in Eacland. ile-i lenec— 5!, Mount Street, W. Issue — 
Prinec Alastair .Arthur, b. 9 Ani. 1914. 
H.Pv.H.Prineess JlAROAiirT VirroiuA ArousTA Ch.arlotte Xorau, V.A., C.I , Ladv of .Tnsiico of St. ,Tohn 
of J(ru-a!'ni in Fneland. B. 1ss-_'; in. I.i June, lOO.',, 11.];. H. Princ^- 6<ear Fn^deriek Villiani 
Oaf G'lstavns Adolrduis. Dnke of Selionen [or Seania], G.C.F... G.C.V.O., now Cr.-.wn Prince of Swi-,l,.a, 
and h.'s three sons, Prince Gustavus Adolphus O.-ear Frederick Arthur Edn.uiui, en ated Duke of Wes- 
tcrbotten. b. (i April, 190(1 ; Prince Sicrvard Oscar Frnii-riek, enat, d Duke of Uidaiul, b. 7 June 
1907; Prince Ben il Gustaf Oscar Carl Fnnen. creat'.l Duke of llalland. b. 2.S Fehruarv, 1012; and 
one dan., Fiinciss In-rid Vieioii.-^ .<■ !-a l.i'> M:iri'nrrtli;i, h. 2-^ March, 1910 
n.K.lI. Prin. .=< VicTiiniA Patkma Himna Ki.iz uu rii. C.I. B. 1J8G ; a Ladv of Justice of th- Order 
of tl'.e Hospital of 8t. John of Ji rn^autn in England 1910. 
H.R.H. the late Prince Leopold Geohok Dtncax Albert, K.G., Duke of -Albany, Earl of Clarence, 
and Baron Arklow. B. 180.S; m. ISSl'. H.S.H. Princess Helen Fredoriea Augusta (R.K.C., ha? 
the Order of tJie League of :\Iercy). dau. of tlie late Reigning Prince of Vv'aldock and Pvrmont ; died 
18S4. Reaidenco — Kensington Palace, S.W. Issue— Prince Leopold Ch.u;li;s fi-waH!) Glouce Aleeut, Keigning D-.ike of Saxc-Coburg-Gotha. B. 
ifl July, l>.s4; ni. 11 Get. Isin;., II. U. Princess Victoria .Adelaide Hei-na Louise Frederika of Schles- 
w-i£;-Uol-;tcin-Sonderttire-Gliicksi>urg ; sue. at his l.irth to his fatlier's till.'^ and sue. his unele', 

1900, as Kri-ning Duki' of t^axe.Cob^^^r-Gotha, Ihike of Julieh. Cleve. and Herg, Laia-'rave In 
Tliuri!;j.'n, M,'»--r.ive of M. i-s.-n. C.uint of Heiinei-crc:. Coiint von d^r ATark and P.ivi'n^^ev.:, aiei Lord 
cf^I.-in and I <.nna ; id. a: EtL.n ..nd Por^uini; CoL-in-Chief .S^aforih Ili.;hland.-rs. J:..-idrnces 
— riie Palace, Cohurg ; th- j^cl lo«s, Itriehnnlsi.rnnn. and Schlo.s.s Friedensteiii, Gotha ; Glareinont, 
Esher. Surrev. Has two sor^s and two daiiiilircrs. 

n.lLU. Princess AijrE .Maky Victokia AvcivsrA Paiunk. V.a. [n.K.IL Auce]; ui. 10 Feb. 

1901, .Mexander Augu-tn<, l.iiiL or .VTUI.o>fK, G.C.!?.. G.C.V.O., D.:-.0. 

H.I.H. the lai!> Princess Victoria Adelaide M.\ry Lodis.v (the Dowager Empress and Queen 
Fi-«dfcriok of Geriiiuny and Prussie, and Princess Rovai of Great Britain and Irci.<»nd). B. !S40: 

> I 


•1 IS.'iS, Prince FredoricI< Williani Nicliolas Charles of i'rissia (affcsrwarda German Emperor find 
iiiu; 01 Prussia, who J. 1SS8) j and u. 1001, k aving issue — 

Princ.' I'r.Kpr.'U'-K Wiu.IAM Vi'TOR Albert (C' rman EmiiLTor an I Kinc: of Piin^ial. B. lSi9 ; sac. hi? 
fatliir l-'iS; in. l^ol. Pntip. ss AugiHta Victoiia of Sclil.5\vig-lIulstoin-Sondi.rb!irg-AugtfnL'Urg, uiid'c Wiii.UM ilE.NUY. B.loOi; m. ISSS, his cousin, Triuci'ss Irene of Hosse, V.A., i-ud lias 

rriiic- ^-Victoria Kuzaheth Acgcst.v CUARLoriK, V.A.. C.I. B. iS>iO : m. 187S, Benianl, Henditary 

I'liri r;^- of Sax.'.- Mi iaina-^u, G.CJ5., and has issue. 
T'riiK^ ?- l'pi:PFiiT?cji Wir.HEi,>iiXA Amelia Victo»j\, V.A. B. ISfiO: t\i. ISfio, H.S.II. Adolphe ol 

S'-i:'.uii,iiuru'-l.ippc, G.C.B. 
PniT-. -< sopinADoKOTHUA CLr.iKA Alice, V.A. B. 1S70 ; in. 1S09, t!io King of tiw ilellcnes, tt.C.B., and 

rrii.'- A' AUGARET Beatrice FEoroi; A. B. 1S72; m. lo93, Princ-^ Frederick Chari.s of H sse, and liaa 
■ i=«.u.;. 
ll.R.H. the hite Princes.s Aliok. B. 1843 ; rn, 1862, H.R.H. Fredenek \Villi:iiii J^onis, (Jr&nd Duke 
of ilc-=se, vlio died 1892: and d. 1878, leaving issue — 

rrinoe F.RNEST rori< Chari-fs Albert Vs'illia.m, Grand Duke of Ift.-se. B. l-^tiS; sue. 1>9.:; in. 
1504, Victoria Mt.lira of .S;:\-.;-L'oburg-Goiha ; m. Hud, 1903, El;a:ior J:;i;;>.uiie Mario, oi S liin^- 
JfciK-riJolM-.s-LicIi, a!id l:;is issiie. 
y-ri!l^~^ Vl-tokia Alberta I'LizArETH JUtilda .MiKY. B. los63 ; m. IS.Sl, II.S.H. I'rinci? Lou;s of 

}iaci,. iii'cr;;, G.C.B., K.N., and lias issue. 
I'-ine 53 EUZABETH Ai.EXAN-!)KA LriSE ALICE, V.A. B. 1S64 ; m. 1 SSI, the Grand Duke Ser^o of 

i<u--ia, G.C.B. , ^^•!lo wa^ a-^'assiiiatcd 1905. 
FrinceSi T.ii.sK MARir. Lci-E Anna. B. ISoO; r.!. 1SS8, Frinco IIerlr^• of rru-sia. 
Princ-=s ALix Victoria Alke Hele>;a Lcise Be.atri:: (Alexandra Ieodorovna), V.A. B. 1572 ; 
ID. l^vt, H.l.M. >itliOlai II. Linperor of all tiie Bussiaa, X.G., Hon. Adiuira! of llie Fleet, ISOb, i.nd 
has isiuc. 
}f.P>.K. Hklexa AtususTA Vicrop.iA, Princess of the United Kingdom, V.A., C.I., R.R.C. B. 
<t4r.; rn. ISoG. H.R.H. Prince Frederick Chri,tip.ii Caorle^ Aasa^iiis of SHile=wig-Holslei:i. K.G,, 
i'(\,'G.C.V.O., who d. 28 Oct. 1917. Residence— Sjhomberg Hou.^e, Pall ^lall, S.W.I. Has had 


The lnt5 Prineo Ckristiax Victor Albert Ludwio Ernvst Akton, G.C.B., G.C.^'.0., D.S.O. ; cnpt. and 
l.r\a-niaj. k'iiis's lioyal KiUo Corps; d. at Fretoiia of fever contrncted on s.rvice in tlic Suiitii 
Alriea;i var, 1900. , ,. ^ 

Prinr.? alpert John Charles Frederick Alfhed Geokoe. capt. in Prussian Hussars of the Gunrd. 

B. 1>-C9. 
!':ln^- ;h VKroRiA Marie houisr Sophia .A-CGCsta Amelia Helexa [ P.inccss HelenaVic oriai \ .A., 

< I., i: i;.C.. and has Order of Mercy. B. 1S70. 
i'r.:- « tuAszt-^KA .TosKPUA I.oni.sE Auor.«!TE Mahie Chki.stiana lli:r ena; II. ! 1. P inccss Marie Loiii-ol 
\ A. (M n. I^IJ.- ii>l?31, H.H. Prince Aribort of Anhalt, G.C.B. (m. dissolved IGJO). 
1 ' I'll. ), Ti-^-.: f'AT.'M.iNE ALBEr.TA. Pfinccss of tho United Kingdom, Duclies? of ArtryU, V..\., O.I., 
I'. KC. I!. JKIS; tn. 1.S71. tii.> .^h\^ql^i.s of Lome, K.T., G.C.M.G., oldest .son of tho l^t Duice of 
Af.-v.:i. v.Sio .cue. hU father 1900. 

ii.lMl. I5!:.ATiuci: .^IA^.Y Vicioria Feodore, Princess of the United Kinijdom, V.A., C.I., R.H.C., 
(i«.v.-n:or (.1 th- Ulc of Widu, LL.D. (GlasL'Ow Univ.). B. 13;57 ; in. 1SS5, Prince Henry ?.l,r;rico 
uf l!;iitoiih<<rf7, K.G., P.O., who d. of fever contracted during Aslianti p]xpod. 1896. Residence.s— 
(."-ii-.r.MC Cottage, Isle of Wight; Kensington Pfdoce. Issue — 

Loin Lkhpold ARinrR LOVi<; ^rotr.\TRATTE.V, K.C.V.O. (<,■...). 

Priacess Victoria Ecgexie Jfua Ksa, Queen Victoria Luuenic oi Sjiain (U.K. IT. bv ]{oval cominaml, 3 April, 
irOOi. B. 1S?7. ni. 190G, H.M. Kine Alfun^o Xlif of Sii.nin, K.G.. G.C.V.O., General in tb.e 
British Army, Col.-in-Cl.icf 16th Lancers. Hasi.-suc. 

H.R.H. Erxest Augustus William Abolphus Gkorge Fbederick. Dtkl- of CuMBEnL-ANi> and 
Ti:\ lOrnALE, Duke of Brunswick-Liineburg, o. s. of George Fredcricli Alexander Charles Augustii.^, 
Jlinp of Hanover, and Princess Alexandrina Maria (d. Ki07), dau. of Joseph, the Reigning Duke of 
Sftxe-Altenburg. B. 21 Sept. 1845; m. 1878, H.R.H. Princess ThjTa iiineHe Caroline "Charlovte 
Anno, dau. of Cliristian IX of D-^nmark ; sue. his fatlicr in the dukedom 1878; col. of tho i~nd 
Austrian Infantry Regiment. Residences — Gmunden, Au.stria ; Pending, near Vienna. 

1. U.K. II. Prince Krxest Acr.usrr?, Duke of Brunswick. B. 17 Nov. 18S7 ; ui. 1913, Princess Victoria 

J.oui-e, dau. of tl;e German Linpcror. 
Oth.r is.ue— 

ILR.JL Princess Mary Lottisa. B. 1379 ; m. 190n, Prince Maximilian oi Baden. 
ILK.Ji. Prine. ?s Ali;xan-i>ua Lori^E. Born l-^>:2 : mar. 1904. Grand Duke of .Meeklenburg-Schwerin. 
U.R.U. Pr;noe« Ol^a APKLAiuh. B. I:i84. 

H.K.H. Fkedekica SoniiA, Princess of the United Kingdom. B. IdlS ; in. 1S30, Baron von Pawel 
Kamniinsen, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., V.D. 



Co' oi- Arms. Londok. 

SiK At-fkkd Scott Scott-Gatty, K.C.V.O. (Oarler). 
Wtixia.m Kkxry "nVeldon, C.V.O., F.S A. [Clarincciix) 
HKNiJi' Fauxkam, 1'.};., G.'N'.O., F.S.A. {Xorroy). 

Epwakd Bellasis (Lawc<7,<:^(7r). 

C'haples Haeoi.1) ATifiLi,, ?.[.V.O., F.S. A. (Richmond). 
"Wjluam Al]:xa?:dek Lind^.w, K.C, F.S.A. (Windsor). 
GoKDON Ambrose D^ Lisle Lee (York). 
Etijp.abd Green, F.y.A. (Somerset). 
AiixnrR ^VILIJA3I Stei-mit Cocuraxe, M.V.O. (Chester). 

AEcniEAET) Gconc.r. Bro>i'.:riEi.r.' RU'Ssei.l (Rouge Croix). 
Gerat-u AVooi'S A\'or.EASTOX, ^I.V.O. {Bhiemantle). 
Algar Hexry Stafi-oku Howard (Roune Dragon). 
Krirn Wiixiam ^Iurray, F.S.A. (Portcullis). 

Cjiarees ITaroi-d A-ihill, '.I.V.O.. F.S.A. (I?egis!rar). 
GoaDO>: .t\:.iP.i;03n De Lisu: Lee (EarJ Mar3ha"s Secretary). 


Lyon Gi-izCE. Fdinbcrgh. 

Sm James .Kalfottr P.vri., CV. ., LL.LX, F.S.A. (Soot.) (Lyon). 


ANDREW Ross, S.S.C. (Rx^.-X 

Francis James Grant, W.S., F.S.A.. Scot. (Rothesay and L'lo'n Clerk). 

William .Macdonald, F.F.A.. F.S.A., Scot. (Albany). 


Cart. George Srr\\TEi.i, C.ujrBELL Swin-tox, F.S.A., Scot. (.^larcn). 

JoKr HoRNE Stevenson. M.A., F.S.A. (Unicorn). 

Sir Axex.ander DrND.\s CiMrEELr,, Bt., C.V.O. (Carrick). 


Office of Arms, Dublin Castle. 

Capt.'Un Xe\tlle Rod\vet,l Wilkinson, C.V.O. , F.S.A. (Ulster). 


George D.ames Burtcuaei.l, M.A.. LL.B., M. R.I.A. (Athlone and Registrar). 

Guix.L.^MOKE O'Gkady, M.A. (Dublin). 
Captain Rich.crd Alexander Lyonal Keith (Cor!.). 



.f.V.iJ., lieut. jst K.H.I-:. C. Fraiice, 27 Oct. 


AoviMSON, 2>iAVP.iCE, 2ncl lieut. PvOy. 
•ots. Fus., s. of Sir Harvev Aduinsoii, K. C.S.I. 
la.KC. 1 July, 1916. 

.•\r r--':Ki.EV, Hon. Hriii-KiisY James Ahden. 

: i.n Ho;Tr., s. of Charles, 2nd Baron Norton. 
; .Jui.e, 1917- 

A:-i;.vsE, Cai-t. H. R. A., Colds. Gds., who m. 
•II. Vi.-tOiia Bigge, dau. of Arthur, Ist Baron 
1 Jill, turd ham. iraijce, Xov. 1914. 

-\ .n:.v.-, C"a:'t. Graha:.:, Xortlild. Fus., s. of 

. I . A. .Xii'tv.-, and Liiuidsou of Sir Andrev.- 

'.x\i !>i. '■I L<ii;nav.-. France, 25-20 

.r,Koi:t;i.. >■• a 

\.nh lli2hlrs.,s. of 

Vn-'y.i. :):>\ l: 

. i-1-..nrL. 1 July. 

Aua:.. lJL\ii!, Flight j5ab.Lieut. K.X., 8. of 
."■r H. .'.ior.tauu Allan, C.V.O. France, U July, 

.vi.r..^.\i»Y, MicuajlL, 31. C, 2nd lieut. R.H.A., 8. 
of Cell. .Sir Edmund Allenby, K.C.B. 28 Julv, 

.•\i,lom,Chai-.le3 Cedeic GoiiDON, lieut. R.F.A., 
f. of .>ir Ciiurlcs Allom. France, 20 Oct. 1917. 

-\i.L50PP, A. V. G., Mids. R.X., s. of J.alo 
Hon. G. II. Allsopp and Ludy Mildred AU.sojip, 
tiiui i,ri.nJ:«..n of Henrv, 1st Baron Hiudiip. 
In H.M.^?. Aboukir, North bta, 22 Sept. 1914.* 

.\NL>rn;.sox, Jamks Skeltox, 2nd liout. 
K.U.K.C, s. of Sir Kenneth Anderson. France, 
10 Oct. 191ti. 

A.NUEp.sox, Kenxeth Axgus, Cadet R,X., b. 
of Sir Kenneth S. Anderson, K.C.3I.G. In 
il-.M-S. Uulwarlc, 20 Xov. 1914. 

.\ni>ersox, St.vfe-Scrg. W. Graham Mooee-, 
R.X., s. of Sir Robert Anderson, K.C.B. In 
H.M.S. Clan McXaughton, Feb. 1915. 

A.\nesu:y, Capt. Hon. A., lUth Hussars, e. 
'•i .\rihur. 11th \Lc. Valentia. France, 16 
Nov. lyii. 

-Vnneslev, FB.4.NCIS; (jth Earl. Xear Lisle, in 
ikirplane, 5 Xov. 1915. 

.\nso.k, Artiiwr, lieut. Gron. Gds., s. of Hon. 
Fr. ucrick .Aii.>on, and u'riiuiUon of Thorna>, 2i:d 
F.»rl of Lichtield. France, « Oct. 191.5. 

Anstice, J. S. R., lieut. Rov. Fu;=., s. of 
'■•1. Sir .-Vrthur Aiwticf, K.f li. D.irdauolks, 
-■ May. 1915 {•ho:^). 

AsTi'.OBCs, Edmlxd, liout. Grea. Gds., 8. of 
'"U; t.(M. Sir Edmund Antrobu.-s, 4th Bt. France, 
-•» Oct. iyi4. 

A'lr.uLv, A. !,., liout. Glouoestoshire Rcgt., 
<i. oi til- iatoS^ir Arthur. \pp(.-rly. France, 27 Aug, 


4th Br. In H.-M.S. Dcjtnce, naval action, Jut- 
land Bank, 31 May, 191G. 

i ArECTHXO'XT, KUGiJ H.VMILTOX, 2nd lievit. 

! Oiih Punjabis, I. a., s. of JohnArbuthnott, CLE., 

• and great-grandson of J ohn, 3th Vise. Arbuthnott, 
'' ?.Ie.«opotaniia, 2S Dec. 1915. 

• AnauTHXoTT, Joux, 2nd lieut. Grcu. Gds., s. 
I of the late H. C. Arbuthnoit, and great-grandson 
i of John, Sth Vise. Arbuthnott. France, 16 Aug. 

! Arjistroxo, G. C, 2nd lieut. Colds. Gd^., .«. of 
(Sir George Avnisirong, 2nd Bt. ol London. 
I France, 25 Jan. 1915. 

i A<?QUiTH, Raymond, lieut. Gron. Gd^ , s. of 
the Rt. Hon. H. H. Asquith, .M.F„ ■ France, 15 
, Sept. 1916. 

AsTEKY, ?dAJ. .AsTox Giffard, Dc'Viin R'-gt., 
s. of tiio hue y.i'.]. Spencer Ajtley, an'^ grandson 
, of Sir Francis A:5rlcv, 2nd Bt. I'ran- c. 1 Oct. 

Atkix, R. \V., lieut. R.F.A., 3. of Tlon. Mr, 
Justice Atkin. France, 14 Aug. 1917. 
! Bagot, Edward Lcke Hexrv, Inui. V\elsh 
i Otis., s. of Maj. Hon. \Valter Bagot, anc. grandson 
of Williani, 3rd Baron Bagot, France, 10 Sept. 
; 1910. 

Baieey, Ho.s-. Kerxaku, mids. R.X.,' e. 
ot Joseph, 2ud Baton Glanusk. In .11. -M.S. 
Defence, naval action, Jutland Bank, 31 May, 

B.^LEY. Hox. G. S., 2nd lieut. Gren. Gdo., 
£>. of Jo.seph, 2nd Baron Glanusk. France, ivJ 
JAug. 1915. 

' Baillie, Capt. Al-ax La Touche, 10th Camer- 
i onian.-i, s. of Sir Duncan Baillie, K.C.S.I. France, 
; 29 Oct. 1915. 

Baillie, D., lieut. 9th Gurkha Rifles, s. of 

, Sir Duncan Bailhe, K.C.S.I. France, 4 Xov. 1914. 

Baillie, Cai^t. E. H., 10th Scottidi Eillfs, £■. 

of Sir Duncan Bailhe, K.C.S.I. I rauce, 20 

Sept. 1915. 

Baillie, Sm G. G. S., 5tu Bt., 2nd lieut. 2nd 
I Dragoons. France, 7 Sept. 1914. 
I B.UBD, Capt. W. G, Beds Rcgt., s. of Sir 
'WUliam G. Baird, Sth Bt. of Saughion Hah. 
France, 6 X'ov. 1914. 

Bakee, Capt. Michael Granville Lloyd, 
(.doucestersliiro Yco., who ;a. Hon. Blanche 
\'oruev. dau. ot Henry, li^th Baron Willoughby 
de Broke. Egypt, 23 April, 1910. 

Ballard, Comr. C, R.X., who m. Violet, dau, 
f>f \'ioe-Acira. Sir Cecil Burncy, K.C.B. in 
H.M.S. Formkkibli, 1 Jan. Iul5. 

Ba-Vbuky, Capt. C. W., Coldj. Gds., s. of 
Sir Frederick Baubur\ , 1st Bt. iranee, iO 
Sept. 1914. 

Banner, Capx. W. H.\rmood-, S. Wal"9 
Bord., u. of Sir J. S. Harmood-Bauuer. France, 
i20 Aug= J 916. 


l?^^^!:^^^^. CAfT. O. W. K., ICthLniicersI.A., 
c of lote Gen. W. Prrmorir.ftu, (.'.lit , and cousin 
of Sir Ale.vandcr Burinfevman, Utli hi. France, 
3 Feb. 1915. 

Baeixc;, Lt.-Col. Hon. Gi: y, CuMsLreun? Gds.. 
M.P - ^- ^'^ AlHXAiKlc-r, -ttlj Baroji Ashbiaton. 
France. 15 .Sept. 1916. 

H.uissiEY, T. K,, iieut. Colds. Ods., s. cf Ccl. 
Sir John J3arn?loy. frfince, 31 July, I'JlT. 

B.v:ui. M-.J. Hknry Keixii, Indian Cav., s. of 
Lt. Col. Sir David BaiT, K.C.S.l. 25 Oct. 19 10. 

B*nK, j^. T., licut. 3rd liussars, .s. of Sii- Jumes 
Bair. BrigiuiTi, 23 J'eb. 1916. 

AsTivEAD-BArvXi-rir, C.vpt. Fraxcis G:-Oi'.c.i: 
Co:aNr;s3V, Beds Kegt., a, of the lato Sir Ellis 
Ashinoad-Bartlett, M.P. France, U Xov. 191G. 

B.vHTLtY, Capt. S. C, R.A., s. of the- lo.te Sir 
Ueorgo Bartiey, K.C.B. France, 12 March, 191G. 

B.urrr£X.uT, N. K. VV., lls.ul.-corn:. R.X., 
s. of Sir WixlKv Bortielot, 2n..l V>f. In H.M.h;. 
Liberty. Feiigoland Bight, 28 Aug. 1914. 

Bates, Capt. S. G., 7th ilu.^stirs, Adj. North 
Sonifr.-et Yeo., s. of G.T. Bates, and crandson of 
Sir Edward Bates. 1st Bt. France, Muy, 19 1.5. 

BrA'JCHAMi-, E. A., lic-iil. Colds. Gds., s. of 
Sir !--<i-.vnrd Bcr.Mchaiiip, L-t Bt. France, 21 
Dec. 1914., Col. Sip. lIop.\rE Geop.gk Froc- 
TOi:-, Gth Bt., Norfoilc Kegt., Dardrinrlles, 
J.2 Aug. 1915. 

Beauchaiip, M. B. G. Phoctob-, 2nd Iieut. 
Norfolk r..jgt., s. of Rev. Sir Monmcu Proctor- 
Beauchamp, 7th Bt. Dardmclies, 12 Aug. 1910. 

Beevor, V. S., s. of Balpii Beevor, and srard- 
son of Sir 1 homos Beevor, 4th Bt. 1917. 

Beli-ew, :Si:aj. Wxr.LTAM GrvATTAX-, R.F.C., 
s. of Sir Henry G rattan- Bellew,. 3rd Bt. I'rance, 
24 March, 1917. 

Bellixghaji, Capt. R. C. N.. R.F.A., s. of 
Sir Hcnrv Bcllingliani, 4'h Bt. France, 4 
March, 1915. 

Bexsox, Lt.-Coi,. Eric William, K.R.R.C. s. 
of Sir Frtink Benson. Franco, 15 Sept. 191G. 

Benton, R. M., 2nd liout. Sikhs, .?. of Sir John 
Benton, K.C.I.F. ilosoiiotannia, 7 June, 1910. 

Bernard, Robert, Iieut. Roy. Dub. Fus., .■^. of 
The IMost Rev. John ITenry Bf'rnard, Lord 
Archbishop of Dviblui. DarfianclJcs. 2t.i April, 

Bektie, flAPT. Clavd Pkrecrine. R.F.A. and 
R.F.C., 3. of Lt.-Coi. Hon. George Bertie, and 
grandson of ?Iontaeu, 0th Earl of Abingdon. 
France, 19 :\Iarch, 1917. 

Bertie, N.M. K., 2nd Iieut. K.R.R.C. s. of Rev 
the Hon. Allieric Bertie, and arandson of .Montami, 
6th Eurl of Abintrdon. Belgium, S .May. 191.'>; 

Bethell, Lieut. M wrice John, R.X., s. 
of Vice-Adni. Hon. Sir Alexander Bethell, 
K.C.3LG. In H.M.S. Na^tor, naval action, 
Jutland Bank, 31 Mr.y, 191(3. 

BiGGE, Capt. Hon. J. N., K.R.ii.C., s. of 
Arthur, ist Baron Staaifor'Hiain. France, 15 
May, 191.5. 

Bingham, D. C, liout. Cold.^. Gd.s., s. <A Maj.- 
Gen. Hon. C. E. Bii._-]iarn. V.V.O.. C.B.. aiiti 
prandsou of Georce, 4il! Fail of Luc. in. Kranoe, 
15 Sept. 1914. 

BntKiN, Thomas P^icnARD Citetwy-vd, 2nd 
Heut. 7th Draeoon Gds. and K.F.C., s. of Stanley 
Birkin. and grandjou of Sir Thomas Birkin, 1st 
Bt. France, 12 Jmie, 1917. ' 

BiRT, Capt. L. H.. D.S.O., Roy. Berks Re^jl., .s. 
of late Sir \\ illii-in liirt. France, 5 Jan. 1915. 

Blackwouh, I.okj), Bastl, 2nd iieut. Gn n. Gds.. 
a. of Frederick, Isi Maro. of l)\uiorin. Franco, 
'■■ July, 1917. 

Blair, Alihter Htjxter-, licut. Caniovon 
Hiddii., ^. of :v;aj. R. S. Huufer-1', and 
C-.iand.ion of Sir E.ixMird liuntcr-Blair, 4th ill. 
France, 9 iMay, 1915. 

Blane, Sir Ch.ajiles Rodney, R.N., 
4Tn iiT. In H.M.S. Queen Mary, naval action, 
Jutland Bank. 31 Ma}% 191G. 

Blase, Capt. Hvgu Seymour, Indian Army, 
.^. of late Cant. A. R. Blane, R.N., and crandson 
of Lt.-Col. Sir H. S. Blane, 2nd Bt. France, 1 
Nov. 1U14. 

Blank. Capt. Jaijes Pitcaikx, K.R.R.C, 
irrandson of Sir H. h. Blane. 2nd Bt. France, 
23 Nov. 1915. 

Bligk, Lievt. E. H. S.. R.N.V.R., s. of late 
Rev. the H.m. H':nry Bli;:n, and c'.-ai-d-on of 
Edward. 5th Euil of iJainlev. Dardanclleii, 
k> S^.pt. 1915. 

R.Liti.s, I\1aj. Charles, CLE., l.«t Guvkha 
Rilie.~. .s. of Sir Hcnrv William Blips, K.C.l.E. 
France. 22 Dec. 1914.' 

Blois. Lt.-Col. Dudley George, D.S.O., 
R.F.A., p. of Sir .lohn Blois, 8i h Bt. France. 14 
July, Hdti. 

Blomiteld, Capt. C. G. M., Roy. Warwieksliire 
Rest., 9. of Rear-.Adm. Sir Ricliard Blomfield. 
K.C.M.G. France, 9 June, 1915. 

Blomfield, Comr. T. C A., ILN., .s. of Sir 
Thomas Blomfield, -lih Bt. Persian Gulf, 14 
.AuK. 1915. 

BoErBY, Capt. E. M. Crawley-, Roy. Su.sse.x 
Rctrt., R. of Sir Thomas Hvde CraMloN'-Boevev, 
5th Bt. France, 24 Dec. '1914. 

BoKVEY, Capt. T. R,. Crawley-. Gloucestershire 
Regt., s. of Sir Thomas Crawley-Boevey, 5th Bt. 
France, 29 Aug. Htltj. 

Bolton, Cait. Frederic William. Queen 
Victoria's Rifles, s. of Sir Frederic Bolton. IS 
.lune, 1916. 

BoNsr.R, Capt. W. J., Rifle Brig., s. of late Hon. 
Sir J. W. Bonser. France, 25 Sept. 1915. 

BoRROWES. Kildare Henry, niids. R.N., s. of 
Eustace Jiorro-.ves, and grandson of Maj. Sir 
Erasmus Borrower, Bt. In H.M.S. Owoi 
Mnnj. naval action. Jutland Bank, 31 .May, 191 li. 

BoRRowES, Walter, licut. R.N., s. of Maj. Sir 
Erasmu.q Borrowes, 9th Bt. In submarine, 
Jan. 1915. 

Bo3ANQUE'i, ^L\j. Graham Bromhead, GIju 
c^stcr-bire Rtgt., s. of -Adm. Sir Dav Bosaiiqu:t, 
G.CM.G., G.C. V.O., K.C.B. France," 1 July, 1916. 

BoscAWEN, Hon. V. D., Iieut. Colds. Gds.. .s. 
of Evelyn, 7th Vise. Falmouth. France, 29 Get. 

BoswELL. Capt. Sir Gcokge Reginald 
HouSTOUN-, 4tu Bt., Gren. Gds. France 27 
Sept. 1915. 

BouRKE, N. W. H. Lecge-, Iieut. Colds. Gds., 
8. of Col. tlio Hon. Sir Henry C Loizee, K.C.V.O., 
and grandson of AVilliam," 5th Earl of Dart- 
mouth. France, 30 Oct. 1914. 

BouvERLE, Jacob Pleydell-, Iieut. K.R.R.C, 
3. of lato Jlon. Duncombe Pleydpll-Bouverie, 
anti prunds'in of .Jacob, 4th Earl of 
France, 1 Nov. 1915. 

Bower. Cilvrles Cecil Nott-, 2nd Iieut. 2nd 
GiM-khu Kiiles. .s. of Sir William Nou-P.ovver. 
France. 10 .May, 1915. 

BoWLBY, Capt. G. V. S.. Roy. Horse Gds., 
who m. the Hon. L<»tticf .Annesli^y, dau. of 
Arthur, liih \aleutia. France, i:> Mav, 


Boyle, Capt. Hcn. Limi:.-), Roy. Scots Fu.s., s. 
of David, 7th Karl of C.lasgov. France, IS Uct. 


i'.iiAiiA7.o.v. Hon. E. \V. M.. D..S.O.. capt. 
' !- (•.<]■<., .*. of jieginal.J, IL'Ui Earl of Mcath, 
i'. Fnince, Jur.e, 1915. 


n.A.M.C, 4th 

untoTi, 1st Bt. 

;:'..\HO\-RXE. Vv'yxd}iam, :Iui. oatio: 
It. tkls. France, l) I^Farch, 191.5. 


iin.»J>FORU, Lt.-CoL. SiB Evr.T.Yi^, 2nd Bt. j 
r<M!'.>rtli Hk-iiir.-.. Fiiuice. 14 .So})t. 11)14. | 

Hr..».DLEY, Cy-R-ih MoNTAC.rE, lieut. Ti.F.A., I 
n. of Sir Montague Bradley. France, 2 April, | 

Hn.AriSHAM-, Cai'T. A. E., Indian Ar:nv, s. ] 
■ .I Sure..:\Iftj.-Geii. Sir. A F. Bradsbaw, K.C.B. ': 
!rr;.,c.\ l.T Oct. 1014. j 

f'.K.vssnv, Lt.-C'oi.. H. E.. Roji-a! Horse Gds., j 
'.ho la. ].iiKly Xorah Holy Ifvitchiiipon, dau. of [ 
' !i!i. .Tth Enrl of Donougliinor-.\ France, iJiily. i 

i'HtPG.»;M.\x, Coy-R. Ho.v. Richard Okt-axdo, 1 
i:..V.. D.S.O., s. of Gt-or<e, ]&t Ear! of Bradford. 
i:.'-f Africa, 9 Jan. I9L7. j 

HaiDC.Es, BRiG.-GE^i. Sir \V. T.. K.C.B., 
l-.M.C, 3. 0! late Cftpt. \V. W. S. Bridges, R.N. 
Dar.iuncllo.s, 19 May, 1915. | 

l'<i!Trjirr, Frantc Arxold, 2nd lieut. 7lh Shor- ' 
\ ■■»'•', l-'oro-tors. s. of ISir .Joseph Bright. France, j 

):i Oct. Hi).'-. ^ I 

Brivd, C.^pt. R. N., 37th Doeras, LA., s. of j 
tt: • !n5e Gen. Sir James Brind, G.C.B. I'srsian i 
• •nif, 13-14 Jan. 1016. 

ni:orKi.i;riAN-K, Oapt. Tho.mas Geoffrey, 
It I'.\., .<. 1.1 ir^ri.ld, and grandson 
■■' -: 11 . u.i>, '2nd Bt. France, 

.. M \i. rrTiini:c.T, \''.C., Lanes Fu3.. s. 
-r I. l.n 1 ;ru:, ,i,'y. C.B. France, 14 

. '14. 

r.'.i'-!! !.^•. H. -A., li- lit. Briti.-<h Columbian 
(:• i...~...iSir H.!.-v. otli Bt., of .Stoke. 
I- ;. :t;ni. L'i April, I'Jl.j; 

i'.ii'iOKE. Georgk, lieut. Tri.-h Gds., 3. of Sir 
<;v'r.-o Brooke, 1st Bt. of iSuniinerton. France. 
7 iki. 1014. 

IW'.i'iiKi.. Cai'T. Henry I'irtan. -nd Gordon 
ll:.-!.i..Ma.T.-:. s. of Cap.. H. \'. Brooke, utai 
i'i..ti.;~on of 6ir Arthur Bjooke, -mlJ3t.,uf Cole- 
l.rcuk. I-rance, 24 July, I91(i. 

l'.iv>OKi-., C.WT. J. A. O., V.C., 2nd Gordon 
Hi.;h!r3., .-.i_it Capt. H. V.Brooke, and grandson 
uf Sir .Vnhiir Brooke, 2nd Bt., of Colobrook. 
Eranco, 29 Got. 1915. 

BnowN, J. C. D., 2nd lieut. Durham L.I., 3. 
of Sir Frank Brown. France, 29 April, 1915. 

Brown. Capt. W. K., 5th Gurkha Rifle.sF.F., 
v>lio m. Mabel, dau. of late Gen. Lord AVilliani 
Si yniour, K.C.V.O., and niece of Francis, 5th 
-Marq. of Hertford. Dardanelles, 4 June, 1915, 

- Browne, Hon. M. H. D., lieut. Colds. Gds.. 
n. of Valentine, 5tli Ea:l of Kenmare. Near 
Loo.s, 29 Sept. 1915. 

^ Bruce. G. B.. .Alids. U.N.. .s. of :Maj. Percy 
i>rine, niui craiid.son of Sir H. J. L. Bruce, 4th 
Bt. of Downhill. In H.M.S. Momnoui/,. Corunel, 
I Xov. 1914. 

BiircE, Cavt. l\os. U. L., Roy. Scots, s. of 
Henrv, 2nd Baron .\b-rdare. France, 14 T)ec. 
1914.' - 

Bruce, J,4mes Ernest John Brudnell. lieut. 
Y-o., s. ot liio laid Oornr. Lord Robert Brudnell 
liniee, R.X., and grand.son of Ernest, 3rd Marq. of 
Ailesbury. Franco, 11 April, 1917. 

Bbice, Capt. Hon. R.. AIaster of Burleigh, 
Av..vll and Sufheriand Ilii'Iilr.-i., s. of Alexander, 
'•;ii iiaroii Bali'.ur of-Buriiiiih. Franco, 2S Axug. 

7th Ro%'. WcU 
Bt. of Mav.-dd", 

BncNToN, Lieut. E 
Gron. Gd-.. «. of Sir L.u;.]. 
Franco, 8 (.>ci. 1915. 

Buckley. E. ^L, 2nd Ik- 
Fus.. s. of Sir E. Buckley, 
Dardanelles, 10 Aug. 1915. 

BvLKELEY, Capt. T. H. R., C.M.G.. i:).S.O,, 
Scots Gds., who m, Evelvn, tluu. of Capt. Sir 
H. C. Pclly, 3rd Bt. France. 22 Oct. 1914. 

Buller, Lt.-Co£. Cecil, D.S.O., Rifle Brie-., 
comdg. Canadian L.I., s. uf the late Adm. Sir 
Alexander Buller, G.C.B. Belgium. 3 June, 191 o. 

Bunbt;-ry', Capt. GoDrr.iUY Hugh St. Piep.kk, 
I. A., s. of Lt.-Col. William Bunbury. uiid ;j,i\\.t. 
grandion of Lt.-Gen. Sir Henrv Bunbury, K.C.B., 
7th Bt. 1 Feb. 1917. 

Buxnt-RY, Patrick Stanney" St. Pierre, 2nd 
lieut. Suffolk Regt., s. of .>taj.-Gon. Sir Herbert 
Bunbury, K.C.B. France, 19 Dec. 191t;. 

BuNBUp.Y', Wilfrid Jo.septi, lieut. Xorthld. 
Fus., s. of Lady Hariot Bunbury, and grandson 
of Laurence, 1st f arl of Zetland.' 15 April, 1917. 

BuEDETT, Capt. Ed'^'ard Jerome, Indian 
Army, a. of the late Rev. AV. J. Bnrdett. and 
grandson of Sir Charles Burdett, 6th Bfc. France, 
25 Juno, 1915. 

• Burdett, Capt. II. G., Westminster Dragoons* 
9. of Sir Henry Burdett, K.C.B, 3 :March, 1916- 

Burn. A. II. R., 2nd lieut. 1st Dragoon?;, s" 
of Col. C. R. Burn, A.D.C., M.P., and IL-n. ?J.-.-<. 
Rosdew Burn, and grandson of Alexander, 1st 
P.aron Leith of Fyvio. France, 30 Oct. 1914. 

Burrows, L. R., 2nd lieut. 9tli Northkl Fns.,s. 
of the Rt. Rev. L. IT. Burrouf;, D.D., Lord 
of Sheffield. Flanders, 2 Oct. 1915. 

BuTi.ER.HoN. BrianDanveks, lieuv. K.R.R.C., 
3. of John, 6th Earl of Lauesborongh. France. 
Aug. 1916. 

Butte JiwoRTH, George Sainton Kaye. Hout. 
Durham L.I., s. of Sir Ali''>:ander Kaye Butttrr- 
worth. France, 4 Aug. 1910. 

Bu?:ton, Hon. Denis, 2nd lieut. Colds. Gd.?., 
s. of Vi:5c. Buxton. France, 9 Oct. 1917. 

Buxton, Hugh Forst,':k, lieut. RiOe Brig. ; 
s. of the late Francis I.Uivton, and gi-and:;on oi 
Sir Edward Bu.\ton, 2nd Bt. Franco, 3 No\-. 

Buxton, .Iocely'n :\TrRR.v\' Victor, 2nd lieut. 
Rifle Brigade, s. of Sir Victor Buxton, 4th "i:>t. 
France, 1 July, 1910. 

Bys-g. Francis Dacres, lieut. Rifle Brig., s. of 
the Hon. Sydney Byng, and grands^on of Ct-orge, 
6th Vise. Torringio'n. ' France, 3 Sept. 1910. 

Cadooan, Maj. Hon. W. G. S., M.V.O., 
comdg. 10th Hussars, s. of George, 5th Earl 
Cadogan. France. 14 Nov. 1914. 

Cameron, E. A., lieut. R.F.A... s. of IMaj. Sir 
]\Iaurice Cameron. Flanders, 10 Dec. 191.5. 

Cameron, Francis Blake, lieut. Cameron 
Higlilr.s., s. of Sir Edward Cameron. France, 
19 Aug. 1916. 

Cameron, Capt. \V. H. V., 
Sir Ewan Cameron, K.C.-M.G. 

H.L.I. , .^. of late 
France, 20 l.)ec. 

tTii Bt. of New 
Highlrs. France, 

Cami'Blll, Sir Archibald, 
Brunswick, lieut. Cameron 
10 May, 1916. 

C.\MPBi.LL, A. W. G.. lieut 
m. Luiy -Moya Browne, dai 
0th .Marq. of Shgo. France, 

Campbei-i., Donald, lieut. Colda. Gdg., a. of 
the hit.^ Capt. Hon. John Campbell. D.S.O., and 
grand^-on ai Hallyburton, 3rd Baron Stralheden 
e.nd ("air.pbell. France. 19 July, 1916. 

Colds. Gds., who 
. c'f Cleorge IHick 
20 Sept." 1914. 



• ■am?bj;lt„ Ivah, 2nd lieut. A. & 8. Highlrs., 
• . oi' (he l.-ile T,ord Georiie Campb-;11, and a:randson 
of VcoTZff, 8th Duko of Argyll. Mesopotamia, 
6-A Jnn. U>1G. 

Campbell. Capt. Hov. John Bkresford, 
D.S.O., CoiJ:'. Od^.. s. of HaUj'biirtnn, 3-d Baron 
S'.raihrd-:-!; and Campbc!!. Fraiicc, 25 Jan. 
1915. ; 

C.^MPBKLL, Maj. W. R., D.S.O.. 14ai Hussara, ' 
e. of Sir Charles K. Cr-mpbell, 11 th lit. of Auchin- 
breck. France, 13 ^lay, 1915. ; 

CArrER, Maj. -Gen. Sir Tiio.mvsox, K.C.M.G., 
C.ii., D.S.O., conidg. 7th Div. Franco, 27 SVpt. 

CAPiDEK, Lt.-Coi.. D. a., Seafortl) Hitrhh-b., s. 
of Sir John Craven Carden, -1th Bt. of ]"frnple- 
more. Belgium, 25 May, 11' 15. 

Cardex, Maj. II. C, D.S.O., Devon Rest., s. 
of Sir J. C. Card .'II, 4th Rt. of Tonipkuiore. 
Fr;>;K-e, -26 Sept, 1915. 

Cakdex. Lt.-Coi,. Ronald, IVtis Lp-.h: t<, s. of 
Lt.-Col. Sir F. W. Cardpn, 2r.d Bt. of Moie.^ov. 
France, 10 July, J91G. 

CvKULE, Edwahu Iveith, liput. An.^tralian 
F r-es, s. of Sir I'dward Carli'e. Fir.nce, :2^ Fob. 

Carmchael, a. D. G., sub-lieut. R.X., s. of 
John Gib^oii-Carmichaol, and grandson of Rev. 
Sir rtiilir.m Gibson-Carmichaeii 10th Bt., in a 
eubmarino. Jiily, 191 G. 

Cabnduff. Capt. K. :McL., R.E., s. of the 
late Sir H. Coimdiirf, C.I.F. Franf-e. 12 Jan. 1 9ir,. 

Cap-Negie, David Alex.axdee, 2nd lieut. 
R.F.A., s. of Lt..Co). Hon. Do'.idas Carnegie, and 
grandscn of Georce, 9th FJarl of Xorthesk. 
France, 2 April, 1917. 

C.iEKiN-OTON, E. W., Capt. R.A.M.C. attchd. 
2nd "Worcester Regt., s. of late Sir J. V.'. Carring- 
ton, C.M.G. France, 25-20 Sept. 191.5. 

C.\KPEXTEP., Victor Cu.akles Doiglas Boyu, 
lieut. R.E., s. of The Rt. Rev. William Boyd 
Carpenter, D.D., K.C.V.O. France, 29 Aug. 1916. 

Cart, Lt-Comk. Ho?*". By.pon Pl.a.ntagenet, 
R.N.. s. of Byron, 12th Vise. Falkland. At sea, 
\fi Sopt. 1917. 

CatjICart, Capt. A. E., K.R.R.C.. ?. of late 
Col. Hon. A. il. Cathcart, and crand&on of Cliarles, • 
2nd Earl Cathcart. Franco, 14 Sept. 1914. 

Cavb, W. H. C, lieut. Dorset Reet., a. of 
C. H. Cave, and prand^on cf Sir Charle? Cave, l&t 
Bt. Ypres, 15 .March. 1915. 

Cavendish, Maj. Lord John, D.s.O., 1st 
LifeGd3.,s. of William. 7th Duke of Dovoushiro. , 
France, 20 Oct. 1914. I 

Cawley, Capt. ITarolp Thomas. !Man- 
choster Resit., M.F. for He\-Avood Div. of Ltiiica- 
shire, s. of .Sir Frederick CaCvlev, lit Bt. Dardan- ' 
elles, 24 Sept. 1915. " ' 

Cawley, Maj. J. S.. 2'ith Hu>-ar?. i~. of Sir 
■Frederick Cawley. l?t Bt., M.P. Franco. 3 Sept. 

C.\Y';.EY, F. D. E., 2nd lieut. K.R.R.C, s. of 
Sir Everard Cayley, 9th Bt. Franco. 29 .-i^cpt. 1 'Jl 5. ; 

Cecil, Capt. Hon. W illiam Amherst. Gtvn. : 
Gdv., ~. of Lord William •■.•..■li, C.V.O., s. of 
William, 3rd Marq. of Exeter, an«.t .Mary. Barones.'i • 
Amherst, of Hackney. France. Itj Sept. 1914. 

CrciL, B. E. Gascoyne. 2nd lieut. Gron. Gds., . 
s. of Lord Edward Cecil, K.C. ?!.!.<;., D.S.O., and 
grandson of Robert, 3rd Marq. 01 Snliaburv. t 
France, 1 .'^ept. 1914. ; 

Cecil, R. E. Gascoyne-. liont. r.ed:^ Rept.,, 
s. of Rt. Rev. Lord William GiisoOMie-Cecil. 
D.D., Di-hop or Exeter, and ^'rands-.m .1 Kobert, 
3rd Marq. of S^alisl)ury. France. 11 July. 1915. 

Cecil, -.loiix Francis James Joice y-, liout. 
Greii. Gcis...«. of Lord John .Toicxy-Cecil. and 
grandson of \Viliiarn, Grd MurquObS of Exeter. 
Franco, 25 Sept. 1916. 

CH.\.LjrER.s, Capt. Ralph, Rttftolk Rect.. «. of 
the Kt. Hon. Sir Robert Chalmers. G.C.B- 
Frauce, 10 Yir.y, 1915. 

i CH.\L5rERS, Robert, Heut. 15th London Rept., 
3. of the Rt. Hon. Sir Rob-rt Chalniers, G.C\B. 
France, 25 3Iay, 1915. 

CiiAMPSEVs, John Dalbymple, Ueiu. Leice.-. 
Re;_:t., s. of Sir Francis Charapneys, l.^t Bt: 
Frrnco. 22 Nov. 1915. 

Chapman, David Archibald Jajies, 2nd 
Liout. Scot.s Gdj^^., ^vho ni. Lillian, dc.u. of Sir 
Courtennv Wnmer, 1.?t Bt. Franf^e, 15 Sent. 

Ch.\kteris, Hon. Ivo Alan. 2nd li.-ut. G>'«n. 
Gd.--.. s. 01 Hu-o. Utb Earl of \\>::iv.-^.-. Fiance. 
17 Oct. 1915. 

Chevasse. Capt. Xoel Godfrey, V.C, M.C, 
R.A.r^r.C, s. of the Rt. Rev. F. J. Chevasse, D.D., 
Lord Bishop of Liveqjool. France, 3 Aug. 1917. 

Chichester, Hon. R. C. F.. ;Memb. of Serbian 
Relief Fund, f>. of Arthur, 3rd Baron Temple- 
more. Uskub, Serbia, 31 July, 1915. 

Chichester. Robert Charles, Jieut. R.X., s. 
of Si; Ed'Tard Chichester, 9th Bt. In H.M.S. 
Bhck Prince, naval action. Jutland Bank, 31 
May, 191C. 

Cholmeley, Sir IMontague, 4th Bt., capt. 
Gren. Gds. France, 24 Dec. 191'. 

Choimondkley, Capt. C. A. J., Border Recri., 
s. 01 !a;e Lord Hor.ry Cliolntondeloy, end grand- 
son of William, Sid >Iarque.-s of Cholmon/lelev. 
France. 28 Oct. 1914. 

Christison, F. J., lieut. Argyll and Sutherland 
Hiehlrs., 3. of Sir Alexander Christison, 2nd Bt. 
Flanders. 2 Dec. 1915. 

Cl.akk. Capt. R. Kerr-. Seafcrth Hi^rhh?., 
who lu. Lady Beatrice PonsoiJjy, dan. of Pon.son- 
by. 9th Earl <.f Dr.v-heda. France. 2G Sept. 1915. 

Clarke, B. L.. lieut. '23rd Cavalry, Indian 
Arinv, s. of late Lt.-Col. Sir Marshal Clarke, 
K.C.M.G. France, 19 April, 1915. 

Clarke. J. E. L., iieut. R.F.A., s. of Sir Edward 
Clarke, 4th Bt. of Cro-^ses Green Hou-se. Aisne. 
14 .-ep-r. 191 I. 

Claiike, W. J[., 2nd lieut. 3rd Worce.ster.-jhire 
Rect.. :^. of Sir Eduard Clarke. 4th Bt. of Crosses 
Green Hoit?e. Flanders, 12 March, 1915. 

Clerk. Francis Talbot, 2nd lieut. 
Cold.-5. Gd.>-.. ^. of_Sir William Clerk. Utli Bt. 
France, 2C> SoiJt. 1910. 

Clifford. Hugh Gilbert Francis, li-ut. 
Lines. Hoct., s. of Sir Huah Clilford, K.C.;\i.G. 
France, 1 Jnly, 1910. 

Clifford, Walter Francis JosErH, lieut. 
Irish Gds.. s. of Charles Clifford, and grandson 
of Sir Chnr!".^ Clifiord. 1st Bt., of Flaxbovirne. 
France, 27 Sci)!. 1915. 

Clive. Lord, lieut. Welsh Gd->., s. of Georj.;e 
4th Earl of Po«i.s. France, 13 Oct. 1910. 

CLn-E, Hon. Archer Windsor-, lieut. Colds. 
Gds., s. of Ivobcrt, Ifit Earl of Plvmouth. France. 
1 .Sept. 1914. 

Cloves, Lt.-<'ol. 11. A., Staifs Yeo.. v ho m. 
Loui.=a. dau. "f the lato Rear-Adm. Hon. A. C. 
Littleton, and frranddau. of Ed\v:'.rd. 2nd Bnron 
llath.-rton. E::\7)t. S iMarch, 191''. 

Coke. Hon. A. G.. liout. R.X.V.R., s. of 
Thomas. 3rd Earl of Leicester. Dardanelles, 
-May. 1915. 

Cole, Brig. -Gen. A. W. G. Lox^-ry-. C.B. 
D.S.O., who m. -Mrs Charles Thoroid, dau.-ip-law 
of Sir John Tiiorold, llth Bt. France, 10 .May, 

,,:... AND vaio HAVE l.o>t lu .js ix the vvaii 

to jrTON-, LoED Spexckr Douglas. 2iid lieut. Basest, Comb. Mrvxm-i., K.X., -. of the lai-^ 

:; ,v. Horse Gds.jS. of \\'i!lijm, oth I^iarquec-s of Sir John Koche Dasoiit, (.'.D. In H.^-'t.S. Hamp- 

;. '•:;..i!:»pi'»i:. Lel^iuni, J3Mr.}-, 1916. ••>/u><', 5 Juue, 1916. 

» •■ .SOI.ETOK, Hesp.y, 5rn Bai:on-, Ucut. Gron. D.vsiuvoOD, C.vpt. E. O., Oxford and Buc'cs 

..;,!-. jTiince, 10 ^ov. I'JU. i^.i.^ ^. oi Sir George J. E-erton iMshvvood. 6th 

<o«bET, Sir Rola:cd, 6th lis:., lieut. Colds. Bt. of Kijtiinecon. Fiance, 12 :.iay, 1915. 

. :.i.. France. 15 April, 1915. Dashwood. L. A., 2nd lieut. Oxford and Bud-t: 

COHBT.T, p.. V. C, licrt. Koy. Duo. 1 us., s. of j^ j _ , ^^^ sir Gcor-e J. ivjerton'.vood, Oth 

!:.,a. F. H. M. Corbet, and eratidion oi Sir Bt.oi Ivirtliiigton. 'Fiance, 15 May, I'Jlo. 

.A.'i.jrew Corbet, of Moretou Corbet, 2nd Bt 
l*.irdauell>=-s, 25 April, 1915. 

Dashwood, W. J., lieut. Gren. Gd3., s. of :Sir 
George J. Egercon Dash\yood, Gili Bt. of Kirt- 

CoKBETT, U.OS. Ab atTB, 8. of Archibald, ist Ijngton. France, 2 Aug. 191 
Bjiron Kc^Wiilian. France, 4 Dc«c. 1916. 

Davidso-, Col. W. L., C.B., R.A., who 
KRV, J . K. 11 i^owKV.. l;out. s. o T,,dv TLeodova Keopel, uau. of William. 

F. R. il. LowKV-, lieut. R.F.A., s. of 
• "■^^'- H.nry Lowp-Corry. and grandson of g^^,- ^^ A!be:T>nrle. -Rouen. 3 Aua. 1915 

Ar:r.!ir. .''•rd Et'rl Boiraore. France, 30 bep 
Co'-p.Ti3. Cait. J. 11., Oxford and Bucks L.I 

Davie. Lt.-Col. A. F. Fekccson-, C.I.E.. 
D.S.O., comds. 5ift Sikhs, s. of Sir Wiiliani 

1 John Co^^kC Mesopotamia. 23 ^v: ^rf'T^^^h ^■^■' "'"^ ^'^ ^^^^^P'^^^^'"^' 
" i 12 April. 1916. 

I i, well. ?>Iaj. a. V. J., Rifle Brig., s. of the Davit, H. G. Fergltsox-, lieut. Roy. 3Tarines, 
I •.•■" Mfti.-Gen. the Rt. ffon. .-iir J. C. CoucU, t<. of .Sir V.'illiara A. Ferguson-Davie, C.B„ 3rd 
K.C.B. France, 29 Jau. 191C. I Bt. Dard^vnelles, 1 May, 1915. 

Cou-ELL, IIaj. H. p. J., R.F.A., s. of In.te I Da vtes.'W. S. H. Kevlll-, temp, lieut. attache i 
Mnj..Geii. the Rt. Hon. Sir J. C. Cowell and of 9th Lancers, who m. Doroth\-, d.\u. of Ernc-t 
I_iJy Co-.vell. Dardanei'f.^, 9 Au2. 1915. Lncon, and zi-anddaushtcr of Sir Edmund Lacon, 

Co?:, Der e Percy, 2:id lieut. R.F.C., s. of 3rd Bt. Ypre^, 15 .May, 1915. 
Sir I'ercy Cox, G.C.LE. Fiance, Oct. 1917. D.^.vsoN, T. G., lieut. Roy. Horse Gds., s. of 

«'![Auoc!:, Rear-Adm. Sir Christopher, , late Sir M. K. Davson. Belgium, 13 ^lay, 1915. 

I'^v ' -^.L. -"•^- "-'^■•■'- ^^""^ ^""-P^- ^''"^"'^'•' Daw-v.av, .Maj. Hon-. Hroii.. D.S.O., 2nd Liic 
I .Nov. lyio. j Qjjg^^ g pf Hugh. Sth Vise. Dc\rn^. France, G 

C!'.A<,.:s. John .Tame3, 2nd lieut. K.R.R.C, s. : Nov. 1914. 

.luhn Cracca. -M.Y.O. France, 17 Feb. ; d^^.,o^-, capi. R. L., Cold?. Gds., s. of late 

I Capt. Hon. Richard Dawson, 92nu Hisrhlrs., and 
XI ;. Mit Ai:tiiiBALi.(..iB50N., 4Tif Bt., lieut. i grdnd:^on of Richard, 1st Earl of Dartrev. France, 
1. ir..,u,-. 14 .-..-,.1. 1914. '%Q xov. 1914. 


IV. >'iAj. EisTACE, l::th Lancers, who i 
•: I Jlii Finch, Uau. of Charles, Sth ■ 

ford. France, 2 Xov. 1914. , 

,. ,, ,. ,. ,^ c n • T, • I>E BLiQUiEBE, Suy-LiErT. Hon. .Axajk I 

\iso., .M.V.O., D._S.O.. nmj. Roy.,B_.._ ov__ ^_ „,- .viiiiani. Gth Baron Del 

. , ,.., ... , . . ,„ , ..,, , DE.^yr, T. A. D., 2nd lieut. R.M.L.T., s 

\i. !.;: I.ih; uau. oi Charles, Mh^;^ ^, ^j j^^^^^ Dardanelles. 3 Mav, 1915 
Avjesiord. I ranee, 2 Nov. 1914. 


, ... ,,T-ifi' ir - , Boyle, R.N., ?. of Williana. Gth Barou De 

Nuvriaii."'"" ^'"'^'=^' Blaquiere. Iv-R.^LH. LaurevCic. 25 Jaa. 1917. j 

Cr.irHTON-, Maj. Hubert, Irish Gds., s. of Col. I>e Blaql'iere, Hon. J., lieut. Scottish Rifles j 
n -A. Charles Cri'.-hton, and trrandion of Jolin. I 9- of William, Gth Baron De Blaquiere. I- ranee 
"-,1 Karl of Erne. France. 1 Sept. 191.1. ! 10 March. i9]5. 

'"iLnriiTON, Maj. Jony A-thce, Hants Rogt., : de Crespigxy, Capt. Claude Noriian Ch.vm- j 

9. of iiri..'..Gen. Hon. Sir Harry Crichton, K.C.B. pion. Queen's Bays, s. of Sir Claude Champion- j 

'■'■ Feb. 1017. de Cre.spigny, 4th Bt. France, 1 Sept. l9iv.. i 

Ci'.ossLEY, Bi:iAX, lieui:. H.L.I., s. of Sir W. ' De Freyxe, Arthur Rkgixald. oth B.»eo>-, ! 

.1. Crossley, Isi Bt. of Cdeufield. France, 17 capt. S. Wales Bord. France, 9 3Iay, 1916. ! 

" ■ * " "^^ j De Hochton, Maj. Vep.e, Lines Rcgt., s. of i 

Clbitt, Capt. Henry Abchib-Ald, Colds. Gds., Sir James De Hoehton, llth Bt. Fraxiee, 13 j 

J. of Hon. Henrv Cubitt, C.B., and grandson , Oct. 1915. " j 

of George. 1st Baron Ashcombe. France, 15 Sept. ; -^^^.^^^^ g„. ^^ E^^^,^^. Henry, 2nd Ueut | 

I Rifle Brig., s. of Comr. Hon. C. A. Denison, and j 
Cc.MMi.NX, Flag LT.-CoiiR. G. E., R.N. , who m. ' ^randion of Albert, 1st Earl of Londesbcrough. I 

T'tronel, dau. of Sii- Franci.s Layland-Barrait, ' France, 25 Sept. 1915. 1 

l»t Bt. In H.M.S. Good Hope. Coroncl. 1 Xov. ' _ -r ,- ,. r r a....,- ' 

).,14 ^ Dentox, Ma.j. George Clarke, Indian Army, I 

s. of Sir George Denton, K.C.M.Ci. Fiance, 9 1 

CuKLiFFE, Maj. .^ii'. F-jster, Gth Bt., Rifle C)ct I^^IO 
Brigade. France, 1 Julv, 1916. ' ' ' ^ „. .. ^. .-, . ,- i ^ ' 

. . ' j-jj.g YoEux, F. W.. lieut. Grc-n. CJds., s. ol late ; 

CuRRiE, Frederick I'.ivers, lieut. Shropshire L.I., \ Sir Wilhain Dos Voeux, G.C.^i.Ci. France, Sept. j 
». of R. G. Currie, .-vnd urnndson of Sir Frederick ■ 1914, ! 

Cunie. Lst Bt. Flanders, 8 Aug. 1915. { ^^^ ^oEux, H. C. 2ud lieat. Indian Army, i 

*''Rzo.v, Lt.-CoL. FiTZROY Edmuxd Pen'k, ' ri. of late Lt.-Cien. Sir Charles Hamilton Deb\ olux, 
lioy. Irish Regt., s. of ihe late Col. Hon. Emeri iv.C.B. Dardanelles, 11 June, 1910. 
IV.rzon. and grand-)n of Richard. 1st Earl Howe. ; -^^^ VoEcx C-PT. Sey^iour. Indium Armv, 
1- ranee, 9 Sept. I'jli.. '^ ^^ ^j.^^ j^^^ Lt.-Gen. Sir Chail.s HamUtoa Dca 

D.URVirrLE, J. R. Hamilto.s. lieut. K.O.S.B.. 1 ^'o'-'"'^. K-C.B. i Feb. 1917. 
?. 'f Sir Walter Hamihon-Dalrj-mple. Sth Bt. :, C.a-PT. I. D.. 5th Ca:i;eron Highlri., s. 
I'ML'iuin, 23 April, 191-". of Lord Dcwar. France. March, 1916. \ 

Dauer. Hom. George Se\'mour Dav.scx-, de Wlnton", W.. li-ut. Colds. Gds., s, of Maj. 
-'J lieut. IIujsar.s, s. of Lionel, Oth E.irl of I'crt- ; Walter de Winton. and grandfonof lateCcn. S.r 
;»thngtoa. 12 April, 1917. [ Frederick Mardhali.K.C. Jl.G. Murne, 6 Sept.i9i4. 


I'l-^K, f Ai'i. James ))or.~i.A.-4. H.X., s. of Sir 
Jisrr:< -; Dick, K.C.J3. H.M.S. i'uriyuard, 9 July, 

D.'i kiXso.N. Capt. V\. 8., iv'ieciis \Vestmin-tfr 

Riil.^, V. of .-if Julai Did. iii -■...".. Frr.'K-o, 2 Oct. 

Dixox. Ma J. CuvE, 15t!i Lancers, s. of late 
i-'ir Kjiy)to)i Jjixon. France, 5 Kov. 1911. 

DoBso , M.u. ;Monxague Charles, K.F.A., 
who m. J-'lorence, dau. of Sir Herbert Slolev, 
K.C.-^I.G. Fnince, 1015. 

Duiii-.-syN, David Scott, !i.-ut. R.G.A., s. ct 
late Gen. Sir D. S. Dodsson, K.C.B. irance, 
14 Xov. 1914. 

Douglas, B. F. Si-iolto, lieut. S. Staflnrdsliirs 
P.ugt., s. of J^ord Sholto Gcoree Douc l;is. v,.d 
graiiuion of John, Sth ^larq. of Qneell^;ber^^•. 
France, si April, TjIS. 

DuL-CiL^.s, Cai'T., S., iCili .Middlfsox Roet., 
s. of t!ie ls(e Sir Robeir Dovicla.-. 
France, 28 Jpi.. 1910. 

DK.U51MOND, CapT. Gt"Y, Ot'li Roy. llic;!i!fs. 

of Canada, s. of laro Hon. Sir Gecr^o A. Dnun- 
inond, K.C.M.G., C.V.O. France, April, 1915. 

DuBERLEY, Maj. O. W., Greij. Gds., v.ho m. the 
ITon. >iiilic-ent, dau. of Chark'-, Baron Xuu- 
barnl.ohnc. France, 14 Marci:, 1915. 

Dr-F, Sra R. G. V.. Sxd Bt.. 2nd Life Gds. 
France-, 16 Oct. 19!4. 

DCFF, LlELX.-CoL.AiJKIAN GrANT-.C.B., !:;h^.c'K 

V.rttch, s. of late Rt. Hon. Sir Alountstiu-.rt Griir.i 
Dun, G.C.S.L, CLE. France, 17 Sept. 1914. 

DpXBAii. A. J., capt. K.F.A., cousin end 
Heir I'rcs. of the Rev. Sir Chark-s Dunbar, Sth 
Rt. of Northfield. France, 17 -March, 1915. 

Dlnhar, LiEXTT.-CoMR. Ken-xeti? Jajfes L^cff. 
D.S.O., ?. of the late Garden Dnti Dnnl.av, ar.d 
brother of Sir George D'.ilr-Suthcrland-Dunbar, 
61 h Bt. 19iG. 

DrNDAS, C. H., lieut. Welsh Regt,. s. of Sir 
George Dunda^;, otli Bt. of Bceohv.ood. France, 
20 Feb. 1915. 

Dl-.n-das, Hon-. K. I',., liout. R.X.V.R., .s. of 
ChF.rks, oth \i.-;c, .Mchiile. Dardanelles, 7 
Auc. 1915. 

DuxxiNc, CoMK. E. H., D.S.C.. R.X., s. of 
Sir Edwin Duiuiing. 7 Aug. 1917. 

DcxsTEBViLLE, G. E., lieut. Devon Regt., v.ho 
ni. Eveline, dan. of F. H. Goldiiey. and L,'randdai"i. 
01 Sir Gabriel (,iokine\-. l.~f Bt. France, :10 Oct. 

DuR.i.XLs R. H. M., lieut. Indian Cav., s. of 
Sir Edward Durand, IstBt. 29 Juno, 1917. 

Dt;vAL, !Mai:rtc£ Raul. Feexch AE>n\ i^ ho m. 
Hon. Fannv, dau. of George, 7th Baron Vernon. 
France, lS":May, 19ir.. 

Dyer, Sir Joiix Swixnertox. 12th Bt., yiA'., 
capt. Scots Gds. France. 31 Juiy, 1917. 

Eden, Jonx, lieut. 12th Lancers, s. of Sir 
"William Eden, 7th Bt. France. 17 Oct. 1914. 
' Edex, Hox. William Alfred :\Ioi;tox. liout. 
K.R.R.C. s. of Wiihain, 5lh Baron Auckland. 
1' ranee, 2 March, 1915. 

Edex, \ViLLiA>r Xic.'ioi AS. inids. R.X., •^. of 
Sir William "Eden, 7th Bi. In H..M.S. In.l.j.ti. 
5:!''/iM!avaI uciion, Jut!a;>d Baak. M Mi.y, 10I<). 

EnoELL, R. F. A., lieut. K.O.S.ii., s. of ."^Irs. 
R. A. Fdeel!, and craiidson oi Su' .'oienli Fayrer, 
1st Bt. France, 5 May, 1915. 

EpMoxsToxE. William Gluiuk. l'^-.;!. Ci.i 1-^. 
Gds., .?. cf Sir Archibald Fdnion t:."!i '. ".i.i I'l. 
Franco, 15 Sept. lyiti. 

Eu\VARi>>;. G. O. C, iieiit. W. RuliuR lii-sr.,.s. 
of A. H. Fdwards, and crami^on oi Sir Henry 
Ed-.vird-. ist B!.,o{ Pve .Xc-st. France.7 Jnlv, 

iil! ■. 

Edw.m.l,?, H. L. G., liout. Rov. \Vi.-kh Fus., 
s. of JU. Rev. A. G. Edwards," D.D., Bishop 
of St. Asaph. Belgium, 10 .May, 19J5. 

EGEKTOX,LiEUT..COL. A. G. E., C.ld.-^. Gds., fl. 
of Uae Col. Sir Alfred E-erton, K.C.V.O., C.B. 
France, 29 Sept. 1915. 

Egertox. C. E., lieut. Duke of Wellington's 
Roirt., s. of Gen. Sir C. C. Ecrerton, G.C.B., 
D.S.O. France, IS April, 1915." 

Egertcx, Maj. G. A., I'Jili Hiusars, s. of late 
Hc!<. Alpernt.a E^xerton, and grandiou of Francis, 
L;t Earl of Elle.smere. France, 13 May, 1915. 

EoERTOX, J. F., 2nd lieut. M.R.R.C.. s. of 
the Kl Hon. Sir E. H. Egerton G.C.MG., 
K.O.B. France, ^ April, 1916. 

Egektox, Capt. L. E. W., P...A... s. of rho lata 
Lt.-Col. Sir Alfred Ej^erton. E.C.V.O., C.B 
Franco, 1 Aug. 1917. 

EcEF.Tox, R. R., lieut. R.E., s. of R. W. Egor- 
ton, and rrandrion of late Sir Robert Egerton, 
K.C.S.I., CLE. France, 15 Nov. 1914. 

Egektox, Rowl.^nd le Belward, 2nd lieut. 
Roy Welsh Fu.^., .s, of Sir Philip Henry Brian 
Grey-Egerton, 12th Bt. France, 30 Oct". 1914. 

ELCnix, R. B. .M., s. of J. F. Elchin. and grand- 
son of '^ir Ferdinand Elchin, Cth Bt. Francf- 
14 Xov. 1914. 

Elcho, Lord, capt. Gloucestershire Wo., l-. cf 
Hugo, UMi Earl of Wemvss. Kaiia, 23 ATjr-l. 

Eliot, C\rT. Petei? Douglas Colix, 1-fth 
■ anccrs. LA., s. of the late Sir John Eliot, 
K.C.I. E. Mesopotamia, 25 Feb. 1917. 

Elliot, Hox., lieut. Sco's Gds., a. of 
Gilbert, 4th Earl of Miato, iv.G. France, 5 An-'. 
1917. . 

E1.LICOTT, Frederick .Vkthlr Jou.--, 2nd 
lieut. K.O.S.B.. vho m. Lettice, dr.u of Sir 
Xorman Hill. France, 9 July. 191G. 

Erskixe, V.kvt. \X. a., R.G.A., s. of Hon. 
A. W. Er.-^kinc, and grandson of Walter, 12th 
Earl of Keliie. France. .May 24, 19.15. 

ESCOTT, Le.-LIE WlX&riELD SWKET, lieut. 5th 

Oxford and Bucks L.I., s. of Sir Bickham 
Esfott, K.C.M.G. France, 25 Sept. 1915. 

EsMOXDE, JouxHen'ry Grattax, mids. R.X., 
s. of Sir Thomas E*inonde. llthBt. In H. M.S. 
/.r;;ir/.ye, naval action, Jutland Bank, 3) May, 

Kve, Capt. AVilliam Hexp.y, 13th Hussais, s, 
of ITon. Sir H. T. Eve. IMesopotaruia 5 March, 

Ev.AKT. C. V. K., heui. Roy. Irish Rifles., s. of 
F. \\ . iXvart. and grandson oi" Sir Wdliam Ewart. 
l-r Bt., of Clenmachan. France, 1, 1916. 

Ewart, Victor Alexaxdee. lieut. R.X., s. 
of Sir Henry Ewart, 1st Bt., of Hyrhe. In H.M.S. 
Queen Mary, i:a\ al action, Jutland Bank, 31 
-May, lOlG. 

EwixG, Ca!>t. Ekxest Pellew Oi.R., Scots 
G.!s., s. of Sir Archibald Orr-Euing, 1st Bt. 
France, lo Sc!.!. I'.tlO. 

F^uiQCHAR. i'. H. G., Seaforth Highlrs., s. of 
CraT:vii;e F •:• u;'.;sr, andgraiuLsoa of Sir Walter 
F.trcfilisr/ irJ Bi. iVunco, 20 Aug. 1917. 

I-vKQJk.aJI, Lielt.-Col. F. D., D.S.t)., 
1 airic-a's Cunauian L.I., s. of Sir H. T. Farquiiar, 
4th Bt. France, 20 .March, 1915. 

Fakrar, C'ol. .'-iR George, Hr., I>.S.(J. 
In ruilwav acrident in German .S. W. .Virica, 
20 May, 1915. 

Feiluixg, Cavt. Hov. Hexrv, Golds. Gds., s. 
of Rudolph, Vith !!ari of i)<^nbigli. France, II 
Oct. 1917. 

AND Wl^*' iiA\ i 




; >',:!^: nav^l .otiou. Jutla=;d Bank. ^31 May. | 

' ^iri r.o^-K.. err. Hon. C. C. 1st \}}<l^^'-^^^ 
Vs.Vb.n, iud Ertroa Do Raia.ey. 22 Oct. 191 o. 

^Sv!'^^V;f Kt. Uou. Sir Ailwyn Fel- 
. ^vc^ K.C.V.O. 12 May, 1917. 
• KKi:tovvKB. MIOSU.P3.AN.1. O H.>1 S /r^e- 
.^fc'..'., s. of Kear-Adm. >.r T K. J. l eii ^^t. , 
'; CB Dardanenos, 18 March, 1015. 
'"';.in.;vs.oN, J. A. H., Ueut. H.L.I , s of Sir 

iiance, 20 Sept. 191-5. 


K.i;.i:.t". Fniuce, 15 Sept. Vvtlu. 

. .... vir Mo.iya Field, K.r.B. In H.M.^. 
■' ..,i M.u'j. naval action. Juliana Bank. Ji 
M..V, 1010.' 

KinssES. Jony Eustace, lieut. Gordon HiglJrs 
,. of Sir Eustace Ficrmes, i^t Bt. liaucc, 18 
June, 1917. 

l-ii .ir-n. Sjr Robkkt. 10th Bt., capt. Gren. 
C, ! ;. rrinco, 27 Jan. 191G. 

FiNi>i \v I C, 2ud l.cut. York and Lancaster 
p. t' s.' of Hon. Sir J. G. Fiudlay, K.C.M.U. 
!■ i,;Iul'.T:^. 10 Aug. 1915. 

Fn-ros. Bhic-Gex. H. G., A.D.C C.B.. D.S.O 
v),.. i:,. Miiy, dau. of Sir A. Hickman, Ibt lit. 
1 .-;.!. J." . •-''.' Ji'-n. 19 lb. 

'. 7 =uiT'. M\.i LoT'.u Dksuoxd, M.C., Irish 
. ' ■ . .".I . .-r j-i. .-.; li i>"ki.- of LeinsUn-. France, 

1 • !i. Kill.. - 

• '.-.I KM!.. ..iT. <;. II.. -nil Dra-joon Gds., 
, . i ■..•'■ l..r.i .M-.)n-i('- Kit/* IcralJ, and '-randrfon 
. i « !.,lrl..-'. -itli L»uko of Lein^^ter. France, 13 
;•• !.t. J'.'ll. 

ri!?..>:i'.vLD, Cavt. G. T., 15th Durham L.T., 
»., rr.-Mt-law, s. of Hon. J. D. FitzGerald, K.C., 
mil crand.-on of the late Baron FitzGerald. 
! :K) Dec. 1915. 

Fit- Hoy, Lieut. Edward Henry, R.X., s. 
..; th" hit.- l;-:-v. Lor I Charles FitzUoy. ant grand- 
>■ A\ oi .■\u_'ustui, 7th Duke of Grafton. At sea, 
23 Jan. 1917. 

FiT?KoY, M. A., 2nd heut. Seaforth Hlgulr.^., 
•-. i.f the lion. E. A. FitzKoy, and grandwon of 
Ci:iirks, 3i-d Baron Southariipton. France, 15 
April. 1915. 

Fle-MING, Hi-uu Joseph, 2nd lieut.^ Dor.set 
lU'gi.. s. of Sir Francis Fleming, K.C.M.G. 
Fra'noe, 24 Aug. 19Hi.^ 

FiKMiNG, Mat. Vaeentine, D.S.O., M.P., 
Oxfordshire Hn?sars, who m. Eveh-n, granddau. 
of Sir Philip Rose, 1st Bt. of Rayners. France, 
20 Mav. 1917. | 

1-!,l'.ambe, Maj. H. F. F., K.R.R.C., s^. of j 
iU. Hun. Francis J. S. Foljambe. 20 Sept. j 
1014. I 

FoL-iAMBE. Maj. Hon". JofCLiNE, O^dord and j 
i aoks L.I., s. of Cecil. 1st l^ar) of Liverpool. | 
Mesopotamia, G April, 1911'-. 

FojjD, Capt. John Ballahd F.^rtceeey, Roy. 
\V. Kent Rest., s. of Surg.-Gcn. Sir IJichard Ford. 
K.C.M.G. France, it! Feb. l'J17. 

Wn.o-FoRESTER. :\Iaj. Hex. A. O. W. C, 
MA.(>.,Civn.Gd.-.,s. of t-.'.il. 5th I'-aron Forester. 1 Nov. 1914. 

FoRBEsr, Maj. C. E.- D.S.t)., Oxford and Biick.s 
1-.!., who m. Rvith Mary, dan. of Lt.-Col. Hon. 
Fd\v,.r:l Hohiies a Court, and trranddaugl tor 
.-f \v;!U.un, L'nd l";'ron Heyt.,~hiiry. ^ieso- 
loiaii'ia, 1'3 Xo\-. !915. 

FoniEsT. J . W., 2nd lieut. 7th Seaforth Hiu-hl 
3. of Sir Charles Forrest, 5th Bt. France, 2a- 
Sept. 191.5. 

FoRSTER, Maj. H. M., 8lh K.O.S.B.. s of 

R. C. For.ner. Isi Bt. of button, trance, :iO S( 

FoRTEscvE, Cai'T. G., nth Batt. Rifle B, 
s. of late Capt. Hon. A. Fortescue, CcUds. b 
and grandson of Hugh. Hrd Earl Fortes. 
France, 4 Sept. 1915. 

Foster, W. A. P., Ueut. S Staffs Regt., s 
Sir \V. Y. Foster, 3rd Bt. oi Norwich. Fra 
11 Nov. 1914. 

Fowler, Capt. A. A. Cameron Highlrs. ■ 

Sir J. A. Fo%v!er, 2nd Bt. Fnvnce, l- Apn;, 1 

FowEER, Capt. Sib J. E- '^^d Bt., Adj 

Bt. Seaforth Highlrs. France. 2-, 1 

FR..XCKUX, Capt. P., M.V.O., ^r^-'."^^ 

Irene Catherine Wake dau of /.ee-Adm, 

B. W. Walker, C.V.O., C.M.G . 2nd Bt. ol Oa 

In H.:^LS. Good Hope. Coronoi, 1 Nov. 19K. 

1 Fraxke.axd, Maj. T. H. C. Roy. D, 

Fu= s. of Col. Colville Franklancl, and gran 

of Sir W. Frankland, 8th Bt. Dardanehc: 

April, 1915. 

Fkaxklaxd, Cap r. Robert Cecil Colvil: 
Staffs Beat., s. of the Htc to . toivil.e ri 
land, and grandson of Sir Frederick I rank 
8th Bt. Dardanelles, 21 Aug. Uio. 

Eraser, Maj. Hon. H. J., MA-.O., Scots 
g of Simon, VMh Baion Lovat. I ranci 
Oct. 1914. 

Fr^ser, Hon. SiMOX, lieut. 3rd Gordon Hig 
s. of Alexander, ISth Baron Saltoun. rr 
2S Oct. 1914, 

Eraser, Comr. W. St. Joax. R.N., s. e 

Thomas B. Eraser, F.R.S. In Submarine, 


i Freke, Col. Hon. P. C.Evaxs-, Leicester 

s of William, Sth Baron Carbervy. bel 

i 13 May, 1915. 

i Fr.EMAXTLE, T. F. H., 2nd lieut. 5th (. 
I and Buck.-. L.I.. s. of Cob Hon. Thomas Iren: 
i and grandson of Thomas, 2nd Baron Lot- 
I France, 17 Oct. 1915. 

' Frexch, Hex. E. A., lieut. 3rd S. Wales 
' s. of Arthur, 4th Baron De Fraa 
i Aug. 1917. 

i French, Hon. G. P., Heuc. 3rd S. 
i Bord., R. of Arthur, 4th Baron De Freyne. I 
I 9 -Mav, 1915. 

I French, N. E.. lieut. Westminster Dra 
s. of Sir Edward Lee French, K.C.V.O. : 
lb Feb. 1915. 
1 Gallwey, Maurice Payne-, lieut. Gren 
I s of the late Lionel Pav-no-Gallwey, and gn 
I of rviaj. Sir William Payne-Galh.ey, 2i 
I France, 25 Sept. 191G. 
i Gardner, Capt. George Henry 21st E: 
of India's Lancers, attehd. Bucks. Yeo., s, 
Robert Gardner. Suvla, 21 Aug. 191o. 

Garstin, C. W. N.. lieut. 9th Lancers 
Sir W. e'. Garstin, G.C.M.G. Fiance. 2- 
, Gatacre, Capt. Edward, W. Ridmg 
-.vho m. Ivv, dau. of the lute Capt Hon. I 
! \Vrekcr, and granddau. of Standish, -i:! 
■• Gort. France, 5 Feb. 191i.. 

Gatacre, Capt. J. K., 11th Bengal Lan 
of late Maj.-Gcn. Sii- W. F. Gatacre, J 
D.S.O. Fiance, 13 Oct. 1914. 

G.atty, Maj. Chaules Co.myn Scott-, 
Rrgt., s. of Sir Alfred .Scott-Gaity, K, 
France, July, 1916. 

Gerard, Capt. Gilbert ."Mead, 11. 1 
of the late Gen. Sir Montagu Gerard, ] 
2 Mav, lyltJ. 


•Jr.Tiiix. 1'. P \y.. 2n.i lieut Koy. .^lu•...-,tcr | OmEHsoy, Lielt.-Gen-. Sir J. M. K.C B 
bu.. ^.. uf .xte h. n. f.e:L,i. am ;,«.it. | C.M.G., C.V.O.. A.D.C. France, 17 Aus. f 9 4. 
prtinu=on of .'^ir Pcpjy Geth:n, olh Bt. Jinnee, ^ ■, --, -.^ 

20-29 Seot. lUiu. ^ GKrEKso.v, J. G. Hamilton-, 2ncl lient. Kov. 

r, r. r^ -iT -, :- ^ c- ,, , J bcoLs Fus., s. of Sir Philip Hamilton Grier^on 

GisHS, Rf)N-Ai.r) C.M.,2!utiieut..'?not3 Gib.,P.of I Daraanolk-s, 12 July 1915 v^ritr.^on. 

lato Hon. Henvv IJovd Glbbs, and grandson of ^ /< „^^ ^ ' tt ' /, 

Henrv. 1st iWon Aldenham. France, 28 OctJ p/ff ^'^r^f'^ ^'^^^";^^■.f ^'•«\?i'. ^ t^^ 
1914/ Richard, i.^t Earou htalbiidge. Jrauc-p. 13 Oct. 

Gib3o:j, Fbakcis .Mallock, Heat. 15th 


u.Bsi..., x«A>cxi .^..^.u^K. i.eur lotii uana. I (Ji-kkn^f.,-, Lov.d. Capt. Irish Gds., ,. of 
dmu lut.. s. ot Sir John Gibson, l-ranco, 1915. j CharU-g, 8;h Farl of Avfeiiord. Fronce llSept 

GzLHEV, Enic, heiit. Eifla Brie, s. of .-?ir ! 1914. " " ' 

i-Ienrv W. Giii.ey, 2rsd Bt. Franco, 14 Maich, i r...,,^ ,t r< -. o i .- . - , ^,, 
I9J.,; ' . "j Gfi^L, H. G_ 0.,^2ud ueut. oth GIouce-,t^r.--h:re 

GiLLKSPTK. L-.-COT.. Fi;ANTCL:KMAOAi7i^Y,4th!S^£iu,n; G^r^v. 'igi'r'" ^'' ^' ^""'^' ''^'' ^^' 

Sir P. Pryce-Jonas. Dardanelles , 9 Aug. 1915J p.^-T.^'p': ^f ■^^^^^^^ ^V^ - 1?.-I%V' " "'"-''"J-- 
' ^ Gen. .'>ir f hnrles Hadden, K.r.B. .Mesopotftmia. 

Gr-AUSTONE, \\'. G. C, M.r., heat. Roy, \W!sh . 9 A.pri!, l<Jlrt. 
Fus.. 9. of late -vVilliam Henry Gladstone, and i Haldane, Robert Patricic, lieut 0th Blae'c 
cre^-^ajK].o.cib|r John Gl^d.tonc. l.t Bt. ; Wutch.s. of Sir William StoudiHaldane. ^4!;^ 
1-rane-, lo Apr.), l<Ji5. 13 j^,p^_ ^gj^ 

Glasgow, :.I. Roekiitson-, liuut. R.X., uh.o m. ' Hamilton. Capt. Lokd A. J , Iri.-^li Gd^ s of 
Etnch dau. ot .Sir Richard 1 ei;iple,2iid Bt. r.B., \ Jairics, 2nd Duke of Abcrcorn, K G Bel'oiurn 
C.I.E.. 27 Julj-, I'.Ui-.. r 3,j i)^^. 19.4 ^ 

Gg:i:je, Capt. E. E. C, Suffolk Regt., s. of t};e ; Hamilton, Maj. Hon. Leslie, M.V.O., Colds, 
late Sir Ljurf!nc;e 'Jornrus. France, 18 June, j Gd.s., e. of John, 1st Baron Hamilton of DpIzc-H 
1917. France, 29 Oct. 1914. 

Goo-.n, MIT.S. L 1). E.. R.X.. ... of Sir D.v.iiol ! Hamilton, Cait. Meh^-^-n, Gordon 
( ,ooeh, 3rd hi. of v.lev>er. :»:editerrancan, 4 Oct. 1 HighIls.,^vhonl.Hildred Laura, dau. of Lieut.-Gon. 
'■■'5. I Hon. Beruard Matthew Ward, C.B., and gir.nd- 

GoKKuN, Co.svo Lcwifi DuvF-, liouT. .O.G.C., ! '^^"-'^^^'''''f^'l^^'-rcl. "i-d Vise. Bangor. France, 2 

s. of H. W. Dufi-Gordon, and great grandson of 
Sir William Duf?-Gordon, 2nd Bt. 3 Sept. 191G. 

GoiiELL, ~Slx3. Lor.u, D.S.O., R.l'.A. Fiance, 
IC Jan. 1917. 

GoscuBN, Hon. G. J.,2ad liout. 5ih Batt. The 
Butls, s. of George, 2iid Vise. Goschcn. ?.Ieso- 
jiotaniia, 19 Jan. 1910 

Dec. 1914. 

Hamilton. Capt. ARTnur. Bccuanan-Bailli>:-, 
Seaforth Hicrhlrs, who. ni. Ina. dau. of Sir Mal- 
coiiu -McXcill. France, 9 May, 1015. 

Ham.mkk. Capt. Stei-hen Fi-euerick, Oxford 
and Bucks L.I., 3. of Col. Sir St \ incent. HamnucU, 
3rd Bt. Mi'sopotainia, IS April, 1910. 

Cio3SELiN,CArx.ALWi'NB.,D.S.O.,Gren. Gd.~., Hampphn, George Miles Altoeey HoEAttT, 
8. of late Sir il. La .Marchant Gosse'iii, G.C.V.O. I V^'f' '-'-^'°'"'-^ "•'^<i Bucks L.L, s. of Audrey George 
FraiKP, 7 l-'tj!^ 1915. j ii-Owsrt Hampden, and great grandson of Rev. 

GorGH,HABOL33STEV.-AKT,2,Kr>iout.K.R.H.O^.il"ft",\ ''''' ''"-^ ""' Buckinghamshire. 17 

s. of the late Co!. Hon. G. H. Gough, C.B., and I 
grandson of George, 2nd Vise. Gough. i'Viince 

Hanha^', Col. Philips Brooke.. R.A., e. of 

IG June, 1916. "' " ' ' | t! o Rov. Sir James Haiiliam, 7th Bt. 20 Feb. 

GocGH, Beig.Gen. Sir J. E., V.C., IC.C.B. 

Habpinge, Hon. E. C, D.S.O., lieut. 15th 

of late Gen. Sir Charles J. Stanlev GoukIj, V.C, i h„=.,>-. % nf rhoVi 1 V ^-'--^ •'„ 1 • 

n n v> -c-ov..^ 9-> ir^K iqi=; ' ' iiu>m.,», .s. ot Charles, 1st Baron Hardmse 01 

G.C.B. Irance. 22 Feb. 1910. : Pens! France. IS Dec. 1914. 

Ghah-vm, Capt. Alan Moir, 5t!i Gurkha ! H.uidinge, Hon. H. R., 2nd lieut. Riiie Brif . 
RiHe.^. 6. of .vlaj.-Gcn. Sir Thomas Graham, ! s. of Henrv, 3rd Vi.scount Hardince. Froinelles. 
K.C.B. France, 21 Dec. 1914. 19 May, 1915. 

Gr.^kam, C.vpt. D. H. X., Black V.a'.ch, \vho ;' H.i.RDiNGK. :\I.a.i. Patrick Robert, M.C, 
in. Lucv, dau. of .^ir Jolm Croft, 2nd Bt. of ' •"'^^"'s'l Pules., s. of the Hon. Robert Hardinge, 
Cowling. Loos, 22 Sept. 1915. i ^"^^ grandson of -C^harles, 2nd Vise. Hardinge. 

Franco, 17 June, 1916. 

Grantham, Cvpt. F. W., Roy. Mun.-tcr Fus 
of late Sir William Grantham. Belijium, 9 

Hardy, C.apt. A. C. Gatiiornt;., Scottish Ri 

Mav 1915 ' - • ^ ' , s. of Hon. A. E. Gat borne -Hardv, and erandson 

" ^-' '" ■ i_r n o ■ 1- •.. -L' T> i '^' Gaihorne. 1st Earl 01 Cranbrook. " France, 

Gr-astham. H. I'., 2na lieut. E£.~ex Regt-., s. i 20 Sept. 1915 
of F. W. Grantham, and srrandson of late Sir I „ ' ' 

William Grantham. Dardanelles, 28 Juno, 1915. , ^^■'■^t^, Capt^ H.\ Durham L.L, who ni. Ellen, 

I dau. ot Sir Edward Hud.-^on-Kiiiahan, 1st Bt. 

Graves, Austin Joseph GEOrXREi', lieut. 1st ; France, 20 Sept. 1914 
Canadian .Alounted Rilles s. of the lato August;^ j i-Ur,,,,..,., c.apt. E. S. King-, Irish Gds., s. of 
Graves ana great-grandson of Phomas, 2nd gj^ Thom.v.s Stafford, 1st Bt. Xear Ypros, 6 
Baron Graves. 1< ranco. March, 191 G. Xov. 1914 

Goeer, Lt.-Col. Eric, M.C, Irish Gda., who 1 Harman, Capt. LAi-RFxrE KiXd- 11 TI A , 
m. Pamela, dau. of Hon. i:ustaca FitzGer»!d. and ' R.F.C., s. of Sir Charles King-Harnuu'i. Franco! 
grauddan. of John, Lord Fitzilerald. Frmice, : 2i; Oct. 1910. 
:U July, 1917. j Habm.sworth, Hon. Vere Sidney Tcoor, 

Grenpell, Hon. G. W., 2nd I-eut. 8th Rifle liout. R.X.V.R., 3. of Harold, 1st Baron Rother- 
Bricade, s. of William. 1st Bf.nm I)f's> irough of | mere. France, 13 Xov. 1910. 

Taplov. BfL'iu!!). 30 Julv, !91.i. 

Harris, Malcolm Alfkli) "\!ii,NER,niid-i. R.X. 

Grenfell, C.M'T. Hon. J. H. F., D.S.O., 1st s. of Adm. Sir Robert Hastings Harris, K.C.H. 
BrrtL'Oiais, &. of ^S'illiam. Ist Baron Ueaborough In il.M.S. />?/f .'!(•(•, naval action. Jut l;ind I3ivitk, 
of Tupiow. France. 20 May, 191 f.. 31 May, 1916. 

Grexvii.i.e. C.APi. Hon. Uichakd Mi ugak-, H.aruuion, Capt. ('. E., l\ifii.> Briu., who :... 
Ritle Brig., s. oi .M.u-y, Baroness Kiulo:,--.. France, Ahco, dau. of lato Sir E. F. \\'od.i;ouse,'K.G V.o" 
-0 Dec. iyi4. 'Franco, 14 March, 1915. 


HiitT, Cait. a. C, Xortliid. I\i.s., a. vi Jato , 
- ;. riV'l H'\rt. Franco, 9 May, i'Jlo. | 

■ iAitTNOLL. II. i*., lieut. WorcGEtor Roc;t., a. ! 
: !-ip'il. *. Hai-lnoii. Frrtnce. J;i .Uco. lOi-i. j 

l!\uxwKLL, CArT. Babrv. Indian Army, s. i 
' liV- Sidney H;utv,el!, and crrandsou of Sir ' 
■ '-, . ll.a-t".vel!, 2nd lit. oi jJ-^U Kali. France, i 
. ■ (M. lii)4. I 

•UsL\-!, Cap-.-. AV. K. li... K.F.A., s. of Sir i 
.r.:n.'d ilaslara. Fraace, 27 April, 1917. | 

Hasikr, Biiiy.-GEX. JinuAM. v.-ho ra. Edith, | 

■ 1 <,i (■•■•ot. John Orr-Ewine, and gVLinddaughter | 
'i"»T Archibald Orr-Ev.-iiic. l?t Bt. France,] 
■;,•. .\nrU, 1915. i 

lu'sTSNGS, Jl H. H. K.A\vuo:c-,lie-at. Black j 
•.-. .•.•<h. s. oi late Hoi). P. F. C. liavalon Hasdrics, | 
.• 1 -lixn-l.^on of Edith, Counres3 of Loudoun, i 

i ;•.;.. 'c, 15 Sc-p!. 1915. I 

liA-nrrns, Capt. P. C. .J, H. Rawoox-, s. of ; 
; .:.• Hmii. Paulvn Rawdon-IIn,stin;:s, and srrand- ! 
• u ol' Etiitli, Conntc-ss of Loudoun. France, j 
!o Oct. 1915.' I 

' l?A"-ATir'KX, KOHEHT, Gtk Visc.'., licur. Oclde. I 
(•.;-,. Pnmco, 20 Auir. liil-i. i 

liAv.i.'-.v, Capt. C. F., K.R.R.C, .'<. oi .Sir 1 
".. il. Ihiwlov, oth Bt. of Leybouine. France, ■ 
.• \l.v. I;)14." ' 1 

ii\\\ Lt.-Col. Abchibai.p, Roy. Welsh Fus., i 
~ o! tlif l.'ifo Lt.-Gen. Sir R. J, Hay, K.C.B. i 
Vt.uhc, 2 Fob. 1917. 

Hay, ('apt. Lord Arthur, Irish Gds., s. of | 
V. ". •.! ., loth Marq. of Iwcedduie. 1-i Scjifc. ; 

'. \".. !i-ut. Roy. Horse Gds., s. of Sir { 
lUi, 1st. l!i. of Ashoriio Hill. France, | 

• ■.< . MAnr!< .\ia'iiT-K, i!nd lieut. Roy. | 
:-i Artiiur irt-.uhcijt''. I'.jid t^randson of | 
•■. >:■. ii,.:i. -Sir Wiiliam ileatheote, 5th Bt. 
• •. , i: July. I'JK:. 

([i.-M.rn^ON-, Cai'T. 1.»avid. Middlesex Regt., a. i 
>.>f tiiv :;;. Ifoii. Avihur Hcnderaon, -M.P. France ! 
K". Sept. 19J0. 

Hr.NDr.KSON, Lt.-Col. Albert Norman, Roy. 
Wurwick-liirc R^iTt., who ni. Marv, dau. of Sir 
I'Ml:;. Ru^.-. 2ad''Bt. of Rayncrs'. France, 23 
Ji.'y, lull). ■ ] 

M,.s.":y, OuAKLES, lieut. Worcs Res^t., s. of 
S;rC'h.>rlcs Henry, IstBi., 20 .Sept. 1915. j 

Herhtnc.ha:^', Cat-t. G. W., Otli Dragoons, s. \ 
■i Sir Wihoot. Herring hum. Fiance, M Oct. I 

1L;\MTT, Hon. A. R., D.S.(J., capt. E. Surrey ' 
R'.-;it., s. of Archil)ald,oth Vi.«c. Liiford. France, ] 
l'.". "April, I'Jlo. 

- Hewitt, J. F., lieut. Scottish Rifles, s. of the ' 
li^'n. \\". J. Hewitt, and t;randson of James, | 
4th Visc. Litiord. Franco, ^20 Oct. 1914. 
~ Hewitt, W. G., lieut. 3rd Roy. Scots, s. of 
ii'-n. \V. ,j. Hewitt, aiid jxrandrion of James, 4th 
N' Lilford. France, 14 Oci. 1014. 

Hkywood, R. 31., f:nd liciU. the Buffs, who 
II!. Bitrbara, <l;iu. of Sir James do Hofihton, lUh 
Bt. Fj-itnco. 15 Feb. 1915. 

IIiBHEi'.T, C.U'T. Cyril, X. L lucs Regfc., s. of 
•Sir Henry Hibberi.. France, 1015. 

Hn k:.!an, William Curtstik., s. of the late 
A. W. iri.kinuu. and >zraad-ou of Sii .\iii-, d 
lii' Lt \h Fr.iuce, 1 July Uili;. 

iliLis, William Fi "uj:i;ic : Waller, lieut. 
It.F.A., who m. Agnes, tia i. of tho lato Hon. 
W alte Sudden, and cvoat-pranddau. of Edwanl, 
1st Baron St. Leonards. France, ?.L-.rch, 1917. 

Hilton, C'oi.. .M. V., coivkL'. 7th East Lanes 
lu'-t., \v!u. 1-1. Dora, Uiui. of Gen. Sir John 
\Vati=u!i. V.C., G C.14, Franc-', 21 Ocv. 1915. 

Hi2vi), Lt.-Col. Lawrence Arthur, Sherwood 
Foi'esiers, who m. l^liza, dau. of tin,- Rt. Hon. 
T ho ma.s Andrews. France, 1 July, 191G. 

Hoare, !Maj. V. R., 12t'i London Hc:rt., wlio 
in. EL^ie, dau.' of late Quintin Hocg, and nieco 
of Janie.s, 1.5t Baron IMagheramorne. France, 
15 Feb. 1915. 

HoDOE, Capt. George Guy Her:mon-, R.A., 
s. of Sir Rvobert Herinon-IIodge, 1st Bt. France, 
7 .July, 19 j 6. 

HooGB, J. P. Hermon-, 2nd lieut. 4th Oxford- 
.■9hire L.I., s. of Sir Rok.ert Hennon-Hodgc, 1st 
Bt., of Wyfold Court. Flanders, 28 May, 1915. 

Hogg, Lieut. -Col. Ia2<-G., D.S.O., 4rh Hus.sars, 
s. of late Quiniin Hogg, and nephew of James, 
1st Baron ?iIagherainorne. France, 2 Sept. I>jl4. 

Hood, Rear-Adm. Hox. Horace Lambert 
Alex.antier, C.B., M.\'.0., D.S.O., s. of Francis, 
4th Visc. Hood. -In H.M.S. Invuic.ble, navel 
action, Jutland Baiilv, 31 May, 19i<J. 

Hood, Charles Alexander Joun Acland-, 
raids. 1\.N., s. of M«j. Ar-ihur Aclainl-Hood, and 
nephew of Alexander, Ist Baron St. Andrios. In 
n.:i.S. Invinoible, naval action, Jutland Beak, 
31 .May, 1910. 

Hood, FIon. r.I. H. X., lieut. Roy. Xcval Div.. 
s. of Arthur, 2nd Bridport. Dardirclles, 
4 June, 1915. 

HoRTON, E. :M., liout. Sk.rop.shirc Yeo., s. of 
the late Lieut. -Gen. Sir Edward llopton, K.C.B. 
Egypt, 17 .March, 1910. 

HoTTON, Capt. G. W., 5th Berks Beet., s. 
of lato Liout.-Oen. Sir Edward Hopton, K.C.B. 
France, 28 July, 1915. 

HoRSEALL, (.'a3't. Cedric F.awcett, W. Riding 
Regt., s. of Sir JoJm Horsfuil, Est Bt. France, 
)8 Sept. 1910. 

Horsley, Col. Sir Victor, C.B., R.A.I'.i.C. 
Me.sopotamia 10 July, 1910. 

Hosky'ns, E. C. L., lieut. Roy. WeUh Fus., 
s. of Sir Leigh Ho.sks-ns, 11th Bt. France, 

20 Oct. 1914. 

HowAiiD, Hon. R. FL P., lieut. E. Surrey Rc<it., 
s. of Baroness Stratlicona and Mount Royal. 
Belgium, 9 iJay, 1915. 

Howell, Brig. -Gen. Philii', who in. Rosaliu'l, 
dau. of the lato Homy Buxton, and granddau. oi 
Sir Edward Buxton, 2nd Bt. Franco, Oct. lylO. 

HuDS(jN, Ekic Donald Brereton, Pioy. Fus., 
9. of the late Sir William Eiereton iJud-oi', 
K.C.I.E. France, G Aug. 1916. 

Hdgessen, Maurice Astley Knatciibull-, 
lieut. Gre:i, Gds., a. of tiio late B.ov. Reginald 
Knatchbull-Huges3en, and grandson of the Rt. 
Hon. Sir Edward Ivnatchbuli-Hugessen, 9th Bt, 
M.P. France, 25 Sept. 191G. 

Hughes. G. F., liout. late 12th Cavahy 
attached Household Cavalrj' Cyclitts, s. of the 
lato Gen. Sir ^V. T. Hughe.s, K.C.B. France, 

21 Dec. 1915. 

Hi'GiLEs, Cart. Roger Forrest, Aust. A.M.C., 
s. of Hon. Sir Thomas Hughes. France, i 1 Dee. 

Hulse, Sir Edwaki), Ttu Bt., capt. Scots 
G<U. France, 12 .March, 1915. 

Hutchinson, Henry V/illiam, 2 id lieut. 
Leice.^ter&iure liegt.. s. of Sir Sydney Hutciiinson. 
Franco, 13 ^larch, 1917. 

Hutchinson-, .Idiin Cavley, lieut. LA., s. of 
Sir Sydni\v l[:it<hin-'in. l-'r.uic<\ !')!,".. 

IsHAM. JfiHN \'i:kk. -'iid lii-ut. 5tli Drr.goon 
Gils., s. of Sir Wtc Ishi.n. llili Bl. France, 
3 June, 1910. 

Jackson, Capt. C. S., (olds. Gds., h. ui Sir 
Thonuid Jackson, Ist Bt, oi Sianstead. J'rauco, 
9 O'jt. 1917. 

LIST OP orricTJiS vvhos:: xa.mes ;\j'i>f,aked in dod-s rEEP.AiiE 

Jacksok, Geoffrey Laikd AIathkr-, liout. 
Rifle Br\'y.. s. of Lt -(■ol. G. M. Muthor-Jackson. 
und gi-i^ut-grandr.on of Sir Wjiliain Jackson, 1st 
Bt. 1017. 

jACKnoy, Cait. WiLiiA:,r Brabazon Mather-, 
l^uiham L.]., s. of Sir Henrv Mather-Jacksou, 
2nd Bt., 28 April, 1917. 

Jaffray, Sin JoHS HtKi'-v, 3ru Bt., lUnii 
\Vo!Ccstor>-liirc Yco. Arabia. L'li April, I'JlO. 

jAvrs, li. O., 2i;d lieut. il.F.A.. atiaclicd 
H.F.C.. s. of fiir !:a>>ai\l L5-.jmet James. Eel- 
glusn, 2G S-pt. 1915. 

Jamfs, Cai^t. G. M., East Xont Rcgt., wlio :n. 
llxlda .Mndchvii'.e, tl-Mi. of Sir James Hf-atli, l.^t 
Bt.. of Asliorne Kill. France, 4 Nov. 1914. 

Jaevis, L. K., licut. Hussars, vrho m. Hon. 
Adeline Thellu£.?on, dau. of Frederick, 5th Baron 
Eendlcsluun. France, 3 --.'.ay, 3 915. 

Jen-kinsont, Capt. Johx, Clh X. Stafls Kipt., 
J,, of Sir 3-^dward Jenkinson, K.C.B. France, 
13 Oct. 1915. 

JnxKiNSON, Capt. J. B., Rifle Crip;., .>. of Sir 
George Jenkin.^on, iL'th Bt. France, 14 Sent. 

Je.vnixcs, Maj. J. E., «j(it)i Punjabis, s. of 
Gen. Sir Koi;ert Jenninp^, K.C.P.. Dardasicne.-:, 
9 Aug. 19!. J. 

Jekvoise, Maj. Sir E. J. Clarke, Gtjt Bt., 
9th Ham?. Eegt. 11 May. !91C. 

JoHJ-soN, C.W}\ B. W., R.y., s. of Vice-Adm. 
J. O. Jolm.son, and jrreat-'xrandaon of Sir John 
Johnson, '2nd Bt. of New Yurk. In II. M.S. 
Crts^y. Isortli Soa, 22 Sept. 1915. 


R.X., .=. of the late Hon. Edward Johusione, 
and gvand.son of HarccmT. 1st Baron Berwent. 
Inll.M.S. /;u'i"»C!6/e, naval action, Jutland Bank, | 
31 :\Iay. 1310. 

Johkstoxe, R. F. L.. Iient. Cameron Hijhirs., 
who m. Bonoria, dau. of Cliarles Edward ?ila!(o]ni. 
ond niece of Sir James Malcolni, V'th Bt. France, 
9 Sept. 1914, ; 

JoicEY, Capt. The Hon. S. J. D.. 10th Xorthld. 
Fui.. £. of James, 1st Baron Joicey. I'ranee, 
22 March, 1910. 

Jones, Capt. S., Roy. Wel.<h Fus., s. of late 
Gen. Sir H. S. Jones, K.C.B. France, Ui .May, 

Jo:"Ei, Capt. Valentiite How.\etj Sutton, 
R.M.L.I., s. of the late Gen. Sir Howard Jones, 
K.C.B. 7 May, 1917. 

Kennedy, A. E., r.apt. Ari:vll and Sutherland 
Highlrs., s. of lat« Sir J. G. Kennedy, K.C..M.G. 
Le Chateau, 26 Aug. 1914. 

Kennedy, John Keeper, lieut. Canadian Inf., 
s. of Sir John Kennedy. Franco, 14 Aiig. 1910. 

IvENNEPY, Capt. P. A., Riil-; Brig., s. of lato 
Sir J. G. Kennedy, K.C.IM.G. Iromellcs, 9 
May, 1915. 

Keppel, Albert Edw.ap.d Gi;oRGE Arnold, 
2nd lieut. Riile Brig., 8. of .\rnold, 8th Earl of 
Albemarle. Franco, 1 Aug. 1917. 

Ker, Capt. A. :\r., Gordon Higlilr.-^.. h. of 
late Hon.' Sir Arthur Kor. France, 14 Oct. 1914. 

Klsteven, Thomas, Srd Baugn, capt. Lines. 
Yeo. In a transport s.'dp otf too -Vigeriun i-otvst, 
5 xNov. 1915, 

KiMBER, n. C. D.. liout. B.F..\.. s. of H. D 
Kimbcr, and grandson of Sir Biiiry Kiuiber 
Ut Bt. Fiance. 22 June, UHii. 

KiNAHAN, C. B. Hudson., liout. 4ih King's 
African Rities, s. of Sir Edward Huilson-Kinahaji, 
1st. Bt. Bviii',li East Africa. 3(' Hoc. 1915. 

KlNAllAN, D.vME). BiCKiNSON iirDSON-. lieut. Cds.. s. of Si^ i:aiv;ird 11 .ids;>n-i:i!.:dian. 
Ist Bt. France. J Aiai!. iiUi;. 

KiNN.AiRD, C.4PT. Hon. D, A., .Master or 

■ KiNNAlRi), r-cot.s Cos., s. of Arthur, Uih llarun 

I Kinnaird. Francp, i'4 Out. 19!!, 

I Kitchener. FiELD-MAPsiiALEAPu. K.T., K.P., 

O.M. JnlLyi.?,. Hampshire, ovi the Orkneys, 5 

J«ine, 1910. 

L.VGDEN, Capt. R. O.. K.R.R.C, s. of Sir 
Godfrev Lagden, Franco, 1 March, 

Lahej, H.IT. Sir Ali Bin .Vhmed Binam, 
K.C.J. E., SiLT.vN of Lahej.^Tia, 13 July, 

L.^MB, Capt. C, D.S.O., Border Kegt., s. of 
Sir J. U. LaiuL, C.B., C..M.G. France, 29 Dec. 

Lambton, Hon. F. E., lieut. Roy. Hotvo Gds., 
s. of Georce, i'nd Earl of Durham. Fiance, 
2S Oct. 1914. 

Lambton, Geoffrey, lieut. Colds. Gds., s. 
of Hon. F. \\ . Lambton, and grandson of George, 
I 2nd Farl of Durham. France, 2 Sept. 1914. 
1 Lancaster, Robert, 2nd lieut. Norfolk Rest., 
E. of Sir William Lancaster. 28 April, 1917. 

Land.ale, Capt. Rtchard, Indian .Irmy., who 
m. Lilian, dau. of .Sir George Wallcer, K.C.S J. 
Mesopotanda, 8 March, 191G. 

Lane,'t. Georoe Ronald. Colds. Gc's., =. 
of Maj. -Gen. Sir Ronald Lane, K.C.B. l-rance, 
15 .Sept. 1910. 

Langrishf, Hercttles R.alpk, 2nd liout. Yeo., 
attchd. K.F.C., s. of Sir Hercules Langrishe, 6th 
Bt. 10 Feb. 1917. 

Lat:rie, Lieut.-Col. G.B., Roy IvishRifle.s, s. of 
Lt.,Gon. Laurie, C.B.,M,r. ; rn. Florence, dau. of 
late H<'n. S. \\ . Si-.e/ingtcn, and granddauidi'er 
of John, lOih Vi<o. ."'.hxsserecne and 3rd Vise. 
Ferrard. Xeu^e Chapelle 12, March, 1915. 

Laurie, Wilfrid Walter, iieut. K.O.S.B., 
s. of Lt.-Col. Claude Laurie, C.ii., D.S.O.. and 
pra dson of Rev. Sir John Laurie, 3rd Bt. 
France, 19 May, 1917. 

; L.Aw, Charles John, lieut. K.C.S. B., s. of 
Rt. Hon. A. Bonar Law, M.P. 19 April, 1917. 

Lawrence, C. H., 2nd liout. K.R.R.C, s. of 
lato Hon. Henry Lawrence, and grandson of 
John, 1st Baron Lawrence. France, 13 Oct. 1914. 

Lawrence, Capt. Michael (.'harles. Colds. 
Gds., s. of Lt.-Gon. Hon. Herbert Lawrence 
and grand:=on of John, 1st Baron Lawrence 
France. IG Sept. 1910. 

Lawrence, M. E.. lieut. K.R.R.C, s. of iato 
Hon. Henry Lawrence, and grandson of John, ist 
Baron Lawrence. France, 10 Jan. 1915. 

I-.\WRENCF, O. J.. 2nd lieut. I'o^t Ofnce Rifles, 
s. of Maj. -Gen. Hon. Herbert Lawrence, and 
grandson of John. 1st Baron Lawrence. France 
25 .May, 1915. 

L.AWSON, W. B. W., limit. Scots Gds., s. of 
Col. Hon. W. A. W. Lawson, D.S.O., and grand- 
son of Edward, 1st Haron Burnhara. France, 
22 Get. 1914. 

Leach, C^apt. G. 1'.. R.F..\., s. of late Sir 
E. P. Leach, V.C, K.CB. Dardanelles, 2U Aug. 
1915. ^ 

Lechmerk, N. G. B., Hout. Scots Gds., s. of the 
lato Sir Edmund Lechmere, 3rd Bt. Franco, Xov. 

Lee, Hrig.-Gen. Noel. s. ..f lute Sir J. C Lee. 
Dardanelles 22 June, 1915. 

Lees, J.A.,, li.X.. s. i.f kite Col. 
A. R. Leos. and <:rand,.-on i.f .S.r J.>iiii L-c.-. ;!rd 
Bt. of i;!aek itock. II. .M.S. I'.lvnmouth. Coronei, 
1 Xov. 1914. 

Lees, Sir Thomas E. K.. 2.>jd Br. of Lytcqet, 
lieut. D'rset Yeo. Dardanelles, 24 Aug. 1915. 

Leoaru, R. J., ii.'ut. ^\■est Yorks Regt., 8. of 
I'l.L Sir James .Lcjrar.l, K.CB. iVance. .May, 

AM) W 

.V\ L. L> .si IHLlll MVE.S IX THE WAR 

l,EO<jr,CAi'r. liON. CtRA/,D, Tlh S. Staffs Kegt.. 
. , { William. I'lli Earl of Dartmouth, Dard.vii- 

c., Auv. 1915. 

l,;.-;jK, H. M., licui. 7th Roy. Fu.*., s. of iate 
J... T.t.-C'-'I. Hon. v.. H. Lcf.'se, niid grandson of 
\'. iii;a n, 4th l-^iirl of Darnnouth. France, 5 
.•.;v, .'015. 

I.iMGH, M.i.1. C, D.S.O., K.O.S.B., s. of Hon. 
S:r E. Chaiidos Leigh. France, Aug. 1914. 

Lkigh, v.. H., lieut. Fitie Brie., s. of Hon. 
: ,r F. Chaucio.-: Leidi. FrniK<% May, I'Jlo 

J.KiOHTOv, -.Ia.t. Joiix Burgh Talbot, M.C, 
s,(,is Gds., s. of Sir Brvau Lei-l.ton, 9th Bt. 
: Miiy. 1017. 

].;: .Marchant, S. H., i-'nd lieut. 0th Roy. Fus., 
. •. :' .Sir Ht-r.i V Le :Mai.-ch.vrit. 2iid Bt. Belgium, 
,:. Mu.y, 1015. 

i.i.vyox. Lord Beenakd Goriiox-, inaj. 

■■^.. <.;d<., s. of Charles, 7ih iJuke of Richmond 

.1 tiji-don. FrRnce, 10 Nov. 1914. 

Fi-NXAiGNE, V. A., 2nd liaut. Connaighfc Ran- 
. ri, t. of late Sir JcliU Lentaigne. France, l4 

■' i'' 


l.i^.^LUi, X. J. B., lieut. Rifle Brig., s. of Sir 
.1 iiii Jx'.-lie, 2nd Bt.,of Glaslough. France, 18 
Mt. 3'J14. 

Fr.viNGK, SiH R. W., IOth Bx., lieut. Ist Life 
1' :-. FiaTico, 20 on. 1914. 

L; V, -M. A., 2nd Hent. E. Kent Regt., s. of Sir 
1 :-k:a i.. Ley. lat Bt. France, 1 Nov. 1914. 

1.;-. ;.an;>, G. v. Xaylok-, lleiit. Roy. Horse 

• • .. -. ■ I r;\pt. Sir Herlf-ri Xavlor-Loyland, ist 
11. 1 20 Sept. 1914. 

!..:;!.). TON, (.AFT. Cecil Fkancis Henry, 

• . .- 11 H^^iilr!?., s. of tlie late Hon. 
. . :i. .;i l-i'tleton, and Kraiid.=on of Edward, 

-I.: i ..rou liutherton. May, 1917. 

J.i.-:ku. Huk. C. a., lieut. R.:\I., Hood Batt. 
J:..\. Di\-., s. of Tiiomas, 4th Baron Kibblesdale. 
li .r<;aTieik.s. Sept. 1915. 

LL-^^•..;AT7 0CK, John, 2kd BAROX,niaj. R.F.A. 
rr.Mce, 1 Xov. 1916. 

Llewellyn, Capt. John Dd.lwyn Venables-, 
C.Mds. Gd.-., s. of Lt.-Col. Charles Venables- 
I.k-weljii, and grand.;on of Sir .John Diliwyn- 
l.lewcl.n. 1st Bt. France, 10 July, 1917. 

Llewelyn, Comr. Robert Harman, R.X., 
^ oi i>;r Jiobert Baxter Llewelyn, K.C.M.G. 
Jn H.M.S. Queen Mary, naval action, Jutland 
Bank, 31 May, 1910. 

Lloyd, Capt. 7.1. E., Roy. Welsh Fus., who 
m. Elizabeth, dau. of Brig. -Gen. W. A. Ramsay, 
and of Sir Alexander Ramsay, 
2nd Bt. of Balmain. Belgium, 19 Oct. 1914. 

Lloyd, Capt. Marteine Kemes Arundel, 
<;r?n. Gds., s. of Sir rvlanoine Lloyd, 1st Bt. 
Franco, 16 Sept. 1910. 

LocHHART. John Sutherland, lieut. Roy. 

•'■'<■■■■.■■,?. ol Sir Robert Lockhart. l-'miir-e. In May. 

LuiiBocK. Capx'. Hon. Eric, M.C, R.F.C, s. 
of .Tolm. 1st Baron Avebuiv. France, 11 3Iarch, 

LvCAs, THOMA3 Farquh.».r, lieuL. Vv'arwiekshira 
Rest., 8. of Sir Edward Lucas, 3rd Bt. France, 

16 Juno, 1917. 

LuKis, T. S., lieut. 13tli London Regt., s. of 
Surg.-Geu. Sir Charles Luki.-,, K. C.S.I. France, 
15 .March, 1915. 

Lu-MLEY, R., 2nd lieut. lith Hu.ssars, s. of 
Brig.-Gen. Hon. Osbert Lunilej', and grand- 
son of Richard, 9th Earl of Scarborough. France, 

17 Oct. 1914. 

Lyon, Lieut. 0. L. Bowts-, Black Watch, s. of 
Hon. Francis Bowes-Lyon, and grandfon of 
Claude, 13l1i Earl of Strathmore. France, 
23 Oct. 1914. 

Lyon, Capt. Hon. Ferocs Bov/es-, Black, 
\Vatch, s. of Claude, 14th Earl of Strathmore and 
Kinghorne. .Frr.nce, 27 Sept. 1915. 

McBp.ide, Peter, York and Lancaster Regt., 
s. of the Hon. Sir Peter McBride. France, 1 Julv, 

McCoKNELL, 'William Clarke, lient. Roy. 
Irish Rifles, s. of Sir Robert McConucll, 1st Bt. 
France, 8 July, 1910. 

McCoRMiCK, Alexander Ca^tpbell, 2nd 
lieut. Argyll and Sutherland Hi-hlrs., s. of Sir 
Alexander JlcCormiek, Ji.l).. F.R.C.S. France, 
11 Oct. 191G. 

McCeae, Capt. G., 4tli Roy. Scot^, .s. of Sir 
George IMcCrae. Dardanelles, 28 June, 1915. 

McDonnell, :Ma.j.,the Hon. Sir Schomberg, 
G.C.V.O., K.C.B. : 5th Cauieron Highlrs. ; s. of 


xvl of .Antim. Flanders, 


LouER, Capt. Robert Egerton, Roy. Sussex j 
j!e;:t., s. of Sir Edmund Loder. 2nd' Bt. 29 i 
-March, 1917. ! 

F'-i'iiE. Raviion;), lunit. 2nd S. Lanus Roizi., 
• •; Mr Oiivor Lod^e. Flanders, U Sei.t. 1915. ; 

!-'»!n:£, RicuARU Cutkbi'.rt, s. of Prof. Sir | 
liicliard Lodge. Flanders. 27 Aug. 1917. j 

1.;>NG, Bi.ig.-Gen. Walter, C.M.G., D.S.O., i 
'^^ of t!io Rt. Hon. Walter Long. France, 27 Jan. i 

I.'.ve.Capt. William DrcuyDrury., D.S.O.. j 
'•--•n. Gds., whom. Hon. Hylda Sugden, dau. of! 
• i\ '<rd, 2nd B.iroii Si. Leonards. France, 25 1 
-I'i i.i'JlC. • I 


Macdonald, Hon. Godfrey E. H., lieut. 
Scots Gds., s. of Ronald, Gth Baron ^lacdonald, 
France, 2 Xov. 1914. 

MacGregor, John Atholl, lieut. CoUa. Gds., 
8. of Atholl IMacGregor, and grandson of Sir John 
MacGregor, 3rd Bt. of MacGr-igor. France, 26 
Sept. 191G. 

McGrigoe, j. X". S., lieut. Gordon Highlrs.,s. of 
Sir James !McGrigor, 3rd Bt. France, 7 Xov. 1914.. 

^^IcJannet, Capt. W'illiam Robert Benny. 
Seafortli Hitriilrs., w!\o m. Caroline, dau. of Sir 
Thomas Fraser. France, 10 July-, 191G. 

Mackenzie, Maurice, heut. R.A.M.C., s. of 
the late Sir Stephen Mackenzie. France, 28 Xov. 

:\1ackenzie, R. I., 2nd lieut. Black Watcii, s. 
of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, 7th Bt. of Gairl"ch, 
France, tl -April, 1915. 

Mackintosh, Capt. Alastaiu Hugh, Cameron 
Hichlrs., s. of Lord KvHachv. Aisne, 14 .Sept. 

McL.Ai'.EN, Hon. F. C, :\I.r., 2nd lieut. R.F.C, 
8. of Charles, 1st Baron Aberconway. 30 Autr. 

Macijcan, Capt. A. de V., East Surrey Rept., 
s. of Kitid Sir Harry Maeleiin. France, 19 
Sept. 1914. 

IMack WORTH. Capt. F. J. A., s. ef Sir .Vrtbur 
Mackworth, 0th Bt. France, I Xov. 1914. 

Maclay, W. S., lieut. Cameron Higlilrs., .«. of 
Sir Joseph ^.laclay. 2S June, 1915. 

McMaiion, Brig.-Gen-. X. R.. D.S.O., lieut. -col. 
Rev. Fus.. s. of Sir 'I'liomas 3le.Mahon, :>rd Bt. 
France, I I Nov. 1914. 

Mainagmten. Ai:t}IUR Dot (;i as. L'nd lient. 
Rifle Briir.. s. <>i' Hon. Sir Edu^ird .Macnaghten. 
5lh Bt. France, 10 Sept. 1910. 

Maddock.-,, Maj. H. j., Roy. Welsh Fus., who 
m. Rachel, dau. of Sir Robert Williams, 1st Bt. 
of Bridehead. Franco, 25 Sept. 1915. 


Magxay, Lt.-Ooi,. i'nri.ii' IMath.ev/, Koy. Fus., 
s. of air AVilliam Jla-znay, 2nd Bt. 13 April, 

^Maiit.anp, Xi \ T. Hov. A. H., Cfttncron Hi^hli'a., 
;-•. o:' Fro'.loi-u-k, I'-jlh VutI of Lauucrdi-lo. France, 
Sept. J PI 4. 

Manner?, Hon. J., iieut. Grci). Gds., p. of 
John, ;^rd Btu .>:i Manners. France, I Sept. 1914. 

MiLSNEiis, Lt..Col. Loed Rouep.t, Northld. 
Fug., s. of Joi.a, 7th Duko of Itutlaiid. 11 tiept. 

:\1aeki:k, Coi.. 11. J., n.S.0..1ato Colds. Cds. 
\v]io 111. ]ic<atrir-e. dau. ot S'r TliOTnas Jcck-on, 1st 
l;t. of Slaiistcc!. France, 4 Xov. 1914, 

ilAHKHAM, l\i. V/., 2nd liout. -■cot?. Gds., s. 
of Lt.-Gen. Sir Edwin ?!arkham. France, 29 
Auk. iQ'?. 

MvVitTi.N, Douglas Fbancis de ReNzi, 2nd 
lieut. Nortlild. Fus., s. of Lt.-Gen. Sir Alfred 
? I art in, K.C.B, 13 April, 1917. 

.MATimsox, Iax Kenneth, 2nd li'.ut. .Seaiorth 
jliglilrs., 3. of Ale-cander 3Iatheson, nnd grandson 
of .'Sir Alexander !Mathe.~on, Ist Bt. Franco, 1017. 

IvIatheson, EoDERTCic KrELK, lieut. Eoy. W- 
F^enl- Regt., s. cf Alexander r.Iatheson, and t;rand, 
son of Sir Alexander ."^iatbeson, Bt. France 

Maule, R., lieut. Koy. HcoU, s. t>i Sir P«obert 
Maule. DcU-dano]lei=, 29 Mav, lyio. 

Mat-rice, S., lieut. 1st We.ssex Co. ll.E. 

li'.io ]\laj.-Gen. .Sir Frederick iMauvice, K.U.B- 
Ypres, 11 May, 1915. 

MA>;\vi:;Li., LiKUT.-CoT.. A. E., eomdcr. Oollirc- 
wood Batt. l.-?.X.I>., s. of Sir Herbert" :.faxv»ell, 
7vh B(. of Monreith. Antwerp, 9 Oct. 1914. 

Manv.ell, W. F., lieut. oth K.O.S.B., only s. 
of Sir William MaxTse!!, 4th Bt. of Cardoness. 
Dardanelles, 13 Aug. 1915. 

Me/.ville, \V. W., lieut. Cih K.B.R.C, who 
m. Violet Sevmour, dau. of Gen. Sir Richard 
Harrison, K.C.B. France, 9 May, 1915. 

Merbixt, Capt. C. M., 16th Canadian Scottish, 
who m. Sophie, dau. of Sir Hibbert Tupper, 
K.C.M.G. France, 23 April, 1915. 

MiLB.VNKE, Sit. John P., V.C., 10th Bt. of 
Halnaby, iieut.-col. Xotts. Yco. Dardanelles, 21 
Aug. 1915. 

Mii.L, Gapt. Clavde Vacdp.ey-Eakep.-, Rifle 
r.ri;-:.,wl.o ;n. >[o'i. ;Mary, diu. of :hc late Lord 
Collins. Frojiee, iij Sept. lOlG, 

Miller, F. W. J. M., heut. Gion. Gd5., s. of 
Sir William Miller, 5th Bt. of Glenlt-e. France, 
23 Oct. 1914. 

Miller, G. L., liout. R.E., s. of Sir John Miller, 
K.C.S.I. France, 14 Sept. 1914. 

Mills, Hon. C. T., il.P., 2nd lieut. Scois Gds. 
d. of Charles, 2ad Baron Hillinqdon. Frame, 
G Oct. 1915. . 

.MiTFORD, :M.\j. Hon Ci-ement Freeman-, luth, s. .a" .-M-ernon, 1st BaroTi Redc-^dnle. 
Belgium, 13 :\ia%,'l915. 

:Moir. Heginalh. 2nd lieut. H.E., s. oi Sir 
Ernest Moir, J-t Bl. 9 Xov. 1915. 

MoLEswoiiTn, Hon. CnAv^Li-.a VViLLoronBY 
Murray, 2nd lieut. Duke of Cornwall's L.I.. a. of 
George, 9th ^"isc. .Molesworth. Fr.ince, 15 April, 

MoLYNEUX, Hon. CE'.u, RicirAUD. mids. R.X., 
s. of Osbert, Oth Earl of S.fton. In na\al action 
Jutland Bank, ni ;\Iay, I9li;. 

MuNCK. CAvr. Hon. C. H. S., Colds. Gds., .s. ,f 
lloniy, oih Vise. .Monck. France, 21 Oct. 1914. 


tlvj late Hon. Francis Mcncriolf, and grandson of 
.fames, 1st Baron Moncricrt". France, IS Xov. 

MONTKFlORlJ, CU'T. R. -d. .SEH.VG, E. Kl-jUt who m. Ida. dau. of Sir .Marcus Saumel, i-,st 
Br. I-'ranee, i« Xov. 1915. 

>10NTKITH, iilAJ. J. C, Beds Itei't., vlio ni. 
Jane, d<iu. of Sir John Wilson, l.sit Bt. of .Virdrii ■. 
France, 3L» Sept. 1915. 

:\Ii30N, Bash., 2nd liout. Ir'ost Office Rifles, s-. 
• of Ernest ^loon, and grandson of Sir Richarc> 
.^loon, Ist Bi. of Cop.-,e Wood. France, 24 ilav , 
1 y 1 5. 
; MooKE, Dacbe William, lieut. M.G.C., s. cf 
the Rt. Rev. ^Villiam Moore, D.D., Lord Bishop ot" 
Kilmore, Franco, 11 June, 1916. 

-Morgan, Hon. C. B'. Deane-. lieui. K.X.P*., s, 
of H;.riiilton, 4th Baron iluJ'Uerry. In H.^M.S. 
, Princess Irene, which was Idown u[) in Sheerness 
Harbour, 27 :May, 1915. 

.Morris, Lieut.-Col. Hon. G. H.. Insh G.U., 
s. of Z'.IiehaeJ, Ist Baron Kill.uun. I'l-aneo, 1 
.Sept. 1914. 

Morris, J. T., lieut. Roy. Welsh Fus., s. of 
Sir Robert jlorris, 4th Bt. of Ciasemont. J'rance, 
lu May, 1915. 

aIosley', Capt. Xicholas, X. Stalls Regt., s. of 
Tollman, 1st 13aron Anslow, C.B. France, 1 
Aug. 1915. 

' Moss, Maj. Charles Alexandi;ii, Canadian 
Infantry, s. of the iato Hon. Sir Charie.? r^Ioss. 
France," 24 Oct. 1910. 

MuLiiOLLVND, Cat't. Hon. A, E. S., Irish 
Gds.. tf. of Henry, 2nd Baron Duid.eath. France, 
; 1 Xov. 1914. 

Meller, ;M.4.j. George Fiso.s", R.M.L.L, who 
m. Kiitherine, dau. of Sir Fleary Berkeley. Dar . 
dandles, 1 31uy, 1915. 

rvluESAY, JI.Aj. Lor.D Geokoid Stewap.t, 
Black Watch, s. of John, 7th Duke of Atholl. 
France, 14 Sept. 1914. 

' Murray, W. H. KEini, liout. X.Z. Expod, 
\ Force, s. of late A. L. Keith Murray, and grand- 
sou of Sir William Keith :\[urray', 7th Bt. of 
: Ochtertyre. Dardanelles, 26 June, 1915. 

McEEAY-, Lieut. R. A. C. G., Seaforth Highlr.? 
who m. Ivy, dau. of Sir Henry Deruig, 10th Bt. 
France, Marcli, 1915. 

Ml-scrave, C, cadet R.X., s. of Sir Richard 
-Mus-rave, 12th Bt. of Edenhall. In ir.:M.S. 
Monmouth. Coronel, 1 Xov. 1914. 

Xairne. Lord Charles Mercer, M.V.O., 
maj. 1st Drau'oons, s, of Henry, oth Marq, of 
Lansilowne. France, 30 Oct. 1914, 

X.U'IER, C.APT. L. R. M., Cameron Kighlrs., s. 
of the late R. F. L. Xnpier, and grandson of Sir 
Robert Xauier, 9ih Bt. of Xapier. France, 28 
July 19UJ." 

Xapieb, Sm 'William Lennox, .Srd Bt. of 
IMebrion Sqi:.are, maj. S. Wales Bord. Dar- 
danelles, 13 Aut:. 1915. 

X.VTUAN, William Sylvester, 2nd lieut. Ro.y. 
Fus., s. of Sir Frederick X^athan. France, 14 
June, 1917. 

Xeave, Maj. A., 10th Lancers, s. of Capt. Sir 
.liundell Xeave, 4th Bt. France, 21 Feb, 1915. 

Xkvill, J. H. G., 2nd lieut. Gren. Gds., who m. 
Katherine, dau, of tb.o late Alexander Dick- 
Ciinvncham, and qranddau. of Sir William Dicic- 
*;miyidinui. Slh Bt. Franco. 6 Xov, 1914. 

■ ■ XEWBOROCtiU, WiLt.IAM 4TH BaRON, lieut. 

Wflsh Gds, 10 July, 19 10. 

XioiDLsoN, Basil Li:e, lieut. R.F,.-\... s, of 

Sir Arthur Xichol^..u. France, 24 July, 1915. 

XiciiOLSoN, Cai'T. (S. C. .\., R.F.C, s. of Sir 

i Charles Xicholson, 1st Bt., of Harrington Gardens, 

■ 11 :March, 1910, 

XivisoN, Robert Butler, 2nd liout. K.R.R.C-., 
, s. oi Sir Uob.-rt Xivi^ou. 1st I't. Franco, 15 
iS---pt, 191G. 


-omx. Marc A>Tr>nEW Patrick, lieut. Pi.F.A., 
>,.\t:ii Xol.lo, and prariLlson of Sir Andrew 
If, let Bt. Frvinco, 1 July, IGIT. 


of Rev. 
Hon. J. S.' Xorthcote. France, 3 Sopt. 191G. 
. ).>THC.OT):, HriiU Fa-'Vaar, -nd lieur. I. A. It., 
: Kcv. the Hon. J. S. Xorthcote, Prebendary 
M.' Paul's, and grandson of Stafford, 1st Earl 
: iii'doslcigh. ;Mc5-oriotnin:n, 2S April. 191G. 
XoFTHi-ANU. Y'sc, capt. Colds. Gds., s. of 
reiitor, 5t}i Earl of Pavnfurly. i'nuice, 1 Feb. 
I 'Mo. 
\T-GE-N-T, Bt?ig.-Ges. Geokge C, M.V.O., 
;. Irlih Gds., s. of Sir Ednnuid Xucrent, 3rd 
•. of Wadlcsjton. Fraacc, 31 2iliiy, 1915. 
Xt-'jSNt, C'att. Gerald, Iriih Kifles, s. of Sir 
II Nu_'oat, 3rd Bt. of Cloncoskoraine. Dar- 
-..•ik-.S Aug. 15ir.. 

Nc'.KNT. RiofAKD Fn.A.:sCi3 lloBEUT, Hout. 
.t< Gds., s. of liite Hon. IJiohard Xncront, 
: ! grandson of Anthony. 9th I-^arl of Wcst- 
tirsih. France. 10 Dec. "1914. 

N'uoENT, C^vPT. Hon. William .^xdkkw. 1.5th 
lIiLs^ars. s. of Williara, 10th Earl of Westmeath. 
France. 29 May, 19i;">. 

Nv.NXELY, CiiATiLES FnANCis. lieut. Xorthld. 
(•'u.-.. who m. Edith, dan. of the Hoi'.. John 
Miuisi'seld. and granilson of V.'illiam, 1st P>aron 
Saridhur.-^t. France, 2(5 Oct. 191l'>. 

(VPrfen-, Hox. DEsr^oKC, flight-lieut, I:.K. 
f!. ot Edward, 14th Baron Lichiquin. Flanders 
IC. Feb. 1915. 

OT.Ru-N-, Timothy John, lieut. R.F.A., s. of 
F:v iiiT.otiiv O'Brien, .'5rd Bt.,of Mrrrion Square. 
V: .ui-.-. 7 Aui:. 191G. 

n\- \\.i.\i.y,.\s. Cwr. Ger.vrd, Eov. Irish 
.! .\iai.-C.en. Sir De-^uiond OTalL-H-ghan, 

V. Cv 


Frn-M-.-^. -2:, A!ay, 1915. 

r. L., W. York^ F>£rt 
■la.i^e, 3 Sept. 191G; 

ot Sir 

P-T., lieut Scots Gds. 

OiMi.\-Y, Sir 'i. X. 
Prague. :» Oct. 1914. 

Or.iLVY, Catt. Hox. Pateick, '^].C., Scots 
Gds., 6. of Da\'id, 8th Earl of Airlie. I'Vance, 
Oct. 1917. 

<)lim;f.. Ma.t. Gcy JiEP.'iAi!, Pv.F.A., wiio in. 
Doris, dau. of Sir Geor^ie Hutchinson. France, 
29 Sept. 1910. 

O'Xeiil, C.u?t. Hox. A. E. P., 2nd Life 
Gds., j.i.l'.. s. of Edup.rd. 2ud Baron O'Xeill. 
Fr;i!ice, G Xov. 1914. 

O NSLOW, Thomas, 2nd lieut. Shropshire L.I., 
P. of Rev. Matthew Onslow, 4th Bt. G Juu. 1917. 

OnDE, John Verxox-Ca3ipbell-, 2nd lieut. 
Cameron Hi^hlrs., -s. of Sir Arthur Compbell- 
Orde. 4th Bt: Franco, 13 Oct. 1917. 

Orlerar. C.\rT. Basil .Jofix, Beds Hegt., v.ho 
in. Barbara, dau. of A. H. Edwards, and s;raiid- | 
dau. of Sir Heni-y Edwards. 1st Bt.,c>f Pye Xcst. 
France. 15 Jan. 1915. 

Ottley, G. C. L., D.S.O., lieut. Scots Gds., 
fi. of Rear-Adm. Sir Cljarles Ottlev, K.C.M.G. 
France, 21 Pec. 1914. 

Pacet, Lt.-COL. A. E. S. L., M.V.O., 11th 
Hu'^^ars. s. of Gen. Sir Arthur Paget, G.C.B. 2 
Av-j. 1917. 

Paricer. C. E., lieut. K.R.R.C., s. of Hon. 
Edmund Parker, and trrandson of Thonia.s, Gth 
Ear! of r-.iacciesileld. France. 1 Jan. iOl.^. 

Paukep., Maj. F. v. W., D.S.O., Cojiirnnnwealth 
Forces, s. of Sir Stephen Parker. Dardanelles, 
17 :March. 1916. 

Pahker, I\Iaj. Lkoxabd. 15th Hussars and 
R.F.C, is. of Rev. Hon. AiLremon Parker, and 
grandson of Thomas, Gth Earl of Macclesfield. 
France, 5 Jan. 1917. 

Pahkep., Victor, lieut. R.F.A., s. of Hon. 
Reginald Parker, and grandson of Thomas, 
Gth Earl of Macclesfield. 5 March, 191G. 

Parsinsox, Liextt. Re ay, R.X'., g. of Sir 
Thomas Parkinson. 12 March, 1917. 

Parmeli . Maj. Geoffrey Bkooke. Roy. West, 
Surrey Regt., s. of the lato Hon. Artk.ur Parnell, 
and grandson of Heury, 3rd Earon Congleton. 
France, 13 July, 131G. 

Parnell, Hon. Williaii At.a'^tar Damek, 
M.C., lieid. Gven. Gds., s. of Heiiry, 4Th Baron 
Congleton. France. 25 Sept. 1910. 

Parr, G. R., lieut. Somer.^ct L.I., s. of late 
Maj. -Gen. Sir Henrv Hallarn Parr, K.C.B., C.M.G. 
Belgium, 19 IDec. 1914. 

Parsons, Capt. Desmond Clkre, Irish Gds., s. 
of Hon. R. Pr:rson3, and grandson of William, 
3-d Earl of Rosse. France,' 1 5 Sept. 1 91 0. 

Paltlet, Cecil Henry, 2nd lieut. Dorset Yeo.. 
s. of Col. Charles Paulefc, and fireat-grandson of 
Charles, 13th l\Iarq. of Winchest-er. 26 Feb. 

Payi'ON. C. At., lioui. Rov. W. Kr>nt RcEt., s. 
of Sir Charles i'avtou, :\i.V.O. France, IS April, 

Pears. Lt.-CoL. M.vupice Eoraine, C.^l.G., 
: who HI. Eva, dau. of Sir Ppeneer !Marvon Wil- 
son, lOih Bt. France, 20 Oct. 1910. 

Pearson, Hon. F. G., lieut. Victor Tra.nsport 
Section, s. of Weotman. 1st Bamn Cowdvav. 
France, Sept. 1914. 

Peel, Rev. the Hon. rvlAL-pirE Berkelev, 
jr.O., s. of Arthur. 1st Vise:. Peel. France, 14 
May, 1917. 

Pelham. Hon. H. L., lieur. Roy. Sussex Roirt., 
Croix do Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur (lor 
gallantry); s. of Francis, 5th Earl of Chichester. 
14 Sept., 1914. 

Peiieeh, Capt. He^try Czcjx, Hotisehold Batt., 
■who m. EvoK n, dau. or Sir Amhersfc Selby Bigi:e 
K.C.B. 3 May, 1917. 

Pemberton, Capt. F. P. C, 2;;d Life Gds.. 
•who m. \^"iiuf!ed, dan. of Sir Wiiliair. A\'or=lev. 
3rd Bt. Belgium, 19 Oct. 191 i. 

Penpold, J. B., 2nd lieut. 7th K.O.S.B., s. of 
Lt.-Col. Sir Stephen Penfold. France, 2S Jan. 

Pennant, Hon. A. G. S. Douglas-, lieut. Gren. 
Gds. France, 29 Oct. 1914. 
' Pennant, Hon. Charles Douglas-, lieut. Colds. 
Gds., s. of George, 2nd Baron Pcnrhvn. Belgium, 
29 Oct. 1914. 

Pen-nant, CiPT. Hon. G. H.Douglas-, Grcn_ 
Gds., s. of Geor;:e, 2nd Baron i'enrhvn. France 
II March, 19157 

Pennington, ^Taj. W.H.. 12 Cav. Indian Army, 

, ^ s. ':i late Lieut. -Gen. Sir C. Penninirton. rcr-^iau 

Palk, Lt.-Col. Hon. Lawhence, D.S.O., Qulf, 9 ."-ept. 1915. 

Percival, Liedt.-Col. .-v. J.)?.,IVS.0.. Oliicier 
de la l.6gion d'Honneur; Nnrlhid. Fus., s. of Kt. 
Rev. Joim Percival. D.[\, Lord P.islvM) of Herf- 
ford. France, 31 Oct. i914. 

Percy, Algernon Williaxi. sub-lieut. R.X.I;., 

Hants. Rest., s. of Lawrence, 2nd Baron Haldon 
France, 2 July, 191G. 

^ P.VXMEK, Ca;-t. \{os. R. S. a., Otb Hants 
Regt., s. of William. 2iid Earl of Seibornc. .Meso- 
potamia, 21 Jan. 1910. 

P.A.RKER, Capt. A. E., 10th Hussars, who m. ; late lieut. Norfhld. Fus.. b. of Lord Atgornoii 
Joan Isobel 3Iargaret, dau. .if late Hon. ]•]. Bowes- , Porc}-, and grandson of Algernon, Gth Duke 
Lyoii,audgrrtnddaiiL:'atcr of Clauilo, 13ili Earl of ; of Xorlhumberland. In IL-M.^^. Queen Mary. 
Strtuhmorc and Kin,;!! )rr.e. .Mons, 7 Xov. Iyl5. naval action, Jutland Bank, 31 .NJay, ]91(i. 



pERKi-Ns, -Maj. .-E.-ceas. C, -lOth Pftthnns, 
Iniian Arniv, r. of lixte Gen. .Sir .KnoHa Ferkins, 
KC.B., R.E. 1-rancp, 2S April, 191.",. 

P£TiY, C. PE v.. -21X11 lieut. i::,t :\Iiadlc?ox llo^^t., 
p. of ihc Koii. C. S. S. Pcry, and ^'raiidson of 
William, 2t\d Eiirl of Limerick. France, 25-2fi 
Aug. 1915. 

Pkto, Cai'T. C. H., JOtli Hu-sars. s. of WiJliam 
Peio, and trr.indson of Sir Samuel Peto, 1st Bt. 
Fivuico, 17 Nov. iy!4. 

Philipfs, Hon. C. E. A., capt. Roy. Horse 
Gds., a. of Jolm, 1st Baron St. Duvids. Prance, 
13 May, 1016. 

Pmiv-i, P.rssET^i, CovsTANTixK, Aust. p. A., 
?. cf tho lato Lord Koiiry Phipps, and qrandfion of 
Gsoige, 2nd iMarq. of Xormanby. tJ Dec. 191G. 

Philitps, Capt. Hon. Roi.axp Er.\smx:e, Pvoy. 
Fus., e. of John, Igt Baron St. Davids. Franco, 
7 July, 1916. 

PniLLiMOEc;, -M. A., 2nd licut. Essex P.egt., 
attached L'olst Tunnelling. Co. R.E., s. of George 
PlJIlimore, and grandson of the late Adin. >ir 
Augustus Phiili7nore. K.C.B. Frame. 25 June. 

PiGOTT.G.W., 2nd licut. il.F.A., s. of Lieut.-'Jol. 
\V. G. Pi::;ott, and great-srandson of !Sir George 
Pigott, 1st Bt. of Knapton. Yprcs, 13 :May 1915. 

Pile, Flight- Lieut. Cyuil Jou.v, P».F..A., 
Pt.F.C., s. of Sir Thomas Pile, 1st Bt. 20 April, 

PrxHCY, 11. F. G.. lieut. R.F.A., s. of the late 
Sir A. F. Pinhoy, K.O.S.l. France, 2 Aug. 19 17 

Playfaik, C>vt. Hon. L. G. H. L., R.A.F., 
'■ of Gr uTizo, 2nd Baroji Pla'.fair. Franco, 
:•> April, 1915. 

PococK. S. X., A.f.G.I., s. of Sir Sidue .• I'ocock. 
Fiance, 21 Feb. 1915. 

Polloct:, Capt. F. K., Colds. Gds.. s. of iat« 
Robert Frskine Pollock, and crandson of Rt. 
Hon. Sir Frederick Pollock. 1st Bt. France, 23 
Oct. 1914. 

PorA,ocK, M. v., llout. S. WaF.-s Bord., s. of 
lato R. E. I'oUock. and gieat-giandson of 
Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick Pollock, 1st Bt. Bel- 
gium, 9 May, 1915. 

PoxsoNCY, Capt. A. W. X., Oxford una 
Bucka L.I.. s. of Hon. Edwin Pon^onhy, and 
grand&on of Charles, 2nd Baron de ^Jauley. 
France, 8 Sept. 1915. 

PoNsoxBY, C\Til Thonu1^-•, lifut. K.R.K.C. i. 
of Hon. Cyril Pon?onbj-. and gidnd^cr. C'f 'iV;'.!t<.'i- 
7-:h. Karl of Be?^borongh. France, 24 Ar.i.'. I'.ilC. 

PoxsoNBY, Maj. Hon. C. Alyles B., :\I.V.O., 
Gren. Gds., s. of Edward, 8th Ear! of Bessborough. 
France, 28 Sept. 1915. 

PooRE, R.. lieut. R.F.A., late R.X., s. o: Adm. 
Sir Ricliard Poore, K.C.B., C.V.O., 4th Bt. 
France, 19 Sept. 1915. 

Portal, Oldeick Spencer, lieut. Household 
Batt., s. of Spencer Portal, and grandson of Sir 
WjnQdham Portal, let Bt. 3 May, 1917. 

Portal. Raymcno Spencer, <ub-Iient. P..X., 
s. of Spencer Portal, and jjrandson of Sir Wynd- 
ham Portal, 1st Bt. In H.M.S. Invincbh, naval 
action, Jutland Bank. 31 .^lay, 19IC. 

Pound, Capt. J. R., Shropshne L.I.. s. of 
Sir Lulhar:! Pour.d, 2nd Pi. Flandors, l'7 -Vpril, 

PoCND, M. S., 2nd lieut. Roy. V.'. Surrov Kejt.. 
s. cf Sir Lidhaai Pour.d, 2ud Bi. Fluulers, 
7 Nov. 1914. 

Powell, Capt. Scott. Roy. Welsh ?'r.s.. s. cf 
Sir Richard Douglas I'o'.vell. ist Bt. France 4 
April, 191G. 

Powlett, W. p. Orde-, lieut Yor!:s Regt., 
8. of Hon. William Orde-Powictt. and gramison 
of W'iiliain, 4th Bt<,i-on Boltoii. Ypre.^, 16 
^!:•.v, 1915. , 



', Po\VN.4i.L. Lieut. Commr. G. H., R.X., who m. 
, Vera, dau. of Henrv Cliichester. and cranddautrhter 
: of Sir Arthur Chielioster. 8rh Bt. of Rak-i-.'h. 

Dardaneljes. 25 April, 1915. 
' Pragnell, Capt. G. F., e. of the late Sir George 

Pragncll. France, 23 July, 1917. 

Ppajn, T., lieut. Leicester Rest., s. of Sir 

David Prain, C..M.G., CLE. France. 21 Oct. 


Preston, Capt. T. H.. East Lanes. Regt., s. 
: of laie W. T. Preaton, and eraiidson of Sir Jaoob 

Preston, 2nd Bt. 17 Xov.'^igU. 
'. Preston, Thomas Frederick, iicui. Yeo., 
attciid. R.F.C., s. of Sir Henry Preston, 3rd Bt. 
France, 24 Jan. 1917. 
' Price, Capt. James, M.C., R.F.A., who in. 
Mariquita. dau. of Sir Timothy O'Brien, 3rd Bt. 
of Merrion Square. France, 21 April, lOUi. 

Prittic, Capt. Hon., F. R. D., Rifle Brie, 
s. of Henrv, 4th Baron Dunallev. France, I'l 
Di-e. 1914. 

Qcenington, Vise, Capt. Glouc. Yeo.. s. of 
Michael, let Earl St. Aldwvn. EgA'pt. 23 Anrd. 
19H;. * 

Quieter, Lieut. -Col. J. A. C, comd?. Hood 
Batt, H.X.D., iate Gren. Gds., s. of Sir 'William 
Cuthbert Quilter, 1st Bt. Dardanelles, Ma\ , 

Radcliefe. Capt. Arthttii Philip, R.F.A., s. of 
Lr.-Col. Philip Radeliife, and grandson of Sir 
Joseph Radcli ?e, 3rd Bt. Aug. 1917. 

R.AiKEs, F. ^I., -vffho ra. Harriet, dau. of Sir John 
, Koinpo, K.C.B. r.Iesopotamia, 1917, 
I Ralli, Capt. Leo Lucas. A.S.C, 3. cf Sir Lucas 
: Ralli, 1st Bt. Franco, 20 April, 1917. 
j Ram3.\y, Maj. John Rich-ard, H.H.A., s. of 
' the late Capt. John Ramsny, and gr mdson of 
! Sir Alexander Ramsay, 3rd Bt. of B.almaiu. 
; G Jan. 1917. 

Ramsay, L. X. G., 2nd lic-at. Gordon Hiizhlrs., 
K. of Sir W. 'A. Ramsay. France, 21 .March, 1915. 
[ Ramsay, Xorman, lieut. 4th Dratroon Gds., 
' s. of late Capt. John Ramsay, R.E., and srand- 
, son of Sir Alc"xandL-r Ram.-::av, 3vii Bt. of Bahnain. 
' BelL'ium, 4 Xov. 1014. 


'' 6. of tho late Sir William Rattigan, M.P. France, 
' 13 Xov.' 1916. 

Raven, F.. lieut. R.E., s. of Sir Vincent Piaven, 
24 -March, 1917. 

R.AWSTONE, Maj. Thomas Godfrey, Yeo., who 
m. :Margery, dau. of Sir William Portal, 2nd Bt. 
France, 31 July, 19n. 

Reid. F. J., lOth Batt. Canadians, p. of Siu-g.- 
Oen. Sir Adam SeoU Reid. France, 25 April, 

Kewse, .AIaj. H. B W. S.mitii-, R.A., who m. 
Olive Helen, dau. of hT,fo Lieut. -Col. Sir Oliver 
St. John, K.C.S.I.. R.E. France. 20 Xov. 1914. 

Rice. GruALr> Spi-.tnc, lieut. Border Rcgt.. 
s. of the late Hon. C. U". l". Spring Pvice, and 
grandson of Thomas, 1st Baron .Monteaglo. 
France, 27 May, 1910. 

RiCH.\RDSON. A. D., 2nd heut. W. Yorks 
Regt., s. of the late Sir Th'^iaas RiohArd^on. 
France. 12 .Fjn. 1915. 

RiCH.iRDSON, E. B., 2nd lieut. R.E., s. of tho 
late Sir Thomas Richardson. 28 Oct. 1913. 

RicnAP.nsoN, Sir E. A. Stewart-, 15th B:., 
capt. BIa;k Watch. Fiance, 2S Xov. 1914. 

RiCH.AHDSON, J. L. Stew.\rt-, 2nd lieut. Colds. 
] Gds.. s. of Sir James Stewart-Richardson. 14th Bt. 
> France, 17 May. 1910. 

Ripley, C. R., lieut. YorUs and Lanes Regt., 
8. of Sir Frederick Bip!'\v, 1st Bt. of Acacia. 
' France, 22 Oct. 1014. 



KOBABTE3, Hon. T. C. li. Agas-, lieut. Colds. 
i:;js.,M.P.,.s. of Thomas, Gth VL-c-.C!ifJen. Trance, 
3M Sfpi. I'Jio. 

Hohissoif, Hon. H. E. J., 2nd licut. "E. Kent 
RciTt., 3. of Herc-ulcs, 2nd Baron Rosmead. 
Fraiice 25 Sept. 1S15. 

Koaraxsox, Cait. K. :.I., Roy. Welsh Fa?., s. 
of Sir Ilelonus Robertson. Fraace, 26 Jan. 191C. 

);ocri£. Cap J'. A., Ruy. Tuun-ter Fus.,_fliL'bt- 
comr. R.F.C., •-:. of Sir G<.-or::? Roche. 1- ranee, 
jj Jan. 5 91.1. 

Rot).N-EY, Hon. F. W., 2nd liont. Rifle Brip., 
-i. of George, 7th Baron Roilnev. Eek'ium, ; 
9 May, 1915. \ 

Roe, Cai'x. Arthur Ixobekt ^Moxtgomhp.y, i 
iJnrset Regt., s. of Sir Charles Roo, who m. Joan 
r'au. CI Sir ■\Vi!!iam Wisemati, fiih Bt. France, i 
Sept. 1914. 

Rogers, E.sjio>;d Halljewei-l, 2nd lieut. Roy. 
Wi-.rTvichAhirf.' Kegt., s. of Sir Ua!iev>-ell Rogers. 
France, 2 July, I'JlG. 

RoMiiLY, Capt. F. H., D.S.O., Leices. Rogt., 
'.vho ni. Jeannie. dau. of fcjir Georg<3 Meiviiie, 
K.C.?.1.G. France, 25 Sept. 1915. 

RoMiLLY, Co:5Me George, who m. May, dau. 
uf Adai. Sir Comv.ton Doni\iUe, G.C.13. Dardan- 
elles, 11 Aug. 1915. 

Rose, Sir F. S., 2n-d Bt. of KAr;D^^^;cK, capt. 
I'ltli Huisars. France, 20 Oct. 1914. 

Rose, Capt. Phtlip Vivian, Oxford and Bucks 
L.I., s. of Sir Pliilip Rose, 2ad Bt. of Rayners. 
Egypt, 25 April, 1917. 

RO^E, ROXAT.D CUAKLES, llf IT. Roy. S'^Oti., S. 

o: M:ij.-*;eii. >Ar Ronald Ross, K.C.B. Fiance, 


i;f<r, Lt.-Col. Ryvk?, Gerald LA^"0A5TEH, 
Waruickiliire Regi., .?. of the late Robert J\0=e. 
luid crrandson of Sir Philip Rose, 1st Bt., of 
R:iyner£. France, 23 July 1910. 

Rowley, Charles Roxald, 2nd lieut. Lanes 
Fus., s. of Sir Georgtj Rowley. 3rd Bt.,of Hill 
House. France, 10 July, 191G. 

Rovrij3Y, Hon. George Cecii., 2nd lieut. 
K.R.R.C, s. of Hercules, 4th Baron Lansrford. 
France, 17 Feb. 1017. 

Sadler, £. J. B. Haves, iieut. R.E.. s. of 
IJeut.-Col. Sir J. H. Svi'cr, K.C.:\I.G.. C.B. 
France, 2d Oct. 1914. 

Sadler, Capt. E. R. Haves. Stli Gurkhas, s. of 
Lieut..Col.>SirJ.H.Sad!cr,K.C..M.G.,O.B. France. 
30 Oct^ 1914. 

Sadler, C.\rT. G. G., ^rJ Drasioon Gd-s., s. 
of late Col. Su S. A. Sadler. 1 Nov. 1914. 

St. Aubyx, Maj. Hok. Edwat.d Stewart, 
K.R.R.C, s. of John, 2i.l Baron St. Levan. 
Mediterranean, 30 Dec. 1915. 

St. Aubyx, Hon. Piers Stewart, 2nd lieut, 
K.R.R.C, s. of John, 2nd Baron St. Levan. 
France, SI Oct. 1911. 

St. Claip., Capt. IIc.x. C H. M., Seaforth 
Hiiihlrs., 3. of Cliarles, loih Baron Sinclair. 
■ Frame, 20 Dec. 1914. 

St. Hill, Lt.-Col. Collis George Herbkrt, 
Devon I'eo., v ho m. Rosie Aminabei, dau. of Sir 
Spencer IMaryon- Wilson, 10th Bt. 8 July, 1917. 

Salo-Mons, Capt. D. R. H. P.. R.E., s. of Sir 
Da\ id Guklsinid-Stern-Saloiaons, 2nd Bt. At .-^ea i 
■<tl Mi.dros. 2s l!oi. 191... 

Salt, Cai'T. Walter Pei it. Lanes. Fus., s. of 
Sir Thomas Salt, 1st Bt. of Weeping Cross. 
Pr.mce, 27 Oct. 19; (i. ; 

c, !-i>v.'ard .Maw.kli.. '-'nd heut.Roy. 

Dib!,., Fir 

April, !J15. 

of Lord 

.'n. France, 

Samuei,, Gek.ald George, lieut. Roy. W. Kent 
Ro::t., s. of Sir Marcus Samuel, Ist Bt. of the ^Mote. 
France, 8 June. 1917. 

S.AV.LE. R. C. Geaves-. lieut. Co'ds. GJ.s., s. 
of Rear-.4dm. Sir Charles Graves-Sawie, M.V.O., 
4th Bt. France, 2 ^ov. 1914. 

Scarlett, Hon. L. F.. lieut. R.N., s. of lat« 
Lieut. -Ccl. L. J. Y. C. Scarlett, and great-<:rand.son 
of James, 1st Baron Abinger. In subinaiuie. 
Australia, 14 Sept. 1914. 

ScH.^TER, TnoM.AS Sy'dney, 2nd licut. Xoiihld. 
Fus.. s. of Sir Edward Scliafer. France. 2(j Sept. 

Scott, Capt. Gtorge Henfy ILiLi., E. SiuT'-y 
Regt., s. of the laie Sir Heurj- Hall Sootr. France, 
i July. i91o. 

Scott, John Dk L', mids. R..N'., s. of 
Adin. Sir I'ercv Scott. Bt., K.C.B. . K.C.V.O., 
In H.-M.S. DcU'nca, Jutland Bank, 31 May, 191G. 

Scott. A. X. IiEpbckne-, 2nd licut. Scots Gds., 
s. of Lt.-Col. The .Master of Polv.anh, and grand- 
.son of Walter^ 8th Baron Polwarth. France. 
IG May, 1915. 

Scott, F. V.'. HepbetiNE-, licut. R.X.. s. of 
late Hon. H. R. Hepburne-Scott, and grandson 
of Henrv. 7th Baron Polwarth. Ypres Canal, 4 
May, 1915. 

Scott, Lt.-Col. JoH2f Wielough^y, Oxford- 
shire Hassars, s. of the late Sir John Scott, 
KC.M.G. P.-lc-stino, 23 April, 1917. 

Seafield, J ir es IItb Earl of, capt. 3rd 
Cameron Hlglilaiiders. France, 12 Nov. 1915. 

Seely, Fr.ank Reginald, 2nd lieut. Hants 
Rest., s. oj the Rt. Hoti. Jolia Seely, M.P. 
April, 1917- 

FOBBE3-SFMPI.T.L, HoN. R. A., li^ut. Gordon 
Hi£;hlrs., s. of Williain, 17th Baron S?mpii!. 
France, 2 June, li>15. 

Semple, WiLLiA:n David, 2nd lieut. K.R.R.C, 
s. of Sir Dflvid Semple. France, 20 June, 191G. 

Senior. C.vpt. A. M.. 91st Punjabis, who ni. 
Winifred, dau. of Sir Vauncev Harour-Crewe, 
10th B(. Mesopotamia, 22 April, 191 G. 

Seymottp., Francis, 7th (S.) Batt. I-I.R.R.C, 
who m. Lady Barbara Wiibrahani, dau. of 
Edward, 2iid Earl of Latham. Fiance, 30 July, 

SEY.MOLTi, Capt. G. Citlme-, K.R.R.C, s. of 
Adir.. Sir Mi-hael Culme-Seyniour, G.C.B., 
G.C.V.O., 3rd Bt. France. G May, 1915. 

Sh.vbpe, Maerice, 2nd lieut. R.F.C., a. of 
Sir Alired Sharpe. Fiance, 2S Oct. 191G. 

Skaeghnessy. Capt. Hon. A. T., Canadian 
Inf., s. of Thomas, 1st Baron Shaughnessy. 
K.C.V.O. France, 31 March, 191G. 

Shaw, A. G., lieut. Manchester Regt., s. of the 
Rt. Rev. E. Shaw, Bishop Smiragan of Bucking- 
ham. France, 24 Dec. 1915. 

Shaw, B. H. G.. lieut. W. Yorks Regt. s. 
of the Rt. Rev. E. Shaw. Bishop SucEragan of 
Buckingham. France, 19 Dec. 1914. 

Shaw, Edward Alfred., lieut. O.xfordshire 
and Bucks. L.i., s. of the Rt. Rev. E. Shaw, 
Bishop Sufiragan of Bui kingham. Egypt, Oct. 
191 G. 

Shelijey, C W. C. lieut. Scots Gds., s. of 
Sir Charles Shelkv, 6th Bt., of Castle Goraig. 
France, 17 Oct. 1915. 

Shore, Comr. Lionel Henry, R.N., s. of 
Commr. Hon. Jloiirv Shore. R.N.. and grandson 
of Charles, 2nd Baron Teignniouth. in H..M.S. 
Invincibir, in naval action, Jutland Bank, 31 
May. i91G. 

Short, t'Ai-T. j-'hancis Leslie, Roy. West Kent 
Regt., s. of Sir }''rank Sliort. France, 3 June, 



.• 'iaf.lo'Torth. ir^aec. 30 March, 1917. 

Si3:o>-rs, IvJaj. C. F., K.R.R.C, who m. 
Eveivn, grjndclrai. of Sir Alfred Hickiiian, Isc Bt. 
29 Jiiac, 1910. 

SiMPSox, James Cowie, liout. ]^..E., who in. 
lion. Georgma Hamilton, diu. cf James, 9th 
iiaroD Belhaveu aud otenton. 4 E-ec. 1910. 

>>L\CKE, CaI'T. CilAKLKS OwEV, Kov. Ili.-ll 

(-:i!i-.~, s. of the ii'.re Sir 0. •.•.',; .Slaoke, C.B. 
Frr.fioe. 1 July, 1916. 

SlaCke, Maj. 11. C, Koy. W. Kent Regt., 
t;. 01 late r>ir Owen Slucke. C.B. Erjuiee, 10 
^lAy, 1U15. 

Smallua:^', a. F, S., 2nd lieut, H.A.(;., s. of 
.Sir Geor^'O SmaUnjan. France, li Sow I'Jio, 

.SrHTtTLE WORTH, C.\PT. IJo^^. Eu%VAX:D l^Ji.Y; \ SXEWAKT, J OHN HorGnXOX, liout. Roy. 

..e Brie.'., s. of Ut.'htred, ist Baron Shuttle- I liiiiiskilht.f Fus., s. of y.\c\\. G. P. .Steuart, and 
,;cli. io July, 1917. j pioiid-ou of t>ir Jolm tStewart. 3rdBK, otAthenry. 

TTLr;v.op.TU. Catt. Ho:-'. Lawbexcb I'V^-^iliuoert, 10 Mny, lylO, 
HTiV£D Kav-, K.F.A., s. of Eiilitred, 1st Baron .Stf.v.ajit, Ho>-. K. A., licut. B' Watc)i. a. 

of Randolph, 11th Earl of GalloTvay. Belgium. 
9 :\lay, 1915. 

Ste'aart, XielShaw-, 2nd lieut. Rifle Brig., s. 
of ^\'ahe^ Shaw-Siewart, and grandson of 8ir 
:\iic!jc;el Shau--.Sie\vari, 7th Bi. Frur.ce, Aug. 

.Stock. Capt. Abthuh, Ayrshire Yeo., who 
in. Evelyn, widow of Jack ^Jouthwell, 2ota 
Baron do Ghiford. 12 Dec. 1S15. 

Stockley, Capt. J. P. , who ra. Hilda, dau. of 
.Sir Reginald Dyke Acland. 1 Jan. 1910. 

.yroNOR, Hon-. IT. C., lieut. Beds Rcgt., attached 
2i>.d .Stans l!eg(., s. of Frtmcid, -Ith Baron Cainoys. 
Fmiifc, 10 31arch. 191o. 

SxEACEV, Capt. R. G., Scots Gds., graadsoa of 
Sm.u^^a-.-, C. S.. s. of Sir George .Smallm.u.. \ ^'^^ ^^^"ry ^^^^^'^'^Y.. ^^h Bt. France, 1915. 
Jlemmel, 10 Dec. 191i. I Stbutt, R. X., 2nd lieut. Roy. Scots, s. oi lioa. 

S>ujrH, Capt. C. G. Bov-i-eb-, Gios. Regt., s. ': Richard Strutt, and grandson of Jolm, 2ud Baron 
')f P. E. 0. Bowyer-bniijth, and grandson of i>ir 

Edv.ard BoRyer-Sniijth, R'th Bt. Camercons, , , . _, 

1 Nov. 19)5. ' s. of Andrew, Gtli Earl Castle Stewart, irri'.nce, 

S:.nTH, George Buchaxax, attchd. Gordon ', 25-27 Sept. 1915. 
Iu.?liir-., s. of Very l\cv. Sir George Adam Smith, ' Stcabt, R. J. X., lieut. Roy. Scots Fus., s. oi 
D.I)., II.C.S.L, K.C.V.O. France. 25 i>opt..l915. law Horace Xcel Stuart, and gi-eatgrandson of 
S:.nH, G. K. F.. lieut. Cold.. Gds., who m. ! Hobert, 2ud Earl Ca.tle Stewart. Belgium. 17 
Ludv Katldecn Clements, dau. of Robert, 4th j -'''^y. 1915. 

Eari of Leitrira. France, 29 Oct. 1914. i .^tu.uit, Lokt> N'inia^; Crtchton-, lieut.-col. 

S.-.-im. Capt. Robert DcxLOP. ;i3rd Punjabees. 1 oomdc.'. 0th i^att. Welsh Regt., a. of Joiui. 3rd 

■ Rayleigh. Flanders, 18 Oct. 1915. 

ixcAKT, ViscoxTNT, lieut. 6th Roy. Scots Fus. 

iiarquets of Bute. France, 2 Oct. 1915. 

SxfCLEY, yiAj. H. St. L.. Greu. Gds., s. of Sir 
Gcor£.e Stucloy, 1st Bt. Belgium, 29 Oct. 1914., F. G., Canadian Forces, a. of Sir 
Robert Stupart. France, 21 Oct. 1910. 


R.F.A. Meaopotamia, 21 April, 1917. 

SuTXiE, AnciUBALD R0.S-AI.D Grant-, 2nd 
lieut. R.II.A., s. of Robert Grant-Suttie, and 
grandson of Sir Georgo Grsint-Suttie, 5th Bt. 
France, July. 1917. 

Symonds, -AIaj. J. F. E., S. Staffs Regt., who m. 
Ahiry, dau. of Sir William Vavasour, 3rd Bt. 
France, 1 Xov. 1914. 

Talbwt, -Maj. E. C, 47tli Siklis,wlio m. Dorothy, 
dau. of Sir William Gibbons, E.C.B. Fraace, 
I jy April, 1915. 

Talbot, G. W. L., lieut. 7t!i liifle Brig., s. of 
Rt. Rev. E. S. Talbot, D.D., Eord Bishop of 
Winchester. Belgium, 30 July, 1915. 

Tanner, E. J. S., 2iid lieut. lUachiue Gun 
Corps, d. of Sir Henry Tanner, C.B., I.S.O. 
France, 8 July. 19)0. 

Tayloub, Capx. G. R., Roy. Warwickshire 
Regt., s. of tiie laie Lord John Tajdour, and 
grandson of Thomas, 2ud Marquess of Headfort. 
France, 19 Oct. 1914. 

ILos. EDWATiD Wvxd.ia:j, liout. 

s. of Very Rev. tiiv George Adam Smith, D.D. 
iv.C.S.I., K.C.V.O. 12 June, 1917. 

Smith, W. B. P., lieut. 1 /Srd Scottish Horse, 
; . of Rt. Hon. Jame-s Parker Siniiii. ' Dar- 
(ianeiies, 11 Sept. 1915., Lieut.. Col.. W. R.,A..,C.M.G.,Gren.Gds. 
wlio m. Hon. \io!ot Somerset, dau. of Richard 
2iid Baren Raglan. Fr3.nce, 19 >iay, 1915. 

Smith, Capt. Vi. B. Haui-on-, Roy. W. Surrey 
Regt., s. of Sir G. B. Haddun-Smiili, K.C.3I.G. 
I'rance, 16 iMay, 1915. 


Heexe- Shrop^iiir--- L.i., s. of Sir Cl.avi--- 
Buckworth-Hcnu;-Sort:ne, lOtli Bt. Frauc", 3o 
July, 1916. 

So:iEr.sET, X". A. II., lieut. Oren. Gds., f. of 
Hon. .-iichur Soir.ei-5-?t, and grand-xn of Eicliard, 
2nd Baron Ragian. France, 23 Oct. 1914. 

Spiel-MAN, Capt. H. L. I,. lUth IManehester 
Rogt., s. of Sir Speilman, C.M.G. Dar- 
danelles, 13 Aug. 1915. 

Sprott, Fbi-debick William, 2ud hcui. I.A., 
s. of Sir Frederick sprott, 25 Aug. 1910. 

SXANUOPE, Capx. Ricuabu Philip, Gren. 
Gds., s. of Arthur, 0th Earl Stanhope. France, 
15 Sepf. 1910. 

Sxantiope, Taluox Fitzbuv Edex, lieut. 
Rifle Brig., s. of Uie Hon. Dudlev Stanhope, Ien.maxt, HO-N". f.DWAi 

and grandson of Ciiurl.., 7th Earl of Hainngtou. ; Gren. Gd..., s. ot Edwara, ist baron ulcnconer, 
France, 9 Mav, 1915. I I'rance, 2- sept. 191o. 

Sx.^MLN-. F: H. J., sub-lieut. R.X., s. of Adm. ! Teknanx Henry 2ud lieut. Scots Greys 
Sir .lames Startin, K.C.B. Dardanelles. 13 July, attchd. R.F.C., s. 01 lU. Hou. Hcrola J. reunant. 
j^9j5_ ! France, 27 May, 1917. 

Si£Wart, Lt.-Col. a. B. a.. D.S.U.. Soaiorth \ Texnanx. Capt. .M.uik, Seaiorth H.ghlrs.. s. 
Highirj., wncn. Edith Evelyn, dau. of Sir Arthur, of Francis J^hn Tennaut, and grandson el b.r 
Vivian, K.C.B. France. 23 .May, 1910. j Cl)arle.-j reunant, Isi Bt. trance, i.' .^ept. 

Stewap.x, a. H., lieut. Glouces. I'egt.. s. 01 
Eieui..toI. U. li. A. Stewart, aatl nephew uf Hii 
Augustus Stewart, 9tii Bt. 01 Fort Stewart. 
Canieroons, 29 Aug. 1914. 

S-iEWAKT, J. A., lieut. Uoy. .Muu.ster Fus., s. of 
lute J. .\. Stewart, and cousin of C5U- H. •'. t. 
>tev.^iri. ilth bt. ui Fort SiewArl. 1-rantc, 


TiiEsiciEK, Hon. Frederick Ivor, heut. R.A., 
■3. of Frederick, 3rd Baron Cheimsiord. May, 

s. of late Lio t.-Gen. H'-n. Charles Thcsiger, and 
rrandson of Frederick, 1st Baron CheliuBiord. 
iratico, 2o-27 Sept. 11! 15. 

A'SD WHO HAVE ;(.o^;'r TiiKT.r; livfs in tiU': wai; 

! lioMAS, Ho.s-. G. V. Ferkmax-, I'l-.d !icnl. 
•. ; tkis., s. of Freemen, 1st l3aron WilliiMrooji. 
r-nce. H Sept. J 914. 
r-'OVAS, Capt. R, X., R.F.C, e. of Bricr.-Gen. 
- r Uv.\.i Thoma.s. Tmnce, 23 July, 1917. 

! -^o.-n-sox, Capt. G., ConniiU^hr H.-inu'^r.--, .=. 
, • riegiiiaki Thompson, and graiici.-tin ot >ir 
■;. W. Thompson, i^t lit. of Gui«lev. Inince, 
.4 l"oh. iSlo." 

I iiOMPSox, SuB-LiEvr. L. G. C. R.X.. s. of sir 
I iiofiias Raike.-5 Thompson, 3id Bt. of Harts- 
! ourne. At sea, 21 March, 1910. 

TitoMPsox, Cavt.Hox. C. H.:.[£y.sey-, M. Rife 
y-'ii., s. of Honry, l^t Earon Ivnr.rf.^borough. 
I j..!ice, 17 June 1915. 

THOB>rHiLL, R. A.CoMPTON-: h>-nt. Soots Gel?., 
:. oi Sir Arirhonv Complon-ThLU-nhin. 2nd Bi. 
fnince, 14 fccpt.' 191-1. 

TnoBNToy, Maj. Fredeiuck Edxt.aTvD, who 
•?.. Gertrude, dau. of t\w late Sir Thorburn. 
^Mvsopolainia, 25 March, 1917. 

TiioaPE, Cat-t. J. y., .\].C., Scots Gd-.. wlio m. 
inizabeth Cecilia, dau. of Canon the Hon. .^idney 
.'.'i^d. and grnud dau. of Richard, ord E;irl of 
Clanuilliani." Franc--, lo Sept. 101(1. 

Tni>.ocKMORTON-, Lt.-Col. R. C. B., Roy. 
^\'c!•ih Fus., grandson of Sir Robert Throckmorton, 
Sih Bt. ^Mesopotamia, 9 April, 191(5. 

Toi.LEMACHE, Bevil, 2nd lieut. Colds. Gds., s. 
(•f Hon. Doudas ToUeinr.clie, and f-raiidson of 
John, 1st Baron Tolloniache. France, 22 Dec. 


TooTir, Capt. D. K. Lucas-. 9th Lnncers, s. 
oi Sir Robi-rf Lucas-Tooth. 1-t Bt. France, 
13 Sept. 1914. 

TooT.'i, Capt. Sei-vvx IrcAS-, Luncs Fits., s. 
"f Si;- r.f.i.ert Luoas-Tooth, 1st Bt. France, 
-u Oct. 1914. 

T<,nr.ANC-. W. A.. Canadian A.M.C., s. of the 
Liti .sir And:ca Tomivice. France, 14 April, 

■^'owsK, William Noh;.ian, s. of Sir Wrench 
'I't.wse. France, 15 Sept. 191C. 

TowNsnENP, F. :\I.arsham-, 2nd lieut. Scots 
'■■1<., s. of Hon. Robert ilar.sham-TD'.vn^hend, : 
■■■■id prandson of Charles, 2ncl Earl of Romnev. i 
! -.iiico, 1<; :ray, 1915. " ; 

Tkacy, Zkiaj. Hon. A. H. C. HAXErp.Y-.C.-M.G., ! 
!'>oy. Horse Gds.. s. of Charles, 4th Baron Sude- I 
: y. 3 Dec. 1015. 

1 p.ACY-, Hox. Fj3lix Haxbiry-, lierJ . .-jcots ; 
'-d-.. s. of Charles, ith Baron Sudciev. France. 
21 Dec. 1914. 
_ Tkaheexe, Capt. C. AV., R.A.IM.C, e. of Surg.- ' 
Gen. Sir Francis Traherne, K.C.^M.G. France, . 
1- Aug. 1917. I 

Tp.efusis, Capt. Arthur Owex. Xm-th Lanes. ' 
I'-- f-'t., s. of the Rt. Rev. Robirt Trefusis, D.D., 
^^.Iiop of Crediton. France, 8 Jnly, 1916. 
■ Tkefusis, Bp.ig,-Gex. Hox. John F. H. S. F., ' 
ri-^.O., Irish Gds., s. of Ch.arles, 20th Baron 
•haton. Franco, 24 Oct. 1915. 

TiUFUsis, Capt. Hawokth Walter, X. Hants 
'■:^"t... 3. of the Kt. Rev. Robert Trefusis, D.D., ' 
' - l:op of Crediton. Franco, 7 Xov. 1910. 

Trkscu, F. p. Le Boer, lieut. LeinslerRegt., 

■ ^>i tb.e late Maj. Hon. F. h^ i'oer Trench, and 

■ lud-on of William, .'ird Earl of Clancartv. 
' ^'«i)ce, 9 April, I'JJO. 

TiiExcH, Hox. Frederick Sydxey, lieut. 
l^lJ.U.C. 8. of Frederick, 3rd Baron Ashtown. 
^ '•i-.ce. Xov. li-16. 

I uKxcri, Capt. Percy Richard Oliver, 
>;■• Surrt-y Regt., s. of Hon. William Crosby 
' rvneh, and ereat-grandsoii of William, 2iid Burou 25 Jan. 1017. 

• i.t:vtLv.\x, WiLiP.KU, 2nd lieut. Rifle liris.'., , 
'■■ <'I Mr K. J. Trevelvim. Bel-iiiin. 5 .Mav, I'.tiO. 

Trevor, Lt.-Col. Herbert Edwabd. Essex 
Rei^t , latf?. Xorthnni.'? Re?t.. s. of Surg.-Gen. Sir 
Francis Trevor, K C'.S.I., C.B. Franco, 11 Arril. 

Trevor. H. S.. lieut. R.E., .-. of Sir A. C. 'l>ov.>r. 
K.C.S.!. Franro, 15 Auc. 19!o. 

Trkvok, H._G. E. Hill-, 2nd lieut. S^ot; Gds., 
s. of Hon. Geurue Hill-Trevor, and irrandson' 
of Artliur. 1st Baron Trevor. France, ^2 1 Dec. 

Trottpr, .J. K., s. r.f 3;aj.-Gen. Sir James 
Keitl) Trotter, K.C.B., C.:^i.G. France, 2(; Au". 

Tkuscott, Fraxcis Georce, Z\l.C, R.F.C, 
s. of Sir George Tnisoott, Ist Bt. France, G 
April, 1917. 

Tt-LLTs. ('apt. R. RArvrs.AY, Argyll and Suthcr- 
l.tnd iliiidrs.. wliom. Edith, dau. of Sir Archibald 
Siia^r. Vpres. 25 "Jay, 1015. 

TrPFER, Capt. Victor Gordox. M.C, Can- 
adian Infantry, s. of Sir Charles Tupper, K.C.rj.G. 
France, 9 April, 1917. 

T-vvoMEV, Fr.axk, 2nd lieut. -Uh Sikh-s, LA., 
8. of Sir Daniel Twomej'. 22 Feb. 1917. 

Tyrrell, F. C. V., 2i.d lieut. Colds. Gds., s. 
of Sir William T\Treil, K.C.-Al.G., C.B. France, 
15 Feb. 1915. 
, L^PTOx, Capt. and Adj. Hox. Ekic, K.R.R.C, 
s. of Heiu-v, 4(Ji \'isc. lemp!oto^^n. France, 9 
:May, 1015.' 

V.\:n-e, Capt. Hox. Hexry- Cecil, R.F.A., e. 
of Henry, 9th Baron Barnard. France, 9 Oct. 
; 1917. 

Vaudp.ey, Capt. Claude Hexry. attached 
^ranchtsicr Regt.. s. of Sir '\Vi!1iam Vaudroy. 
Mesopotamia, 2 iiay, 1910. 

Vaudrey-. Capt. Xor^tax. Jlancliester Regt.. 
, s. of Sir William Vaudrey. Franco, 1 July. lOlii. 
Verxox, GEOur.E, 3r[> Baron, capt. Derby- 
shire Yeo. Malta, 11 Xov. 1915. 

Verxox. Hlbpkrt Douglas, heut. (jiren. Gds., 

s of J. E. V^-rnon, and grandson of Sir VrilUam 

j Vernon. 1st Bt. of Shotwick. France, 15 Sept. 1910. 

Verxox, Willia-vi W.alter, 2nd lieut. R.E., 

s. of the late Hon. William Vernon, and grandson 

' of Augustus, (Ith Baron Vernon. France, 11 Oct. 

; 191G. 

Vyvyax. W. D., lieut. Shrops L.L, s. of 
Capt. R. W. C. Vyvyan, and grandson of the Rev. 
Sir V. D. Vvvvau, Oih Bt. France, 4 rMf.Tch, 

Wakemax, E. O. R., 2nd lieut. Greu. Gds., s. 
of Sir CJiilev Wakeman, 3rd Bt. France, IC 
5!ay, 191.1. 

W.AKLEY, :Maj. Bertram Joseph, X. Lanes 
Regt., wlio 111. Hon. Dorothy Hamilton, dau. of 
James, 9th Baron Eeliiaven and Stenton. 11 
Feb. 1917. 

V.'alfokd, Capt. G. X., V.C., R..A.., vho m. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Hon. J. S. Trefusis and grand- 
daughter of Charles, 19th Baron Clinton. Dardan- 
elles, 26 April, 1915. 

Walker, C.vtt. E. W., 3rd East Yorks Regt., 
s. of Rear-Adm. C. F. Walker, and grandson of 
Sir James Walker. 1st Bt. of Sand Hutton. 
France, 2S Oct. 1914. 

\Valkek, ^L\7. Oswald Bt;TiiELL.15:hHuss<".rs, 
s. of Cujii. Edwyu A'l'al ker, and grandson of Sir 
JriiK-s W.ilker, 1st Bi.,of Sand Hut ion. :\ions, 
Aug. 1'.II4. 

Walker, IMaj. W. B., Yorks l>-t.,s. of Capt. 
E. \A'tdker, and cr.\ndsou of Sir JarnCo Wiiikor, 
1st Bt. of Si\nd Hutton. France, 29 Oct. 1914. 

Waller. Sir F. E., 4th Bt., of 1 '.itAvs^'icicLODGE, 
Ci-pt, 0th. Roy. F\is. France, 25 Oct. 1914. 

Waij'ole. Capt. Jokx Robsart, Roy. W. 
Surn v i:<vT!.,s. of SirChark-s Wai|.olc. France, 
1 Julv. lyiii. 


\VAi.p.ON"r>, Cavt. Victor, 11. A., s. ci Arthur 
\\ f.lrond, and grandson of iSir John Wolrond, 
1st Bt. Fr.ipce; ^r.!y, 1017. : 

Waik.^vd, iloN. \V. L. C, M.P.. licut. A.5.C., ! 
?. of Wiiiiiiin, Ibt ijivron Waicn-n. 2 Xov. lUlo. ' 

Walfole, T. 11. D.Vadi:-, lionfc. 10th Gordon ' 
Highli -., ^■, of late H. S. Wnlpole, :i?idsvcat-_-rand- 
yov of Thonu'.s Walpole, brother of thf- l.-l 
Earl of Orford. Franw, 20 Sept. 191-^. 

W'Ar.BLRTON, Oait. Johk I']uERTON'. Scots 
Cd-., who m. Hon. L(;tiice, dau. of Thoinab 
2nJ Baron Newton. France, uO Aug. 1915. 

WAEn, IIox. Geuald Ernest, lieut. 1st Life 
Gds.. 8. of Vv'ilhara, Ut Earl of Dudley. Fr-ince, 
30 Oct. 1914. 

Waexek, C. J., lieut. Oxford and Buck.s L.I., 
H. of -^ir Coju-tenay Worner, Bt. France, 10 
May. \<nu. 

"Wateklow, Comr. Joiix Beaucha:>ij>, K.X., ' 
D.S.O., 5. of G. rj. Wattrlow, and grandson of Sir ■ 
.^•ydneyW'pterlow. IstBt. Jnll.y\.>i. llhck J'rincc, • 
U8.vai action, .Jutluid Bank. 31 ."May. 19i(;. 

WeliTer, GoDiT.FjY, 2nd lieut. Gren. Gd?., s. ' 
of Sir Auguc-tua Webster, 8t!i Bt. Franco, -i Aug. ' 

V.'e:?steii, J. F., L'nd licut. .;-d Black AVatch, 
s. of Sir Francis W-jb&ter. Franco. 30 Oct. 1914., >iAj. G. E. E., S. Wales Bord., s. , 
ci E. Al. E. Welby, and L'randion of Sir Glynne ■ 
Ef.rle Vrelbv-Grc^orv, ."rd Et. France,. 'Jo Sept.; 
U'l-t. " ; 

V/elby, R. Vv". G., lieut. Gren. Gd^., .^. of 
Sir Charles Glynne Earlc Wolbv. 5lh Br. Franco. 
10 ?0],[. 1914, 

V.'eh.eslev, Lonn r!iCiiAi;r>. capt. Gren. Gds., 
#. of Aiihur, 4th Duko '-■( \\'ilIiii'j:ton. Franco, 
20 Ojt. l';»14. 

^VE^■DO^EK, Vise, '2nd licut. K<\v. Ilor>e 
Gu3.. s. of Ciiarles, Jst Alarq. of Lincolnsliire. 
France, 19 :\Jay, 1916. 

Wivi'.XER. Alexaxdek Pigott, '2un li.-nt. 
Woish Gds..;?. of Sir .Iiilius W>i;:vi\ bit Bt. 
France, ll." Sept. 191 tj. 

Wevmoutii, Vise, 2nd licut. Scots Gds.. s. of 
Thniviaj, 5ih Alarquess of Bath. France, 13 Feb. 

VrhiiisiDE, Capx, Robert Borras. A.S.C. 
vho m. Hon. Leonora Hamilton, dau. of JanH\s, 
9th Baron Belhaven and Stenton. France. 
rO April. 191.5. 

Vs'iGi-iN, CxvT. George Robert. 'Woks. 
Yeo., s. of AValtor \A';eeia, and trrandscn of ^ii 
HcT.ry Wiggin, F-i V.C Egypt, 23 April, 19i5. 

Wilkinson, Hvgh Wilmot, 2nd licut. Essex 
Rest., s. of Sir William Wilkinson. France, 19 
.July, 1910. 

Williams, Sir Buktox Robert, Oth Bt. of 
TreL'ullow, lieut. Devon Regt. France, 3 Oct. 

WiLLiAiis, J.AMES A\'iLiAM. liout. Canadian. 
Grcn. G(l>., b. of the Rt. I'.ev. L. W. Willii.ns. 
Lord Bishop of Quebec. France, IS Xov. 191G. 

A\"ILLIA.MS, J. X.. lieut. X".Z. Exped. Force, h;. 
of Col. Sir Robert AVillianis, let Bt. of Bridchead. 
Ecypt, 2r, April, 191.5. 

V.'rLLiAMs, Capt. O. T. D.. D.S.O., W.-l. h V-i-.., 
.-.. of Sir A. O. AVaiiunirf, 1st Bt.,of Dt-udiMcih. 
Prance, 30 Sept. 1915. 

WiLLisoN, William Taylor, iieut. ("anarlian 
Infiuurv, s. of Sir .loiui Wiili<(.n. Frarci, I :> 
S.--T ! ■..!,•. 

WiLLOCGniiY, Gapt. F. G. G.. Uth Ri/lo Bri?., 
B. <'f Hon. G. E. P. Willou?hbv, and m\iiid.M)n 
of Henry, Stli Baron .Middleton. France. 9 
Au.j. 191.5. 

WiLLorGiiEY, Henry Ernest Dioby Ht-qh, 
lieut. R.X., s. of Capt. Hon. G. E. P. Wiiloucrhby. 
end :rrandson of Henry, 8th Bnron Aiiddlcton. 
In II..M.S. Indcf'fti'jMi, naval oction, Jutland 
Bank. 31 :\Iay, 1910. 

WiLLorariBY, Lieut. - Gomr. Hon. Peter, 
HEATncoiE-DRUMMOND- R.X'.. s. of Gilbert, Jst 
Earl of Anea.-?ter. Jn H..M.S. Monmouth. Goronol. 
1 Xov. 1914. 

Wilson. A. D. L., lieut. Hoy. AV.Kcnt R.'L't., s. 
of Surg. -Gen. Sir William "Wil.iou. K.C..\i.G. 
France, 1 July, 19lfi. 

Wilson. Col. G. C., JLV.O., Roy. Gds., 
who in. Lady Sarah Spenecr-Chui'cliill, dau. of 
Joh.n, 7th Duko of ."Marlb.orouzdi. Franco, Xov. 

Wilson. G. J., lieut. Xorlhants Too., s. of 
late Sir Jacob Wilson, K.C.V.O. France, 12 
.March, 1915. 

Wilson, IMa.t. Habp.y Sti-art. Roy. .Mun;.ter 
Fus., s. of Sir Davirl Wi!-^on, K.C.r.i.G. Gincliv, 
9 Sept. 1916. 

A\iLS0N, Capt. Hentiy L de B., Rov. WfLsh 
Fus., s. of Sur<?..Gen.SirWiiliamAVi!son,K.C.M.G. 
Gaza, 19 April, 1017. 

Wilson, John Xorman, s. of Sir James Wilson, 
K.C.S.I. Franco, 4 JiJy, 1917. 

Wilson. Lt.-Co-mr. John Skinner, R.X., 
s. of Sir Oiivid Wil,,on. K.C.M.G. In n.}-\.ii. 
Indchi;.jr:h/c. naval n.-tio!!, .luihviid Bank, 31 
May. 191C. 

Wilson, Tho.\l\s Douglas. 2iid lieut. .-Vrgyll 
and Sutherland Hirrhlrs., s. of Sir .John Wilson, ist 
Bt. of Airdric. Franco, 23 April, 1917. 
; WiNGATt;, A. D., 2nd lieut. V.L. Indian Armv, 
is. of Sir Andrevr Wineato, K.C.T.E., I.G.S. 
I France, 10 May, 1915. 

. WiNGFiELD, Capt. C. J. T. R., K.R.H.C, 
' who in. Lady Violet Poulett. dau. of William, 
I 6th Earl I'oulett. France, 29 April, 19ir>. 
\ AVOLSELEY, W. S. J., 2nd lieut. E Lanes Regt., 
I s. of E. T. AVobelev, and crandson of Sir Charles 
i Woi.^elev, 8ih Bl. of AVol.;eiev. Xeuve Ghapelle, 
^ 10 .March, 191.5. 

i Wood, Capt. C. L., !Sth Huf.-ars, s. of Sir 
• Lindsay W'lod. l.m Bt. of Tiic Hermitage. Bel- 
lauin, 24 .May, l!)!5. 

WoOTj^s Vv'. T. S., 9. of Sir Robert Woods. 
: France, 1910. 

' WoRSLEY, LoEJJ. lieut. Roy. Jlorsi Gds.. e. 
•of Charles, 4th Earl of Yarborough. Franco, 
,30 Oct. 1914. 

Wri.xon. Arthck Henky, lieut. Suffolk Regt., 
=. of the late Sir Henry Wnxon, K.C.M.G. France, 
2 June. 1910. 

Wyndham, G. H., 2nd lieut. Devon Roct., s. 
of Col. G. P. Wyndham, C.B.. M.V.O., and 
great-grandson of Geort'o, 1st Baron Leconlleld. 
, France, 20 .March. 191.5. 

Wyndham, P. L., liout. Cold.-;. Gds., s. of iate 
I Rt. Hon. GcorLTC Wyndham ;uid <_'reat-i.'randson 
of George. 1st Baron ■ econtield. France, 
' 15 Sept. J 91 4. 

Wyndham, Gait. Hon. U . i; 
s. of Heiirv, 2na B&ron l.pcom 
Xov. lObi:' 


and Border Horse, s. ol Sir Uooru'c ^oun^er, 1st 
I Bt. of Leekio. 21 March, 1917. 

Lite Gds.. 
France, 6 




ARBUTHNOTT, Vise. — William, ISth ; Eli/.iibetli. tluu. of tlic Kev. H. AiTnficld. B. 28 
Vi-c. Aiii;u;jiNOiT, d. 8 Xov. HUT, ?nd wiissuc. : June, 1S70 ; ed. iiiH.M.S. "Britannia" andR.X. 
!.v his cousin, John Campbell Arlju'.lmott. . Coll. Oroenwif.-h ; m. 28 June. 1S04, Ethr-l Wot- 

■» -wr L r' ir Tj „,. ten, dau. of Sir William Abrtcv, K.C.Ij. Coind. 

BAREAN, Knt. — Capt. Hugh Bradley 
Harkan, M.C, R.F.A., in. 21 Xov. 1917, Estelle. 
ci:-.u. of tl;o late Frank Locklifirt Cox-. 

BATEIJAN, Baron.— Hon. ?.Ii! 
HANiivnY Lrxxox d. 21 Dec. JOT 

BUTLIN, Bt.— Capt. Sir Hexry Butlin, 
2n-:> I5t., Caaibridceshire Kept., \sas killed in 
.ic'ion 1(1 Sept. IVflCi. 

BowELL -J. 11 Dtc. Ma 7. 

11. M. ships "Cornwall," "'Xatal'' and " O^ieen 
;Mary." in eoiad. of latter in battle of Heligoland. 

: 23 Aug. 1914; director of IiitelliKence, Xaval 
Ch.^kles : .^taff. Admiralty, since 1917. Rfsidtnce— 27, 

■ Cranley Gardens, S.W.7. Club.s — Ti-avelkr.s ; 
Beefsteak. Issue — 

1. J h I Ab ey H II, h. C, scp . ISO? ; ^uy Hen*. K.X. 

2. Kidiud Ai.:!ioii\ h. 2i> March. I'.'Oi ;'-t 

BOWEls'. Knt. 
14 Dec. 1017. 


SiK Mackenzie 
les Bo-.vex d. 

HASTP-TGS, Baron.— Hon. Jacob Jr.nx Ast- 
LEY, s. of Geor;;e, 20t)i Baron Hastiiigs, '.^fis 
killed in action Xov. l'.)17. 

BRUr!E, Bt.— Angelica :^1 
d. IC Dee. 1017. 


j HEREFORD, Bp.- -Tin: Very Rev. Hj-kbert 
Ladv Bruce i Hensley Henson \ras apptd. Bishop. 

I HEWITT, Lady. — Evelyx, dnu. cf the lute 
CARLSBROOUE, I^Tara., ^vn.s cre?t. Earl of ' Sir Frederic Hev.itx, :>i.V.O., m. 27 Xnv. !'J17. 

Berkhampsted find Vise. L.^lxceston in the I Capt. F. rAc;E-KoEERT.s, Hants Regt. 

County of Corn V. all. , hEYTESBURY. Baron. - Lt.-Col. Hex. 

CASTLESISWART, Earl.— Lai.y :^1arg.*eet j Ruiert Holmes .1 Court, D.S.O., m. 5 Itc. 

Smith d. 21 Dec. 1917. j 1917, Lixda, dau. of the late Rev. Cecil E. Smith. 

CAYLEY, Bt.— Capt. Sir George Cayley, | HOLDEN, K.C.B.— 3Iurtel Laetitia, dnu. of 
;oy. Defence Corps, d. 15 Xov. 1917. ; Brig.-Gcn. 8ir Capcl Holden, m. 27 Oct. KU7, 
^ i Thomas ilACDON.iLU Pkitchard, lieui. 
Vise. — Dau. of 3;a.t. IIox. G. 
s was b. 9 X'ov. 1017. 

CLIFFORD of Chu(lleis:h, 
Cii.iHi E.-iCi :rro:^r),lieut. 1{.X.D. 
Dorothv, d.ia. of J. Honn field. 

Baron. — Hox. 
rii. oXov. 1917, 

! HOLROYD, Ktil.— ^ 
17 Xov. 19' 7. 

R CiiARLEs HoLi;oYr> d. 

4 Dec. 1917. 

-Sir Svixtox Jacob d. 

PEVO::SHIRE, DUKE.— Tre Earl or Bur. ! JAFFRAY, Bt.— Lady Jaferay, widow of 
LIXG, ex was b. 10 Dec. 1917. I ^^^ V\'i!liam Jaffray. 2nd Bt., d. 22 Xo^ . 1917. 

ELPHINSTONE-DALRYMPLE, Bt.— Esther I JAMESON, Bt.— The Rt. Hox. Sir Starr 
Winifred, dan. of Sir G. H. Dalryraple-Horn- i Jameson d. 20 .Vov. 1917. 

Kiphin^tone. 4th Bt m. 8 Xov. 1917, Lt.-Col. j JOHNSTON, Bt.. of Caskieben.-SiR AVilham 
T . A. Headlain, E. Yorks Kegt. | jou.vr/rox, 9th Bt., d. 22 Xov. 1917. 

DE CRESPIGNY, Bt.— Rose, widow of Xor- 
MAX Champion i.E CRESPir:n. m. 12 Xov. 1917, i Kexxedy. K.C.M.G., d. 25 Oct. 191', 
C.v^r. A\ ii.LiAM MoRRicE, R.F.C. . _ 

Baron. — Lord Kixne.j 

DE FREYNE, Baron.— A d:^ 
Frevne was b. 3 Xov. 1917. 

u. of Lord de 

KENNEDY, Latly, widow of Sir Ceakles 
d. 25 Oct. 1917. 

iR Henry Edmund Knight d. 


Dee.. 1917. 


11 Xov. 19 

FRENCH. Hox. Eileex, dau. of Arthur, 4th 

I'lron de Freyne, m .19 Xov. 1917, Capt. Joiix 

nTiTT,^»T„-„T,.r, .,^,0 1 ir ^ I Caven;iish Butler m. n Dee. 1917, Grace Lilian 

DEVONSHIRE, D_uke of.-LAOY M.audCavex- ^j^,,. „. .^j, Anthonv Abdv, Bt. 

r>isH m. 3 ^uv. 191 /, Capt. Angus ilackmtosh. 

DUNDAS. K.C.B,— CoL. Sir Lorenzo Dundas, j j .Y^!?^?' 
d. 10 Dec. 1917. hLAURiE, Jr 


-Rev. Sir Johx R. 
d. 3 Dec. 1917. 

L. E. 

ENNISKILLEN, Earl.— Hon. Galbraith 
Cole m. 7 TJec. 1917, Ele.vnok, dau. of the Kt. j 
Hon. Gerald Balfour. ! 

FORESTER, Baron. — Cecil Theodopj: Weld, 
■'■rn Baron Forester, d. 20 Xov 1917 

GAINSBOROUGH, Earl.- Lt.-Cul. 
'■-I'WARD Xoel d. 9 Xov. 1917. 

GRAHAM, Bt. of Norton Convers. 
'^^•■A-iAM d. IG Dee. 1917. 

DAVLS-GOFF, Bt.— Sir \\ illiam 
'■oir, Isr Bt., d. 23 Xov. 1917. 

- Lady 

LIVERPOOL, Earl.— Susan. Countess of 
LivEiuudL, d. 19 Dec. 1917. 

MACKENZIE, Knt.— Lady Mackenzie, wife 
of Sir William :\ d. 28 Xov. 1917. 

MACKWORTH, Bt.— Arthur C. P. Mack- 
worth, lieiit. Rifle Brit;., s. of Sir Arthur M.ifk- 
worth. (iTH Bt., d. 23 Xov. 1917. 

-Lt.-Gen. Sir V\". R. 
apptd. G.O. (\-in-C. 

HALL, K.C.M.G. Croat. Oct. 1917; C.H. 

"1 l')15.— 1:e\r-Adm. Sin William Reginaid 

f u.L. =. of (.-apt. William Huiy Hall. R.X., of ('haulks W iiite wa.^ 
■prii-vlKld. Ross. Heretord.^iiire, and Caroline , foundlaud Xov. 1917. 


Marshall, K.C.B., v,-;i 

HAUCE, K.C.B.— Lt.-Gen. Sir Stanley 
Maude, K.C.B., C.M.^;.. D.S.t).. G.0.(\ iMeso. 
potainia, d. 18 Xov. 1917. 

NEV7F0UNDLAND, Bp.— Canon v/iiliam 
ehx;teU BisJiop g; Xen- 



NORTnCLIFFE, Baron.— Loed ROBERTS, Bt. oi Glasscnbury.— C'oi,. Sir 
wfis cT^at. V;-rc>iint T'.K. Xov. It'IT. rFowiAVK TioHKP.TS d. 19 Dec. I '.(17 

PLLTilSrEIi, KiJt." >XK U ai,tj-:p. Plv-mmxr d. 
10 IKL. i-.M. SALUSBUR.Y-TRELAWNY, E{.— Sik Wilitaji 

SALtsbcr.Y-Tp.ELAWvY, IOtu Hi., li. ?.0 Nov. 

POLLOCK, Lafly.-AnpiAXA. v.-i.-iovv .>f r-<i..t mn. 
jvTcnAi::) i'or.i,orK, K/'.ri.i.. d. 12 Dfo.. I'nT. 

PORISMOUTH. l^ar!.-NEWTOx W.u .o.. vv^rwf^.^'/vf'Hn '""'"'■ ''"'■ ^'''^'^^^^'^'^ 
r.Tb J:a.;t. or i'oKV5:MOT;TH. d. 4 I.e.;. 1 ■..] 7. ^ ^"^^ ^- ^ *" '' ''^- ' ''^ ' " 

QUEENSBERRY, Marq.- -Lord DECiiLAXKiy ' WENTWORTH, Bareness.— Lady Wznt- 
in. 4 Dec. 1017, IK2^-E, dau. of H. W. Rich.irds. worth d. 18 Dec. 1917. 



ASTLEV, l)0>. .JA.COB Joii.V, lat'^ I'itli Lnnrt!-. 
.':. of Gcorfrf;, I'OUi Baron ITastiims. Fniiice, ■ 
26 Sept. 1017. ' ! 

BvTUS, Capt. SmHKXKV, 2nm> Bt., Cambridpe- 1 
^Vl!^c R£gt. If. .Sent. 1^16. " ! 


CrClL K VNDLE \\ ILMAM GASCOVXi,-, licut. [ 

R.yf.A.. £. of Bi. Rev. Lord Wiliiaiii\ti>j- 
C'ocil, D.D., Eishop of Exeter, and grandson of 
Rrbert, 3rd .^larq. of Salisbuiy. France, Deo- 

Cooper, Lieut. T' Beatchamp A?tley, 
R.X., grandion of oir A.^rlev Pasloii Cooper. 
4 Aug. 193 C. 

OuBiTT, Ho.s-. .-ViuiCK Gi-.op.Gr, lieut. loth 
Hu¥S.'«.rs, .«. of Htury, 2rid Bnron .Ashcombe. 
Ff.iace. 24 Nov. 1017. I'.des, Capt. Hon. Cecii,, Tank Corp.?, I 
.••. of VViiliam, 4th Baron Kensington, Dec. 1017. j 

Hakuoed, Piiiiir Anthoxy- A.-:~ ii:ro.v. ^l.C., 
2nd licut. Grrn. Gds., s. of Philip, find 
great-grandson of Edward, 3rct Baron .Suliield. 
Franco, 1 Dee. 1917. 

Hekbert, C.-'J"!'- Hon. Ei ibyp. John Bepvaku, 
M.G.C., s. of Ivor, 1st Baron Trco-n-cn. France, 
Xov. 1917. 

HlCSHAK. .':'HII.IJ- Gp.ZGORV, lic'lt. ^. iSt.T.fs, E. of Victor Hickman, find graiidci. o; 
Sir Arthur Hickman, 1st E>t. ."1 Oct. 10! 7. 

HoRXER, Edward 'WrLLiA^:, s. of Sir Jolm 
Homor, K.C.V.O. France, 21 Xov. 1917. 

KiMu.P3X.EY, Lionel Xassa^-. 2nd lieut. i.'>tli 
ITii.-.sars, s. of Sir Hobcit Kinder.^lcy, K.B.E. 
France, 24 X'ov. 1017. 

KixxAiRD, Hon. ABTirvR Middleton, .M.C. 
lieut. Scots Gds.. .s. cf .Arthur, 11th Barou Ki.'i- 
naird. France, 27 Xov. 1917. 

^Taude, Lt.-Gi:n. Sir Stanley-. K.C.iJ., 
C..M.G., D.S.O.. G.O.C. Mf.sopotamia. Baghdad, 
IS Xov. 1917. 

:MrRRAY, Alast.\ir WiLi.TAM Keith, 2nd lieut. 
Black Watch, grand.son of Sir William Keith 
3Ir,rrav, Tth Bt.of Ochtertvre. Baikans, 8 May, 
1917. " 

Primkosc. Capt. Rt. Hon. Nkxl, M.P., Veo., 
:■. of .\rchib>ild, ■'Jtli Et>rl of Ko.-^fbcrw Pil!f^=;ti^^^, 
17 Xov. 1917. 

ItowLEY, CiPT. .JosTicA Robert. H.L.L, p. of 
Sir .losliua Rowlcv, 5th Bt., of Tcndrinp-. 2 Xov. 

Kyjier. .Mai. Hon. Rop.ert XATn.\NiEL 
Dt-PLY, 8tli Hussar^, s. of Henrv, 4th Earl of 
Harrowby. 1 D-o. 1017. 

Seely-, Capt. Ct \nLEs Grant, Hants Regt., 
s. of Sir Charles SeHy. 2nd Bt. 19 April, 1917. 

Sev.mui R, Lop.D Edward, s. of Hugh. Gth 
.M.iiij. of Hertford. 5 Dec. 1917. 

Vi!.i.iE):s. Algernon Hy'de, lieut. M.G.C., 
s. of .Sir Francis Hvdo Villiers, G.C.V.O. France. 
23 Xov. 1017. 

Ward, PIon. Gerald Ernest Fr.Aj-rcis, 
M.V.O., heut. 1st Life Gd.-=., ;. of William, 
1st Earl of DudJey. France, 30 Oct. 1914. 

LIST 01^ 


A.A.G. . . 
A.D.C. .. 



A.R.A. . 

A.S.C. . 

B. .. . 

B.A. . . . 

Bt. .. . 

H.C.L. . 

BAX.. . 
IS, So. 

(CO .. . 

C.A. . . . 

c;.-3. (M.) . 

C .B. (c.) 



CJ.E. .. 

C.M.O. . . 


C.V.O. . . 



a.inr. . . 
t yns . . 




L).A.A.a. . . 

D.B.E. . 

D.C.L. . 

D.D... . 

D.L. .. . 

J>.i>.0. . 


J.K.A.S. . 
^•J'-.C.P. . 

y.v.x:^. . 



oftlieBHth H.E.T.C 

of the 


of t)ie 


Assistant Adjutaiit-Generai 




Asiooiate ilemlxrof tJio In:; 

of Civil Kngiaears. 
Asi.ociate of the Royal 
Army Ssrvice Coips. 

Bachelor of Arts. 

Btcbelor of Civil Law. 
„ Divinity. 

„ Scionca. 

C^jimty Alderman. 
CoDiiHancier of Mio OrU; 

iiiiiiury Divi-'iou. 
Coinn'iouder of ti)3 Ordt 

Batl.i, Civil Division, 
•.'onimander of the Ordc^i 

iiiuish Emuirc-. 
Couuty Councillor. 
Lady of the Imijorial Ord 

Crown of Indift. 
Coiiipariou of the Ordur of the Indian 

Comroandcr of the Order of St. 

Michael and St. George. 
Companion of the Order of tho Star 

of India. 
Commander of tho Boyul Victoriaii 



Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General. 
Deputy Assistant Quartermaster- 
Dame Commander of the Order of 

the British Empire. 
Doctor of Civil Law. 

„ Divinity. 
Deputy Lieutenant. 
, Doctor of Science. 
, DistinsuLshed Ser^-ice Cross. 
, Companion of tho Distinguished 

Service Older. 
. died fcine proio (withjut i.-jsue), 

„ unmarried. 
. Ear!. 

. Fellow of the Royul Asironomica! 
.. CoHep3of 

„ IT Coliego of Sur- 

„ ,, » Geographical 

„ „ » Sofiety. 

,. Sooiety of Antiqutuies. 



G. C.V.O 


Dame or Knight Grand Cross oi thrf 

Order of the British Empire. 
Knigiit Grand Cross of tho Order of 

the Bath, I'lilitary Division. 
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of 

the Bath, Civil Division. 
Knight Grand Cross of tlie Hano- 
verian Order. 
Knight Grand Commander of tho 

Order of the Indian Empire. 
Knight Grand Cro-^s of tho Order of 

St. Isiichuoi and St. George. 
Kjiight Gruud Comn:u'inder of the 

Order of the Star oi India. 
Knight Grand Cross of tho Hoyrtl 

Viotoriaa Order. 
In the sorvico of the Honourt-bI-.i 

Etwit India Company. 

His or Her In.perifd Higliuess. 
„ ITigliness. 

„ r.lftje.jty. 

„ I'.oyai Highness. 

,, Soiono Highness. 

Jnteliigi'iice Corps. 
Indian Civil Service. 
„ Medical Service. 
„ Staff Corps. 
Imperial Service Order. 
Justice of tho Peace. 
Knight Commander of tlie Order of 

tlie Britisu Empire. 
King's Coun-el. 
Ivnight Commander of the Order of 

the Bath, Military J)ivision. 
Ivnight Commander of the Ordor of 

the Bath, Civil Division. 
Kiught Commander of tho Hano- 
verian Order. 
Knight Commander of the Order of 

the Indian Empire. 
Ivnight Commander of the Order of 

St. iiichasl and St. George. 
Ivnight Commander of the Order of 

the Star of India. 
Ivnight Commander of the Royal 
Victorian Order. 
Iv.G . . . . }vni£;ht of tlio Order of the Garter. 
K G H.St. J.J. E.l'Lnight of Grace of the Order of 
the Hospital of .St. John ot Jeru- 
salem in England, 
j^ j2 , ., Hanoverian Order. 

k\i " ,. Order of St. Patrick. 

K.T.'.'. v. " ., •• the Tbi==tlo. 

L G H St.J.J.E. LadVof Graceof the Order of the 
Hospital of >t. Jolinof Jeru:ralem 
in i:ngland. . , ^ , , . , 

. E. Lady of J u.tlco ol tlie Order of the 
Hospital of :^t. Joimoi Jerusalem 
in England. 


Lieutenant -ColoueL 

Doctor of Laws, 

Liberal Unionist. 



H.I. 11. . . 


li.M . . 
H.S.H. . . 




K.B.E. . . 


K.C.B. (M.) 

K.C.B. (c.) 

K.C.H. . . 

K.C.I.E. .. 


K.C.S.L . 

K.C.V.O. . 


Lieut. -CVi. 
LL.i). . 
(L.U.) . 



il.A Ma-tor of Arts. 

^larq. . . Marquc^is. 

il.B. . . . Ba::i.cicr of Meciicino. 

il.B.I-'. . . i'ember of the Order of the British 


M.C. . . Milu.iVy Cro,.. 

M.Ch. . . JFaster cf Surgery. 

M.D Doctor of Medicine. 

TiLG-C. . . ^faehinc Cfun Corps. 

Al.l' Member of I'ariiannient.. 

M.V.O. .. Mt-inbsrof the JlovaiVipUirianOrder 

O.B.i:. .. Officer cf tlie Order of tlie British 


O.K. . . Order of thf. Companion^ of Honour 

O.M Order of Merit. 

P.C Privy Couiiaetior. 

Q.C Queen's Coxmsel. 

K.A Royal Academician. 

M.A „ Artillery. 

Ti.A.M.C... „ Aj-niy TiTedieal Corps 

;R.E... . 

Koyal Engineers. 

; R.F.A. . 

„ Field Artillery. 

; K.F.C. . 

„ Fl^-ins Corps'. 

: K.G.A. . 

., Garrison Artillery. 

i R.H.A. . 

., Horje Artillery. 

j R.M.A. . 

,. Marino Artillery. 

1 R.M.L.I. . 

»• t> Light Infantrv 

|R.N... . 

., Xavy. 


„ Ae.val .Air Service. 

Is. ... 


■ sue. . . . 


T.D. . , . 

, Territorial Decoraiion. 

Vise... . 


V.\. . . . 

. Lady of the R.>yp.! Order of 

toria and Albeit. 

v.c. . . . 

Victoria Crc?3. 

V.D... . 

Volunteer Decoration. 

Vol. .. . 


W.S... . 

Writer to the Signet. 






ABBOTT- Sec Cor.cni:STE.E, Babo?.-. 

ABBOTT. -S'cc Tc-N-TijKnEX, Bakox. 

ABBOTT, Lady (Knt.'s widow). — Edith, dau. 
of the lots J. Solomon ; m. 3 March, 1SS3, as bis 
2nd wife, lion. Sir Joseph Abbott, 
K.C.M.G., lato speaker of t]ii-i Lt-gi^lativo As- 
sembly, New South AVali^s, who d. li Sept. 1901. 
Ftc-cidonce — Tuiraniurrf,, New South Wales. 

ABDULUi EH AN, K.C.I.E. Great. 1909.— 
^'A^^.^u SiP, H.\riz ^Fciiamjiad Abdulla Khan : 
hon. co!. IiHliau Army ; ]ion. A..O.0. since I'Jll ; 
};on. native cori;iria:;clar.t loth Lnnceis. 

ABUY, SrdBt. (U.K.). Great. 8 Jan. 1850.— 
SiTt An'tiio>"v CitAr.i.i;3 Stkes Abdv, .=!. of 1st 
BU B. 19 Sept. ISiS; ra. 11 Nov. JSSO. Hon. 
Ak'xandriiia Victoria, dau. of 4th Baron ilac- 
donald ; capt. (ret.) 2nd Life Gds. ; served in , 
Egyptian campaign 18S2 (medal with clasp); 
mil. attache ^ ionna ISS5 ; sue. liis bro. 1010. 
An ancestor of the ]>roseriu Bt.,thc Rev. Thomas 
Alidy RiUherforth, iv-umed the surname of Abdy 
i:i lieu of his patrunyjiiic, on inheriting, throii^h 
lii.? mother, tho e-tatesof Sir John Abdy, the 4th 
lit., of Albyu.s, whose title, created in 10(50, be- 
came extinct in 17-59. I'esiiJcnces — 100, Eaton 
Square, S.W. ; Albyns, Romford, Essex ; Foss 
House, Pitlochry, l\>rth?l}iro. Issue — 

1. Grace Liliiaa- 

2. Violet. 

3. Constance M;irv. 

6iR THOMA.S Neville Abot, 1st Bt., b. 21 Dec. 
ISIO; n. 19 Oct. Ib-H, U-\not (d. S Jiilv, 1S77), tlaa. 
of Rov.laiKl Alston, of I'i^aioburv, Herts. ; and d. 20 
July, JsTT. I-.ii— 

1. Sir William XF.vair, Abdy, 2nii Et., b. 
IS June, 1S41 ; in. 1st, 10 Jttlv, 18SG, Mari- 
Tht-resa IVtritzka (d. IT Sopt. 19u21 : lu. 2a.l, G 
l!.c. 1'Jj2, Eliza Sar.-ih. dan. of William Bcccli , 
and ilivoro 1 li.-r TJi) : in. .ini, 10 Feb. 1909 
Floiienck, (ai. :jr.i, 7 Jan. lai:;, jr.-uiri.-o Granti. 
dnu. ofiate .Vaj. L. L. Colin, Fv.A.. and widow v-i 
Gen. G. P. l^oianson, .iml d. Aiii;. 1910. 

2. Sir A.NTUo.vy CaAr.i.Ks svkcs "akijv, pics. lit. 

3. HE.VUY HEAMOX AliDY. lil.IK PKES.. b. 13 Jylr, 

1S53 ; in. 22 .Mar.jh, l>9i, Aia.a AtlOlj Coroima. c — 

1. l{ob>'rt lloiiry Edward Abdy, b. 11 Sept. 180t5. 

1. Gladys Erica. 

Inn), Nov. 1859; apptd. one of the judges of 
, tho Supreme Gourt of Victoria, Sf-pt. 18S6 ; nct- 
jing Chif^f Justice May-Dec. IflOo. Rosidonco 
— Armadale, Victoria,' Australia. Club — Mel- 
bo arne. 

a'EEOlTETT, Lady (Knt.'.s widow).— Susannah 
Emita", I'.au. of Lit.' Bonjainin I^celeston ; m. 
31 Doe. ]&u4, Sir Albert a iiLckett, late assist. 
accouiita;it-eren. of tho Army, who was creat. a 
knt. 19U4, and d. 11 S.-pi. tlie same year. Resi- 
deuce — 0, Rrcmpton Squai-.', S.'.V. 

See Abercor: 

I. Grace J-: 
Loivi All- 
Guards (S': 

irace Einiua J'o'.vnshcnd, in. 19 Marrh, 1S72, 1 
Lord All-tTD Lfvi'.ion (Jower, capt. 2ad Life 

itlijii.^ud, i). of), vito d. 


,_a'BECKETT, Kt. Bach. Creat. lOuO.— Sin 
■J';:oma., A'iJi-jOiCijj'..-. s. oi ThoHKW Tinner 
a'iJ.-.kctt. .-oii.'iior. B. i>i London 31 Avi-. 1830 ; 
ni. D.'c. lt;C4, IsabLviia, dau. of Archibald .Miehio ; . 
holder of etudciuship; Barr.-at-iuw (Lincohi's 

D.P, I 

Dl-i:e of. 

ABEPvCOIiVMY, 1st iJ.uon CU.K.). Creat 
21 Juno. I'jlI; Bt. .s Aug. lihrj. ; V. C. 1008. 
— CuAHii^s BE>;jA3iiN Bkight 3IcBaren, s. of 
Duncan _McJ.aren, Lord Rro\ost, and .M.P. for 
Ediiibtu-ffh, and Briscilla, dau. of Jacob Briirht.of 
Rochdale, and sisterof the Rt. Hon. John Bri<ihr. 
B. 12:May, 1S50 ; m. G Marolj, 1S77, Laura, L.G.H. 
St. J.J.E.. da\i. of Henry Davis Bochin, ?J.P., 
of Bodiiant, Denbighshire ; ed. at Grove House 
Sell, and Edin., Bonn, atid Heidelberg Univs. ; 
M.A. Edin. 1S70 (first cla^s liunonrs, Fermison 
and Hamilton scholar); called to the Bar (Lin- 
coln's Inn) 1S74, K.C. 1307: :\[.P. (R.) Staf- 
ford ISSO-'o : and Leics. Boswonh div., 1S02- 
1011; J. p., Denbi;_-hshiiv, Flint, .Middlesex, and 
Surrey ; largely interested in coal, steel, chem- 
iea!. and ehipbuilding iip.dertakin2:s ; chrmn. 
iletropoJitan Rly., Trode-ar Iron and Coal Co., 
John Brown & Co., of Sheitield and Clydebank; 
mcmb. of the emiiloyers' panel for the" Court of 
Avlntration; formerly chairman of Briti-h Iron 
Trade Assocn. : is a iaadowner in North Wales, 
iias order of Sacrtd Ticasure of Japan (ord cl.); 
(3rd cl.); and of Takova of Serbia; raised to 
the peerage by the title of Baron Aberconway of 
Bodnant. in the co.of Denbigi)=hire, 1011. Resi- 
dences — Bo<hxaiit, Talycafu, D.-iibighshire ; Ilil- 
ders, Shotti-rmiil, Sunw ; Chateau do la Garoupe, 
Aatibes; 4.-^ B M-rave"Souare, S.W.I. Clubs- 
Reform; Savilo ; .Xatioaal J..iberal ; Eoyal 
Autoinoi.'i'?. I;-iue — 

1. Hoy. Hexhy DrvCAX .McL.vr.EN-, b IG April, 
lo'i'-J : la. 19 Juiv, Jjio, Cliristaij...! .Marv, dau. of Sir 
iMville J.isiic- Maci;ai;i;;-n. Ajst. Ci.a.iaar. M.tiv.p. 
l'olic.;od. at Eton and O\iord. Jf.A. i'joo ; call,- i to 
tilo Iia.-(l.iiicolu's Ui:j) i'JJi; .M.l". W..-ta,f,. 1'., lO- 
1", ,■:; ! iJ(is\.-ortil div. J.ri.-j. ^■i;!Cc IKC. I'Jl') ; din-ctor 
Oi i,,; ■......-■,\;i:j'-|;.n;A- Co., J'.ditirr^' .-l.ipijuildiiii; Co., 

i-.!il li ,1 ,-ar iron :.nd Coal Co, ; J. P., IXiihiLili. 
Ji i : ! J.. — tiO, Eaton Place, ^i>.W.,l. Clubs — 
i.i>. ;.-'i; H.-iorni. l>:;ui' — 

!.!i,i!-s .Milviiie .McLarnj, b. IC April, 19ir? 
J^li^abctii .Mary. 

2. 'ilij !a:.-. Hon. I'raiicisWaltor StalTord .McLaren, b. 
•i JuMCjl^fet'; M.P.for.Sp.ddin3;2ud ii'Ut.L.l'.C.; n>.iti 




.T'llv. 1011. Vorbara. <Uv.. n' Cr,]. r-trMtr'U'Tt .Tr!:vll i 
K C.M.G., and wa? killcdSC- An;;. 1917. R. -id.nce— i 
?, L:tt!e Co l-'-Rc Str. -t, \V..-fiaiiincr, .S.W. I:ju«— j 

1. >.\:ir:\n John .Mclarcn, b. 11 Jan. 1014. I 

2. Guy l:wii Lii: 3jVJ.are:2, b. 8 Nov. 1015. ; 

1. Hon. hUu: J)oroti..a, lu. Si April, 1004. £(hvard | 
A. J. Jo):i=on-l'cry:uson («e« Johiison-rorgubon, ' 
'BX.\ and ua^ issu'^. i 

2. Fior-ii.-. Piisrilla, ni. 8 May, 1007, Sir llcnry . 

dissolvrd on her petition, 1S33>. Besidcnce— 108, 
Pa'k Stieet, GroEvenor, \V. 
2. L.idy \l.iud Kvclyii, V.A., C.J., m. 8 Nov. 16f>», 
8th Marmuss of LiinsJowne. 

No.Tii.ia, Bt 

ABEI?CORK, 3rd Duke o£. Croat. 10 Aug. 
IROS ; Marq. of Hamilton. lJ!tj8(T.); Earl of 
Abcrccrn. 10 July, IGOG ; Baron of Paisley. 29 • J^'l^e Bn> 
JiiJy, 1.SS7 ; Baron Abercom, 5 April, 1G03 ; i Aborcronilj 
Earon Ilaruilton, Moiintcastle. and Kilpatrick 
1000 (.S.); "^isct. Strabane. 2 Sept. 1701 

; ABEP.CROrtlBY, CthBaion (U.K.). Great. 28 
.Ma\- ISiil. — JoKS;o;.ij!V, s. of 3rd 

I Baron. B. 13 .Jan. 1S4I ; su'-. his brother 1917 ; 

I m. 20 Ancnst 1.^76, Adello Winiclrnina Mr.rika 

I (m. diss. 1S79) dan. of Charles von Heidenstam, 
chamK'erlairi to the King of Sweden ; late lieut. 
T.-.3 -r. - rj.^^ widow of Gen. .Sir Kalph 

inimf^diately after her husband's 
dciith at tJie batclc of Alexandria, was created 
Baroness Abercromby of Aboukir and Tullibody, 

Baron btrabane. 1616; and Baron ?>lounteastle, i ^ith remainder to the Iieira male of iicr hu.s- 
1701: Bt. IGGO (I.); Marq. of Abarcirn, > band. Residence — 62 Pahners-ton Pla.: o, Edin- 

1790; Vi-:c. Hamilton, 8 Aup. 178G (G. B.) ; 

by which last titles he holdo his seat in the Hou-o 

of Lord::. — Ja:ies ALcr.P.r Edwap.d Hamilton, 

g. of 2!id Duke. B. 30 Nov. ISCO ; rn. 1 Nov. 

1S94, Lady Rosalind Cecilia Caroline Bincr- 

ham, o. dau. of 4th Earl of Lucan ; sue. 

his father 1913; ed. at Eton; accompanied „ . ^, ^„ ^ r - , , - -^ ^ 

the 2nd duke on special mission to ^riLouncc ' ^::^^^'^.^'ll ^^J^"^- "^ J'^^^"^^'' ""^1 ^- -'' J«n«^. l^^^-^' 

burgh. Clubs — Anthenacum; Xew Edinbur,T;h. 
Issue — 

Edia Louisa Montiigu, ni. 10 Oct. IS'.iiH, George 

y. Nasos, of Ath'^us. 
GF.o;:(;r T.szvn Ahep.ckomp.y. Shu Cakos ABF.ncROMBr, 
b. 30 May. 1800 ; in. 3 April, l.■^32, 1'. nu.;l(d.20 
^pii!, lSs2), d.iu. of .Tohn H.iy Fcrbus, Lord .Mcclwvn, 

ii otiicrs 

1. Geo.hoe JiAtpH Campbell Abekc-iombt,^ 4th 
Bauox A3Ei:cr.0M3T.,b. iiS'pt. 1^;S; .:i. r, Oct, 
l-^.">^, L.'.dy Julia Janet Gcorjrina Haldaijf. Diinran id. 
6 Dec. iDlj), d;iu. of Adam, 2nd Earl Oi Campcrdown 
and d. .30 OH. IfilT. 

2. Jonx AtECROMBT.'PRES.-BArO^r. 

1. Hon. Mont.i?!!, m. 29 April, IS^o, Gooige Frederick, 
6th ]:;.ir! of Glasgow. 

sacen. cf Kine Edward VIE. 1901 ; treasurer of 

H.M. Hou.sehold J90o-5; Jf.P. for Londoiiderrv • 

1000-13; D.L.. CO. Doneral ; H.M. iicut. loV ' 

the County of TjTone since 1917 : late maj.. N. j 

Irish Horse, Capt. res. regt. Isfc Lifo Gds. The ! 

present Dul-e is the male representative of the | 

Houjo of Hamilton. This family and the Dukes i 

of Hamilton have a common ancestor in James, I 

2nd Earl of Arran, Ist Duke of Chatelheraidt, I 

Regent of .Scotland 1542-54, %Yho ^vas so crent. j ABERCEOMBY. 8tll Bt. (Scot.). Cieat. 20 

Boron of Paisley by James I., for services to ! Feb. l(i3G ; D.S.O. 1917. — i^u: Geokce ^^'ILLrA:^r 

Marj- Queen of Scots. Residences — Hnmpden ( Abercro.mby, s. ot 7th Bt. . B. IS March ISSG ; 

House, Green .Street, W. 1. ; Baron's Court, New- i sue. his father 1 S9.5 ; ed. at Eton ; Ir.-col. Blaci: 

toiva Stewart, co. Tyrone. Clubs— Carlton ; I Watch ; lato Scots Gds. and Gordon Hiahlrs. ; 

Warlborough. Issue— lA.D.C. to Gen. tho Right Hon. ^^ir N. G. Lyttel- 

1. James Edtvard irAxitTON-, Marquess OF Hamil- ton- G.C.B., C.-in-C. in Ireland 1910-12; is 
TON. b. 29 Feb. 1904. * I chief of tho clan of Abercrombv. The iirst Bt. 

2. Lord daicl David naniilton, b. 13 Feb. IPn?. • distinguished himself in the civil disturbances 

1. Lady .Mary Cic-ilia Khod,-i:ia, m 24 >[ay. 1917, ! of the period. Residence.==— Forsrlen House and 
Gr^: G:^:\S:t^ ^'S..<^::'Tc^k^f^-^os, Bantfshire; 30, St. Jamess Street, 
since 191rt. Residences— Hutton Gr.angc, Shifnal, :, '" " " * 
?a!op; Government Hoii=c, Ottawa. 

2. Lady Cynthia Klinor Be.atri.K. 

3. Lady Katliariiii'. 
Jamks HAMir.TOX, 2xD Marquess axd ist Di'ke of 
HA>ULTG>r, K.G., r.C, b. 21 Jan. ISll ; lord lieut. of 
Ireland. ISfiO-CSand 1ST4-7.'' ; rn. 25 Oct. 1^32, Lady 
Lo-i'a Jan.-" Bns^^ll (A. SI Jfarch 19051, dn'i. of .Tolui, 
eth l)uke of B- diord, and d. 31 Mar.ii 1905. Iss-ie— . 

1. James Hamilton-, 2n-p DrsE or A liEr.couN", K.G., , 
B.C., C.B., M.A., b. 24 Aug. 1S3S : m. 7 Jan. 1S69, 
Lai/y Mart Axn'a Ccfzo.v (Residence — Diiddincston I 
House, Bortobello, N.B.), dau. of 1st Ead Howe, i 
and d. 3 Jan. 1913. If?ue livina— : 

1. James Albert Edward Hamiltox, present Duke. 

2. Capt. Lord Arthur John Hamilton, spec, reserve, [ 
Iri>h Gds., deputv-niasti^r oi the llonsohold since 
19'i3, b. 2G Aui;. 1>>3 : nnoincially reported to be ^ 
kili-d in action 30 Dec. 1915. ; 

3. Capt. Lord Claud Xicol Hamilton, Gren. Gds. 
M.Y.O.. D.S.O., b. 10 Nov. 1SS9 : cd. at \V.Ilin.:tou I 
Coll. ; EPrved in France and Belgium 1914-15 (des- i 
patchrs). j 

' 1. Ladv Alexandra PliyUis. i 

2. T:v>R'. !!• Lord Claud John Hauiilton, B.C. 

3. P.t. Hon. Lo.-d Georgu Franci.5 Har.v.lton, B.C., ' 
G.C.S.I. i 

4. Lord Fredmck Spencer H.-vniilton, b. 13 Oct. ' 
1856; second sec. in II. M. dipl. ? tn". (ret.); M.P. ! 
for >'.inch<'st T (.S.\V.) l.-<<5-t;, and for Tvrone CS.) ■ 
l)-9i;-r.5. JU-i!,:..c. — 13, Ot. Ceil-.'-'C Str-et, West- 
ndnster, S.W. Cliii'S— Carlton ; I'raifs; ^t. James's, t 

5. Lord Ernest ^Villia'n llaTiiilton. b. 5 S^ept. 1S53 ; ! 
m. 2 June, 1S91, l'a-<.;eia. dau. of Fred' rick A. Camp- ', 
bell, soinclii'.if e<|Ui-lTv to tiv iTiivess L'",iis.- ; fcr- ' 
Uh-r'.v capt. nth Kusi-^ars ; M.B. i..r I'vi .nc (.Vorth) • 
lSS5-0;i. Ktsidonce — Sh.intoek Hall, Bovingdon, j 
Herts. Club— Carlt^'ii. Issue living— j 

1. John f.eor^e I'eter Hamilton, b. 15 Oet. lllOO. I 
J. Mary Itreuda. j 

2. Jean B.vri.ara. 
1 . T a Iv All", rii.a J'.ni»iee? .\nne Ola' « of Bl.ind- I 
ford), fn. 8 -Vov. I.-mVJ, 8th Duke of .MatH'orouKh (ui. | 

SiK Egbert .^berc.-.omby, .5th Bt., b. 4 Feb. 17S4; 

m. 22 Oct. ISIO, J^Iiz.abeth St'^piunsou, o. c. or Smauol 

Douslas, of Nrtheilaw, and d. G Juie. l^.j5. Issue— 

1. Sir G.'-ouGE Sa.uvel AErncKOMBY, oth Bt„ b. 22 

May, l.>24 ; m. 12 Juno, lh49, Hon. Acuos Georgina 

(d. 27 June, 1>^•.>S), dau. of JohnCavc-ndish, SrdEad of 

Kihnaine, a!!d d. 15 Nov. IsTi. Is^ue — 

1. Sir KoBEr.T John- ABi;ncr.o:ruY, 7TJI BT., b. 14 

June, IsrO ni. 26 June, ls>3, J'lor-nc-- Anita Evn', 

o. dau. of Evre Coote, of Vv'est Bark, Hants (in. 2ad, 

Francis. 2ii 1 Earl of Northbrook ; and d. 24 July, 

1S95. Ifsu-- „ 

1. Si;-, George v.'iLLiAM Abercromby, pres. Bt. 

2. Buuei-.t Allxaxi-er Abercromdy, Heir 
Bres.. b. 15 Ant:. 1695. 

1. Xina, in. 22 F'eb. 1910, Cant. Horace L. 
Kcuible (Club— Guards') ; M.V.O.. late Scots 
Gds.. and lias iosue. Besidence — 73, Cadogan 
Square. S.W. i. 

2. Mvrtle Vere, m. 17 Feb. 1913, C;.pt. Beginald 
Henry M.icauiay Abel Sniit.h, Herts A'eo. Resi- 
dence — (;c!dintrs, Heits. 

1. Georu'c Co*;;io Abt-rcrombv, D.L.. EanS ; late 
capt. Scots Gds., and maj". 3rd Batt. Gordon 
Hiphlrs. : b. 31 Mar h. 1S54. 

3. Cavendish Douglas Abercromby, b. 23 March, 

4. 'J'lie lafe Doudas Cliarks Abercromby, b. 1 Nov. 
ism ; 111. 27 Fib. IS^n, lUi-m Lcu-ia Hodgson, 
dau. of late \\ Jlnrrae. and d. 15 June, 19I5. 
Residence — Kinbroon House, Koihic Noiniau.N.B. 
Issue — 

1. Keith Donclas Abercromby, b. 2 Feb. IS.-t? ; 
in. 9 S. -.t. 1'.'13, Eva Wiuii'red, dau. of Harry 

1. .Xorah .Maude m. 21 Dec. 1912. Maj. .Tames 
Ochoncar Forucs, J.B., of Corse, Luniph.icau, 

2. ^vbil iie|.-n, m. 27 July, 1015, C.ipt. >Icnry 
\Vi:,t..n -;.-ion , '.ah i; 

1. Eli.'^beth Ar;iiea, m. i Juu.\ 18?2, H- nrj- Al. x- 
auder 1'a.rquIiaf-Spot'iswood (Clubs — Junior Con- 



sMtu' S;;orts), .T.P., of Muiresh, Turrill,, 

aii'i S.a'. issu'.. 
•1 jjjisli JasiKS AliCfcrombv, B.A.. Trin. Coll., C.Tnb., 
I..':c Ci:,i.. Hoy. Al.i.-.a>^oii~hiro iiisWimd .Miiiii;i ; b. 25 
■\yr'A, I'^'iT ;" ra. '^5 Out. Is77, !>• .itricf! Jani; Tumpio 
M. -J'j tVI). 10'(9), diiu. of ]Uv. Jltiuy Ttmi'lii 
li.To. Clubs— .ili'iue : Jliirliiigliam ; l;ti;ruiaa : 
UxiorJ aud Cr.-ii;'ric'.g.?. Issuy — 

1. Robert Ogih-y Abercro'-nOy, lunit. Hoy. Flying 
Corns, Sp'-c. Heseive, law Uordou liighlis. ; b. 

2. Aubrey Fr-rrc Ahiicroinby, b. -t Sept. 15-0. 

) . El~ie L)0i!2 13, lii. 9 July, i'J02, 'Vilii:i;u Orr Camp- 

Lvil, and i\as'ii.-uo. 
Sophia Aii!io A'.'.'! ■'di% i.o. l?t 19 Sfpt. Ih54, Henry, 
AkxariJer Ab'^roro-iiLy Haii'.ilton (ni. dU.s. IsiV^ ; m. 
2!.d, ^0 -Tuly, 1^04, JolinWilsou iiiniiiii^ton-Wilsou, 
M..-V.. and lias i:sii.^. 

ABESDARE, 2a.A Baroa (U.K.). Great. 23 
A"::. 1*T3. — IHkxrv Uampbetx BkuCjj, s. of 
U.-iron. 3. l!* June lS5i ; ni. 10 Feb. ISSO, Con- 
•■tnnce Mory, dau.oi" Hamilton Beckett ; s\ic. his 
.'Miicr lS9o ; od. at P.ugby and Berlin: D.L.,.!.!'., 
Giaijiorcan ; niaj. (I.oji. liuut.-col. lyOO) 3rd 
vf.I. Bats. U'eisii KegL. lSDO-1901 ; hoii. fiol. 
6ih Batt. Welsh Kcgt. since lOlO ; co. cuunc. 
np inemb. GIrtnioigaa terr. force association ; 
V.I). : pros. Univ. ColL of S. Wales and 3Ion- 
mcutii, Cardiff. Residences — DiiifryT'., I'lounrain 
A-^li, Glarnorgaii/ijiro ; S3, Eaton Scjuare, S>.^\'. 1. 
Club — Brook.s's. li?iie — 

1. Th^ L;it- Cap'. Ifon. U.' iry Lymliiurst Bruco 
Jlov. Scots, ; b. Ia Mav, 16Si ; m. 11 Oct. lUO'o, Cam- 
jil/(in. 2nd, 9 Au;;. I'.'l?, Cipt. T. :.[. .7. F.vans, 31.0., 
Jli.v. Vv'fl-;)! ¥:-i~.). dnu. of hitc it. Clilioid. and was 
killLd iu notion U D'.'c. 1914. 

2. HON'. Ci.ARL.vcK Xapier Biivce.Heiu,.O.A. New Coll., b. 2 A:'-'. I- -5; Banvat-law, Inner Temple; 
I'.-c : 2;;J l.'C-'i.: i.ite Glantorgan \co. ; ni. 12 
!i •:. ■'..'i:', '! .- ;■ ! '' Miuno.o. dau. of Adam Black. 
i; ;; ■,■■-••• "\i ....:;; Itijad, Kcn^ingl-.'!!, W. ■>. 

:.. 1; ... Jk'.:a i.-Mi'^w Bruce, late liciit. Glaiaorgan 

Yro.. I: M J ':"..-. IN.-O. 

4. ]!■.>!!. Vittur Aii-Cin I'.rucc, I'. 3 April, l.?97. 

1. J!o:.. Margnrji Cecilia, in.21July, lJ)i, 5th E. of 

2. }Icn. Eva Isabel Marian, m. 20 April, 1911, 
Alg. riion, ^!d Baion 15. ipt-r. 

3. Jion. Cons.t:^:ico Pa!.;.-la Alice. 

Tki: 117. Ho>-. H:;:.-UY Austin Bkcce, isr Biros 
A,-!K::nA?E, P.C.G.C.!)., ]).C.L.,b. 10Ap:il, K^lo ; Home 
S-c. l^Oi-73, and Pros, oi t'.iu Council IsTu—i ; m. 1st. 
f> Jan. 1S46, Anunbclia (d. 2S July lS52),dan.of liichard 
Beadon, of Clifton : in. 2nd, 17 Auij. 185J, Xorali Crcina 
B!i),ch?, dan. of -S'r Wi!:ia:n Napier, aud d. 25 Feb. 
l^''5. l53U'^ liviuj by Ifr m. — 
1. UiN-RY CiMFiiELL Bni.cE, pr<J3. Baron. 

1. liou. Had: 1 Mary, in. lu Sept. 1672, Ajigustus 
Georc; Veinon-Hurcourt (Club — Atlnna-imi). ,M.A., ', 
U.C.L.. LL.D., r.It.S., and has iisuo. iJcsidenee — St. , 
Clar,\ Hyde. Is'.e of ^Kicht. 

2. Hon. J.ssie Frances, m. 3 Sept. 1S7.S, Rev. John ; 
William Wynne Jones, \ iear of Llaubeblig, Carnarvon, ' 
and h.;is i^su?. lie^idence— Trc loruirtli, Valk^v, ) 
Angl.-foy. ■ j 

Is-jiie living bv 2nd ni. I 

2. Hon. \Vi]li.iu> Napier Bruce, C.B. (1905), Barr.-at- ' 
law, Line. Inn, 1^>-J: princ. a.-si.'^t. s.c, secundary ! 
schools branch of Board of Kduoarioa since 1903 ; b. \ 
15 Ja:i. Js.^S: m. 5 Auir. 1>^2, Kniilv. dau. of lute i 
Gen. Sir W. .^IoDtasu S. MacMurdo, G.C.B. Residence i 
— 14, Cranley Gardens, S.W. 7. Club— Athena'uui. ; 
Issue— I 

William Fos Bruce. M.C., mnj. 2nu London divn. 
K.K., Terr, force, b. 7 Aug. lsS3. 
Susan Norah. 

3. B ig. G n. 1. on. Charles Granville Bruce, .Af.V.O-.Tnd. 
Ariiiv. b. 7 April, iS»u : served on X.W. Frontier 1607- 
8, and in Dardanelles Exprd. and Fgyj)! 1914-15 
(de<iM-clu\s r.rev. Col.) ; ni. 12 Sept. i6'.>4, Finetta ! 
>iati li le .'uliu, duu. 01 i-ir >-,dv.;;rd i itzj^'orald Camp- i 
b.-i!, -...i Bt. ! 
i,. ilo;i.San.!i Xapier, i:i. 17 Au^'.l??.?, Montagu Jolin- 
E»oii.' Miiii .M.i.ix.-n/'.io (see Muir-Mackcn/.i.', at.). • ' 

4. lira. I^.i!,! i:iKn. :u. 12 ,lulv. 1^S7. Chainpiou i 
T:r;;ii;;:l Bu I!. J. P. 'l-ue living— 1. Cnampion ' 
-MaX'vt-il, b. 1^JU. 2. John Xapier. 1. Kr-.-hvl. 2. 

I ;ib' 1 -Marjorie. 3. llesidcnce — atubbers, , 
North Ockendoa, KsseX. j 

5. liou. bli a.Mli l-'ox, in. 9 April. 1896. Percy Ewlns | 
-Matluson, fvii-.w and tutor ot Xew Coil., O.vford. : 
R'-:"! i..:ice — !, javil.-, Oslord. ! 

: C. lion Pi'.iiivla .GL<-::iu.a. Residence— TUdcliffc | 
ilous', St. GiKs, OiJ<i:i. I 


7. Hon. Alice Moor.\ M.A., Vice-Princ. of So li.rvi'de 
CoIl.,0.\ford. ll-.^-ia.uco— Rideiiifc Uoa-e, St. Giivs. 


of (U.K.). CrrviL. 4 Jan. ll'lu. Barl of Ao.r- 

deen lOoi' ; Earl oi Haddo 1915; Vise. Tor- 

martine. Baron Haddo. Methlic Tarves, and 

Kellie 1CS2 ; Bt. 13 Aug. 1642 (X.S.); Vise. 

Gordon ci Aberdeen. 1 June, 1814- (U.K.); 

K.T. 1000; G.C.y.O., 1911; P.O. ISSO; 

G.C.M.G. 1895. — Jonx Campbell Gordon, 

s. of 5th Earl. B. 3 Auo;. 1847 ; rn. 7 Nov. 

1877, lion. Ishbol :iiaiift (LL.D. Queen's 

, Univ. Canada, founder of the Ipq-js- 

: tries Apsn.), dau. of Dudley, 1st Bnioa 

Twcedmoiith ; sue. his bro. 1870 ; apptd. 

iijrd-lieut. oi Aberdeenshire 1880 ; and ii.M. 

Higli Colnmi-^^ionei■ to Gi.;neral Assembly, 

Church of Scotland. lS*l-5and 1915 ; lord-Iieut. 

of Ireland, Feb. -Aug. ISSu, reapp. Dec. FJOo, 

res. I'JIH. Gov. -Gen. of Canada 1S9?— S ; 

: of the Standard of the Dominion of Canada at 

; the Coronation of Kini; Gi-criro V., 1011 ; h-.n. 

i col. Isi; Highland brig. B.U.A. ; iieut. Roy. 

i Company of Archers ; pros. Aberdecnsh. t^rr. 

forco assoeii. ; C.A., Middlesex ; hon. D.C.L. 

Oxford, 1903 ; hon. LL.D. Aberdeen, St. An- 

drcv.'.s, King.ston, Princeton, Toronto, Queen's, 

' McGill, Laval, and Har\prd Univs. The 1st 

; earl ^-as lord high chancellor of Scotland in 

' 1GS2. Tho 4th earl vas a distinguished 

j minister who was foreign s<^e. for many years, 

I and prime minister 1852-5. Residences — Hpddo 

\ House, Aberdeen ; Houso of Croinar, Tarland, 

: Aboyno, X.B. : Cold-^troani Ranch, Brit, 

: Columbia. Clubs — Bachelors' ; Brooks's. 

Tssuo living — 
; 1. Geovoe Gosfox, Eae-LOpHadoo, b.20.Tar,.l?79; 
j memb.L.C C.(l\ckbam) since 1910; D.L.,J.P. Aberde';.".; 
; ni. GAusr. 1003, jiaryl'lorencc, widow o! late Edward 
: Shepherd Cockavne, of Siielii old, and dan. of Joseph. 
; CHxby of Ov-m'by Cliff, Lines.; ed. at Harror,-, .St. 

Andrews Univ., and O.xiord ; contested Wokiijciiam '■■ 
i 190G; A.U.C. to Lord.-Lieut. of Ireland I^'OC-Id; 
I hon. tre.ts. to various Y.M.O.A. Huts and tents in .md 
! near Lcudon. r>c-iideuces — House of Schivai, by Elion, \ 
, Aberdeeiishire ; 16, CanibridgeSquarc, W.i'. Clubs — : 
j Brooks's ; National Liberal ; Nev." (Edinburgh) ; Royal : 
: Northern (Aberdeen). ( 

! 2. Wa j Lord Dadlev Gladstone Gordon. D.S.0. 9:h Gor- 
i donUiclilrs. ; b.CMay, 1SS3; ni. 25 Apri', 1907, Cc-cile 
i Elizabeth, dau. of Georjc Jain'-s I'nniJnoad, ot 
Swavlands, Penslmrst. lient. Residi ace — Bourne 
! Place, Bexley, Kent. Club— Autoniooile. 
; Issue— 

1. David George Ian Alexander Gordon, b. 21 Jan. 

2. Archibald Victor Dudley Gordon, b. 9 July, 1913. 
1. Jessamine C6cile Marjorie. 

1. Lady Majorie Adeline, ni. 12 July, 1904, Joan, 1st 

B.aron Pentiand. 
Geokob John Jajies Cokdox, 5th Earl of Aberdeen, 
b. 2,s S.-pt. 1S16 ; r.i. 5 Nov. ] .?40, Mary (d. 3 April. 19)0), 
2nd dau. of late G. orge Baillie, of Jer\-iswoode. and 
sister of 10th Eari of Haddington, and d. 22 ilarcn, 1.^64. 
Issue — 

1. Geokge Gordon, Cth Eael of Aberdeen, b, 10 
Dec. 1841 ; d. unm. 27 .Ian. 1S70. 

2. John CaMPSLLL, pres. Marq'iess. 

1. Ladv Harriet, in. 7 Mav, 1>;0, WiHiara Alexander 
Lindsay, K.C., M.A.. \Viad<:.r Herald ieiur..=i— 
Athon^uni; Carlton), aud has issue. Residence — 17, 
Cromwell Road, S.W.7. 

2. Lady Katherine Eliza, m. 21 Xov. iS76, Alexander 
Hu?,h, iiiii Baron Balfour of Burleigh. 

ABERDEEN and ORKNEY. (48th) Lord Bishop 
of. Cons. 1917. (F. ilUb.)— The Kt._ H"V. 
pKEDERifi Llewellyn Deaxe, D.D.. .•=;. of Francis 
Hueii Dcano, B.D., late Eel!, of Magdalen Coll. 
Oxford. B. ISoS ; ed. at Keble Coil. (Oxford, 
C.A. (2nd class Th. .Scho.; ISOO : M.A. lt,i--i : D.D. 
Glas;:o-.v Univ. Honoris Causa 1910: ni. 21 
Sept. lf^07, Caroline, dau. of Canon Henry Lind- 
.say. Rector of Kettering, Nonhants ; ord. l»9i ; 
priest 1692; curate of KetU-ring 1891-lOCO ; 
vici-.r of St. Amlrew's, and eh.L.rlaia of H -M. 
Prisou, Leicester, 1900-4 ; lec'.of of ,':'t. Mark's, 



Gia^;:ow, mO-i-S: provost of St. :Mary's CV.ti.c- ; 
dial, U!a=e;()w-, H!0{>-17; stioct priA'U'v Cftm- 
bridgu Uiiiv. 1915; c!cctPil liishop li)17. Kcsi- 
f'.cncc- -r.irhoj/.- f'omt, Al.crUcLii. 

ABERDOUH. Eiroa. See .Monrox, E. of. 

ABLr.GAVElJISy, Snd '.larq. o£ (U.K.).— Croat. 
14 Jan. ISTO; Earl of Aijerfruveiniv, 17S-t; 
Ka 1 of Lo.v«s (U.K.) 14 Jan. IbTG; Vise. NeviU, 
17 -Mo}-. 17S4 : Bar<m AL'ert;av.!nny, o .Sept. 

HjO *(E.). RkGIX.VLD WlH.lOt Bl'.ANSIJY 

Nevill, s. of Isi Marq. B. 4 jlarch, 1 8al> ; sue. liis 
iolhcT 1915 : late Iknit. V.'. Koiit Yco. ; J.P. Kent. , 
The barony of Borgiivciiriy, or Ab( rgax eiuiy, vas 
crigintiily a jniuiil dignity, and Sir Edv.artl IVevill, 
having m. t.'ie heiress el the lainily, was ^.\xm- 
inoned to parliament as Baron Beigavenny in 
1450 ; since tl;at c!alo the tiile ha.s deicc-iiu^jd in 
th^ n^.ale line ; it had picviou.sly parsed through 
ijie families of Bc-iJiichanip, llAstiug-;, Cantilupe, 
aiid Braose, in riclit cf rniiriiage wiiii successive 
l;f;irs icmaie. KsBidcices — Ncvili lia.ii, Aber- 
pavcnnj' ; Eridge Cast'e, Tuubridgo \Veli3, 

\Vn,iiiM Xetiu., 4ra Eael of Aei;rga\i:xnt, b. 23 
Jul'-, 1 Tv>2 ; Hi. 7 S'.-T)t. 1S24, Caroline (d. li> ilay, 1873), 
din. of Kajph Ltekf: oi Loaglord iiail, ::alop, and d. 17 
Avg. I6'j3. ' Issno liviiis — 

1. ^VILU.VM Xl-'^.'LL, 5Tn EAELnn.l ISI il.'RC. OF AEER- 
CAVEXN-Y, K.G., b. 10 Sept. 1^20; n:. 2 iMoV, i?4>!, 
Caroline (d. 23 sept. 1S92), dnu. oi ftir .loan Vancifii 
rcin^-de .Tohuiton, 2)id lit., and d. 12 Dec. 1015. 
Issue iivin-,' — 

1. KEGixAtDATir.LiAM Eranssy Nevh-l, Prjs.llarq. 

2. Lt.-Coi. Lcrd ii.-iiry Giiljert l;r.[pli XcvUI, b. 2 
Sept. 385 i ; late Susses Imp. Yco., loriiicrlv West 
Kent Yeo.: w. 1st, 12 S'-pt. Is7<'., Violet fd. 25 
Dcc.lSfcO), dau. of Ccl. II. D. Sireatfcild, oi CUvhMn?- 

• Rtoue Castli.-, Kent ; m. 2ud., 2i) Oct. lisO, 
f AuijUata, d;iu. ii' >\ ihiam LccUirtt, Jl.P. Ke^idouces 1 
'.__ — Kridfrc f.tatl?, Ti:nbria;;e >Vi;l!s ; 5o, Eaion l'l;<.ce, ; 

S.W. thi»5 — i>oodlj.- ; Carlton; Conbcivaiive ; ' 

Pratt's, l.-uc— 

1. Joan .Marion, ni. 2 June, 1393, John Charles, ' 
4th SlarfjUfcfs Camden. | 

- S- Slargutnte Kcl..a, m, 11 Feb. 1907, Albert ! 

iJdward Delaval, 21st Baron Il:;';i;ijij:j. ! 

3. Lord Oftor^f Moatacutc Nevili, i>.L., J .P., Sussex, , 
b. 23 Sept. 1.-5-.; ; m. 10 Oct. I6i2, Ploronce iiary, i 
dau. oi the iate Temple Soaues,o£ Jirenciilcy lioiiie, 
Kent. It^^-idencxj — 7, Jiaton .'iovare, s.W. ; ■^^, ! 
Pslineira Sqii.-r?, I'.ovc, Su?5o.\. ' Ciuls — Carlton ; j 

_ Epnciaph; l'r;j!i (V.ri^htoii). Issuo — i 

^- ' 1. Guy Jtoutacute NcviU, cant. Sussex ' 

" i Yco., late c:ot3 Gds.. h. 15 Julv, ItiS ; in. 20 

; Oct. lOy;', ls:ioel Xe'lie, dui.'oi James W. J 

i Lamach, !if Baiuhietye, E. Oiicstead. Kcsidence ; 

;. - — Ham?: 11 :i!a,ior, Eridge, Kvat. Issue — ■ 

Johrt lifTirv Oviv X.-viJi, b. o Nov. 1014. ; 

Angela IvHi -1 >;tUie. 

2. Pcupcrt Wiliian-. Nevill, b, 4 Sept. 1S34, late 
; hiut. 7tb Batt. Hillo Brigade. i 

1. Marjorie, m. 10 June, 1905, Percy LleweljTi ' 
V Kevin (s((> below). i 

4. Lord William B-^auchamp Nevill.b.2:jMav,lS60, : 
late liiut. Srd Batt. lloyal Wist Kent lli-gt., and ; 
A.D.C. to Lord Lieutenant oi In land ; m. 12 Feb. ' 
1SS9, Lui.=a Maria Caruieu d' ilurrj.jta, dau. oi th:- 
la'c M.irqu- s-f de Santurce. ilttidence — 37, Onslow 

[GarJeiiS, S.\V.7. ! 

6. Lord Birb.irdPl.-'.iit.i-enet Ncvili, b. 13 Jan. 1SC2, ' 
C.V.O.,C..M.G.,D.L. Su-s'x.B.A. Camb.. late Chnni- 
berlain to Gov.-Gen. cf Cciai;w.'^i\vealtii oi Au~trj!ia; 
A.D.C. to ll.ll.H. the Duk.j of Connaii-nt, (jOv.-Gen. 
01 Canada, j'.»14-li., auJ to ;iie iJiiH': ol ItvVt.n.-liiro i 
6inc« lv)lf. ; late lieut. ;:nd Vol. Jiatt. Ea.'jt Kent I 
l;-Kl. Chib— Carlton. i 

1. Lady Cicfly LQui<:a, m. IGAnril, la72. Col. the! 
Han. C. G. Gailiorne-iiardy (tee Ckaxhhook, E. oi), ' 
and lias is-Siii'. i 

2. La'!y l.llna M.-iry, rc. 27 FcL.lcSy.Vi.'^count Uythe ' 

i-,v J',!;;.<SL-V, K.;.». > 

2. T.,. U.te hi^n.Balnb P. ll,am NVviH, 1).2? Xov.l?32 ; ' 
D.L., J.P., Ki rit, liigh sti'.riir 1.-90 ; ni. 12 July, l^GO, ' 
Louii.'i Marianne, dau. of Sir Cljarl.s r'itzKoy ; 
M..' i tn. yt!i i'.t.. ar..l il. 17 An,'. l-.i.J. B« >i'if:!i'.j i 
- J. Ba^U Street. s.W . 1 ; Billing .Mainr, .Maiii-lonc. i 

1. IVrcyLWiilyn N.viH.b.ll .May, lS77:ni.S June, I 
1905.- Marjurl.-, o. dau. cf Lord ^roti.'.- Mt iitntute [ 
Ntvill. Kesidtii«— 30, Pont sstretl, i.W.l. Is- i 

1. MkhoM Georgo Ealj^h Nevill, b. 19 June, 1917. 

1. J0.-.!I n 1 :!!. 

2. b.-. I via Kl: .inor. 

3. l:u:,v Loi,:-.a. 

4. !''-;;;--ry.^ 

J. CoJistance Emily. 

2. l.-a^'l Louisa, ni. 15 Oct. 1 890, Maj. Ancu.s Howard 
Ki ;.'ir..ald Oailvy, D.S.O. (see Ogit.vy. Bt.». 

3. .Mary Franc-3, m. S J uly, IsOl, Htmy, ."ird Viscotint 

4. Cic-lv Aii7usta,m. 14 Jan. 1902, Philin Wvndhain 
tol.nol.i, J.P., Suffolk. Kc#idence— The Lodge, 

5. Eiftanor Georciana. m. 15 Jun", 1901, Bow!i:nd 
Francis Meyrick (see Meyrick, Bt.) 

AEEK-rEiny, Baron. .S'cs JlAMrrxor, Dui.Eof. 
Baron. See Monteose. 

■Duiv-K of. 

ABINGDON, 7th Ear! cf. Great. 30 Nov. IGS"^ , 

Baron Non.-ys of Rycoto, S Tday, 1.572 (E.). — 

Mo-NXAGU Ap.xHtTK BEF.Tin, .s. 01 Cth Earl. B. 

loth luay, ISjG ; m. 1st, 10 July, ISoS, Caroline 

Theresa (d. i Sept. 1 873), dau. of Charles Towneley, 

of Towneley, Lanes. ; m. 2nd, lOOet. 183:1, Gwen- 

deline ilary, dau. of late Lieut.-Gen. tlie Hon. 

.S'r Jamea Charicmaene Dormer, K.C.B. {see 

Dormer, B.) ; sue. his father 1SS4 ; ed. at Eton ; 

D.L.. .T.P., Berks, and J.P., Oxfordshire t 

lion. col. 3rcl Batt. Roy, Ecrlcs. Regt. The 1st 

Baron was ambassador to Franco ui tlie roign of 

Eli.^abeth, ond was rai.sed to the peerae:c as a 

reward for his diplomatic services. The 1st Eari 

was s. of the 2nd Earl of Lindsey, by his 2nd 

wife, o. dan. of the 2nd Baron Noiroys and first 

and last Earl of B-ji'kshirc. Residences — \V\ tham 

.Abbey, Oxford ; Camnor Place, 0-\ford. Ckibs — 

Cailton; Travol!.;rs'. Issue by 1st m. — 

1. MoxiAGTJ CuiULES Fraxcis Towxeeey-Bertib, 

Loud Noerev?, b. 3 Oct. 1800 ; la. 2". Julv, 

1SS5, Hon. Bose Rivers lah, dau. of .ALdm. the iloh, 

I£enr\- Carr-Glyn, C.B. (si-: NVolvtrton, B.) ; late capl. 

3rd Bait. Berks Beet. (M.) ; served with I. Yeo. in 

S. African war ; L).L., J. P., Berks ; J.P., Oxford. 

. K.G.H. St. J.J.E. Besideuce— 35, York T.:-rracc, 

B,.:gei.fs Park, N.W.I. Club— Turf. Issue by 1st .m.— 

Hon. Jlont.i^u Henr\- Edrctmd Cecil Towneley- 

BTtic, b. 2 Nov. lS3r ; Lt. Gren. Gds. 

.Hon. .A.loxandra Rose Alice. 

1. Lady Mary Caroline, m. 5 An?. 1S79, Lt.-Col. Lord 
Edmund Bernard Talbot, M.V.O., D.S.O. (see Nor- 
folk, D. of). 

2. Lady Alica Josepliine, m. 1st., 1 Feb. 1890, .Sir 
Gerald llirbert Portal, K.C..M.G., C.B, H.M. Consul- 
G(n. in E. Africa ; who d. 25 Jaa. Ii594 ; ni. 2Dd.. 6 Oct. 
1S97. Comn:clt. Ilohert Beyniiens, Belgian Artille-Tr 
who d. 13 Oct. 1913. Bjsidence— 3, South Eaton 
Place, S.W. 1. 

Issue bv 2nd m. — 

2. Capr. lion. Arthur yichael Bertie, D-S.O., Rifle 
Biig., b. 29 Sept. K-so ; late hon. attach6 to British 
Embassy, Petroerad 

3. Hon. James WiUoughby Bertie, b. 22 Sept. 1901,. 
cadet ll.N. 

3. Lady Gwendfline Theresa ilary, m. 8 Au;. 1903, 
John Strange Speucer-ChtircIUU (see Marlborough.. 
D. of). 

4. Lady Elizabeth Constance Marv, m. 21 April, 1914, 
Capt. S". \V. Trafford, of Wroxhaii) Hall, Xorfolic. 

MoxTAGUE Bertie, tjTH Earl of Aeixgdox, D.C.L., b- 
10 June, ISO.s ; m. 7 Jan. 1^35, Ehzabeth Laviida (d. 
It; Oct. lS.5S;,o. c. of Gccru-e Granvill- Vtrnon-liar- 
court, M.P.. and d. S Fob. 1.-S4. Issue li%-irg— 

1. MOXTACU Arthce BERTfE, present Earl. 

2. Rt. Hon. Francis Leveson Bonio.crcat. Baron Bertie 
of Tliame. 

3. Rev. the Hon. Alberic Edward Bertio.M.A. Oxford; 
b. 14 Nov. 1?4'; ; m. 26 April, 1S>1. i.a.iy Caroline 
Elizabetli MeDoiincU, dau. of 5th Earl of Antrim. 
Re-id.;-:!.:'^— Cr.Miii-; iieciory. .Nottmgnam. Club — 
United Vnjvcrsity. I<sm: living— 

1. Auiirey Charles Bertie, b. 22 Jan. i:'32. 

2. Schoiuber-! Montagu Bertie, b. 12 Aug. 1S33; 2nd 
lieut. .Notts. llM-.-.irs. 

3. Ah.eric Wiiioudii.y Bertie, b. IC Jan. 1891. 

1. Ir.ue Elsie. 

2. Lavinia Mnv, 
S. Olivia Bridcit. 

4. Lt.-Col. liou.t.'eorgo .\ubnn- Vcrc- B''rUf,].iteCol'is_ 
Gds., I>. 2 Mav, ]>;.'.0 ; serv-d in Zulu war, la79 vinedal 
and cla-'p) ; in. 13 Oct. Ibc^i, Harriet Blanche EUxa- 

PRIVV C';jU.\r 

:Xi!Jiii;s ETC. 


■ ill. ilau. of Sir AValttr Faio'ilinr, Trd Bt. Rosl- 
..,,.,< — ;i(,.i;,.cl.rtoli i.juiiro, S.W. Hubs — T;avilKT3' ; 

'"l.'V. ri' .Uary. 

U. .M;iit:.-ira .Adiie. 
:.. Hoin f.UfUsflaiid ]i..rtio, h. .31 Aug. 1S.>1 ; liPiit. 
4;ii) I'ootleT.J-tj ; in. li'J April, IS'JU, Ad-li.ilp (d. Z6 
\'\i. l»yii, ij;m. 01" l;.v. Jciciiaali Jiuirou^lits, ol 
i,;ii.-v.Oud Lo.'J/.r, .Noilr.ik. 

•i. Co!, llou. i;^Ki''"''ld llotiry r.rit:c,C.B.(m!!.) ; b.2e 
rtny, ISbo; capt. Koy. Wilsli i-'us. IsSJ, iiiaj. 1^91, 
li-iu.-col. la^j'J, col. I'jj.i ; ;=,tv. i i.-i Crete lb97-,'s 
b:. l!iiCliii:aly.JO(a. ^^.au•l. ?. I' V:/, • :!; ; in. hs Oct. 
i-s'_', l.aUy Amy Lvilyu Cc-.i.- ;...,- . f Nth Earl 
f.f l>cvo:i. — ].'.;i! i: J I . . 11. CMppcn- 
.'iriTii. Clubs — Naval and .Uilitai} ; iN Liiri^ion. 
1, Lady WUiLboUi i:,.;ily. 
•>. J.ady Lavmia LoiiUa, m. 10 Jan. 18S 
liiokcr-florli, M.P. (L.U.i X. Shropsliirc Itiio-O ; who 
(I. iu July, 19ii''. Jiuiiiunce — Jjo.vniJule jlouso.Wad 

4. M j. TIcn. IVrry G'-ral.! Srnrlett. M C .E. Kent 

K''2t. tj. II .v]>nl. ^v., ip • c d iC '.i)i!,;. 

1. JioM. Until HcstcT Frances (p.- c d • c- 1004). 


(••iv.) lsS8.— Sir 
Ahney, s. of Rev. J 
Firs, Derby, canon 
Alkmnncl's, Df-rbv, 

fciv.). Croat. 1900; C.B. 

William de WivEmsi.iE 
Idw.ird Hf-nry Abii.-y. of Tiie 

of Lii hiitlLl,' and v'ic. of St. 
:ti-id CatluTiiio, dau. of Jede- 

3. Laiy ^'r.iaiv 



diah Strult, of Grceuliill, iJeljier. B. 24 July, 
IvSU; m. 1st, 4. Aug. lSi',,% A^ncs Mathilda (d. 
30 Juno, ISSS), dau. of Edward Smith, of Tiol<ton 
Hal), JJcviM-lty ; rn. iiid, Z Doc. 1SS9. :\[ary 
Louisa, dau. of Rev. E. "Mead, D.D., of Scarboro'- 
on -Hudson, N.Y. : cd. at RossaJl and Woolwich ; 
Robert , lieut. Roy. Engineers IS'il, capt. 1S73. ret. iS7S ; 
ini?pector Science and Art Depart. ISTo ; assist, 
director for .science 18S;5, director for science 1SD3 ; 
principal sec. Science and .Art Depart. 1899 ; 
adviser for .science Board of Education 1903 ; pafst 
pros. Roy. Astronomical, Physical, and Roy. 
Photographic iSocs. ; F.R.S. ; ho-. D.C.L; Dur- 
ham ; lion. D.Sc. Dublin and Victoria Univs. ; 
J. P. CCS. Derby and Leicester. Residences — 
Mcosham Hall, Leicestershire ; Rathmore Lodge, 
BoltonGardcns.S. Kensington, S.W. 10. "' " 

.^Bil.'GEPw, Glh r.arOD (U.K.). Croat. 12 Jan. 
s:;r>. — KuuiiRT iJiiOOKi; C.A.3iPBm,i, Sc.uilett, 
■.-■grandson of the 1st iiaron. P.. S Jan. 1S70 ; 
le. liis brother li^lT ; m. 20 June, 1917, Ziladaine 
li Scrignac, and v.'idow of M. Stcinhoil, of 
.iris ; -Barr.-at-law, Inner Temple : Assistant 

uyinaster R.X.R. since 1915. The 1st peer Athenjeum ; Camera, 
distinguished lawyer who filled the orlice ' i=,uc by 1-t lu. — 

1. L.inrcIot Edward Guy Abiicy, b. 4 Feb. 1803 
15.A. Camb. : m. 2,'> Oct. i'jO.S. Annio Louisi-, ar.a. of lat 


■ 1 Chief JSaron of the Exchequer. Residence — 
-0, Palace Chambers, Bridge Street, S.W.I, 
clubs — Conservativo ; AViadham. 

I!. Jl.MKS .■?C.\KI.t:TT, K!."T., isX U.UiON AUIXGER, b. 

iToi); 111 1st, -JiJ, Aug. 17u:i, Louisa iJiiin. iii ^d. 8 
March, ls29), dau. 01 i'«tcr Campbell, oi Kili.iorcv ; in. 
-irJ, :i;i iScpt. JcJ4:j, Elizabeth (d. 13 Oct. U^O), dau. f f 
J.Oe MotT'.-, of Jiivt.s, .^unrv, and wido'v oi j;r>v. Jjoiirv 
•loh'i rjdloy, 01 "Oeklcy ; u'iid d. 7 April, Is-il. l^sue 
i,wit!i oiiicrs) bv 1st in. — 
1. KoBEnr Campbell ScARtETT, 2nd Barox Abinger, 
b. o ji- I't. 17iM ; 111. 10 .luly, l^'Zi, fcarah (d. '^ Jun'.>, 
J.^7S), oatj. of Ui-orije Siiii'di, Cli. Justice of lUu ilaan- 

Auguste de V>il. l{c.=idoncc — 50, Itoad, 
Kensington, W. Issue — 

1. Agnes Marv de SVivileslie. 

2. Isabel Joan de W ivpl.'slie. 

1. Echol Woottoa, Ml. 2^ .huic. 1S94, 
Williaii! Ei^sinald Hall, C.L.. R.X. 

2. Ib^Icn Lilian. 
Issue b',' 2n i i:i. — • 

3. Janot. .Alurie de 'Wivelosh'^. 


Mj,i?q. of. 

ABKAHAIiI, Privy Counse!!or. Apptd. 1911.— 
Rt. Hon*. William .Ir.iJ.vH.^M, ^LP., s. of T. Abra- 
lam, a wo.'-kins coiiier. B. .June, 1842 ; m. 
ISoO, Sarah 'Williams (d. 1900) ; worked in a coal 
mine at ten years of age ; a miners' as:ent since, 10 let). 16^7, Jieury ■ ■,,- ,, ,-' , i -_-.., ^^ . • ,' ,. 

runstall llaverriold, K..A., wiio i ' ■ *^^^'^ bard. an<i commonly known by iU3 baraic 
i lias isi-ue ; i:i. -ud, 19 July, i name " Mabon " ; J.P., Glamorganshire. Resi- 

.,.....„.,.,......„. ..-.,, '"-Qi Vise. i^ce HaxTLEY 

tin-, F.nd d. -4 Jsino, liOl. I-iio — 


Giin, C.Ji.,L!':-ut.-t;cn. intl-e Anny. b. 30 Aug. 15;2(i ; 
in. 23 Dec. 1603, Udeuid. lo Feb. i91.')),dau.of Com- 
modore George Allan Maarudcr, U.S. A'avy, aud d. i 
16 Jan. 1892. Issue, wiih uli r> — 


I iiAr.o.v, b. 13 March, 1)<71 ; d. num. 11 Jjc;c. 19J3. , ,__ . , , 

L 1. Hou. Ella Campoell, il.B., m. 14 Dec. 1901, I -l^'^ ; yiee-pres. oi the jlonmouthshire and 
Percy Haiijilton Sysigi:. I South 'Wales Conciliation Board ; pros, of the S. 

2. Hon. IKiin Cbnriofte, m. i:. July, 1SS5, i Wales Miners' Federation, and trcas. of the Minerg' 
Nicholas John Ci-.arlton, who d. 1S92, and lias | Federation of Gt. Brit, since 1907 ; :.LP. for 
sf Hon. Evelina, m. 1st. 10 Feb. 1357 M- ir.-- i Glamorganshire (Rhondda div.) since ISSD ; is a 
WvLfliam BrooUx Tu 

d. 19 .'a;,. ISOj, . ._ ,. 

L-:-'.-, :,iij. Jolm H-jnry J'aicuy, i:.A., of DuUield, i dence — Br3'n-y-bcdw, Pentrc, Glamorgan. 
I>t.-ibv. She rcsuTuedtiie na;ii'joi Jiav-rii:-ldl>S99. , . ^.„ 

Hon. Fr.-iucv.s .Mary, m. 7 Dee. 1;.=>7, P^cv. Sidney i ABRAHAMS, K.C.B, (civ.). Creot. Jan. Jt915; 

Liddcrdale SiMiUi, wiiou. OOct. 1CJ3, aud.!i£.3 issue, i C.B. lyuS. — Sib Lionel Aeuah.^ms, s. of 2>l. 

Kesidence — Sduih Bank, Hereiord. ' I Abrahams. B. 9 Doe. 1SG9; m. 8 April, 1896, 

o- v'" ^f-'^/^""- v '■'>■' C.-''"P''\" •■^^■■■'Tlett, C.B. b. j Lucy, dau. of X. S. Joseph ; ed. at Citv uf London 

22 ^1^: ^3! i^r^^^-^^^siii' l!:^'^nW "-sSr: ! ?sr' r' ""^-r' ''"IL'^lr' = ^"*- '^'^ ^^'^^ 

1849), d:iu.a;.dco-h.oiEd!nutid L'.niax, of Parkhurst, I ^f^^ • un^incud sec. 1902-11 ; a.ssist, Lnder Sec. 

-?urrey; .-iiid d. 15 Jidy, l^^l. I~-;ue— j of State for Lidia, since 1911 ; memb. of depart- 

'J'iio l:itc Lt.-Col. Ltupold .LuiKS r>earlett, Scot; ; mental Cornms. on Indian Raihvav Financo and 
Gds., b. 9 ftept. 1^47 ; i.i. 10 Feb. i--il, Bossic F!or- i Administration I907-S, and on W. .African cur- 
euce iRsid,.n House, Maidstone), rency 1911-12. Residence— 18, Porchester Ter- 
d lu. and co-h.ot Edward Gibson; aud d. 21 Oct. 1S8S. ----•'■IV u\ T->.,in 
ls.-<u,-, wi;h oth !S— 1 ^'^°'^' " • ^"- -^^^^uc— 

1. SiiELLEV LroroLD L.vrr,v.Kri-, Scarlett, 5th I Arthur Cliarlcs Lionel Abraliams, b. 22 Jan. 1S93. 

1^99? Ln^f Lt-ov'cATnEi-iNE .HAu'f (itc^Kk^nces— ! ACCRA(2ad)Lord B-.sbop of. Cons. 1913.Foim. 1 909. 
11 iw,iii..ins ibvus.', ll..«iih.nis, li:n.ts ; ^Vrun i ""Pii^hJ^Rkv. .Mo\vi;i;.A.YS'ij:i'n£N O'RoKKK.D.D., 
- House, Hor-^hani), dau. oi l:i:e lit. Hon. Sir s. of Willi^un Joseph O'Rorke, of i!al!inasioe, co. 
William Arthur W hite, G.C.13. .aud widow oi Kam- i Galwav, and now of Xoitinaiiam, and Annie Eliza- 
merl.err C. .Iv Gukt of th- .-^wcdM. Hiplomatic i beth. dau. of William Wilson, of Saunders Grove, 
^'lit^ KetliiT^Bi^oS^' CAiiiUELL SCARLETT. 1 ??; ^^^^^^^r ^- ft Birmin^zham. 21 May. 1809 ; 
pr- s. B r n. ' Ld. at Lniv. SeJi.. Xottm-ham, \\ esiey Coll., 

3. .m'aj. Hon-. High RicnAi;u Scaki.ett, D.S.O., i Shellield, and Trin. Coll.. Dublin, div. test. 1st cL, 
H.U.A., IIKI:: I'lu.s. b. 2.-. -Nov. li-7S ipr c d iic- { -M.A., D.^. ; called to the i5ar, Middle. Temple, );s-rvid:ii6.Aiiic.ins\..;^i,i.!rt-.isa:i.l King's i itcjo : ord. Ii..u2 ; cnrato Jarrow 19n2-.0, St. 
lujuals. 5 clasps) ; A.O.C. to t.uv. (.1 gu^ I90o-iO; in cliurge of St. 

. issin — jcuiuto St. U.s\v!dd'.s, Durham, 1912-3; con- 

1. James rjohf.rd Scarlett, b. 2^ Sept. 1914. j secratod to tliis see 25 Jan. 1913. RcsidoncoB — 

2. Joiiu Leopold Campbgll Scarlett, b. IS Dec. i Bishopsbourne, Sicr ondoe, \'V'. Africa ; The 
laiO. j Drift, Magdula Rend, Nottingham, 



ACKESON, Vise, and Baron. 
Eaj:i, of. 



ACKROYD, Lady (Knt.'s widow). — Mary, dau. 
o{ lul". Henry James Lucas, of Bedford. M.ll 
Marf-li. 1880, Sir Edward James Ackj-oyd, judge, 
av.d acting chief justice of the Supreme Court of 
Hong-Kong, who d. 5 Feb. 1904. Residence — 
8, Sel borne Road, Hove, Sussex. 

Sec CofiFORD, ACLAND, 2nd Et, ot Oxford (U.K.). Great. W 
Juiu-, 1890; O.V.O. I90a.— Sill WiLT.iAM Alison 
Dyke Acland. a. of 1st Bt. JJ. 18 Doc. 1847 ; ni. 
7 July, 1887, the Hon. Eini'y Anna, dau. of late 
Rt. Hon. W. H. Smith and the Visconntess 
Hambleden ; sue. his father 1 900 ; Rear- Adm. 
1899; Vice-Adm. 1904, Aun% 1908; ret. 
1911. was officially attached to Chilian anny 
during tlie war 1880-1 ; dep-?oninr. W. Paciiic 
188.3-5 ; late adviser to the C!"vt. of New South 
Wales on the defence of ports ; J.P., Oxford and 
ACLAND, Privy Counsellor. Apptd. 1892. — | Devon ; A.D.C. to Queen Victoria 1890-9 ; L'nd 

RiQHT Hon. Artuur Herbert Dyke Acland, j in command of Channel Squadron 1901-2 : adm. 

3rd s. of Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas D3'ke Acland, superintendent Gibraltar Dockyard J 902-4. 

11th Bt. B. 13 Oct. 1847; ra. 14 June, 1873, Residence — Vv'ilmead, Torquay. Clubs — Athe- 

Alico Sophia, dau. of the Rov. Francis Macau- ' najum ; United Service. Issue — 

lay Cunningham, M. A., Rector of Brightwell : ed. 1 1. William IIexky Dyke 

at Rugby and Oxford ; hon. fellow cf Balliol j li; Mav 18SS " Hov 1st 

Coll. Oxford ; hon. LL.D. Leeds ; JI.P. (L.) Yorks " ' " ' 

W..R. (Rotherharn Div.) 1885-99; Vice-Pres. ' 

Committee of Council on Education 1892-5 ; I 

nutlior cf a Handbook of English Political History, I 

anil of Working Men Co-operators. Residence — j 

29, St. Jannr,3's Court, Buckingham. Gate, S.W. ; 

Chib.s — Athenaaum; National Liberal; Reform. ' 

lasu. — 

A'.LA.ND, M.C., h. 
Devon Too.; maj. 
ll.r.C. ; m. 2'> April, 19] C, .Marg2r"t, dau. of Theodore 
Darclay, of i.-in-jluuvs, Herts. ; iia'; order of St. Oeorgo 
(4th class). Clubs — Bath ; Caven.iish. 
2. Lieut. Hubert Guy Dyke Acland, B.lSr., b. 8 June. 
21 Aug. 1015, Lalajje, Can. of Capt. John 

1890. ^ , ^ , 

Aclarid, of Woilaston Housed Dorchester, CI 
United Servi' c. Issue — 
Anthony Guy Aclam!, b. 17 Aws. 19iC. 
Sir Hknry Wentworth Aclaxi-. Isx Bt. K.C.B 

The at. Hon. Francis Dyke Acland. 
SJi'.'.el Alice. 

1 D.O.L., LL.D., .U.D., P.Ii.S., b. "^l; Aug. J 815; Kegius 
j Professor of .Medicine at Oxford 1 857-94 ; h. of Sir 
I Thomas Dyke-Aciand, 10th Bt. of Columb John ; m. 
ACLAND, Privy Counsellor. Apptd. 1915.— j l*.,J"ly. 13*6, Sarah (.L 25 Oct. 1878), eld. dau. of 
The Kt. Hon. Francis Dykk Acland, s. of The ' ^'"i^ni Cotton, F.R.h., D.C.L., of \N alwood, Essex, and 
Rt. Hon Arthur Herbert Byke Acland b. 7 , ^-i^ArAVk^AM So^D^IkI Aclak^^ 
•iflrnh, 1874 ; m. J'JO.->, Margaret, d-.u. of Charles o. Henry Dvke Acland, b. 14 Oct. 1850 ; m. JO Nov. 
Jniiies Cropper, of Ellergreen, Kendal; M.P. (L.) 1878, Margaret Dicliiiis, dau. of rhc Jatc John Jope 
O.utiborue, since 1910, for Richmond, York.?, Hogers, of Pe-irose, Helston. 
S10&-10 : financial sec. War Office, 1908-10 and i 3-Tiieodorc IiykoAcland, b.l4 Nov. 1R51 ;M.D..M.A. 

Oxford,P.K.C.i\,M.E.O.S., governor of, and consult- 
ing physician to St. Thouias'3 llosp., Brompton 
Hosp. and King Edward VII Sn-iatorium, Midliurst ; 

1S10&-10 ; financial sec. War Office, 1908-10 and 
1911 , pari, under-sec. for Foreign Affairs 1911— 
15 ; pari. sec. to Treasury, Feb. -May, 1915; 
pari. aec. to Board of Agriculture in Nat. Govt.; 
May, ;915-Dec. 1916; memb. of senate of 
]..ondou Univ. since 1910. Residence — 5, ChejTie 
i'laco, S.W. 3. Clubs — AthenKum ; Brooks's ; 
Travellers'. Issue — 

1. Kiuhard Thomas Dvke Acland, b. 26 Nov. 1906. 

2. Arthur Godfrey Dyke Acland, b. 17 Jlay, 1903. 

3. Ciitlibert 'Icmv Dvke Aclaud, b. 18 Nov. 1910. 
1. !:ieauor Edith Dyke. 

ACLAND, 18th Bt. of Columb John (Eng.). 
Ci-eat. 21 Jan. 1678, ivith presidency of 24 June, | 
1644. — Sir (Ckarles) Thomas Dvke Acland, s. [ 
of 11th Bt. B. 10 Jul}% 1S42 ; ni. 1 Nov. 1879, j 
Cortrude, dau. of Sir John Wahond Walrond, \ 
Bart., and sister of Ist Baron Waleran (whom j 
f\co.) : sue. bin father 1898 ; ed. at Eton and : 
Oxf ird, M.y\. ; Barr.-at-!aw ; deputy warden of ' 
tlio Stannaries; late lieut.-col. Ist Devon Yeo. i 
Crtv. ; M.P. East Cornwall 18S2-5, North Com- i 
Wrti! 1885-92; Church Estates Commissioner 
188(;, and pari. sec. Board of Trade, Feb. i 
t'. Auc. 1S8C ; D.L., J.P., C.A., Devon (High I 
Slierif- 1903) : J.P., Cornwall ; D.L., J.P., Somer- j 
set ; patron of 7 livings. Tlie Lst Bt. was a ; 
di.-tinL^uUhpd Ri)V<ihHt.. but tlio letters-patent of | 
•lis c'c -Xn-n having been destrov'^d during the I 
civil war.-*, u new patent was granted in 1677, witli 
a special clause of precedence from the earlier I 
di'.t > of 1044. Residences — Killerton, Exeter;! 
Holncycott. Allerford, Somerset. Club.s — ^Athen- 
ffiuni; iVavellers' ; Cavendi.-^h ; Cobd'^n. 
Ili';ux UoN'. Sir. TuasiAS Dyke aci.a.nd, Hth Bt., 
D.L.L., .M..1'., 1, 25 .\;.-'.y, I8ija : 111. Isi. !4 Alareli, lf;41, 
luHiy i;d. 11 June, 1651). dau. of Sir Charles Mor- 
dauut, "oh Bt. ; ni. 2nd, Ls June, "jrifi. ilary (d. 14 
May, i.Sv)2), dau. of John ErsUine, co-itrolkr of -Army 
A' couiila, and d. 2y .May, lt<9rf. Issuj living — 

1. Sir Charlhs Thomas Dyke Aci^and, i>re3ent Bt. 


Heir 1'I'.es. 

1. Mary J.ydia, m. 30 Oct. 1S72, Rev. Pachard Hart 
Huit-Davia, M.A., J. P. anil Vicar of Dunsdea lH7(i- I from 
lOlU, and has i.ssiie. Kitsidem-e — The Hidge Field, 1004 
Uppi-r Warren .-Vvenuo, Cavei-sliani, Ki^ading. 
urii-tta, ni. 1 1 An 

I formerly P.M.O. Egyptian Army; Maj. ll.A.j^I.C.(T. i,m. 
I 12 April, 18S8, Caroline Cameron, liau. of Sir 'William 
I Cameron GuU Ist Bt. EesideL -.e— 19, Brvan.ston 

Square, W.l. Club — Athen;eun'. Issue — 
! Theodore William GuU Aelaad, B.A. Camb.. b. 7 

Nov. 1800. 
I 4. Sir Reginald Brodle Dyke A.cland. 

5. Capt. r rancis Edward Dyke Acland, late R.A., 
M.I.C.E., il.i.^.I.E. ; b. 12 Mav, 1857 ; m. 8 Jan. 
1885, Marion Sarah, dau. of late lit. Rev. William 

I Kenneth Maororie, D.D., Bishop of ilaritzburg ; ed. 
at Harrow. Residence — WalwfM. lianstead, SuiTey. 
I Club — Junior United Service, l^^ue — 
I 1. Herbert Arthur Dyke Ack-.nd, B.A. Camb., b, 9 

j Oct. 188C , m. 22 Sept. 1914, .Maud Kathleen, 

of Lt.-Coi. C. E. Branson, of B.-omgrovc, SheiSeld. 

2. Lieut. Kenneth Fiaucis Dvke .A.cland, b. 16 Oct. 

1S90, K.N. 

1. Charis .U-rip?. 

2. Cleuiince .Margaret. 

6. Lt.-Col. Alfred Dvke Acland, late Devon Yeo., 
b. 19 Aug. D^jS ; J.P"., llert-s, K.C.II.SU.J.E. : com- 
mandant llcijio'int Depot Brit. L^' ')■.■'!. Force, I ranee, 
1915 ; A.D.L. 1.16 ; m.SOJuly, 1,-^n5, Hon. Beatrica 
Danvers Sniiib, 4th dau. of Vi-'-oaiCess Hambleden. 
Residences— Digswell House,W-I'.vyn : ;J06, St. .la.nes's 
Court. Cluhs—l'rooks; Cavalry : Garrick. Issue — 

1. Arthur NViiJiam Acland, b. -} Nov. 1897 ; licut. 
'iren. dd.-;. 

2. I'eter Pcvil Edward Aclan-l, h. 9 July, 1002. 

1. Angela Cieelv Mary. 

2. Katharin". 

.3. Sarah Deatricc, m. 2 Jm'.e, 1917, Capt. Cecil 
Stall'ord, 00th Rifles {see Stakiokk, Jit.). 

1 Sarah Angelina. Residence — T.ParkTown, O.Kford. 

ACLAND, Ent. Bach. Creat. 1914.— Sm Rkqi- 
NALD Brooie Dyke .Vclaxd, s. of late Sir Henry 
VVontworth Acland, Bt., Jv.'-.i-J. B. IS .May, 
1S50; m. 12 .Vug. 1885, Helei' Ernma, dau. of 
Rev. Thomas Fox, rector of Teniplecombe, 
iSomt. ; ed. at Winchester and Oxford, M.A. ; 
Barr.-at-law (Inner Temple) 1S81 ; bencher 
1913; K.C. '904; memb. of Bar Councii ; re- 
eorder of 8l;i wsbury 1901-3, and of Oxford 
1903 ; Jiidge-Advoeate of the Fleet from 
J.P. Berks, and chrtnn. of Quarter 

ssions. Rcaulfiices — 85a, Linden Gardens, W. 4 ; 

. .M.A., C.E., J.P. London. "^ bsue-L "iTr? ' '^"''^ -'^^''' ""•'■ .^^■^^^"■■y, Berk.^. Clubs— 
s. R. C. l!o<aiiquet. 2. Fraiie ;, m. Rev. W. , Athenamni ; United bnivcrsity. Issue — 
uij.].. .i Residence— 72, St. Ueo:;j. Square, S.W. ' | 1. Edward Fox Dyke Acland, b. 9 >:ov. 1891. 





2. AVilfritI l;. '-'inuld Tlvko Arlnnd, b. 20 .T>ino. 1fi94. 

1. TlMa Jfaiy, m. 1014, Capt. J. P. Stocklcy, who 
was killed in actio!) 1 Jan. 1010. 

2. Rurn ii.'.iv.-i. 

HOLMES-.i-COURT. See Heytesbury, Baron. 

ACTON, Slid Baron (U.K.I. Creat. 1 1 Doc. 1809 ; 
Bt. (I-:uc;.)17.ruii. i'-.M ; iv.C.V.O. 191G ; M.V.O. 
(-:th cl.) 190!. — t'lciiAfiD Maximilian Dalberg- I 
Acton, s. of tlio 1st l!:iron. B. 7 Aug. 1870 m. j 
7 June, 190i, D':)rothy, clau. of Thojnas Henry 
Lyon, of Appleton Hall, Clieshire ; sue. his fatli-r ' 
]902; ed. at Oxf.a'd ; clerk in Foreign OlLloe j 

1S9-1-6: Char^^e rVAffaire.s at Darmstadt and j-i^^^^^^^,_ 3, _^__P^_j^,_V_j^ ^9^5 
Carlsmhe, 'y^-l* = at Borno 191o-17 ; off.cer.n'rance, 1916 : lieut. iutheArmv 19ir.. 
consul gen. ft Berno s.nce 1917: lord- ^j ,,t Hon.Wm. Patrick Adam, CLE" ^ " " 
m-waitmg in orrbnary 190o-15 ; has Grand K,,^^, successively a lord of the treas. 
i;ross of the Oiw.-i of the Dauiiebrog, and 
1st Class of Crown of Prussia ; is gi-nnd 1 
oMcer of the Legion of Honour. The 1st ' 
Ml}, received tho dignity as a reward for 
Ills distinguished loyalt}-- to Charles L The 
presentBarou'sgrandrnotlier, who was tho heircj;s 
of the Freiii\i dacal hou*o of Dalberg, m. 2nd, 
the 2nd Earl cJranville. Residence — British 
Legation, Berne, Sw-.fczeriand. Seat — Aldenhiim 
Park, Bridgnorth. Cluhs — Athenaeum ; ?,iarl- 
Liorough. Issue — 


b. 15 Dec. 1007. 

2. Hon. P.ichard ^VilUa^n .Heiibert Peter Dalberg- 
Actou, b. -21 I'V'b. 1909. 

1. Hon. Miiriii Iimnacul^e Antohietto. 

2. Hon. Doiotby Elizabeth Anno Pelline. 

3. Hon. Hf;l.-ii Jlary Grace. 

4. Hon. Galmrlk; Marie Lcopoldlne. 
&. Hon. J<.nn llnnrlck .Toscpli AUiria Clare. 


ACTO.N, K.C.V.O., LI..D., B.C.L., b. 10 Jan. 1834; a 
lord-in-waitini,' to Qu'ior Victoria 1892-G, m. 1 Aug. 
1SB3, tlie (Jo!i!iti-s.s -Marie Aroo-Valliiy (Kosiilencf — 
Tcgernsee, Bavaiia), dau. of Maximilian, Count Areo- 
Valley, of 31uiiicli,and tl. 10 June, 1902. Issue living — 
1. Itlc'BARi) ft]A:aMiHAN iJALiiEKG-AcTON, pri's. liaron. 

1. Hoa.MarvEli.'.abeth Anno, m.21 Oct. 1001, Lieiit.- 
Col. EdM'ard Wleiddian Herbert, late 17th LaDoers, 
and has issue. 

2. Hon. Annii- 5tary Catherine Gcnrgiana. 

3. Hon. JraniLi; Atailc-. 

ADAIR, 5th Bt. (U.K.). Croat. 2 Aug. 183S.— 
Sir Rob BKT.Sii.Ai.i'xo Adair, s. of 3rd Bt. B.lSAug. 
1SG2 ; .sue. hi.y bro. 1915; Barr-at-law ; D.L. co. 
Antrim ; J.P, Norfolk ; m. 4 .Dec. IS90,Mary,dau. 
of Henry Anstoy Bosanquet ; patron of livings. 
The 2nd Bt. waj croat. Baron Waveney. a title 
which cxi.ii-.-.l at his death in ISSG. Rc^kteucs — 
12, York llniise, Kensington, W. 3; E'l-ton 
Hall, Bungay ; 'i'hc Castlo, Ballymena, co. An- 
trim ; Adair Jjodgc, Aldoburgh, Suffolk. Clubs 
— Oxford and Cambridge ; Burlington Fino | 
Arts. Issue — 

ALLAN llENKY SHAFTO AD.UR, b. 3 Kov. 1.S97. 

Camilla Mhiv Shaft.;. 
SIR llu.;!i JliiWARi) A ,AiR, Srn Bt., M.A., U.V., B.L., 
J. P., b. 20 \},:r.. l.sij ; m. 10 July, 185(.i, Harriet Camilla 
(d. .'(0 .Alav, I'.iOi)), dau. of Alexander Adair, of liea- 
therlon Park, Pauntcin, and d. 2 Mareh, 1902. Is^iu'— 

b. 20 Pec. ISUO, Capt. Ui!ic Bi-i.;;., and d. 9 April, 1915. 

2. .Sttt lioBKin' Smavto Ad.viu, pres. Bt. 

1. Camilla Beatri.K Mary. Pvesidcnce — Hoi'tli.n'ton, 
Pembnry, Kent. , 

ADAIR, .K.C.B. (mil.). Creat. 1 909.— Gen. 
Sir William TfiuMrsON Adalr, s. of late Oen. 
Sir Cliarles VV. Adaii-, K.C.B. , Roy. MariTics, and 
Isabella, dnu. of .Maj.-Gen. T. Aslett, Roy. Slarines. 
B. at Gosport 21 Juno, 1850 ; m., 27 Jan. 
1880, R0S15 (d. 1903), dau. of lato J. E. Naylor ; 
m. 2nd, 15 Feb. 1905, Angela E., dau. 01' late 
Fredk. Plo\>.'e.s ; ed. at Cheltenham Coll. ; inaj.- 
gen. 1900, dip. adjt.-gcn. Roy. Marines 1907-11, 
It.-gen. 1910; gen. 1912; served in-South Africa 
1900. Resid.incc — Loughanmore, co. A-itrim. 
Clul) — Cnili-d Se>rviee. 

ADAM, IstBt.'oli Slair Adam (U.K.). O- vt. 20 
May, 1882. — SiaCuAKLiis Klpuinstoxe .A i..\i, s. 
of the lato I'ight ! -on. William Patrick A' in, of 

Blair Adam, Governor of Madras, nnd Emily Eliza 
Lady Adam, C.T. (d. 19 Nov. PJOli). dau. of Gen. 
Sir William Wyllie, G.C.B. B. 7 Aug. 1859 ; m, 
25 Oct. 1913, Edith, dau. of late William Dob- 
son, of Victoria, British Columbia ; ed. at l^ton 
and Oxford ; B.A. 1882, M.A. 1885; Barr.- 
at-law (Linoolu's Iiui, and Inner Ternplo) 
1885 ; private sec. to the late Lord Tweedniouth 
when parly, sec. to Treasury 1892-4, and when 
Lord Piivy Seal 1894-5 ; has Volunteer long 
service medal; D.L., Z.V., late C.C. Fife; 
convener (1393-1910), and ILM. lieut., Kin- 
ross (1909-11) ; chrm. 1908-9, and pre.s. 1909-11 
train conduct'ng 
M.P., w'lO 
ely a lord of the treasury and first . 
cominnr. of works before b-^ing apptd. Govo' nor 
of Madras, h;^ving d. 1881, liis widow was granted 
tlie rank o.' a Bt.'s widow (to which .she would 
havo been entitled had her husband survived and 
been ereaifid a Bt., as was intended), and the 
Baronetcy was conferred on his eld. s., the pro.sent 
holder, 20 May, 1882. Residences — Blair .Vdarn, 
Kinross-shiro ; 5, New Square, Lincoln'.-; Inn, 
W.C.I. Clubs — Brooks a; United TTniversity ; 
National Liberal. 

ADAM, 1st Bt. (U.K.). Croat. IK Feb. 
1917; Knt. Bach. 1890; CLE. 1888.— 
Bra Fea> k. Forbes Adam, s. of late James 
Graham Adam, of Denovan, Stirlingshire. B. 
I Juno, 1846 ; m. Aug. 1883, Rose Frances, dau. 
I of C. J. I'emball, late judgo of the High 
! Court, Bombay ; was pres. of Bombay Chamber 
i of Commerce and of the Bank of Bombay, and late 
memb. 01 the council of the Gov. of Bombay, and 
trustee of the Port 1883-9; pres. Manchester 
Cliambor of Commerce 1803-4, and 1903-6 ; vice- 
pres. Associated Chambers of Commerce of TJ.K. ; 
viee-pres. British Cotton G.-owing Assocn. ; 
chrmn. of council of Maijchester Univ. since ] 904 ; 
memb. roy. commn. on Coast Lights of Utd. 
Kgdm. 1900 ; memb. of tho einployovs' panel for 
the court of arbitration, and of r;xilw^av confer- 
ence 1908-9 ; J.P., D.L. Lanes ; hon. LL.D. 
JMariche.ster Univ. ; IMaiichester Univ. rep. acting 
pres. of East Lanes Terr. Force Assoc, since 1914 ; 
mernb. o.*^ Board of Trade Adx'iaory Com. and Tex- 
tile Com. Residence — .ilankelow Court, Audlem, 
Cheshire. Clubs — East India United Service ; 
Union. Issue — 

1. Ml. Konald Porbea Adam, R.H.A., b. .''0 Oct. 
1SS5 ; m. 7 .fan, 19t5,'Anua Dorotby, dau. ol Frederick 
Pitm;ui, of Bravmead, Biay, Berte. 

2. Eric Grahaui'Ailani, b. JS«8 ; olerk in Foreitrn Office. 

3. Colin thirdon Adam, b. 1889; I.C.S. ; lieut. I.A. 
1. Hetty P^eay Clifton; . 

AD.'VM, Laily (widow ot Lord oi Ssssiou, S.), 
dau. of John Boatson-Beil, of Glenfaig, N'.B. ; 
m. ISO!, J'lmes Adam, wiio w-a.s apptd. a judge of 
the Court of Session and of tho Court of ufti- 
ciary 187G u.'i Lord Adam ; ret. Dec. 1905, and 
d. 27 Aug. 1914. RcsifT^.-nce — 34, Moray Place,' 

V.G. ADAMS, K.C.B. Creat. 1912 ; CM. 1898 ; 
Maj.-Gen. Sir Robert Bellew Adam- =. of late 
Maj. Robert Roy Adams, I.S.C. B. 2(; .j v y , ■ SOO ; 
ent. Army 187G ; capt. 1837 ; maj. 189'-. ; Ic- ol. 
1902; col. 1904; brig. -gen. 1904; n-aj Lon. 
190(3 ; served in Afghan war 1879-80 ; Chitral 
relief force (in command Queen's Own Corp.s of 
Guitles) 1895: north-west frontier 1897; com- 
manded troops, Rustam and Persai, in Buner 
expedn. ; reed, the V.C. for rescue (with others) 
of Lieut. Greaves unde.' heavy fire 17 .Ang. 1897, 
Upper Swat. Club— E. India United Service. 

GOOLD-ADAMS, G.C.M.G. Creat. 1907; 
K.C.M.G. J 902 ; C.B. (.-iv.) 1898 ; C.M.G. 1894.— 
Maj. Sir Ha.milton .^d;in Goold-Ada.v.s, s. of 
Richard Wallis Goold-Adanis. B. 1858 ; in. 4 
July, 1911. Elsie, <lau. of Charles Riordon, of 
Moiitiv.-d. Canada; e.l. M-uuing ^hip "Conway," 



BOTvei} or. approntico in mercanfcilo mnrino 1874-5 ; 
exit. Jsi R'-ff. 1S78 ; capt. Lotliian Reg';. 1885, maj. 
1895. rot. 1001 ; maj. Res. of Officpr.s, lato Roy. 
Scot8 ; .icrved with Bec}iuana!and expcd. 1884-5, 
in MatabeJeJnnd 1893-4, and in S. African war, 
including defence of Mafeking (deppatchea) ; 
coi. covin ndt. Beclnuvnaland Border Police ; em- 
ployed by Colonial Office to delimit boundaries 
of Chii.'l'g Khaina and Sebele 1895 ; employed 
special bi-rvice under Foreign Office on Portvigueso 
Barotseland boundary 1896-7 ; resi'lent commnr. 
Bechuanaland 1897-1901 ; It.-gov. Orange River 
Colony 1901 ; Gov. and Com.-in-Ciiief 1907-10 ; 
Hiir'i Commnr. and Commdr.-in-Chief of Cj-prus 
1911-14; Gov. of State of Queensland since 
1914. Residonco — Government House, Brisbane. 
Club — Anny and Navy. Issue — 
E'chfircl. John Moreton Goold-Adaii'S, b. -Ji Jan. 191(5. 

ADAMSON, E.O.S.I. Great. 1910 ; Knt. 
Bach. 1906; C.S.I. 1903. LL.D.— SiE Hahvey 
Adamson, a. of lato Rev. Alexander Adamson, of 
Kinne-mit. B. 7 Oct. 1854 ; m. 20 Jan. 1892, 
Jane Charlotte, dau. of John Leslie, of Corse, 
Nairn ; td. at Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen, and at 
Abeidoeu Univ. ; M.A. 1873 : ent. I.C.S. 1877 ; 
It.-col. Upper Burma Vol. Rifles (medal) ; Com- 
missioner at. Mandalay 1S97-1C01 ; Judicial 
Comranr. Upper Burma 1901-5 ; Chief Judge of 
Chief Court, Lower Burma, since 1905 ; elect, 
additional merab. of Legislative Council of 
Viceroy oi India 1904, ordinary memb. 1906-10 ; 
Lt.-Gov, oi Burma 1910-14. Club— E.I. 
United Service. Residence — 5, Old Court Man- 
sions, lionsington, W. Issue livin;.; — 

"Ifarvcv Ad:inison, b. 1907. 

Isabel,' m. IS May, 1915, William John Eeith, I.C.S. 

ADAr-ISON, Lady (Knt.'s widows. — Maegaket, 
dau. of Ai'drew Hamilton. 31.. 1 859, Srp. Williaji 
Ai.'A.MSON, C.M.G., ^Yho was b. 1832 ; creat. 
Knt. Bach. 1907 ; for some years lu.L.C. Straits 
Settlements; and d. 11 March, 1917. Resi- 
deuce — 0, Avenue Road, Highgatc, N. 

AD ARE, Vise, and Baron. Sea DcriraAVEN, 

E.VI-.L OP. 

ADCCCK, Knt. Jiach. Creat. 1901 ; C.M.G. 
1897. — Sib Hugh Adcock, s. of Christopher Ad- 
cock, surgeon, of London and Hunstanton, 
No-folk, and Catherine Elizabeth, dau. of T. 
Riulin', of Huntingdon. B. 1S-J7 ; m. 1st. 
1800,'l'lli7.!-il.Pth (d. ). dan. of W. Watkins, 

Wnolli'ii mamifactni'ci-, of Newtown, North Wales, 
m. i!!ul, 14 ,Vcv. 1908, Ptorcnco Beatrice, dau. of 
Col. Jhiucra ; cd. privately in London and Camb. 
L.R.C.P. Edin, 1809 ; M.R.C.S. Eng. 1872 , 
P'-actibcd for some years in Norfolk and London; 
and then proceeded to Teheran, where he became 
chief physician to Mouzaller e-Din, afterwards 
Shah of Por.^ia ; litis the order of the Lion and 
Sun and other Persian orders, the Legion of 
Honoui', Iron Crown of Austria, St. Saba of 
Sorliia, Leopold of Belgium, Public Merit of 
Bulgaria, Oninge of Holland, aiid tlxe Medjidie. 
Residence — Nymet Hotuse, Nyniet Rowland, 
Lap ford, Devon. 

I^.'m^ liV 1st 111.— ' ■ 

i. J.>a!sy Grace, m. 7 Sc|'t. 1004, Witliai-.i TCinR-Wood, 
C.l.i:., oil diri'ciiua PiT.<ian Sec. of linlo-Europoan 
'i''-lr',;ra|)h Ofpt., who served in S. Africa (Cluli — Jun. 
Naval and .Military), llesidence — Xidifran, Persia. 

ISSII'' liv 2lld III. — 

1. llii«!i Anberv Adcock, b. 27 Oct. 1U09. 
■J.. Herbert Vincent Adcock. b. 10 Oct. 1911. 


r.C, b. 21 Mar. 18;)5 : m. 19 May, 1^•:J7, lion. M.uia 
.Uari,'aret Xai)ier(d. 18 April, 1890), dau. of AVilham John, 
0th Baron Napier, and d. 2« ..Vui;. l.^SO. l=suc — 

1. .EaKiiTO.\ HmiB.MiD, 2nd Baron, b. 29 Bcc. 18-12 ; 
ni. .) June, 1880, iMary Adelaide, dau. of SirWyndliani 
Spencer Portal, 1st lit.; was M.P. for Buckiagham 
1874-80, and for N. div. Bucicinghamshiro 188(3—89, 

1 and d. 1-1 June, 1915. Issue — 

L John Geliibuand IlfBiiAUD, prcs. Baron. 

' 2. Hon. R.^YMONDlLaKKTONHmjiaED, Heu'.Phes., 

1 B.A. Oxford; b. 11 Nov. 1884. 

! 3. IloD. Francis Spencer Hubbard, b. 1 July, 1888 ; 

I late lieut. Oxfordshire L.I. 

L Hon. Winifred Mary, m. 10 Aug. 1909, Capt. 
Berkeley Cole Wilmot Williams, and has is.suo. 

i Itesidences — 36, Eunisraore Gardens, S.W. 7. ; Her- 

. ringston, Drcoheater. 

! 2. Hon. Euth 31ai-y. 

j S. Lt.-Col. Hon. Cecil John Hubbard, b. G Sept. 1816 ; 

I Lite Gren. Gds., J.P., Bucks ; la. 15 April, 1872, Helen 

] Jane _(d. 27 April, 1900), dau. of iate A. jMacdonald 

I Kitchie. llesidence — Kingsbridce, Steeple Claydon, 

j Bucks. Club — Carlton. Issue liviir^ — 

j 1. Capt. John Praucis Hubbard, iato 3rd Batt. 

Laiics Fus. and previously Gren. Gds. ; b. 5 June, 
1880; served in S. Africa 1902 ; now onipli)ved v/ith 

I Egyptian Go\-t. ; m. 16 Jan. 191-1, Kathleen, dau. 

I of Cyril Wilsoa. Residence — Frontier Districts Ad- 

I ministration, Cairo. 

1 1. JMuriel. 

I .2. Hilda Mary. 

I 3. Irene JIargaret. 

I 8. The late Hon. Arthur G ellibrand Hubbard , b. 6 Feb. 

1 1S48 ; private sco. for native alTairs, Cape Colony ; r.i. 

I 29 June, 1881, AMxy d'Esterre. (llcsidcacc — Sehvvn 

; Lodffe, Westgate), dau. of Charles Hugh Huntlj', 

! 'J.M.G., and d. 7 Jlarch, 1896. Issue livini; — 

1. Capt. Gerald Napier Hubbard, Irish Gds., b. 27 
Aug. 1SS2 ; lato .Bilic Brig. ; in. 14 Jan. 1908, 
Bertha Caroline, Urd dau. of Bev. E. S. Gamier, 
M.A., rector of Quidcnham, Norfolk, and has issue — 

1. Ralph Arthur Hubbard, b. 22 Oct. 1903. 

2. Thomas Edward Hubbard, b. 27 Dec. 1911. 
1. Susan d'Esterre. 

1. Kathleen d' ICsterre, m. 11 Oct. 1911, Rev. Charles 
Hanulton 3Iylue, Vicar of Shioton, Vorki'. 

2. Dorothy Isobel. 

3. Noel Agnes. 

4. Hon. Evelyn Hubbard, b. 18 3!-.rch, 1S52; :\1.A. 
0.\)ord, a lieut. loi- (he City of London, director of 
Bank of England 1S90-19U9, M.P. iiri.Kton (C.) 159C- 
1900; hon. conipv. conu'. City of London Nat. Guard : 
m. 25 Aug. ISS), Eveline .Maude, 4t!i dau. of SirWynd- 
ham Spencer Portal, 1st Bt. Resid.'uce — S2, Draycott 
Place, S.W. 3. Clubs — Carlton; Cavendish. Issue — 

1. Rev. Harold Evelyn Hubbard, 3I.A. Oxford, 
b. 12 Feb. 1883. 

2. Eric Wyndhara Hubbard, b. 28 Oct. 18S5. 

3. Bertram John Hubbard, b. 27 Aug. 1895; 2nl 
lieut. Gren. Gds. 

1. Hon. Alice Eliza. Residence — 7, Campden Hill 
Courl-, W.8. 

2. Hon. Rose V.\k-u. Rosidcnc.— Baldric House, 

8. Boa. Clemency, ni. 1 Sept. 1S8S, Jlaj.-Gen. Sh- 
George Digby Barker, IC.C.B. 

ADDINGTON. See Sidmoutk, \'isc. 

ADDIS, Knt. Each. Croat. I L 
i Stewaut Addis, s. of Rev. Thi 


•gh. 13 


1.S Addis, D.D., 
2;J .Nov. 1801 ; 
dau. of James 
Ayrshire ; ed. 
if tlio Cainciso 

of JMorningsid 
I m. June, 1894, Elizabeth Ja 
! ^Iclsaac, of Parkond, Saltcoats 
; at Edin. Acad. ; is a director 
j t;entral Railways, and of the 13'itish and Chinese 

Corporn. ; London manager of the Hong-Kong 
'and Shanghai ■'•'■anking Corporn.; British censor 
i of the State Bank of Morocc.i. ivcsidonce— ;0a, 
I Primrose Hill Road, Regent's Park, N.W.3. Issuc' — 

ADDEHLEY. See Norton, 


ADDINGTON, 3rd Saron (U.K.). Creat. 22 

July I.S87. JOIIX Glii^LIUIlANU 11 L li Q.UID, .s. 6i 

tjio 2iid Baron. B. 7 June, 18S3 ; sue. his 
fiithcr 1915; B.A. Oxford; Cupv Oxfordsliirc 
L.l. I'.osidonce — Addington, Wii oWr Bucks. 
Ci'ib — Bucliolors". 

Thomas Addis, b. 3 April, 1S93. 
CharK's Tliorl.aru Addis, b. 2 July. 18! 
William AdJis, b. 5 Sept. 11)01. 
George Herbert Ad.lis, b. 22 Oe! . 1004. 
John .Mansli.-ld Addis, li. U Jmi^-. i'.!l4. 
. Richard Addis, b. 1 D'.o. 1910. 


Ili'nriev.ta .V.ary. 
-Margari't Katliljcu, 
Jean EUiso"'.. 
, K;'.eliacl i'criester. 



Edinburgli Roy. Infirm, and Roy. Edinburgh 
Horvpital for Inrarabl-^a ; hon. LL.D. EJinburi;!'. 
K.'oidcnce — 3S, Huriot Row, Edinburgh. 

Bishop of. Cons, liy-i; Toun. IS'j.i. — K-x. Kiev. 
Hkruei-.t Tugvvkli., D.D., Cainb., ord. ISSO ; 
priest, 1831;; car. c.l Potwor:li, h:u53'jx lii80-9 ; 
inis. at Lagos 1SS9-94, when ho was cons. Bp. 
Tlic DiocfSj con-ists oi North-.rn and Southern 

ADDISON, Privy Counsellor, apptd. June. 
■ ~j,j._Kt. tloy. Cii:ii<-t;^:-'uek Acdison. il.P., 
i D. L>. 19 Jua.-. iSOy; i-d. at Tiiiiay Coll. 
■;larro.uu- : M.i>.. B.S. London, F.R f.S. Eng. ; : 
•n ;j JLireh, 1 02, l<ohfi, dau. of the late Arehi- : 
. :dd Gray ; for:iierly !<-ct. on asiatcniy at St. ■ 
U..irtlioronie-.v'- lh>i]<. ; HunlCiiaa ]>rof. and 
. V miineriii ar.alomy Crtinb. iind L-ndou Uuivs. ; 
rlirm:i. of Board of in.ennedian; .M.-dical Studies 
h^adon Univ. ; V^.V. (L.) iot IL.xton Div. oi 
.<•, >rcditch since 1910; par!, froc. to Beard of ! ^lgena. Residence— Lagos, \^ . Atnca. 
K licv.ion, 10I4-irtl5 ; of ihnis'ry Oi" ^Munitions j 

J913-10: Minister of Munitions Dec. 1916- ! AGAR. iSee Norman-tox. Kaht. of, 
Julv l'J17 ; minister in chaise of recuastruclion ! 

•vithoiit; portfolio since July 1H17, me-iih. of i AGHA EHAN, G.C.S.I. Cr" at 1011; G CLE. 
jt.p. Conwn. vn Tuberculosis a .d of .M ■di'-al | 19'j2. — H.H. Slltan .Sir. Mc'iAMMAri Shah. 
i:.-;oarcli Conni'. ; late prof, of a;iatoiny Shef- j J.s entith.d to u salute of II guns and lias 
" ■ lit-a: Socy. ; status of l^t elacii ciiioi oi Bombay i-ri;sidt-ney 

Journal, i ?.s Si'iritual Head of the Mo-Iems. Residence — 
Club — Re- ' Bombay. 

i L'ntv. C^l'i., mid sec. of -A. 
:..i e jitor of Qwaittriy M<dicai 
: <!di-nce — Northwood, Midtllt-ex. 
•liH. Issue living — 

1. Ci.ristoi)!ier'on, b. S Doc. 1004 

i. >i:d:.u;i Ai''.'^oi'., b. 12 Ai>i 

i. •iizal'Cth Kate. 

£. Jsobr;! tJray. 

ASSE7/, 9th Bt., o£ Lochnaw, (S.), Great. 

0i4. I 28 Juiv, lG-'9. — Sih .A.Nijr.£\v Noel Ar.Nv:\v, 

js. of 3th Bt. B. 14 Aug. ISoO : ni. 16 Oct. 

j 1889, Gertrude, dau. of t!ie Ihjv.. Go^nran Char!j3 

Anrr HTn^'^rU'^l-a^- mth ToTt'nisVo'if.? Con<? Vernon (see Lyvkdkx, B.); i=uc. hii lather JS»2; 

• P-" i:v,^f VsV- fr -:v APT^^^^^^ ed. at Harrow and Camb., LL.B. 1S71 : called co 

.J.J... \l.oun.l54.).— IvT. K.A ARTUt^B NoiiER| Temple. 1874: M.F. Euin!.ur-h 

>i:rr M^tllf ^dau^i^S^^;^ ' R 1 1^^ i (^•^•) ^^^>'-^ = 1-^ -P*- ^- ^>-'=^- -'^ ^^''- 
ISO'J; rn. li)->4, Mary 'Iheodora, dau. cf Rev. 
W. .\. H. Lewi?, vie. of ITpp.^r Go.-nal ; ed. at Oun- 

<ii .l..'.nib(schcl., B.A.. Lst ch>i- classic, trip. 1891, 
.■•L.\. 1S95), and Wells ; ord. IS'Jl ; prie-^t 1895 : 
(ur. of Wakefield Cathedral 1S94-5 ;'dom. chap- 
i in to Archbi.shcp of York lS9o-9 : cur. oi 
Liod? IS09--1001 : "rector of Gaisborough !9ol-fi, 
when he was ppptd. to this 3.?e : consecrated i 
i'.iiiO. Residence- — Bishop'3 Court, >s'oith Ade- 
l.jide. I-'.-ue — I 

1. ( :,r'=t..T.h r Xiiff.^r XliOmn.s, b. 11 Julv, 1912. 

J. r-.-:i!;i .M:ircara. 

". .M.iry Kaciiarine. j 

.1DKINS, KnL rsach. Treat. 1911.— 3ik | 
V, n.ixvii KVLAND Dj:nt Adkins. s. of William | 
AdUiiuO, of Northampton. B. 11 Miv, 18o2 ; j 
«d. at Mil! Hill Sch., and Univ. Coll. London 
(I'.. A.), and Oxford (exhibitioner); Barr.-at-law 
(iniicr Temple) 1S90 ; M.P. Middleton div. of 
Lines since 1906; recorder of Xotti::ghara since 
L'll ; J.P. Northampton and county ; vicc-chrm. 
Northants CO, Residences — Milton Tdanor, i 
N'uril'.ampton ; 6, Paper Buildings, Temple, E.G. | 
CiuLi — Athenaeum ; Reform, P.nth. j 

.AFFLECK, 7th Bt. (G.B.i. Great. 10 Ju'y, \ 

17^2. — Sir Robert AviXECi:. s. of Gth Bt. B. : 

4 March, 1852 ; ni. 9 March, 1SS6, Julia Georgina, ' 

2nd dau. of John S. Prince ; sue. his father j 

lii2 : ed. at Eton. The Baronetcy was conferred ! 

•■n Edmund Attleck (with remainder to the male ■ 

i -ue of his father), for his distinguished conduct i 

ni the engagement between Adm. Rodney and 1 

t.'i'i French squadron under Count de Grasse, | 

12 -April, 1782; he likewise received the thanks ; 

'f parliament. Club — Yorkshire (York). ] 

J-iH KoBEUT Affleck, Cth Bt., D.L., J.P., h. 23 July, 

'•- j ; m. 9 April, 1^0.>, .Maria Lniilv (li. Xov. 1002), \ 

•'■'■■ .lau. of Eilniuud Sin<jcr 15urtoii, oi Churchill, 

.^crj.a:as, and u. 9 Oct. 1SS2. Issue living— 

1- ^rn KoBEKT Affleck, pro&'ut Bt. 

-'. JoHs DK LixuFx Affleck, Ueu: rr.Es..b. 13 July, 1 

If""': ed. at WcUin^'toQ CoU. ; ra. 1;03, Blanche 

l.':v";;f>nija, dan. of Alosander A. Eobson, oi Sydney, 


1. Anna Maria. 

•■ FruDces Caroline. ' 

-<. H.:K<n,m.lilay,lSS3,Iiev.HenrvBrnco Pugh.and 
■ -- !=.^ue. Rosiii.U'.v' — Ualliam ilecU.ry, -V<"wniarkct. 
* -'kry Eliisbcth H;irrictt, ni. 27 Ai-ril, I^il3, Joirn 
«li; Kud.i, B.A.. and has issue. licsiJence— 8, 
Anerley Park, Anerlcy, S.E. 

AFFLECK, Knt, Bach. Crrat. 1911.— Sra 
' ^'iii Oi-.-MsroK .\.VFT,ECic ; ed. at Edinburgh 
:. 'v. (M.D. !b«rj, M.B.. G..M. '1807) ; E.K.O.P. 
' ''••!. 1675, r.R.C.S. Edin. 1SG9 ; Cunu. physcn. 

way Vol. Garrison Art. 1903 ; Vice-Lieut., D.L., 
J. P., Wi^to^nishirs. Thi.s family held the hero- 
ditarj- shrievalty of "Wigtown for many genera- 
tions, and received .•"4,uij(,> in compensation when 
that oiilce was aboli-shed in 1747. Residences — 
Loclmaw Costle, .Stranraer, Wigtownshire ; 10, 
Smith Square, Vv'estmiiiSter, S.W. 1. Clubs — 
Brooks's; New (Edin.). I^sue — Nono. 
Sra AXPREiV AGKEW. 7tu Bt.; M.P., b. 21 ilarch, 1763 ; 
m. 11 June, 1816, Madoiico (d. 21 Jan. 1855), dm.:, oi 
Sir David Carnegie, Bt., of Soutueat, aud d. iS April, 
1»49. 1S.5UC— 

1. Sni ANDREW -Agnew, Sth Bt., scs below. 

2. James Andrew .Agnitw, C.f;., b. 21 Jju-.\ 1523. 

3 Tlmuas Frederick Andrew Agucv, 1.. e> July, 1 i>'M ; 
m. 9 Oct. i SGI, Julia, dau. oi lato CiiarK s I'clly, iiadras 
C.S. K.-sidence—Ullet Road, Sctton Park, Liverpool. 
Issue — 

1. Comr. Doui-'Ias Agnew, R.N., b. 5 Feb. 
18C9 ; la. April, 1904, Lcoise, dau. of Robert 
Thorne, of Greenock. Issue — 

Frederick Douglas Acnew, b. 18 Jati. 1909. 

2. Ernest Frederick .\^uew, b. 6 Jan. IS 71. 

3. 'llie late Cant. Graham At:aew, ^«"ortiiumb. Fns. ; 
b.SOct. 1874; in. 21 .May, 1003, Gwendolyn Rose, 
dau. of Frederick Lane HiilJart, oi Brynkir, co. 
Carnarvon, and was killed in action, France, 25-26 
Sept. 1915. 

4. Percy Rejinald -Aj:new, b. 13 Jan. 1S7S ; m. 15 
June, 1909, Ethel Adelaide Susan AVakefleld. 
Issue — 

1. Kathleen Julia. 

2. il;iud Susan llosemarj-. 

5. Harold Carnegie Agnew, b. 6 March, ISSl ; 2nd 
liLUt. Machine Gun Corps. 

1. Henrietta. 

2. Geraidine. 

3. Ethel Patricia. 

4. Marion. 

4. Lient.-Col. Gerald Andrew Acnew, late '90th Light 
Infantrv ; b. IS Dec. It35 ; prcsoDt at relief of Luck- 
now ; in. 19 May, 1370, Mar_.;aret Cuni"-h3me, o. 
child of Wiiham Boaar, of Warriston. ■ .gidence — ■ 
East Warriston House, Ediaburgh. lesu — 

Eva Marj', ni. 18 Julv, 1906, Archioald Campbell. 
(Issue — 1. (. •lakl Arehi i.i,. Id. 1. Lili.:s .\f .d. iiiie. 2. 
Zilla M;irsai r. 3. IV.trieia Jean.] liesi . ;ace — 1-a-t 
V\';irri.-to!i H.n!?e, Edinbu'uh. 
Sn-v ASDIiEW A-.XE^, Stu Bt., M.P., D.I , b. 2 Jac 
i IslS ; U). 20 Au.'. 3846, Lady Louis.a xVoel (d. 27 Jane. 
i 1883), eld.' dau. m 1st Earl of Gainsborougii, and d. ^ 
I March 1892. Is :e — 
' 1. Sir -\.vDRa.» Noel -\gxew, prea. Bt. 
' 2. Ti:e iatc Henrv ue Courcv A=i;>:"-, J .1'.. "-^ ictown, b. 
, 1 Nov., 1:^51 ; m.' 2:i Dec. L---5, Eth.l Anne (vj. 2nd. 
1 Edmund Charriii-jfon, of Lin:n<fie!d, Surrey) dau. of 
I Capt. Thomas Wiiliaia GolT, 7ni Dragoou Qda., and d, 
I e March, 1910. Israe— 

1. Dorotbea Ahna, •..'.. M -May, 1007, Ilarc'.J 
; Svann (ste Swavn, Bt.). 

2. iiaz. ! Louiin, in. 3i> Oct. 1913, Fraacis, 4th Vlw 
CombiriiifTo, ., 



3. Maj. CnARLEs il.* !i.y:;, Puks., late 
-IM: Iliiss.irs, J.l'., V'ii:;r)\vii ; li. .il Juisc, lo.M) ; iii. 
30 Jiiiiie, 1^^7. T,'ih'.!i Ann: (iivorci'd U'liS), dan. oi 
Li'Ul.-G.ii. Mr J. \. L.:i.- iiurray, K. (■.•!. ; ». rv,-.! in 
Burii.a l-<^J-7 (in-lal aii^i rli^pi, ft-i! in itii jlc.-hi, 
l!Sl)6 (iiiciall. K-siJotcf — Northbournc, C!i.>ij!.:iiii, 
Sumy. Ciuiis — Jirooks' ; Cavalry ; ^uval aud iiili- 
tnrv. I- 

Fu!-iy • Gerali Melville N'OfI Asnrw, b. 1900. 

4. l.i.Cc!. Qiii-n;in Gralia;n KinnairJ Agnpw, 
M.Y.O., D..S.O.. b. 8 J:in 18'jl ; Roy. S'.ots 
Fiis. ; 1>.L.. J. P., Wijtoxvn ; mini:!), of lion. 
Corps oi (.i'.'utleiiioii-at Anus since 19'je ; 111. ist. 91m'1) 
ISua, Evulyn Mary (■!. 191:;.), aau. of lau- Capt. J. li. 1. 
Al','xun Ji. r, u..>.. t'.xj. ; i.i. _U'I, ;! -uiy, i-J.v, Ci-iiy 
Anno Chunliill, dau. of .lamoi Inskip. oi Ciiiion i'.iri: 
Hon-.'. !;ii-:(ol: s.^ in ;n!r"!;i >■-'-•, rimi) Caia- 
paign lS97-.«, and in S. Afri-.-a 1S9?-I3j2. Ciul.s — 
Savai aul .Vilita'-y ; New (Kiiu ). Issm- bv 1^ in. — 

1. IJaviii Qiii-nrin Hope Ap:n<-\v, b. 7 1V'>. 19 JO. 

2. Joli!) A.'i'lr-w A?!K'.v. b. -I'o Sent. 19iJ3. 

3. Pii:.rick Al-<ana^r AgUL-w, b. IS .Nov. 1903. 
1. Suzauji.i M^ry. 

Issue by i'.inl m, — 

Aanew, b. 21 M.-y, 19T7. 

5. Gcral;!; .veii-jw, lafi- iicut. £. Kf iit K'^gt., 
b. 24 April, 1^:V2. 

1. Can.liu. CI;arlotte. Kesidencc — Xortlibourne.Criob- 
ha:u, Surrcv. 

2. Loixi-:o Tiueia, in. 10 July, 1877, Duncan ilacXoIll, 
who d. l-<9-', and lia? issut. 

3. Mary Alma Virtoriu, ni. 19 Aug. 1675, Arthur 
Fitzjtnlii, mh Uaron Kiriii.iinl. 

4. Koiina Constanc-', m. 14 .Vpri!. 1?9', Kev. .Tamos 
Daviil.<o!i, M.A. KusitSoucc — Blaci^aaatr Manse, ^iorth 

6. Marcarct Vicl.-'t. Maud, m. 23 Jnlv, 159 ), Lt.-Col. 
Francis bu.lloy Williarr.s • l>ru:nuioud (^i-^ Williams- 
DucjiMo.vD. ];t.). 

AGNEW.2udBt.,cf London. Cent. 2 Sept. 1S95. 
— Sir GEOK'.iK V\'ili.ia.m Agxicw. .=?. cf 1st lit. 
B. J9 Jan. 1852 ; m. 2 Oct. 1378, Fanny, d;iu. of 
John Stuart Bolton, of Oulton Hall, AyI-.!iom. 
Norfolk ; sue. hiss tathor 1910 : cil. at Hujhv and 
Camb., M.A. 1379 ; .M.P. for Saliord .^lince 1000 ; 
J.P., Lanes. KoisiMcr.ce — Rougliam Hall, Bury 
St. Edmmid.s. Ciuijd — Reform ; Devonshire. 

1. Jobs Stuaut Ao:tew, b. 16 S-^nt. l;79; J.P., ; 
Suffolk; capt. SuJ. Yco. sinco 19U : in. 14 Ai>iil, ; 
1910, Kathkvn, dan. of late Isaac William Hi wilt i 
White, of Mi-anwood, Leeds. Itosidi ncj — Battli- s | 
House, Eou«i:ani, Bury St. EdiDui..l3. Clubs — | 
Cavalry ; Isthnji-tu. I 

2. George Ci:lin Agnnw, b. 28 Oct. l«-2. 

1. Mary Eniiiy, Hi. 17. March, 19'>!, Wl!!iirn Burn An- 
derson. Ilesidence — 18, lly.Io Park S!r<-t, \V. ■>. 

2. Fauny Isabel, i;i. 4 March, 19u9, Maj. Osv.ald Kest- 
cven Chance, 5tli Lancers. 

3. Doroihv, m. i Jalv, 1900, Hiutou .A.r:},ur Stewart. 

4. SvbU Alice. 
6. Cicely. 

Sir WrtuAii Agntw 1st Bt., h. -20 Oct. T»25 ; m. 25 
March, 1851. ilary (d. 2 <.:pt. lil'2), dau. of I'ixtonKcn. 
worthy, of Peel Hall. La!ic.>., aud d. 31 Oct. lylO. Issue — 

1. Sia George Wili.tam, pres. Bt. 

2. Charles Morlan 1 Apntv.-, M. A., Camb.. b. 14 Dec. 1S.55; 
m. 22 Sept. ISSl, Lvtlyu Mary, aau. of Wiliiaiu Xaylor, 
of London. Issii.^ — 

1. Charles Gtraid Agnr-w b. 30 Julv, lS-2 : m. 11 
July, 1900, Olive Mary, dau. oi Yen. William 
Danks, Canon of Canti>rb"utv. Ifsuc — 

Geoffrey Williain G. raid A',.'n.-.v, b. 11 Julv, 190:?. 

2. Kenneth Morlaad A-.-n. w. M U . li- ut. JC.F.A., b 
25 .May, le^G ; in. 2o Ucl. 1910, Edith, o. dau. of 
late A. H. Laver, M.i)., oi i> liru- — 


3. Capt. Alan Graeme A?nc\r, K.F.A., b. 4 D^c. 
1887 ; in. 3 April. 1913, Dorothy Ceil, d;iU. of late \Y. 
WlnstauJev Strode of iCiii^'s Lar:«iov, iUrta. Issue — > 

Piter Akncw, b. 7. April, mu. 

4. Sub-Lieut. Jii:j;li Aciieu- K.S., b. C June, 
ISyl. : 
6. Wlliiam Gladstone Agnew, caJ^ i B.X., b. 2 Dec. 
1. Emslv JIarvrarct. | 

3. Tho late Walter Airncw, LL.B., Cr,:i!.. h. 29 April, i 
1861 ; la. 17 July, 1.-!^'!, Mat-l, •Uu.ofCl;ai!.s Wilkin, j 
and d. 17 April, 1915 lic-^idence — 7, Brj-anston I 
Square, W.l. Issue — I 

1. Victor Charks Waller ,\pn.-\r, B.A.. Camb., Heat. ' Yeo. : b. 21 Jane, 1--.- 7 ; i:\. -'2 Julv, 1913, I 
Phyllis .May Claude, dsu. oi Lite Cia'i 1'aU.iy, j 
K.C. Ecsldiiicc— '>, OxiorJ S.iu.vro, \\. 2. Issue— i 

Charli-? D.ivil Acnovv, b. 3 Sept. 1910. 
Eli/ .Moraa. 
, 2. nirhiirl I...<il>- Agn..w. b. 4 ilaroh, 190'J, 

1. I'l.vili;' .Marv. 
; -4. Pl.ilip l..s!i. .v^aew, b. 30 June, l.i03 ; M.A., O.t- 

fortl. l>arr.-at-la-.'.-,J.P., Xorthanis : !.». 1- Nov. 18>9. 

.Aiexanura<:, dau. of Evvan Christian, ci 
i Ale.vandria, Etjypt. Rcsidencrs — Litilecourt, Far- 

thia2-^to!i(.-, Xori.iiants; 1^. Gh.uc.-.=^T',r Square, Hyde 
j Pari;, W. .:. Club— Cnited L"niv.'r=i!y. .i?^ue— 
1 Ewan Sicgfrifd Asntw. b. 12 July. 1-9:3; lieut 

■ Lancers; m. 14 IVb. 1017, Marion, dau. of Frank 

; LotT.^hboro'jgh Pes.r.-oii, of Whit-.-chureh, E-t-ading. 

: Eiiid Jocelyu. 


; AGIfEW, Lady (Knt.'s widow). — Beatrtce, 
' dtui. of LSurg.-(.;"n. Fawciis. M. 10 .Aug. ISS-i, 
i Sir Wiiliani Thomas Fischer Agnew, recorder of 
i Rangoon, Burma, who d. 20 Dec. 1903. 

i AIKINS, Kiit. Bach. Great. 19U. — Sir James 
j .Albeki -Manninu .Aiicins, ■>. ot late lioii. Jomes 
I Co.-c i Mar\ Eiizabelli Jane, lUiu. of Joliu 
ISom.-rsit. ii. ISol": m. I. -^ I. Mary Beriha, dau. 
I of Hon. .Arcliibald Woodbury .McLolan : rn. 2nd, 
, .Mary l-'iviieh. dau. of William' Ct.lin-, of Stanstrrtd, 
i Quebec : K.C.. ?I..A.. ; pies. Canadian Bar A.s.socn, 
! since 1914; M.P. (Canada) for Brandon, Jlani- 
[toba, 1911-15; FelL Roy. Col. lust.; Lieut.- 
; Gov. of Manitoba since 191 G. Ke.^ideiico — 
; Winnipeg, Canada. Clubs — Mariitob.-\ (Winni- 
;peg); Ridecu (Ottawa; ; York (Toronto). Issvie — 

i 1. Gordon Harold .Aikius, B.A., b. lt>7; lu. 1911, 

I Mvrtl" Clint. 

! 1. M:tr>' H.len Albt-rta. 

I 2. Eiizabetli Grace. 

j AIKMAN, Lady (Knt.'s widow).— CATHI•RT^-B 

; Maud, dau. of W. T. Richards cf Burron-on- 

i Trent. ^1. as his 2nd wife, 7 June, 191G. Sm 

RoDERT Smith .Aikmax, who was b. 13 July, 

1S44; creat. Knt. Bach. 1910: Judeo of tho 

Hifjh Court North Western Province 1S94- 

1909 ; Sir Robert m. 1st. 30 Oct. 1877, :\larv 

(d. 17 Nov. 1914). dan. of J. Craic, of Thrco 

i Crofts, Kirkcu ibrightshire, J.P. ; and d. G .\pril, 

i 1917. Residence— loo, Sutton Court, Sutton 

: Court Road, Chisv.ick, W, 4. Issue by 1st ni. — 

i 1. Janet. .Marv, m. 20 June, 1599, Maj.-G.n. D. G. M. 

! Cainpbt'U, C.B. 

I 2. Mariiaret Fortune. 

3. Isabel Primrose, m. 7 Sept. 1910, Coiirteaav Latimer, 
I I.C.3. 

i AILESBURY, 6th Marq. of. Creat. 17 Julv, 
i 1S21 ; Earl of .\iksbury, 10 June. 177G ; EaVl 
; Bruce, Vise. Savernake, 1521; Baron Bruce, 
117 April, 17-iG (U.K.); Earl of Cardigan, 20 
! .A.pril, ICGl ; Baron Brudenell, 20 Feb. 1G27 
(E.); Bt. 29 June. IGIl; D.S.O. 1900.— 
George AViixiam Ja:,ies Cdan-dos Brudexeli,- 
1 BuucE. s. of oth Marq. B. 21 May, 1S73 ; ra. 
, 21 .March, 1903, Caroline Sydney Arme, dau. of 
late Jolm :\radden, of Hilto'n Park, Clones ; sue. 
his father 1911; maj. :MidtUesex Hussars Y. ; 
kite Hoy. \Vilt3 LY. and 3rd Argjdl and Suther- 
land Highlrs. ; served in S. Africa 1900 (raen-- 
' tioned in despatclics, Queen's medal, 4 cla.sps, 
D.S.O.) ; J.P., CO., AVilts. Scat— Savemak-e 
Forest, .AIarlborou;_:!i, Wilts ; Clubs — Cavalry ; 
' IBadminton. Issue — 

1. CnAN-Doa Sydney Cedric BRrDrN-ctL-BRrcE, 
Eaisl of Cakdioan" ; b. 2G Jan. 1904. 
1. Lady Ursula Dajdme. 
1 2. Lady Host;i;ary l^nid. 

; Ep.xiiii' .AriiL-.-Ti.s\i'.Ai;LE3 BnCDEXELL-Bia-CE, 3rd 

Marquess on Aii.E^ncr.T, b. S Jan. Is^ll ; m. 25 Xov. 

I 1S34, liiin. Louisa Bi.-resiord (d. 14 Oct. 1891), 

dau. of 2nd Baron D. ti'-s, aud d. IS Oct. l^-'i. Issue — 

I 1. Tht; late Lord Gi.r^e Jo!m Brudcn. il-Bruc-\ lieut. 

34th Huisars, l).lj May, l-.>9: in. 7 An;;. 1-.;-, L.idy 

EviJvn MaivCrav.ij,dau. of Willi iin, 2nd Earl of- 

Craviu, an-l d. 2.s .M.ay, ISOS. Is.^ue— 

GEORGE Wiir.fAM Thomas Brudevell-Brcce, 4tu 

Makql-e.^s op ArLi.-iiiKY, b. 8 Ju!i", l.^O."; in. 6 

Mav, 1S'»4, iiMr';l;v Julia (ni. 2nd, 2s-^ March, 

1001, David Wall 1 Wchftrr. and d. 2ud S pt. 

It 17), dan. of Tliomas Uaselcy, of Brighton, and 

U. id April, 1694. 



J.alv ^^1^ol T.mMv r.o'ii>a 'pr.oi'fh'iipo, 1SS7), m. 
I Oct. 1.-9:.', Uobcit StaiKlisli>;r, and has 

2. lli-vitT \rGrsTrs Bp.C'iEXELLP.KrcE, Stii Mar- 
Qr:-:>s of Arr.KS!;L'i;r. b. II A;<vU. i-i.': cju.t. •Jth 
Yoot; jr. P. for N.W. WU'-^. i<-';-9J ; in. l(i Xov. 
l.'^TO, Gvorjiana Sor^lin .Mana (J. -li .!up..\ ly ri). dau. 
of n. H. Piiiciiiuiy, of 'ia"? Court, JIl-voh, add d. 

10 Mar h. 1911. r?<u.- livini — 

1. (.iEOU.-.F. \Vl'!.l\M J.UIE.S CHA.N'DOS liKriESELL- 

Bkccf:, iir. s. Marriu.'ss. 

1. (.aly Ern-s>iri.'.Ma.rv Alrra Gcoi-uiHiia, in. 13. Jan. 
1>9-^, ilaiTv Hrtilv iiiint. an 1 l.jts is.-m-. nisj.liiiee 
•2. La Iv Vir;).-t Louisa .M:\rj. .rv, !u. 9 .1 ii!v, 1907, .Klrncs i 
Biiin-v fCluh— I'nion), M.V., Camb., I'.arr. a'-law, 
Mid.ll^ lViiipl.\ fi.L., .r.P., Ca;i,bs. Ri sidi-uce— 
Pampi^jford Fiall. f'.iinhri !•;:>. 

3. TIiu lafH Coiiir. Lord Ttobert Thomas Brudi-ncU- 
r>rice, R..V.,.b.2.=> .Ian 1.^4."i ; m. Mar h, IST.S, Kninia 
(i; -si I'>np'S — SUM'iord Lo:'.2^, Havlinu l.*land ; 2!i, 
lin.ifort Oardiiii, S.W.), uais. oi l.itt' ("ar-d Haiibury 
I. i-ii, 01 P.)iit.-yPooi Park, .Moa., and d. 15 Vvh. 1912. 
i;M;e I vi z — 

1. Gi'Of_-> Lior.el Tliomas Brudracll-Bruee, b. 26 

.1.U2. IS so. 

2. Brev. Maj. Eohr-rt Hanburv Bru h^nidl-Rniop, 
Norf. r.c?t., b. 24 Oct. l-*si ; ,,i;22 Oct. lyiy. oVwc 
V.ra, (laii. of C. H. Richardson, of d'dar !lur!,i, co. 
])ov/n ; scived in France and Belgiura 1914-15 
(despatchfs). Isiiic — 

Dapiinc Hckn Anne. 
.3. Joini Cliarli s !5rudcnf>ll-Brucp. b. 6 ilarch, li!<!5. 

1. Franc-s Edith Asti-s, m. 30 Jan. I9i)7, Col. 
Ht-rbirt Andtrton Foster. R.F.A.. J. P. (CU;hs— 
Artlmr's: R.Y.3.), and has is.^m-'. Residence — 
Littli moor Qiv •••ashury, nr. Bradford. 

2. G«'vnoth Marjorin. 
•1. Lord"Cliail.s Frd.'nclc Bnidourll-BTOco, M.A. 
rviib..J.P . C.C.,\Viiis.J.P..Bcrk<5., late Maj. Hov.Wilts 
Y o. ; b. i March, 1^49 : m. 21 An;.'. 1S73. Mar.rarctfd. 

11 Sept.- liUS), dau. of Jaiiirs Ri-nshaw, of Bro'iiliton, 
i „v\:?. a-.sidenci — U, (ilout-isti-r Tcnacc, Rrgcufs 
Park. ^•.^^■. C'lui.s— Aflu-nfuni; St. Jam. s's. 
!. 1,1 Iv ilrii.sliiii.' Marv-, m. 31 Aug. li.65, William, 
::: ! J..ul of l.i^tow.l. 

.AILS .A, 3rd Marci. of. Orvat. 10 Ser>t. 1S31 ; ; 
'...r^!i Ail -a, 12 .\"ov. 1 SOtJ (U.K.); Earl of 
'..-^ilhs, 21 Oct. 1.500; Baron Kennedy, 1452 i 
<.;— Archibald Kennedy, s. of 2rid Marq. I 
■.. at Culzcan Castlo. 1 Sept. 1847 ; m. 1st, 7 ' 
! irch. 1871, Hon. Evelyn (d. 2G July, 18SS), ' 
iiii. o: 12th Bartn Blantyre ; m. 2nd, 3 Xov. i 
"•:•!, Isabella, dau. of Hugh 3Ic blaster, of ! 
;.vr,nni. X.W.P. India ; ensign Colds. Gds., ' 
" ■'. Jiout. IS70, ret. same year; sue. his father i 
*•"<• ; is hon. commander R.X.V.R. (Clyde : 
a-.). hon. lieut. K.X.R. ; late lieut. ' 
•!:''ic.C!vdeBrig.R.X.A.V. ; Hon. LL.D. Glas- 
"■ L'niv. ; D.L., J.P., Ayr. The Ist Baron 
■1' .inedy vns ono of tlie six regents of Scot- 

• ! 1 diirinp the minority of James III. Rcsi- 

• !icc3 — Culzean Castle, ilaybolo, Ayrshire ; 65, 
-aneasterCate, W. 2. Clubs — Travellers': Xow 
I'lin.) ; Western (Glasgow) ; R.Y.S. Issue by 1st 

1 AnCHir.JlLD KE.N.N-EDr, E.*.RL OF C.ISSILLIS, b. 22 
Viv, 1672; D.L., J.P., Ayr.; m. 3.) April. 1903, 
i raiiccs Liuily, dau. oi Sijr .M^ark Jolia ilacTag- 
Ka.n-Stcwart, 1st Bt. ; ed. at Kton and Cainb. ; 
CAllid to the Scottisli Bar 1?97 ; capt. 3rd Batt. Roy. 
: !5 Kus. 1900. uiaj. 1911, rc-t. 1913; catt. Sp.c. 
•• ■*. attached Roy. Scots Fiis., 1014 ; served with line 
'•'■•t. in S.African war liJ."i--j(Qu''cn's modal with 3 

-'-PS and Kind's medal with 2 clasps), and in France 

•*>l-la as in:ij. Rov. Scots Fus. Residence— 22, 

^■- •..-le? Street, Berkeley Sqiiire.W. 1. Club— V.liite's. 

- Lord Cliarles Kennedy, b. 10 April, 1S75 ; late 

••-. :ird B.att. Rov. Scots Fus. ; served in S. Africa 

' -I !::ithi| ai'.d clxsj.s) ; capt. .Vvr^hire Yco. 
; ! r I An:ru, Kciinedv.b. 2S0ct. 1SS2 : livut.R.N.V.R. 
; iviy .\iiae, m. 17 Dec. 1901, John, 5th Baron 

■■•!:. am''. 

1 bv 2nd m.— 

'■■•: lluih Kennedy, b. 19 Jan. 1S95; lieut. 

■ ■- '"Is., i;..te lieut. Avriiilrc Yco. 

' '•ly M.irjorv. 
"!J«AI,J> Kt.S-.VKDY, 2.VD M.^RQrr.SS OF AlLSA, K.T., 
' -• I'iti ; m. 10 Xov. lS4t>, Julia (d. 11 Jan. 1890), 

V' ^'f Kichard lloinUincv Jcidison, Bt., and 
-■ -'Urch, 1^70. Issue livii-i;— 

■'It' licriAi.n Kf.xnedv, pns. Maniu-fs. 

*■■•>• !.-»!.; herd Alexander Krnncdv, hon. It.-coL 3rd 
*'•. B!a<-.s WHt-h, b. 6 Oct. 1S.">3 ; ni. 21 April, ISil, 

Beatrice (Residence — White Cottaae, .Ascot), eld. dau. 
of luti- (ieorgi- 1 oniline Gn.'-don. ]>.\.., J.P. of Cackncy. 
Notts, and d 4 April, 1912. 's^ue— 

1. ir.iu- Clar.'. ni. o 1), c, lO.t;, John B.dl fChib— 
IsthT.iuni, J. P., .\.R. Yorks. Resilcuco— Paik'jf, l\imbclton, Hunts. 

2. HiTMdone Julia. 
3. The late Lord J dm Kennedy, lieut. 4th Batt. Bov. 
Scots Fns., b. 4 At,ri;. \.<^0 : m. 12 Feb. 1.-9'.. Mary 
.Vd'laide (Kisid>uce — 9, Sloane Oatf Mansit-ns, 
iJ'Oyl.y Strfct, S.\V.).d.-»ii. of CoL Aitxander Liar- 
month, JI.P., of Dean, co. Edinburgh, and d. 18 May, 


1. Ladv Julia Alie^, ni. 15 Pec. l«f>9. CoL Robert Wil- 
liam Webb iM.lI.-tt (Clubs— Guards' : Travellers' ; Turf) ; 
lato Colds. Gds. Kesi.lenee— Woolside. Old Win'lsor. 

2. Lndv Evilvn A niie, mi. 5 Xov. ls?5, Capt. Sir .Art hur 
Henderson Yoi:t!!i, K.C.M.G. 

a. Lady Constance Eleanor. in.2>* April, l.'^Ol, Col. Lionel 
Grimsron Fawkes, J. P., Hants, late prof, of military 
topo<:rai)hy, Boy. .Sli!. Aca 1., atid ba.' is5ue. Rtsideiice 
— The Elins, Bedliauipton, llavant. 

AINSV/ORTH, 1st Bt. (U.K.). Great., 21 
Dec. 191'i. — .MP. John- Stiklin'g AixsworvTii, 
^I.P., s. of the liite Thomas Ain.*\voith, and Mary 
Laurie, dau. of Rov. John Sterling, D.D., of 
Craigie, Ayrsliire, B. 30 Jan. 1S44 ; ed. at Univ. 
Coll. Sch. and Univ. Coll., London, 'SI. A., LL.B. 
m. 4 Xov. 1879, ^lar-xarefc Catherine, dau. of 
Robert Reid Maeredie^ M.P. (L.) .Arej/llshire 
since 1903 :D.L, J.P. Argyllshire and Cimiber- 
land : Hifh Sherill of Cumberland 1S91 : chrmn. 
of Clentor and \\'orl<in';ton Ry. ; late 'icut.-col. 
8th Vol. Batt. Border Ket't. Residences — 
The Flosh, Cleutor, Cumberlaitd : Harecroft, 
Goaforth and .A.rdanaisei0, Kilchrcnan, ArKyll- 
sliire ; 55, Eaton Place, S.W. 1. Club — Reform. 
Issue living — 

1. Thomas Aixswnr.TH, b. s Feb. is^o ; lieut. ii'b 

nii3:.'s; m. Fob. IF, L.dy I di'ia Doio h> 
I Lop idii.rfH p y, 4 h Marq. f onyn'-du'un. I-ssue — 
' John Francis Ainsivorth, b. 4 Jan. 1912. 

Iris ilelen llersey. 
j 1. Jean Barbar.i, m. IC. Feb. 1905, Algernon, 12th Yisc. 

Masserciie and Ferrard. 
! 2. Marciret Lo.;ise, ni. 5 Xov. 1912, Artiuir Ger-rce 

Murray Smith, lieut. 2nd Life Gds., who d. of v.-oiuid? 
' received in action in France, 2 Xov. 1014. 

I AIPvD, 2ntl Bt. (U.K.). Great. 5 March, 1901. 
' — Sin John Ait.d, s. of 1st Bt. B. tj Xov. 
i 1861 ; m. 20 April, 1886, Alicia Ellen, dau. of 
: James Hall Ronton, of 39, Park Lane, W. ; 
i sue. his father 1911 ; one of H.iM.'s lieuts. for City 
: of London : maj. (ret.) ener. and Ry. staff corps. ; 
served in Egypt 1SS4-5 (medal and clasp) ; has 
I the grand cordon of the ^letljidie. Imperial order 
' of the Osmanieh. 2nd class. Residence — 22,' 
i Eaton Square, S.^\'. J. Clubs — Carlton ; Junior 
i Carlton. Issue — 

I 1. John- Rento>; Axed, b. 7 Anc. 1S93. 

I 2. Joseph -Maurice Aird, b. S ^ov. 1904. 

I 1. Xellie Phvllis, m. 12 Jalv. 1910. Capt. WilUara 

; Xoel Cuuliflo, late 3rd Ball, .slu-opshirc L.I., and has 

j issue. 

I 2. Evelvn Dorothv. 

I Sir Jonx Airp, 1st Bt., b. 3 Doc. 1833 ; founder of the 

' Ann of John Aird & Co., and constructor, araons many 

, other important works, of the Xilo Ijarra_'e and reser- 
voir at As-ou:in ; in. li Sept. 1Sj5, Saraii (d. 4 .April, 

: 1909), dau. of Benjamin Smith, of Lewisham, Kent, 
and d. o Jan. 1911. Issue — 

1. Sir John- Aiud, pros. Bt. 
I 2. .Malcolm llnck^T Aird, b. 4 Aui;. 1S72 : m. 3 Xov 

li?9'^, Xellie Marciret. dau. of Jeremiah Dummett, of 
Porche.ster I'errnce, W. Residence— Woolton liou^e, 

i Xewburv. l.-suc — 

i 1. Malcnlm Henrv Aird. b. 5 Xov. 1S99. 

2. Ronald Aird, b. 4 .Mav, l'.»02. 

3. Ian Basil .Aird, b. i Jan. 1905. 
I 1. Ruth Sarah. 

1 2. Ktizabeth M.iry. ^„. ,. ^ , 

I 1. Saraii, m. 10 July, 1S75, Basil Pyni Ellis, who d. 5 

Oct. 1007, and h;i3 issiio. 

2. J.'ssi,!, m. 19 June, 1SS3, Georce Ncill Abcrncthy, 
: M.I .C.E.. J.P. (Clubs— Junior Carlton : St. Steplien's ; 
1 \S t. 'Chain, and haa issue Reiidcno— Broom ll:»il, 
■ Oxsiiott, Surrey. 

I 3. Ada Fieanor, in. 7 Feb. 18S9,Louis Mi6\ille, Barr.' 
at law, and li»s i.ssue. 



4. Vlda. m. 5 July, 3 '■02, K.hv.ird Patf-rsoo 
And. rson, M.A., \"w:iT of sc. John's, PiviUi gtoa, and 
has IsiUb. 

5. O.rTni... 

6. Dorolhv, m. « June. 1^0?, Capt. Spyridion Mavro- 
jani M.C.I., Kov. I'u-.. Barr.-nt-luw. [ls.=uc~l. 
Dorot'ij-. 2. Sybil. 8. Akx:i.n<Jra. 4. Lvclyn. 5. 
ilary. -6. ^■e£la.] Hciidcace— Ciyro Court, Hay, 

AIRD, ICnt. Crcat. June, 1917.— Sir John 
Arao, e. of Cn-i l.ito \Villi;tiu Aird, of Xonakilu, 
Ros.s-shire. 15. 15 Xov. 1 850 ; cd. at Toronto 
Model .Sell.; ni. 19 Oct. 18S7, Elc.i,nor Lawlor, 
dau. of Jciuieji Johli^l.ol^ ; cnpaacd in railway 
worl: J S72-0 ; .-ec. to Gen. riiauiigcr Canadian 
Bank of CoiainC'ice 1S80-S : manager at Scaforth 
18S8-9J: asaist. mana^'cr Toronto 1S'jO-9 ; 
ab VvJauipec 1899-1008; superintendi'iit of 
Central ■\Ve.stern JJaincho-s, Wiuniijeg, lOuS-ll ; 
asojst. gen. niftntiser I'Jil-lo ; gf-iierrJ manager 
since 1915. Residence — :V9, MaJi^on Avenue, 
Toronto. Clubs — York, Royal, Cana liaji, 
Toronto ; Eidcini, Ottawa ; ilanitoba, V.'inni- 
peg. Issue-— 

1. CaBt. Jolm Air.l, R.F.C., b. 1^00 ; ra. 8 Nov. 1915, 
Lilian .Marsmrite, dau. of Dr. D. E. Muiuiol). 

2. lludi iViston Aird, b. 1-^0 ■ ; liotit. K.X-.V.S. 

1. .Altirsarct ilclea, m. 10 Oct. 1911, frunli P. Car- 

2. rii'j-he Ethclwyn. t-.' 1 Sow ir.l7, Mai. Wiiliain 
Ar(h.l'.;)d Ca'i crci;, M.C., Canndiuu rorrx-i. 

3. Vi'i!holmina ]-2Icanor. 

AIREDALE, 2ad Baron (U.K.). Great, i: Juiv, 
1907; Bt. 2S Aug. 1S3G.— Albert Eenitsx 
IviTsON, s. of 1st Baron. B. 7 Oct. 1SG3 ; 
Til. £:{ Jan. 1890. Flor<-nfte, dau. of Edward 
Schunc'r., of Olediiow \Vood, Leeds ; sue. his 
father 1911; ed. at CaniL. (B.A. ISSr.) ; J.P., 
N.K. Yoflis ; is an iron and steel manufacturer. 
Kesidencrs — Gledliov,- lid!, Leeds ; 3, Cadcgan 
Squarc,S.\V. ]. Clubs — Bath; National Liberal ; 
Reform. Issue — 

1. Hon. Margueritf! Emily. 

2. Hod. Flort-noe Evchn. 

3. ITon. Porii Cl-io.-.. 

4. iloii. ErjrL 

5. Hoa. Violi't. 

6. Hon. Tl)clin;i Eircnj. 

7. Hon. .Angela E?teIIc. 
jAMrS KirSON", 1st BakON- AtRKlVilK. P.C, D.Sc. I: 
22 Sepf. 1^35 ; :n. 1st, iia S.-pt. 1-<C0, Eii.iiv. Cliristiana 
{d. JSJi), dau. of Jo.'^.nJi a: r, J.P.,oi Wortl-y. Yorks ; 
m. 2iid, 1 June, lt>l, .Mary Iniint (Kosidoncc — 
Stoner House, Pctersfield), dau. of latf Edward Piiii'T 
Sniilh, J.P.. of the Priory, Dudley, and d. IG Mnrch, 1911. 
iBius — 

1. ALitER? ERVE-7T ICiTSO.s', pr-'S. P.aron. 

2. Hex. Ja.mes Cufford Kitsok, H£IR Pkes., b. 
6 Dec. l?tu. 

3. Hon. Edward Chriitiau Kitson, M.A. Can,b.. b. 
30 Sept. l^iTS; m. 14 l\:h. 1903, .Mary Eatiiarine, 
dau. of ?:iiuuc! lUrat, of Scarborous^h, Yorks. Ilosi- 
dcuce — Qu'.rry Dene, AVectwood, Leeds. Issue — 

Cljistine Annabel. 

4. Hon. Roland Dudl'-v Kitson. b. 19 Julv, 18?2; 
B.A. Cainb., J.P..W.K. Ynrks ; li-iil. 7lh a-,'l -tiiP.atts. 
(spec, rtservel W. Vorks K ct. ; in. 1 .1 uly, J'J13, 
Shoiia, dau. of late Frank Edward Vandileiir. lUsi- 
dence — lloundhav Gran;:e, LetcU. I:^.^ue — 

Oliver James Kitson, b. 22 A]t:I, 1915. 

1. Hon. Enaly. llesidencu— 2o, Upper Grosvenor 
Street. W.l. 

2. Hoc. Alice Hilda. 

3. Hon. Olive Mary. 

AmLIE, 9th Earl of. Crcil. 2 April. 1639; 
Baroi. (>-:!vv e.f Airli-. 2S April, 1491 : Baron 
Ogilvv ot AlytM ;iad Lintnilie. :i. 2 April. lij:;9 
(S.). :.LC. 191U— Davu) Lvl-lph Gohk Woi-SEijii.-,vY. s. of the Stli Karl. B. IS July, 1S93 ; 
sue. his fiitlicr 19u0 ; lieut. Huh Ifussurs: 
s.:Tvod iu Eraneo sineo 1914 (d. <i>.itp!!es) : m. 
17 July. 1917. Lady Aloxandr.i .Mario Bridget 
Coke, dau. of Thoinas. 3rd Earl of I^'icester. 
This family '•s[>i-ing3 r from a , younger .«. of 
Cilbort. Tli'ano of Angus, who s.ntL-i on the 
lands of l^'ilvy : t!>o 1st Biirnu had b-cn arn. 
bftssador fioi/i" Stv.tland to Denmark ; liis 7tir 
successor received tho Earliioi.i ei .-iiriio with 

remainder to his heirs male succeeding to ii , 
estates: but several of riiese were :■ 
tliL-ir sliare in thecau-:o of Prince Ciiarl-.s I'.dwn.-:; 
The (ith Earl, liowovcr, .nceived a confjrniati •, 
of lii.-5 hereditary digtiiiies by act of p^rliatne:,'. 
1S2*J. K.i.siflencc.s— Cortiichy CastK-. Airlie;. , 
and Auchterlitnise, Foifarsliire ; Tulchan Lod'.; 
Gleni.^ia. X.B. 

r>AVip Gn.inAM Dnr'.nioxn Ogit.vy, Ttm Ea?.l of An;ni 

K.T., b. -i :.!av, 1^-J.r,: m. :;:'. Sept. wji. I!..;,;i. -• . ( — Aiili' Oistle, Aly'.b. y.l'.:). iu. 

dau. of lin.l Haron Stanley of Alaerley(«f Sheffield, h.). 

uad d. 25 Se;it. isjl. I.<^ue — 

1. David U'ili.iam Stanley Ogilvy, Sth Eari. o- 

Ap;MK,h. :iO.Ta!!. !*'.*i : i:;. 10 Jan. l^-^.L'.nv MAtirr.'. 

I'KAXcrs Elizaef.tit (^of.e (an extra Lady of t!i.- Bel- 

cl.arMber to H.M. Queen Marv. ll-sidenee — Cortachv 

Ca.stlo. Eirrienniir, .N'.B.), dau. of otli of Arra i. 

and v.-as killed in action near Pretoria. 11 June, ly n;, 

w)!"n in coiaiuand of the 12tb Lancers, ls^u. 

living — 

1. David Lvi'li-h GoRK.Wor.^rLEY. nr.-s. E.-d. 

•_'. Ho.N-. Bi'.rcE AUT-'jrn Ashley 0:;ii.vy. iir.i:; 

P11E5., b. IS March. 1^95: 2nd lietit 12t:. !iu ;:v . 

1. Ladv Kittv F.'iit!i llLvieh;'. r.i. IS! f-rt, I'J..';., 
-Maj. Berk-ley Vir.oent. Otii Dragoons (Club — Anuy 
aud Xawi, and ll.^s i>A:ie. 

2. Lady Helen Alice Wyllineton, m. 2.". Xov. 19-9. 
VkV. Kou. Clen;ent ilertrau! Ogilvv Fieeina'i-.Miti'orci 
D.S.O., wlio was killed iu action 13 May, 1915. 
(scf. Eedesdale, B.). 

3. Ladv -Malal Gris.lda Esther Sudlev. 
2. Hon. "Lvulph Gilclirist Staidov O^llvv, D.S.O. 
(10001, b. 25 June, ImH : 2nd lieiit. Scottish Horse; 
served In S. Africa, 1S9'J-1901 .is capt. Brabant's 
Horse; i:i. 27 Au;;. j002, Edith Gertrude (d. 
April, lOOS), dau. of Philip Henry Boothroyd, J.P., 
of Loreland, Colorado, U.S..A.. ilcsideuce — Deuvcr, 
Colorado, U.S.A. I<suc — 

Jack Davirl .Vn2us Ocilvv, b. IS June, 1903. 
Blanche Edith Maad. 

1. Lady Henrietta Blanche, m. 2'5 Sept. If 78, Col. Sir 
Henrv Moii'aifue Hozier, K.C.B., who d. 2.S Fob. ISny. 

2. Lady CL nientiua Gertrude Hel^-n, ni. 31 Die. Ia74, 
-MpiTiion Bertram, 1st Baron lledesdale. 

3. L:\ly .M.aud Joseplia, m. 12 Oct. !,>»(;, Theodore 
George William AVliyie, of Estcs Park, U.3..\., who d. 
29 .March, lOoS. 

4. Lady Grislda Johanna Heleu, m. 22 Dec. 1897. 
Jai'.ies ChiaT)e, D.L. Bcsidcnce — .Strathtyruin, St. 
Andrew's, X.B. 

AITCraSON. Lady (Knt.'s widow). — BrATRiCE 
Lyell. (h'.u. of JiMues Cox, of Cardean Hou:eo, eo. 
Perth. 2\l. 1S(J3. Sir Ch.irles Umpherston Aitclii- 
son, K.C.S.I.. CLE., late mcmb. of council of 
Gov.-Gen. of India, and sometime Lieut. -CJov. of 
tho Punjab, who d. 18 Feb. 1890. Residence — 
St. Chriatopher's, 104, Banbury Road, Oxford. 
Issue — 

WiniiVcd Helen, in. 7 Dec. 1909, Sir,t Joiin 

rrevciyan, Knt. Bach. 

AITHRIE. Vise. Sec Linlithgow, :\rAi'.Q. of. 

AIlKElh S.:a Beavkkcrook, B. 

AJAICtARH, Maharaja of, K.C.I.E. Great. 
1^97. — 11.11. .S.V.WAI iiui RanjorSintgu, Ba.iajji-r. 
B. 29 Sc■^^t., 1S4S ; sue. 9 Sept. 1859 ; is entitled 
to a saluto of 11 guns. Residence — Ajnif'arh, 
Central India. 

ALABASTER, Lady (Knt.'s widow).— Lauba, 
dau. of Dr. D. J. Macgowan, of Now Yr.r!: ; m. 
1S75, Sir Chaloner Alabaster, K.C.:\LG., late 
Consul-Gen. at Canton, who d. 29 June, 1S9S. 
Resilience — Dilaram, Boacombe, Bourneinoutii, 

ALBANY, Duke of. .IVc Royal Familv. 

ALBEMARLE, Sth Earl oS. Great. 10 Feb. 
ICJO; Vise. Burv und P.aron .Yshf^rd. KiOC. 
a:.): K.C.V.O. 1'J.jO; C.B. (lidl.) I'JOO; .M.V.O. 
1901. — AuNOLu At-lan GiiCii, Kcri'KL, s. of 
7th Earl. B. 1 Jutio, 3S58 ; m. 4 Jan. ISSI. 
Hon. Gertrude Lucia, o. c. of last Earl Esjer- 
tou of Tatton : sue. jd^ f.athor 1S94 ; ed. at 
Eton ; late ceil. c.n)indt. Civil S<-rvico liilloa 
(vol.); Into linn. od. It!iarid2nd Batts 
Rc:::t. (M.). 2ad V.B. Xoifolk Regt., and brig.- 



gen. corr.dg. Xnifolk Vol. I;if. Brie;. ; 
in the Tniy ; fornierJy lic-ut. .Scots Gds, 
Dori5Ct mil. ; comni&aclecl ilie Lra'antry of the 
C.I.V. cliirin;; the S. African wnr (desp:itches, 
laedal and tour cUi.'ps) ; col. Homo Dtunico 
Force since 10)4; V-D. ; .iiid A.D.C. to King 
Edward 1003^-10; niil. mciub. XorffJk IVrr. 
I'urc- Asiuc; D.L..J.P.. Xoifoll:; .ALP. 15i:kcnh.?ad 
1892-94. The family of Kcpp'.I u-fl-Joritrinallyseatc-d 
in Gu(:!derland, whero it wms not;iblo for its 
'privileges f.nd antiquity. Arnold Joo<L van 
Kcppel Lord of Voorst rpme over with the I'rinr.-e 
of Orange, by wl.oni he was hold in the liigiiest 
esteem, and alter tl>.at Prince's acces.sioij to the 
throne, WPS created i'ari of Albemarle nnd receivfii 
the Order of the Garter. The 2nd Earl was a 
dktiiigiiishod general. Ambassador at the Court 
of Versailles, and K.G. Tlie 3rd Earl wa-; K.G., 
a Gene.-al, and A.D.C. to the Duke cf Cumberiand 
at Culioden. Tho 4th Earl was blaster of tho 
Hor?JO to King George IV and Queen Victoria 
Piesidences — Quidonhain Park, Attleborough, 
Norfolk; 39, Belgrave Square, S.W. 1. Clubs— 
Gu£irdc' ; ."Marlborough ; Carlton ; Turf, Issue 
living — 

1. Waj.tlr Egertos George LrcfAN", Keppel, Vn- ; 
COC.N-T Bvnr, M.C., b. '2.:i F.'b. l.sS2 ; :n. 9 Juiif, 1009, 
Lu'jy Jiiriitii Syinoy .Myce \VyDii-Carringtoii, dan. of 
1st >Iarq. of Liaco!;ishire, K.O. ; c^ipc. scots Gii>.; iate . 
licut. .Norfolk Art. (M.) ; m.ij. :2ua ;a(.oiu;nan;! iiiMnl ' 
Batt. 2na Jiaval Crig. ; A.D.C. to Earl Grtv, Gov. 
cf CaJiada, 1904-5; .A..D.C. to (iov.-GeD. o"f riiilia, 
1906; A.D.C. to Gov. oi Orai'2.^ Kivir Colony, 19i:7-¥. ' 
KciiJ'juce — 1, Enton Placv, S.W. 1. Clubs — Guards" ; ; 
Turf. Issue— i 

I.Hon. Derek William Charlf3 Kcppel.b.l7 Dcc.1911. ! 

2. Hon. Walter .\niold Kt; b. Dec. 1914. 

J. Hon. Cccili.i i:iiza</.th. ; 

2. Hoa. Ariiuld Jcon \Vi!i;;ua KcppH, b. 4 .A.115. 18S4 : 
Linit. i;ov. 1 iyiiis Cor] .-, I'.iU : spic. correspondent 
fi.r 37,.^ TiviCi in i'c•r^i.i. !9il. 

3. nc;i. Jiiip. rt Osv.ald Dor.k Kcpp.'I, capt. Colds. 
ijji., I: -7 Jiilv, l-^?o. 
1. L;i.!y KlizatKtli .Mary Gcrtnidc. 


R-n. in t.'if! army, b. 13 .Tune, 1709: ni. 4 Aug. 1831, 

t)U~aM (d. .Aiiif. IrSo), da:i. 01" Sii- Coutts Trotter, Jst ! 

lit. aiKl d. 21 Fib. lf.91. Is^Q'- — j 


P.C., K.C.if.G., b. 10, \6.'y2 ; ni. 15 Xov. IS.:.'., 
Sophia Marv (d. .=; April, I'.IT.), dau. of Hon. Sir i 
Allan ^apkrJicXab, 1st Bt., ftud d. 2S Aug. 1.S94. 
Issue — I 

1. -A.UNOLD .\LLAS CECIL ICeppel, pr.\>. Ear!. 

2. Lt.-Col. Hon. Sir Di-iek ^Villiam George Ktppel. '■ 

col. ! 2. K.ithrrine Viotor'a 
and 3. Alice Enia. 
4. licac: Llsi'.-. 

B.iron (U.K.). Great. 31 


I April. ISlii; m. 18 F^b. 
F.ib. iS9i;), Hau. of the 
James Bcre.-^ford-IIope, 


3. Hon. George Kcppel, M.V.O., 1;. ut-coL H.L.I. , 
late K,y. Ens. ui.d Gnrlon liiihlrs. ; b. 14 
Oct. ISC.T ; 111. 1 Juiu-, lil'l. .-Vlico Frt'dorica,j^tll 
dau. of Sir William Ediiiondstone, Itli ht. 
Kt~id.iico— 16, Grojvtnor Strvt, W.l. Ciubs— 
MarPioroui-'h ; St. J.ames's. Issue — 

1. Violot. 

2. Sonia liosemary. 

1. Lady Tlirodora, in. I Feb. 1S>7, Col. William Leslie 
Davidson, CD., wiio d. on r.ctlvi; service at Jloueii, 
3 .Auir. 1915, and ha.^ iiii.c. Iti.-sklonce — D, St. 
GeorL:,-'s Square. S.W. 1. 

2. i.aiy Hilda Mary. 

;?. J. nay J.LOi'uMina Olivia, a nun. 

4. Ian .- i-,.'i :.;arv, in. 27 -Vpiil, 1S96, Sir Walter 
I'.r.l!, ■ i . / -. K.C.M.G. 

5. J.:. ;v , ,,,, • ( .-iiia.ri!. Jnlv,1902,.Capt.Wil. 
liam li ..;, .V Doylr, 1!..\". (Club — L'liited 
Ser\; , I ! itraclie at Koine. Jiisideucc — 
B,'!;] :, I. ' . ■ , i! -■nic. 

Lady 1.'-,., ,ii. . Nov. ISCi, Ir.lo Capt. lion. Frcd- 
erlek Williui". C;i;.rt.ii3, ll.\. (ste Wemtss, E. of). : 

ALBU. 1st Bt. (U.K.). Croat. 12 Feb. 1912. ' 
— Sir Georije .Aebu. s. of late fciiincin Albu 
of Eerliii, and Fanny .SternbciL'. 13. in Kerlin 2d 
Oct. 1857; m. Dec. ISSS, tiertriide Friedcrike ^ 
Alice, dau. of :\rax Koscndorif : ed. at Berlin ; is ; 
cliuinnan of Gcne.r.'\l Mining r.nd Finance Coi poru- 
tion, Ltd., and managin;.^ director in Johannes- ^ 
burg ;. Residence — Northv.ards, Park Town, ! 
Johannesburg. S. Afric.i. Clubs— Rand ; Kinibor- 
'ey ; Pretoria. Issue — 

1. Walti.k George ALup, b. 2:i .Tulv, ]S92. ■ 

2. GicT-e Weni-.r Albu, b. ."> Stpt- 10'>'>- 
1. Cl.arlotte Frederikr. 

ALDE!-rHA:i. ZrA 
Jan. isytj. — .Am.\.\- 
s. of 1st 1-iaron. B. 2 
1SV3, Bridget (d. 27 
Jit. Hon. Alcxaiido 

-M.P. ; ed. at Eton a. id Oxford ; B..-\. 1870, .ALA. 
LS73 ; sue. hi-; father I0U7 ; partner in the firm 
of .Antuny Cihbs & Sons since 1873 ; D.L , Lon- 
don, 3I.P. for the City of Londuu 1892-1900 ; 
re-ciectcd Jon. lOi.'O and ret. Feb. in favour of 
Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour. Thi^ family, v/hich is of 
ancient lineage, was settled in D.'v'on and War- 
wickshire in the time of Richard II. liesidencea 
— Tho ?.ianor House, Clifton Hampden. Abing- 
don ; Akleiiliam House, Elstree : 37, Portland 
Place, AV. Clubs — Carlton ; TraveUers'. Issue- 
1. Hex. GEr.iLD Hexry Deuesfoud Gibb?!, Heir. 
b. 9 .Jan. 1.>T9 ; D.A. Oxford ; 111. 9 .Mav, llt:):>. Liiiic 
Cuioliiu', dan. Kev. AVi;iia:!i Tlionuu "Jlou! lov.ortli, 
late Vic;n- of St. .Andrew's, WeVi Str, ■ t. ; . d. at iiton 
and Oxford. Kisideucc — 41, Counaui;ii!, SQuaie, W. 
Clul s — ilaeliclors" ; Carlton. 

1. Hon. Catheriac Louisa. 

2. Hon. .A!iidr-jd Dorothea. 
Henkv HurKS Gi.0!;3, 1st Bai;ox Aehen-ham, M..A.., b. 
ol .Vug.lSig ; m.r. .Ai.-iy. 1S45. Louisa Anne (d. 17 April, 
1897). da-i. of William .A.dam3. l^L.D., of Thorpe, Surrey, 
and d. la S.-pt. H' .7. Issue living— 

1. Albas- George ilE.viiy Ginus, present Baron. 

2. Hon. A'icai-y Gibbs, b. 12 ,M.ay, 1853 ; ii.X. Oxford, 
Barr.-at-Iaw, Lincoln's lun, i,s;?0; partner in flrra 
of Antony (iibl/3 & Sons, iiicrehants ; J. P.. Herts. • 
M.P. (C.) Hid. Herts 1802-1904 ; contested Bradford 
(ccntr. divn.) lOOO. Residences— AMenham Hou.^e, 
Elstree ; 12, Upper Eelgrave Street, S.W. 1. Clubs — 
At!ien;euni; CaiUffi. 

3. Hon. Htrb:rt. Cokavne Gibb.s, b. 14 M.av, 1554; 
iI..A.. Caiid).; )!i. 11: Feb. 1S85, Anna .Alaria, dau. and 
co-]ie;res,s of Eicliard Duraiit, of Sliarpbam, Devon, 
and High Callo;l^■., Herts.; cd. at WineiKster aud 
Canib. ; niemb. of firm of Antonv Gilibs & Sotij ; 
higli sh.rilt, Herts.. 1913; n.p.cliainim.l'iiblic Works 
Loan Board since 19;^^. Ecsldcnces— Briegens. AA'.;re ; 
9, roitman Square, AA'. Clubs — Carlton;' .funior Carl- 

i ton. Issue — 

' 1. AYalf.r Durant Gibbs, lieut. Herts. Yeo., b. 11 

Alls, l.'^ss. 
i 2. Geollo-y Cokayne Gibbs, b. 20 .Tuly, 1901. 

3. l'un;iibrey A'ieary Gibbs. b. 22 Xov. 19)2. 
I 1. AA'iuilred .Ai,'>riaii. m. 2:3 .lulv, 1912, Charles 

Edward Pouscmi'v (see De M.velev, B.). 
2. Barb.Tra Loni-a. 
; 3. liosalind Mary. 

4. A'en.Tlio Hon. Kenneth Francis G ibbs, b. 2 .A.pril, • 

1856 ; M.A. Oxford, F.S. A., Archdn. of St. AUanssince 

: 1909, Cl::'p!un T.-rr. l-'orrr : 1,1. :"; .T-n-, j ^Di, Alabel 

.Alice.dau.of Charles Ed',' . >; T ,r;, ,■ ■ f 1 1 • '.irove, 

-Aldenliain ; cd. at A\i!, , ,. .- i • ord. 

ISSO; Curate of S'. Nr:vp^ 

j 18S0-4 ; Vicnr of Ald.-nl,; ,,. , 

I of AA'atford 16JS-19n9 ; ho.i. c 

1900-9. Eesidencc— The Old 

Club — .Atheneuiri. Issue livin,' — 

1. Leonard Charles Mich.ael Gibbs, b. 29 Sept. 1S9G; 
. lieut. Herts Veo. 

I 2. Raviiionil Kenneth Gibbs, b. 17 Sept. 1901. 

i 3. Bernard Vicary (iibbs, b. 2 Jan. 1905. 

: 4. Audr.w Antonv Gibbs, b. 31 ibarch, 3 914. 

1 1. Dorothea Louisa. 

' 2. .A.nstice Itosa. 

5. Tlic late Hon. Henry Lloyd Gibbs, b. '2i Julv, 
ISOl ; one of H.>L li; iits. for City of London; m. 1 7 Aug. 
1SS7, Alice :Mary (Kesidence — 10. Lennox Gard. ns. 
S.W. 1,1, dau. of (ien.Cbarl.s Crutcldey, of Su!inin',:hill 
Park, B.rks., and d. 14 Sept. 1907. Is.suc iivinu' — 
Maurice .A.ntoiiy Crutchley Gibbs, b. 9 June, 
is.-s; m. 10 Jan. 1912, Elma. dau. of Sir Wil- 
liam Gorion Gcirdon-Cumming, 4th Bt. Issue living — 
Daidii,.^ Alaria.i. 
• Helen iir'd^.t. in. 24 Jan. 1917, Ian Le=lie Orr- 
Ewin::. -Jiid li.Mit. Scots Gds, (see Ouii-i:wi.Nr;, p.t.) 
1. IK.n. Edith Canline. Besidence— 12, Upper Bei- 

ALDERNEY, B:irou. Sec ^[ir.iuKD H.avex. 

ALDERSON, K.C.B. (mil.). Croat. .Tan. 1916 ; 
C.B. (mil.) 1900. — Lt.-(;i;n-. .Sin Edwin' .Vithcu 
lliiKVEvAi.niJHso.-.-.s.oiCol. I■:dwa.l■(i.^u,tt .Aldf-r- 
soii, of Poyle iiouse, Ipswich. B. 8 April, 185;T ; 

I !.'::_.; :■; ,U dean 
uoii of St. -Albans 
Bectorv, Hatfield. 



i:-,. 5 May, 18S6, Alice- Mary, dan. of ti-.e lato Rev. 
Os'vald P. Serjjeaiit, Vieer of CI,c-t(rton, OxfnrrU 
fi,!i-c; gazottrrd to Pr'.'.o^-- of Wales' Ouii Xorfolk 
Art. Mi!. 1S76 ; j)iiuri 97iii (now Qxicen'.s Own 
Kov. W. Kf-'.iij Rfegt. 1S78; capt. iS86; maj. 
1S9C; brev.-lt.-rol. lf.97; brev.-col. 1900; col. 
1903; mai.-jr.= ii. I90C ; It. -gen. 1014; served in 
T.'ansvaal with M.L ISSl ; in Egypt with :M.L 
1SS2, prcsrnt at action.; of Mahuia aid IMasaniali, 
the t\\o actions of KassMssin, and the battle ol 
Tc!-cl-Kcbir, and occnpation of Civiro (iricdal, 
clasn, broi./rj Ptar) ; in Sor.dan v.-ith M.I. Camel 
Corps lSS-1-8.3, present at battles of Abu Klea, 
EI-Gubat, and Mettrnneh {2 clasps) ; in iMa^hona- 
land 189G. first; comdg. Butt, of .\I.I., with local 
rank of it. -col., afterv.-ards comdg. ExDed. which 
relieved Salisbury, and finally in conul. of troop.s 
in Ma^honaland (d<>-;pntchp^, medal,!.); 
in S. African AVar i8'!^-1902, comdp. M.I. with 
Cav. Div., and afteiwai-d? several M.l. Bripradts 
(i.'iciuding Canadian, Au.stralian, X«-w Z'sii.ind, 
and other mounted Colonial troops), with Kim- 
b-i-rly Relief Force, pre-sent at battles of Paarde- 
brrg, Dri'-fontein, and Diamond Iliil, and occupa- , 
tion of Bloemfo'itein, Pr' loria, etc., becoi-nins ; 
Insp. Gen. of M.l. with the rank of bsig.-gen. ' 
(!che? several times, 2 medals, 7 clasyis, ' 
A.D.C. to H.M., C.B.. brev.-col.); in France 
IPl-l-lfi, con; Ig. Im Canadian Div. and sub- 
sequently ti.o Cafiadinn Army Cor-ps (despatches, 
K.C.B., Legion d'Honneur) ;" was adj. M.l. from 
its formation, I8S3-91 ; adj. 2n I Rov. W. Kent. 
Regt. 1S9&-94 ; D.A.A.G. Aldershot and comdr. \ 
M.I. 1897-99; comd. 2nd Inf. Brig. Aldeisho't, I 
190^17 ; 6th (Poona) Div. S. Arm%', India, ■ 
1908-12; A.D.C. to T.Yi. Queen. Victoria and 
King Edward VII 1900-06; received Roy.' 
Humane Soey's mcdf.l for savhig life, 1SS5 ; 
autiior of " Will: the Mounted Infantrv and the ' 
Mashonala.'id Fl-Id Force, lS9fJ"; "Pink and ; 
Scarlet, or Huntir.s a~ a School for Soldiering " ; 
"Lessons from IOOXot-:-^:nadoiu Peace andAVar." 
Clubs — Ma vi boron gli, Naval and Military ; Royal , 
Canoe. j 

ALEXANDER, Sec Catedox, Eajji, or. \ 

ALEXANDER, Vise. Sec CArr,Do.v, Eael of. 


ALEXANDER, gnd Bt., o! Ballochmyle 
(U.K.). Cr?at. 13 Feb. ISSO.— Sir Claud 
AiE-yjiy-DETi. s. of 1st Bt. B. 24 Feb. 1807; 
m. 1st. U Doe. 1SS9, Lady Diana Mont-omerie, 
dou. of the 14th Earl of Efjlinton and Winfon, 
from whom he obtained a divorce 1S94 (she m. 
H. K. .\lli?ouand d. 1914) ; ra. 2nd, 28 Jan. 1S9G, 
Rachel Belasyse. dau. of the Rev. Henry Hoklen. 
D.D., rector of South LufTenham. Itutland ; sue. 
hb father 1S99 ; ed. at Eton and OxfcTd ; lato 
lieut. 3rd Batt. Roy. Sci.ts Fu-=. (M.); J.P., 
Ayr. Residence — Fey j: ne AVood, Sussex. Issue 
by 1st m. — 

1. Wilfred Archibald Alexaxdek, b. 6 Oct. 1S92. 
Issue by 2nd m. — ^ 

•2. Ciajd -Al-.saaler, b. 4 June, l.*t>7. 

3. r.oyd Alosaaivr, b. 3 Dee. 1902. 

1. \Vilholii>iaa. 
Maj.-Ges". Sir. Ciiro Aiexaxdeu. 1st Bt., M.P., 
D.T... J. P., b. 15 Jan. 1S31 ; in. 12 Fob. 1S03, Jluzi. 
(K- siJ<:nc->— 24. Oli Queen Street, S.W.). o. .lau. of 
AUxa'iiJer Speirs. M.P., oi E.lerslie,- Jitufr.w, and d. 
23 Mav. l??.i. I^su:-- 
gSiP. i?LACD -UEXi-DE.".. pre?, at.' 

ALEXANDER, 6th Bt. (U.K.I. Great. 11 
Doe. ISOO. — Sir Lionel Ct.iL Wit.uam At ex- 
ant::!'., s. cf -5th Bt. B. 2:5 Srpt. ISSG; j,i. 
1.5 Doc. 190S, Xoorou7. Weston, dau. of Sir 
Ernest Cable ; sue, his father 1S9G ; lieut. 
3rd Batt. Shropshire J..T. lOul, lieut. 2nd 
Batt. Gren. GJs. 19: .9, capt. 23rd Batt. 
Lciulon Recr. (T.F.), ,l.^o 19Ii ; served in 
Frruic© 1914-1:; (.losp;;: Jies). Tiiis fanuly is the 
c-der branch of the fannlvof AlcXuiitii. t.i v.liich ; 

the Earls of Caledon belong. Club — Guards'. 
I^sue — 

DrsMO.N'D WlLr.IAM LlO.VLT, AMA'AVD^r.. b. 4 Oc;t. 

.Sir Johx .\L!:\-an-dek, 4ia Bt., b. 1 Oct 
l>no ; in. Ut, IS Mav. K^07, Ladv Lepil Cl:arlotte Phipps, 
(d. 2!) Jan. l?r.3). sister of 1st .Mar.-iJi -ss of Vorn.auliy ; 
in. 2nrt. 22 AutT. 1^77, Maky KATULK.rv fhui. of Rev. 
Joliii breaper, of .Vortlia-iintou, r.r.l d. 25 Oet. 1^^5 


frriisi.a of 4tl! Bf.). b. l.TOct. lS4r> ; r,,. 27 Xov 3SS4, 
Edith, dau. of Georsrc Fr> derick Heriot La Farane, 
of I!osv<-orth H.-;'!, Leic-s., and d. 13 Feb. I89i; :°nis 
widow, Lady Ali-.\-.-\nder(il< sii( uci— 6,.^!0I|>et)l Man.Mous, 
AV.stmiusfer, S.W.l) m. 2nd, Sev. Fredi-riok William 
Tlmtlow, M.A. Ca-.nb.. enraf e of Holy T.-ii;ity, KenEinston 
Goio, since 1006. Lssui — 
Sir Lionel Cecil William Alexander, pros. Bt. 

ALEXANDER. Knt. Bach. Great. 1911.— 
Sir Gei-.R'.;e Alkxandek, J. P., Hon. LL.D B. at 
Reading 10 June, 1858 ; m. Floienee, dau. of 
Edwai-d Thtleur ; ed. at T)v. r.-nham's, Clifton, 
at Pealing, and Stirling High Sch. ; commeneed 
life in the City, but took to the stage 1879 ; 
joined the late Sir Henry Irving 1S81 ; opened 
Avenue Theatre under O'.vn management 1S90; 
actor-manager of St. James's Theatre since 18 il ; 
pres. of the Royal General Theatrical Fund ; 
vice-pres. Actors' Benevolent Fund ; a Livery- 
man of tlie Company of Turners ; memb. L.G.C. 
(S. St. Pancras) 1907-13; J. P. London; hon. 
LL.D. Bristol Univ. 1912; Residences— 57, 
Pont Street, BAV. 1 ; Little Court, Chorleywood, 
Heit.s, Clubs — CtarrJck ; Becf.>teak ; Cariton. 

ALFORD, Vise. See Br.owNLow, Eaki,. 

ALGOMA (Oatiada), (3ra) Lord Archbishon of; 
rrletropolitan oi Outario. Cons. 1897 (Foun. !S7;{). — 
."Most Rev. CiKOiuiK THOitNiii.oi:, D.C.L.. D.D., s. 
of Rev. James Thorneloe, mission;iry in Canada. 
Ed. at Bishop'.s Coll., Lennoxvilie. Canada; 
m. 1874 Mary Ftiller; ord. 1874; prie.-t 1S75 ; 
S.P.G. Incumbent of Stanstead, Quebec, 1874-85 ; 
rector of Sherbrooke, Oitebec, 1885-90; canon 
of Quebec Cathedral, 1888-96 ; elect, to this see 
1897 ; and elect. Metropolitan of Ontario 1915, 
Residence — Sault Ste, Marie, Ontario. Issue — 
U'alter Thoracloc. Kesidcnct — Watrous, Saskatche- 

Kath;iriiie, rii. 1917, C. W. B>ilfcur, llcsidcace — 
Xorth Ely, Ontario. 

AMEER ALI, Privy Coansellor. -Ipptd. 19U9 ; 
CLE. 18S7. — Rt. Hon. Syed Amekr Ati, s. 
of Syed SaJdnt Ali, cff Mohan, Oudh, by Bejum 
Oiiidat mi-Xissa, dau. of Syed Sliains-ucldin 
Khan, of Ondh. B. in Bchar, 6 April, 1S49 ; 
m. 21 Oct. 1SS4. Isabelle Ida, dau. of H. Konstam, 
of Gloucester Place, Portrnan Sqtiare : ed. at 
Hoou'hly Coll. and Calcutta Univ. yi.A. ; hon. 
LL.D. Camb. 1910; called to the Bar, Inner 
Temple. 1873 : presidency magistrate of Cal- 
cutta 1878 ; chief presidency inagistrate 1879; 
'J'agore Law professor of tho Calcutta Univ. 1SS4 ; 
lecturer on Mahommodan Law at the Presidency, 
Coll., Calcuttn, 1873-8; IMeraber Legislative 
Council. Bengal, 1873-9, and lSSl-3 ; member of 
tho Supreme Legislative Council of India 1883-5 ; 
member of tho commission on tho ex-King of. 
Oudh's affairs 1879 ; prcs. of the Committee of 
Management of tho Mohsin Endowment 1870- 
1904 ; pres. of the Faculty of Law, Calcutta Univ. 
1891-2, and puisne judcre of tho High Court of 
Judicnture, Bengal i>59o-1904 -. m^ mb. of the 
Judicial Committee of the Piivv C'nincil since 
1909. Residences — 2. Cadogan" Place, S.W.l; 
Tho Cottage, Grafham, Sussex. Club — Reform. 
Issue — 

12 O-t. 1^30; L'.P., 

1. Waris Aiuo. r Ali 

I.C.S., b. 


2. Tori.-k Aniecr.'ili 

, b. G June, 

Inner TctsipJe. 

ALINGTON. 2ni Baron (U.K.). Civat. 15 Jan. 
lS7li; K.C.V.O. I:)u0; O.V.O. 10J5.— Hcm- 
rur.Ey Xatikr [SirnT, s. of? 1st Bann. B. 



t.'0 Aug. 1S39; in. 25 June, ]SS3, Lady Feo- 
dorowiia Yorlio (}ia.j OiJcr of Mercy), dau. of 
Cl.'flries, iiih Ea;! ul Haruwieke (wliom ace) ; riic- 
Iii-: father 1004 ; ed. at Kion and Oxford ; M.P. 
for East Dorset lS02-19o,l • lati- U'-vt. Dorset 
Yeo. Cav. : D.L., J. P., CO., Dorset. Kc=iidcnce3 
— 33, Porttnai! Squme, W. I. ; Ciichel, "IV'imbonic, 
Dorset. Clubs — Cnriton ; Marlbo.'ough : Turf ; 
White's. Issue — 

1. Hos. Ger\rd Thilip JIoxtaiu ^■JPIEa STniT. 
I). 9 April, l.->0;j ; lifut. Cola^. GJs. 

2. ITou. Napi r Gtoige. ilcarv Sturfc, b. 1 JCov. 1896. 
1. Ho!!. Diana li:ibA, in. 13 July. 1908, Hon. Henry 
Bro^i^ii.i;!! (see iJuocuHAJi axu Vacx, B.). 

■■ 2. Uoii. Loi?. 

IlEXiii' Geu.u;d Stukt, BAr.oN* ALI^-c=TON, b. 10 
May, ISib ; rn. 1st., 10 S.-pt. l6J3, Lidy Augusta 
Biiifilia.Ti (cJ. 3 Julv. IS^S), dau. of Srcl E.arl oi 
Lucaa ; ui. 2ncl, 10 Feb. 1?92, Evllvn IIesriett.i 
(KcPi.loiicft— il, PorlUiid riacL-, W.), duu. of late 
Jlfurv Bluiirlfll 1. i-jh, of Luton IIoo, Beds, audd. 17 
Feb. ISOi. Issue iivm?— 

iIc«Pi!i;Ly NAnr.;'. .STURT, pr-?s. B.iroa. 

lion. .Mildn-d O rili.a Harriet, m. 1st, 30 April, 1?92. 

IJenry .A.rtlnir, Vi.-rouTit Cheisea (eee C'.^D0l;;.4..\•, E.), 

\vl)o d. 2 .lulv, li)'):i ; m. 2ud, Ij! April, I'.-lo, Adm. 

cf th3 Fioei t)m lion. Sir Hed\rortli.Mcr.x,G.C.B. 

ALISON, Srd Bt. (U.K.). Cr«;al. 25 June 
1852. — Hub. Ai'.C(iibai.d Auso-v, s. of 2nd Bt. 
B. 20 yioy, lSo2 ; ra. 20 Jan. I'jSS, Georgiua 
Ssrali Anne, dau. of J. Bond-Cabbcll, of Crorner 
Hall, ; sue. his fiilher 1007 ; ed. at Eton 
and Sandhurst ; capt. l\i(ie .Brig. ; was Colonial 
Sec. of Bermuda, iSSS-1'JOO, and A.D.C. to Gov. 
of VV. Australia. Z T!io lot Bt. was the author 
of T/iC Histor'j > o/ Europe, Lije of Marl- 
borough, etc. ; and was created a Bt. in acknow- 
Iccliiriient of liis hi.-itorioal and other literary 
v.-rics, Bosidence — Pussil IIouso, Wiuibledon. 
Club — Boodle's. I.'rsuo living — 

1. tiixi. Akcuibald AtlSON RS., b. 6 Nov. 

■ -J. ir. Krick V.V.xr-k Alison lieut. Jl.X., b. 5 Aug. 1593. 
fiL.v. .Sir. Akci:ih.«.d Auso:.-, 2xd Bt., G.C.U., LI-.D., 
b. 21 Jan. ]^20 ; iii. 18 Xov. li>5S, Jane (d. 15 July, 1909) 
o. dau. of Jarnes iMaelc, of Dolmouock, Ii'.B.j'and d. 
& Feb. 1907. l-<aic livit)H'— 

1. SiK Arcuxbald Alkox, pros. Bt. 

1, Margaret Frances, iii. 16 Get. 183-i, Ma-j.-Gen. 
Cii.irl.s Walker Kobiuson, C.B. (see KoEixsos of 
Toruhto, lit.). 

2. Fli/.aljith Glcnrairn, m. 20 June, 1S92, Lt.-Col. 
Do;it;!:is John Gfisiord. Rosidenco — The Grove, Dun- 
bovae, CD. McrtUi. 

3. 'Gcraldiu-. iv-hx-nie. in. 29 April, 1S03, Rear-Adm. 
Julian Alli'vne J>ak. r, J!..N. Itesidences — Eowdcn 
Hoi!>e. Biorrivard, llereiord ; The Dell, ."Malvern Wells ; 
g .riifurd 0rlei-4li, Xcxion Abbot. 
4. Fi' re:cc Jaae, m. lo Oct. 1901, Lt.-Col. Louis 
SaniU'l Hyde Baker, late Ind. Army. Ke^ideuce — 
Caughi ly, BudieiLjh Saltcrton. 

ALLAN, Knt. B.ich. Croat. 1904; C.V.O. 
1007. — Sir Hugh iloxTAOU, s. of the late 
Sir Hugh Allan (founder of ilontrenl Ocean 
Steamship Co.), of Bavenserag, 3IontrcaI, Canada, 
and the late Matilda Caroline, dau. of the late 
John Smith, of Montreal. B. 13 Oct. 1800; m. 
18 Oct. 1803, :\Iargaerite Ethel, dau. of the late 
Ifector Mackenzie, cf jMontreal ; ed. at Bishop's 
Coll. Sch., Lennoxville, prov. of Quebec, and in 
Paris ; is pres. of the ^lercliants Bank of Canada, 
and a director of many commercial enterprises ; 
lion, lieut.-col. 6th Boy. Higlilandcrs of Canada ; 
Lieut.-Col. Can. I'orces, and Prc3. Pensions and 
Claims Board, C.E.F. ; received tlie Order of the 
K ising Suii of .Japr.n(3rd clas-s ) 1907; chang.-d Chris- 
iian riamcs frorn iliigii Andrew to Hugli .Montagu 
187S. Residencf s — Bav.-nscrag, Montreal, Canada; 
Montrose, Cacouna, prov. of Quebec ; Allancroft^ 
Beaconsfield, prov. of Quebec. Clubs — Junior 
Carlton; St.j James's; Mount Boyal (^fontreal) ; 
Kjiiu'lrerriocker (-Vew Y.^rk). Issuo li\-ing — 

Mnr.;uerito M.irclia. 

ALLAN, Lady (Knt.'s widow). — Jaxk, dau. of i 
Waiter Beatlie, of Lockeibic, N.B. ; m. 10 Feb. i 
1870. Sir ^ViJliam Allan, M.P. for Gateshead, who i 
d. 2S Doc. 190.3. Bcsidencc — Scotland House, I 
Sunderland, ' 

HAVELOCK-ALLAN, 2nd Bt., of Luckuow, 
(U,P:.). Great. 22 Jan. ISoS.— Sib Hexry 


Bt. B. 30 Jan. 1872; m. 12 Nov. 1903. Edith, 
dau. of the late T. C. J. Sowerby, of Snow Hall, 
Darlini'ton ; sue. his father 1897'; maj. 17th Lan-.s 
Fus., lato Durliam L.l. ; il.p. (I,.) Bishop Auck- 
land Div. of Durham and Pail. Priv. Sec. to the 
Chanc. of the Dueliy of Lancaster (Bt. Hon. J. -A. 
Pease) 1910-13 ; for yonie time Pari. Priv. Sec. 
to Under-Sec. of State for India (Hon. E. S. -Alon. 
tagu); D.L., J.P., Durham; J.P., Xorth R. 
Yorks ; iiieinb. Durban^ Teir. Force Association. 
The father of the 1st Bt., Sir Henry Haveiock, 
who distinguished himself at Cawnpcre and Luck- 
now during the Indian Mutiny, was creai. K.C.B. 
and a J3t., with a pen.-ion of £1,000 a year, but 
d. before these honotirs were announced to him. 
The Baronetcj- was conferred on his son, the late 
Bt. (v.ho assumed the additional surname of 
.Allan) with remainder (failing heirs male of his 
body) to the heirs male of the body of his fatiicr. 
He w."s one of the most ^:triking military figures 
of his time, and was described as the bravest niaii 
in the British army. J'or distinguished per- 
sonal bra\ory whilst serving as A.D.G. to his 
father during the Indian Mutiny, he gained the 
I 'Victoria Cross ; met his death at the hands of 
the Afridis, whilst \'isiting the advanced post in 
a private capacity during the 2s'orth-\Vest Fron- 
tier campaign, is97. Ho sat in the House of 
Commons for sixteen veais as member for Sun- 
derland and Durha - Residence — Blackwell 
Grange, Darlington. Cluljs — Brooks's; "iork- 

The late Sir. IlF.xxtr Havei.ock, K.C.B., b. 9 Awl, 179;) ; 

)n. 9 Feb. 182'j, Hannah Sbe^dierd (d. 25 Aiv_'. iiss2)^ 

dau. of Ites-. Joshua .Marslaaau, D.D., and d.'-Zi 'Sow 

1857. LluIv Havelock, after hi-r husband's death, v.-as 

by tiie same title and prect dence 

wliich she would iiave enjoyed had he been created a 

Bt. Issue— 

1. GKx. Sir IlEXiiY Makskxax Havelock- Allax, 

LSI Br., V.C, b. 6 Ausr. 16.30; m. 10 Mav, ItUJ, 

Lauv Alicb .Mokeiox( Residence — S, Hertford Sti'^et, 

W.), diui. of Henrv, 2nd llarl of Ducie, 6ud d. 30 

Dec. 1S97. Issue— 


pres. Bt. 


M.ircii, 187-1, heut. jate 1st Js.E. yorksWre Art. ; la. 
30 ilay, 1897, Annie Julia, dau. of Sir William 
Chaytor, 3rd Bt. (-»» ho obtained a divorce Dec. 1 91i) 

1. Henry Kalph Moreton Ha\ clock- Allan, b. 30 
Aug. 1699. 

3. Anthony Jamea Allan navcloek-AUao, b. 28 
Fel). 19U4. 

1. Hope Aline, 

2. Barbara Jean. 

L Ethel, m. 18 Oct. 1SS6, Joseph, Ist Baron Gaiii ■ 

ALLANSON, Baron. See Hj:adeey, B.u<ox. 

ALLARDYCE, K.C.M.G. Croat. Jan. 101(3; 
C.M.G. 19u2. — Sir NV'iluam LAMoro Allardych, 
s. of the late Col. James Allardyce, of Culquoicl), 
Aberdeenshire, and Gcorgina Dickson, dau. of 
tlie late P. H. Abbott. B. 14 Xov. 18G1 ; ed. at 
Gjinnasinm Sch. Aberdeen, and ^lilitary Coll, 
Cowley. Oxford; rn. 14 Aug. 1895, Constance 
An::el, dau. of the late ^Molesworth Richard Greeno 
of Greystoiics, Victoria, Australia, dep. pow of 
Fiji 1901 ; acting high conimnr. for Western 
Pacific 1901-2 ; gov. and C. iu C. of the Falkland 
Islaud.s 1904-14; cov. of tlje Bahamas since 
1914; K.G.H.St.J.J.E. Residencc--Govern- 
ment House, Nassau, Bahamas. Club — St, 
JameVs. Issue — 

1. r.)n--f:inee Viti Moleiworth. 

S. Latliariue A^ngel Iveva. 

ALLBUTT. E.C.B. (civ.). Croat. 1907.— Sm 
Thomas Cr.iiFor.D .\.t.i.3UTT, s. of tiie Rev. Tliomaa 
AUijutt, ■\ie;u- of Dew.-hury, Yovk<?, and Mnrianiif, 
dau. of John VTooler, of Dewibmy, B. 20 July, 




ISoi'. ; in. 15 Sf-pt. ISOfi, Su/Mii, dnu. of T!iuma« 
li^iigland, of iicadinglfy, Lnds, nurchant ; td. 
at St. Peter's, York, rrnj Camb. (ist cla^s nat, 
scit-iico tripfis) ; M.U. Camb. ISCl. l\i.D, IS(.i) : 
lata wholar, no->v fc!l;,^\' of C--ius Col!. ; 
consult iiig jjiiv; icinn L^eds General Infiniiary, 
suid Addf nbrt>ti!i«''3 Ho-ip. t'anib. ; commissioner 
i:i Lv".na(v IbSO-'Ji; Uf^qins proft >sor of plivsic 
Cnii)b. ]'>i{i-2; F.R.S. iJsSO (mcmb. of Couiuii 
KS'JO-8 and 1 91-1-10, and 19i4-lG a Vicc-Prc=.) ; 
F.L.S., F.>:).A. ; censor Rov. Coll. of PiivsiciaMS \ 
100i;-7: lio'i. tci. Ei!-.(ern" Div. ; 
h'..n. D.Sc. Oxford, Victoria, Leeds, Dviilmm, 
Toronto, and McGill Univ. ; lion. M.D. Dublin : 
lion. LL.D. Gla-:gu\v, and St. Andrews ; lion. IVII. 
R.C.IM. and X. York Acad. Med. ; D.L.. J.P, 
W.R. Yorks, fuid Canilji. Residence — St. Rade- ' 
grund'c, Cambridge. Ciub — Athenaeum. ' 

ALLCIII??, Lady (Knt.'s widov/).— ."MAr.GARiiT, 
d;iu. i>l Alex. Holland, of Xo^ York ; m. 19 Aug. 
ISSO, Sir William Hcnrv Ailchin, ^f.D. London- 
rr.d Univ. schol. ; R.R.C.P., F.R.S. Edin. ; 
late physiciaii extraordinary to tho King ; con- 
sulting physioi^m and vice-president of West- '■ 
niir.bler Hospi'.al ; member of the Senate of the ; 
University of London ; ir.emb. of ^ted. Consulta- 1 
tivo Board of tlie Admiralty ; ;Mod. Soc. of Lon- ■ 
don.viiiod. 8FeI). 10I2. i'Cf idcnccs — 61, ;:ouih ! 
Street, W. 1 ; Xut Tree Hall, Piaxtolc, Kent, j 

ALLEN, Privy Counsellor. Apptd. 19 J 2. — j 
Kt. Hon. CH.vjtLL-s Pkthe .Aixex, s. of Peter Allen, | 
of Manclicster, by ."^opliia Ru-^^i 11, dau. of Jo'm 
Edward Taylor. B, at Sedgiey Park, Frost- ' 
rvich, 2 Dec. ISGl ; m. 24 April, 1800, Evelina | 
Caroline, dau. of lato Alfred Barker of ]^,, ' 
E.-,lier, and of Constantinople; ed. at P.uaby anil 
Oxford ; M.A. ; Barr.-at-law, Inner I'emplo, '. 
188S; :M.P. (L.) Mid-Glouc5. from 1900; parly. ! 
charity coinmr. fiinco 1910 ; D.L. Gloue.s. Resi- \ 
dcncei — Farmhill Park. Stroud ; 37, Grosvcno.- ! 
Place, S. W. 1. Club — National Libera! ; Reform ; 
Union (Manchester); Royal Anglcsea Yacht. | 

ALLEI'I.Knt.Bach. Crent. lOOS.—Siu Charles ' 
Altj:n', s. of tiie late \Villiam Daniel Allen, of 
Endrliffe, Siiefikkl. 13. in London 10 Jan. lSo2 ; : 
J.P. Derbyshire ; vice-pre-ident of tho Ebbw I 
Yale Steel, Iron and Coal Co.. Ltd. ; chrmii. Hy. 
Bessemer and Co., Ltd., and vice-pres. of tho 
Sheffield and Hallaiu^liire B;-iik; col. conimd-;. 
ord Brig. ^Vest Riding 1\.F..\. ; r.dW. memb. 
W.Pv. Yorks Terr. Force Assocji. Residence — 
Club — Jimior Carlton. 

ALLE!^, I-Iiit. Bach. Creat. 1914.— b.n'. Hai^y 
Beookes Allln", «. of the lato T'lomas Watta 
Allen, of Geelonj, Victoria, and Estlier I'".!) nb- th, 
dau. of George Odell, of Bedford. B. at G^ elungl3 
Jvmo,185t;m. ISi^, Ada, dau. of late livnry Mason, 
H.M. Customs, Liverpool ; ed. Flinders' f>(.liooI, 
Geelong, Church of England Grammar School, 
^Melbourne, and Melbourne U]iiv. ; M.H. lS7t'>; 
M.D. 1S7S ; B.S. 1S7U ; iion. LL.D. (EJin.) 1913 ; 
demonstrator of anatomy ^.leiboiirne Univ. 
and pathologist ^lelbotirne IIosp. lS7o ; lecturer 
1881, and professor 1SS2 of anatomy mid patho- 
logy ; pres. Prof.ssorial Board lS'>.".-7 ; editor 
"Australian Jled. Journ." 1S79-S'J : hon. sec. 
Jled. Soc. of Victoria 1S79-S7 ; luemb. tubercu- 
losis in Cattle Board 1883-4 ; I'res. Roy. 
Commn-s, 1888-9; gen. sec. Intcrcol^^nial r^led. 
Congress 1SS9 : ])res. Old >[*. Ibiuniftiis 1897 ; 
meinb. of Cour.-il I^Ulboi^rne Uiii\'. Ib'J.S; 
}res. Australasian ?.led. Congre-s I'JOS; nicmb. 
l.xecutivo Committee Internationnl ^letlieal Con- 
ure-.s 1913. Address— The Univeisity, Mel- 
Lcurne. Issue — 

o J;ai=. 

ALLEN, K.C.B. (civ.). Croat. Feb. 1917.— 
Coi<. Hon. Sin. J amts A li.ln. B. 1 S.').") ; cd. at ( Uif- 
lou Coll., St. Jolm'E Coll.Ca>nb..M. \..:!nd Hoyal 
Sch. of Mines, lo. 1877, -Marv, dau. oi JohuJUU 

Richards ; miruster of Finance, Education r.nd 
Defence, Xew Zealand, since 1912; :\I.1L]-1. for 
Dun-idia E. 1887-1890, for Biucesinoo 1891. 

ALLEN, Lady (Knt.'s widow). — M-A-ud, dau. of 
tlie Itev. J. Fisher Turner, rector of \'igh, 
D.-von : m. lS7'.i, Sir George William Allen, 
K.C.I. E., who d. 4 Nov. 19u0. Residence — 6, 
Upper Belgrave Street, H.W. 1. Lssue— 

?.Urjorie, in. 23 Mnrch, 191-">, Mcrvyii Gwynn? Joseph 

'.Viilia.iiS, lind iiiut. Gren. Grls. 

ALLEKBY, E.C.B. (mil.). Great. 1915 ; C.B. 

1902. — GtN. Sir Ed.muxd Henry Hvnman 

Allknby, .s. of Allenbv, of Felixstowe. 

B. 23 April, 18G1 ;'ni.30Dec. 1 390, Adelaide :\iahel, 

dau. of If. E. Chajjman, of Donlicad, Salisbury ; 
i ed. at Haileybury ; Eei-\ed with 6tli Dragoons in 
' Beclmanaland exped. 1884-5, Zululand 1838, 
: S. African war 1899-02 (despatches twice, C.B.) ; 

otMiimand. 5th Lancers 1902-5 ; inspr. of Cavalry 

19111-14 ; commdg. Ca% airy Brig. British Eyped. 

Force in Francn 1914-17 (des])atclies twice,; 

K.C.B.) ; gen. 1917; G.O.C. Egypt since 1917. 

is grand oiiicer Cress of the Legion of Honour 
' Residence — Clu'j — Xaval and ^lilitary. 
1 ALLENDALE o£ AlloncTale and Hexham, Ist 
1 Viseoimt. Croat. 5 July, 1911; Baron (U.K.) 

20 July, 190'J ; P.C. 1907. — Wicntworth 
I Ci-SMNG Blacel-tt Beaujiont, s. of 1st Baron. 
: B. 2 Dec. IStiO; m. 12 Nov. 1889, Lady Alex- 
I andrina Louisa ilaud Vane-Tempest, dau. of 
I 5th ^^larq. of Londonderry ; ziio. his father 

1907 ; ed. at Eton and Cauib. ; D.L., J.P., Xorth- 
■ uniberland and J.P. for W.R. Yorks. ; late 
I capt. and hon. maj. Yorks. Hussar.s I.Y. ; Vice- 
' Ciiamberlain to H.'^I.'s Household Dec. 1905; 

cajjt. of the Yeoinen of the Guard 1907-11 ; a 
i Lord -in- Waiting 1911-lC ; chairman North- 
! umberlnnd Terr Force Assocn. ; Jf.P. (L.) Hex- 
I ham Div. of Xortliumberland 1895-07, when ho 
! sue. to the title ; C'jutested \Vake(ield 1SS5. 

Residences — Btetton Park, Wakefield ; Bvwel! 

I Hall, Stocksfield-on-Tvne ; 144, PiccadiUv, W. 

, Clubs— Traveli.-:rs' ; Turf ; Brooks's. Issue— 

1. Capt. Ron. M'EXT-n-or:iH TIentiy Can.nixg Beait- 

:.fONT, 2iid Life Gds., b. 6 .-lug. 1890 ; ed. at Eton axii 


1 2. Hoa. llalDh Edward Blackctt Bcauraout, b. 12 Feb. 


1. lion. Margaret Helen, m. 8 rcb. 1917, TiiC. Fbriiig- 
ton ('.-c Foi;ri;-cr};, E.). 

2. Hull. Aline Mrvrv dc Burgh. 

3. Hun. Acratha Violet. 
: PAl.i:. M.r., D.L., .I.P., b. 11 .r^pril, 1S29 ; la. 1st, 

G M.irdi. I>j0, Lady Marsaret Anne de Burgli (d. 3i 
March, 1>SS), dau. of UH.;!c, It!) Marq. of Clanricarde ; 
111. i;nd,l7Feb. IsOl, Eim'n Alteea (Residcuce— 32, 
(Juiia Anne's Gate, h.W.), dau. of Lieut.-Geu. Henr/ 
M.aao Hamilton, C.B., and v.idow of Gen. Sir GeorKe 
Pom-. roy Co!loy,-£:.C.S.I.. aud d. 13 Feb. 1907. Issue 
: liviiig bv l.-t 111. — 


Baron and pros. Vise. 

2. Maj. Hon. Edward de Grey Beaumont, late 16th 
Laur-.TS, I). 2 Mar.h, 1S';2. 

3. lion. Hubert G^orse Beaumont, B.A. Oxford, M.P. 
(L.) Eastbourne, 1900-10; b. 6 April. loC4 ; m. 26 

! May, l<».jn, Eli.'^a Mercedes fL.G.lI.Nt.J.J.E.), dau. of 
Micliatl Paul Grace. Bc-i lencts — f>, Buckingham 
Gate, S.W.: Wottmi Ho'jso, Ayl.'.sburj-. Issue — 

j Midi:'. ! ■■■ :,: .V iM B..auinoi)t, b. 8 Feb. 1903. 

' 1. Hon. .'•; ,: • li 1 :■• t, 111. Is) Mav, 1881, Coplcston 

, Bicliard < . ' ; .; ;u Poltitoor"*. 

2. Hon. .V . \ :i' r , lu. 2 Xov. ISSO, Edward, 2nd 
Barou Bral'oiinie. 

ALLEKTON, Sad Baron (U.K.). Great. 17 July, 
]9t>2.— Herbkht Jaci^sox, s. of Est 
Baron, "B. 20 Jan. 18u7 ; t^d. at Rugby: ra, 
j 27 Sei^t. 1899, Katiierine Louisa, dau. of William 
AVickbain Wicldiam. of Boston Spa, Yorks. The 
I 1st, Barou vras a I<-.ather merchant : I^I.P. for 
Xorth Leeds 1880-1902, and thief Sec. for Ire- 
land ] 891-2. Residence — Allerton Hall, Chepo 
; Allerton, Leeds. Issue — 

Hon. Gi-uiiOE \\ iLH.tJi Lawiks Jackson, b, 2a 

July, ]');i3. 

llo.\. Borotliy Grace, 



William Lewies jack o.v, 1st Baon allhrto-,-, b. 
iO K •' is.O: m. I') Oct. Is'i.', Go- <1. j? il,i;ca, 
Jji.'J;,Giu. ci G Dig; r. mp st ; ai.a ti. i, iOi7. 

i. Gj;^r.~.ri Hr. bj-ut .TAfKSOs, p-.-s, I'.von. 
2. JI'iu. 'r:i-ifi5 -'•.iDi'v Jackson, ii. 21 .Vov. IS70; m. 
r. Nt'v. lyi-'. -iuli.i li.'iirl''t-\. (i.'iu. of the lato Henry IJio;, oi" \Vc!t«ii, J'.nmirii. \: Vnrk? ; cti. 
at ii.iriow aati Cii.ib., B.A. ; lie^t.col. :i7;li Ealt. 
^V. Yoiks Ili'j!l. ; Srrvod in S. Airi an war; Ks well 
l;nown ni? a ciickctur and Tnciu'ti.r ci E;i'il;:!iii t- anis ; 
B.L. SV.a. Voik*}; co-opC'jd nif!ii<>. Vor!.:. (^v'.U.! 
Terr. Force Assucii. Resid.-nco— 41, l!!c Square, 
\V. tiuiis — .innior Carl! on ; \VI:;c'<;. i;-u.- — 
Henrv fctaiii y l.awii^s Jackson, h. iS Nov. I&k;. 

1. Hen. Alkv T.inp.s*. m. -J.) Oct. ISOl. Harrison 
liiisiuv, vvlio U. .Mai-.-ii. li>iju, and hn.? i??ne. 

2. Hon. j:!!a, m. I'J .Si pt. !^0:5, Lt.-Col. 
Georcje Moutague Harn.r, D.S.O. (19J0), li.i;. (Club 
— >."a\-al and jiiiitary). 

3. Hon. An.i!!!*, m. 1-2 Dec. 1!=&4, Co!.. Abraham Mus- 
grave Sagar-Jlus,'ravt;, "kd JJatt. V.'. Yo:-;:s. Rt-gt. 
spec, res., .).!'., '.V.R. Yorks., afid };as i.ssuc. 
Itesidcno— Oa':i.r.r=t, ilooriown. n- ar L; ivls. 

4. Hon. Kv, iva Mai 1, m. ii> Oct. ItO'i. Arthi:r ri.ilip 
liid.'ard, M.O., M.A. Ca-tilj. (Clut>?— Airs ; Priuoc's : 
£a%i!e). n.—nc— ^liciiacl Aillnir La\>Tie, b. i)oc. 
190S. Grace l')ia;ia.) lU'-idL-nce — H 
Place, Portman, ^V. 1 . 

5. lion. Gractt -M;iry, ni. i3 Oct. l.<93, Sir Aubrey, yr:l ill. 

Rosidonce — Scaleby Ilnll, Carlisle. Clii!>s — N"ew 
Uriiv!?r-5iry ; Xa'ional ].^ihi;r;il ; County (Car!i.-j!cj. 
Issufj bjr Ist ra. — 

1. Wilfr.-d Jleiiry Amlnnv Allison, b. 11 Jan. 1874; 
ni. 1>:j3, .Muriel, .lau. of Hone liAl, of Carlisle. Issue — 

Doroti.y .Vor.T-n Vnareu-. 

2. Jlvv. ilvrb'-rt Allison, b. 23 N'ov. 1876. Eesideneo 
— scalebv Hall, Carlisle. 

1. i;thvl .Mary Jane. 

2. (..onr.i, m. i.-05, Godfrey HcTiry Slater. Ki^sldencs 
— \Ve-,they, B.C., Canada. 

. 1S71, Alderman Sir Fi 

li.'s widovf). — jLvht 
•di rick Pvnt Aili-ton, 

dep.-chair:nn. of the 1...C.C. iiJOo ; who d. I'J Mdv, 


ALLOA, .Boron. See Mah and, 
Eael or. 

ALLEYKE, 4ft Bt. (G.B.). G April, 
1760. — Siu Jo:iN- MtiNJiLL Ai.i.^;, s. of late 
Reynold Ilfnry Xcwton Alloyne, ■ ii. 11 Aug. 
1889 ; inidshir'-nan ft.X. 1005 ; sub-lifut. 1S09 ; 
Ucut. fince 19 10 ; sue. iiLs gia:idf;;tl)er 1912. 
The 1st Bt. was president of tlio As.=embiy \ 
for St. Andrew's, ia Barbados, for several years. 
Ke.'idences — Ch'ivin, J5elper, Derbyshire ; 27, 
Drayton Court, S. Kensington. ' i 

SiF. JoHS G.VY Xr^TO.v Ar.LEVN'E, Skd Bt., J.P.. vice- 1 
Tires. of iion aad t-tn.! Institute, b. « r^tpt. 1-20] m. ' 
il Maroli, 1S51, Augusta Israb.dla (d. 9 Sept. 1910), ! 
dan. of .S;r Howy PitzHorbert, Urd Bt., and d. 20 Teb. ; 
lyl2. Ifiuo— I 

1. liielateKoynold Henry Xcwtcn Alieyno, b. 10 Mr.y, ■ 
1J52 ; m. 4 Jan. 1:>79, Susanna (Re.-idenccs — Cl. '^ in, 
Bflper, Hci-byoliiro ; 27, Drayton Coiirt, S. Ein-ini!- 
ton), dan. ot .Tolm Jl'-vueir. of ilt-vneU Lai.iuv, 
Derby, and d. 6 April, lOOi. Is^uo— " 

1. J?rTi JOIIX llEV.N'KT.L .VI,LKV.N£, prc5. Bt. 

2. Ln:uj, Beyxoli) jIei-.veli, ai.leyxi:. Heir ; 
Pres., R.N., b. 6 M.arch, 1SU2. I 

1. Augusta. i 

2. Eleanor. I 

3. Alice, in. 10 .Tune, 1011. Cbarl'^ T.rtiii.q MacLcan 
Plowiiglit, :i.B., B.C., au.i i;as ijsue. Residence — 
King's Lynn. Xorioi:;. 

4. Ida. 

5. TCathleci). 

ALLOr>I, Knt, Bach. Cre.?t. 1913.— Sre Charles 
Gat?p.ick Ai.loji, s. of iy.tO! .Artlmr Thoir.ns AUoju, 
of liirnes, Surrey, and Isohid. dau. of late Thomas 
Carrick, of Carlisle, and ilary JIulcaster, who 
Gloucester was probably tlie last of tJie JIuicasters of Car- 
li.slo where the family had owned estates since 
Cue 12th century. B. 10 Juno, ISOo ; m. 22 
Sept. 1SS8, Laura Anne, duu. of Albo^rt J, 
Tatliam, of 'Warwick ; cd. at Isloworth and 
Key. Coll. of Art ; incmb. of Xoy. CoTiinm. 
on International Exhibns., and of Advisory Coin, 
on Art Educ. Board of Education ; meinb.. 
of Prisoners of War Com., and of Local Govt. 
Boards Com. to deal with Housing of AVorkirig 
Classes after the War ; F.R.S.A. ; pres. Boat- 
raeing Assoc. ; Roar Commodoro Roy. London 
Y.C. ; Residence — Fairlawn, Tottc;id;re, 
Herts. Clubs — Devonshire ; Royal Victoria 
Yacht. (Ryde). Lssue living — 

1. Marjorie. 

2. Amy I)ori.-. 

3. Laura Gwendoline. 


ALT-rWIGM, E.^ron. See XoTtTnuMBcr%LAN'i.> , 
DtTiiK or. 

ALTAMONT, Earl oL Sec Sliqo, Map.quess 



Crcat. Marcli. 

1901.— Lt.- 

le late Maj. 

! William Snrtoes Altham, and Henrietta, duu. of C. 

jlOlG; C.B. (mih) 1901); C.M.G. 
I Gen. Sir Eijv/.^rd Alth.v:!!, s. of tl 

! William Snrtoes Altham,and Henrief._, 

1 A-ncs Bobccca Aiijru^ta.m. 7 Sept. 1S.?0, Frederick 3jo^-i.,^ Barrett, of Hope End, HereforJshir 

( hariiier Corl e tl, J.l'., who a. 4 Dec. 19^4, and ,-. ,0 . ., -.c.-n „] ,+ A^r; . '+,_ „„,i ,-.1, n 

has issue. Bciidcnee-Chatwail Ilrdl, Lecbotwood, J^' " f P"l' ^^-"S ' <='^- '\t ^V^cl^-e?tcr and Ch. C, 
Slir' Oxford ; m. u Xov. ISsO, Gcorgma Lmih', ciai 


2. Judith, ni. 7 St-pt. lSsO,AVi;l'.an! de Bureh Jessop 
O.I'., who d. 10 April, 1-91. U-m 
Buigli, D.S.O., b. 2-! A;i- 1>'-: 

1. ifabcl Alkmie, m. -^ ie; t. I'j0<i, Capt. Ilcnrv Albert 
Hiut, Il.X. "2. Dorothy Babinaton. i... 10 Ancr. 1010, 
Capt. James Gerald lUewlis Johnson. Drrbyshirc Yeo. 

3, Bva litzllerbert.] Ecsidcacc— Overton Hail, Ash- 
over, Chester;! .Id. 

3. Rebecca Oiton, m. 7 Xov. 1SS3, 
Arkwncht, D.L., J.P.. Drrby, 
Rcsidouce— Wiilcrsley, M.itlock. 

4. Mary. 

5. Grace. 
C. Au.i; list a. 
V. Katharine Oetavia. 

ALLISON, ILat. Bach, Great. 1910 
iln^i:KT ANrPKW Atxl^ox, s. of ih;- late .foseph 
Allison, of Statiwix, Carlisle, and Jane, dau. of 
John Andrew, of Cariiflo. B. at Stanwix 5 
Mareh. 183S ; n\. 1st. 5 Sont. ISiiT, Laiira Alicia 
id. 27 April, ib'..!2), dau. of J. M. ALiriuso!!. of 
i'liorp Arch, York ; in. 2nd. 1 June, 1S07, Sara 
I'udorn, dau. of the Rev. Canon Slater, of Goath- 
lind, Bourni-n.outh : ed. at Ri^jby and Cainb. ; 
^LP. N. Cumbn-iand 1S85-1'J00 ; is a director 
ol the :>,Ii.ih\nd Railway. Co.. ^nd lato chrmn. 
Carli..,lo and CumborUuid l^anl;:. Co., Ltd.; 
1>.L., J.P. C'jaibci! (Ki-.;. ^iheriii 1903). 



William ^lacpborson Xiool. Joined Re _ 

e— 1. Jo!m de Scots 187G ; capt. 1835, maj. 1895, Jt.-coL 1900, 

>it;;Comr. R.X. col. 1903, maj. -gen. 1910, It.-gen. 1917; 

served with Bcchuanaland Exped. 1831-85 ; 

S. African war 1899-1000 (despatches twice, 

medal, clasp); A.Q.rM.Q. at W.O. 1901-3; brig.- 

gen. General Stall, S. Africa, 1907-8 ; in charge 

Frederic Charles of Administration Xorthern Command 190S-10, 

itnd has issue, of Southern Command 1911-15 ; s'-rved in Dar- 

j dandles Exped. 1915 (despatches twice. K.C.B. ), 

i and operations in Isgypt, 1916 ; Q.M.G., H.Q. 

\ India since 1910; ha.s order of the Sacred Treasuro 

: (Japan) ; Grand Cordon of the 'VYBite Eaglo 

' (Serbia). Rosidcnee — Rctherwood, Salisbury. 

Sir Club — United Service. Issue — 

1. Conir. IMvv.ird AKham. U.S., b. 7 .Tan. l--^--^ , 

2. C.ipt. Henry Surters Allhain, -UC,, b. 
;;0 -Nov. 1SS8 ; .served in France 1!>1J-]C> (despatches) ; 
in. 27 June. 101", Alison, dau. oi S. B. Bivjn-stonc- 
Lenrn;ouih. of C;'.thcriu-;;iuu lIons.\ rli.rn.leaii, C04- 
l.aio, lUuds. 
1. l)or.,Uiv May. 

ALTHORP, Vise. .S'rc SrExoEH. E/.tJt.. 

ALT:»IA>7. Lady, (&it.'s widow). — ^L\r.oAHLT 
ii,-;\, dau. of Thomas Vernon, of Oinjiham ; 
I. 20 May, iSo9, Sir Albeit Jo-iv^i.B Altivian, 


PEBRS. daron3:ts, bishoi'S. and 

D.L., v,-hn (!. 4 .Ar:;r.-):, ]912. Rr^i;l--iu-(.— 44, 
Patii-oii Road, Hajiip.-,i. ad. X.W. Issue living — 

1. Percy AlbiTt Altriian, b. 30 Marrh. ]'<70; m. ]2 
))e\ lyJ9, Jlj-Io. AiiiclLi, d;iu. oi the iatu Deputy 

2. Stauiiv U:rh;;rcJ Altman. b. 1 1S71. 

3. Krrif.-t. llciirv Altniaii, b. 11 S>i,t. 1872; 7;i. in 
10 Jiiiy, 1-yr. Xfllio Vine (d. Iy07) ; m. iuJ, 14 June, 
J'jOs Nellie Wiii-tiinley. 

4. .Mr.iirriT'.f \ incLiit Aitniaii, b. 2D Juiy. 1S7S. 

5. l;onic .Miikolm Altman, b. 7 Sept. lt>bl ; m. 100?, 
Bissic 'JrayK n. 

6. Chirvnc- l.iiv.ard Altmaii, b. 2il Jan. l-?5. 

1. Vio!,t j:.;i!d Mr.rgarct, m. 10 J\:ne, lc06, 
Franci< Str.plr^. 

2. (;oiliude tarab, m. 25 ArrJ!, 1003, Charle? Hubert 

3. M .Vf! K^clvii Rebecca, m. Vl Jan. 1007. DaLici 
Llli* V>c.odhiin. ; 

4. tyivia Bridgol. ! 

ALVERSTONE, Viscounty (U.K.) (extinct. 15 ' 

Dec. it)R'>). Civat. 1<J!:{; B^u-.-n. IS, 1000; 

lit. J Jt;:i. ISOO ; P.O. lOuO ; i.i.CM.G. ISft.) ; Kilt. ; 

iJac'i. 1.SS.5. — 'J'iii^ lale PacH.VRD 1-".vf.p.ap.d Web- 

stk;'., ami In-^t Vise. Baron ; --.of 'i'hornas Woh- ■ 

£tc-r. O.C, ami Jilizab.-lh, dau. of Ricii.ird CVJt liroj<, i 

of Swineshead Abbev, Lines. B. 22 Doc. 1842 ; i 

m. 20 Aug. 1872, :Mary (d. 22 Jlarch, 1877), ! 

dau. of Williarii Charles Calthrop, of Withi-ni, ' 

Linc> ; 31.P. L.'aijic -tou 1SS5, and I^-k• i 

of AVight from 1SS.5 tmtil his elevation tn the '• 

poerajcr ; Aitorru'v-Gen. ISS.^, lSSC-92, and ISVl.'j- i 

lyOOfLord -Chief'Justice 1P0;>-1.'?; was eounsel ; 

for Great Britain in tiie Bchrincr Sea Arh!tr.nti<,n ( 

1893, i,nd Vc'uzulI.i AT-bitratioir ISO;); incmb. of , 

Alaska Boundarv Tribunal 1903 ; and d. 15 Doc. I 

1915. Issue— ' j 

Tho late lion. Arthur Harold V.'cbslor, M.A. CTiib. i 

b. 16 Juno, l.«74 ; m. 10 May, liuS, Gwladyi Marie : 

dc Orassp (m. 2nd, 4 Oct. IJO,'*, J. liam^ay), iluu. oi I 

Sir Francis lic'urv hv.-.ns, 1st I'a., aad d. 6 Aug. l;-")2. ■ 

Hon. Dora Mi:ii'^>n. in. 1;) .-Viuii, ]"J02, Alfred S!iaw ; 

-Mcllor, >LA., M.H ', B.C., ll>iue— 1. Joan i 

MarJcu. 2. Klizabeth Dora. 3. ll-irbar:-. Janet. 4. i 

Anns Marjery.) Kc^idpnecs — 10, Palace G.atc, Ken- \ 

sington, \\ ..6. ; WintcrCtld, Graiilcy, Sturcj-. i 

ALWAR., Maharaja of. K.G.S.I. Crtat. 1009;^ 
K.C.I.E. 1911.— K. H. Lt.-Col. Raj R.vjexura j 
Ski Skwai :M.uiakaja Vi:ep.i:n-0ka SHntOMAXi i 
Deo. B. 14 June, 1SS2 ; sue. 5 June, 1S92 ; j 
apptcd. hon. It. -col. in tlie British Army, 1915 ; ' 
is entitled to a salute of 15 guns. Rcr-<idencc — i 
Tlie Palace, Rajput,<na. ! 

AIVIBERLEY. Vise. Sa Russei.t. Eari.. I 

AMEvS, Knt. Bach. Great. Jr.n:-, 19].^.— Sin 
HekbeIvT Bkoux A-MES, s, 01 EvaTi Ei -iici- Ann--, : 
of ilontrcal. Manufacturer, and Caroiino Mon- 
tagu, dau. of Jabcz M. Brown. B. 27 June, 
18G3 ; m. 19 May, 1S90, Louise ^Marion, dau. of Sir : 
John ivennedv, C.E.,of ilontreal ;ed. at Al.outrtal j 
High Sehl. and AinlK-r.^t Coll.Ma-s., B.A., LL.D.; ' 
nienib. of Protestant Coniin. of Qiu-b'-c Provincial 
Council of Public Instruction since 1S95 ; Alder- 
niaii of C"iiy of ^Montreal IsJS-iy'jG ; rnoinb. oi 
Canadian Parliament for St. Antoinc Div. of 
Montreal City since 1904 ; clirnm. of Standing 
Com. on Bnnldncrand Conimrrc-, K. G.H.St. J. J. E. 
Re-idenco — 20, Ontario Avci. no, .Montreal. Clubs • 
— ilount Royal ; University 3Io:;Uial (Montjcal) ; : 
Ridcau (Ottawa). i 

AMHEKST, 4tli Earl. Great. 19 Dec. 1826 ; i 
'^'i.-c. Holmc'dale, l.S2o (U. K.) : B.-.ron Amherst, • 
C .Soot. I7.SS (G. B.).— Ifrr.ii Ainu T.oT. .■^. of 2na • 
E'uL B .-M Jan. IS:-:,; jn. 2 J..n. JS90, Hon. i 
Eleanor Cleraontiaa, dau. of tho 1st Baron St. ; 
Levan ; sue. his bro. 1910 ; li.ut. Tiii foot 1S7C ; ! 
lieut. Colds. Gds. 1S77. l>s:. ;idj. 1837-90, | 
ret. iS'J'j ; fiorvL'd in Nile ivvp.-d. l^-'il-o (medal, i 
2 cloip.-. and Khedive'3 star) ; cajH. Gels.* re3- j 
regt. 1900-1. The 1st Baron wad a, disliu- I 
guLshod I military connnatider, honours ! 
were entailed upon hL? nep't^'U-, tl;<^ p;esent Eurl's j 
ErandfacLer, who wua aitiba^sador to China, . 

if India, etc. Rcrideacc 
Kent. Clubs — Carlton : 


1. Jr.:nu:Y Jons a?.chi;k .\MnEn3T. Vise. Hoi.mbs- 
ii.a;:, \>. i-i D>.c. i>y'i, liiut. cold<. Gd.-:. 

2. Hon. llntnplin V Wi'liaia .•Vi:ili'.T.?t, h. 21 Julv, 1003. 

1. ] P ly .r.,an G-rrrudi.; j:iizabctli. 

2. l.aJv r.hviy Kv.Iyn. 

WiLLiA3t Pitt A:.;ii;:i:sr. 2sd E.vel, b. 3 Shpt. 
I.SO.5 ; m. 12 Juiy, is;'-!, Gi rtrudc (d. 27 April, ISOO), 
dau. of Itt. ilcv. .and the Hon. IJiiuii I'..-!-cy, ili.-liop of 
Carlisle, and d. 2o .Marcli, IS-'G. Issue— 

1. WiLLiA'-r AKCur.u Am;ii;[;<t, 3ud Earl Amuerst, 
b. 2ii .Mar h. i*.jti ; m. ].st,27 Aas. 1502, L.viv Julia 
Corn\va!li= (d. 1 5-pt. isS:?!, 0. Furvivg. child of lust 
Karl Cen^waliis ; m. 2nd, 25 Sfpfc. 1S<9, Alice D'Alton 
[ ..-.!). ! rin<r--> .; >?a],H'Ha] (who m. 3rd, 10 
ij.'C. 1911, H.S.H. Prince Jean SapiL-ha-Koden.^ki. 
Kisilf-nC'S— I'las Anihrst, Harlidi, X. Wahs ; 
12\, liurkinshain Palace ?dansicn?, Grosvcr.or Gar- 
dens, S.W.), dau. of Pdniund Probyn, of lluntly 
ilrxiior. Gii'S.. i'.!:d wido«- 01 Gth Earl 01 Lisbjrutf, and 
d. 14 Au2. 1910. 

2. liniH A.r;'i;i:<T, pr^s. EaiL 

1.'- M.vr-aiv'. Cailicriue. Pasidi^" 5, Upper 

IJ.rk.lcv sinvt., V>'. 

2. I.aJy E' 2.) Xov.lS77,Capt. William Evelyn 
Dcui.^oi> (Cluu3 — Cadton ; Juu. United Ser^icol, lato 
I'... -v., 1>.L., J.l'., aad has issue. Kusidence — Ossinston 
Hall, Newark. 

3. L.adv Charlotte Florentia. Eesideiicc — 5, Uijper 
Berktlcy Street. Vv'. 1. 

AMPIERST cf Hackney, Baroness (U.K.). 
Great. 20 1892. — .Mary PvOthes M.\ruaret 
Cecil, eld. da>.t. of 1st B4,ron. M. 2 Sept, ISSo, 
Lord William Cecil (hon. col. late Itii Batt. Lin- 
cohi.^hire liogfc. ; capt. Grcn. Gds. and groom-in- 
waiting to Qr.ef>n Victoria ; cornptrolJer and troas. 
to Prince.^3 Hvnry of Battenberg 1S99-1909; a 
Gentleman L'sLer 1909-11 ; Gentleman Usher in 
Ordinary sinco 1911 ; C.V.O. 1S99 ; M.V.O. 139G ; 
Km. of Justice of the Order of St. John of Jeru- 
.-alein), s. of William, 3rd ^Tarq. of E.KOtcr ; sue. 
lier fatlier. vindcr special remainder, 1909 ; is a 
L.J.H. St. J. J.E. Residences — Foulden Hall, Stoke 
I'erry, and Stowlangtoft Hall, Bury St. Edmunds 
Xorfolk; Lou Ca-^ten, Valescure, Var, France. 
Issue — 

1. The late Capt. Hon. William Amherst Cecil, 
M.C. Grca. Gds., b. 30 June, 1S3G ; m. 14 April, 
1910, (;iadys, o. c. of H. C. Ba-'galiay, of llcatherhurst 
t;r:!ii-o, I rill. Icy, Surrey, and was killed in action 
lOSeit. 1014, ;.t Latcle o£ Aisne. Kcsidences — G.Onslow 
H'jU- ■-, t'ii-i.i.- .'^iiuare, b.W.?. ; llctiiam; on Court, 
Huiini'r. >U5-vx. l-^n^' — 

1. William Alexander Everixo Cecil, b.31 Mav, 

2. Urnr\- Kerr Anclimutv Cecil, b. 1 April, 1914. 

2. Cipt. (Ion. Tl'.o:n.i3 J;i-uics An;herst Cecil, 
K.iii2'.s Hoy. lliUe Corp^. b. 9 Xor. 1.>S7 ; in. 29 July, 
1012, Vir.a| dau. of Hidworth Barclay. Kesidonce-^ 
42. Lhidi n .Wenue, Victoria, B.C. Issue — 

Barclav Janus Auiher.=t Cecil, b. 13 AdHI. 1913. 

3. Hon. Johu Francis Andierst Cecil, b. 30 June, l.^^OO. 

4. lio!i. lleury illiiord Aiidierst Cecil, b. 9 March, 1893; 
IKut. B.N'. 


AMiiiT.ST OF Hackney, b. 25 April, 1?35: m. 4 .Tune, 
l^.:o, MAi:a.iT.ET SrSAX. L.J. 11. St. J. J.E. (Residences — 
Foulden Uall. .-^tok.- 1. rry, Xorioik ; Valcfciu-e, Var, 

France), o. c-: v 1 
Yorks, and :■' 
Jan. lOi'O. 1 

1. MaryKu.h:- 

2. Hon. Sylil M 

3. Hon. riorunci 

c Mitford,of Hunuianby Hall, 
.Vorthumborlaiid., and d. 16 

A.HET, pres. Baroness. 
, L.J.H.St.J.J.E. 
irct, L.J.H.St.J.J.E. 

4. Hon. M;.r;:u;-.t Minord, L.J.H.St.J.J.E. 

5. Hon. Alicia Marcaret, L.J.H.St.J.J.E. : ):!. 16 Feb. 
1S9S, Evvlvn Gi! cova. -Ocil (see SAt.i5ntrr.Y, M. of). 
0. l!o:i. Geraliiuj jla^ciarjt : ni. Zn April, 1>00, Capt. 
Malcolm Druniiiion i, D.L., J.l'. (Club— finards'), and 
lias issue. Itibidenco— M.cggii!ch Castle, Errol, Perth- 

HEATHCOAT-AMGRY. L'-ad B{.(U.K.1. Cre.U. 21 
Mf.reh, 1S74; C.B.E. 1917. — Sir Ian Murray 
I1cathcoat-.\mory,.s. of 1st Bt., J. P. Devon, and 
Tiverton. B. IG April, iStl.') ; sue. his father 
19J4; m. C Jnne, ISO."?, Alexandra Geur<,'iaa, 
dau. of lato Viee-Adiu. Gcorgo licnry Soymour, 
C.B.0 of BarN\ick House, XoriolU. Residence — 



Kni'jlitihayes Court, Tiverton. Clubs — Urooks'. . 

1. Joi"- TTr'.TT'-^'T-AMORY, b. 2 May, ISOi; 2nd ' 
lici::. : • '. ■' ■■ ■^■Ar-. It-^t. 

2. L'- : ■ . -Aiiiorv, b. 2G Doc. 1900. j 

3. \\i.! ; ' '-Aiuorv, b. 19 Ans. I'JOl. 

4. I'.u; ; „ ;: .. • :.t-Ar!ioL-\, b. 3' Jan. 1907. 
Sir John tir-M'-i!.'.' vr iij:.\Tiiro.vT-AMOUY, 1st Bt., : 
b. 4 Mav. If'iiO; lii. April, I6i;3, Ilea i. t;:i :\l;iry,(l;iu. \ 
of Williarii Utiwiii, of thu Colonial Otlice; M.P. (1..) for 
TI>vrto:i, 1>0^. to l^.s^); a-Simnii by roy. liceiic.' thf 
si'Mitiona! uaniv and aim- of llciitlicout, 1S74, and d. -0 
Mav, 1914. I--.U..— 

1. SIR lAN- .M. llKATn OAT-A.MOur, pre?. lit. 

2. .^.aj. Ilarrv \ViUi:iiii Ludovic Urathcoat-Amory, i 
uth Bntt. Su : eryt L.I. l.d.- Cd.^., J. P. Soiii- 
tTS(r.-:..irf. and IVjioimli ci Tiv-: tun. h. 7 Jnu-, loVO ; : 
m. 1 Nov. 1.SJ.5. ov.iyii .M;irv, dau. of Kdv.ard 
Jar.ips .Stank-y, M-I'-. iJ-'^-, J-^'-, Q lantof-k Lo igt-, ; 
Bri :;nvar. r. Rei^iJuuco — licit! iiaaor, E.vb i :gJ, X. i 
Devon, lisa--— : 

1. .la'n.s Vc?.n- noathcoat-Arnorv. b. 26 Oct. lOni. 

2. Eid;;.rd i'lauk Ib.-athcoiU-.liaory, b. 2G fcb. 

1. H.lfn Wbiifrcd. 

2. Mary MiD.cciit. i 
?>. Lndovie i;fatiii-o:vt-Aniory. b. 11 Mav, 18S1 : eapt. ; 
R.A, iate Devon V-o. ; m. \:'- .ln!v. 19U. Mary stinrf, ; 
dau. of .Tames Fitzgerald Batinatynt-, D.L., of Hal- '■ 
don, I/evon. Pwidc-noe — ClieviDliorne, Barton, 
livertoa. lisuc — i 

1. Patrick GlTuI.-I Hoathcoat-Arnor\', b. 27 April, 
1912. ■ I 

2. Mic-hao! Ludovic, Jleafhcoat-Amorv, b. 19 May, I 
lOU. ■ I 

5. Ilcatlicoat Amorv, b. 30 Aiis. 1317. i 

1. Mii.-I-I Marv, lU. i.i Oct. 1.>'J1,CIi;k1 s Ro.'H-nSvdcn- i 
hair. Car.'w(Club— \Viijdhain),B A. Cainb., .T.P. D.'von, , 
and luas issue. Rrsidoneo — Warnicornbe, Tiverton. : 

2. Bcrotby Iblon. in. 2it April. li.;VJ. Louis do las Ca.^as. : 
PiHsidenc ;— El'isconitc (louse. Wincanton. \ 

3. Mai7 0!!ri-,ral.rn. 24 .jidy, ltM7. Col. tlm Hon. Lesley j 
James Probyii Butkr (see DrNBOYXE, B.). ; 

Ar.IPTHILL, 2nd Baron (U.K.). Creat. 11 :\ [arch; ' 
U>31 ; i;.C..-S.I. lOO-l; G.C.T.E. ] 900.— Oliver 
AiixnuK Vii.i.rr;R.s llussr;!.!., s. of I.?fc Baron. . 
B. at Rome, 19 f\>b. 1809 : m. G Oct. 1894, . 
T.acly ^larparet Lygon (a Lorlv of tho Bed- ' 
chamber since lOij" ; C.I. ; Kai?er-i-Iiind- pold 
medal 1906). dau. of firh Earl Beauchamp (whom 
.':ee) : sue. his father ISS4 : ed. at Eton and , 
Oxford; B.A. 18')2, .M.A. 1900; ro-.vcd in tho ' 
Oxford eight 1889-91 ; pros, of the Oxford Union ; 
1S91 ; private .^ce. to Mr. ChamberLitin when ■ 
Colonial Sec. 1S9.5-1000 ; Governor of ."Vfadras 
1900-1900; ViL'oroy of India pro tern. May to | 
Dec. 190-t ; British Delegate at International ! 
Conference on tiie Sii:;ar Question, Brus~ols, 1898 ; i 
It.-coi. commd2. .3rd Bait. Bcdiordshhe R-nir. ; i 
D.L., J.P., Bed'^. ; chrmn. Bedford. Ten-. P^-rcc 
Assocn. ; Pro Grand Master of Freemajrn? if 
ICnpland since 1908 ; fellow Roy. Col. Inst. I'JOG. 
I'.esidonces — .Milton Ernest Ifall, Bedford ; Go, : 
Ennismore Gardens, S.W. 7. Club — Brooks's, i 
Issue — I 

1. Hux. John IIctgo Kdssell, b. 4 Oct. lS9o ; sub- \ 
lieiit. R.X. 

2. Hon. Guv llerbranl Edward Pussell, b. 14 April, 
ISOS; Sub.-Lient. B.X. 

3. lion. Edward Wriothesley Curzon Eu.-s .11, b. 2 
Juue, 1001. 

4. Hon. Leopold Oliver Pus=ell, b. 20 Jan. 1007. 
1. lion. PlivUis Mar.:aret;. 

L.iin Olio M'li.F.i.or KrssKi.t, P.O., O.C.B., O.Or.G., 
1st Haiiov AMriMILL V. a.s bro. of ti:'J ytli Uuke of J'.'d- 
"■ rd : b. ■:.<) Vob. LSJ'J ; ni. J -May, IS'Vs. L.ily i;Mjr,Y 
l-'>nts.v Vn.LiKus (Ibsi buces — AiuDthiU Par::, .\)ii[)t- 
■ ^ i'ds.; .^u. Eate..i .^ .■iJ.W.), V.A., Lady of 
": K d^J.usTnlicr to (Jui'i :i Viitoi'ia 1 --.'i -1. ■.'. ! . d;.'j. of 
lt!i i;arlof U..rtnd(.n, and d. 2.") AU'.'. 1-t. )^ :,-_ 

1. OI.IVKR AKTHUK VlU.IEKS Kr.v^i il . , : ,, i, roll. 

2. lion. Odo AViiliam Th'-oidiilus \ , - i; .11, 
f.V.O. r.B. b. :; M .v. ISTO ; in. 2a J,. .l,-',( -n- 
>■--.< M:.i- i.o -, i.v V, ,l;i,,. ,,f til- <jvf.ii >aui.-i.-r 
»' t'l'. \i-t;,_.-l 1', .J iii.m Court; of II. M. diidoiratic 
*' rvii-.j ■ 1,11, . - ,\ 10 Sec. ot State ftu- Foreign Alfairs 
C:i. l!„i,. .Sir j.,:Aard Grey) 1005-S. and l):;,;o- 
'I'Atic Sec. S'liee" i'.U,"). itestiienco — ati, Eaton Square, 
S-W. Cisrn-- Brooks's. Jssiic— 

1. C'.isnio P,.x Ivor llu.>s. 11, b. 12 Mareb, 19X1. 

2. .V^arie riiarlcs NVilliain Bu.ssell. b. lii l-.lareh, 1012. 
:'. David llasUngs Geraldyiusscll, b. 27 Aug, 1015. 

:). Lt .-C.^l. Hon. Victor Akxand^T Frederick Villiers Kus- 
s 11, B ds K '.,n., b. 27 Junr, ls74 (twin with Hon. Alex- 
audri); ni. l-:; .\'!3. Vj.)',, ,Vnnora Mar;'arel Bruml'V, 
of d.iu. late G,-<j.-_'(; I'.dward Martin, IJ.L., of lia'm 
CoiirD ; edat;jrl, !>..\. ; B.iiT.-al la v, (Inner 
Temple) l.sOO. itesi lence-— 17, Korntou Street, \V. 8. 
Club — r.rooks's. lasuc — 

1. Av. ril. 

2. Itoi^niarv. 

3. Aiu.'la Irene. 

4. Lt.-Col. til.: Hon. Alexander Vi.-tor Fredi-riek Vil- 
liors Ku-S'dl, M.V.O., Grm. Cds. ; b. 27 June, 1^74 
(twill with Hon. Victor) ; m. 11 Feb. IJviO, Mnrjorie 
Gladys, dan. of l.dv Claude HuiueCanipliell Guinness ; 
ed. at UMIin^ton Coll. and 11. .M. C, -San ; mil. 
attache at U'llin lOlO-U; S'Tved in rj. .Xfri'-an 
war 1>00-1002 (despati.Ue.s twice, bt.-maj.) and in 
France and l'"Uiuui i 014-15 (desitai'viiusj. (.lubs — 
Guards • Brookss. Iss'ie, — 

1. Wi'liani Po n 'yVilliers l{iHs"ll.b. 15 >Lirch, 1914. 

2. Stephen Alexander Viliiers Ituiseli, b. ;iO Xov 

1. Hon. Constance Evelyn Viliii-rs. 

2. Hon. Au^T'ista Louise .Margaret, Pomola Viliierf.. 

ANCi'iSTEE, 2ntl Earl of (U.K.). Great. 22 
Aug. 1892; Baron Wilioughby do Ercsby (E.), 
2G Juiv, 1313 : Baron "Avelaud (U.K.) 20 
Feb. 185G ; Ct. 17 Jan. 1732.— Gn.njrRT 

He.\THCOXE- DltUJl.'.IOXD - WlLLOUGHBY, S. of Lst 

Earl B. 29 July, 1807; in. G Dec 1905, Eloiso, 
dau. of late W. L. Breeze, of Xew York ; sue. 
his father 1910; cd. at Eton and Camb. ; M.P. 
(C.) Hornce.stle Div. of Bines. 1891-1910 ; It. -col. 
eorntndg. Liiicohvsliire Yeo. since 1911; inemb. 
Li icoln and Rutland Terr. Force Assocns. ; J. P., 
Rutland and parts of Kestoven, Lincolnshire ; 
D.L., Perth ; is joint hereditary lord c;veat 
chamberlain : pari-on of 8 livings. TJie oth Bt. 
was for 30 years a moinijer of parliament, and 
was Croat. Baron Aveland. The 1 1th Baron Wil- 
loughby do Eresb.v was cre.nt. Earl of Lindsey 
and becarno nncostor of the Dukes of An- 
castcr and Kesteven (extinct). Tho I9th 
Baron assumed tlio surname of Drummond on his 
rnarriago with tlie heiress of the 1st Baron Perth 
(extinct). Tlie mother of the 1.- 1 Earl of Ancaster 
obtained the l^arouy of \Viil<;uc:hby do Eresby as 
eldest co-heir of her father in i87I, alter an 
investigiition before the PIouso of Lords. Resi- 
dences — Grimsthorpe, Bourne, Lincoii^.shirc ; 
Glencartney Forest, Comrie, Pcrlh ; Drummond 
Castle, Cri''lf, Perthshire; 8, Chesterfield Gardens, 
W. 1. Clubs— Carlton -. Turf. Issue — 

1. CiLTiKr.T J.\J[E3 TfEiTnrOTE-Dr'.UM.nOND-Ayir.-- 
LOTJGnnY.LO'.rj'tyitLOITGHY DE EUES.ny, b.S Dec. 1907. 

2. J!"ii. Jn'in Jleathcote-Diumraond-Willougiiby, b. 
14 Mar -h. lJi4. 

1. Lady Cauv^rlne Marj- Ciementina. 

2. Lady PriK-illa, 


(so creat. Tl Aug. 1892), and 24xu LoiiD Willoi-giij'.y 
DE Er.ESBY, \).L., J. p., assuineil by roy, lie. the additional 
.surnames and arms of Druininond and Willonghby ; he 
w;is b. 1 Get. l.sao ; ni. 14 Jnlv, 1S03, Evelyn Eliza- 
F.ETt£ (P.r-i.!enc-s— 95 Uariev Street, W. ; Xorinanton 
Park, St:iiiiroi-.i), 2nd of lOiii Marquess of Huntly, 
andd.24 1)i'C. 1910. L^sue— 

1 . Gr:.V,i,UT ilEATitCOl'E - Dr-U-MMOXD - WffiLOCOHBY, 
pres. Ijirl. 

2. Bii-.-Gen. the Hon. Charles Strathavon Heathcote- 
Eruui;i.oiid-\Viiioughby,C.M.G.,col.con!indg. Otli Lon- 
don Brig. (T.F.), formerly inaj. Scots Gds. ; b. IS May, 
1870 ; m. 7 Jan. 1903, Ladv Mud'l Agnes Stuart 
Erskine, dau. of Shipley, Ittli Ead of Buchan ; 
cd. at Eton and Cainb. ; late lieiit. 4th Batt, 
Lines. Itcgfc. (M.) ; served in S. .African war 1^90- 
-\:i-'Z. and in Frin.v iO!4-10 (ile-iKi'cii-s, «'.M.<;.). 
Itesi.ieuce— 05, Uarley Street, "VV.l . Clubs— Guards' ; 
Turf. Issue — 

(hades Percgruie, b. 13 Sept. 1905. 

;!.Lt.-Co). the Tfnn. Claud Heaihc 
lunghln-, Coldstream Gds., b. 15 
Juue, i0"5. Lady Florenc; Cony 
Marq. Convn'thain, and widow of 
.\stley, oi (.■hequers Court, Bncics 
lient. :;rd P.atl. Jtoy. Scofs (M.) : 

war 1-0 

J ^.,voUllde■^i 

foiil l)i\ 

. o: Lines. .'^ 


•'.•^tivrt, \V. 

4. Tlio 

late, Lieut 


Oet. LS7'J ; m. 17 

-ham, dau. of 3rd 

li> r'rain Frankland 

ctl. at Eton : late 

Tved in S. African 

it Belmont) ; .M.P. (C.) L>r Stain- 

ince 1910. Ke.-i.leacc— 5, I'pper 

. Clubs— Guards- ; Turf ; White-?. 

Coinr. thj Eo-i. Peter Bobert 



Hrathtote-lJnnnnion<l-V.ill<.;ichby. E.X., b. 2 Nov. 
IS^o ; m. 4 June, lOrj, Pamela Mav <m. 2nd, SI 
July, 1!)37, CoDir. AViliiutu 1>ii:ic:mi Piii;)ps, i!..N'.), 
dau. of Col. AValti r C h irtcris IJo.'S. C.J;., of Crotiwrty, 
and was lo-t in H..M..S. Momn'MU in action oil the 
Const of Chilf, 1 Nov. 1914). Is.^uc— 

I'ltfT rt. Hcatl,cooi<-I>ruiumonJ Wilougliby, 

b. 8 Jiiiii. IDU. 

1. latiy Kv.lvii CI nu nliiia, r.i. 3 Nov. 1S33, Maj.- 
Gon. Si.-- ll-nrv p. (or Kviait, 1st Bt. 

2. Lady M:ir<,'.".n^t Mary, m. 5 June, 1902, Gid.^oii 
Marpli'-Tsou Itutli- riord. d. 31 Juiy, I'J iT, aiiJ li.i- 
issue, llciidinci- — 'il, Slo.iue Court, Ch-.bca, S.W. 

3. Lady Xiriii. 

4. Lady C'jtiK-, m. 15 April, 1890, Thoma-; CIar<-iice 
Edward Go!i (Clubs— St. Jaiisei's ; Wiii'o'-^i. D.L., 
J. P., CO. Po'iooiumon, arid l\a.s if^-suc. itv iiinc:' — 
Carro"TO'> Park, Roscoaiinoa. 

5. Lady Alice. 

6. Lady Marv Ad.laiip. m. 14 Julv, 1003, Arthur 
George, Uth Karl of Balhou^i-.'. 

AKCRAH. Earl of. See Lothian, Mai.q. or. 

ANDERSON, Loicl, ol: Sassion.— A>;u- 
MACB2.rH A>-UEr.soN. 3LA.. LL.J).. Edin.Siir.'li, 
Lop.D AxDFRSON. B. G Xov. 1802 ; Advocate, 
Scottish Bar ; adv. depute 1906-11 ; K.C. lOOS. 
Sol.-Gcn. for Scotland, 1011-13; senator coileirc 
of justice, and judpcof Court of Scotland 
since 1913; M.P.' for X. Ayr. 19 10-11; in. 4 
Sept. 1901, Kate, dau. of the lute Gcortre .M.'iciiay, 
of BeJlavista. Midlothian. Residence — 3. Dnirn- 
sheugli C4ardejis, Edinburgh. Cuil.^ — Rpforin ; 
Scottish Liberal and Xortheni {Edin.}. 

ANDERSON. 1st Bt. (U.K.). CrcMr-. 22 
June, 1911 ; Kut. Bach. 19u3. — Sirt Kor.EKT 
An'dekson. s. of James Anderson, of Cnrbofis^, 
CO. Monntrhan, and E'izabeth, dru. of Andrew Kcr, 
of Xev. h! B. 8 Dec. 1S37 ; m. 9 April. ISO'i, 
Wilhelniina. dau. of Rev. Andri^w Lonp, of 3Ion- 
reairh, co. Donegal ; of Ap.d?r?on & Mn- 
Auley, Ltd.; Sir John Arnott & Co., Ltd.; Vul- 
canite, Ltd. : City Estates, Ltd. ; .Miliorc \Vo:\\-iii<^ 
and Fini?hip.c Co., Ltd. ; William Ross ic Co.. Ltd. : 
spinners ; BaUic Firev.ood Co., Ltd. ; a dir-jcto.r of 
Lnganvaie Brick \^■o^k3 ; aldcnnau and J.P. f'itv 
of Belfast, eherift 1003, lord mayor 190.5-9 ; J.l'!, 
CO. Antrim; hitrh slieriff co. 31<.na£:hi!i 1011. 
Residences — Parkinount, Belfast ; Miili;ig]iniore 
House, CO. Monaghan. 

AirDEP.SON. Baronetcy (En<i.) (ext.sOct. ISOI). 
Croat. 2i i;ec. ICtjn. Tlis lateSiRCii.uir.i;? Hr.Nfiv 
JOHN AXDEUSON, OxH Bi,, of Bruv.chco:!. Line?.. 
^r.A., D.L. B. 24 Xov. 1SL»4; in. 11 Sept. 1S32, 
Emma (d. 8 Aug. 1870), youn<:. dau. of .Joint 
Savilo Fdljanibo, of Aidwarke, Xott.^, and d. S 
Oct. 1801. Issue— 

The iate Francis Foljanibc And.^rroii. J. P., b. 19 .Au?. 

ISil ; in.l4 Juiy, Xili. Anm.j i.oai.-:i li.'vwood 

o. dau. of Benjamui IIJL'vwood Jones, oi Latkliill, and 

d. 15 Sept. 1831. Issue— 

1. Rlarg-iret Louise, m. 7 iwnf, 1005. \Vilirvd Arthur 
DuncoiJibe-Ande:-son (Clubs — .\.:ti;ur.-i" ; Ciivalry), 
J.P., Lines, who assumed by roy. Ul'. I'.1'J.'> tlie 
addnl. name and arms of .\n.i(r-r,n, :i;id b;:s i<sui-. 
Kesidenco— Colti^i.nll Mead, Colti-l all, .Nurwjcii. 

2. Katharine Hik'U, lu. 'J Maroli. li'U, liiclard 
Coningsby Sutton who d. 12 Sept. 10J5, and had 

8. Frances Olive. 

ANDERSON, K.B.E. Croat. Jime, 1917.— 
Sip. Alan- Oaiieett Andersox, s. of J. E. S. 
Anhi-soM, b. 1877; ni. IOOj. Muriel Ivy. dau. of 
•f. W. -Diinean, Comroller of t)io Xr.\-y 1017;<l Conimi^isioncr Bd. of Ada.iraiiy since 
1017. P.ositlence — 10, Crftvta Kill, W . -. 

ANDERSON, K.C.B. (mil.). Croat. lOlo ; C.B. 
1904. — Lt.-CJex. fciji'.CiiARLES Alexanpkr.Axder- 
80X, s. of the late Surr-on :Maj. ilohert Caro\T 
AaJc-rson. B. lOEeh. ls:>: ; in. llja:i. \^\C. Kilen 
Ivatiioriiie, dau. of Ocnrfre Bevaii Uii--!l, M.D. ; 
^a7,.ntod iieut. R.ll.A. " 1S7G, capt. iSSf, inaj. 
IS93, It. -col. 1001. maj.-a-Mi. lOOS, It.-cr-ii. 1014; 
.served with Jowaki-Afridi exi:'-d. lS77 S (im dal 
(tt,d cltu<p); Afghan war 187!>-S(.' (■! -natciiop, 
medal, 2 el.v-p.--) ; Ihirma exjii-d. ISSi-O ; X.W, 
Frontier 1807-8 (dwspatolios thrice, m- d.d, ohvsp. 

brev. It. -co!.) ; cornn^dg. Bazaar Vahev exiied. 
lOuS ((lr.>;,aiche.s medal, 2 cla-=r>s, maj:.<ren. for 
disim^'uiihod service in tho (i^Id) ; commd-^. 
tronj.s in S. CIsina 1010-13; eomnide. 7th div. 
X. Army in India 1013-14 : commdg. .Meerut div. 
Britidi E:cped. Force in France 1914—15 (des- 
patches twice, K.C.B. ). Issue — 

1. Charii'S Levan Carew Andr^r.?on, b. 1S91. 

2. Xoel Maurice Andcrton, b. ItPG. 

ANDERSON, Knt. Bach. Croat. 1005.— Sir. 
George Anderson, s. of John Anderson, of 
Fra3erburgii, At.erdeen.^liire, aiid Jean. dau. of 
Alexai:der Liman, of Fraserburgh. B. 20 March, 
lS4j : m. 13 Oct. 1870, his cou--in :Mpr,v. dai;, of 
Alexander Anderson ; ed. at Fraserburgh ; ent. 
Xorth of Scotland Bank as an apprentice in 18.57, 
and after filling various positions in the bank 
be'-ame general managrr 1SS9 ; treftsurer and 
chi.'f officer of the Bank of Scotland ISOS ; ex- 
i.iiicio convener and climm. of tlie Scottisli bank 
tnana^.rs : pro..;. Institute, of IJiink.-rs iji Scotland 
}0'j3-7 : director Seottish Widows' Fund ; gov. of 
Donaldson's and one of Walker tru.--tees ; 
ISOS-1017 attended tho Coronations of 1902 and 
1911 as Deputy Usher of the White Rod of Scot- 
land ; J. P. CO. , Aberdeen and Mid Lothian. Resi- 
dence — Becthmuunt, ^lurrayfield, Midlothian. 

A!a)ERSON. Cr.C.M.G. Croat. 1909; K.C.B. 
(eiv.) 1013: K.C.3I.G. 1901 ; C.M.G. 189S.— Sm 
John AxonnsoN, s. of late John Anderson, super- 
intend, nt Gordr.u 3ri.s.= ion, .Aberdeen. B. 23 Jan. 
IS.JS ; ed. at .\berdeen Univ. ; M.A. (1st class 
math, honours and gold medallist) 1877 : hon. 
LL.D. Aberdeen 1007, hon. LL.D. Kdinbiu-gh 
1011; ent. Colonial Office 1879, principal clerk 
1 SO" ; joint eommnr. regarding registry of 
Gihrallar Supreme Court ISOl ; priv. sec. to 
Ui:dor-Sec. for Colonies 1892 ; atti'.dicd to 
-Agent'.s .staff for Rehring Sea .-Vrbitration 1892-3; 
sec. Colonial Premiers' Conference 1897 .<;nd 1902 ; 
Gov. and Com.-in-Chief of Straits Settlements, and 
High Coinini-sioner of Fcderat'-d 'SJalo.y States 
1004-11 : High Commissioner of Protected Sta,to 
of Brunei in Island of Borneo 1900-11; per- 
manent Under-Sec. of State for tho Colonies, and 
cx-oincio Sec. of the Order of St. ?.richael and St. 
George since 1011 ; accompanied the Kuig. ■wlien 
Prince of Wales, on his Colonial Tour. lOOJ, and 
repn sent.'d the Eastern Colonies at the Corona- 
tion of JCiiig George V, 1911 ; gov. of Ceylon since 
101 J. Jlesidence— Queen's House, Colombo. 

AIJDERSON, Kilt. Bach. Croat. 1912.— Sra 
Joii.\- A.vderso.n', s. of John Anderson, of Rotlie- 
.-ay. -N'.H. B. :\[arcli, I8o2 ; m. IG Jan. 1901, 
W'.E. Diujbar, dau. of J. Billing Pope, B.A. Oxford; 
is head of firm of Guthrie and Co.. Ltd., East India 
merchants ; consul-gen. for Siam in London ; 
mend), of legisl. council of Straits Settlements 
ISSt^-S, and 1005-0. Residences— 5, \nntfingtou 
Avenue, E.C. ; East.ote Place, Eastcote, Pinner. 
Clubs — Batir ; City Carlton. 

ANDERSON. K.C.M.G. Croat. 1 909.— Sir Ken- 
neth SiCKi.T.^N ANnL-nsox. s. of late James Ander- 
son, of Frcgnnl Park, Hampstoad, and Hilton 
House, Aberdeen, shipowner, and Eliza, dau. 
of Surg.-Gen. John INIurray. B. 21 Dec. 
ISOO; m. 19 April, 1S04, Loui.s.i Mary, dau. 
of late James Cochran Stevenson, fonnerly M.P. 
for S. Shi. Ids ; ed. at if.irruw and Oxford ; is a 
.Manag.r of tho Orient Snain Navigation Co., 
a Direclo.r of the Bank of Adelaide, and the 
Equitable Life Insuranct? Socj'. ; laenib. of Ship- 
ping Control Com. 10IC>. llesid.iu-e.s— Ardta- 
s.iir, Ar-xli-hire; Sta;nford iruuse, Wimblodoa 
Cuimnon, S.W. Clubs — Unioti ; City. Lssuo 
living — 

lb w Skvlton Anderson, b. :; June, 1000. 

ANDERSON. K.C.B. (eiv.). Great. 1001 ; C.B. 
(civ.) isor.. — Sip. lioxi-.iiT Anderson-, s. of Mut- 
tliev,- .Anderson, crov.ii .solicitor, of Dublin, and 



Alnn*. dan. of Samwc! L<". of Londoiidf-rry. B. 
20 Mr.y, 18il: m. 4 :M;ifcli. 1S7:5. LaJy Agaos 
Aifxr'ii:irina, bistiT of ih':- 9th E;>il of Drt-yli'da 
(rai-cd to rhe rank of on Cinl's dau. 1S93) ; eJ. in 
luhind and Franre. aid rt Tnn. Coli. Dub. ; 
B.A. (aioderatoi- and imdaH lS'j2, LL.D. iS7.". ; 
i5;irr.-nt-liw (Kings Inn:<, Jjuh.) 1S03, Midillo 
T€iTii>h 1S70: adviser at llio Home OliHe in 
matters relating to puliticul crim. lS'.i7-S8 ; 
as.?i~i. corniiinr." JR-tioi..ilitftn police, and head 
ot Ciinmiui Iiivesii2rat:oii D-part. ISSS-lt'Ol; has 
served o!i several Koy. Coninis. ; author of several 
theo!;>f;ifal and oiiitr works ; J. P. London. 
Rcsi.L'iico— :;r). Linden Gard'n?,Bayswater, W. 2. 
Club — Nalional. Issiu* li\i!>5 — 

ArJDOE, Lady (Knt.'s -widow). — Beatrice 
P.rpmnA, dau. of late Thos. Broml^^y, m. 1 
Ji.Iv. ISSO. Adm. Sir Hil-.'ry Gusta^-us Ando**, 
K.C.B., who d. 11 Feb. 19U5. 

.'iirOOVER, Visj. 

SviiOLK, Earl oi 

ANDREWS, Privy Counsellor (Irel.). Apptd. 
1897. — Kt. Hon. W I3.clA^i Dken'NaN AxDni-.V3, 
2nd -:. of Jolui Ar^drvw^, of Conib;.'r. co. Dot\ti, 
nnd .Sarah, dau of William D;ennan..V'.D^, of Bel- 
fnst. B. 24 .hin. 1S:J2 ; nri. 20 Aiu'. !Sj7, Elizii 
(d. G April, 10(>1). <lau. of .John Galloway, ot 
Monkstonn. co. Dublin ; ed. at Roy. Acadeinical 
Tnstn. Belfa^.t. and Trin. Coll. Dub. ; btcond 

AiMiur i'o!!-onby Mooro-And.Tion, M.A., Senior Moderator (l-tliies and Losics) 1S.53; 

b. 7 .Julv, 1874; in. 1.0 Juilj. liivJ, -Mar>- Charlotte 
Chnrcliiii. dnu. of Sloaa. Kr;..:dence— Love- 
daio, Cape Province, tj. Airica. I.<=iue — 

1. il.Tv Ksnie Moote. 

2, Vi.dct Acin-s .Moore. 

2. llev. ALin' .•j.viiionr Moorc-Andtrson, M.A., b. 
11 J\!\-', ls70. iU'.-il!.iir< — Lida-iie'.v, Vukic-n, China. 

3. .M:iUi!.r-.v :M;uu;id :.toore-Aad..rson; b. s^ Julv. 
ISiO. llf.sia.ucc— LovL-dale, Cai;e iTovince, b. 
1, Alice M.iry Agneta. 

CM.G. 1J17.— Temi'. Br.: 

LL.D. 1800; Barr.-atdaw (King's Inns, Dub.) 
lSri.5; O.C. iS72 ; judae of Hi^di Court (Irel.) 
ICxclu DJv. (no\'- merged in Ri/ig's Bench Div.) 
1SS2-1910. ILcsidence— 51, Lower Leoson Street, 

AXGERS. Kut, Bach. Croat. 1313.— Hon:. Sra 
ArcrsTE Ksat. Angeks, s. of Franroi.5 Real 
Angers, Barr.-at-law, of Quebec. B. at Ouebec, 
3. Oct. 1837 : m. 1st, ■? June, ISGO, Julia Mar- 
guerite (d. 1879^. dau. of lite Senator Chinic ; m. 
Sir Kobebt o^j .^q April, 1S90, Emilie, dau. of late .Alexander 

Great. .Mav, 1917 ; 

MtKRAY McCheyxk An-L)EU.-!ON, s. of th© late 
Robert Anderson, of Aucliterleis, Aberdeen- 
shire, and ilargaret, d.iu. of Charles Hcucon, 
of Goodu-ocd. B. 6 Au-. 1S07 ; ed. at Sydney 

Grutninar School ; m. G -Vue. Ib32, Jean Cairns, ^^ 

dau. of Rubert Aino.<=, of Sydney; joined^Aus- ^j^j^j^ oOiee he resigned 
tralian Imperial Forco 101-i ; D.Q.M.G. Jt-gypt - ■ 

191 1>; comd2. Au.«truiian Headquaiters in 
London sii.ce 1910. Residence — Sychaey, X.S.W. 
Club — Union. Sydney. 

ANDF.RSCN, ICut. Bach. Croat. 1902. — Sm Montreal, Canad 
RoLki:!- V.owasu Anobf-^ok, s. of James: Andcr- 
'^on. soiinior, of Edinburgh, and Margaret 
Row-^nd, of Govan. B. 183-1 : m. 1863, Mary, 

Le Jtlome : cd. at College of Xicolft and Laval 
Univ. ; Barrister ISCO : ir.emb. of the Lcgisl. 
Assembly 1S74, and leader of tiio Hou.=;e till 1878 ; 
elected mcmb. of C;inadir>.n Hou.^o of Commons 

and apptd. a juiiice of the Hidi Court, Quebec, 
which oOiee he resigned in If 87 to accept licut.- 
CTOor.-hip of the province; Ottawa ; Fr.'-s. of 
tb.o Council: 1890; is Knt. Grand Cross of Order 
St. Gicpory t];? Great. RH.sidenccs — 35, St. 
James' Street r.Iontrcal ; City of West mount. 

dou. of Henrv Ross, of Kinrnhaird, Ross-shire ; p^^.^,,l^, Ai 
ed. at Edinburgh ; i.=; a well-known architect ; 
LL.D., H.R.S.A., F.R.T.B.A.. F.R.S.E. Resi- 
(jenco.-i — 10, Rutland Square, Edinburgh ; AUer- 
rnuir Hou^e, Coiir.ton, Midlothian. 

AKGIER, Knt. Bach. Croat. 1 904. 
DORE VxviAX Samvel A>:Gn:u, 

Sir Tnno- 

>i Samuel 

sliipo^vnicr and broker, and Eliza 

Anne, dau^ of Cape. Morton, of IIolderne-?s, 

Yorlcs. B. 25 Jan. 1843 ; m. C S.^pt. 1897, Lilian 

Matid. dau. of Edmund Routledge, of George 

Clubs— I'voyal j>o„tl).rlfo & Sons, publishers, London ; ed. at 
"■^ *"""""•''" ^ Rossail and Kii.g^s Cbll. London ; i.^ a ret. steam- 
ship owner : vifc-pres. 1894, pres. 1895. of Cham- 

Societies', Empire (London ) ; Conservative (Edin 

ayriEr^ON, Knt. E.ich. Great. 1912 ; M.V.O. 

(4tTi fd.) luu'!. Sir Willlvm TdAVKicE Abbot ber of :;iuppin^ of L 

AsvKRSO'S. B. 18G1 ; m. 1898. M.iudo, dau. of 
late William Thojnas Sijaw ; ed. at Univ. Coil. 
Londor:. and ^scwta^tK^ : :.LB.. B.S., Durham ; 
:\, Surg, to H.i^..iL I'rincess Royal; 
fellow '.Medicai Soc. of London ; late house physi- 
ci.iu to. Univ. Coll. Ifosp., and ether appoint- 
ments. Residence — 25, Rurtman Square, W. 

A>IDERSON (Iviit.'s widow). — Hon. Augusta 
rie saum 

ed Kingdom : Fellow Roy, 
Statistical Society, and As-sociate Institute Xavai 
-Vrchitects : late' memo. Lloyd's Agency Com- 
mittee ; caDt. MidcUcsex Yeo. lSS0-9r. : lieut. 
R.X.V.R. 1905 : contested Orkney and Shetbnd 
1902 and Gate.-h.?od 190G : a Thames Con.servator. 
liesideuce— IJiil Cre t. Dyke Road, BrJchton. 

Clubs Roy. United Service Institute ; United 

Empire ; Batli ; Ranelagh ; Saudown. 

;arouxe (Lady Boston), dau. of John, 3rd Baron 
le Saumarez, and widov.' of Florance, oth Baron 
10 April, li.oj. Sir Percy Robert 
■ " State 


ANGLESEY. 6th Iilarq. c£ (U.K.). Great. 
4 Julv. 1815; Earl of UxbridL-e. 19 May. 1784 

Boston; m. 10 April. l;.o3, Sir Percy Robert ^^ ^■,' j^-^^on pncrpt of Beau Desert, 1552 
Andei-son. K.C.B., K.C.M.G., assist, sec. of State |j^^^^^^'.' ^^ ^ j^^j^.^ j^^q (lie!.).— CuARt.ES 

for Foreign Atfairs, who d. 19 July, 1S9G 
dcncc — Tauuhfim. Bournemouth. 

AKDERSON, Lady (Knt.'s widow ).~Mary 
Dcp.-\ SoMERViTXE. dau. of S. J. Clutsam, M.D 

Henry Ai.exandeb Paget, s. of Lortl Alexanuer 
Victor Paget. B. 14 April, 1&S5 ; m. 3 Aug. 
1912. Lady Victoria ?.Iarjorio II irriet. dau ot 
Sth Duke "of Rutland; sue. his cnum K'Oo : 

m. 1871, Sir John Andc rson, Chief Justice lieut. re.3. oi ofncers. late lieut. R.H. ^'''^■•^'};'^Ji[ 
Honduras ISiK^lOOO. and Trinidad and Tobago olBMrtoii-on-Tivnt 191 1-12. fhc 1st f5aronFa-,et 

1900-3, who d. 27 Awz. 1'-Ki8. 

KCALL-A-iDERSOM. Lcdy (Knt.'s widow).— 
MARG.i.'u;T RiLUARusON. u.tu. e.i Alexand. r Ron- 
aldion. Gla-^gov^ ; m. July -'J, 18(;4, Sir Thomas 
il-Cail..\nder=ion, Rtgius Prof, of :Medicine Univ. 
Glisgov.-, wlio d. 25 .lan. I'JO^. Residence — 
51. As'nlon Terrace, C!a.^.:ov.-. lisue— 

1. IhoriMS McCall-Audcrson. 
i, K:i;lirii;e KJith. 

2. 8.uah AJ-u-. 

:;. .Till..- Hi;tr..i!i. . , „ ^ „ 

4 \t. rv Cnstiiicc'ir.. 1- b. 1 AO.Cii .rksC.b. P: r5' iis. 
5. ilii.u .Muri.-l I>i:uK.i>, la. i4 Oct. 1913. AnJrew 
I^oblr^ ilaini.ton liu.huuju. 

Clul.s — Carlton 

of Beau Dc.xrt wr.s a distmgiusl-,cd pnhtioian 
i„ the rei-ns of Henry VIII. Edward M, nn^i 
Marv. The 1st Marq. of Anglesey was a uold- 
mar;:hil, anrl commanded die cavalry at ^\'' -'"If «• 
Residences— liasncwvdd. Llaniairpwil. Anglo^,ey ; 
IJ.-audcsert. Rufeley, Stalls. 
Turf; P..Y.S. Issue— 

1. Lady Al.x.-ui'lra Man." Crirohne Cecilia. 

2. I.a.)y 
Hexrt V.\nr.T, 
6 Ju!v. r. 

.1..., ,,r Col. .loiai Laiiun'i II, oi oi.^ 

arch, 1<4J) 

. I.. 2.-^ Oct. ll'lli. 

n MAr.iiVK:?s ov avgleskv, P.C. l>. 
1st, :> Aur. I-'IO, KU.inor l;l. 3 July, 
l-i-Ni 'u 1 tl-'i V't Col. .Toiai Caiiipi'i II, oJ Si.a«;lcld : in. 
" '" ' " ■-.:•.•( il,nrii-tta .M:iria (if •'- ' 

2ml. --T Au 
3ril d.i'j. of 

Ht. Uou. Sir Cii;ul.-3 Ba^ot. O.t-'.U.; lu. 




8 Mr\rv' . 1-00, KHon .Tan'-{']. 2 Jurif, ls74), dau. of George ; 

Ihir;,;. . .. ru.fl d. 7 Ffl) lS'-'.\ Ismi — 
J. !•:;.. ;.^ vS'ili.iam CiiiKDE l'.'.:r.T, 3Rn M.n;Q. of : 
An .!...-i:Y, b. y Iac. l-:i! ; ni. 7 Ji'iv, IS!'), Soptiiaf-'.. 
7 l>ic. I'JJl). dan. of .laiiKS iCv. TdU- lU, 01 Uviiw: i'urii, , 
Scssx, and d. 1 Jan. 1-S.>. ' 

L". HilXlIY E'AOET, 41H JlAUf^ OF AXi-aKSEY, b. 1 

20 Dec. ISD."); til. 1U,-J4 .A.11Z. Iftj8, Klizalioth i 

(d. 5 Xov. i'^.73), dan. of Jo3;.i)li Xorinan ; in. i 

lin'l, 2 Fet.. ].->74, r.i.indie Marv (d. 14 .\U2. IfSTTl, ' 

d:iu. of J. C. Ciir>va IJ(iv<l', of .M.rton H;ill. ! 

V L'toun : in. ifvi, .M.^ry I.ivinl^to.kk (l'vi-:i li net.'— 7, ; 

Kiic il- rKn.,ir:i2'.'. Vcr<;iilU-si, dan. of .F. P. Kiir.', of 

S.iiidliilN, Cror^jria, U.S.A., .and v.Uoiv of Hon. U<-nry i 

\Vnd..-i.0'.i5f (see Kl.MISiJ.'iLEY, E. oi), and d. J3 Oct,, i 

IS'J.--. !-sui' — ; 

HE.VKV CVKIL P.4<iET, nXU M.inQ. OF Ay':ii;=;EY, 

b 10 Jiir!.', 1S7.'> ; ni. 20 Jxu. is'J-i, Lilia.v i 

FLOP.EN-rr, Macd (m. 2nd, 11 l;cc. 19)9, Jolm 1 

Fraiu-i.i Grov Giliiut, dau. of Sir Gi;orgd Chetwynd, ' 

4fh W., and d. 14 Sinrcu 1905. ' 

3. 'I !i.l;;;.Lord .VKxaiiJ.r Victor Pas, t, D.L. Stafford,. 

b. 2.j .Vpril, l.viO ; ni. 2S Au'_'. l^^-^O. Hcsrcr .Alii-e ' 

d;ui. of mn V, 2nd Vi.=c. Combtr.iif. ru, and d. 20 Occ. 

loOri. l.s.= iK— 

1. Cv.\y.LL> HENT.Y AlE^.^NT/EK Pir.ET, prcs. Marq. 
;'. C: I'". LoPT) ViCTOii \Viij.i.i.:i PAa;:r(nri-c-. i-nc, 
i; L \ Fly.iH I'r.ES.. JJ.H.Gds., h. l7.May,ids.9; m. IG : 
J rill. iiU3, Olive Marv, dan. of George .Mcatyard. ' 
CI..!.— Carlton. I^-uo — ] 

Uonrv .Ak-xandur Uf-einaJd Pacet, b. 21 Xov. 1914. ; 

Pl'-v il.-r.-r F.nulin-?. ' ; 

J. Lady Winifred Con--tnncc Hester (Lady Winifred . 
Pinnnver] preci'dviice 1000), m. 2;> Ajiril, ICCU, Vi-e. 
Jr.- -tre, wl.o d. 6 Ji'.n. 1915 ; iv.. 2iid, 2 Aiiir. I'.iK, 
Jvi i rd Edmunds Penno5'er, 2nd Slc. U.S. Liu- 
b.:-=; m London. 

2. iJi.iv li''ii.-.rice El'^anor (precftdrnop, 1906). in. i 
21 Jan. 1904, lltgiuald, 15th Earl of Pcm- i 
broke. t 

•t Tb.e late Lord Bork^l'-y Charles Sydnev Pa'^et.b. 5 i 
M«rc!i, ls44; ni. a .Tnae, 1S77, Floronci.' (I!"sid'.nc.— - 
Loimdoti Ho\i:-e, Kiic:ili:v>, o. dau. of William llf-nry 
Clii-twvnd, of Lougdon Hall, Slaifs., and d. 25 Xov. 
iai3. 1=3U«— 

l\0-.vland Edward Pag^f, b. 8. Dec. 187.S ; forniorly 
ii.-ut. .'^us-.ox J;i''.it.; .-'trvtd in S. .\irica ; in. l:i June, 
101:!, .Mnudi', dau. of it. C'nun, of N'ancouvcr, li.C. 
Club — llacliolors'. I5.^ue — 

■■ William Edward Sydney P.-i2.f, b. 20 Auc. T.ilO. 
iluri 1 Helen Florence, m. 21 Dec. 1S9C. Hon. llapert 
Evelyn BcKkitt (see Gkdithokpe, B.). 

ANGUS, Earl oL 6'--= H.^miltox, Duki: or. 

ANN, Lady (Knt.'.s widow). — Sopiiia, dau. of 
John 3tnrk.,tt Eajtiond, of Margate ; in. 1SS4, .Sir 
Edwin Ar,n, who wa> knighted on the 
ocea.sion of King Kd ward's vi=il to LV-rbv l'JO(), 
tmd d. IS :\f&y. iyi3. KcsidLiice— ViV...t Park- 
fip]d>. Dorby. Issue — 

1. llaruld Tl.OTi.ns Ann, b. 22 April, l-iC. 

2. William E;ut!:uid Ann, b. S ua. IfsT. 

3. Edwin Franci-: Ann, b. 5 Aug. 1S90. 

1. Mary Dulcl-. 

2. Jessie Sands. 

3. Dorothy Elizabeth. 

ANNALY, 3rd BaronfU.K.), Croat. I9^rarch,lSG3; 
G.C.V.O. 1017: K.C.V.O. 1!)12; C.V.O. IIMS.— 
Luke W}iit£:, s. of 2ud Baron. B. 25 Feij. 1857 ; ni. . 
24 July, 1884, Hon. Lilah Goorgiana Augusta 
Constance Agar-EIIi.s, dau. of 3rd Vise. Cliiden ; 
sue. liis fatliLM- 18SS ; lieut. lOSth foot 1S77; 
transferred to Scots Gds. samo year ; capt. ISSS, , 
ret. lS9t>; .served in F.^yptiau Cainpai^rn 1S.S2 
(medal, c!a.?p, and .star) ; lord of bodciuuuber-in- i 
waiting to the King when Prince of Wales 1008- i 
1(1 ; pi-nnaneiit lord-in-waiting to the King .since ' 
1010; lion. col. Xt)rt!.aiMpt()iishiro Yot>., lato 
li.-col. conicig. and hon. col. Xorthainpton.-^hire > 
I. v.; D.L.,Xorthant.s ; mil. inen;b. .Xorthnut.-^l'err. ; 
ForcoAssoen. Tho 1st Baron was .^Ll'.for Lon:;ford, i 
i<.nd also for Dulilin during a Ui.z period, ilesi- 
i'-iM... vi — Lutfreiisiown, co. Dubiiii ; lloldrnby 
liou^e, Xorthants ; Gowran, co. lviik(>nny. Ire- j 
h'ld ; 43. 3?erkoley Square, W. 1. Clubs— .Mail- i 
borough ; Turf. Issue — '' 

1 C.ip'. Ho.x. Lcke IIexrt WnxTE, lltli llu^-.irs, 
b ? Ji;:; •, l^-^; ; has^Croix do Clicv.ilicr Ue la Legion 

1. TTon. Lilah Charloftft Sarah, m. 1 June, 1911, John 
G(or':;i- LuwtliiT C»-« I.ou ri'Ki;, ht.). 

2. H'.n. Lneiii Eniilv .Mart-ar-t. 
LrKi, M'llITE, 2XD !?AilOX AXXALT, K.P., h. 2G .Sept. 

)«29; in. 24 An;;. L>.>;J,1-;mily, d. 2- Jan. dau.of 
JaiMis .Slufirt. j.m1 d. 17 .'dareh, I'ibS, Issue living — 
1. IXKK Wfiite. p.'-is. lUiion. 

2 Ciipl Hoii.Cliarl.s White, re.s. of omcer<!, Ute 
Key. Fus.. b. 24 Jnii'.-, IstiO ; m. 11 Ixc. 10)1, Evelyn, 
dau. of F. B. llulkeley-Jolmson ; chief comnr. of 
pojiee in rJ:od'Sia i 692-5 : served in JIa!al)elihind 
caiujiaigi! 1"0:< and IsOi! (medal and ci^isp). H'ii- 
d.-iic' — I'leet Farm House, Fleet, Hants. Clab— 
Nae;il an 1 .Mili'arv. Issue— 
.Maiyar.-t Luei.t." 

3. Br ir.G n. iion. Robert White, C.M.G., b 26 Oct. 
1801; Pd. at Sanllnirst; late Ruv. WeMi Fas. 
rrt. li-99; served in Xili: expedn. 1834-5; nia^isfrato 
BechuuM.iland Protectorate l>59.j ; was niaj., IHiode- 
sian Hor.-e ; aeconipanied Dr. Janiesou on oxi;edn. 
i:ito Tr;i::<va'l, l.S'Jii, and S'-nti-nced, alter trial at Bar 
in Er.e'anl, to Seven nioiUhs iiopri.-iounient, and was 
nr. frieji the Min.y hut reinstated IMIs; ; served in 
8. Africa l->09-19:.)2. PLesidenee— 16, Stratton Street, 
W. Ciii: s — Bachelors'; Naval and Miiitarv ; Travel- 
lers'; Turf. 

4. :.i.j. Hon. Francis William White, b. 23 .May, 1873; 
m. 14 July, 1910, Anna Elizaiieth, dau. of C. Jaeger. 
Itesidence — Hand Club, Joiinnnesburs. Transvaal. 
X. Hon. Alice Kmllv, in. 20 Aug. 1:79, ihonias William, 
3rd Karl of Leic-.^'iter. 

4. Hon. Violet, m. IS llarch, 1690, Lord Percy St. 
Maur Uee So.mei!5F,t, D. of). 

ANxMESLEY. See V.\i,e:ctia, Vise. 

ANNEELEY, Baron. See Valentia, Vise. 

AKNESLEY, 7lh Earl. Great. 17 An.;. 1789; 
Vise. Gleraw.y. 14 Nov. 17GG ; Baron Aniio.sley, 
20 Sept. .758 (Irel.). — ^V' alter Berusford 
Ann-esl.. grand.son of 3rd Earl. B. 10 Fob. 
18G1 : uc. l)i,5 cousin; m. 21 June, 1893, Maud 
Flo e'ng, dau. of Hayne.s Bingham Higginson, 
of Sholden, Deal. This faniilv is a junior 
■ ranch of the noble house of Valcntia ; tho Ist 
Peer was M.P. for Middleton in 1741. Issue — 

Beuesfoud Cecil Li.xgiiam Asnesley, Vise. 

Glerawly-, b. 1894, 2nd. lieu .Boy. Fus. 
WiM.iAM KiniAi:!) .\xxi:slev, 3ni) F.aiil Axxeslf.y- 
h. 10 July, 1772 ; m. 2nd, 1.'. Julv, I.S2.S, Priscilla Cecilia 
(d. 29 Alareh, ISOl), dau. of iii);u) Moore, of Eglantine, 
CO. Down, and d. 25 Ausf. l^:j>. Issue — 

1. William iticiiAUD axxjjslky, 4Tn E.\kl Axxi„- 
1 !.v. b. 21 Fell. ].v:;o : d. unni. 10 Aucr. 1S74. 

2. Hroii AN'.Nn.sLEY,5in E.vre A.nxesley, a rep. peer 
for Ireland, h. 20 Jan. 1331 ; rn., 4 Julv, 1^77, Mabel 
WiiK.-lniina Frances (<1. 17 April, 1S91), eld. dau. or" Col. 
Wiiliam Thomas Markliam, J.P., of Cuffoith lialU 
Yorks ; m. 2iid, 2 July, 1^92, PnisciLLA CECiUAdlesi- 
dcuces — 44, Great Ci'inbeiUmd Fkiee, \\ .: Xlie Cottase, 
Cox Green, Berks), eld. dau. of la;.; William Arrnytaee 
-Aloore, of Arnmore, cOiCavan, and d. 15 Dec. 1908. 
Issue by 1-t ni. — 

Feb. 1SS4 ; 111. 14 Sept. 1009, EVELYX Hesteii 
(licsidi-neea — Oak ('(.ttac;e,, Sussex; 
Jhe Hut. Xeweastle. eo. Doun), dau. of Alfred 
IMward .\iiller .Miuidy. of Shii>!ey Hall, Derby ; and killed at Lille wjiile living in aeroplane 5 Xov. 

1. Lady Mabel :Marciierite, m. 14 Jan. 1904, Lieut. 
Gerald Sowerby, ll.X., and has issue, llcsidcnce 
— I lie (i-lle, Casllewellan, co. Down. 

Is-'ie bv 2m 1 ill. — 

2. Lady Cl.ire. 
Lady Constance -Mary, ui. May, 1915, V?^illiau: 

Miles Mallesc 

3. riie late Capt. Hon. .Arthur Anneslev, Gren. G<Is., b. 
20 .-^e;.!. Is:;.", ; m. Xov. Is.iT, Ci ira'f Kesidence — M, 
Ciirz.oii .Street, AV.l.),dau. Of Georgi- Wt.ston, and d. 
25 April, Issi.- 

4. The late Ib.n.William Octavius Bcresford A uncsley , 
)>. 2i) .Nov. l.>:;^ : m. li) Mie, iscu. C.irolineld. r. Jan. 
I-'!)). d:.u. 1. 1 John Mears, oi Bae-^hot, and d. 20 July, 
1^75. l^suc— 

1. WAI.TEP. Beresfokd Akkesley, pres. Karl. 

1. Lady .Sarah (precedeiiee 1910), m. 3 Sept. 18S4, 
Seviiiour P<e| Xash, and has is-:ue. 

2. Lady Fhucnce CVeili.i (pr dene..- 1910), m. 12 

June, Isss, rruik I'met,!-. who d. lOlo. 

3. Lady ratherine Mau^l (precedence 1910), m. 
Ju'y liVO, Georjc Henry Ihomp on. 

LYTTELTO?!? - AVME3LE7. K-CV/J. "• I'-HzabeUi GcovRiana \22, BramViara Gardens, 

LEV, s. of )<itr Ari.'.ur L; tl.;!«..n An'i;«tii..>y. D.L.. ,,,„,.,^,,. ,.„.,,.r_ ^^ j^ Oxford, u..4 liiw ten-.. Ri-sl- 

J.P., of Arli'V (')>.-.tlM, iu«<J Mury, o<m. ol Jolm ,i,.|i<v:— (j.ikiord Rectory, Bftinpton S.O., Devon. 

JJrn'l!oy, of (JolSoiru- H*»II. BlarYoiJ. IJ, 2 Srpt. 5 Oliristina. 

1837 ■ C'cl ftt Hiirrow • wrNvd wi'.h llth Ihissiirst C>. .l!in.>t. Katliarinu Olive, m. 5 Dec. 1800, llorbcrt 

in Ci-mu.-a 1 S5rv-U ; lu'^i.-go nn-i capluro of Seb;w- . Klplmistouo Moutgoimiy,a.i.l iias issue. P-esWcnce 

topcl. A.D C. to ^5""\ of ^"""'^^-«^' I^--; • 1 2. Sir Archibald Ed«-ard Harbord Anson. K.C.B. 

A>mvlSSl-G; com. troops in Scotland lSSd-93 ; ; .^anv t r< tvt n P..pnt i«;<?o. r vr n ictp 
fol '\Hh Ijw'ot-i 189(^-1002, of llth Hussars, A^SO^, Z.C.M.Q. Oieat. Ibb. , C.MG. 1S76. 
coi. i_ ri ijui i.i.i ,,f-.~ ".„,>,,,, J -,,.m=r,fl — Maj.-Gex. Sir -Archibald Edwaed Harbord 
fron, ;"^-'j^'"=^""7.'l'^»^'V"™^;i'!^ij^^^^^^ s. of late Gen. Sir William Anson, 1st 

of Q. orcf. lat Lord Lvttelton ; Knt. L.ommar. 01 ' p.- ,. '^^„„ t^ ^r^-.;l ir icon „ i~,. 

tiro <^,J.r of Christ (of Portugal). ha.s the Crimean, fl^^ "^i 'q^I' E^^abSh Alarv fc' "4 ?^- isot ' 
TnrUish, Xai6or.i-Hind and Coronation medals; » Jan I80I, L.1 izabeth Mary (a. -.J Sep.. 1801 , 
awaricJ the £100 per ann. for dist. and merit. , f a"- ^f l^'^-'hai'd Bourclyer ;m2i,d)o May, 1906 
services J is F.R.G.S , F.R.Z.S.. and F.S.A. Resi- Ijjabelle Jane, dau. of ate Robert Armitstead, of 
d' "ollTomplemero Wevbridge. Surrey. Clubs j Dunscar Lanes ; ed. at Royal Military Academy, 
luiutfd Service ; Carlton ; Roy. Societies'. I ^'"^'"''f*' = , ^"<^V ^•^- ^^^1' ^^''"f^^ ^-^i-gen. 
•^ I 1S79, when he ret. ; served 11: jiastern campaign 

AKSLOW, 1st Baron (U.K.). Croat. 3 June, | igoo ; was inspector-general of police at Mauritius 
191U ; C.l?. (civ.) iaiL— ToNMA^ MosLEY, s. of !858-67 ; employed in 1862 on special mission to 
Sir Tonman Mosley, 3rd Bt. 13. 16 Jan. 1850 ; , Madagascar to represent H.M. at the core nation 
ed. at Reptoii and C.C.C. Oxford (2nd class Mods.; yf i^jng Radama II; administered the Govt. 
3rd class Law a-id Hist.) ; m. 22 Fob. 18S1, Lady | „f ^.g Straits Settlements 1871-2 and in 1877 and 
Hilda Rose ilontgumerie, dau. of A.rchibald, 13th ' i.S79-SU ; conducted the successful military opera- 
Earl of E^liaton ; Barr.-at-law ; chrmn. Derby- , tions for repelling the invasion of the State 
shiiv Quarter Sessions, 1897-1902 ; chrmn. Bucks j ^f Sungei Ujong, and for the occupation of Sree 
CO. and T.F. Assoc. ; D.L. Bucks and Stafford- ! Menanti, etc., in the Malay Peninsula 1875-6 ; 
shire ; J. P. Bucks and Derbyshire ; chrmn. North 1 ^y^s Lt.-Gov. of Penang 1867-82 ; J.P., late C.C. 
Stalfordshire Ry. Co.; K.G.H.St.J.J.E. Resi- j Sussex ; has the Medjidie (5th cl.). Residence 
dence — Bangors Park, Iver, liucks. Clubs — — Southfield, Silverhiil, St. Leonard 's-ou -Sea. 
Oxford and Cambridga ; Nctional Liberal. | issue — 

IssuB living — 

1. Archibald John George Anson, b. 4 ?rov. 1S51; 

1. lion. Hildred.' I ^,j Ainil, 191G, u'wendolcne, d.iu. of the late Rev. 

2. lion, liildcgiu-de Sybil. Jonathan Havard-Jonos, and widow of Francis 

ANSON. See LicnriELD, E.vrl of. ' 2."The"latc. Capt. Jolm William Henry Anson, Irish 

„ ^ „ I Rifles, b. 5 Sov. 1856 ; m. 30 Jan. lSs3, Frances Anne, 

A'rSON, Vise. -See LicnriELD, Earl of. dau. of Rev. Thomas Hartshomo Kardinge, rector of 

.„ , _„ .„, ,,r^y « ^ or* c i. Ashlcy, CO. StalTord, and wjdow Of R. Lcigli, of Lyn- 

AWSON, 5th Bt. (U.K.). Great. 30 Sept. wood, St. Leonard's, and d. 4 April, 188L>. 
]8;]:._S(B .John Henrv Algernon Anson, ; 1. EUzabeth Mary Louisa. 
Oiandson 'of 2nd Bt. B. 13 Jan. 1S97; sue. his j 

eo'isin 19 Li; sub-Ueufc. R.N. ! ANSTICE, K.C.B. (civ.). Great. 1909; C.B. 

GEV. Sni WILLIAM ANSON, l3T Bt., K.C.B. (unclc of : (civ.) 190-1.— CoL Sra Arthlt. Anstice, s._ of 
IstLarl of Lichllcld), b. 13 Aug. 1772 ; ni. 26 Jan. ISl.";, \ John Anstice, ot Madeley Wood Eall, Salop, J. P. 
Louisa FranccB Mary (d. 30 July, 1S31), o. child of Jolm I Shropshiie, and Jane Spencer Ruscomb'?, dau. of 
Dickenson, and d. 11 Jan. 1847. Issue — \ Joseph Ruscombo Poole. B. at ~\Iadeley Wood 

1. The late SIR JOHN U'illiaji Hamilton AXSON, 2X1. | Hall, 24= Jan. 1846 ; m. 4 Fob. 1891, Agnes Pau- 
BT b, 20 Dec 1816 ; ,n 27 i^l v. 842 ^'''^:. j line, dau. of Ferdinand Unna, of Lancaster Gate, 

Catherine (d. 3 July, lUOS , as-i. ol Maj.-Gen. .-sir », , ri„f,,.,i in \ iccq at ,• ic70\ 

■ IJeois I'ack, K.C.B., and was killed in a railway acci- London ,• ed at Oxford (B A. 1SG8, M.ii. 1872) ; 
d'^rt at Wican 2 -Vu" 1873. Insiw — I J.P. for Wenlock 1869-190o and six times .uayor 

^' Rt. Hox'smWiLLiAM Revn'l-ll Anson, 3TdBt.,i of Wenlock; D.L. (1893), J.P. (1870), C.A., 
b. 11 Xov. 1S:3: P.arr.-at-law(Inn..:rTenipio) JS09; I Salop ; D.L. (19091, J.P. (19u6), Glos. ; col. 
M.P. Oxford Univ., and chunccli.c of the Diocese I commdg. 1st V. B. King's Shropshire L.I. 18S1- 
or Oxford ; Parluuneutary ^.c. ol the Board 0£ j ,^jq^ ^|^^j^_ ^^j_ jg^^j . j^q,,_ ^,^,_ 4^, ^^^^ j.j ,g 

2'j;^u taeli'Scrieki^tlili^Auso^r L.I. ;. chrmn. GL^cstc^hire Terr. 

),'. -Vov. 18r.O; m. 23 Feb. 1878, Agnes, dau. j Force A.ssocn. smco 1907 (\D.). Ke-ictence— 

i..i Jainrs F. Roberts, of Akaroa. X. Zealand ; The Old Grange, Dyinock, Glouceslersliire. 

.-d. at ]:^onand Xrin. Coll. OxtorJ, and d. 11 Dec. ! Qiub — Junior Carlton. 

iyl3. Issue — I 

1. Sn'. Den-is George William Ansox, 4th I .wc-rTm? zrnn /r.;,r ^ r',•fM^ iQin • CB 
UT.b. 14 Aug. 188S; d.3.1u;v. 1914. ANSTICE, K.C.B. (civ.). Oioat 1910 , C.B. 

1. EUa Frances Olive, m. 20 .Tuly, 1906. Chai-Ies (civ.) 1902.— CoL. Sir Robert Henry An- 
Jolm Crawford. [Issue— L He?iry Newav, b. ' stice, s. of late John Anstice, of Madeley, Wood 
2;i JMay, 1907. 2 Jolm Anson, b. 24 Jan. 1916. j Hall, Shropshh-e. B. 17 Aug. 1S43 ; ed, at 
1. Elizabeth .Janet. 2. i!rr)..ara Helen. 3. | Rugby St Leonard's-on-Svia, and lUagd. 
]i!Ueen Florence Jessie. 4. .'t!>n Catherine Bea- 1 n„,? n' („„,-, ,-q: a iqc.s M a lSfi9^, • ent. Armv 

]i!ileen Florence Jessie 4. Ct !<n Cathenne Bea- ; q j]" qI^Jo^j (^j^_ isoo, M.A. 1369) ; ent. Army 
^i'^.t^l^:^ ^-^ .le-idence-Waysidc, , J;^.^^ ^g^,^ 1.^^^ ^ ^g,^^^ j.^^.^ 1SC9, capt. 1879, 
2."Agne3 iMar?aret, m. 27 June. 1912, Horace , exchanged to 55th (2nd Batt. Border) Regt. 1831, 
EdwanlWilkicYoung.whod. 1914, and has issue. 1 maj. half -pay, 1885, ret. 1889: adjt. 1st Aber- 
3. JanetKathariiieMary.iu. 2:! Aug. 1914, George 1 dcenshire R.E. (vols.) 1884-9; It.-col. and lion. 
Kenneth Thompson Fisher. I goi jg^ Aberdeenshire R.E. (vols.) 1891-1904; 
i.AnnieEyelyn m.lO Oct 1012, Capt Thomas ' j,on. col. Highland div. R.E. (T.) 1914. Resi- 
EdmundEstcourt.Roy. Scots Gieys, and has issue, i , ' i,t .f^ „,,. ■i:T^,,<,p 2 ■Pnlmxi-r RrvoH 

;i. The late Rear-Adm. Algernon Horatio Anson, b. hjence— W estbourue Hoi^e, A xoiy.r Road, 

a Aug. 1854 ; m. 9 April, 1896, Hon. Adela Vernon, I Aberdeen. Clubs — Junior Lnited faervice ; 

,iau. of 6th Baron Vernon, ;ini C. 12 I^ov. 1913. | .Ji.mior Army and Navy ; Lniversity (Aberdeen). 

l-,.sup living — ! ..,..„, 

1. SiE JoHNnr.N-RYALGi:R\'.)x AxsoN, pres. Bfc. I ANSTRL'THEK, 6tli Bt., of Baleaskie 

2. Edward' Reynell Amscn, Heiii Pees., b. 21 I (gcot.^. Croat. 28 Nov. 1604. — Sir Ralph 
J.m. 1902 : cad«t B.N-. I v/ilu"^,^! Anktruiher, s. of 5th Bt. B. 

1 Lomsa Elizabeth Annie m. 7 Oct. 18^^^^ m. 5 Aug. 1386, Mildred 

DoiKiid Campbell, M.A., non. ' men of Aorwich, 1 ^' ^^l^J' . ' . „, „_, tj!,„,„„ „f ■ 

who d. 4 Dec. 1909, and has ;ue. Residence- Harriet, dau. of Edward Hussej 01 couney 
StirUL-3, Wantage. 1 Castle, Sussex ; sue. his father IcBG; ed. at 


PEi:i:s. BAKONvrs, in shops, ..xd 

•..I.'-! lf^2 imclal, brjiize star), aiij i:i 
aaitiilaiui cxped. IS-j-v ; L.i*, it-co!. and 
t-ol. C'.ipiir.iu'. iiUick Walch {T.F.) ■ 


Sri i?T, 1, 

I'ilKKf.Ui- A ; 
llo;:. .M:;.i . ■si!)r.i,Ey. l; 
Hou-c, Jlin!:k«rto!i. I 

arch, 1S77, ni. 1-3 A pi i!, 1901 

da. -Znl, z Dec. lUi.., Mnj. t^ij 

i'-'iry C!n;1.3 racy, 

■..•5i.i.-uc"s— Car:uicliH<.i 



tite sotw of 
., .Li:, Fife 
f:Iiicc lOOii : ■ 
Ml. (.: ."O". <!r.;.-.j.i:s=«;on <ja Frc3 nad U iii.d 
Oi'jrcb'-: »;■ Ki-itlau-:, 1904, I'nd of rov. 
:.ia. to /idinbiister Swtti:r!h Cliurc'..:^ Act 
■, h'T LL.D. St. Andr.nvs, i'Mi'; is <jr-at- 
i>:on of tMtf di-<tin£<.if-:'ned Goncra! Robprt 
an.'irr, isio fol! at CVruizna. Ko^id'n.of-^— 
'■i\i\>. p;^iu!l^v■^oni, Fif; ; Walj^'n. Ciiil.iiis.^ 
—Bin":;''; ^•Jvv■ (LCdln.). l-:?.!e — 
C.n Koi^FKT EnvTAi-D A.vsvr.criiiK, il.r. 
, -; \; ., . ,. t, ,• April, JjJO. ' 

■ .; :aii. 

W I,, Jail. 01 L.ii- ilt. iicn. 
U"ii.y, P.O., C.C.3I.G.., ai:a 


Ml J .-V-J? IGI 





*;n Kr-=kiii;. it 

= l.\. 

1 f-oulsri. 

•T ANSTTirTr- 

-. : 


r.T . 

:;,", l."-'.)7, iOi 
'tfv.-\Viiii->-.. . 



1 d. 21 3i;i.-. 1 


; . _ : . 

'-■ il 

UA»f .A;,^T!■.l, 


rv '. 



Afiifiiiriitr. a 

IV Ufa 



7 - •' 

tv. 1 


; ir 

. ::t Au2. l-so 



1 iir;li 





i;i:-.r. ?';i ; 




s I 


-y I 


-i ' 






iK'.i-. i'ori'n;.n oquiu'c 
Sir !":..!• lick .MaitiiW 
i\. -l: u.t. VMr.i. ls:.a 


AXair.L'TaER, pres. Bt. 
2 Til.- litne \Vi;iai aiii Ocor^e Ccnw.iv Car'niclw>l- 
-Ansuut!. r. b. ;u Ju!;-. 1>4;> : m. 14 J, h. i-^o; n, ;,.n 
Aiiu iv;i;.iiar.iie, dau. of .lolm Ada:a il E I C S 
and *i. l;j Sept. ISOS. l-<:ue — ' *' 

1. iL.j Ir,!;: C-.raM Vorke Carnuchacl-Anstrutbor, 

0. -Ji .Jan. 1S71 ; i:i. I'jno, EJl.i, f.T.mli:n (u ly ••■) 
.'lau. of J. Milii". of Cnidocir, Capo Coloi.y aui .i' '■&' 
Jd!!", lain.- ls^:uc— • 

WiN-i.jriji j:i;ic Francis CiKiacH.».F.L-ANST.:cr- 
T;!r.K. lir.iii I'ues., b. l9.;o. 
f.- i^!'^- _»5«-<'rgu B.->3!l Car:-icJiael-Anstruthcr. b. 10 

3. J''.i-;- Johti j:ip!ii;i3toi-.?, Carmicliafl-AnstnitlrT 
•'■-• •>:;Y- 1^'V ="■ "' -"^'t. li?'<i, Ala -.:urie; 
•-"''!. o! Ihoiiius Ciark, of i'litiiuy, Surrey. Isiac 

1. Mftiid Eilon Constanci?, n. G Feb. 1SS3, Mai.-Gea. 
.louii ^nristotJliiT Swann, C.B., and lias issue 

2. .Milirod JKIen ilary n;. 19 Dec. iSP;., John 
( iini;oii!nr .NeviJe, and 'las issui^ 

3. .V.uriil Vc-re. m. Jan. icii;, Harold Ar3a-n '.Vhvtc 
1. iianan Alice, lo. IS Feb. 1S75, tapt. tiiaiics Jio^rr' 
7')M. i;.;^c wiin d -fo Jdarcli, l-JUT. ileMJciee— 
< !ii::<\vood lloiiio, Jl.-^lrose. 

3 Juno, 1916.- 
par:n-r in ^.'essr 

•'Oik-:)!.'»chc -iiisf.-uMicr, I. 15 .ln!y i-c)3 
. . - t. Higa-and Cyclist Uatt.; m. 9 D^c. uui,' 
i' .-•i;:. c{ Loid Gaorgc (iraav-iile C.:m')t-i.Il' 
.c .".'.. re., 1). c:). 
r oycu. ■-; ' 

•^ ■ Oil' Ad:n. Eo!j.vl- H;.Mi!fon \-.-* -i;-- • t^ \- 
•- •>. lOur; blO J'l:,.. ISO-:,:. " .' r>]-][ 

lu, tlM.of h'y \Viin.v-n f.-1'.vi . >,:;. 

^e. ri-ia'^^>- ; T^;l: .--.liur imv;. • (i. 

• i;nr>r= ICiOO: S !i!.,r X^val .■ ; V^; 

•■• ' r .lith-i I;.:artSun. C!ui>— '» aiie-::-'. • ;■ ue— 
^ , .. • -^lip No<! Aiistriithtr. fl.>0., .MC, i'ov.W. 
.. r., b.::«.pt. lN;)i ; j;;to Indi.-m annv.' 
' - \.ciksloy Ansiruti;er, C li. <C!'-.! 1J;>'^, b 
■ •-■-;i,l it'll ; ;.,. isf ,:•(; i|,ru. i;^?3, Hoi:. .Man- Eluia 
u ::Lill|?-iinj<.7 (d. il Fe!>. 1:?G4;, cH. d;U!. of 5th 
^ .oa ...iiarlow; m. 2ud, 21 Oct. i9y;, Loni.^a Ad' Ic 
->■■'- -^; d:v;i. or W. II. TTapmann, of C! ai-i-Mown, 
L.S.A,-; I;ite capt. Fife Ar'.. Mil. ; a?^ijt. s ?. fo I.<,arrl 
of lirvl i-^iKri- ; jino; i-40-. ;i,~ij,:irt! 
-— Bro..c lleauli larw, \S'okiu£:. Clubs— National ; 
Wehiagtoa ; Sew (Eitiu.). Issuo— 

1. Ale.tandcr ltd. t.r Ansri-ut^.ir. h. ;'■•. Jn'n- if\.y'' 
•■'.. I'eler Kalr-!; AiiStrfti.or, b. 10 Oc". I0o7. ' 
1. -d-wcare;, lili^i'tctii. 
1. -^Tftiy Lvcivr. 

Anstnither (Scot.). Creat. Jan. 1700. Ttii Ct 
(G. l\). Great. IS May, 170S— Sir 
FR?:DEr.iCE: Carmicjiael - Axstrutiikr, s. of 
9th Bt. B. 30 April, 1902; sue. lu.s father 
1903 ; is heritable carver and a master of the 
Household in Seothmd. The b.ironetcv of 1094 
(Scot.) was inherited by the Rt. Hon.' Sir John 
Anstnither (great - pr.>at - ciantlfather of the 
pres. Bt.). a di.-jtin<;ui^iiod Liwver, w!io hiid boon 
previously made a Bt. of Great Britain, when 
Ci'iei jusrico of the Supremo Court in Bencral ; 
tho :^'.-o titios nre, thor.-iore, m the pos^'.^-iion rf 
t('e p-es. Bt. Be.=.iae:ice — Carmlciia.;! House, 
jrardiertoii, eo. l..nnark. 

f:ii ^U.'NPUAM C.vr.'firn.'.rL-AvsTF.i-Tircn. 7t-t T.t 
' M.-Tch, '.703; m. Ut. j.\ Juiv. I-::!, JUn Ji;!. iia.-i;. 

'■,''.' -',''■''• "^"'•'' '^''^ ''•'■"• °'" '"-'i'-^'dcs Wttii.-r. II ; ni. 

• .,i.| ..lav, l.-U, Anno Constance '.d. 21 Jim-, \--'>-:,) 
- ■■: All.n \Villi.i!,i3on Cirey; m. 3ta, ^;i 5-! t i^/j' 

" .\;.n (J 31 I).,c. !;.0:.... dau. ol Jciiu i'a..-ous; , 

i. ■ fi; \MNCHAli CUAIlf.Ei JAME3 CARJlICITiEL- ' 

.• ..TRTrf3>.:t bin Jlr.. b. 1^25; ra. 4 Sej.t. 1S72, ■ 
;7 '.. ,* ^'*- \! *'f '• -•' "' O- i"'i. '5f Jioi.orf. 15fJ-!.c.ur, ■ 
CI ln.l.s^-.:)rtQ fastic. Ci.cS., and d. 2'.; Jan. Xvdi. 


ANTHONY, Knt. Croat. 
Sip. Johx Axtjkj.ny. a 
GrcLburn Brother?, Govan. 

-HiiTIGUA, 7ch liOrJ Bishop of. Coni?. 1911. Foun. 
l5'42. — Kr. r.Ev. Kdwaed iIi;T30X, D.D., s. of 
I 'TV- ■^'' ■'"'•' Hul-r.j.q, M.A., rector of .St. Fho.nns 
D.W.I., and BriiLsiiChap. B. O.March, iS73 ; in 
t?97, Helen Curii, dau. of A. S. Archer; late 
roolor of St. Faui, St. Croix, and e.xain. chaplain 
to Bishop of Antigua. TJds diocese \va.= or^ated 
in 1S42. under patent, and originaliv formed a 
P'.>rrion of tiie Barbados bishopric ;" it includes 
tr.e isianas of Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica. Mont- 
•;;c.Tat, \evu, St. Christopher, Anguiila, Tortoia 
>:ba, St. Bartholomew. .St. Thom.w, St. Croiv St' 
-U.'.rtin s, and .St. Eustatiu.=!. iiesidence—BLdjop's 
Li.dge, Auticjua. ' 

^ ANTRIK. 11th Earl of. (Cth Earl of 2nd 
«-rc-atir,n \<j June, 17S5) ; Vise. Dunluco, 17S5(I ) 
— Uir.Lr.VM Bandal .McDo.N-.N-ELi., eld. s. of 10th 
Frol. B.iu London 8 Jan. 1851; m. 1 .June, 
I.s-o, Louisa Jane (V.A. ; ladj- of tlje bedchamber 
• g;io.a_\ ictoria, and to (Ju 'on Alexandra), 3rd 
- • .- J.'ite Lt.-Gcn. llo.n. Charles Grey; sue 
.. r 1SC9 ; D.L., .Antrim. The carlelom was 
r.i::...r,.;y bestowed m I02o upon Sir Randall 
.v.eD...nnell lor ha^•ing zealously promoted tho 
J-.ngiish interest m Ireland in th.e reigns ol Eliza- 
Let n and James L The iJth Earl (who afterwards 
^^as created a .Marq.), havin„- no male issue, ob- 
tain.nd a now patent, creating him Vnc Dunluee 
andi^arl of Antrim, with remainder to his dau'di- 
t-rs. i!i orderof primorrenituro, and the heirs male of 
tl.eir oodles respectively, and the present peoris the 
g>^and.son ot his 2nd <lau., who m. Lord .Mark Kerr 
l.-.Cord Earl asiumedtho surname of .MacDonncU 
r--' ./''^; '^"'^""'^'^t 1*^55. Residence— Glonarm' 
t..-^dc, Larnc, co. Antrim, Club— Travellers'. 
Is.-uo — 

J. Ki^fDAti. Mark Eehr McDox.ntix. Vise. Dtj.vLcca 

via.!. o( lute Kt. Hon. Joha Gil^.^rt Tabot. i:.^.ja-coe 
~~| j"j^'J'>' Ciroen, Cowd.:ii, Kent. Club— Urooka'e. 

3 Hon. Randal John Somerlcd McDonnell b. £2 
••• 1911. Seat— Dalimss. f:.vruilt, Ar-'Vi^jiire. 
3 Aug. 1917. 


)ii.- fat 


2. lion. Jain-s An'Jii.- .^lelKniu 

i. ij'Jti. jioio C^.nde.Ua Louisa 

-. Ilea. Je.iii .M ri.l. 
2. Hon. An^us MoDoimeii, b. 7 Jun-;, \?^9.\. 
1. LaJv Sybil JIary, m. 6 March, iS97, Vivian Ilu^h 
and has l.ssuc. Jtesidciice— JloL's lark, Cnia- 


v«ell, Essfx. 
llriii SETjiorr. McDo>-.\-eli., 9t'^ 
^- "i Aug. 1S12J ;a_ 3 ^^y^ ig.ji5 


Karl op Antrik, 
i.nJy l.-iura CeciJia 



Parkor (d. 20 Jan. 18S3), d.iu. o( Thomaj, cell Lari of 
Macclesfield, and u. 19 July, i.S.'>3. Issii-; — 

la.iv llelon Laura, m. 2u Oct. lid. Six Malcolm Mac- 

Gn-gor, 4tJi Lt. 
Makk ^IcDokxetj,, IOt.t F-iKL OP Antrim, capt. R.X., 
ii.l-. .J.ii'.riu;, I. o April, !>U: tn. -7 April, 1--1';). Jatie 
r.::ii:;.i I!anr.:-.'! Mi. 21 April. 1S32,>, daa. "of ilaj. ilacan, 
cf C.'.: !, .'.rL: .;:;. ii^d i). i'^ Dec. 1569. Issue — • 

i. \'. iilia:: i;ji.\'.')ALL McJJON.\"£LL, i>rjs. Karl. 

2. Ti;^- Iri'.o Utu. Mar': llinrrn-jrace ilcDouaeU.b. 18 
Aug. 1652; m. 10 Au;;. 1S&2, Eiiiiiy Fannv Dorothy 
(I'visidcnce — 24, I'lace. hfovc), dau. oi Sir 
Georgo Oibora, Ctli y,t., a.:i d. -^ April. 1C=J9. 

3. lion. Alexander McDoiiii-li, Cl'^rii oi the .Toiimals, 
House of Lords; b. 23 Juiij, l-'57. lifsiieacc — G, 
Charles Street, Berkeley Souare, \V. Club — Tiuf. 

1. La'.!yCaroiiae Eliz:il).?ih ui. 27 April,lSSl, Rev. the 
Hon. Albcric Ldvard B-.rti-^ (j>-« "asinudo.^, K. oi). 

2. L.ady .Maufci lliirriec, in. o Juu>.», 1673, Uenry Ciiaries 
Hov.'an'i (Clu'i — Brooks"i), D.L., J. P., and has issue. 
Pi-.-sideiice — Groystok-i Castle, P';urirh. 

3. Lady Evdvii. Residence— 3, Bucl^anghaai Gate, 

4. Lady Jane Grey, m. 3 June, 15S6, CLarles, 21st 
Baro'i Cliutoa. 

5. Lady Helena, ra. 12 A.rril,l£5.?, Charles Barrineton 
Bfi'foiir (Club; — ^Bachelors'; Carlton ; Guards' : 2vew, 
Edia.), D.L., J.P., il.P. (C.) Horrsey (iivn. of Middx. 
1900-7, and Laa issue. Jlesideaces — Jsev.cou Don, 
Kelso, !X.B. ; 14, Grosvenor Crescent. S.W . 

iiNTROBUS, 5th Bt. (U.K.). Great. 22 May. 
1815. — Sri; Cosmo Gor;Dox Axtrobus, s. of 3r«J 
Bt. B. 22 Oct. 1S59 ; B^.l■^.-at-la^v (Inner . 
Temple); sue. his bro. 191.5. The Bt, re-; 
ceived his title, with remainder to his ncpliew!?, 
of whom tho jjrandfathpr of tlse jvresent Bt. was 
the elder. Kesidences — 19, South Eatou Place, 
S.W. 1. Cuib — Travellers'. 

Sip. Edmusd Axikobus, Zrh Br., M.A., M.P., D.L., 
J. P., b. 3 Sept. 1<H : m. 11 I-b. lS-i7, Jlarianne Geor- 
piaiia (d. 3 I'eb. 10o3). d;ii!. o! Sir Georce Dashwood, 
4th Bt., and d. 1 April, lrS9. I^^u•:— 

1. Col. Sik En.MCsn A.N-n:j!;r.s -iia Bi., Gren. Gds. 
B. 25 Doc. 1 ;s : m. 2 .Mureh, lixj, l-ta;;KX(.T., dsu. 
of C:iV;t.Ju!:-3 Alcxand-T tartoris, of Hoi.sioid Ha!!, 
Covcutri' ; and d. 11 Feb. 191.), his onlv s. having 
been killed iu action in BLl_', 24 Oct. 1914. 

2, Sir Cos-to Gop.i'ox Axmoiius, Pies. Bt. 

1, Louisa Emma, rn. 11 Feb. 1874, Adm, Sir Algernon 
Charles Fieschi HcneaL,e, IJ.C.B. 

2. Florence. Besideuca — I-.', South Eaton Phice, S.W. 

AITTP.OBUS, K.C.M.G. Creat. 1911 ; C.B. 
(civ.) 189S. — SiK I'lLGiNALD Latjeencjs Antro- 
EUS. .?. of Eev. George .Antrobus, vicar of 
Beighton, Dcrby.-5liire, and H-.nri tta, duu. of the 
Rev. Robert Gream, rector of Rolheitiold, Sussex. 
B. at St. John's, \\'it};yi:a!n, Sussex, 5 Sept. lSo3 ; 
m. lit, S Juno, 16S0, c> !i:ui Jane (d. ISyO), dau. 
of late Rev. A. Lcigiuon Irv.-in ; m. 2iid, 4 Oct. 
1894, Edith Marion, d.\u. of the late Jolm Park 
Robinson ; ed. at W'inelu ^ter and Oxford (.scholar 
Mew Toll. 1S72, 1st cl. in mods, [classicsj 1874 ; 2nd 
cl. final classical sdi. 1S7G, M.A.); apptd. 
clerk in Colonial Oil'ice 1S77 ; asst. priv. sec. to 
Earl of Kiniberley lbbO-2 ; priv. sec. to Earl of 
Derby 1SS2-5, to tlio Rt. Hon. F. A. Stanley 
(afterwards Earl of Derby) lSS5-fi, to Earl Graii- 
ville ISSG ; administered Govt, of St. Helena 1SS9- 
90 ; Principal Clerk lS9ti ; .\-st. Undd-Sec. of 
State, Colonial Dept. lS9S-lyu9 ; ^^enio^ Crown 
Ag'^nt for the Colonies since 3u June, 19o9. Resi- 
dence — 19, Cranley Gardons, S.W. 7. 
Issue bv ist IU. — 

1. Dorotiiy .Mar>-. 

2. .\udriy Anne. 
Issue hv 2ii 1 w. — 

1. .Maursoe FiwarJ .Vnirobus, b. 20 July, 1S05, 
liai:. K.K.K.C. 

2. Philip liegiuald AntrobLis, b. 15 Aug. Is9-!, 2i:d 
li> Ut. I'v.E. 

3. .Muriel Froude. 

4. Ekaiior Gr.-.i:i!. 

APPERLY, Lady ^Xnt.'s widow).— Maiua, dau. 
of lienry fiiarles F.n. e, of Ej^liam, Surr.v ; in. 
19 Jan." ISOo. Sir Aiircd Apivrly, J.l'., nvIio d. 
7 Sept. 10i:i. lb .-^id.jno-- — Rodboiougli Court. 
Stroud. Issue living — 

1. Ciiarles Alfred Apporly, b. 21 >"ov. 1SV2; J.P., 
.G|o~. ; ni. 21. "Sov. 1912. l-lor-.nro. ibiii. ot Josrpli 

Lees, and h;i% i.ssuc. Residence — Cotsmoor, Eod- 
boroucii Coinuion, Stroud. 

2. Erii'-.--t 1-aiei; Ai-jK-rlv, b. 2 Dec. IST-l ; ni. 2:) June, 
l.«9!t, KiliUi. dau. of James Byrvs Watt, of Casil.-ron, 
Banstead, Surrev, and has issue. Itesideiice — Spring 
Val.-. HMdder.-:fRld. 

1. Kthfl -Mirianrie, ni. 9 Jan. 1S*9, James David 
Hedderwick, aud lias issue. P.esidence — Clairuiont 
Gardens, Gl.v-aiow. 

2. Jessie, m. 8 Sept. 1?97, Albert Edward 
Tillev, and has issue. IJcsidencc — 11, Ferncroft 
Avenue, Uri^npsioad, X.\V. 

3. Boso Lll n, in. 31 Oct. 1901, Georps Daniel Gooch, 
and has i-.>u ;. r.e.-idrnee — Ivv IfOLSo, llanipton-ou- 
Thanics. (.S-.v; Gooca, Bt.). ^ _ 

APSLEY, Baron. Sec BAiuur.sT, Eip.t. i 

ARBUCKLE, Lady (Kut.'s wiaow).— HcNra- 
r.Ti.k, dau. of Henry Shire, one of the sugar ' 
planters in Natal. M. )S65, Jiox. Sir. Vv'iLijAn 

^ Ap.bxjckut;, who was b. 25 July, lS:i9 ; oreafc liiit. 

: Bach. 1 902 ; Pres. of the Natal Legislative Council ; 

, Colonial Traas. 1897-1902 ; for Natal 

, m London 1004, and d. 2 Aug. 1015. Issue— 

' 1. Thcodoro de Courcv .^rbucklc. i>. iS75. 

j 2. Henry F.i nest Arbuckle, b. 3.S77 ; m. 1902, Mary 

, Scott Ander.-oii. 

; 3. EveKii D'Urban Arbuck'e, b. 1581; m. lOOi, ' 

! Elsie Button. 

! 4. Ivan Aybner Arbuckle, b. ISOl. 

1. Janthc Wlllielinina Ans^le, m. ISiO, James Gibson. . 

2. Honoria Bjr.trice, in. Is93, Albert Clmte. ; 

3. Dorothy Jlsme. i 

ARBUTHNOT, 5th Bt. (U.K). Creat. 3 April; | 

1823. — SiK Dalp.y?,h'i.e AKituxiiNOT, s. of 3rd Bt. ^ 

B. 1 April. 1SG7; sue. his brother 1916; lieut.- i 

col. R.n.A. ; served in S. African War 1900-2. ' 

; The bavoiit tey was conferred i.iy Geor?;o IV. after '■ 

[ a bancpaet -riveu to His :^^ajeity in Edinbiiri'li, . 

at which AVillirmi Arbuthaot presided as lord | 

' provost of tlio city. , | 

MA.T. Srn Wu.i.i.\M WEDDERBrns A.k:jutuxot, 3kpj 

Ex., b. 22 Aug. ieH31 ; m. 11 June, 1n<,3. Alice M..!--, 

I garet (d. 5 .May, 1*S9), dau. ot Jt-v. :u:itt;K'.v C.irrieri 

I riiomnsoa, vie. of Aldenninscer, V. ores., and d. 5 June,]' 

; 1SS9. ISiUC— 

1 1. IlE.ut-ADM.SiKKoi!rRT Keith AKrijTHXoT.E.C.B., 

, .M.V.O., 4Ta 1;t., b. 23 March, I'tiJ : rn. 11 Dec. 1>97,! 

I LiXA (Be.vidence.— 51, El!-\vovrhy lload, Hampstead). 

I dau. of late Col. A. C. .Macleay, C.B., Scaiorih J!i:.;iiir5., 

] aud killed in 11. .M.S. /kf.'ncc in Xaval action' 

I Jutland Bank, 31 .May, 1910. The postlimnouSj 

I honour of K.C.B. (mil.) was conferred 15 Sept. 1910. 

! lisue — I 

I Eosalind De?irfe. { 

. 2. Ml: I)Ar/ivMrLi:ARBCTHXOT. pres. Bt. ■ 

■ 3. AVilliaia i':r:/-.-ra!d Arl.uthnot. ii;'Ut. 3rd Batt. Sea-- 

: for'h Mi.'hlrs. (spec, reserve), b. 29 Oct. 1S7j ;: 

i K.G.ll.St.J.J.E. Eesidcnce— 11. Chariibersj 
Bury Street, S.W. Club— Anny and Xavy. i 

ARBUTHNOT, Ent. Bach. Creat. 1901— SipJ 

' Geokoe Goucu Aebvthnot, s. of Archihaldi 
Francis Arlnitlinot, (s. of Sir William Arbuthiiot,) 
1st Bt.), and Hon. Gertrude Sophia, dau. of tiial 
1st \ isc. Gou2;h. B. 28 .Aug. 1S48; m. 9 >op'.,i 
1S73, I.->abollrt .'Ibinia. dau. of Rev. the Huni 
Rieiiurd Cavendisii Boyle, son of Sth Earl vi 
Cork; od. at J-2ton; partner in the tirin ol ■ 
Arbutiinot & Co., mcrcliants and bankers, oi 
.^iadras and London; sik times menib. Le„'isi 

j lative Council, and seven tinio-^ ehrmn. of Chanilj-.-l 
of Commerce, ;\Iadra3 ; Fillow ^Madras Univ, 

; ehrmn. Famine Relief Fund 1900. Clubs- 

j Alhenaaum ; Windham. Issue — 

1. Ceeiiiu A!l)inia, in. 10 Oct. 190.;. Capt. Hou. Kolier 
Ly^ou, .M.\.0. i.<c BtAlCilA.Ml-, Ear!.) 

ARBUTHNOT, Lady (Kut.'s widow).— Co.v. 
STAN 1 1: AN':i.Lt;NA, diiu. oi Sir William .Milman 
3rd Bt. ; m. June. 1 >^99, as his 2nd wiio. 
Sir .\i .xindor John .Arbuthnot. K.CS.l., C.l.l^ 
form, riy of the Madras Civil Servictf, aciii.L' 
Go\-cri;or of jlatlras, a inember of the Gov.-' 
G.-nirai's Coumil. and of the Council of India, 
wh:; d. JO June, 1907. K<jsidenee — Newtuun 
, House, Newbury. 


ARBUlC-VOXr. 12th Vise. Great. IG Xov. 

r,4\ : Bu-.-jii of ]nverr)rrvi.\ 1041 (S ) 

YiLMAM Aisp.uniNoTT, 9. of !)t!i Viso. B. 24 Oct 

6i'J : sue. lAi or.,. 1914. Tiie first peer was a 
U-^H.-jMHliefl royaiin in thf> tim& <>{ C(),irl.-3 I 
leai— Aibutliiiott iiouso, Fourdoun. Ivincardino- 


au. ]"■* ; !;i. 'j: Juno, lSfi5, .Marcar.'t (d. 1- bec.'lsTO) 

^u. CI Hon. \S alter O^-ilvy, oi CJova, and d. 10 Jan' 

etO. j«iii' — 

1. JO!f.\- AKErxnN-OTT. &IU ViSCOCNr Arbuxhn-ott b 

4 June. 1K">; m. 3 Jun«, 1S:J7, l.ady Jean 

Il7u::rnotid O^ilvy (d. 4 .Mar..h, 10(12), dau. oi Odi 

Tc.-: or Ai.ii'.. ami d. 26 Mav. IS'Sl. I=3u"— 

i Joifv.AKBrruxoxr, IOth Viscocxt AuBr-rnvoTT 

'./"'•^''.,^='*-^- "• -J April, 1S71, Acua ilarriot 

. -■> .Apnl. is9j), o. dAu. of late Edmund All.'n, 

. ''-^^^^ -^■■'■"^^■''■'^rT.llTHVKC. .ArP.TTIHN-OTT b' 

. '--i. 1543: d. :;4 -May, Ii5i4. 

• '■■lU.lAMA.P.BUi'SN-Oir.PRE-i. Vl-C. 

! Hon. CJcTiK-ntiiia, jn. 21 June, 'isr,4. Aioxpn'^r 

.rt.D.L J.P. of luchorcek aad Laitiiors, v/lio 

' -V •>'-;,rii v't '**"-• ^'^cMdonce— Jlouut- 

, -;■. Ji'™- -^I^;?"ct. il-?sidenco~Torphins,X.B. 

2. X ;; lare Hon. Hugh Arl,utfmott.U.-col.Ind. Ancv, 

(R'.=. i^nce— B.rpokside, Kewton-i.^-WiUo-vVs, Lanes) 
dan. CI John Campbell, of Greenock, and d. 5 Feb 
161^'j. J.'^.-ue — I 

?;/{"'y?5^^'^';V''T*'lW''"*^"-°" C.I.B.1S95, commnr. I 

Ini C.b.; M.L.C. for fcJasttrn Uensal; b. 6 April, | 

?*."= %>"',• -^ J;;'>'' -337, Jeanaie Siiiel.iir, dau. of I 

liaib-atU. _v n ''i"-''°.!!: ^'^'•''l^nce— iCilquhanity, j 

1. Kobi-rt Kcilh Arbutlmott, b. 21 ^u-' 1807 • ' 

ind licut. Black \V;ito!i. =' ' i 

1. Jeanuie, m. 21 Xov. 1911, Nicholas DoM 

1. ..t.^on-B.. 1, 0.^.1.. Cl.L.. lad. C.^., h..\. Oxioni; . 
r:.-mij. 01 l.xec. Council, Bvngal ; and has i-.>uc-. ' 
];e=i!. nee— Calcutta. 

2. Marearet Ogilvy, m r. .Tan. 191.^., Cip'. H. E. 
». riD-.on, >tn Gi:rk!ia Rifles, and hv?irsue. 

3. ba=annah Mary. 
kPW^^'^ Hucl! Corsar ArbutJmolt. C.E., b. 5 
Oct 18C0 ; w. 27 Dec. 1880, .Mariannp', Cth dau. of 

pi''.,i -P •-^"' ?^''"^- ^' ^■■^- 1^'5- Residence 
— r.rookiidc, ^e^vton-L}-^Vi!Io\vs, Lanes. Issue 

1! L r 'V\r""'''"''''. ''• -0 June, 189G ; 2nd liout. 

2. Archibald ^rbut!:nott, b. 8 Julv 1S9=« 

■i. ^Kobcrt Arbuthnott, b. 22_Sept. 1900, 2nf! liout. 

Srji'rc"' ^ ^^'^^' ^9''.'^-l--^a"dcT Cavendi?b. 

ARCHABIBAULT, Knt. Bach. Crop.t. 1914.- 
BON. >;p. Horace AncnA-krn.A.rT.T. B. G Alareh 
,- . : .... 1SS2, Eiizabftli, dau. of Ko-.-r Leli-vrf>,' 
i-rV^T , V' ^^^=''''-^1 In^^ at Laval Univ. (LL.L. 
m. LL.D. ISSo) ; Bar^^r. 1S7S • (K C ) 
Id has since practi.?ecl his profession in lion- 
eai; --a led to Lng,.-.]ativo Council ISSS; memb. 
Uouacil of Tubhc Instruction 1S90 ; Katonni-n-- 
^n. of the Bar. Qu-boe, 1901-2; Attorncv- 
en., (;>«<- bo-, 1M17-1905 ; .Speaker of the Loi:i;i. 
,uncU IS97-I0..S; professor of Coinn.en.ial 
d -Marinmo Law. Laval Univ.. since ISSl ; 
idgo 01 ilio Court of King's Bench Quebec 
fc«-19..S. Address-Quebe?. Canada. ^ ' 

ARCHIBALD, Knt. Croat. Feb. 1017— ^ip. 
iLii.vM I RKDr.RiLtK Alpuonse Akchilaid, 



o;^t''p^:^"n:;^:'?;*^'^^"^- Eesldenoc-Uurford 
h u""''pn/V'''^;" ■^rWii'.ald. b. 21 Fob. iSs^ - ^ 

i ^fi);L^;^s'j^:£fa^rba^^&j'^«-^"-- 
; |^^];|irM:u:as.:^.ii^.r;;n^';^::'^-r^^°' 

Lmb!!^,'' i'&^r- '" •'"'^"' '''''■• ^t 'i- Leonard Tom 
lowo^^^°J'^''''^''«°^'^-C-I-E. Croat.1017; K.C.7 E 
^il.LK. Oo:.IDAT-TX-.AlTri.IC, Azni.i-n-DowT.A. As.d 

Sm 0^;';',^''^ ^''^^"■''^^■^^^^''-■^rcxAWAiaiHA^?^ 
7nT-?r T ' -^r^:"-^^"-^ At.1 ICn.^N B.UrADL'x; 

Y""^"''^';, ^S'i!^ 1^^^'^^dur. K.C.LE., Prince of 
Ar^ot. .3. lb&2; .sue. his fatlier 1909,- was 
given the t,t]o of " Klian Bahadur " in 1S97 a 
.nomb. 01 tho Lop. Council. :«radras. igO-l-O. .'nd 
lOlG; and incmb. of the Supreme Legis. Council 
Calcutta. 1910-1.3; elected Pre.sidcn1 of the Ali 
Indua^Mus hm League So.ssion at Delhi in I&IO 
Luc I^resident of the Madras Presidencv IMus im 
League; Premier IMohamedan Nobleman and 
acknowledged head of tlie Mobamedan Cornmun 

■^L^LTl' ? V'T- l>^sidence_Amir Mahal, 
-Madras. Souih India. ' 

AEDEE, Baron. 

-"iCC :MHATLf, EaM, of. 

ARDEN, Baron. See Ecmoxt, Eap.l of. 

TOX, Kakl or. 


•:■ ^M• 1 no:n;'.s Diek.son Areliibr.'d, Jud"o 
... ...-.uTu's Bench. B. 17 May, l^Ui -, ed. 

K' Ptoa and .^t. .Joh.i's Coll. Oxfurd fFered.vv 

"1- Ui.!ia.n Hennaan Walhvih. 01 L.- ■ 
rr.-i:-!.iw (h.aer Temple) 1^74; Civil Kn^-i-' 
•r : !)•..> Assoc. Inst. C.F. ; a .Alastor ..f Siwx;nc 
»»■•! . : iudicature lS90-191iJ. <.,— Koyal 
i^l . ; ■'■• ■■!'■''• W.C. Club— Uxiurd aiulLaia- 
b.ixi'-i -'i /'"x"'? Archibald, b. S Oct. ]^7.-. ; M.A. 

■'. i.ii-:nn'„'toii Muruit. 
fM V oV r , n, '■■';"■■;-" Arel,ib.ild, b. 20 Xov. l.s7S : 
ru. _f, j;m. iyu^^ Evclvn .Marv, d.iu. 01 ; 

• 1 M^x?-^^a'' i?'?-°°r ^^•-^•^- SstLnct.). Croat. 
I iM..y. i>yK li, i;j, 1SG7. — Tim late Sm 

AnTrrru .Cowako Grixxi:ss. e!,le..t b. oMst B? 

B. 1 Xov. IMO; m. lii Feb. 1S71, Ladv Qlivi. 

?u""iu-"'f';f"'--^' )ydlia™.3rd Earl of bSS v" 

■ S D l"'Ti^ c'T" •" r^ "nsoLd 'nd I^IJ 
; 60; D.L J.P. Gal way, J. P. city and co. Dublin 

^i.^^i^7lA "'J^ ""• '?.J'"-"- ''''• -l^^n the 

Dul b-n •\ .^:'^^V''i:,^^'^s-Sfr. Anne's, Clontarf. no. 
iJubhn; A.-, lord Cong, co. Galway. 

ARDEOSSAN, Baron. See Eglixtox. E. of. 

^>iF?V>!:^' I-^^^V, (^^-'-'io-cf Lordof Session, 
(io.i ^, ov.n, 01 Loehaxihead. Kirkcudijrieht ; m 
1^-0 Andrew . ajneson, LL.D., a Lord of Session 

-1 -\o\. 191J Residences— 14. .Moray Place 
Ldiaburgh; Ardwnll. Kirkcudbright. ' 

Am?r57^^*m r ^f .- EASTERN SOUTH 
f"'<V?. p:'3''^ f:°''' ^'-'^''^P oi—Cons. 1902; 
■ V s .. iV' )'^ '-i^-Ar.D FiiAXns Evehv, D.D., 
"1 . .' ■'"'■ ^r'''">'' ^^'"' i't- B. 3 April. 1802^ 
ed. at J farrow and Camb. (2nd cl. classical tripos) .' 
L.A. l.svi. M..A. ISSS: ord. FSSo ; eiua e of 
of"Nw '^ Y'"'' ^^^'-'^^Pool. 18S5-94; vicsf 

Ga o^K-ad. IS99-1902. when, he was apptd 
ad 1. p. of the Falkland Island^ and trans! 

lb .■, !' '"^ ^V-- i«'--^i'i-^"-o-Faseo de 

JuJi'.. i.LU. Buenos Aire.^. 

ARGYLL, 10th Duke of (S.). Croat. 23 June. 

:' -' Argyll. l.,07: ^;,u.j. of Lurac and 
^ui \u, tiirl ^,l C;iriipbeli and Cowal, Vise, of 
Lochow and Glenila, .,f Inverarv, Mull, 

1 1 v\ •■ ^'"■"" "^ LcTiie. 17 April. )470 
(•'•1 i".). Baron .Sundridac and iian.ik..n 22 

;.'■■ I^*^ (p.H.).~NlA).L Ui.UlMJD C.VMPUKl.T., s. 

ol Lord -VrchibalJ CampbL-U. B. 10 Feb. 18/2 ; ^.-uo. 



his iinoI--> 1914 : ed. nt Cliartcrhnti^e and Oxford. 
B.A. 1890: D.L.. J. P.. Ar-yll.hi.o; lu,n. cl. 8th 
Biitt.. Ari7y!l and SmherJ.imi Hi-Thlunders 191 i ; is 
hoit-d. iiia.-.ier of tlie R-y. JI<ni~ehuld in Scotland, 
h^red. sheritl: nnd vice-liout. of Arrryllsbire. vice- 
Adni. f-f Arsryll^liire aiid V.'est ( of Scot- 
laud, and chief of the nwai clan of Campbell, 
and a lineal duscendont of tlie " r>IacC'alcn 31ore." 
Tlie name was orit?ii.a;iy O'Duia, tJiafc of Camp- 
beil beinp taken in th/jllh cminrv. Tlio :'nd 
Scottish Duke (d. J743) had oho "the EngU^h 
dukedom of Greenwich. J^e.sidcnces — Inverary 
Castle, Argyll; 23, Clurgss .St., W. Clubs— Bath; 
Baclielors; Car] ton. 

Gkokge T)ocgla3 Campbell, s-m Dcke of Akoyt-l, 
K.Cr., E.T., I'.C, D.C.I... LI..O.. IMl.S., b. 30 \piil. 
1823 ; 111. 1st, 31 .July, 1>,44, L.i.iv Elizabeth Gcorgiau.i 
Levfson-Gower (.1. ilj ^l-.w. ](57S), C.I., V.A.. dau. 
of £j).l Iiuke of .Siithorlanci ; iii. 2n(l, 13 Aiic. 1.S81, AmtUa 
Maria (J. 4 Jan. KS04). d?.ii. of Kt. Kcv. Tlioinas LcgJi 
CUuisjlur n, L>.]).. JJisliop oi St. Allans, and v.-idow of 
Co!, the Ifoii. Au^ustua ji-.nrv Are!Ji>aJd Anson; in. 
3r(i,lii3r.r.-kine[Do\va'icr I'lichecs of Ar.'vUJ V.A. (P...'?i- 
(Uncc-« — Mr.clianoeh. Aijrvli-i-ire ; .",4, C.iiocan .-s.qnaro, 
S.W.), ^.A., lonii^^rly Woniaa of the Btdcbaniber 
and priv. sec. to Quoeu Victoria, dau. of late Archibald 
Mc.NeiJl, of Colon.say, Argyll. He a. £4 April, 1900. 
Issue — 

1. John- Docglas SrirrEnLAND,. 0th 
DrsL OF AltGTLL, P.O., K.G., K.T., G.C.V.O., 
G.C..M.G., b. 6 Aii-j. IS 15; in. 21 March. 1671, 
K.K.n. Princiss Loai-? (see Kovai Faiuilv) ; M.P. 
Aipyii-liire 1S0S-7S ; Gov.-Gon. of Canada i87S-?3 ; 
3r.P.!U.) South Manclicster 1895-1000, and d. 2 May, 

2. Xhff late Lord Arcliihald Ca.nipboll.?;D.L., J.P. 
ArgyllJb. IS Dec. lS-IG:m. 12 Jan. lS69,Jaucv Sc\illa 
Callauder {Residence— Cooiiibe Hill Farm, Kingston- 
ou-T)iaTr:cs), dau. ot Jam^s H<-nry Callander, of 
Ciaicforth, .Stirlinc, .-uid .\rdkiu3las, Argvll. and d. 
29 .>Jar.:l2, 1913. Issiii.— ^ ' ' 

Xr.uL DiAP.Mjn CAMy.KTX. pre?. Duke. 

Lady Elfpeth AriSila (I'r. c dviicc Sept. 1914). i 

3. The late J.oid Walirr Caiiijii).:!), b. 30 June, 1S48: | 
m. 14 April, 1S74, Olivia ILowianasou (in. 2nd 34 t 
Jur^c, loOO, Allan Gordon, r.Dd d. 17 Aug. 1S02), dau. 
of Joiin Clarkson Milu.=, of A.-^ory House, Bute, and 
d. 2 Jlav, 1669. I^snr■— 

Douglas \\ALTi:R Co[ir;EiT., ni:m Pri:.'^., b. 6 
March, 1S77 ; in. 2S Kow 1S99. Almce Afarie Su- i 
zanufc (.«he obtained a judicial separatiou. J'.csi- ! 
dence — Services Club, 19, Stratford Place. W.), i 
dau. of the late John Lawrence, of Xcw York. 
Issue— I 

lau Douglas Carupbeli, b. IS June, 1903. | 

Libh Olive. K'sid^iio.' — :>, 'ieanv.'on Mansion.-, j 
Chi yne li..)V.. s.\V. 1. ' , 

4. The late Lord George Granville Cajupbell, late licut. ! 
K.N'., b. 25 Dec. 1S50 ; ni. 8 .May, 1^79, SvbilL.lscelle^. ' 

0. c. o: late James Lri'.Cf Alexander, and d. 21 I 
April, 1915. I?ci=idc-nco -2, iJryauston Square, \V. | 
Issue living — ' 

1. Joan. ! 

2. Enid, la 9 De--. 101!. lJoi;j!.as ToUcmachc An- 
strutiiet (see AxsTRVTiirp,. Lt.). 

1. Lady Evelyn, m. 10 Aug. 1S:>6, James Baillic- 

2. Lalv Frances, rn. 12 Mav, 1S79 Eustace J.iines 
ADlhonv iJallour, F.S.A., F.n.I.B.A., who d 14 Feb 
1911, ar. 1 basif^ue. Residence— 32, Addison 

3. La iv .M.arv Emma. ;n. 4 Ji;'v. 1 =;>2. Rt. Kcv. the 
Hon. Edward" Carr-Glyn !<■■■' Woutrton-, B.) 

4. Lady Constance Harri't. m. 27 June, 1S91, Charles 
Emniott, J. P., of Thorpo II-tII. Duriiani. who d. l.S Feb 
1910, and issue. Itcsi 1. nee— 19, Collingham ; 
Koad. S.W. ; Tiih an llu ilia, Invi-raray, Argyll. I 

ARGYLL AND THE ISLES. Lord Bishop of. Con.?. | 
1907. Kt. r.Ev. Kknni;, i).D., s. of ; 
the late Lord ^Mackenzie, a Judco of Court of St-s- ! 
sioii, Scoiland : ed. at Oxforvl : B.A. 1887 : :>LA. ' 
iS95 ; D.D. 1907 : was Cur. of St. .Marv, Red- ' 
clilfe, Bristol, lS0(>-9.i. mid of .Sf. Paul, Dundee. ' 
1895-1900; Rector of .^U. I'aui. Dundee, and Ek-\ 
aniinin^; Chaplain to Hishop of Hrechin, 1900 ; 
Provost of St. i'aul's, DnndV-.-. 100,-)-7. when he : 
was co'i-ciaied Bi.slK>i>. JlcoiJoncc — Ardconncl i 
Lodijc, C)ban. 

ARKI.O\V. Baron. S-:e Alsaxy, H.R.H. the i 

Dn-rE OF (Koyai Family). j 

ARL1NGT02>, Earl of, and Baron. See Ghaf- i 
I'ON, DuKi; oi\ 

j ARMAGH, (111th) Lord Archbishop of, uAd 
I Pnrriato<.f all Ireland. — .Most Kiev. Johm ]Upti=;t 
I CKOiinn, D.D., s. of Rev. Baptist Bartun Crozier, 
; B.A., of Roekvicw, Ballyhaisc, co. Cavar,, end 
I Kate, dau. of John Bolland, of York. 13 8 
I April, LS.vS; m. 12 Sept. 1877, Alice Isabeila, 
! dau. of Rev. John Winthrop Ilackett. Yl.A., of 
j Bray, co. Wieklow ; cd. at Triii. Coll. Dubi'n • 
I B.A. 1S72, M.A. 1S75. B.D. and D.D. ISi-s': 
I honours and prizes in Classios, Hebrew nnd 

Irish prizeman, moderator in Logic snd 
I Etiiies, first Downos Divinity Prize, iirst-cisss 
j Divinity Testimonium ; ord. 1876 : vie. of 

HoJywood, CO. Down, 1880-97, clcc. Bbhop of 

Oi-sory 1S07, and lield that see until 11107, when 
i he v/as elec. to that of Down. Connor, and Dro- 
1 more ; clcc. primate of Ireland 2 Feb. 1911. and 

enthroned at Armagh Carhedrii] Kifarch, 1911 ; 

chaplain to Bishop oi Down (Knox) ISS.i, and to 
i Archbishop of .Armagh (Knox) iSS7 ; cluipiain to 
i the viceroy 1S91 ; canon of Down 1SS5, r.nd cf 
■ St. Patrick's Cathedral l&9u; hon. sec. Genera 1 
; Synod of tlie Church of Ireland 1890-7. The 
i diocese includes the counties of Armagh and 
' Louth, and portions of Derrj% Tyrone. and^AIeath. 
; Residence — Palace, Armaj^h." Clubs — Roval 
: Societies' ; University (Dublin) ; Ulster (Be!- 
; fast). Issue — 

j 1. Lf. -Col. D.'intist Barton Crozier, D.S.O.. K.^. V. 17 
I July, 1678; ni. 19 N'ov. 1903. Etiid Eli.^abcth, dau 
I of late Williauj Huinplirys, of Ballyiiaise ; served in 
I S. Africa 19ui)-l (medal witii 3 clac-ps), and in France 
I since 1914 (dispatcher D.S.O). Isiue — 
I PvOuald Lapti.-t Barton Crozier, d. 20 July, 1914. 
: Cyntliia. 

; 2. Bcv. John \nnthrnp Crozier, M.A., Trin. Col!. 

Dubhn, b. 10 Dec. 1879 ; rn. 1 Sept. 1010, Eonhx 

Elizabeth, o. dau. of C. H. McCail, J.P.. of Duniia, 

! CO. Down. Kcfidcnce— The Eectory, Celbiid^e, co. 

' 1. Alice Jfaud, lo. 16 June, 190S, Ch^.rks Cii^nevis 
Coote (.103 Cooii-, Bt.). 

ARMAGH, Earl oL See Cl-:,[be]ii,.akd, H.R.H. 
TiiE DuKi: or (Royal Family). 

ARraDALE (N.S.\V.\ (5th) Lord Bishop oi. 
Cons. 1910; (Found. 1914).— 'J'he Kt. Rev, Fjiancis Vi'^ENTwoKTrr Shzilps. 
M.A., D.D. B. 1SG7; od. at S^t. I'aul's School. 
Univ. Coll. London (M.A. 1S93). and L'niv. 
of Jena and Paris; in. 1902. Annie, dau. of 
The Kt. Rev. Vv'illiam Bpyil-Carp^nror, D.D.. 
K.C.Y.O. ; ord. 1898; Priest 1S9'0; curate of 
St. John the Baptist, Plumstead, 1S9S- 
1900, of St. George's. Bloomsbury, ISuO-G ; 
Precentor of St. Saviour's Cath., Goulbum, 1904- 
5; Incumbent of Wa^ira ^Aaggft 1905-tJ, and 
Archdeacon 190-5-10 : Warden of Bishop's Coll.. 
Goulburn 1900-10; Exam. Chaplain to Bp. of 
Goulburn 1909-10 ; Rector of St. James', Sydney, 
1910-lG; F^xam. Chaplain to Bp. of Grafto'n 
1914; Rural Dean o/ Sydney 1915; elected 
to this see 191G. Ktsidcnce —'s Court, 
Arundall, X.S.W. 

ARMITSTEAD o! Castlehill. Barony (extinct 
1915) (U.K.), Creat. 19 July, 19u0.— The late 
George ARiinsTE.iD, s. of Gunrg'' .Armiisread, 
of Ba.singwold, Y'oriis, and Riga, merchant. B. 
28 Feb. 1824: m. 16 IS, dau. of late 
Edward Baxter, of Kincaldniuir, Forfarshire : 
head of tlio firms of Annit.stead, London, and 
(George Armitstead. Duiulee ; IM.l*. for Dundee 
i8(>s-7.3, and 1880-8.-): D.L., J. P.. Fuifiirshire. 
J. P.. IVrilishire, D.L., county of Du;Klee ; 
F.H.G.S. liesidencos- 1, Ciev.i.snd Square, St. 
James's, S.W. ; Butter^toiie House, nr, Dunkeld. 

ARMSTROiro, Ist Bar on (U.K.), Great. 4 

Aug. P.lo;!. VvUI.IAM ilrJNKV AR.MSTP.O.VG FlTZ- 

PAriacK Watson-Ar.vstko.N'j. o. s. of late Joiin Watson. of AKhr.stono Hall, Northumber- 
land (old. .«. of Hon. Sir William H. U at-on. 
Baron of the Exchequer, and .Vnii, sister of 
Lord Amid long. of Cragside), and .Margaret God- 



i;.u!i, dnii. (>f F. Patiick Pciso Ffiz PatnVk ,/ 
ll'.^'.':'"- ^l- ^ 'J^'V. '^"•'J 'n. 1st, l.-,.Ju,ie.Vs89. 
W ir.iireda Jaiu-. ^d. n Doc. lOll) dan. of Gon S'V 
.fcliu Adye. G.CI.H. ; ,n. 2:.d, ;jl An-. 1910, 
i.riitnce, dcu. oi t'l- ]mc .Jr.:,;it!iari (.bwx, of 
'1 n:\hoc ; cd. at Leon nnd Camb., .M.A. ; "itou 
D.C.L. pm-liain : J;ite niuj, Xortiiumb.-rland 
lxu.isar.s \oo. (T.D.); k,ic. to tlw piv.porty of liis 
grc-at-uncli-, L.;rd .Anr^stroiiy (exUTict). C. B. 
and by h,s wisJi in ISK'J atlditionaJ nnme 
end arms of Armstrong; patron of 1 living; 
D.L., J.l'. Xortliuinbcrland, sheriff ISIt'J • C C* 
for Kothbury Div. ; J.P. and Hon. Freeman! 
>.c\vcastk'.oji-Tyae; lins Grand Cordon of .Med- 
julie P.csidencfi— Crap,icle, Rothburv, and 
ba,nburg]i CastJc, Xorthumbcrlaud. (hib-— 
Canton; Con^atutional ; Xcrthern Counties 
^Xcv<-castle). Jpsue — 

sriiuxo, .NortliJd. ru'.., b. 10 Oct. ]S="- m Vo'r 
r--7^n;''''^P-V-'^''t' 'i-'Jl-oni. Dni;„.o!Ki \Tolif, of 
C <j> :!.')rjL-, Biucrc Pan, i< ranee. 

;iKr.I3TR0NG. 3rd Bt. oi (i^Ahn. (U.K.n. 
treat. 18 «ept. 1841.— Sir Andui-.v Jl^irvry 
Armstroxg. s. of -nd Bt. B. 2:i y.-.iv, ISOG : 
sue. h:.-3 father 1000; .served in S. African war 
i^o'~\ -'•"''', -^'"P- "^"^■"- ? ^^"^P- C'^Pt- Service Bait.; 
J.P„ Kings CO. The 1st lit. ^as receiver- 
^■eueral of stamps in Ireland for 10 years, find 
lor a tune enjoyed a pension for the abolition 
o. the oiBco, but lie rcsi-ued it in 18-U ; lie v.a.s 
701 11 year.s M.J?, for Kin-'s Countv. Seat- 
Gallen Priory, Ferbaue, IvJng's Coimty. 
Sir A>,-DUKtv' Ar.Msaxo.vG. isx. ijx., M.p.. b 3 o.-t 
ri^t/Vf"*,^ ''"'■]■ H^;-., ^-"nces (d. 10 .M.uch, 1^90), 
and"d -'7 l^a"lS03 it^"^ °' ^^■"'^''■°°^' "'^'^»^> 

I* .■";-■ ;V '-^" 2l)MU.N-DrRi:DKP.ICK .-VUMSTROrr,, 2X0 Bt., 

b / ^.:iy, ls:;o; ni. 11 ;iuao, 1X05. AHc? (d. 8 D:;c. 
J. ■'.>), dL.u. ot AV. W . iislicr, and d. 24 April, ISOO. 

Oraitgo, vhahont !^t. Peter's; .sue. hh father 
!.M,; acting Commr. R.X. on emer:,'enev list; 
editor ot th^O/obe 180,^-1007; contested" Pcm- 
nroko a 'Id Jlaverforduost, Jan. If) 10, and 
•South:. in;,ton, Doc. 191U; Director of Xavai 
Censors, Pre.^s Biirenn. iyi4. Itesidence.s— 24. 
Hari-i, .s.W.; Winlood, Pan<,'bounio, Beric-. 
Cliib^— Beclsteak ; Carlton ; .Marlboroii Hi ; Xaval 
and .>lihtary. Issue livia^ — 

Sill Gzoiior. CAr.LYox ircGiiES .A.iiM<;Tno\c} l<;r Bt 
!;. 2'l Jiriy, J,S:i(5 ; :u. 2 Feb. ISOr., Ar.KE .'-nzitov (I'.r.i'-' 
fnc,~;jO, Cadogaii Square, S.W.), d.iu. of Ilev. CluirifS 
Jo.stpli furlong, M.A.. and d. ;ji) April, li);i7 Is^uc— 

1. tfm Geouge 1:lliot Ahmstrovc, prr<i n't 
. 2 PiiAXCJS i'Hijj.n' AR.:.-.TKO.\a. Hkip.Pri:-^.; b, 
10 <io,. ]--,]; Coniiur. ; L'.arr.-at-law InniT 
ic:np|p;.i:i. 24 July, 1S90, Pulchcria .MarfiJirct, ii;ui. of 
lari O.orge to.x, J).L., .1.)'., of Kliuhinst Hall 
i.iclitiild. Rf>sidonccs---Fdniiilc Kous(\ Cobliaiu 
Sumy: Oxleys, B:'aalieii, Jiunts. Clubs— jun! 
CarUoLi ; l^oy. Automobile. Issue — 

ii?''.'-^p'x'°"^ --Vriiistrohg, b. 4April, 1S07; Sub- 
J. Agii.s iloatrice, m. 20 July, 1893, Geors.; Fdmond- 
^-•0110 Juric, 1>.L., .T.p.,,v!.0(). 2?. Marrb. VJOO. [Issue — 
L:l<:u ^-.-.xnc:-}. Kosidenc.s— Thornficld .C.irnckfcr- 
gu3, CO. Autiiiu ; Orchards. liursts. Berks. 

ARMSTRONG, Knt. Bach. Great. 1913.— 
brn Cn.uiLjis Herbekt AitJisxRONG, s. c>f Thomas 
Armstrong, of Bowlon, Gheshiro, and .Alary li^llen, 
dau. of ^Ailliam ^lihies 3IilIington. B. at Man- 
chester, 24 Nov. 18(J3; m. 24 Dec. 1S9G, Mario Thercse, dau. of M. G. C. Magrath, of 
Liverpool ; ed. at King's School, Canterbury ; 
addnl. memb. of Bombav Legisi. Council 1903^1 
1900 and 1908 ; nddnl. rnsrab. of Imperial Lc^' 
GounciJ of India 1910-3 ; was cliairinan of Bom- 
bay Gliarabcr of Commerce for seven years. 
-Address — Bombay, India. 

ARMSTRONG, Knt. Bach. Great. 1399.— Sik 

1. Si"- AXPRE.V Harvky Arvstkoxg pr.-« lit ,, , 

2. Xj;iEiTi William AKMs-ritoN-rs.'uViu PefV b ^. ,V^^^ Akmstbong, s. of Walter Armslrong. 

3. Ju!y,l.'575; m. 1910, Cluricc Amv.dau. oi John "^ '-musmore Gardens, and Marv, dau. of John 
• >- . -■- Craiiam, of Canoubie, Dumfrie.sshire. B. 7 Fob. 

1850 ; m. 1873, Emily Rose, dau. of Charles Cotton 
Ferard, of Ascot Place, Berl-cs, J.P. ; ed. at 
Harrow and Oxford ; B.A. 1873 ; was 
director of the National Gailcrv, Ireland' 1892- 
1914, and is author of many books on art; 
J.P. Residence— C3, Carlisle JMansions, S.W. 
Clubs — Junior Athenaum ; Burlington Fine Arts. 
Issue, living — 

1. jTapt. Walter Lauueclot Armstrong, M.C., b. 3 !■ cb. 
1&/0 ; 111 21Ju!y, 1914, Lauri'., dau. of S. 8. Joseph.' 
-. C;!pl. ClciI Ferard Anii^trong. b. 20 Jan. Ib77. 
1. i)oroi)k'a .Murj-, in. 100:5, Xliouias ISeimutt Case 

tar or flodkinsou, of Alarvborough, Victorki, Vi 
traha. Issue — 

Andrew St. Clare AriustroDij, b. 27 D-^c. 391 2. 

Ldith Fisher. 

1. B'.nirico Trancc-s. 

2. Gertrude Adelaide, in. 8 Feb. 190C, Fraucis Uarc ■ ' 
Clayton. ' 
S, Ce!;^;antia Jessie. 
•5- KatlMrine Edith. 

R. -Moutii^n J'ulltiton Arni'^Jrunrt, b. S Alarch. isr>2 • 
J'h.rl iVi \>''^' ^^'^^''r AiiuMiea ^oplii;.. dm. of 
^Hciri. s ,/uhn Proby. llesiaciicc— 4:;, ^\iiupolc 8'actt, 

. It Xcvill Aiexauder Bruinmond. F.R.G.?.. b. IS 
.\])rjj 1874; m. 1 Jan. 1;102, .M.^ri.m Ka-linrine 
ouu of Ca]>t. Andre\v Charles Am;scroug. Issue— 

hih-oii .\iolly Xcvill. 
2. Jack Proby Armstrong, b. 27 JI'iv, 1S7,-, 1st 
bee. l.iplomatic Sen-ice; in. 25 Oet. "l912, .Maria 
pounng.i Alvarenga, dau. of John .-violina. Kcsi- 
deucc— 11.B..V. Li-ation, Guatemala. Issue- 

-Montagu Johu Proby Armstron'-', b. S Xov. 1913. 
^. Iredcru-k Fdiiiund Joliu Armstrong, b. 1SS9; m. 
Icb.i;jl5. blclla, dau. of J. K. Morgan, of Poit- 
inorc. W.yinouth. 

1. -Madriiue lanii, m. 4 March, 1913, John Collis 
t«naitli. ' ' 

2. Stt-lla Fliz.ibeth Constance. 

o. I'raiie^f Kvelyn, in. 19 Dec. 190G, Sir Krn^st 
iii-a. lie Goodliart, 2iid Bt. 
ii,,'"i:','.'^'-?- ^'■'■■'"■■"> ^- -'^ ^tpt. 1911, Kobi'it Cox. 

8. th.irlcs Xcsbitt Frcdenok Armslroni, b. 25 Jan. 
K-,>s, in l^S2, Helen Pert-r, .Madun.- .M.lba (m. 
diss. 1900), dau. of David .Mitrhrll, of .Milbourne. 
Issue — ' 

. Georie XosbitD Armstn.^ie' b. 1--;;. !.:'.- ii, i;t. 

■oy.I^-ii.stiT Kc-t.); m. 1st, l^ I),. c. i9oo, Bni.v, u.'.u. 

Jt I.i.-e'oi. Joe.iyM Otvav (m. di-=.. I'.xi^i ; m. 

-iHl, 20 IVb. 1913, r.velvn Marv, dau. of the late 

-MKliacJ Doyle, of P.risb'ane. Cli:! — 1; lUi. 
i. Mary Ann,. I'li.ab,-; ',, m. 2u Mav. ! ^,-5. F.v. 
t UN.iia W;!!. ,iu;,-,u, ^i.A.. v.bod. PJOI, and iias isMio. 

^ AKjVISTRONG.L'noBt.lU.K.). Great. 17 Oct. 1S92; 

.'..o. ljIl—^mh r.EoiKii: E-LI.IOT Armmtkoso, 

-•_ -I l.-a Bt. B. 19 Jan. ISGG : m. 7 June, iSOu, 

J-<!it.i .-uiuie, dau, ot late Adolphus Fass. oi tho 

and has issue. ' Ilosideuce— Mangertoun 'Cottu'^e'. 
iuxroek, co. Dublin. 

2. Diana ICatherine, m. 1911, Maj. William Hast- 
ings La louche Darlev, lud. Army. 

3. Flizabeth Margaret, m. 1904, Lt.-Col. Leonard 
Joseph .Montagu Deas. I.M.S., and has issue. 

ARMYTAGE, 6th Bt. (G.B.). Great. 4 July, 
1.08.— Sir, GEORGi: John Akjiytage, s. of 5th 

'/'-, f., -"^ -^i-'"'- ^^^~' '"• 1st-. 11 -Alay, 
l&'l, Ellen (d. 1890), dau. of the Rev. Ayscou^h 
tnwkes, of Farnley Hall, Otlev, Yorkshire ; m. 
-n.i OApnl, 1893, .Mary Georcriana. dau. of JJearv 
-^uithony Littledale. of J3olton Hall. Craven, 
lorks; sue. his father 1899; chrm. Lancashire 
and \orkshiro RIy. Co.; F.S.A. ; D.L., "West 
Padmg, Yorkshire ; high sheriff Yorks. 1907. The 
1st Bt. of this creation was high sheriff of Yorks. 
1.10. Residences — Jvirklees Park. Brigliouso, 
i<'rl;3 ; 27, Cambridge fcjquare, \V". 2. Club — 
Wiiidiiam. Issue — 

1. l^K'O.-CJLX.GEOKGE'ArSCOfGn Armvtace.D.s.O., b. 
•-.Mareli, 1S72;! IC.K.K.C, cmiadg. 117; !i 
intanlry Brig. ; m. ]2Jub, , PS;}',!, AimC.', dau. of .Sir 
l-K'n-l .Mdboruo Swiiiiiertou-Pilkingtoa, lith Bt.; 
«;iub— Carlton. Issue— 

3. John Lioi..-l Ariiiyt.acre, b. 23 Xov. 1901. 

•- !:• ginald William Arinytage, b. 18 May, 1903. 

1. U...ri,aia Klleu. 

2. •!u. JKiwu-Mvurlh Ariiivta::e, b. 19 .Mav, I573 
m. S 1 cb. J 912, Lveiilda Jranct-s, o. dau. o. ial>^ Ualph 




<r, •,l;,-. n.l,., ...f ]^^1\-c!i;fo anfl Marfon, Yoiks. P.i.'si- , 

\V;iitcr Joha A-.iyiaii', u. 27 March, 10)3. ; 

j.Vi:'!) Rr. ri-.-.-. lu. 19 Tuiv, 19;)j, Marj.)rili.anks ' 
KrpiH ! .V<v til ti.l!-i<— V.'ir, ,li:i:u). li.-iii . ll.i:., M I.C.K., i 
,lj.ii. — (icoi-jf., b. 1 Juhc, I'JOii. Arabella.] 
llosi'icii'X- — i.itt!',' Gfn:i;iin-i, ClR-!i;;!)i, JiueUs. 

SIK OKOUGE AUMYTAGK, iiTd I'.T., b. 3 AU2. lSin;| 

!;.. 1 Juno, l?4l, i;iiza Mn'.iM.i :>Iary(iJ. 2 3Iaich, 1>.9S), ; 
ijaii. of Sir Joscjih iiadeliifc, lind lit. and cl. » ilarch. i 
K-y<). ]-?uc— i 

a. Silt OtOU'JF. .TOHS- AkMiTaok. p:, s. Bt. i 

<;. U.-Col. ArtJiur K-i.rv Arrnvtaa.;, Intir R.II.A. (ret. : 
38SC); h. 27 Aiiz. ls!5; J.V., L.ii. York? : ni. 24; 
.Tunc, IfcTy, KathariiLi Harriett, Uau. of lialph ^ 
Crcvke, ot .I'.awi-UiTi- .and M.vrtoii, Yo;I;s. Jicsi- ' 
Ue.'icc— TliC AVliito IIou?'', CI:»oii, York. Clubs— 
Annv and Nr.vy : York=in.-o. i=su3 — ' 

1. PoroUiy Harrivt, m. 13 F<-b. 1903, Maj. IKnrj- ' 
l.'aiford I)av..s '«" Dawks, La<'iy), and lias issue. • 
P.i?idv-nfe— 2. (':iiiinii4io .->'-iuaro, Hvde P.irk, \V. : 

2.;ic <.\v..iKi..iiii. i... ;! J'cb. lOlii. 1^. ivi' :ji. Vin- ■ 
<viif I'urkor .!o-.i- '>••■; ^T. ViscEyi. Vi-^.-.). 

3. irancc-s C"jiiii-vtn>, in. 2 1)lc. I'.U'.:, Ilairirhroy 

ARNOLD, Lady (Knt.'s widow). — Tam.i Kuko- 
iTAWA, dnn. of Kurnkav.a ^lankitclii, of S'^ndai, i 
JnpaTi ; ni. 17 Oct. 1S07, as his 3rd ttjic, SirEdivin 
Arnold, l^.C.I.E., C.S.I.. at o;ie tinit editor of the 
"Daily Telegraph.," autlior of the " Liglit of Asia," ' 
and of many otlur worlcs in pro.-c and vcr.^e, who 
d. 24 ?Iarch, 1004, Kcsidenco — -09, Prince of 
Waksi Mansions, Battersea Park. S.Vr. 11. 

ARNOTT, 2na Et. (V.K.). Cr.:nt. 12 Feb. 
lS9b. — Sir Joiix Ai.kxan-fjeb AitN-orr, s. of 1st 
iU. a. iii Nov. is.">3; in. 27 Sepr. I.jSL Caroline 
Syilnoy, daii. uf ."<ir I'icdori'jk Ji-ir;iii Wiiliauis, 
2rid )jV. : SUP. hi^ father ISiOS : ciiii;!naii Irish 

Issue bv 2n t rn. — 

4. CtiX'i. Loitus Perceval F!tzGoraId-.A.rn'tt, spheres., 
late Urd Uatt. Lciustor iicgt., b. 7Xov.l>7a. Club— 

5. Coil Joha Maxwell FitzGirald-Arnott, late U.uc. 
3rd JJuit. L'.:!!?t. r n--t., i>. + A-)?. 1SS2. 

3. J^iiiTiielin-; Loni>ii, in. lii Sopt. 1890, Capt. Godfrov 
llvrb. rt, liluuiiilirid. and iias issue, itt-sldonce-- 
>'i;«' i'ark, en. \\ ati.riord. 

4. Ji^^^i- Akxu!!dra. .:•. 17 Oct. 1017, Lt.-Gea. Sir W. 
P. PiJllLii.'y, liC.B., D.-.O. 

5. l.ily El-aisor, in. 12 A115. 1902, Anliur Edward 
IvOKots, and has is.sue. P.rsid'.>ncc — Oaklan Is. Cloa- 

t). riorencp Gor.-ildinc, m. 24 .Tune, IPOO, Cant. Henry 
llprlKrt Konald White D.S.O. K.E.ll.C. (Ciuhs— 
Ar!i:y and Xavy : P^oy. Automobile), i).L., J.P., Done- 
pul. (Issue— 1. Th^iiry George P>onn>d, b. 3 Aprii, 
1007. 2. Jolm Jlaxwell, b. iS July, 1909.] lie?i- 
donce — Lou::li £ike Ca?Uc, co. Done::ii. 
7. 2-lary Louisa Mabel, ni. 5 May, 1915, Francis Hu.i;li 
Brooke (.vce Lr.ooKi:, Bt. of Sulnmorton). 

ARNOULD, Lady (Knt.'s widow).— A>,-;-.-e 
PrrcAii^x, dan. ox late iMaj. John William Car- 
negie, C.B., Bengal army ; in. iSflO, as his 2nd 
wife, Sir Josi jih Arnould, late judges of the High 
Court of Bon.' bay, who d. ISSG. Residence — 
■VVhitecro.?s, ^\"iIitc•rbl•ook, Berl^. 

ARRAN, Earl oi. See Hai\iix,ton. Duke of. 

ARRAiST, 6th Earl of. Creat. 12 April, 17C3; 
Vise. Sudlev, Baron Saunders, 15 Aua:. 175>< ; 
Bt. 10 April, lCt;2 (L). Baron Sudley (U.K.) 
7 Xov. lSt>4. by whicii last title he holds his ^eat 
in the I[ou3o of Lords ; K.P. 190 J ; P.O. (I.) appt. 
1917. — AkthukChaelijs JocEi.v.vGouE, s. 01 oth 
EarL B. 14iSept. ISiiS ; m. 10 Aug. 1902, .Frculo 
Maud .Jacqueline ilarie Beauclork, dau. of Baron 
, Huys^cn de Kattendyke, of Holland ; sue. 
his' father 1901; ed. at Eton; ; late adj. 

7'.>;:rv ; It.-col. l.cito 4lh Batt. Clio.^iiiie Kegt. I and brevet rnnj. Koy. H. Gd.s. (ret. 1903) ; served 
(>i.^; ^'ov. rry. Hiborniaii .?c]i.. Dublin ;! 'R'itli t'l^ Egyptian arn.y, and in S.African 
D.L.. .!.]'.,<■...' Covic. llosidonce — 12, ifoirion : "'i^i' : capt. res. 01 oliiccrs ; mil. rnemb. Loudon 
Siniare, Dubiin. Club? — Carlton : >\Vilinctoa ; 1 Terr. Force Assocn. ; col. couidp. Irish Oujc-rs 
AN iiiie's ; Kiidare Street (Dubhn). Issue— 

b. 2.5 July, lSS.->; 
a France :-l)icc 1014 



Training Cor|is ; I\jit. of Grar-e of the Order of 
St. John of Jerusalem 1911. This family traces 
its descent from Gerard Gore, an alderman of 
London at the close of ttio ICth century ; a 
capt. : junior memb. of the house. Lord Aimaly, was 
! lord chief ju.=tice of the King's Bench in Ireland, 
lieut. ; and was speaker of the liousa of Lords 1707. 
I Residences — Kavensdalo Park, Dundalk ; liyde 

1 -LT.,!! ----- - - - 


1. .iOH>: AKXorr, M.C. 
ir>ili llussarj. Served i 
patches) ; cd. at Ktou. 

2. Laariston J'dai Arnott, b. 27 Xov. 
Boy. Iri-h Pities, 
ii. kobCTt John Arnott, b. 19 Au-i. 1S93; 

t: 'B^'^^{^'^^^::;^^U-i\^\,0,, Maj. ; ^^'.. Sawbridgeworth, Herts. Club.-Turf ; 
Hugh Ji!eiikinsup.Spence.\V.!Y..rksi: •,t..and:lia3issue, i ^^■^••^- ; CtarricK ; Travellers ; luldaro St. 
2. Mary Ciui^dan, m. 10 Marcli, loi:-, Capt'. Ilicliard • (Dublin). Issue — 
Yr.n Ciifseui, 4th leiKstor Hcut. I 1. Ar.TErK Paul JoHx James Chakle'. Gore, Viic. 

0. Lii:.i Xicioua, ni. 2b 1 cb. xylo, I-raaci.-. (.tn Baron | ScDLEr, b. 31 July, 1903. 

l)e Fre;nt>. o_ j^^.q^ Arthur Strange K.athenuyke David ArchibaU 

SiK Jons- Arnott, 1st Bt., M.F. for Kinsale 18.59- | Gore, b. 5 July, 1910. 

63 ; b. 20 July, 1.S14 ; m. 1st, 20 Jan. 1:<J2, ^[ary (d. 29 ■ PniLiP Yokke (Joue, 4th Eaul op Arrax, K.P., b. 23 
July, ISGO), dau. of John James McKinlav, of Stirling: I Xov. ISol ; m. 1 Marcli, 163S, J'dizabeth Marianne (d. 
ni. 2nd,7 Xov. 1S72, EsnLY Jane (Lady Fitzgerald- j 27 April. F-;99), dan. 01 G'-.n. Sir V,'iii;a:u Francis Patrici: 
AuNOTT ; (Bcsidence — Dunarda^ii, Bl.ickrock, co. 1 Napier, K.(-;.B., and d. 25 June, It^l. Issue — 
Dublin), dau. of Kev. Edward Lofrus Fitzgerald, I 1. ARlUfR .Sauxdeks Wn.LlAM CaARLES Fox GORE, 
rector of Arda^li, and d. 2S Marcii, 1>3S. His widow 1 5th Ea'.U., E.P., b. 6 Jan. J >39 ; m. 1st, 21 Feb. Is'io, 
assumed, in lyi2, for herself and her i.-suo tlie addul. i Hon. Edith (d. 3 Oct^ ly71), dau. of K&bert, Vise, 
prefl.x surname of FitzGer.ald. Issue by !st m. — . 

1. Sir Jonx Alexander Arnott, pre?. Bt. i 

2. The late David Tavlor Anioit, u. 2S April, 1855 ; | 
m. 1st, ISOO, Ethf 1 Marion Xapier (d. 21 Xov. 1S93), ! 
o. dau. of Capt. Fred. Me Jolm Bell, 47tli Kegt. ; m. i 
2nd, 11 Dec. Ic^'J.'i. Blaaehc Kniuia, o. aau. of John : 
Girdwcod, J. P., and d. 22 July. Iyl5. Kcsidcnce — ' 
Roscbank, Binslead, Hyde, Isle of Wi^l.t. Issue by j 
1st m. — 

1. John Frederic Arnott, b. 2 June, 1S92. \ 

2. David Tereuee Ediuond Arnott, b. 27 Sept. 1S99. - 
1. Marie Eth.k 

3. The late MauL'ertcu William Arnott, of Drumdlah, 
CO. Cork, J.l\, b. 14 Au!X. 1 >,'•■;; ni. 10 Xov. Bv-j, 
Eli'a -Mary (d. ISOS), dau. of 'llioiiias Arnott. of Blair- 1 
mere. Ar<.'"vll. and d. 10 iHc. PJUl. Issu.- — 



William Maule ; 
Coufc, CuUoinp- 

Begiiiaid VViiijiate. Jiesi 
ton, Devon. 

1. Bosiiia, m. SO Oct.. 1872, Capt. William Johnson, of 
OJdi.icioa, Glos.. who d. K->U9, aad has issue. 

2. .Marcaret Jane, iii. 1st, 2>i &• pt. l.-;$t», Francis 
.Au:;.i>lus St. .Maiir Sbiti, who d. -1 -S pt. 1SS7, aud 
bad i<-ue ; m. 2!.d, Aiij. i.-.)2, Maj. ll.irry Wttherell 
Itowdcn, late Wdts licgt., and has is?ue. 

{fee BODEN, E. oi) ; m. 2nd, 29 July, 
WlXiFKEti Ellex (Besidence — tea.,.n Anne's .Heau, 
WiiKi~1.1i). Eady-in-AVaiting to H.R.U. Princess Cluis- 
tian l.-;5t;-9, dau. of late John Beilly, of St. Bridgcd's, 
CO. Dublin, aud v.idow of Hon. John Mout.agu Stop- 
ford, G;- II. Gds. {see CotJKTOWX, E. of;, aud d. 14 
ilarch, iyoi. Issue by 1st lu. — 


1. I.ady MabeU Frances l:;)iiabeth. E.xtra Lady of 
the Bedchamber to Queen Mary, m. 19 Jan. IsoO, 
David, Sth Earl of .Uriie. 

2. Lidv Cicely Alice, E.vtra Lady of the Bedchamber 
to Alexandra, m. 17 ilay, lSi7, James 
■Itii .Marq.of Salisbury. 

■ 3. Ladv Esther Caroline Gcor^iana, ni. 26 July, 

I8.94, William. 2nd Vise. Haiubl^iien. 
Is.sue livmij bv 2ud m. — 

4. V> il.ifred Helena Letticc. 
1 L.i.;v .\iarv Xapicr. m. "0 July, 1SS9, Herbert 
Brisbaui Jlu.'irt, s. or Bt.-Gcu. Sir G. B. Ewart. C.B., 
B.i;., !t..-uOV. of Jersey. ll->ue— 1. Wilfrid Herbert 
Goic, lieut. Scots Gds. «• s. 01 Ollicer?. 1. Auaela 
-Mary Ceeily, m. 19)4, C. G. E. Farmer, who was killed 
in .action in France, I'Jlo. 2. Betty \iolet Esther.] 
Ke.-ideuce — ri, West Eaton Place, B.W. 1. 


pp:i:p.3. baPvOnets, bishops, axd 


ARROL. Laiy (Km's v.i.'.ow). — Elsie, dau. 
of lute Jnmos lii/ljeiison. of liic Xnlional J5aiik of 
Scotland. I^ondon ; m. 10 Nov. 1910, Sir Wiiiifitn 
Arrol, LI>.D.. J.l\, f li. con.^trvK tor of tli-;- Tay oi'd 
Forlli Biidg-.s ; '.viio f.i. '-U Feb. lOl.i. Ko-id'-n.-c 
— Bdrou's (Joiut, Bir^!iop"i3 Avenue, Wiunp-l'.ad 

ARTHTTR, 3rd Bt. c! Upper Craida (U.K.). 
Creot. o Juao, H41 ; ji.V.O. IDuO. — .Slit 
Co.MVTON- Ai;Ciiii:ALD A.i:iHi-r.. <;. of L'nd Bi. 
B. ;!0 AjH-i!. 16<;0; in. 11 Ai!<^. 1898, Kate Har- 
riet, dan. of Jforatio Brandr.n and v.idow of 
Arthur Kayinoiid Yates; i^nc. lii.s lailier 1S78 ); 
jieut. Hertford ^liIiua. ISJO ; lieut. ind Liic 
GJs., 18S0-i> : seived in J->!.'yi)lian comp.iim 
\iiA/., in Isile cariipaign 1885, aud with Imp. Y-.o. 
on staff in S. African vnr ; eapt. late Herts I.Y. ; 
pr.iv. sec, ♦^oEarl 19ii-]G , lias Croix d..; 
Chevalier do la L.'giond'Hcnr.cur. The 1st Bt. v.-iv? 
a distinguished G"e:i..\r!iO was successively govei-- 
nor of Hondurn?, Van Dienien's Laiid. Upncr 
Canada, and Bonibav. J-to.=idence — 2.3. 'yh-..- 
BoHonp, ,S.\V. 10. Ciub?— Marlborough : Carlfn. 
Tiic lato George Artl'.ur (sr.i.ithon of Ist Bt.), b. 

19 .Ian. 1351 ; ifi. 19 Aug. 1S73, Hel' a (d. 16 April, 1S7S), 
(iaii. of ,\'eale Tlicrnson, of Criinphili, G!:i?so'.v, and d. 
2<j Sept. 1S76. Jssuc — 

1. Ebwari) 5IAI.CCL1I AKTnrr., IlEii'. Tuf;?., Into li-nt. 
S. M'aics Bor.lcr.>rs: b. 1S74 ; ni. lOOr., Evelyn, <!an. 
of la*e EQuMr.i Gco7f3 Ktrr. of;j. .X.Z'. j; ■=!- 
dsncc — Strathdoon, Trrjluigiir Stie;:t, 'i'imr.ra, Is.Z. , 
Issue — ', 

George IT.ilcolin Arthur, b, IL'08. 

Edi^h Dorecn. 
i.. GcorRC 1-rcdLTick Z^eale Arthur, b. 1=^7,^. 
1. Eniiua Catherine. Charlotte, in. 1^07, Cant. JaTncs J. 
Blair, I.S.C... -.vho d. t'.O May; 1670, ana ha? ijsuj. Pv.-.m- 
dc.ici, — L>csoioaio, Ontario, CaiuiUa. 
U. A>nv iifilon. 

;i. j.kihrhe Sarah Owen, ni. 22 April, ISSO, Janw? 
Uci!! V I'Atrv, niA has ;si;ie. 
Col. Sir. .Ff.eiiebick Lkopold .M-.Taur... 2.vd Bt., b. : 

20 Dec. 1510; i)i. 2-1 .■Wiri!, I^j6, Lady Elizaberh ifay 
(;i. 2i'.d, 22 Xov. i>So, liov. Ercest Edv.ard Du^'mcre, 
\ic. of i'arkstone, Dorset, aad d. 24 F.'b. 1902), dau. of 
10th E.-.r! of Kinnou'l. and d. 1 June. 1S7S. I-sac — j 

Snt Gecegb Comptox .akchieald ARTacr., pfcs. { 

Bt. ! 

Prederka Lonisa Juliana, r.i. 28 .^pril, 1.S31. Alfred 
Edward Wiilian; Drirby {Clubs— Ka-li'lors" ; Ciir!- ' 
ton), D.l.., J.l*., S,:lop. [T;suo !ivin<; — Vrariee? >turii--l. i 
' m. Ir Jidy, 1017, Capt. 3Iord..;int L. Co] ••, :.1.C., Ilifli- : 
BrJg.j Kcsidence — Adcotc, Little Xcs*, S.'dop. j 

ARTHUR, 1st Et. of Carina? (U.K.). Great, i 
JO Jan. 1903. — !SiR JIattiiew Ap.TntJr.. of! 
Carlunc, eld. s. of Jnmef! Arthur, of Ciiilii!!:*. ' 
Ayrshiie, and Baishaw. Pentrewsiiiio, chrnui. of ; 
.Artlii;r & Co., Ltd.. by Jane, dan. of I'hi.-in.T!^ Glen, | 
of ThonduH, CO. Beiurew. B. 9 .M.ucli. ii>'yl ; in. ; 
8 July, 1879, Janet .Stevenson Bennett, dau. of j 
Alex.* Bennett McGrigor, LL.D., of Cairnoeh. | 
Stirling:ihire ; ed. at private school in St. An- ' 
drews and at Glasgow Cniv. ; ciu-niii. of Arthur it ' 
Co., Ltd., of Glasgow : Dep. Chrmn. Gia-::;o\v & 
S.W. R!y. ; chrmn. Western Iniirrnary. (.ihi-jow ; 
wa.5 chairman West of Scotland Liberal LMioiiist 
Association 1S93-1912 ; Convenor, Western Divi- 
sional Council, Scottish Unionist Assoen. siueo 
1913 ; Pros. 19U- IG; inenib. of exec, c.vnv.n.: Sal. 
Vn. Assoen. ; meiub. of ri>y. comp. ef urchers 
(King's bodyguard for Scotland ) ; D.J.... J.P., .-Vyr 
and 'Glasgow'. Re.^idetice — Fiillarlon. Troon. 
Avrshire. CUibs—Brooks's : Windh.-n : B'^xlL-'s; . 
Carlto" ; Western (Ghi^g-.w) ; Xew (IMiiibnrgh). ' 
Issue — 

Jame:= Ckcil AKriiCK, capt. .\yr»!,ir.- Y-o. : late 
liout.. 4t!i r.atl. Ainy'ii and " 5ut!,;i. Hijiili-s., : 
b. 2 June, ; m. .'•'b\b. 19U7. Ev. lyu. dau. of ' 
liinry .March-Pliilllpiis. of l"airi)y,Tiv»r:o:i. N. Ui von ; '• 
cd. at i:fon .-nil I.I.. Lii.. Oxiwrd. J;.-. ivioi^cu — iroca- ' 
t.i;w.Kil!nanii..k. .N.L:. 1-su. — 

-Matll.nv Arlrmr, b. 12 .Mav, 1909. I 

. l'a;ii 'la ihl.n. ; 

Lii.aiudi Murul, ui. 2S Julv, lO-i'. J[.:i. Arclii- 
bnlil Einlay (Clu..->--CaYaliv'; Kov. jiiji.lani Vnchl), 
>.'. Irlsli iiorse ; hj. r . r .-.. lac Ih in. Uoy . .--rot ^ Greys. 
KisidoiiL-f — ^.■.k^tl.: iu\v;ird, Xowurd, .:\r.;y!i:!Jr..-. , 

ARTHUR, Ivnt. B.ioh. Ve^ct. 1900.-— Sra 
Allan AiixiicK, .s. of Allan .Arthur, of Gla.sgow, 
and Margaret Hamilton, dau. of Andrew 
soii. civil engineer, of Glasgow. B. 3 April 
1S;j7; od. at Glasgow Acad, and :iter.-"hi.--ion 
C;istl'^ Sell. ; i.s a morelinnt in Calcutta ; momb. 
of Viceroy's Co-iuicil 1S9S-1902 ; four times prc.9. 
J]:ngal Chamber of Commerce ; SheriiT Calcutta 
189S. Ke^,idenec— Calcutta. Clubs— Oriental ; 
Western (Glasgow) ; Bengal (Calcutta). 

ARUNACHALAM, Kut. Bach. 1914.— 
Sra J'ovn.\mbal.vm Arux-Vchalam, .^. of A. 
I'onnambalam Mudaliyar. of the Governor'.? 
Gote. Ceylon, and Seliaehclu, dau. of A. Coornara 
Swamy .Afudaliyar, of the Go\er2ior's Gate.lNLL.C, 
.•;i.-ter of Sir ^futu Coomara Swamy, Knt., TiI.L.C., 
C.ylun. B. at Colombo 14 Sept. 180:3; ni. 18 
A,. tig. 1SS3, Svarnam, dau. of S. Xamasivayaui 
IMudaliyar, of Colombo ; ed. at Cokonbo Acad., 
(now Boy. Coll.) and Christ's Coll. Camb. ; 
Cv\loii Govt. Univ. scholar at (;amb. and 
Foundation ficholar of Christ's Coll. ; B.A. 
1S75, M.,A. 1879 ; Barr.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 
187-0 ; joined Ceylon Civ. Service April, 
187;> ; held various judicial and administrative 
oliicos ; Bogr.-Gen. forniany years ; sui)erintendt. of 
Census 1001 ; rose to the higliest g;ade in the. Civ. 
S. rvico and to scat.s in Exec, and Legis. Couneil.s 
of Ceylon ; ret. July, 1 91 :» ; reed. Victoria Diamond 
Jubilee gold incdal 1S97 ; is J. P. for Ceylon, and 
uncliieial police magistrate of each district thore- 
in; prcs. of Roy. .A.siatic Soe. (Ceylon branch), 
Coylo.n Reform League, of Ceylon Uni\ ersity 
-Assoen. and Ceylon Social Service League ; memb. 
of various learned soe=. in Great BriFain, Fiance 
and Gerrriany. Residence.s — Ponklar, Colombo ; 
Brindabana, V.'ana, Kelani Valley ; Tillai, 
Wflhihapilia, Chila.v, all in Ceylon. Issue 
livinjr — 

1. A. radra.inahha. 

2. A. -Mahadcva, B.A, Caiab., Carr.-a 

3. -V. Ilatn-inathan. 

1. .Malipsvari, m. 11. Si'jarajasinsarn. 

2. I'.'idtaav.iti, in. S. Pararajasingam. 

3. Sivanandara, ni. M. Tanibyah. 

4. Sundari. 

-l.-iw, Lir:Coln'3 

ARUNDEL, Earl o£. Sec Xorfolk, Dcke of. 

ARUNDEL, K.C.S.L Croat. 1904 ; C.S.I. 1890. 
— .•^ni Ai;i-NUEL T.AGG AnL'XUEL, s. of V.'illiam 
Tagg, of New Barnet. B, 1 July, 1843 ; ni. 
1875, Catherine Helen, dau. of late Jamc.-s Dun- 
can Sim, C.S.T., ;M.C.S. ; ed. at Univ. School and 
Coll. Lonelon ; B.A. ISCS ; ent. I.C.S. 18G5 , 
apptd. ])rivf.te sec. to Gov. of Madras 1S75 ; 
pres. of .Municipal Comnm. ISSO ; principal 
asst. to collector and magistrate, Vizagapatam; 
1884 ; district and Sessions Judge, South Canara, 
188.") ; collector and magistrate, Kistna, 1887 ; 
a memb. of Boartl of Re\enue 1892, and of Legis- 
lative Council, :Madra.5, 1394 ; Sec. to Madras 
Govt, in Revenue Dey^art. ISOtl ; Chief See. 
1897, and a memb. of Council 1S9S ; memb. of 
Council of Gov.-Gen. of India 190 1-C, when he 
ret. ; chnnn. of Com. of Exec. Council to con- 
siil.r Lord .^linto's ;)ropo?.-d rcfeinns 190(i : J. P. 
Surrey; assumed the surname of Anmdel 1S70. 
liesidence — GlebeGelds, Edgeborough Road, 
Guildford Issue — 

J. -Vrthar Duneau stuart Arundol, b. 4 Oct. 16t,2; 
!i.n:. A..-<.l-. 

1. Violt Uarrk't, ni. rn Jirv. 1002. Col. Evelyn 
WilJiaai .\l.vlow3 -Vori,-. A.]>.C., v.he> d. 29 Aug. 
l'Jl."i. iv.'Md.'n.:e. is.^ue— 

1 son. and 3 daus. 

2. .Marion Eraser, ni. 2S Doc. 1004. .-Vriiiib.iM .lolin 
Pii-'!i. it.'— 7, .Miti'n l':trk, Cakulla ; Cwm- 
gocdwj;:, .^iM-rysIwitli. Is.-uc — 

3 sous and "i dau. 

ARUNDELL of V/ar;lour, 14th Baron 
(E.j. Civat. i Ma\-, i'.iii,!. — Fdoar Cl.ifTuUD 
AauxutLl., s. of fate 'Jheodore Arnndell, by 
Louisa, dau. of John Hussey, of Isash t;ourt, 



rl.^^5cf. and great-Kranclson of the Hon. Thonins 
P^'vrn.iiK! Amndol!, hro. of 0th Brivou. 13. 20 
I)-.--. ISr.S; m. 2S Nov. ISO.",, LUoii, daa. of 
: i;o Join' Thatcher rnri vicJov.- of J. IMr-I- 
i;'inrnc Evans ; sue. his hin.^iiian 1007. The 1st 
jjnron hj-td dlstingiiishtd liiinself in the iinii.-iial 
army in Hunp.Trj', when lie was create I a Ounnt 
h\- kodolph II., Einpcrcr of the Holy Roman 
j-.nipire and on his roturii home was o!o\frtf'd 
ti' I iio pcerfige of Encriand. Eesidcrice — \''ardo-ai 
Cnstio, Tiibury, Wilts. 
F.rotl'iTS an<l sisti-rs of prrs. li.iron — 

I. CiEKAtD AnxHUii .'W.i'XDKLL, Hkiu rr.j:s.. J.r. 

V.'iltr, ; }). 11 Dor. ISGl ; ii'.. 9 Jan. 190fi, Ivy, o. dan. 

vi Me Capt. V. \V. Sr'trr.'vvi^ 71st Hiclilrs. itrsideuce 

— War.lour Castle, Tisbury. W ilts. issue— 
1. J.-ilm Fra-icis Arunucll, b l.-J June, 1S07. 

1. Uinncho Mary. 

2. >Jr.ry Jsa'M-lia. 
1, J<l<'vnc5.e Marv, a ii'in. 
'J. .<.raiKlMary,T.i.0Auc.l-?87.AVili!;ir!i:-'r. : I : ■ ' K 

if;.N"?-Y r.KN'El-'ICT Ar.UXPI.I.L, lilH >;.'-: ' - I. 

r v.'ir.i.'OCR, b. 12 Nov. 1804: r.i. Sn '. - 
! r--c-sCatlieri,if frJ,19.\pril, 1836). dau ci :,■ 1: rv 
i:-''-n<\ Stli lit.: 111. .?;r.l, 39 Jur;.-, i.^:,.3, H(jn. 
I li -r ?a Stourton (d. -o Ot-f . 1S7S), dau. of Wiliiam Lord 
.-•.yjvion.and d, 19 0(t. ISG'i. Is!-:ue bv 2iid m. — 
1 . JoH.v rn ANXis Aru.vr.ELTi, i ilin Baro.n- Akun-delt, of 
AY.vT-DOrE,b. 2-i Dee. IsP.l : in. 13 Ort. lsG2. AXN"E 
Li"CT (U-.'Sidoueo — Wwdour Castle, Tisbury, Wilts), , 
dm. of John Errinston, of Hi'-'h Warden, Xortiiid.. i 
.Ti.a d. 20 Oct. 1900. "^ ■ ! 


IiAiiox AKCXDEI.LOF Wai;t)OT'i;, 111 lioly Orders of the I 

( )i;!rch of Home, b. Sept. 1^'M ; d. unii!. li Jviiy, ' 

1C'07. 1 

I-suc by Srd m. — | 

1 . tion. Cecily MiTv, a imii. ; 

2. Hon. ticrtnide Jiarj-. i 

•.'tOXCKTON-AEUNDELL. Sec Galv.av, Vise. ' 

ASHBOURNE. 2nd 3:r.ron (U.K.). Croat. 4 
^■.^.\v, K^>,-..— Wii.LiAM Gii:s...s. H. of 1st Baron. ; 
11. i.i D'djiiii. lii B.C. ISOS; m. 7 Jan. l.SDO. ; 
M.iri^inno. dan. of ;Mon. Ro^cr de Monl)rison of 
]\'ris ; sue. his father 1913 ; cd. at HajTOw, 
Dublin Univ., and Oxford, B.A. 1802 ; ^LA. : 
Oxford and Dublin ; J.r.,eos. Dublin and ^Jleath. : 
P.e?idoiices — IMoorhurst, Hohawood, Surrey : 57. | 
.Avenue Montaigne, Paris. Club — Athon;euin, ■ 


Ationicy-Gon. for lolaii.t 1877-^'). ainU.Md Cl.naei-Uor 
<•! Jr. ..iiid 1S>5-G, lS-;i-i;2, :.i,.i l^DO-Oi'05; h. ■', ^•■\>;. 
i^iiT; ni. 4 Anril, liCS. liiAXci;.? .Makia Ai>i:laidi; 
(U ill.Miet — 5, Grosveijor Crescent. S.W.), Jau. of lUurv 
Cc.[.,- Colk?, Barr.-at-hi«-, and d. 22 May,lSi3. Issue— 

1. WiT.iiAT GiB-^ON', pre-s. Baron. 

2. lIo>-.ET)\rAi:r. GnAvj:s MAVNi! Gibjox.Hedi Tres!., 
.M.A., Caiab. and Dublin; r.arr.-at-ia«-, King'sJnns. 
1901 ; .T.i>., CO. 3 'Ublin ; b. 28 .Dilv. 1S73 : iii. 13 Au^. 
1900. Mari' .I'bilips, dau. of l.iie iiciirv lUissoli Gr.-;:, 
of Lode mil, Cheshire. Ut.-^ideue.-— llii^lilauds, Hasle- 
ni-.Te, Surrey. Clubs— C.irlton ; Kild.are Street (Dub- 
lin). Issue — ; 

1. Edward Russell Gibson, b. 1 June. 1901. 

2. Joliii Mavne Gibso.i, b. .lurir-, lOoe. 
". Wiiliaui David Gib.-^on, b. 22 M::rch. 1014. 

1. Erii-a Elba. 

2. Kathleen M.ary. 

3. Elizabeth Marion. 
^. Hon. Ernest Vietor Gibson, b. 3 .Tan. 1S75 : Harr.- 
^t-ha\v,KinKsInn^ 1.-90 ; -.-.t. in. -J- April. lOnr,, Ma.-v 
Wood Salisbm-v (d. 21 .Sent. V.'Or^), dau. ot .Jo.^epii b. K. 
Wood, of New Vork ; in. 2n(i, S ihc. 10 '9. Caroline, 
dau. of Frederic de IJillirr. of Xew York ; ed. at 
Trin. Coll.. Dublin , and C.i:i:i.. : bon. li. nt. in the 

■ ;tr;ny; served in S. Africa with linp. Wo.; comr. 
15.X.Y.II. since 191.-i. Ke.^idence— Knoll, rca.~!ake, 
^■..vrey. ( lr;l .s— j;:ieIi.lors' ; P.oy. !>t. Gi.orge's 

Vacbt (Kin.-r^town). l-n,'— 

.\u:vl\:i .--ii, i:;.. 

1. Hon. Elizabeth Marv. in. C June, 1 -^Oo, Hon. WdUam 
<=<-orce Al^'ar Orde I'owlett {fve I'.OLTO.s. IJ.). 
'2. lion. Vi,;>t Albin:i. 

3. Hon. F.-iinccs Maii.i. m. 2 Julv, IMl, Ale;<:inder 
Morsbursli porti r {srt Pourtn, Et.) 
*• Hon. Constance Anna. 

ASHBROOK, 8tli Vise. Creat. 30 «ept. 17.-^1 ; 
••ii^'ii vi Ca.,ll.j DurnAv, 27 Oct. 17:!;i (I.).-- 
|^':-.iJnr Tiiur.iA.s Ei.Mv.i.ii, .-. ri" T/.h \'i.->e., and 
iruucvd, U>iu. of K'jv. Sir J^h-n KobiiLson 

Bt. B. 1 April, 1S;5G; m. 18 July, ISGC, Ger- 
trude Sophi.i (d. 8 Nov. 1911), dou. of Rev. 
Sowell lluniilion, of Bath; sun. hi.i bro. 1900; 
ii It. -col. late 4lh Batt. Prince of AVale.? 
Leinstcr Recrt. (P.oy. Canadians). Tlio i-st Baron 
was Jl.P. for Kilkenny 1715-27, and for Port- 
nrlitiuton 1727-43. llc=id.?nco — Castlo Durrow, 
Queen's Co., Itclaad. Lssu;; — 

1. Hon-. LLOVv-ARra Rorkrt Fi,ov,Ee,, b. 7 

Jnly, 1.S70 : 1:1. 14 Feb. 1S09. (Uarivs Lu^-ille. iV-r.iri.-e, 

dau. of Gen. Sir George Wentwortli Ali-xind..T 

Hif:!?inson, G.C.IJ. flcsidi^nce — Cantle Durrow, Queen s 

Co. Club— Carlton. Ii=uj — 

Desmond Llov.areh Edward Flower, b. 9 July, 1905. 
Eileen .4ii"iisi'i Svbib 

2. Hon. Hi ;::ii.;ld I'Senry Flower, b. 15 Jane, 1S71 ; 

m. 10 Alay, D:-0I, JCMte, dau. of Col. Cu'iiin;;, of Cruvar, 

CO. Cavan. 

1. Hon. Frances Mary, m. 2 Sept. ISO:?, IJarrv ErncEt 

2. >[on. Fa a Coo^tance Gertmdo. 

3. lion. 

ASHBUPvI^HAIvI, GLii Zarl of. Creot. 14 Mav, 
1730; Vi-e. tft. .V.sapli, 1730 (G. P.); B.iron 
of Ashburnham, 20 May, 1G89 (Eng.). — Tiio.mas 
AsTiBUKNUAii, s. of 4th Earl. B. 8 April, 
1855: ra. 10 Juno, 1903, ifaria Elizabeth, 
dau. of W. IT. Anderson of Fredericton, Xew 
Brunswick ; sue. his bro. 1913 ; l.;to capt. 7th 
I l£u.?.-ar3, served in Egypt 18S2 (has Order of 
i Modjidie);Kon-ietinieextra A.D.O. to Lord-Lieut, of 
I Ireland. Tha 1st Baron was grandson of a dis- 
tinguished royali.^t.. Ko.sidenccs — Ashburnham 
! Place, Battle, Sussex ; Barking Hali, Xeedham, 
I Suffolk ; Pembrey, Carmarthenshire. Issue — 
j Xono. 

i Bertram A?hi!Ttrn-uam, 4th Earl or AsnEniNHAM, b. 
' 23 ISov, 17u7 ; m. S .r.i>i. ISlo, K;itherine Ciiarlocte (d. 
6 l''cb. 1.-391), of <;i>orpr.: Daillie, of .lerviswood, co. 
Lanark, and sister of lOlii Earl of Haddington, and d. 
, 22 June, 167S. Issu-. — 

1. Pi;rti;a.-.iAs!.u;u;;.vua3I, 5rL' EiRL orA.SHBrnN-nAM, 
; b. 2S Oct. 1?40 ; m. 2j Feb. IS^s, Endiy (d. 12 Fii). 

1900), dan. of Late 11. Ciiaplin, and d. 15 Jan. 1913. 
Issue — 
L.i.dv Iifarv Catherine Charlotte. 

2. T!v late Hon. John AshbnrnLani, b.O .M.'^rch, 1S45'; 
' J.r. Siisse:c, 2n(lst>c. diplomatic s-M-vicc, :a. 21 .March, 
, 1907, yi:n!d .Alary (m. 2nd, 14 2;ov. 1014, Geoifrey 

Yates Grn-«, P.r.y. Kent llejj;t.), dau. of late Charles 
Ho-al Di, .;■'■.. •'■' Ma'iias, and d. 12 April, 19ia. 

3. 1 !i'.;>-; .. - 'ViRNflAM, pr.s. Earl. 

1. 1 .l- :•:■.. ', m.3.\>i?.L<S2,Jolm.Toseph P.icker- 
slciii t' - ! -;^-ook.~'s). JJ.A., Darr.-at-!:;v,-, Inm-r 
Temnlc. 1; --jii-ucc — Cottiugbain House, Cotting- 
hain,' E, Yorics, 

2. Lady Mr.ry in. 23 .Tan. L'S3, Sydney George, 2nd 
Vise. Knutsford. 

ASKBUENI-IAM, Lady (Knt.'s widow).— ITkitu 

.\Mi:LiA, dau. of late l-'apt. George Bolnni iMartin, 

K.X., C.B. M. 20 July, 1804, Mat.-Gex. Sm 

Cromek AsHJSUKXir.-vii, who Mas b. 13 Sept. 

' 1831 ; Great. K.C.B. (mil.) 1S82 : served in 

Indian Mutiny 1857-8, Afghan war 1878-80. 

Boer war 1881, and in Egypt 18S2 ; commanded 

troops at Alexandria ; Gov. of f?uakin 1884 ; 

I A.A. and Q.M.G. S.E. district 1SS4-G ; and d. 

i 25 Feb. 1917. Residence — 105, Coleherne Court. 

S.\Y. Issue— 

1. .Maj. Crciiurr A-hburnbani, lato Kin-'s Roy. Rides, 
b. 2.j A|uil, Im'.i); m. 11 June 100:3, Eflid .Mary. dau. 
. of William Janus .Men/.ics, of Crowhurst Park, liattle, 
: Su-'s-x. 

; 1. Uritli Ainei;.i, m. l:^ Oct. 1901. Rov. J,din Brand. 
Ibsi l.nce — ['lie Vicarute, St. Marv's Pbill, Borouyli 
Gr-'.n. K-iit. 

3. EdiUia, ui. 25 Oct., 1913, Wemys.. Carbery. 

ASHBURTON', 5th B.irou (U.K.). Crc.rt. 10 
April, l.-^.!..;. — pRA.vcis DtxztL IIdv.ard Baiuxg, 
.s. of ith lUnii'. i". -•' Ji'lv, 18<;'i:in. Is:, 
25 Julv, 1S'.0. Hon. :.[iil,el Kdilh Jb.od (d. 13 

Jan. 1904), .lau. of 4tli Vise. H I (\.hom Hf.e) ; 

in. 2nd. 19 Feb. lOOH, Fraia-es. of J. C. Dun- 
.K'lly. of New Vui k ; .sue. In^ f.ither I8S9 ; ma.i. 
M.ii'iip-shire V. t'.ir.niimLis ; D.L., Soiuiiampton. 
Tlie lirst I lt \ .1^ a w. ll-knuvvn niei-c!iant, v/ho 
beeamePrt.- id, :it ut tlie Board of Trad.e in 1834, 



and wa.s ambs?9ador to America in 1S12. Resi- 
dence — The GraiiL-e, Ahesford, liant?. CIuL)3 — 
Carlton ; Tuif ; Cavalry ; R.Y.S. l^san by 1st 
n;, — 


b. 7 April, ir.'. :. ; ::i.u liout. 6cots, Gitys. 

1. Hon. Vtnttia Jiarjorie .Mabel, Maid oi Uoaoar to 
Qnecn Msr\-. 

2. L'on. Aiirea Vera, m. 10 Jan. lOlT, Capt. Charles 
Jami'S B.iLto'ir, Scots Gds. 

S. JJou. Auircla MildK-d. 
4. Hon. Violet. Ahua Madeline. 
Fkavcis Bakiso, Si^D Barox Asn^uP.TOX, b. 24 May, 
1800: m. iJec. 18;>2, Hortenso jjuccnie Claire fd. ir> 
Dec. 1S32), d:;u. of IIa,;hcs Bernard ilur^;!, Dake of 
Bassano in France, and d. 6 Sept. isOS. Issue — 

Al-rXANDER IIt7GH Uart.n'o, '!Tn Binox ASEBlRTO.V, 
b. 1£35; m. 5 Jan. 1804, HOX. Leo.voua Caiiom.n'E iRi;si- 
dence — J6. Cadogan bouare, b.W.), dan. of ildwird 
St. Vincent, 9th Baron" Digby, and d. IS Julv, 1669. 

[Ijsiio— 1. C.ipt. Stf-phcn Gccrfco, Iri^h Gds., b. 1S34 * 
T:i. l'.)14, Brid:;ot, dau. of Sainii. 1 II. F. Hole, of Cami- 
xon Manor, Xev.ark. lusidoncc — 34, Liidbroke 
S.(ii.ire, \\ .11. g. riiilin Cubitt, b. IS'^G. 3. Thomas 
rra-.c:.^ M.C., b. 1-00 ; li. ut. Irish Udii.] Kesidcuce— 
<0, W'arwjf-k Sfiuar.', .S.W.I. 

5. Jl-^n B( .itricu liayward, in. 8 April, ISOl, William 
ArchiijaM Calvert, J. P. Surrey, and ba.? Usue. Kcsi- 
d-.Dc>; — Old House, CoOihim, Uoribaiu. 



ASH.LEY, B?.ron. Sec Sn.iFTEStunY, Eakl of. 

See ALnE:TAnLE;, Earl or. 


ASHLEY, Ktlt. Great. June, 1917— Sib, Wh,- 
i,ia:si James Ashley, s. of iLe late James Ashley, 
of Eivell, Surrey, and Oaae, dau of Jonatliau 
Short. B. 25 Fob. 18G0 ; ed. at St. Olave's Sch. 

1. Francis Deszil Edwaud .Baring, i>res. Baron, and i3alliol Coli. Oxiord (Sc-iiol<ir ) ; B.A. (1st 

2. Capt. ths Hon. i-r(.!<riek Arthur Barina, re. of Hist.) ISSl ; 3.I.A. 15S5; m. 2 Julv, ISSS. Annie 
?^?-'!!,'^-^^f^'^P>--"^'v-= lic"t.o:hBait.ltoy Fnj. :\U,,._^a.ret, drm. of Gcoree Birueck' Hill, D.C.L. ; 
1S;7-J0, capt._ ifcnts >co. l'..'J;i-iO; ir.. ;iO Apnl, p,,,,;^,^ u.^cohi Coll. = Hist. Lecturer at Lincoln 

cud Corpus Christi Coils. Oxford 1S85-SS : Prof, 
of PoUiical Economy Toronto Univ. 1S3S-92 ; 
Prof, of Economic Harvard C^niv. 1S02- 
1901 ; Prof, of Commerce since 1901, and Dean 
of tlie Faculty of Commerce since 1902 Birming- 
liain Univ. ; menib. of various Departmental 
Committees lOin-lT. JJesiuenccs — 3, Yatelcy 
Birmingham, l.-sue — 
b. 30 Aug. 1S03. 
L Anuic. 

dan. of F. lloljion. iiv'i- 
Brown C;iridovi.r, Ilant.s 

1390, Laura loui=a, 
dence — Candos-er Ho 
Issue — 
Evelyn Ci.-.irc. 

3. Hon. Alexander Heiuy Bariu2,»J.P. Hants. ; b. 4 
Sept. iSC9. llejidc-cco— The Gianirc-, Aircsiord. 

4. The late Lt.-Col. live TIO'i.GuvVi-tor Bariiiu'.Colds. 
Gds., b. 26 Feb. JS73; M.l'. (C.) ior Winchr-stor; m. 
15Ju]y,1303, Olive, dau. of Hush Colin Sujit-i, of ^ , ,, , 
Mount Clare, SoelianiDtow; served in S.! Africa 1S99- ; Road. L^baston 
1900, in Br. £. ^Jrica'l9Ul, and in I'rance 1915-16, 1 1. Vi'altor Aside 
wiiore he was killed in action 15 Sept. 1010. llesi- 

cnce — Biddesden noii.?c. Andover. Issue — 

1. Simon Alexander Vivian Ba'iu;, L. 22 Sov. 1 905. 

2. Ainyas Evelyn Giles Barini,', b.21 Jan. 1910. 

3. Aubrey George Adeaua Barini',b.3Mav,1912. 

4. Esmoii,; Charles Br.iinn, b. if .March, 1014. 
1. OMvia Constance Leoncr.^. 

5. Hon. Carj'l JJiKby Baring, b. 13 Jan. 1>S0 ; Jn. 2S 
Kov. 19ri7, Ivy, dau. of llaiuphrev Broo'.co Firman, 
of Gatcforth, Yorks ; heut. Colds. Gds. U..0-7 ; 
ser\'Cd ia S. Africa 1SJ9-1902. Etsidenca— 35, 
Gloucester Place, W. 1. 

Denzil Banne, b. 24 March, 1909. 

Leonora Jacqueline. 
1. Hon. Lilian Tlisrosa Claire, m.5 3rarch.19n5.Lt.- 
Co!. Fred- rick Loch Adam, M.V.O.. n-ho d. 31 March, 
1907. Btsidence— 10. Cadou'an Squar.', S.W 

Hon. Marie Anne Louisa, i:i. 
Henry, Cth Duke of Graiton. 


10 Feb. 1S5^ 

Wiliiam i '=*•'" 

i 2. Alice Mary. 

ASHMAN, Baronetcy (U.K.). Extinct 22 Dec. 
: 1910 at the death ot 2nd Bt. Croat. 23 Nov. 
, 1907 : Knt. Bacli. iSOiX— The late Sm Fkeder- 
; iCJv Ui^KBERT Ashman, 2ni; Bt. B. 1G .Jan. 1875 ; 
' m. 5 July, 1S9S, Alice ExnEi., dau. of '\\ iJliam 

Ansell Todd, J.P., of Portisliead, \V'e3ton-super- 
: Maro, and d. 22 Dec. 1910. Residence — Clarenco 
. Croft, AVcston-sijper-Mare. 

; Sin HT:Ri;i.p,r Asi.'max. isi- Bt., s. of Thoi.-ws Xatiianiel 
' Ashman, of Bri.-^rol. B. 11 June, 1854 ; m. 2 April, 1674, 
: Eliza, dau. ot rn.'deriok Groine l.orcnzeu, of j'.ristol; 

lirst Lord .Mayor of Briscol li<09, and d. 20 Sept. 1014. 

Babon. j 

ASHCOMBE, 2na Baron (U.K.). Croat. 22 
Aug. 1892 ; C.B. (civ.) 1911. — Henry Cdbitt.,. 
E. of 1st Baron. 13. 14 Al;irch, ISi'm; sue his 
fath-r 1917 ; m. 21 Aug. 1S90 ; Maud ^rariamne, 
dau. of late Co!. Archibald Motteux Calvert, R.A., 
of Ocklev Covirt, Surrev ; ed. at Etoti and (..'anxb., 


1. Lilian, m. 24 Juiv, 1001, AViillani Leonard Olive. 
(I.^=i!e-1. LeoiijTd A.=hn:an, b. 1007. I. Jovcc. 2. 
Bnth. 3. llaz.l .Mary.] llcsidcuce— Litfleld Place, 
Clifton Down, Bristol. 

2. May l.ou•:^e, m. 21 Feb. 1907, Percy William George 
Sar-ent, F.B.C.S., and has issue. • llcsidcuce — 20, 
Barley Street, W. 1. 

ASHMORE. Lady (Knt.'s widow). — ^Dorothy 
Emily Aur.ui^TA, Jan. of late Rev. Charles John 
Kenwp.rd-Shaw. M. 14 Jan. 1S07, Sir Alexander 

Lord-Lieut, of co. Surrey smce 1905; M.P. (C.) M„,.rav Ashmore, K.C.M.G., formerly U.-^ov. 
Reigare drni. 1892-1900; It.-col. comdg. Kiu-rey ; and colon ial-scerctary of Ceylon, who d. 7 Dec. 

190G. Residence — S7, Victoria Street, S.W. 

Yeo. (lion. col. 1900) 1901-12 ; pros. Surrey Terr. 
Force Assocn. since 190S. The 1st Baron repre- 
sented W. Surrey and ^-lid Surrey successively 
in Parliament from lSt;0-lS92. Residences — 
Denbies, Dorking; Fallapit, S. Devon. Club — , 
Carlton. Irisue living — 

1. lion. Alick Gcor_'e Cubiit, b. 10 Jan. 1S94 ; lieut. 
15tn Uussars. 

2. Hun. William Uv.'^h Cubitt, b. Su .May, ISOo ; 2ud 
lieut. llov. Bras^oons. 

3. Hon. Kol.iiid C. Ivort Cubitt, b. 20 Jan. lt?09. 

4. Hon. Arehitu! 1 Ld-.vard Cul.itt. b. li. Jan. I'jyl. 

5. Hon. Ciie.rKs Guv Lulitt, b. 13 F-.b. li;03. 
GEOF.GECumrT, isr ISakox AMitoMi;:-:. I'.v., b. i June, 
182S ; m. 14 Juno, l.->:i3, L:uir.i (d. 7 Ja!y, i'J 4), d.-.;t. oi 
late Kev. Jaiiui Jovi'j, \ leisr oi Ooiivi;:^'; and d. 20 Feb. 
1917. Lsiu— 

1. Hi;N);Y CtciiT, PiVris. B.m;.)N. 

1. Hon. Helen Luura. K.^id^uec — Lyucourt, Tor- 

2. Hon. Mary Apius, ni. 23 Aprii. IrSl. l.'ev. Edward 
Arthur Chioii. ster, .\!d his J,. i:e i .s,« U-Neill. B.). 

3. Hon Advlaid.- Laura, m. ■^■i V.-t.. 1S91. Uiebard 
Anthonv Fulivr-Maitlaud, K.U.<;..S., mcmb. of Llnya's. 
Be-iideiiee— ;'.S, Uauj IMace. S U . 

4. Hon. M;l,!ri.d Sophia, m. 4 Oel. 1SS3, Ororgo Wi!- 
iisBfl Tah.uw, B.A. Oxford, Barr.-aMaw, Lluc, Inu, 

Issue — 

1. JJorothy .Tuba. 

2. Isabel Lilian Shaw. 

ASHTON, 1st Baron (U.K.). Creat. 25 July, 
1895. — Ja.mes W ili.iamson, s. of James William- 
son, of I'.i! lule!'!, Lni-.e.ister, J. P., and Eleanor, 
dau. of Leonard .'liilier, of Lancaster. B. 31 Doc. 
1842 ; m. 1st, 23 Sept. ISii9, :\lan:aret (d. 10-Vpril, 
1877). dau. of Josejdi C.atev. of Kiswick ; m. 2nd, 
23 Nov. LSSO. Je.-^sy Henliotta (d. 5 Oct. 1904), 
dau. nf Janii'S Stewart of Claphani, Y.'>rks; 
m. 3t\!, ;hi Julv, lOi.O. I'ioiviiee .Mau.ic. dau. of the 
Into Rev. R. Daniel, vie. . f 0^>i)ahhvitk. ur. York, 
and widow of tlio la:e Col. J. Lawson \\ hallej-, of 
Uicim.onit IJou^e. ].an( i-icr : M.l'. for Lanciister 
Hiv. of .\. Lanca-h::.- (UK.) 1S;m;-9.j ; D.L., J.P., 
I.ancashiro. Hu'li Siariti IS^o: J.l'., London. 
Rfsidencos— Asiiton Kail and Ryolands, Lan- 
caster; Altord House, Prince's Cate, S.W. — 

Hon. Eleanor (Elia), .m, 11 April, 159'J, William, 'iad 

Vise. Peel. 


vixiVY cou.\>i:llors. knights, etc. 


A-:ITON. of Uyde. 1st Baron (U.K.I Croat.. 

• ■, l:»ll.-— ■[■;io.\i.iS Gaiu Asktok, s. of 

.•iiii!^ .-\siitoii, ol" iivde, C}Ks:;irc, and 

.-.ilk, Di.lvbuiy, LL.D., D.L., J.i'., and 

. ■;;,, (lau. oi Saiiui-.-l bliiii.i:m (.'•nW. oi I'.u- 

• ■ Mil, Liverf)"...!. 1). 5 Tc).. lS5o : in. J !).r. 

.- . Mar^aror. dau. uf 1 ■•,..• J<.-l)!i ILmuv 

.I,;,.--, J.I'., of Kiii'js,.-r..d, W.-.tford ; ed. at 

i:,.-!A, find Oxford (.'.[.A.) : :.LP. Luton div. ol 

:!..K.' iS<).5-1911, for tl.o ir.vdo di\-. of Clie^liirc 

!ms.3 80. coiite-tcu 3.(1110 div. lc<.Sti and ]39:i; 

J.J'., Liiiics., Clii.'.shire ;;?id vJu.-~c.K. iie.-idcucu.? 

.;!>, I'lince's Gaidotis, ."j. \V'. 7 ; Hydo, Clios- 

!,ii- ■ Vinulial!, KoberUdjridgc, Siisyex. Clubs 
— ilrooks'o; iCelonn; .VthensQum. Issue living-- - 


!. 'Aon. Marion Eveivn. iii. 4 Anril. 19! 3, Maj. 
!;i..!..rt \Voo.l, 1st Rfltl." ]:oy. \V;uwic•k^». Jirjct.. 
:.. Hon. .Mar?;arut .Jean. 

ASHIO^J, Privy CoiinseiJov. Apptd. 1917.— 
il: .ii: liON'. THO'.rAS Asutox. B. 18i-i ; in. \ 
!:)■•."> ; bjv.nch sec. for tJic- Uraclford and Clii.yton 
.Ui)iLTs 1805; see. As}iton-under-I,j'nie audi 
uliiliam JMiners Assoc. 1870 ; gen. sec. for the i 
I.inca-ihire and Cheshire !Mincr.s' Fed. IfcSJ ; ', 
-h. :icc. fur the Jliiicr.-; l-'cd. of G.I5. 1SS9 : ■ 
.. n. sc-c. of the Inter, ilinerp Fed. since ISol : ■ 
j'tint sec. villi Sir 'J hoina?. liadchitc Ellis of the 
i.o.'ii;i!i;i.tion Bd. of EnghMi and X. AAalc.'c led. . 
.Vrt'.t .since its formation ItiD-L : J. P. Jlancliester. 
f'.' ■-:.!( noe — i4til, Adito)i Old lload, r>rancliet-tcr. ! 

ASHTON. Knt. Bach. Creot. 1911.— Smi 
I'.Aii-;! J'.ji'.cv As'iTOX, s. Ol liidph Shon-oek : 
.\ '.■.'•••;. ./.!••., of Lee, Ivenr, and forn.tily of Dar- 
■• •.. L.i!ic-^..:aid JV-t-- y, duu. of James .Shornxk, [ 

(lUsiilence —'.; ITon.s>' ■VS'inoli.-<=tfrt, dan. ot 
; .1. L'. Co.K.c.f.Syiih.y, .\.!>.\V., aa.l \w !o-.v of \Villlain 

.Miirtiii'i Le I'oer Xrvuch (sei? C l.\.ncaRTY, K. of), 
an.i d. ir> D-o. la >j ; iiis wi-.iow id. ;inl, 7 .Ian. 
V'l.b, Lt. Coi. r>o:iaIdCaii:i)ljell.\lr.ciaclilan,D.S.O., 
Uilii- Ljimidc. 

1. iloii. CKailort: .Vnnt, (jiroccdoiicc 1S:'9), ni. 11 
March, 3 90y, Caj't. Alan Theodore Siiiythe, and 
lias issue. 

"2. Hon. Sarah May (prccpdeiicc 18^0), ni. IS .''I.iy, 
19i)4, JIaj. Lc'.i-is iTedcrick Grecii-VVilAki^on, lati 
llille Brisrade, a'ui has issue. 
2. C:vpt. iioi:.i"osl.y <.:oiiolpi;iirrrcr.el>,T.).L., J.^.,Tip- 
perary, liiglislieri:r"l;>0 ; J.i'. CO. NVarcnord ; Intp l3t 
Dragoons; li. Jan. 1-44 ; ni. 19 Juiu>, 1 ?7.3, .Mana, 
dau.' of Sir lUchard Mii5<,'rave, 4tli Bt. Ittsidence — 
Sg!v»v.1! JIall, f iou'^-iijoraau, CO. Tippii.iry. Clu'os — 
Naval and .Miiiiarv ; Kildarc Street (Jjui).). Issue — 
I. Capt. ClUiii.i sadkir Musgrave Trencli, late 
XortLuiiibeiland Fas., b. 15 April, iS74; in. 11 
Icb. 1914. Jloiei) Cowley, daa. of tlie latelloburt 
Lidwell Browa, 01 ClMiiboy, co. Ci.ire. D.L. co. 
'I'liipirary. Cluf'— l\aval and .M.Urary. Issue — 
Cosbv'ratrick Musarave Trcneli, b. 191 j. 
; 2. Edward Cosbv J reiK-li, b. 1 .Mav. l.vSl ; ni. 5 

i Feb. 19111, Ev.lvu di" Courcy. d;ui. of !h ■ l:it 

Courcy iJauJ. il. kte H.A. P.csideiicc— Lauagour, 
Cowjciiau Hay, Var.couver Island, B.C. Club — St. 
J aaies's. 

3 Olive Kewcoiiie Trench, b. 7 July, 1SS4 ; m. 27 
Jan. lOlo. Kai^hleen ilaiid .Marion, dau. of late Maj. 
Ivan Maelvor, C.j^.!. Ivosid- nee— Cowiclian Bay, 
Vaiicouvt r Iflaiui, B.C. Issue — 

Xisel Clive Cosbv Trench, b. 27 Oct. 191i;. 
Lois Liloo'i. 

ASHUTOSH Knt. Croat. June. 1017.— Siu 
CFi.vrDHria AsKiTcsn. Pui.=;ie Judge High 
Court. Re.>idenee — Fort William, Bengal. 

ASKE, Knt. Baoh, Great. 1911.— SiJi Robeht 

William ,-\ske, s. of Edv.ard Aske, of Hull. 

B. 1S72 ; ed. privately, and at London Univ. 

B.atliri-,v;i) :v;Apiil. 180y:ni.L^(JOet. (LL.D. 1900; Lt cl. honours at LL.B., 1st in 

l^uljert F. R 

Kin;;dom and gold n'lcdallist ot LL.33.) ; 



• ■: ■ .' !..i! !l.,<.isi-. T<'tr:-s: ed. at L'ppinghani at Hull l>.9-!-19 14 ; Barr.-at-!a-.v tiinee 191-4 tcert. 
*'^ru> Coll. -MrneheHter : niemb. of the of honour); It.-eol. connndg. -Sth (C.vcHst) Bart. 

i...:''-;ive Council of India J9vil and 190:? ; pics:. ' K. Yorks Pv^-t. (T.F.) siitr-e Auj,'."l9i0; mil. 

of iiiL.- :\]iid;,g and Geological Institnte of India ; memb. York (East Ridinc;) Terr. Force Assoen. ; 

19! J. Issiu-— i contested Cenind Hull Jan. 1910. Dec. 1910, Ashton, b. 1002. 1 and July 1011 ; J.P., Deputy-Sherht of Hull 1000, 

,frrr«^,T.,T «, ,r, j 1 90S and 1 1 3 ; autiror of '''The Law of Custom 

/iSHTOV.'^, 3rd Baron (I.). Croat. 27 Dec. ; and Trade." Residence— Hull. Club— National 

!mi(). — I]tKL>ERiCK OiTVKii I'p.ENCii, s. of late Liberal 

J If!!. Frederick Sidney Clio rlcs Trench. B. 2 Ff b. 

!;> )S ; m. 11 Jan. 1S04. Violet Grace, dau. 

>i CoL Robert .AshM-.rth Godolpliiu Csby, 

of iStiadbally Hall. Qucl-u's County ; sue. las 

CJaiidfather 1880 ; ed. at Eton and Oxford ; D.L./ 

■Li'.,Gal\vay. The :Irst Barc^n sat fur u:iuiy yt-ai's 

as .\1.P. for Portarlington, in the Irish Parliament, 

he was created a Peer wiih reuiainder to the heir.s 

niale of his father. 8eals^Woodla\vn, co. Gal- 
way ; Glenahiry Lodj^'o, co. A\':\levfoid. Clul>.s — 

Carlton; KiJdare Street (Dub.). Issue living — 

1. Hon. Eobort Power Trnch, b. 27 ,\pril, 1897. 
2i.d litut. 3rd Batt. Ilov. V.'. .Surrty Kegt. 

2. Hua. Artiiar Co-'v f reach, b. ;; Julv, 1S93. 
•". Bon. JHidi.'v OiivJr Tntich, b. 1! Julv, ly.U. 
1. Hon. Grace ilarv, b. 7 .Mav. !.-'J'i. 

I'r.rrtEi'.icK JUso.v iKEXcn, 2.nd Bakox Asutow.n-, b. 
-■' J AC l.<04 : ni. 1st, 29 AuL'. Ks:il. liarriette Geon.Maaa 
'd -Jj Fib. K-4.'j), dau. of ■ll;0iiias Ce^i-v, of StmBiuilv 
B:iU, Qa,..on's Co.; ni. 2Md, 10 Iil>. 1.^.^2, Eli/.al,ctii 
<■'!. .:', Feb. 1593), dau. and co-li. o[ Itieliard Oliver 

ASKWITH, K.O.E. (civ.) Great. 1911 ; C.B. 
] 909.— Sip. LJeokge Raxke:} Asfcwith. s. of. late 
Gen. \\'. H. Askwith, col.-eommcU. J; .A., and 
Elizabeth, davi. of George Ranken. B. at V\'al. 
tham Abbey, 17 Fob. 1S61 ; m. 20 Feb. 1908, 
Ellen, dau. of latj Archibald reel, of AVestlea, 
Broxbourne, and v,-idow of Maj. Henry GJrahara, 
20th Hus.' ; ed. at Marlborough (memb. of 
Coiuieil) and Bra'^euose Coll. Oxford (schol. and 1st 
cl. hist.) ; Bair.-at-hiw (Inner and .Middle Temple) 
1886 ; K.C. 1908 ; .steward H..M. .Manor of the 
Savoy ; co-ansel Commrs. of Works 1900 ; counsel 
for the British Govt, in the Venezuelan arbitration, 
and held the post of junr. counsel to the Treasury 
in I'eerage claims ; asst. sec. Board of Trade 
(railway dept.) 1907 ; British plenipo. to tho 
International Copyright ConlVrenco at Berlin 
1908. and signed the Convention on be half of 
H.JL Govt. ; apptd. Comptrolkr-Gen. of 
Patents 1909, but did not assume the duties : 

|^ne,ofBadiugton,Vor:s-.lure.andd.l2Sept..l^S0. ,Con,ptroller-GVn. of the Comm.reial. Labour. 

and Statistical dipts. of Board of Trade 1909 ; 
ehrmn. Fair W^i^es Advisory t'onunitioe since 
lOUi ; r. ei ived hen. freedom of Weavers' Coin- 
p:>.ny and City of London 1911 : hon. D.C.L. 

1. The late Hon. Frederick Svdm.v Chavl'S Trench, b. 
!•< -April, is;!9 : in. ao April, Km.7, Lady Anne Le 
''■■IT Tnnoii, dau. ot ard K.!.rl of Clanoarty, and d. 2 
M.>rch, 1879. Issui' — 

1. FiiKDti'.icK Oi.ivrRTuF.xfir, pros. Baron. 
'^. Uou. William Cosby Tr ucli (precojeiice 1889). 
J.I'.. CO. Linir-rick. ; lifah :-l.-ri!f l.--i)J : b. 23 .Ian. 
1n;0 ; iM. 7 Sii>t. 1-9.;, Frur.cs Elizab- tb, o. daM. 
(•: Willi' r Tavler N v.-run Sh:i.v:^ 'J;>\kii, t>.h., oi 
Castlr Taylor,' co. Caluay. l;i-.ddciice~Clo:iorlioy 
<"a»tl.', Kiitinanr, co. bieierick. Issue livin;; — 

1. W.-iJitr Fred rkk OUvi.r Trench, b. •■„• March, 

2. Alqcrnon Olivi-r Trench, b. 22 June, 1990. | 

2. 'I'ln luti; Hon. bydu, V Tivuch (jm. ciilence 1S.S9), 
I'- ti Jwi. Ib77 ; ui. >ov. iJdJ, Elinor Jliiry 


Oxford 1912; ehnnn. of Industrial Council 
1011-13; reported on labour locislation of 
Canada on bel-alf of Go\-t. 1012; ehrmn. of 
Govt. Arbitration Commitec updur Aluiiition.-f 
of War Act, lOla-17 ; .Mayor of St. Ives, Hunts, 
1014 ; chief Industrial Coninr. since 1911. Resi- 
dences — 12, Hans Crescent. S.W. ! ; O.ik Knoll. 
Sunninpdale, Berks. Clubs— .-Vtiicuwum ; United 
I'niversity. Issue — 
Betty Elkii. 



PEERS. i>Anox]:Ts, Bishops, and 

ASPINALL, Kut. ri^^x. Juu.^ 1-.)17.— Sik ASSAlYLdst) Lord Bishop oj. Cons. 1915. (F-.u., 
Joiiy Aiuj-cv i-'i-K.-'.-.;vici: Asi-in.u.i.. s. uf the 1015.)— J'iie Kt. Kkv.JIkh^ert Pakenham 1'ai;. 
late John iJriiig'j Aspiuall, JUoorder ol Liverpool kxuam-Walsh.DD. a. oi the lateRt.Rov. ^^'illia^l 
18lj2, aiia Ikrtha \\'\ alt, dan. of J oLn Audloy J uc. PivLen!>ain-WaL-li,Pp,or Ossory. P.. 22^[ar. 1871; 
JJ. 25 Aug. loji ; ed. at L^eauinont (JoU. ; .M. IJirkoiiJicadScl-.ocl and at" Triii. Coll. Dublin • 
Eiig. Liverpool I'niv. ; m. ~ Sept. 1S71, Ger- ; m. -JS Dec. 1910, Uara Ridley, of Cauoii 
ti-udo Helen, dau. of i-'raucip Schrader, of Liver- l-'iaiiciaCarliloHayes.Pxectorof i\ah'.»ny,co.Dubliii; 
pool ; ^\■orii3 lUanager of t'lo Great .'ioutlurn and ord. 189G ; joined the Dublin Uiiivc-r^ity .Mis.-iun 
AVcsterti Pailv.-ay Cu. of ircland's luehicoro at Ciihota, Xaginir 189G ; nriiicii.:d of tlio 'i'richi. 
Works 1875-3 iiS3; Lccomclive Jliii^ineer G.S. iiopoly Coll. 1'904 ; warden of Bishop Cot ion 
&. W. Ry., Irelaud, iSo3-G ; Chief .'I'cehanical ' Schoo'l, Bangalore, 1907-1. 'i ; organizing gt^. 
I'^ngincor Lanes. & Yorks. J-ly. Co., lSSG-99 : Church of ICugland iMen's oocy. fur S. Ind 

Gen. IManager Lanes. 6: Yorks. Ry. since liiOO 
Gen. Manager Dearne Valley Ry. 190S-1G ; 
Managing Director since 191G ; I'rcs. of Institu- 
tion of Junior Engineers iUOO-1 ; Clunin-. of 
Faculty of Engineering Liverpool Univ. 190S- 
15; Pros, of Institution of Mechanical Engineers 
1909-10 ; rneiiib. of Ry. Exec. Com. shico 1912 ; 
Vif>o-Pres. of Institation of Civil Engineers 
19IG— 17 : lion, iiicmb. of American r^oc. of 
Mecli. Engineers ; was responsible for elecirilica- 
tiou of Liverpool and SoutLport Ry., the lirst 
main passenger line to be cieeuilied in England, 

iiucy __ 

on RaiLvays ; Lt.-Coi. Engineer and i\ait\vaySiutl: ! g^ Prince's Gate, 

(!orps ; lias long service Yolunieer and Terri- | J^'eform I'^^up 

torial decoration; K.(j.H.St..J.J.IO. ; Knt 
«)f the order of JyCOiJold, lielgimn. Residence— 
tikdhiU, iSeftoj! Park, Liverpool. Issue — 

I ; also lor electrificalion of ilaachcster and apptd. a Jud^^e of 
y Ry., lOlG ; nienib. of various commissions clences Turv-illc 

1911. Assam is the 13th diocese to bo founded 
in the Ecclesiastical Provinceof India and Ceylon. 
Residence— Shillong, Assam. 

ASTSURY, Knt. Bach. Great. 1913.— Hex. 
Sip. John Meik Astucry. s. of lato Frederick 
James Astbnry, J. P., of Hilton Park, Prestv.ich, 
Lanes. B. at ivranehester 1-i June, IS'.iO ; 
m. 19 :>Iav. 1S88, Evelyn, dau. of Lite Paul Sus- 
mann, of Munehoster ; ed. at Oxford (3LA., B.C.L. ) ; 
Barr.-at-law (Middle Temple) iSS-1: beuclier 
1903 ; Q.G. KSgo ; IM.P. (L.) Southport 190G-10; 

the Iiigh Court 1913. Resi 


lleuley-on-Tiiaines ; 
tUubs — ALheiuoum; 


ASTLEY. See Hastikos, Bau. 

ASTON, K.C.B. (mil.). 


1913; C.B. 

1902. — Bkig.-Gen. Sip. Geouge Grey Aston, 

1. John I'iiiit'c Aspinall, b. 1:3 Aug. 1S77 ; lu. 1 
.\pril, 1012, ?.:.:;rv, dau. oi Jmu's lJi;Vi'iif. Jlesidence- 
.Vcw Hull. Hmlow, Es.^'X. 

8! Edmi, w.Si\-iei,t. 1002, Smdlcr J. Yuiiu-; and )i;is j "^ ^'^^-o Lt.-Col. Henry Aston, Ind. Army, and 
i!?suc. Kej-ideucc— Iticliiriond Park, Shollald. Katlienne, dau. of Rev. A. Faure. B. at Cape 

3. Viok-t. I of Good Hope, 2 Dec. ISGl ; m. 1 June, 1909. 

j Dorothy, dau. of Vice.-Adml. William AVilson, of 
! Clvffe Manor, Swindon ; ed. at W'estmr. Sell., 
ASQUiTH, Privy Coirii3eilor(E.).Appt. 1892,(1.): aiid R. ^;. Coll., Greenwich; ent. Rov. Marino 
ftppt.i9l0.— Rx.Hon.HlkbertHl-nuy AsQirixn, Artillery 1879, cnpt. J88S, maj. 1S9S, brevet 
s.of Joseph DiNonAscphtli, of Croft House, Morley, : It-col. 1000, brevet col. 1905, col. 1913, brig. -gen. 
Yorks, and Emily, dau. of Vviiiiam Wiiians, J.P., i I9ys_i2 ; emi^loyed in Xaval Intelligence De- 
of Hudderslleid. B. 12 Sept. 1S52 ; m. 1st, 23 I partment of the Admiralty 1837-90 ; p.s.o. 
Aug. 1877, Heion IvelsaU (d. 1891), d;ui. of Fred- ■ 1S91 ; professor of fortification R.N. ColL, 
Click Molland, of Manchester ; m. 2nd, 10 -May, ; Greenwich, 1890-9 ; D.A.A.G., Siail Coll. 1901.-7 ; 

stati, S. Africa, 1908-12 ; 
. under Union Government of S. 
L-vicc Admiralty, 1913-1-1; 
.A. with temp, rank of 
class, mod., lit. hum. and Craven scholarsliip) ; ' briir.-g n. 1915-17; .servedin Soudan 18S4:(medal 
Barr.-at-law 1870, K.C. 1890, M.P. i-uo (East) , and clasp), and S. Africa 1899-1900 (despatches, 
Einco 188G; See. of State Home Department ; medal and 2 clasps, brev. ll.-col.) ; comd. force 
1892-5; Chanc. of the Exchequer 1905-8 ; Prime • occupviug Osteiid, Aus. 1914, and British forces 
Minister and First Lord of Tiea>U!y 190s- in arid around Dunliiik Sent. 191-1; A.D.C. 
10; Sec. of State for War April-August, j since 1911 ; F.R.G.S. Residence— East ney Bar- 
19U ; Lord Rector of Glasgow Umv. 19li5-s ; of \ raclcs, Portsmouth. Club— Xaval and Military. 
Aberdeen Univ. 1908 ; and an elder brother of i Issue — 
Trinity House since 1909. Residences — 20, I 
Cavendish Square, W. 1 ; ^Vha^f House, Sutton 
Courtenay, Abhigdon. ( lubs — Athena-um ; j 
Brooks's ; Xational Liberal ; Reform ; Scottish | 
Liberal (Edin.). Issue by 1st m. — I 

1894, Emma Alice .Margaret (.Margot), dau. of .'Sir | brig.-g'-n., general 
Charles Tennant, Bt. (iee Geenconneb, B.) ; | spocially employed i 
ed. at City of London School and Oxford, of whicli | Africa, "l912 ; spec. scr\ 
he was a scholar and fellow ; B.A. 1874 (1st ci. > commandant of R.M. 

1. Thomas Southcote Aston, b. 24 June, 1910. 

2. William George Southcote Aston., b. 14 .M:aLh, 1010. 

1. Dorothy .Southcote. 

2. .Margaret bouthcote. 

1. The kite H;iymoiid Asqusth. b. Xov. I^Tj. ; Barr.- 
at-law ; lieut. Onu. ; Ods. in. -o .lulv, lJl.17, IvalliL-riuu 
I'rancos, dau. ei sir Juhii UernLr, K.(.'A .U., and was 
killed in artiou in rrraeo l.j >• i-t. 'Oiii. lUsidi-nce 
—40, IJethord jiiuarr, "\\ .»'. 1 -r. - 

1. Julian Asquidi, I.. 2J April, loir.. 

1. Hck-u Prances. 

2. Perdita ilosoniary. 

2. Herbert .\s,tUi!li, b. 11 .March, l^.-l ; It. R.F.A. 
ill. 28 .lulv. Jt'iO, I.ridv CvuliiU, 
nth Earroi \Yeiiiv«. K«idfua — ^, l^us-jx i: 
X.W. 1sm:c— 

3. John .Mkhjil A^MUith. b. 7Mav, 1011. 
2. Michael H.iirv, A>.iuiih, b. .iJ July, lyl-J. 

3. Arthur Melkmd" Asuu-Ili, U.S.O. and Bar., 1 
April, l.')S2 ; couir. K..\.V.K. 

4. ivii! Asiiuith, b. iVb. 1^00 ; cai-;. C'le; n's \ 

1. iiewi Violet Axiuitli, in. :in .Nov. lOlJ 
.'•laurice Lonhaui l.iner, K.C.B. 

Issue by 2nd tn. — 

5. Anthony .^-uiitji, l.. lo Xoveml-er, 10'.'2. 

2. LliZiibctli Charlotte Lucy. 

ASTOR, 1st Vise. (U.K.). Great. 29 June, 
1917 ; B.uiON AsTOE (U.K.), 29 Jan. 1910. — 
William ^VALDORV Astor, s. of John Jacob 
Astor.of Xew York. B. 31 March, 1848 ; ed. pri- 
vately ; m. G. J line 1S7S, ^larv Dahltrren (d. 22 Dec 
1894), dau. of James Williain Paul,o'f Philadelphia ; 
Barr.-at-law 1875; U.S. Minister to Italy lSt>2- 
........... I 85 ; naturalised British subject 1989; was 

( Hugo, j raised to the Peerage as Baron Astor of Hever 

"•'<*. ' Castle i.'i the County'of Kent, and creat. Viscoimt 

. Astor of Hever, the followuig year. Residence — 

; Hever. Castle, Tunbridge Wells. Clubs— Marl- 

24 I borough ; Carlton. Issue — 

' 1. Maj. ilo.N-. Waldorv astok, M.P., b. 19 
May ISTO; ed. at Kloa and Xew Coll. U.M'ord : in. 
lOuO, Xancy, duu. of thiswcll JJ.-buny Lan!:;horn, of, 
Virginia, aiid widow of Jiubort (.iouiJ ."^liaw ; .M.i'. 
(C) for PiyniOiith since lull. Itesidcnccs — 4, 8t. 
James's .■square, S.W. ; Cliveden, Tap'ow, Ijucks. 
Issue — 

I. Willi na Waldorf Astor, b. 13 Aug. 1907. 


rt.nci.s navicJ T.nnuhoii!.-^ A=tor. b. 5 March, 1<.'12. Wil!i,iin WoO'lincr Sfanner, F.R.A.M. T<>uo— Wil- 
3 Mi baclLan.;!iorno Astor, b. 10 .April, 1010. i liaTa Lionel .M.>roi!iin. b. 5 March, 1902. Monica 

1 \:-r(ev Fhvlii-* Lonisc. i Fr.inccs SoQMjiviiic.] Hosidcnce — 52, Vi'arwick Park, 
" 7' ilon. John Jacob Astor, 1st IJic Guards, b. ; luubiiJgi; Wolib. 

J?nl^^^f A,.'!^ S^'m.^S^iSo^r.^i:'" : ATHCLL. Sn. Duke OL Croat. 30 June 1703 ; 
'jibcrt, 4i;h £ari of ^finto, K.(i., and widow ol Lord • irarc;. of 'rulhi^archne, 1703; ilarq. oi Atholl, 
Ciiarlos Mercer Nainic v!-?c LaXSDOW^-e, 31.). Eesl- , 7 Feb. 1C70 : Eurl of Tulabardine, 10 'y, 
dcncc— 11, nvdo Park Terrace, ■SV. 2. | IflOG ; Er.rl of Aiiiol!, 17 Feb. 1G29 ; Earl ot 

1. iron. Vav\m\ m. lOOi, Capt. 11. H. Spendcr-aav I ptrnthtav and Eail of Strathardle. 1070; Vise. 
M.r. Late -IvA Life Guards. Kcsidr.nces--21, Hill I lY^], .^t},i,ye:- ; Vi?c. Gisnalmond and Vise. Glon- 
Strect. W. ; Tord Manor,, ..urrej . , l^J^ , .^^ . j,-^^^^ ^.^^^^^.^ „. ^^^^ .,^ jp^g, . g^^^^ 

ATHABASCA (4th). Lord Bishop of. Cons. • Gj,,]:, ig06 ; Baron Balquhiddci-, 1606 ; Baron 
IPl?.. (Fouu. 1S74.)— Rt. Rev. Edv.^in Fkf.d- Bnl\enie, 1076 (all S.) : Baron Stranco, 7 May 1G28 
r--ucr: Bovrsa, D.D., s. of JTohn CrA^lr-y Rnbin?. ! (E.) ; Baron Rercv. 23Xov. 1722 ; Baron :Miirray 
B. 11 Fob. 1870 ; cd. afc Chi-.rch Miss. Coli. ; ■ and Earl Strai-^e,"' 18 Aug. 1730 (G.B.) ; by which 
ord. ISOi, priest 1897, mi?s. Punjab lSOi-97 ; 1 titles he holds his s.?at in thy House of Lords ; 
curato St. James', Paddiiunon, 1S97 ; Vv'id- j Baron Gienlvon, 17 Julv, 1S21 (U.K.) ; C.B. (c.), Bath, 189S-1001 : Vicar of Thorpo-lo- j 1917 ; M.V.O-, 1002; D.S.O., iS&3.— John 
Soken, Colchester, 1902-10; Inc. of All Saints, ! GEoncE SrEWAHT-McniP.AY, s. of 7tli Duls;e._ B. 
Atiiaba-'ca Landing, and dioce.-r.n sec. and ore- | 1.5 Dec. 1871 ; sue. Jns father 1917 ; rn. 20 .July, 
uma. chr.plaiu to Bp. of Athabasca lOO.VlO ; ' 1899, Kathcrine Marjory, dau. of Sir Jarne^ 
flrchdn.of'Athaba-sca 1910-12 ; m. 1897, rior?nf^c i Henrj' Kamsov, 10th Bt. ; ed. at Eton; brcv., dau. of Rev. Georgo Ilifi, of Sunder- i niai. Roy. Ilor.^e Gds. ; lata Black Watch (M.), 
land. Residence — Bishop's House, Peace River , brisr.-gen. : hon. col. oomdc. Scottish Horse 
Crossing, Alberta, Canada. Club — Church Ira- | (y!) ; hon. col. Liverpool Scottish Batt. : served 
perial.iL ■ ^-ith Egyptian armv in Soudan camprii:rn 1898 

^n^r.rrx-^-rc. i i. -Cr ^ .v , r li ^ r^ <■ 7 (despatches twice, 35.8.0.), and in the S. African 

,„fJ^^OxJE 1st Ean o£ a.L.1. Croat. June, i ^^^^^ is99-1902, during- which he raised and com- 
J'^NVn iVo'«-^rAr- rn- % =; r?' l om ' i ^^^^nded the Uvo Re^ts. of Srottidi horse (de. 
K.C.V.O. 180S: C.M.G. 191,; D.S.O. 1901.— , . , in Franco 1914-15; m Dar- 

.ALV.XANnER Arot-sTL-s FuEDHRiCK Wii,li.amI ^ Exped 1915. and in Ecrv^t since 1915 : 

ATrKi:D Geop.gz Cambk ncE, s- ci ri.^. Francis. ^^ ^}^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ j^-^^^^^ ,9,5, ^^j ^j 

?o?.f w P w -P 'aw .V aIa."'; m r W* ' tl^at on organization of Terr. Army 1906 ; inemb. 

1904. H.R.H Princess Alice ot Albany TH.R.H ; ^^^^,^ ^^ ^^„^.^_ advisorv council on horsebreeding 

i.nd lh%. in the .V Atr.can war lS9y-1900 | ^.^^, ^^^^ afterwards distincnii.-hcd 

and ml-rancesmce 1914 (despatches) ;assurned: supporters of the Jacobite cause'; the 

by Koy. K-ence the siirname of Cambridge in hcu -^^;j^i 1 ^^^,_.l^,^^ ^^^^.^ ^^,^^^ through the 

of his patronymic at tnc same t^rne as th.e peerage i, J j^i Plantagencts, Stuarts, and Bourbons. 

was conferred ; K J.H.St.J. J.E. ; ^rand 1 ,j,j^^ ^^'^ j^^^,^^ .^ 1865 inherited the eldest co- 

de la Legion ^ ^onueur ; Grand Cordor de : j^^i^ship of the Baronv of Latimer with one of the 

ordro de Leopold (Belgium), and Croix Mih- ; ^^j^^j^^i ^^ the -baronies of Scales, Play.. 

taire Residenc.^Henry III Tower. ^^ 'ndsor , ^^^j^^^^^.[^,_,,^^l L,j,,^ ^l^^^^j,,^ j,i., ^.^^^t ^^^^^^ 

1 astle. issue— ^^^ j^.^ j^^^,.^, ^r Xprtimmberlaud. Residences— 

RrrrKT AT.HXASi>r.R Okoroe ArousTcs Camdriik.e, ■ s.j Ea'-on Plar-o s W. 1 • Biair Castle, Blair Atholl, 

S5av^?n'E^,;ilKlif^;i906. ! -\ bunkeld; ^Perthshire Clubs -Carlton ; 

I Bachelors' ; Caleaonian : Marlboronen ; ^a\ai 
ATHLTOINEY. 2na Baron (I.). Creat. 14 Dec. ' and IMilitary ; Xcw (Edin.) ; Pros- of Royal Aero 
1SC3; Bar.m Mcredyth (U.K.) 3 May, 1860, j Club. 

by which title Ir^ holds Iiis seat in the House ( .roiix Jamts llrau IIiiXRY SirwAnT-ilt-RKAY, Txn 
of Lords ; Bt. (I.) 14 June, 17iS. — Jaiies Hep.- : Di:ke 01^ Axiior.T,. K.T.. b. (? Am. tsio : in. 29 Oct. 
EERT Gt-aTA\a-s :Meret)Yth Somerville. s. of 1st \ 15'">3. Louisa (>l. ^ XnW. 10 i2). dan. of .sir Thomas Mon- 

Baron. B. atSoincrville, 23 Mcirch, 1SG5 ; sue. his '■■'V'^'V Il!\l;^„ l' '<*;''' 'n;.Tr,.«., »^- t,- c rmlr,- 
r *i, 10-n 1 ^iT I i ■ n TA„ r< 1 1. JoitN tiTORiJE ^T^^VA^!T-MVRRA^ . prrS. DnKe. 

father]8/3;cd. atHarrow;«ma,.roIds.Gds.;i g ^^^^ j ^^j,, j^^,^. Thomas Stmvaut-MiRRay, 
As.sist. Provost Mnr.=:ha!, Rome Disr. smce 1914; • |{f.i,^ Pkk-;.. Ca-noroii lUslilrs., b. !■< Aug. l'*7'.>; 
served in the E_'yptian mniy. in the Soudaa Cinn- ' servid in S. .\i'ric:i 10^0-2. 

pnipi 1896 (En't'lish and ' Eu'vptian medals, 2 1. J^ady Doiojii, a Louis:i. ni. l"ol>. ] -^ •.>.'.. Col. JlMroId 
clasps, the rNtedjidie and thn Osinnnieh, des- i Goodcvn Uir.'ul.'-Bri^e. .M.V.O. (Club— (!ii:irds ), late 
patchos twice, and in the S. African war (m.-dal ^ « '■V'.'.iv',, ., -^s n,-^ loi.-, David VkAMvlu- Tud. 
and 5 cla.p.) : A.D.C. to Ld.-Li.ut. of Ir.dand l,^^J^,:;;:Cj"rjM{ 
1895-1902; .).]■. Month. This i. a brauci, of 3V Ladj Ev'lvn. 
t'ne Scoiti-ii lamilv of Somcrville. Residences — 

Romcrville. Balrath. co. ^le-xth : 3, Clmrles ATHOLSTATi, 1st Barou (U.K.). Creat. .Juno 

Street. Berk-lev Square, :Mnvfair, W. I. Clubs— 1917; Ki.t. oach. 1008.— Tlrc'r Graham, s. nf 

Guards" ; White's : Turf : Kildure Street (Dublin) Robert W. Chaiia!!!. of Huntincrdon, Quebec. H. 

^■'iLLiAM Mkredvth SoMFUVir.t.F,. 1ST JJaron' Athic.'i- ISJulv, IStS; m. 17 March. 1892. Annie Beekman. 

NEY, a di-Unsiii^ind onuor aii I .st;.i.'>::i:vn. b. l-il2; dan. of R.b.vnrd Hamilton, ot .^[ontreal: ed. at ilnn- 

rn. l?c, 22 1).c. 1S32, Lady Maria If an i-t ronyiiJiliaui tinadon .\cadf>mv, Quebec; hon. LL.D. Glasgow 

l^l-J ll^^'^-l^.^'V '.''.'"'• ""-^Jf' ^\"''"''•r "'Iv ';?rr^'\''",'r ^^'^^ ■ pres. .Vlontreal Star Pub. Co.. Ltd.. which 

^^^'^[,r''h^r,'^^\^)'''^vi^ Tn^-^ "^^ publishes the "Montreal Doily Star." "Family 

^.ri::.nU^iA::^'::.;:.Tl>.^l^^^^^ iVeraUl and WeHdy Srar.'' and lar,.dy int.i.sted 

1. Jamfs ilEr.rEiiT Grsr.ivcs^s. Uaron. m other intluf^ntial journals ; vice-j>n>. i iiiinrens 

1. Hon. ifary Anne lilanchc. licsidonec— Brooniliam .Memorial llosp. He was raised to the Peerage 

F.arm, Battl-. ?t!--5'-\-. as I3arou .VtliMlstan of Huntingdon in the Pro- 

2!.- m.30A^^l.l>^ti,O!n^l'■s ;,^^ f Qu. !..:■. ar.d of the City of Edinburgh. 

3. Hon. Cecilia Louisa. Kv.l Jeuco— Broouhara Farui, Clubs— -Moimt Royal (-Montreal); bi.. James s. 

Br! tie, Su.'sc.i. . Issue — 

i. Jloa. Hor;-noc Emily F.",nc;3, in. C Apdl, 5001, ITon. .Vdco.l 





ATKI". Knt. Bach. Cr^.-t. 1913.— Srn James 
RioiAr-i/ AxKi.v. 3. of latr- Rob-^rt Travels .Vtkin, 
ot r.^rij!i;il, oo. Cnrk. 15. IS07 : m. Liuy TMz.i- 
I.-^tli, fiau. of Williarii H'lnmant, of Puliinbi, 
.S.^vcnoaks. lortrisriy Onloiuai trrosurcr, Oii'^'iir^- 
laiid ; '■fJ. at Oil! ist C'olli-'gs, Biveoii, niid Oxioni ; 
Bf:vr.-nt-iav\-, Grftv's Inn, IS31, b.^ti'lior 190o ; 
K.C. lOOG ; appifl. a jwiicr; of tlio Kiiiir's })-neh 
1913. Rosidonce— li, Evtlyii Gardens, S.W. 3. 
Tisue living — 

.'[ary Norah Grnoc. m. 30 Cci. lUlo, .James Lewis 

i'ugii Macnair, liout. K.I'.A. 

AXEINSON. Baron (Life Peer). Crcat. Ii> 
Dfo. If'Oo; P.C. (E.) 1905, (I.) l«r,2.— JoHv 
AiKiNsox, .s. of Edward Atiiin^c::, ?.i.D., J. P.. 
of Gk-ii.villiani Castle, co. Linifriek. B. l-*} 
Deo. 1S-1+: n.. 1" Jan. iST3, Rou-;nft(d. 22 
March, It'll), dau. of P.icliard Cluitc, .M.P.. of 
Tial^e: ed. ar. Diib.'iri Univ. : LL.D. : faii-d 
!•-> the Irish Bar 1805, and at The lunei- T>'nip!:> 
IJGO : K.C. 18.S->, benchi-:* Kins:':5 liiP.s i^--.") ; 
ber.cber Inner Terrnle 190(5; S<ib>it...r.* Irn. f-u- 
Ireland 1SS3-92, Attornpy-Gen. 18y-_» and ISO.'^- 
1905 ; Lord of Appeal in Ordiniirv, \vitli tiu> 
ntie of Bfiroi; Atkinson of G'enwiHiani. i9i)5 : 
M.P. Xnrth Londonderrv 1895-li)0.j. Ro^idi-nc' 
—39. Hyde Park Gate. W. 2. Clubs— Carlton : 
Kildare Street (Dnb. ). Issn? — 

1. Ron. Cocit Thomas .-Vtkin='r>n. b. 2S0''t. lS7fi; 'ii.A. 
nntiin. T5;irr -at-!aw, Kina's Inn, 1911 : K.C. 1914 ; i.i. 
Aucr. 3;'t3, 1'lorc-ncQ, dau. of Golir.y T.')v>i;u-<- Tavlor, 
J.t'.,oi Granaevillc, CO. Wc.xforu. it.\s!j'>!icr« — Drum- 
many, Greysion.s, co. Wieklow ; 49, Lower Lcison 
.■5trHf(. Puii'in. I>*ii<- — 

T. John Owiirov .VtUin^oii, b.lS .Tn.u. lOlo. 

1. Doi-oUiea £r.ii!v Mar\'. '_'. Row, i-.r. Cvcilin. 

2. Th l.r, Cant. Hon. Ihetor .loan .Vtkiiisou, Kov. 
Iri-h lus., b. 3 Juil'-, ISra; ni. »> Soot 1910, .Sihyl, of late G( erg.' Ma-nice Ji'v-jrs, of lrieJ!o;\'>., co. 
Cork ; • ■ d d. 2 • M y, 1 Jl 7. Is.-ue— 

Olci Tiowcna Maa-le. 
.3. Maj. Hon. lliib.M-t P.owan Atkinson, Connr\!)i'h 
Ttansr !•>, b. 6 Oct. 1852: m. 30 Tan. 1907. M.ahrl 
Coralie. dau. of Lite Goorae G, rard Tyrnll, of Dovor. 
Is=;ii; — 

iKsinond Gerald liowan Atkinson, h. l.S F' b. 1912. 

ATKINSON, K.O.S.L Oroi.t. 1912; C.S.I. 
190S.— Sm JoHX X.vxi'.\KTF.t, Atkinson-, p. of 
Ipt'-- Richard Atkinson, of Temple Sowr-rby, Wost- 
'.uoiland. and EHzab-'^tli CnthcriiiP, dan. of Kov. 
John Riiodts Pitter. B. nt Temple Snv.-i-iby. 
16 Mcy, 18.57 : m. S July, 1SS5, Constance, 
daii. of Rev. Eobort J. Banks, of Don.-n.^tfr : ed. 
at Marlboroudi : ontd. I.C.S. 1S7C : Cc'Mecior nn! 
insf;i5tr2te 1S94; an addni. memb. of Lf^ai-!. 
Connoi! of Madras 1901. 3. .ind 5 ; moir.b. of I'o.ird 
of Revenue, iladra?, 190S ; menib. of Counci! of 
Gov. of ^Madras since 1909. Residence — Holy- 
bourne Lodpre, Alton, Hants. Club — E. Indi;-. 
United Service. Lssue — 

1. Geor:^e Eich.-xrd Atkinson, b. 5 April, I'^Sfi. 

2. John Littledrtlt; Atkinson, b. T Feb. 1^^S. 

1. Jlary Bridget, iu. 21 Got. 1914, Capt. K. l.eyi.ornr 

ATTERBURY. K.C.B. (civ.). Creat. Juno, 
1917 : C.B. (civ.) 1010,. — Sir FRiii.Kr.i'-K .\Trrii- 
BUKY, s. of Benjamin John .Atiori)ury. B. 
19 Oct. 18.53 : ed. at Xortb London Collegiate 
School; in. 10 Oct. ISSO, Charlotte, dau. of 
Thomas Lawrence Rorbes ; Barr.-at-la-.r. Inner 
Tem]»le. ISSO : e:it. Civil Service, Inland Kevcnuo 
B.'-'pt. 1S72 ; Coinptroher of Stamps ;.,:ul Taxt;,. 
Ireland. 1901-3 : Assist. Sec. Inland Revenuo 
130.V9 : Secntary, i'ontroUcr of Stamps, and 
Registrar of .loint Stock Companies l'.»09-i:> ; 
Cf>ntrol!er of H.M. Stationery CJ-.rK-e .<inee l'.M3. 
P.i.-idorico — 2, Uj.per TerraC'^. ri,u.>i'-teai.l IKiUii. 
X.W. tluij — Union. Issue — 

Prid-rkk Wulfr Atteiburv, b. 12 ^uv. 1.->jO ; IJ.A. 

Cainb. : IkiU. 11 X.V.r.. 

EAni, or. 



AUCKLAND, 6th Baron (L). Croat. 13 Xov. 
17.><9: Haron .Auckland (G.S.) 22 May, 1793. 
— F!";dkrick Colvin Gr.onoE Edhk, s. of 5th 
Baron. B. 21 Feb. 1S9.5; sue. his father 
1917. The bironies of Auckland were ori- 
L'inally confeirei on Wiliiatn Ed"n for his ser- 
vices c; Trisli si^<;rotarj% ambassador to France, 
etc.. ; the 2nd B;uon, having bi.-fn Flr-t Lord of 1 ho 
.•Vdr.iiralty and Gov. -Gen. of Itidia. rec >ived au 
Earl, lorn, which boearn'; extinct ;it his d^-Tth, 
while the baronii;s pas-sed to the urandfatherof : lie 
present, peer, who was Bishop of Sodor and Man, 
and subsequently of Baih and \Ve)ls. 

ROBflUT JO'tN^ ET1E\, 3llD B.VUOX AtlCKLAXD, I).V., 
biiiiC))) of D.iHi and WelU lr.54-iS09 : b. 10 .Tuiy, 1799 ; 
vii. ir> S>pt. lS:i.5, Mary Cd. 2.5 \ov. 1.S72), dau. ot 
I'rancis E levari Kurt, of" .Al 1 rw.tsky, Derbyshire, aad 
d. 25 Annl, 1S70. Tssiv^ — 

1. \Vir.i.rAM GEoriCiE;x, 4Tir Baron' Auckland, b. 19 
Jan. l>2v) : m. Ut.i Oct. I'^.'w, Lncv W-al anke (d. 18 
Mav. l570),dau.of .Toba WalJiank ' Chil br.s, of C.amlev, 
Voikj; in. 2ad, r, .luiv. 1^72. Maivl Eaiiiy (d. 7 
Xov. ].e72),ilan.oi llrh Had of Wmcbil? a : tii. ?.rd, 
20 .T:!h-, 1S75, Editli (ii Miriiee— SfOfiP Pitts Grange, 
.■^■al. .S venoaksi, ilau. of Sir U'i'.lia'a El a. firh P.r., 
and d. 27 Fei). 1S90 : liis widow m. 2nd, 10 June,lS97, 
"liiiipSviiions, Issue — 

1. V\'ii,T,i\?.r JIORTox Ede.s-. Sth BAnos Auckland, 
b. 27 .March, l^JO ; m. 2 .Vpril. 1--01, Svnit CoN"- (KesiileiiO'^ — Howard Jtoad. r.onraeinouth), 
dan. of tho late Col. Goorse j.lorland llultr.n, C.B., 
of Gate Burton, Linoolushire : and d. 31 .Tui,v, 1917. 
I.ssue l!vi(i2 — 

FnF.OKRICK CoiAix Georok Ede>t, Prk3. Bafox. 

2. lion. G.-of." KdiMi, b.29 Mav, 1^01 : in. 19 Anril, 
1.=:^.;. Viol,>t I'owMt, dau. of Col. the Hon. 
Cliarl.'S Kowl- y Hav-Dru:nmoiid (iee KiN-XOULt, B. 
oil. rv05ideiif'"-s — Rcacrofb, Lonsicross. Cbertsey ; 
fi, Croinwcl! i'iace, S.W. 7. Club — Uov. .Autoraobiie. 

1. Gfoflrcv -Morton Eden b. 17 Fsb. 1S91 ; licit. 
Cth Bait. .S'lrr-v Kepi. 

2. Tor :r,ce E lea, b. 3 .N>.v. ls>2 ; licut. 9th K.O. 
Ro-.-. LnncsRegt. 

1. Ivv Mauvle. 

3. Hon.' Robert F.v.Ivn Eden, b. 1 Mav, 1.576; ed. 
at E*on ; c pt. Club— Tia\i h r^'. 

4. Hon. Asldev Moiiand Eden, J. P. co. Duriiain ; b. 
:, Ai;;;. I'f73. Re.=ia'-iice— Stone. Pitts Grange, Siral, 

1. Hon. Uulcibella, la. 1 ]S=!.5, Robert Nassau 
Siitton-X,-!; lier;)!-, and has issue. RcsideuoL^ — Scawby 
Br'iT'j. Lincoln.siiir\ 

2. Ib>a. -Vgnes. llesidtuoo — Ford Uoiis?, \Vangford, 

5. Hoji. Marv, la. 10 Feb. 1014, Go'ifrrv.eth Vise. 

2. h I If- Hon. Robert Henlev Shaw Eden, 
b. 25 Sept nib -r 1>40 ; r.\. 27 Nov mb r 1862, Jessie 
F.!I"a, di'i. of Rev. Fr'derink Hiidyard, rector of 
Swarniinstoii ; and d. 2^ l)ee. lOlij. Residence — I.landriMo. Merioiiftii. Issue — 

1. i'obert IliMyard 11 ul y Iv i. ii, b. Itj Dec. l.?fJ3 ; 
ni. 14 April. 1SS7. ilaud EiU? Mary, dau. of lato 
Baron Otto voaGuttenl'^rtr, of Bavaii.i. Re5id.;nce 
—Temple Cowl.^-, O.-cford. ls.suc — 

1. Buleib.-lla. ui. 29 July, 1914, LI. A. Hagh- 
Jou's. MinJstrv of Fiivinee, Cairo, 

2. I'livllls iCi.anor, ni. s .Tulv, 191.;, R.ibert lleurv 
i;vin-. Kesidiuce— Evlon" ITall, Leoniin^ter. 

3. Bettv. 

2. William Annesley Ed.n, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., b. 
21 .April, iJ^t'.S ; ni. 23 .Tan. \^9:>, Mabel Louisa 
Honifr.av, dau. ot latr Sir Robert Pins-.-nf., K.C.B. , 
11.C.L. " R..'=ii.-:!c.— M.irbury House, Birch:jcld, rdnninabaia. l^su — 

1. Edward Ilii dv.ard IMen, b. 1 .Aus. 189«. 

2. R..h.rt Anivsl. v E.Ieii, b. S Mav, 1900. 

3. G 'o.-.'e lIen^.n■ Ed. n, b. 3 March. 1914. 

4. Frederick Reeve Ed. a, b. 30 Juue, 190S. 
1. Frsula. 

1. Mib.l K.ate, m. 25 Jan. b^OS, Lewis Alexander 
W.iM:!.- :-, ail 1 i. w i-<Me. n.-M-!. iie.-=— :o. P.n.-kin!j- 
b.iii!t;at.-. .'S.W. 1: Ifa.vfo.-d Reuse, 5Vcr'f>ster. 

2. Alice Marv, »n. 5 Nov. 18>9. K-'V. IlaroM S-'iitli, 
.M.A. (t"U.-"— 1. >rurirl, m. 7 Tunc. 1917, Capt. 
.T. A. HijL'^ Walk.r. 2. Aiidrev. 3. Svbil Mil- 
dred.) i;..>j(kii..o— Hi;..;ey Rectory, Dudky. 

AUCKLAND (N.Z.^. (6th) Lord Bishop of. Cons. 

, 1900 (Foun. ISll). — I It. Rkv. .•\.LFf{r:i> Wat.ter 

; AvKr.fLr, el.l. s. "f Ifenrv .Averiil. of StarTord ; ed. 

Oxfoid (L:.A. 1NS7, .M..V IS91. D.D. 1912); ord. 

' ISSS; cur. St. George, Hanover Sipiare, ISSS, 




of 7Tr.!y Trinity, 1S91-04 ; vie. St. 
IMichno!. C'iiri--tc!:'irci!. X.Z., ISOt ; huii. cauoii of 
Chii^tclmrc!i, X.Z. !j;)2; Aichdii. of Ai^aroa 
1903-9, and of Christchvirch 1909 ; iiishop of 
"iVaiivpn 1909, tnu. jlateil to ihi^ .soo, 1914. Tiie 
diocese iiicJiulos tiio nortiirru uikI wo^t'irn divi- 
sK-n of th<; nort.hprn i^latu! of N.Z. 'tciideneo 
— iiiihopscourt, j.'arnoii. Aucklaiid. X.Z. 

AUDLEY, Barony. Great. 8 Jan. i:'12-.'); in 
abevancf tinco the doatii of 2 1st Jiaron, 1872. 
The late CkopvGE .fori>f TniciCN-E5';ii Touchet, ^'xa 
Barok .Acr-r.r.Y, b. 23 Ja-.. 17.-:? ; m. IS April, Idli'., 
Atiiio .Tnuo (d. Is Au'.'. i^.l.">>, t]:v\. of Vici-'Adm. Sir 
lioss D'vin.-llv. K.C.B., an.l .!. ] 4 .i.-ui. 1>37. l<in<^— 
The i.ATi^ (.Jr.oi'f.F r-Dw.\r,r> Tocr!;>:r, 21>t Bahox 
AUDLEV, h. 2«1 J.".!i. 1.S17 ; in. Jf^l , M Ap;i!, isr,7, Ki.iilv 
(fi. 1 Ajrii, iSiiOj, (lau. of Ccl Sir J.ivinu'sronc . 
Miiehiil, K.ll. ; m. 2u(i, 1.5 IVh. IsG.x, .Marfr.-inc Anne 
Hudsou (d. 22 Aut:. 15SS), widow of Willing 
?p.!itl!, nwl (3. 18 April, 1S72. issue— 

1. IfoD. M'.rv, 

2. llOJ. L::,nl>v 

AUSTIN. 2.T.1 Bv. (U.i:.). Croat. 16 July. 
1894. — ,SiR William .AiiciiAEi, Bvaox Austin-, 
s. of l5t lit. B. 27 Xov. 1S71 : m. 3 Sept. 
189G, Vioiot Irene, dan. of Aioxandr-r Fra-.-r, 
J. P., of •\Vestorfiold H.-iise. Ipswich ; sn<^. his 
f th?r lOO'i ; ed. at 8t. l!i-do'.s Coll., .Maneho^ler, 
Applefoi-t!; Coll., York, a>id Canib. ; J. P. Yorks., 
W'.R. ; Yorl:?.>l liriiz. Tran.aport 
ami .Supply Col. 1909. Club — lli!:lin;jham. Is<:uo — 

1. 3or<S Uyrox Fr.v>ER Au-VXIN", b. U July, 1S97. 

2. \V!ll;:ini ilonald Austin, b. 2jJ Julv. ISiJO. ; 
1. M-M;i- Ir-iis. G\V(;iidoliii.-;. 

•2. Vi,.: ' Coolly. ! 

3. Xu-'.-] \;iivi Jano. i 
Sir Joax Acstin", 1st Bt., M.l'.. J.P., b. 9 Maich, ! 
1S24 : r,i. ls.-,ii, A^ (d. 31 .M:iv, lOiO), dan. of SaiiiU.d , 
Standidi.' livioi), J.l\, of WisC Avion, Vorks, and d. ■ 
:!.) M'.rn., lOn.;. i>?,u' livin-— 

1. .■-i;. V. K.II.\M MlCiiAI^L I'.VUON, pf.s. Bt. 

2. Joj.n .sriiiidish Thomas Jo.-icph .Aiistin, .M.A. Canib., ' 
J. v. Vorks. W.K. ; b. :J0 March, 1875 ; i.i. 1 1 Air^. 1 908, , 
G\v:;!.l..)]yni; Auhrc'y Bovoil.y, dau. of latP Carl. B. 
Bevi'd.-y Kobiusoii, of Hyde Ludsi.-, Winchi it r. 
Kr;iideuce---Viiie House, tJiuat Ouscburu, York. 

lS!5U0 — 

1. Jolm .Standi.-,h Beverley Austin, b. G Au?. 1909. 

1. Aubrey .-ilary, 

2. Janetta Aftncs Gwondoiyne. 

3. .Tosrph Kdui'-d An.-.tiii, b.'s April, llesi- 
dcucc — 5earliort.i:jIi, Yorks. 

1. A'„'n?i ilarv Pliilonirna. 

2. Eliz.ibeth Hannah Mary, in. 3 Feb. 1802, Louis 
EuRem AVill, and is^^ue. llesidence— Kincraig 
Hoiise, 2avn. s Park, S.W. 

3. Fra-ccs'Man.-. in. l.~;9S, .lolui Honry Charl-i Br.kcr. 

4. Kni'-;eiine Jane Jlary, iii. 2ii Juno, ii)ii;5, \i'illi;im 
BeniiiiJ .Srhlof-!.ior, wlio a>junifd vhe uanie of Siesser 
by d'.'td jioll in of bdiloo<>fr, 1014, and has issue. 
Bo:-i.lcnr, — G, IVud.ridgo Crescent, W. 11. 

5. Ali.j Eloaiior Mary. 

AUSTIN, K.B.E. Croat. June, 1917.— Sih i 
Hebbekt Avstin. ; 

NORTH-WEST AUSTRALIA, (1st) Lord Bishop 
of. Cons. 1901, Toun. 1910. — Jlr. PvEV. Geraru : 
Trowlk, D.D., s. of lato Kev. Arthur Trower, , 
rector of St. .Marv-at-Ilill, E.C. B. IST.O ; rector 
of Christ Churoh, Sydney, X.S.W. 1895-1901 ; i 
Bishop of Likomrt (ro"-nam"cd Xya^jaland), British 
Cent. Alricp.-I90 ]-!(). wlioa he was translated to ■ 
thi.s see. Kcsicionco^LJronnie, X.W. -vudtndia. , 

AVA, .Earl of. .Soc; Di-ffhrik, MAP-OfEss or. 

AVEBUEY, 2acl Baron {U.K.'. Cn-at. 22 Jan. . 
1900; Bt. 9 April, KSOti. — lon.\ Birkbeck 
LuBnocic, s. of 1st Baron. B. at Hiu'h Ehns, 
4 Oct. ISr.S: sue. 1,1^ uah.r I !U :; ; ed. at 
Eton nid O-xi-rd, .M..V. ; L).l,., Kent: partner 
foutts.t Co., bankers!. lUvidcrues — 4s,Gro»venor ' 
Street, W.I; Ilisjli Ehns, Down, tuid King's- 
gato Castle, Tluinet, Kent. Club — Arthur 's. 
Sir John- willum l.rnijocK. 3o,i> Bt., vioo-pros. o( 
Ihe Rov. Sociitv, b. iJf. .March, isii;; ; in. 29 .hnio, K>i:!,i, 
Harriot, (d. cj' K, b. Ks;:>i. d:ai. ot l.t.-Col. Georse ' 
HoUiahi. of Voik, and d. 21 June, 16f.6. Issue — 

1. Jonv Lubbock, Ist B.».nos- Avunuiiv, P.C , LL.U , 
D.C.L., F.R.S., b. on April, 1,=!:.M : m. Ir-r, 10 Anri!, 
ISoO, Bllin Franc'^s (d. 2.) Oot. 1879), ar^-i. of P.ev. 
P.t-r Hor-'k-rn. oi Charbon-oura-flardv, Linos; la. 
2n1, 17 -Mav, l.ssi, AtrcB Aur.u^^TA LACiir.NTK Lisv, 
(R'-idonoiS— Kin:.'.-'_':'.to Castle, Bl.; of Th.aa.t : iS, 
Gro-venor Street. W .), da'i. cf i,itf; Gen. Ans'i-tis 
Hoary L.-^.n'; Fo\--r'itt-!livr=:, of llusluuore, Wiiis, 
and d. 2.S Mav. l'.'!:J. Is^'io i.y 1st n,.— 

1. Jons- BrcKiMtoK Luhsock, n^-''^. Baron. 

2. Tio:^. .\o:.'.r.iX Lubbock, m.— "::?;^., h. lo 
D'-.^ IS'Vl ; I'.r- lieut.. ord MiMx. \ el. Ali. litil- 
donee — Porev Lodue, Lasc Sheen. 

3. Tl;e late lion. l;oli- Arthur Luldiook, h. 10 .=.n-)fc. 
l.Sr,;-, ; 1,1. 10 .M.wh. 10"!.i.\ ri!.-idonoo— 9. 
Sirdtli Srpiar.', \V. stnan-iti-r, S.W.k dau. cf late 
Thomas AclaudLe.'.vford.aadd. 11 M.iv, IfiOO. 

1. Hen.Aniylia.'-i! -t, III. 1st,].-, Marc'i', 1377, Andrew 
Mnlliolland (see Dn.vLKATK, B.), who d. 2 June, 
1S77: i>i. -Jnd, is di. I.s,s4. Fordin-ind Siiviiarji 
V.^n Zandt. of Now York, who d. 2 Ma'oii, 1.^02, 
[Issue by 2nd m.— 1. TTororiife, m. JfO"n5oy-Gr.:nt. 
jM'sidoueo — Thp (tlil, Carlisle. 2. B'-'i-iar.] Iicsi- 
d'.-nce — Percy Lodge, ICiist Slioen, S.AV. 

2. Hon. GiTinido. Be.sitleuce— 4, La-.vr.jncc Man- 
sions, Chr!?i';l. 

Issne livi a, bv 2iid m. — 

4. Hon. liarol I Fox Pitt Liibbook, B.A. Ca-nb. ; 
lieut. W. Kent Yoo. ; b. 10 June, i>.-^>t ; ed. at Kt.jn ; 
ni. 10 June. 1014, DoroMiy, dau. of H. W. Foistsr, 
M.P.. of l;:xl>;irv Manor, Soi'th.-mipton. Issue — 

John Lubbock, b. 13 .M.av. 1915. 
J. Hon. .M.aiiricc Vox Pitt Lubbock, b. IV Oct. 1900 ; 
ed. at ]'/.)n. 

3. llon.Cr.^^iila, m. 22 Oct. 190G, the lato Lf.-Col. 
Grant Pull, C.n., Black Watch, who w:is kill d in 
r.r(io:i u .^opt. I'.HL Residonco— 10, Mulberry 
Walk, Cholse.a, S.W. 3. 

4. Hon. Iroiif. in. 5 Dec. lOO.i, Ldward Ilcnrv Pel- 
hain. .\ssist. gee. to Board of TMuca'ion. [Issue — 
1. Honry .ToLn, b. 1907. 2. Lric Thomas, b. lOl.j. 

1. C.-itlvriuo Alice. 2. Ir^ne .Joan.) ".^sidoncc — 
3, A-hbuni Plac,,-, Soinli Ken-inston, S.W. 7. 

2. The late llonrv Jain-s l,ui>i.oc.c, D.L , J. P.. b. 7 Feb. 
1S3,S ; m. t( May, l.sO", Frances .Mary (Residence — 
65. Eaton Souaro. S.W.), dnu. of Ki'V. Henry 
Turton, of Br-' Ir.y, Stairs, and d. 2.'i 1910. Is.-u? — 

i. Honrv Lubbock, b. 27 June, ISO.S ; late lieut. 
4th Batt. Br,!s. Root. 

2. Mo.j. G"f,rfrev Lubbock, X. SoirifTsotshire Yeo. ; 
b. 18 May, 1873; ni. 13 Xov. 1907. Mar- 
guerite Agaranthe. dau. of late Col. Ch.aries. 
W. Miles and widow of Sir Charles Ti-nnant, 
1st Bt. (sf.? Glsn-coxneii, B.l ; ed. at Eton and 
O.xford : lato capt. H' rts Imp. Yoo,; served in S. 
Africa 19X1-2 ; High Sheriff co. London 1S94 and 
1807. liesidoiicrs — (iloncoimrr, Xorrli B.-ruick ; 
t.rerniiili, Warniinsier, Wilts. Clr.b.s— Bath ; 
Brook.-'s. Ts-ui — 

1. Peter Goolfrov Lubbock, b. lO.Lw. 1909. 

2. David Miles Lubbock, b. 5 Marf-b. 1911. 

5. Lieut.-C.ini.Buporl K-,','rton Lubbr.'-k, R.X., b. 7 
Mav, l-sii ; Ti!. 18 Dee. 1912, Vera l.=abel, dau. o! 
G. R. \Vin_'io\o, et vh-i'i^iui. Is-uo— 

Rnprt Jiinv s Lnbbcok, b. 21 April, 1910. 
!Nancv Diana Mary. 

1. Evelyn Mary, m". 26 Mav, lJ597, John Verity, 
who d. G Apiil, 19.\t. and is=;uf>. 

2. C,'cil Blanobo. m. 9 Juno, I'Sss, Rivorsdale Fr.-in- 
cis John Grciii.ll, J.P. (Club— Guards'), late Colds. 
Gds., and has Issue. Residence — The Hall, Wel- 
wvn, li.rts. 

■i. .Marmara Muriel, v\. 17 .Inly, lOOfi, Emesc Tat- 
hani Ki.lunond, K<rvptian Civil Service, and has issue. 

3. Moiitasu Lubbock, .M.D. Lend, and I'aris. .M.R.C.S., 
F.R.C.P. ; b. 24 Mav, 1*42; m. 1st, 14 Xov. 1S72, 
Lora (d. 1 Aug. 18>2), d.ri. of Capt. Goorsjs 
Hothain. R.E. ; in. 2nd, 1 Fob. l>^so. "Xora. dnu. 
of Xottid-re ClmrUs Macnamara, F.R.C.S., of The 
Lodge, Chorloy Wood, Herts: ed. a; Eton. Resl- 
doiice — 127, Jiount Street, W.l. Club — ..VtlieiiKum. 
Issue — 

.Mont.'ssu Holhani Lubbock, b. 11 M.av, 1S76 ; la^? 

lirllt. B.X. 

4. Fr.d.iick Lubbock, b. 1 M.av. 1S44 ; m. 11 Xov. 
].^<'>'.), CatbiTino, o. dau. of .lohn Gurn.n-. of Earlham 
Hall, .Noriollc. Ib.-^ s— 2.!. Calecau Gard.-ns, 
S.W.3: Kfiurotts Ide Hill, Sovonoaks. Clubs— 
.Arthur's; .->!. .r.i'i.'S's. Issu.- — 

1. Maj. Guv l.ubbook. R.E.. b. 9 Oct. 1S70 ; m. 
16 April, ioi-J, Lilticc Jsabolla, dau. of Rob.-rt 
Harvev Mason, D.L., of Xeclon Hall, Xorfolk. 

Joseph Gnv L-ibbo k. b. :^0 Jlay, 1015. 

2. Cecil hu'.biiol;. a li.-iit. for City of London and 
a director ,•( llo' iianis of Li;_';.ind ; b. 15 ]'■ b. 1K72 ; 
1.1. 14 April. 1-nis, j-.litli, dau. of hi'o \n\. Charlc? 
Welluii^iou Furs,-, urohdn. or Wosluiiustor. ResI- 




dence— 17, ( r.\n1-v GarJons S.XV. 7. Issue— 
1. i;.,r).-il(l f.ubbock, b. :U \h.y, VjO^.. 

1. Cynthia'. 

2. Joan C'r.;;. riiic. 

1- 3. Mnraar:'. ifi'Stcr. 
4. V\r,u. 

3. Saiiu!.| Uur-i. y Lubbock, M.A. Carub., b. Aii'„'. 
1S7':; !.--i^t. .;a-'.tr at Kton Coll: in. -Jl !).■.:. 

• IM... Ir-M- -•'h.uTcr. 

4. Pcrcv L'.i! t.'^':>b, M.A. Camb., b. I Jaae, 1879, 

5. f:ov'I,ul.t.(.;k-, b 1S92. 

6. Al.-iri Lu>.i)<-.r:<, b. 18U7. 

1. Vicl'.t (;'.rii. riu.% ni. 7 June, 19).'., Ciiar!e3 
Evflvn rvni, lale 5ih Lancers, and has issue. 

5. The inte Alfr •'. l.iiU.oclc, b. Gi Oct. It4.'> ; in. 1 Oct. 

1874, LL-;i;-a. d..u. ri ('.'haTi.=; V.'aHroMi. :rr! !. IT -liilv, 

19I'>. Bcsidencc— Kilmarth Manor, Par, CorinvaJl, 


1. Alucd Basil Lubbock, b. 9 Sept. 1S70; in. 13 
.l;t)i. 1912, Dorotliy ilary, dm. of laSi Charl.-s V. 
Mamcr, C.B., ani widow of Coniir.r. flioinas I'lric 
Ihyvne.V.SAsei'BAid, Jfarq. of) ; od. at Kton ; i^ 

' - an'si'.tlior; r.iomb. of N'aval K"c.-i. Sec. and Xa'iti- 
caJ Jloscarch Soo, ; Ucut. R.F.A.'i'iic- — 
Th? Manor Hcu?f>, Hambi-, Kants. Clab;- — 
ViOv. Automobili ; Hoy. T'owey Yau-bt. 

2. ilrilin Gordon Labbock, b. 12 April, 1SS4 ; in. 
29 j!!!y, 1912, "SUry, dan. of ):.U- Clt '.monl Living- 
ston and widow ot William Wialitinan. 

1. Ines Ab'reda, m. 16 Jan. l'"--!. Harold Tdwanl 
Suajips, and has issue, llv^:;doni?c — '>V, Hans Cr.-s- 
ccnt, 3.\v.l. 
C. TholaieEdsnrLubbc';k.LL.Ti..a li-ut. for Citvof 
London, Hie;!-. Shcrifl co. Liiiroln 1>)7; b. 2J IVb. 
1847 ; in. 2-j Jan", ISSG, Amy y.::\.\] ion (in. :::id,2.-| 
March, 1014, John, 2nd Baron iCo-tov-ui,o. d:!U. of 
Christoph'^r Gilbert rcacock, of Grcatford IJa'I, Lines, 
and d. 9 S^p^ 19 "17. Is^uc— 

1. Xanry Intiana Franci'S Ciroiiae. 

2. Biidfii t Gian Myfanwy. 

3. Maripold Rosemar\' Jovce, 

1. Diana Uo'hani, ni."ll Sopt. 1S5G, V.'illif.m I'owc!! 
TLodnov. wi>o d, 10 Juno, IJi'n. and had isMie. 

2. Honriitta Harriet. m,li» June, 1>7-^, YrryUcv. John 
Jo.«eph r.ol.nnson, ?J.A.,Dcan of Belfast, who d. liUC, 
and has issue. 

AVELAKD, Baron. Sec Axcaster, Eaul or. 

AVt'N, Baron, See Hamilton, DrKS of. 

AVERY, gnd St. (U.K.). Croat. Doc. 1305. 
— Stn V^'iLLiAM Ei'.ic Thomas Averv, s. of ist 
P.t. 15. 16 March, 1.S90 ; .=^110. Ins fatlior 1008; 
capt. A.S.C. rvotijcnce — Oakley Court, ^^. 
Sir. WiLLiAsr Bkilby Aveiiy, 1st Bt., b. 20 Anril. 
lK.i4 ; in. 1st. 27 Feb. l^>9, Anna Louisa (d. 17 .Ian. 
1902), dan. of Francia Bell, of Londnn ; in. 2nd, S 
Sept. 1902 SrzASNT: >rATL'll.Dr. Jr.y.K (m. 2i;d, 6 :>'ov. 
1911, Michel Marcliiloi.ian, iiie!iil). (■! thi'! Koninanian 
I'arliaii.cnt ; Kcsid.ncts — 44, Bue Solieflcr, Avenue 
Henri Martin, Paris; n, IXno. La-ear Catarai, 
Bncluarest. Koninanial. dan. rf !:;tf Pierre Cr.fs, of 
Paris , and d. -^-i Oct. ICO-'. Issue— 

1. Sir \Viil!\m Ekic THCJfAS Avkkvt, pr.\=. Bt. 

1, Sybil Griev:?ve. 

2. Monica Maud, 

AVONI'IORE, Vise, Croat 1 Jan. 1801. ]•::;- 
tinct at the death of tlio Gth Vise. " Sept. 1010. 
The late P.auky Join YrLvr.r.TOX.Sr.D Vise. Ave s-M(ike, 
b. 21 IVb. 1870; m. Ist, isn. Jan.- (d. Or!. 1.-21), 
dau. of Tlionins Booth, of Wliit.'liaven : ni. 2!i(i. 1 Anj. 
lt.22. Cecilia (d. 1 Feb. 1.-70) dau. of Ch.arlos O'Ktifc, 
and d. 24 Oct. 1-.70. Ib-ne — 
The late William c.iarles Yelvkrtox. 4Tn Vise. 
AvoxMOKK, 1.. 27 Sept. 1S24 : m. 2!! June, 1>.)^, 
Kinilv Marifinne (d. 2< Xov. I'J:'*'?), dau. of Ma}. -Gen, 
Sir t harlis AsiiwcrUi, K.C.B., and nidov,- of Edward 
Fortes, F.K.S., and d. 1 April. K':.-:;. Issn--— 

1. The late Bari-.v Xit.ent VrLVi.r.TON, r.rii Vlsc. 
AVON.MOUE, b. 1 1 F'-b. !.-.'.9 ; d. unr.i. l:i lei). ]--r>. 

2. The late .Xlgkp.non- William VKi.vKnT.ix. oth 

ANT) L.tST Vise. AVONMOKE, b. 19 -N'i'V, 1 -Ce, ; m. 
17 Dec. 18r.O, Mahi-.'.. S^ka, ^ir.i. ..." *;..!-, Evans, : 
of Gortir.erroii.oo. 'I vroise, and firrr. rly of Toronto, 
Canada, an.i d. :i ^ipt. lylu. ls>ae — 

Hon, Evilyn Maiianne .Mai)el, ; 

_ AVORY, Knt. Rach. Cre.-^t. 1010.— Hox, 
f^ii". Ileii'.AOE Edmikii AvoiiV. s. of Henry Avory. 
15. :j1 Aug. isol ; 111. April, 1877, M.u in Louisa. . 
dfvu, of tho late Heniy Castle, of Wandsworth ; 
ed. at Kini,''s Coll., Loud., and Cr.mi). (seliolar, 
I.L.TJ. 1S74. Hoi., Fellow I'Jll); l!.u-r,.ut-Iaw 
(luner Temple) 1S75, K,C.-1901; Rcoorder of. 

Kin^Rton-on-Thamo3 1902-1910 ; junior oouusel 
to tho Trensurj^ at tlio Central Criniinal Courc 
IS^iO-tiO : senior cor.n.scl 1.S90-1901 ; judge of th" 
King'.s Bench Div. of tho Hisili Coiirt since 1 Get. 
1910; hon. LL.D, Camb,^19ll. Kcsidonco — 
20, Giouecster i^quaro, ^Y. 2, Ch;l>5 — United 
Universities ; Garrick ; Athciiffiurn. Issue — 
Dou3las llcnrv Avorv, b. l.s.'<0. 
, Phyllis. 

AWDRY, Lady (Knt.':; widow).- — Kat'ierin}; 
Louise James. M. 1 June, 1901, as his 2nd wife 
Sir Rickard Davis Awdp.v, who was b. IS 13; 
creat. K.C.B. 19<'i2: accounfp,nt-gon. to the Xavy 
1890-1904, and d. ■< Oct. IGIG. Sho m. 2ndlv. "l 
Xov. 1917, L. J. P. Garman, lieiit. A.S.C. llesid- 
once — 63 Victoria Road, Kensington, W. 8. 
Issue — 

1. Bichard Trevor Worthin^ton \wdry, b. IQOi. 

2. Charles Dui'daie Awdry, I). 1900. 
1, Mary Evelyn. 

AYLE^FOPvD, 8tb Earl of. Croat. 19 Oct 
1714; Paion C-uernsey, 15 March. 1V03 (E.).— 
Chakees WiGiiTWicK FiKcn, s. of Gth Earl. B. 
7 Juno, 1851 ; m, 1st, 4 Feb, 1S7.3, Hon. Geor- 
giana Asnes Bagot (d. li April, 1874), dnu. 
of 3rd ".aron Bagot ; na . 2nd, IG April, 1879, 
Ella Victoria, dau. of John Ross, and -widow of 
Capt. James Wingficid Linton, of Hemingi'nrd 
-Abbots, liunt.s ; sue' his bro. 1SS5 ; hour col. 
4t}i Bait. South Staffs. Regt. (res.); lato mil. 
rnenib. Warwick Terr, Force Assocn, ; J. P. 
Kent ; D.L., J.P, Warwick, The 1st peer (s, 
I of 1st. Earl of l\ottingliam, and bro, of 7th Earl 
' of Winchilsea), an eminent barrister, was Solici 
ttir-Gen, 1078; ho represented Oxford in the 
Convention Parliament, and in the roign of 
George I -was Ch.ancellor of the Duchy of Lan- 
caster, Residences — Paokington Hall and Did- 
dington Hail, Co\ entry. Clubs — Carlton ; 'Mad- 
borough. Issue — 
1. Tiie late Hentaoe Gueyille FiNCii, Lord Guern- 
sey, b, 2 June. 18-3 ; ra. 11 June, 1907, Hon. Gladys 
Cecil Georcina Fellowcs (IU?idence — 9, Su'sex Square, 
W.), dau. 01 2nd Baron do Pvamsev ; capt, Irish Gds., 
killed in action 14 Sent, 1914, Issue— 
Hexeaoe Michael Cn.uiLE3 Fisch, Lord 
GlEK.VSEY. b. 31 Oct. 190?. 
i 2. Ca'.t, Hon. Cliarlcs lianiel Finch K: ijIi'I-v, 7th 
' Batt. Billa Br:?., b. 23 Auc. 1?SC. 

3. Hon. Bonald William Edward Finch, b. 23 Sept, 
1>S0; liiut. Canadian Engineers ; late P.. X. 

1. Lady Virl-t Ella, m. 14 l>ec. 190.t, Maj. Eusfaco 
Crawky, 12Lh Lancers, who was killed in action 2 Xov. 
1914. P.rsidence— 5 Lancaster G.ate Terrace, W. 2. 

2. Lady Murirl Gladwvs, la. 27 July, 1001, Wlllisni 
V,-oilhins;ton (Clubs- Jiin. Carlton; White's), 5I,A, 
Oxford, J, P. Staffs, and Derbysliire, and has ifsue, 
R^^idencc— The Old Hall, Xethcrsoale, Ashby-do-la- 

Heneaoe Fixcu, Gth E.vrl of Aylesfoed, b, 24 Dec. 
1824 : ni. 7 Mav. 1S40, Jane Wi^htwick (d. 21 Oct. 
1911), o, e. of John Wiirhtwick ' Kniszhtley, of OlT- 
chureh Bury, Warwicks., a;id d. 10 1>j71. Issue — 

1. lii:M;AGE Fixcir, 7x11 y.\T.x, of .Vylesford. b. 21 
Feb. l.-P.> : III. S .Ian. 1S71 , E.iith (d. 28 .Tune, 1897), 3rd 
dau. of ( il. j'.ers \Villia>ns, .V,.l>., of Temple House, 
Berks, and d. 13 Is;;:,. Issue— 

1. L.-idy Hilda Joanna Gw.ndolin, ni. 12 April, 1S9S, 
Lt.Co!. Sir .■Maleoha Lonald .Murray, K,C,V,0., C.B. 

2. Ladv Alexandra Louise Miuna (sponsor, Queiii 
Alexandra), in. 1st, 10 S"pt. 19ai, Philip Samuel 
Danby, wliod.22 Dec. 1909; in, 2nd, 19 Ai>ril, 1911, 
BobiTt Miiiiain Eninii't, and has issue. Kesidence 
— I'.drby, l.r.i.L'iVld. K.-nt. 

2, CUARLEs \\i;;)iTWicK. Fixcil, pres. Earl, 

1, L.adv Amie Frane, .-ea W ilh Ihiine. in. 9 Ausr. 1575, 
Chad's Jai.i.s Miirr.iy, D.L., JS. (Club.s— Carlton ; 
&t. .luMi-'sl, ;uul has i--n.\ lie-idenees — Locli- 
carron. Ko-s-shire ; 5.'), Prince's (iate, S.W. 7, 

AYLES WORTH. K.C,M,G. Croat, 191 1.— Hon-, 

Sir Alt. EN Bimstoe Avt.eswoktii, s, of John 
Boll Aylesworlh, oi Xev.buigli, eo, of Ix;nnox 
and Addipgtoti, Ontario, (-aiiadn, farmer, and 
Catherine, dan. of John AVesley Bristol, of tho 
Township of South Freibu-icksburgh, co. 
of Lenno>: iUid Addiiigton, farmer. B. 

27 Xov. 1S54 ; ra, 24 Dec. 1S7S, Adelaide 
August^-n., dau. cf Cophaa Hulbort Miller, of 



N'. wburgh, Ontaiio ; ed. at Xewburgh High ■ 
~' ■•!., iiii'd Uuiv. Coll., Toi-onto (i'iincc of Wales , 
i'riziiiKiii as 1st in grud. clasd, 1S74, Honours 
ii .M;<thcm. and iiirtaphysics) ; J5arr. (Law 
.< I it.iy of Upper Canada) i.STS ; K.C.; one of H..^^. 
. c'!!iiiiS-3. for sttttnt. of Aiarika boundary di.sputc 
I'Mo ; Postmastor-Goiioriil of Canada, id Oct, i 
• :»05 ; Minister of Jusiieu and Attorney-General 
vi Canada 19015-11 ; decorated in recognition of 
!ii^ sutvicc-3 in connection with tl;u Xortii Atlantic , 
Const Fisheries arbitration. Rt-sid nee — Toronto, 
<Jntario, Canada. C'hibs — Toronto; jvideau ' 
(Ottawa). Issue — : 

.Alau JValii'/r.-iKm Ay! SKortii, b. 9 Au2. l-stO ; liarr.-at i 
law ; in, 22 I'eh. J 90(1, <';l;uiys, graDdJ.iu. of Sir George i 
Jiurton. llcsideiice — Xorouto. | 

AYLING, Knt. Great, June, 1915.— Hon. ! 
."^in 'iViLLi.iM Bock Aylixg, s. of \VilIia:n Freder- 1 
iok Ayiin;^. 13. 30 .-\.i!2. 1807 ; cd. at Weymonth • 
i.'.iil. and Casub. ; m. 1S94, Esnnia Ar.nie (d. ' 
!;*12), dju. of A. Graham; ontd. I.C.S. 183b ; ^ 
I'liisiio JiKigo of tlio High Court oi Juri-rJieiure, 
.Miidras, since 1912. Xesideace — .Madras. Clnb — i 
]:a-;t India United Sei-vice. i 

issue — ! 

1. Alan ]•>■■. I. Tii-'k- t;:ali;iii). b. I'JOO. 

'2. Jiiiiits il'.-JiiiW (j.'.V.Kua. b. I'.'ii.',. 

1. ])oiot!u- Mnuuu. 

2. -Maiy Clir;si.:C..icl. ■ 

AYLMER, 8th Baron. Cieal. 1 :>h,y, I71S;, 
Baron of Ualratii, 171S ; lit. Xov. I0o2 I.). ; 
. — M.\TTii£w Aylmek. s. of 7tli IJan.n. B. 28 i 
Muicii, IS 12: rn. 2D Oct. l&7i.. Amy Gertrude, | 
dau. of tiie Hon. Joljn Young, of ."doiitreal ; sue. i 
iii-; fatix-r 1001 ; late lieui. 7th Foot ; col. ! 
and adj.-rren. Canadian ?.Ii!itia ; late Bii-.^-Gen. ' 
iX'.id in^j>ccior-i,'en. ot ilu- Canadian .Militia ; 
.M.ij.-Ceii..rti.. 1907. The 1st Baron .Vylnier was ; 
n di-iii'iiiiislied naval nliicer in the reign of James I 
II, and of the red after tiio Itevolu- ' 
'.'■ n. Residence — Queen's Bay, Kootenay Lake, 
Ji.itisli Cohnnbia, Canada. Issue — 

b. 23 Apal, 1.S30. , 

2. Hon. Kenneth ithalmar Aylmcr, b. 23 Juno, 13S3. ■ 

3. Uon. 13a.Ml bdolphus Aylmer, b. 20 May, 1SS6. 

1. liou. -Amelia WinifroJ. > 

2. lion. FJori'ucc Gv.-i.ii Jolcn. ' 
Cdolphcs -AYLmei;, 7t!I xJauo-V AVL;-ii:R,col., Canadian i 
Militia ; b. 10 June. i-U ; ni. 2S June, lb41, ilarv Kiiza 
(d. 14 S'-pt. InSI), ilau. of Edward Journ.aus, J'.P., of 
licibouiLe, Caaada, and d. I'J ^ov. I'j.jl. Issue li%ing — : 

1. MArrsitw AYCMhii, jti-s. IJiuou. 

2. Hon. Henry A\ln-.. r, i;arr.-:it.-law, tjucb.c, 1883, : 
lucmb. of Canadian i'arU. IsTo-?^, shciiil of tlio 
district of St. J'raiui-', It.-ooi. Canadiiiu ."ihiiiia ; b. 25 ' 
April, lt.43'; m. 6 Oci. isro, l,oai.>a Bl.iaciic Faony. ' 
dau. of lleury A.Sjiinall llowu, LL.D., of Llse- i 
Carroli, Montreal, llisidenco— Athaldene, Lennox- I 
vill('. Quebec. I 
8. Hon. Frederick Wliitwortli .^ylmcr, C.E., capt. I 
Cauadiaa Militia ; b. 4 Feb. iS-iO ; m. 1S09, Eiama i 
Meredvtli.dau. of R. Lane. l^•:^id..Iu•e— Ch i-e, British j 
Columbia. 1 
1, Hon. Isabella, m. 17 July, 1S72, Henry Lovcll i 
Aylmer, of Mcdboiirne, Quebec, %vlio d. 3 June, 1882, i 
aiid has issue. ! 

AYLMER, 12th Bt„ of Douadea (I.). Great. ' 
25 Jan. 1022. — bin .VuiiiuH I'citcY Fitzgerald 
•AvLMEU, grandson of Hiii Br. B. 2 March, 
185S; sue. his graiidfalher ld.S5 ; m. 1st, 27: 
Nov. LS7S, Annie (d. ISSl). dau. of late John 
Sanger, of London; m. 2nd, 1'3^.'>. -Innio (wiio 
obtained a divorce i68G), dau. of Uoutilas Keid, 
of New York, and divorced wife of George Stclle, i 
of Chicftco. Tlie Ayhivrs .scukd jt\ Ireland j 
early in the tw»-!ftli century. i 

•■iiu Fkxtos Aylmi:i'., 7ia br., 0. l Nov. 1770; m. 4! 
June, 1705, Jane Uiacc (d. HI Dee. is".7), d:iu. oi Sir John i 
Lvaus 1 roke, i;t. ; .tad d. -IJ .May. lylb. 1-^suo— 
1. bill otu.vLD liKoiiiU: Avlmlu. Mil 1;t., b. 15 Bee. j 
17'J.s ; ni. -J I .Vj'Vil, 1>-''-, .M;iria ^d. .M:iy, l.»7i>), dau. i 
of Col. .iH:a>-5 Hudgsii.i, x>f Carl.sle ; r.nd «1. o 1 ib. i 
1S78. ).-iae— | 

blu UtiliLU (.KOKOE .WtMLK, 9IU Bl'., b. 20 .Ma> , I 

1S3U; la. April, l^.->3, Ahcia Hester Caroline id. 
C .'r;ui';i. K'.OT). .bin. oi t'on.vay Iiobbi ; and d. lio 
Juu'. i-s;. Lssitc— 
SIR J ':6ns (;i-i'.\Li) .A vj.mkh, 10th Hi., b. 17 Xov. 
l.<0.: : and d. 15 -»l..rcii, l.^sa. 
Canline .Alaria. iU-.iid.ncc — L'onadea Castle, 
Kilcock. CO. ]Cilt!:ir.-. 
2. >^in Ai'.Tiicr. I'Kuev A\TMi;i:, ir.u hr., h. 31 .\u'.'. 
bsui ; rn. 11 1)pc. 1^3:i, .Mart in (d. 4 Feb. 1SS7), dan 
oi li)c!i:ird Kcvnvil, or Kill\ uon, Co. Westnieath ; 
and d. 7 :-l:iy, lo:;5. j.-:iii. — " 

1. I'iie late Capt. Fenton .fohn .vvliuer, 97th ilcgt., 
b. ii Bee. ISi.'. ; m. 9 .June, i^cl, Isabella Fnnor 
(d. j;7 Dec. lyjr), dan. of George liarling of 1 ow- 
herry Tower, Xorthuinberland : and d. 9 April, 1862. 
jssne — 


pres. Bt. 

2. Lt.-Ues. Sir Femus Joiix .Wlmlr, V.c, 
K.C.B., MF.IR I'Ri;^. 

2. T!ie late Capt. John t:v.Tns Frcke Avltner, 54ili 
Itegt., b. 23 Feb. 1<::-' : .M.l". for Maid^tom- ls-0-^ ; 
in. ii .Inly, ISHl, IrancM Mar'-'nrita (lu-sidence — 
i09. Tal^rarcii HOiid, A\i'st .ICencinnton), dan.- of 
James Xliomson, of Gibraltar : and d. 14 Oc'. ).)u7. 
Issue — 

1. Gerald Arthur Kvan* Freke .Aylmer, b. ID 
Oct. 1609; m. 1:; Sept. 1 >f'3, Mabel Howard, dau. 
of Hon. J. Ik. Ward, .M.r,.C., of Qnelwc. It-i- 
donie — 25, T'.ellevuc Avcuae, Wcstmouut, 1*.(J., 
Canada. Issue — f^ 

ronton Gerald .Aylmer, b. 12 March, 1901. 
.Margaret Lydia. 

2. Co:nr. Ifi nry Evans Frekc .Aviraer. K.N.. 
1>. Sept. loV-i ; m. 4 .Tan. FJIO, F.ditb V,"in;;red, 
dau. oi Co!, -iir Fr.inci's Duck, Issue— 

1. John Fninei-! Avjnier, b. 27 Dee. 1910. 

2. -Uiciu-I Arlluir Ayliaer. b. 24 Sept. 191f;. 

1. Amy Geraldine Fiisncfs. 

2. Nina Florence .Mary, in. 4 Oct. 1SS6. Arthur 
Tlioni;'.s .Marion, M..A., antl lias issue, liesidencc 
—Wis. Hill, AVest Hor^ley, Surrey. ' 

3. Dora Gerrrnde. 

4. Grace .Marion, m. lo IVb. 1913, .Utliur Grav- 

5. Elfrida Feutou, lu. 7 June, 1917, James Henry 

1. I:::; rit r Kliziibeth. m. 17 Feb. 1S57, Fnton Jo.-:<-T)h 
iravcij, who was kill ,d at Lelhi. 1S57, and has isji-o. 

2. J;ne .;race. 

3. Martha Joseph Helena, m. 24 April, 13S4. Caj.t. 
Kichard Arthur Herbert Townsheud. }Ie^idenoe — 
Beach House, Ban^ry. 

4. .Anne Angelina. Itisidence — Spy Hill, Queens- 

V.C. AYLMER, K.C.B. (mil.). Great. Jan. 
1916 ; C.B. (mil.) 1907.— Maj.-Gen. Sik Fk.ntok 
JOHN Ayoiek, s. of the la'o Capt. Fenton Jolm 
Avlmor, and grandson of Sir Arthur P'n-ev .\vl- 
mer. 11th Bt. B. 5 April. 1SC2; is Heir Pr'es. 
to tbo Baronetcy ; cd. at it..M.A., 'Woolwich : 
m. 1913, Elsie Julie, dau. of the lato Frederick 
Onpcrmaun, of Hanover, and widow of Sir Herbert 
Hope Risiey, K.C.LE., C.S.I. ; joined R.E. 1 SSO ; 
maj.-gen. 1909; comdcd. Quett a inf. brig. Indian 
army ; -\.G. India 1912 ; served in Burniah 
18SC-7 (d( spatches, medal and clasp) ; with 
Hazara Field Force (despatches, clasp); with 
Hunza Xazar E.xped. 1891-2 (V.C, despatches, 
sovcrelv wounded, clasr', brev.-inaj.); with I^azai 
Field I'oreo 1892 aud Chitral R-^hef Exped. 
(medal, clasp, despatciu-s, brev. It. -col.); in 
Mesopotamia 1915-10. Ciub— Xaval and Mili- 

AYR, Vise, tic Bl-te, Makquess of. 

SIYA-S WAm AYYAR, K.C.S.L Great. Juue. 
1915; C.:;.!., 1912; CLE., I'.JOS. — SIR Pazha- 
M.\p.NEui ,SL-xi>.iiiAM Ayyak Siva-Sw.\.mi Ayv.ui. 
B. 7 IVb. ISOl ; is a Vakil of Madras High Court ; 
M.L.C Univ. of .Madras 1904-7; advocate-gen. 
of Madras 1907-12 ; memb. of the Council of tho 
Gov. oi Fort Kt. Gcor-e, Madnv^?, 1912-17. 
Residenco — Sudhariua, Edward Elliot's Road, 
Mylaporo, Madras. 

AZOPARDI. Knt.Bach. 1912 ; C.M.G., 
190S.- — iSui \iM,i;M.' Fi'.ENDu Azor.iuui, e. of 
I'fwqualo Freiido Azoptudi, LL.U., of \'alettu, 
Malta, lato inagiiitralc of judicial, police and 




i'*t'r\\kle, dftu. of iito Giacomo Psaila, ofV.ik-tta, 
cijutant of police. IS. at Vak-tta, Jan. lSo."> ; 
m. 30 April, IsOi, Ci.t'^rinn, dau. of M. A. de 
Gioii;io, LL.D., ct Val. ttti; cd. at Lycoiim find 
Univ.. Zuul'.a, LL.J)., ISSO ; advocate, Malta 
Bar, IS"-? ; udvoc. Uiv Uia pr.or, l89.j ; prof, of 
law, Malta Urdv., JS93: magistrate of judicial 
poHcij JOO'"; a> crown advoc. 1903; crown 
advuc. p.tid Irg.-.l adviser to naval and mil. 
antlioriiies ; is ex-riljicio mcmb. of tlie exec, and 
legist, couiicik 1905, vice-pr. s. L.C. and ciiief 
ju-tioo and [iip=. of Comt of ApjK-al nince iVtlo. 
ResJdoncL-^Naletta, Malta. 

BABINGTON, K.C.H.G, Great. Jon. iOlT ; C.B. 
1907; C.M.G. 190o. — M/,j.-Gex. .Sni Ja:.il5 IVIkl- 
viLi.K BABLsr.TON-, s. of the Uwo Lt.-Col. W'iliiatn 
Babington, 7th Hussars. B. 3i July, ]S.".4: ;n. 
9 June, lt>97, Eleanor, dan. of the lat?' Thonias 
L-.-.voon, 01 Veteran Hall, X.S.W. ; ioiued 
Lancrrs 1873: caut. ISSO ; niaj. lS".>ti ; h.-col. 
16&2; col. 1800"; col. IGth Lancro IWJ ; 
!r.cij.-;;en.i9I7 ; A.A.O.lndia iSO -O't; to.r.d. S./.. 
IJcfenca Forces 1902-7 ; served >vith D.:c.hnr;na!:wjd 
exped. lSSi-5 (d2=patclie.s) ; in b. African war 
1&9;>-1001 (despatches, rnedal, 4 cla-]).v) ; in 
FranC'^ and Bel.:;iuro since 1914 {dosiatchcs. 
K.C.M.G.); orare de la l.pjion d'Tlonnciir. 
Eeiidc-nce — Pinnacle Hill, Kelst,. Clulj — United 
Service. Issue — 

GcC:Tu-y B. bi. g;.o-.:, b. i< yo\: 1302. 

V.C. BAB'flE, K.C.r-T.G. Cnat. Jan. lOltJ ; 
V.C. 1S90; C.ii. (:ni!.) lOlL' ; C.M.G. Ihi/i..-- 
SvT^.^.-GnN. Sir. Wii.lia.i Bautie, s. of the late 
John Babti?, of Dumbarton. B. 7 .M.iv, 1S.59 ;.■>!. 
at Glasgow Univ. ; i::. .'> O'.t. ifiM.-J. K.'iih .Marv, 
dau. of thelaie A\'!!l;am Barry, of Ballyadani, Co. 
Cork, and widow of Maj. P. A. H;u-s ; joi;i..d 
A.M.S. ISSl ; raij. lS03 ; It -col. II. A.M. C. I'.'nO ; 
col. 1907 ; suic:.-!i-;u. 1911 ; svrv-<-d in Crol.- 
1S97-98 (C.M.GT);' in S. African AVar l^".,t- 
19o0 (dLsj.atchi-s, mc-dal, 5 cia.^i.^, V.C, 
prcmotcd it. -col.); assist, dircctor-pfn. A.M.S. 
1901-6; admini-trative mod. ofiicor, Woolwicli, 
190t)-7 ; Lispf^ctoi- of -Med. Services 1907-10 ; 
De]). Director-Gon. A.M.S. 1 91 0-1 4 ; Dir- eior of 
Med. Ser\-iecs in Iiutia 1914-15 ; principiil Dirrc- 
tor of !Med. Services Mediterranean 191.'>-10 
(de?;.atchf «, K.G.M.G.) ; director oi M> u. S.r- 
vices W.O. since 1910; ];on. ^ut2. to Jl.M. f!ie 
Kint: since 1914; K.'J.H.St.J.J.i:. lli -:.!. nc — 
7, Campden H;il G.\n!ens, W. 8. Club — Junior 
United Service. I;;ue — 

lir^'.^ca Janet. 

BACKHOUSE. 1st Bt. (U.K.'. Creat. G vfarcD, 
1001. — Sip. Jonathan Ei'MI-nd IJACKiiorsE, 
B. of Edmund i'.ackli..u<..', 31. P., tanker, of '1 ro- 
bah, Fahnr uth, end Julie Marv, dau. of Osarles 
Fox, of TruLK-h. Fahmaith. ll i:. Nov. iSiJ ; 
m. 29 N'ov. iS71. Fi.renco (d. 11 Oct. 19<i_M. dau. 
of Sir John Salu-buiy 'I'relawny, iMii !'.t. ; cd. 
at Kugbj" and Cand). : partner m l'.u-kh>nio & 
Co., banker.-?, of Darlingt'U, n«'w auialg.iinated 
with Barclay's Bank : trens. Darhani County 
Council; D.L., J. P. Durli.un ami Vtirk.s. N.U. 
Residence — Tiio Kf>okc-rv, Middletou Tv.i.=, y...rk3. 

1. Edmcxd Tr.ELAW.NY BACKDorir, b. CO Oct. 
IS?:? ; cd. at Wii.c!.. st-r CoU. (sdu rar) aud Ox- 
fori; was i.rit.rf)r..r.r r.ri'i-ji H' .i i n; ir'i r« .liirn 
for- i en occupalioii of T- kin, l'.»- it-l (in <l:il and cl.T-pj 
Pro: s-or of CiiiUisy LoiUtn L UiV. i'jw;. lU rid-.-iicc 
— iVkin, Ci.ina. 

2. Ci.iit.Oliv./r l;.i'-kli-i;s-. <■.!■. . U.S.. b. 4 Jiin-\ 1 f70. 

3. C.,:.i. Komrlu.livuJ fli.irl. s l-i-kl. .:.- , c.i;., CM.-;., 
TcN.. b. -.iiXov. I.-.73; III. 4 Jul,-. 1>."7, l> •.••,•. Louisa, 
dau. of till- lafo John Jliul.i- i it. ;l ,v, ii Ai- tiuur, 
D.L. K. .-:id. ll.. — Kl 1 i. I.. ii.Uii:r. ll ••;'>. ]--ii. — 

1. .I<.!i!. i:.i!iil!li.l l!:L..kliOllv, b. :.0- As.iil. l-.'J'J. 

2. lii.liard Mils UackliolL,c-, U., lUU. 
1. Florence. 

•J. l.u II Uifi. 
r-. t,.!i-.;:i)v. . 
*. Co!. iiUi-3 lloluiid Charl t Ba-kliuuso, l>.3.0., 

Pcjincr-'-t V"o.. ll. ill Nov. 1ST.*: .swerved S. Afrlcin 
>Var, 1^90-19O2; cd. at Kton and Canib. ; m. 14 
b-pt. 1904, Olive, dau. ot Gwffn-y To-.v. 11 JJuxton, of 
iJua.-rcta li;.!!, .Norwirli (s^-e liu.XT'i.v, Bt.). I?3UC — 

1. j;o2i r 'i'r^Iawnv IWn.-iilious.', h. 5 Sent. lilUS. 

:";. Jonathan IJaokliou^-. b. 10 .Mar. Ii)ii7. 

■i. .la-P'-r Wilfrid Backliousc, b. ai Jul>. 191.3. 

1. Una ratiicia. 
1. Harriet .lane, ni. 9 July, 1901, Si.'- John EitcMc 
Fi'i.ila-.-, K.B.K. 

BAOON, 11th Et. (S.). Croat. 22 .Mav. 
H;ii ; 12ih Bt. 29 July, 1027.— Sin Hickman 
liLCKETT Bacon, s. of lOtii Bt. B. 14 April, 
180.5; sue. his father 1-872; lieut. Gren. Gds. 
1S;.5, rot. 1S78; D.L.. J.P., C.A. Lines, Hi^ls 
Sheiiil 1SS7. Tins family is now in the poss:.ssion 
of two Baronetcies, and the pre.=ent holder is 
llth Bt. of Redgrave, and 12th Bt. of MiJdcn- 
hall, in right of tlie former ]i« is Pbemiep. Bt. 
rf Engl-md. Among tluir connections the ffjnily 
niindjT-^ Friar Bacon, Sir Nicholas Bacon, Knt., 
Lrru Keeper in the time of J-."liznh( th, and tl;e cele- 
brated Francis Bacon, Lord Vtrulam. Jiesi- 
denccs — Tin nock Hall, Gain.<borough, Lincoln- 
siih-e ; Queeti xVnne'sMan:^i',ns. S.W. 1. Clubs — 
RoyalSocieties ; Burlington; Fine Arts. Issue — 

C.A.PT. Sni HrsTiV Hickman- Bacon, 10th and Uth Bt., 
b. r. April, 1-- 1:0 ; m. 17 J!archl&53, Kli/.aheth (d. 29Xov. 
1SS.5), dau. and co-li-ir. of Sir Tiioiiias Beckett, 3rd 
Bt., and d. 14 Nov. 1^72. 1-iuc — 

1. Sill Hickman Bkckett Bacon, prcs. Bt. 

2. Nicholas IJenuy Bacon, Heir Pkes., b. 22 Oct. 
18.'>7 ; 111. 22 June, 1>93. Constance .-ilicc dau. ot" 
Al-'.\and.r Suniu.l Li.sliu-.Mf Ivill-, ot Branston Hall, 
Liii«-<jlii?liir» ; capt. (r-t.) 4Mi Jirasoon (M.S.: U.L., 
.Ll'., C.C. Xorfo!!; : Hi.,rli s;,.nrT loO.'.. Kvsidence— 
Bavr-riincrliani llai). Norwich. C'liib.s — Carlton; Xaval 
aij'l .^!iIitarv ; \\ ciliiiL'ton. Issuh — 

1. Ldiiiund Cast. 11 Bucon, b. Is .March. 1003. 

1. MaiV'.rv Francos. 

2. Aliluia Joano. 

3. Bd !-.t I,oiii-a. 

4. Coii.-taiice Uhoda Elizabeth. 
:.. Kalliariao Maiy. 

3. Thomas W'aU.r Bacon. J.P. Esse-:, b. li> Sept. 18G3 ; 
111. 30 M.ay, l',ol, Ediili .Mary. dau. of .\l.xander 
Saniiicl I,c-<li.:- -M. Ivill^t. of Bran^ren llall. Lincoln'^hire. 
Itos-idciice — Haiiisden Hall, BiLkrie.ay, E.-^sex. Clabs — 
Union ; Burliiictoii ; Fine Arts. Issue — 

1. Aiuliony Walter Bacon, b. 10 March, 1902. 

2. Frai;.-ii Thomas Bacon, h. 21 !). c. 1904. 

5. Lhri.-itoph.-r Henrv Hacon, b. 12 Feb. 190G. 

4. Iddiard tastcll Bacon, :-!.A. Caini)., h. 20 Feb. 
l.-'-s U.L.. J.P., Liiicoin-i.irc: lligli .--h.rifr, 1914 : lor- 
ni<riy li.-ut. s^lnrwooJ Ilunu, i.s, Vio. (av. and Lin- 
cohi?hlre I.Y. K.-siJ.ncu — \Villin2liam-bv-St0w, 
(iiiiiiMiorough. Clubs— Carlton ; Junior Carlton; 
V\\l!i!;ctoii; li.illi. 

1. Fraiici-s Eli.'.ab. th, in. 2S D.^c. 1SS2, Batnh Cn-vke. 
of K:i\\-rli;fo Hall, Yorksliirc, wiio d. 10 April, 1903, 

id h. 


2. Mary Kos.-, m. 14 Feb. 1SP5, Sir Charles Burton 
liarriiigtoa, iith Bt. - 

BACON', K.C.B.fnnl.). Great. Jan. 1!)16; K.C.V.O. 
!9U; ; C.V.O. I'.M.T : D.S.O. 1S97.— Vice-Adm. Sib 
PiEGiNALU lIuGu Spi:ncer Bacon, s. of tlio Rev. 
Thomas Bacon and Emma, dau. of George Shaw. 
H. G Sej.t. Ib03 ; rn. 2 June, 1894, Cicelv, dan, 
of H-nry Surt.v-^, of R.-fhvorth Hall, Driiliam ; 
join--d ll..M.S."BritaniUix"' lb77 ; capt. 1900, rcar- 
adm. 1909, vice-adm. 1915; naval a«st. to 1st 
Sea Lord of tlic Admiralty 1905 ;. A.D.C. 1909 ; 
dir. ctor of Navnl Ordnaneo and Torpedoes 
, 1907-9, wh<-n h<^ retirid ; i.-i.inacring director of 
i'ov.-ntry Ordnaiicc Work.-; P.)lt)-14, v.hcn he 
rt'-i^j-Med to go on activi' s.-rvice ; .served with 
B. nin Exped. lS97 (dojiatciies, nudal, cla-:p, 
B.S.O.) ; conini.l. Henvv Howitzer Bri-, K M.A., 
France, 1915; vic-adm. of the Dov r Patrols, 
1915. I.<; Grand Oiiicior <!(.• la Legion d'Hunneur. 
and do L'Ordre do Leoj.old. ifesidence— Fleet 
House, Dover. Club — Luitcd Sei-viee. I.^sue 

R">ln I'.pK'inald Surtcs Bucon, b. oU Dec. ijoo, 
r^.d.-. K.N. 
Ui-rothy Cicely. 



BAPCOCK. La^ly (Knt.'.^ widow).— Theo- 
r;:.i-A Lo-.vTiT.R, <.!au. of J. S. Dumrri^rxe, B.C.S. : 
i:i. lr-<:5, Sir Aloxand^r Koi-c-rt Badcofk, C.S.I., 
K.C.B., a dLtinpjui.-hcd genoral in the Indian 
Army, who d. 23 March, 1907. Issue — 

Lt.-Col. Friu-.-is irji!'riclc La '.rock, D.5.O., \: 13 

"si'I-.r. ISiu : ccMiulir. 'Mi fiiirkna Kiileii: m. 180G, 

S;\n:h AnslTi. d:iu. 
; J. ^KO— A'ubtrt t ;i 1 ad. Ind' 

BADDELEY, Knt. Bach. Great. 1009.— Sm 
JOH-V J.MIES Baddeley, s. oi John Baddek-y, 
of Hackney, and Frances, diu. of James Bc-res- ; 
fcid. of Lr^yto.a, Essex, B. at Ha.knc-y. 22 Deo. 
1S42; m. lit, 13 Aug. ISOS. .Mary Eiiziibeth 
(d. G Xov. 1900), din. of Williani Locks, of 
IlackTiey ; rn. 2nd, 25 Jul}', 1912. Florence, clau. ■, 
of Douglass Mathers, of Highbury ; cd. at 
Cambridge Hciisc School, Hackney ; J. P. London, 
1905 ; Sheriff of London 190S-9 ; alderman of ^ 
Ward cf Fr.ningdon \\'ithin from 1912 ; niemb. 1 
of the Court of Common Council since 1886 ; 
deputy alderman for Cripplcgate Ward since 
iSr-y. Orders of St. .Anne of Bus ia, Wasa of 
Sweden and (he Couronae, Bdgiu.m, 101 1. 
KesiJcnee — LakcCeld, 32, Woodberry Down, 
Stoke Xewington. X. Issue — 

1. John '\Villiara Baddeley, b. 24 Au?. 1309 ; ni. 3 , 

Arrii, li94, K.itlwrine, dau. of il.itthew Shaw. 

2.*M.irk B-iii-l-y, b. 1 I).c. 1-71. 

'J. P.tTuard Bor sionl Bauddf v. I,. 20 March. 1S7C; ra. ■ 

31. Jnlv, 1900, Ethel Eaiilv, d.iu.ot Sir Davul Burrn-tt, ' 

Is* Bt. 

4. Svdney Bndd.-l'-v, b. 7 O-:. 1873. ; 

5. .\llan BaJd'-ley,' 1.. 2a May. 1SS4. I 

1. Marv rrance.-. ! 

2. 7..1itQ. I 

3. n-Ti. ■' 

4. -.V.'.h. I 

E.\DE?.^OCH, Ea-on. ,?ee Uustlby. M.-ut- 

WVF=i CF. ; 

B.AGGE, 4th Bt. (U.K.). Great. 13 April, 
1867.— Sip. Alfred vrir.Li.vM Fkaxcis B.^gge, 
6. of 3rd Bt. B. 1-1 Sept. 1S7.5 ; :=uc. hi.s fatlior 
1916 : ed. at Eton and Ca;nb. ; B..\., LL.B. ; 
Barr.-at-law (Inner Temple) ; lieut. 6th (Cj-clist) 
Bait. X'orfolk Regt. The Lst Bt. was for 35 ■ 
years M..V. for \Vest Xorfolk. Kfsidences 

— S:ra Is.-tt Kali, Downham DTarkot, Xorfolk ; 
4, 6:. Faitli's Lane, Xorwicli. Club— Oxford and 

SiK William Bagge. Ist Bt., b. 17 Juno. 1810 ; m. 11 
Julv. K'/i, France? {A. 27 Mav, 1^'^7). dau. ot Sir Thomas 
Pro;:on, 1st Br.., a.nd d. 12 Frh. H<^j. issue— 
L Sir. William HzNT.r riKNisi Baggi^, 2xd Bt. 
b. 9 Aufr. Is40 : m. 20 Oct. I-mI.'i, Alice (rn. 2nd 11 
July, lffS9, Willi.ini WahivTrisiit, of Bast Liss, 
E.'^nts. Eosidence — P"rc;iv:i! T rracp, Brighton), dau. 
of .Alfr.,^d Gil. 3, M.l'., of Cosford House, Godal- , 
minR, and d. 23 Oct. ISSl. 

2. SIR Alfred 'rHO.^rAS Bagge. 3rd Bt., b. 5 Jnlv, 
1S43; Cap:. B.N. ; .served ir. Cliina War, ]^:.7-vl; 
m. 11 July, 1S72. .>1ILLIC:-.ST Case. (Kesidencc — 
STridsett H..II, Xorfolk), dau. ox J. Uraut .Morris, of 
Alkrtou I'riorv, Lancashire, and d. 10 Feb. 1910. 

1. Sir .\lfred Wrliam Fk.^xcis Bagqe, pres.Bt. 

2. John- Fi'Ton Pagge, HeikPhe^.. b. I9 0ct.l877; 
m.24 Mav, 1910. Olive Mr.ric! .Marv, d.iu. of the late 
Saniuil t. Jl.n !. !. of M.-.nlcv Hall, Manchester. 
Rosidenc-'— British Consulatc-Geuoral, Odessa. 
Club— Hoodl-'.s I^^i: 

1. John .Alfred Picton Bi'cse, b. 27 Oct. 1914. 

2. Ti.ouias IVtor Bagijo, b. -0 Jan. 1917. 
S. H'.-ur\- P(.rcy Bajru-. B.A. Canib., b. 20 April, 
lS7i> ; li I!'. /,t-h Batt. Vorks IXr^H. r!u!.— B.xnilos. 
1. Lilian .Mary. 

L Edith Mary. Kesidenoe — Yaxhara.East Dereham. 

B.\GOT, 4th Earon (G.B.). Cvk-A. 17 Oct. 
17,Si>: Bt. :iO May, li'27 (En;:.). — William 
Ba.;ot, 3. of 3rd Baron. B. at Blithtitld 19 Jan. 
1S57 : m. 25 July. 1903, Lilian :?,Iarie. duu. of tlie 
iote Henry .May! of Ifaryi.-'nd, U.S..A. ; sue. his 
f>\t'H=T 18S7: A.D.C. to G<>v._-Opi!. of Canada 
(Marq. of Lome) 1S7&-S3 ; peiulfnian to 
C,!u^on Victoria 1S35-7 ; !ordinuaJti!ig IbOG- 

1901 ; late maj. 2nd in commsnd and Hon. It. -col. 
Str.ffs. l.Y. ; kite capt. .South Staff'=. Rtcrt. ; 
D.L., J. P. Staffs, and D.nby.shirc : patron of 2 
livinfjs. This family i? descended from Bacod, 
Lord of Bromley, in lOliG, one of whoso descend- 
ants assumed the .laine of Stafford, and was pro- 
genitor of the Karl^ of Staiiord and Dukes of 
Buckiusiiam of tlift name. .^L-als — r>iiih(i<-ld, 
Rugclcy, Staffs. ; Pool Parle, Ruthin, Denbigh- 
shire. Clubs — Carlton ; Travellers' ; Turf. 


Hou. Barbara. 
Willia.m Baoot, 3RD Baro>: B.AOOr. b. 27 March, Isll : 
m. la Au^. 1S31, llofi. Lucia C.-iroliric EU/.;'.bcc!i {d. 22 
Jan. Is9.:>), dan. ot Georf.v James WiUjore, Isc Biron 
Dovtrr, ar.d d. 19 Jan. lS-»7. Issue — 

1. William Bagot, pres. Baron. 

2. Hon-. WALTf.a Le\vi.^ Bagot. Heir Pues., b. 22 
April, ISol ; m. G Feb. l*yi, Martiaret, dau. oi Hon. 
Frederick Ca ioj^au ; maj. reserve of eiiii.ers, late 
capt. Gren. Gds. ; served as D..A..A.G. Imp. Veo., 
and as .Adiuinistrator of Postal Services in S. .\lVicr.a 
war ; m.aj. 1001 ; .A.O.C. to <;ov. of South Ausralia 
fEarl of Kintor>) 1-01-2: D.S.O. 19)0: hou. maj. 
in the army. Clubs — Guards'; Travellers'. Issue 
living — 

Marjorio Olive. 

1. Hon. Louisa, in. 1st 22 Feb. 1879, Hani.-.r Alfred 
Bass, M.P., w;io d.S April, 189-^, hro. of 1st Ba.-on 
Barton ; in.. 2nd 2S Xov. 19iU, K.v. B 'rnard Day 
Doualas Shaw, \ic. of the .Annunciation, Brvauston 
Street, W. Be=idence— .3, Hen ford Gardens. "\f . 1. 

2. Hoi,. i: .;■> il . . :,,;e , ; .. IT - . r. 1-;: , Coi. David 
Mu^r.,^ - :,■!.. .'., . ■ ,-, i Mi'itavy) 
and h.i- ; . . .; - ; , : . i\ nh^'lii/e. 

3. Ho:,, ];:;, V y ., : ' ; . i : ; ; i ,. r; ijct. 1 --S, 
Si- Francis Aij.' Xf.vlig-ite iS"ewdfeate, 

BAGOT, 1st Bt. ( U.K.). Croat. 19 April, 1913. 
— SiK Alan"u B.agot. s. of lato Col. 
Jo-gceline Fitzrov Batjot. .D.L., J.P.. .M.P. of 
Leven.g Hall. B. 21 Feb. 1890. 2nd liout. 12th 
Lancers. Great. Bt. by letter.^ patent 19 April, 
1913. his father who had been nominated for the 
di^^nity having d. before a patent had been issued 
in his fav'iur. Residence — Le verts Hall, Miln- 
thorpe, Westmorland. 

Heix, none. 
T.t -Col. Josceifne Fitzroy Basot, b. 22 Oct. 1854; D.L., 
J. P. Westmorland ; capt. Gren. G Is., maj. and iion. 
It.-col. Westmorland and Cuniborland Imp. Voo. ; .M.P. 
for Kendal d:v., 1^0•J-10.)6 and 191'J-1;J; was A.D.C. 
to G.';v.-Gei,. of Canada lsS2-:J and I858-9 ; Pari. 
Sec. to Sec. to the Trea*. If 97-?, and to Home Sec. 1?C3- 
1900; served in S.. African war 1^09-1901 (despatches); 
m. 11 ;Tune,lsS5 ; Theodosi\ (prenedence asBt.'s widow, 
12 April, 1913); L.G.H.St.J.J.E. and inemb. of the Koyal 
Red Cross, dau. of Sir John J..eslie, Bt., of Glaslough, 
CO. Monaghan, -in 1 d. I .\iarcli. 19i;J. Issue — 

1. Sir ala.v Desjion-d, pros. Bt. 

1. Dorothy, m. 9 May, 1907, Henry Melville Gaskell. 
[f-sue — 1. Thomas .josccline, b. 1 Ma ch, lOOd. 2. 

Oliver Robin, b. 10 Dec. 1914. 1. Diana Helen.] 
[ Residence — Kiddinston Hall, Woodstock. 

2. .'>lai-j.)ry Ct-in-^iance, m. 7 Sjvi;. t9i.O, James Win- 
stanlev Cropp-r, and has issue. Residence — I'.urne- 
side. K-end.U. 

3. Mary, ra. 14 June, 1910, Vincent Strickland Jone< 
; [Issue — Desmond Vincent. Barbara.] Residence — 

Grand Falls, Xcwfoundland. 

BAGOT, Lady (Knt.'.s widow). — Lucy Fban- 
cesca, dau. of late Edmond George Hornbv, 
of Dalton Hall, Lanes ; m. 29 July, 1S51, S'ir 
Charles Samuel Bagot, a legal eommnr. in lunacy 
1S77-1903, and afterwards hon. eommnr., who 
: d. 21 July, 1900. Residence — The Gables, 
East Sheen, Surrey. 

BAIG, K.C.I.E. Great. Juno, 1917 : C.S.I. 

1913.— Sir .Mip.'a A.bbas Ali Baio. ?. of Mirza 

Ho.^aini Bais, LA. B. 11 Jan. 1S59 ; ed. at 

Rob=>rt Money .School and Wil.-'on Coll. Bombay ; 

LL.D. Cla.seow; B..A. Bombay; Fell, of Univ. 

of Bombay; u-i. ist, 17 .May, 1882, Ayeslia (d. 

i 11 July, 1900), dau. of Shaikii Mira, of Wai ; in. 

i 2nd. 18 Jan. 1901, AHia. dau. of A!i AleduUa, 

i uncle of the Sultan of Bahrein; cut. Bombay 

i C.S. 1S86 ; Dfjwati Janjira State IS»0-9 ; 

'■ Assist. Collector and .Macristrate at Thana 1890- 

2; Pro=idc'ncy ^.^l-irilrttrete Bombay, lSii,1-4; 



OrUnttil Tranr^Iator, Bcporter on Xativc Re??, 
h'ejostrar of Imlian riil)lic<.iionf!, Socrotary of 
Civil ?'kI JiiHtan' Hxr.inir.atJon Boards iS'Jl— 
1&06 ; Taiukdan Settlenient Otiicer, Chief ydni- 
eter Jiinacadh State 1906-10; memb. of Couu- 
oil of India sincft 1010 ; on special poiiucal duty 
Ef^'pt 11.'14— 15 ; Viee-Pres, of Council of India 
1016^-11. Rcridcnccs — ?, Lann^ton Road, Wimble- 
doT), SAV.19 ; Panchgari, India. 

Issue bv l.-t m.— 

1. Mirza Asni Ali Bai;,', b. i: June, iSbC. 
I=fi',. bv -vA in.— 

2. Mirza iv,.,nr, Aii Baie. b. 9 Jan. 1904. 

3. >!ir::a ilo-iud Ali Bain, b. 25 March. I'.i05. 

4. Mli-ra Sikaroer A!i B;>!!r,b. 22 Sept. ]'.'0'>. 
6. -Mi'-.-a .Vr; Ali J'nig, b. iC July, lOlG. 

BAILEY. See Glenusk, Baeox. 

BAILEY, Privy Ccuasdlor (Irel.). Apptd. 
ll^O'J; C.B. (civ.) liiijii. — Rt. PI ox. \Vii,i.i.\.m 
Frkderick Bailey, s. of \Vi!liorn Boiicy, oi 
Castl'-town C'r>nycr.=!, co. Limerick, .M.D., R.N., by 
Annie, dau. of George Kcuding, of Clierry Pfill, co. 
Cork. li. at Castletown Couvers, co. Limerick, 
tt Feb. 1857 ; ed. at Trin. ColL Dublin (I^t Senior 
Mod. and large gold inedalist in lILstorv and PoU- 
tical Science) ; F.K.G.S. ; called to the iJar 1S81 
and joined tlie I*.iunster Circuit ; Sec. Kov. Coininn. 
on Irish Public "Works lSSf>-7 ; legal as.^istant 
Land Commissioner 1 887-1903 ; Estates Coxnmnr. 
1003; author of various works and articles on 
Literature, Travel, Econorr.ii.\s, etc. Apptd. a 
gov. OI Nat. Gallery of Ireland, 1914. Residence 
— 3, Earlsfort Terrace, Dnbli];. Clubs — Reform ; 
University (Dublin); United Aits. 

BAILEY, K.C.r.I.G. Crrat. 1911.— Sir Abe 
B.ULKY, s. of the Hon. Tlionias Bailey, of Queens- 
town. Cape Colonv. P>. at Cradock, Cape (Jolonv, 
Nov. 1K04 : m'. 1st, 17 July, IS94. Catherine 
JIary (d. 23 :\rarch. 1902^ of the late John 
Pnddon, of Hill <x Paddon, Kimberley ; m. 2nd, 
!^ Sep'c. 1911, Hon. Mary, dau. of the 5th Baron 
Ro^sinore ; ed. at Ciewcr Hoii^e, Windsor ; 
.■served as a inaj. for 25 months in South .Afric^m 
^var (Queen';? and King's medals, tj clasps) ; 
and with Union Forces of S. Africa as inaj. 
D.A.Q.:NLG. 1914-15; was a monib. of the Re- 
form Committee (sentenced to two years* im- 
prisonn^.ent and fined £2.000) ; IM.L.A. Cape of 
Good Hope 1902-5, of the Transvaal 19U7- 
10 ; M.P, for K!'uger.sdorp since 191.5 ; equipped 
and maintained 100 mounted men and 200 infan- ■ 
trs' for Zululaud lebeilion 1907 ; maintained 100 
sharpshooters in Flanders 1915-16; late capt. 
Sassex I.Y. ; J.P. Siisscc ; one of fl.:.I. liouts, 
for the City iii London. Residen<'e — Rn-t-on- 
Vrcde, Muizenberg, Cape Colon''. S. Africa, 
Clubs— Marlborough ; Bath ; Pratt's ; M.C.C. 
Issue by Ist ni. — 

1. .Toim Milncr I>ail\v. 

1. Cecil Mnnrucrite. 
Issue- In- 2rul la. — 

2. M;iry. 

BAILEY. Knt. Bach. Croat. 1913 ; C.B. (civ.) 
1911; .M.V.O. (5th cl.) 1902: I.S.O. lO.'M.— Siit 
Rowland R.^iley. B. 1S52; controller of stores, 
Ohire of Works, iSS3-1905: controller of H.M. 
.Stationery Office and printer of Acts of Parlia-iunt 
1905-13, when he ret. ;memn. of Council of King 
F.dward VII Sanatorium aiul of the .\iivisory 
(.^'J!:uni^tee of Osborne, lit >i..i<riKe — Xnf-ot, Sui;- 
iienteai.i. Suney. 

BAILHACHE, Knt. Each. C-rt. 1912.-- 
Hon-. Srp, CrrMKN-T .MiTACutn B,.MT."A'-nr. s. of 
St'-v. Cl.iiicm B.nllvi,-ive. K. J X.'v. [Sr,i> ; 
I'nrv.-atkiw ; (?,Iid. Temj>l-) 1SS9 ; K.C. lOoS; 
b.nchov 1912; is LL.B. (Loud.); apptd, Judu'S 
oftho lii^rh Court 1912. Residence — St. .Mi-.rpurt •. s, 
High Road, ^\-li.'t^t.,ne. N, 

B.4ILLIE. 6th Bt. (U.K.). Treat. 14 Xov. 
li>?3.— biu Adpt. n WiM.iA>r .Maxwell BAiLLtz. 
B. 5 May, l.sOS; s. of 4th Bt. ; sue. his brother 
1914; ed, at Jiton and R.3I.G. Sandhurst; 2nd 
Ueufc. Scots Greys. The ist Bt. was the eld. s. 
of an eminent advocate, who became a lord of 
session in Scotlcnd tinder the title of Lord Pol-, ana held that olSce for IS years. Scat 
— poikcmmet, ^\'Jiitbtirn. Linlithgowsiiire. 

Sill ItOBKRT ALIXAXDr.R BaILLIE, 4X11 BT.. B.A., b. 

24 Aui;. 1850 ; m. 13 July, 1887, ISABEL (KcsiUenco — 
Volk. rmnet, VVJiifburn, I.inlitligowshire), d;iu. of Iiaviri 
Elliot Wilkiv, of Katho Byres, JJidljthian, and d. 15 
Oct. 1907. Issue-— 

1. SIR GjwAirn Georoe Sttjaht Buliie, 5th Bt. 
B. 2S) May, 1S9::- ; cl. e.t R.M.C. Sandhurst ; 2ud )i. ut. 
'2nd Dnienoi'.s, !'nd was killed in nction 7 Sept. 1314. 

2. Sir Adrian William Maxwell Bah-lie, r-'^s- 

EAILLIE. K .C.S.i. Ci-ai. 1914; C.S.I. h'iO. 
— Siu DrxcAX CoT.vix BaiLLiij, s. of late PUer 
]3aillie, of Inverness. B. at Inverness 27 Xov. 
1S5G ; m. 17 Feb. 1587, Julia Luisa, dau. of late 
Rev. Henry Stern rector of Brami^ton, Xorf. . 
ed. at Iiivcrness; Acad.. Glasgow Acad., and 
Edinburgh Univ. ; entd, I.C.S. 1879 : assist, 
settlt. officer 18SG-9 : stipt, of Provincial Census 
1890-2 ; dep.-conmmr. and settlr. officer of Rai 
Bardi 1892 ; dir. of laud records and agriciilturR 
1805 ; magistrate and collr.' 1896 ; sec. to Beard 
of Revenue 1896 ; opium agent Benares 1899 : 
conimnr. 1903 ; employed in Punjab as memb. 
find afterwards as pres. of eoinmittee on Canal 
ColIonyAdrainistration 1907-8; Board of Revenue 
United Provinces 190>-14 ; acted as Lt.-Gov. U.P. 
1913 ; retired 1914. Rc=idrr;ce — SO, Quccn'.s 

Gate, S.W. ' 
Issue living- 




1 April, 1S06; 2nd lieut. 


BuaTOX, BasC; 

Aili-tor Colvin Bail 

.luiift Isotifl Colvin, li. 12 Pei'., b-s7 ; in. 1007, 
Cli.irles Lnslle Alcxiiniicr, i.C.S. l=sue — 
1 son .md L' d;;us. 

COCIIRANE-B.AILLIE. Sec Laminotox, Barox. 

BAINBRIDGE. Lady (Knt.'.s widow).— Katf., 
dau. of J. Page, J.P., of E^sex : m. ISSl, as his 
2nd wife, Cok Sir Edmond Bainbridge, K.C.B., 
late 11. A., supt. P.o.v. Laboratory, ^\■oolwich, 
1S92-,S, chief supt. of ordnance factories 1S9S- 
19u3, who d. 14 March, 1911. Residence— 
Haddon Lodge, Sheringhain, Norfolk. 

BAINES, Knt. Bach. Great. 1905; C.S.L 
lS9i. — Sir Jkktoise Athei.staxe Baixes. ?. of 
tlie late Rev. Edward Baines, vicar of Yalding, 
Kent, and his cousin Catherine Baines. B. 17 
Oct. 1847 ; m. 1874, Constance, dau. of Henry 
Pyne. Barr.-at-law ; ed. at Ruaby and Camb, ; 
ent. Bombay C.S. 1870, ret. 189.5 ; was census 
commur. 1889-1893, and sec. to roy. comrnn, on 
opium 1S94-5; a county alderman for London 
189S-1902 ; author of several statistical works. 
Residence — Kidlington, Oxfordshire. Club — Re- 
form. Isstie — 

Cuthbort Kdwar,l Baines, b. 12 June, 1379 ; clerk 

in liKii.i Olliee; i]i. I'jl2, Margaret, dau. oi R' ginal.l 

T.,iiio Tool.-, .!! d h .s i"ue. 

Sylvia, iH. li'Ol, Philip IMv.nrd P.-rcival. J.C.S., 

and has isfui'. 

BAIPvD. 1st Bt.. oi Urie (U.K,^. Creat. 8 

yhwch, li597.--SiR AiEXAXL'EU Baiiid, s. of Julm 

Band, (if Uric and Li ckwootl, Kincarelineshire. 

D.L., J. P., and .Mnrg.uel, dau. of John Findlay, of 

Sprhigbiil'. B. 22 Oct. 1S49 ; m.. 16 July, 1873. 

Hon. Annette .Maria (d. 21 May, 1SS4), dau. of 1st 

!>aron Ibddim ; ed. at Harrow ; lord-Iieut. and 

Pres. Terr. Force .A'-socii. Kincardine; D L. 

Inverness und Aberdeen. Residence — Urie, 

Stonehaven, N.B. Clubs— Carlton ; Turf. 

Issue — 

1. John Bawrentf BAfUD, C.M.O.. D .s.0..M.P..b.27 

.A.pri!, ■i«74!: ra 10 Feb. r.»')j Kthel Sydu. y Ktirh- 

FaiC'ja?r. d.-iu. of lotn Ear! oi Kincorc ; ed. at Eton and 



OTtord ; late 2nd sec. In the Diplomatic Service ; U.T. 
r.UK't>y liiv. of Wnrwickfliire airice I'JlO ; J. P., D.L. 
Kinc.vdincsliire ; pari. sec. to tho Air board siacc Dec. 
jylo. KL><idvBCO— Dil on liousc, ltui;by. Uubs— 
Turf; Cifltcs: Ucefct-al:; K.V.S. liiue— 

1. JawiJ l&n Biiird, i'. v;5 Jaly, jPO-'. 

e. Ilobitt Alexander Gro'-ille Baird, b. 5 April, ISIO. 

1. .\i;net'.: ;yj:i' y Helen Mary 

2. C ud V.inirred Oiive.. 

■.:. .Maj. Ai^xauder V^iU'. r Frederick Biiird, D.3.0. 
(19''-) Gor:'.;.i: Hij,'!.;.:- ; r-, b. - >'.■'.. I S76 : served In 
i>..*.v^•ari^yJ-K^;:; ; „• • -i : :I ;, ,:aud. K.vDed.UOS ; 
111. !•: l''..-b. I'.'.J'. M".., : . . ■ . ...i;!. CI tiic late Dr. 
C*iarl'.3 Yt'ayi.'n, I.V..^. el:;o--Anay and ^I'uvy. 
Issue — 
Ale.vander Wiiiii-in bertie Oon'on Bairci, b. 23 .Tan. 

1. L>elj-n MaiL-arcf, u.. 5 Dtc. I'JOT, Capt. Jlbe.-t 
i:d%vard StitaKV C'iarrCc. M.V.O. (Clubs— Guaads' ; 
Marii'oroufli), ;;.le t -crs Gds.. and i:tu issue, llesi- 
deuce--2:i, Dr:.ycott PUice, S.W. ;i. 

2. Junet >'Jia:i, m. 1 Oct. 19G2. M.ij. ^'..rthur George 
Ferguson, lace lliflo Brig., Inspector of Cous'.ab. 
in .Scotland., itesidence— Piuour, .Uintinw, Aberd..<.ji- 

S. >"ina Isftbel. 

4. Muriel .fane, m. 17 July, 1909, Byrc;» V) nor Noel. 

Sesidence — Farakia, Eubcea, Greece. 

BAIRD. 4fhBt.. of Newbyth (U.K.); IM.V.O.. 
1900. Creai. Id April. ISUO. — t>iR David Baied 
8. of 3rd Kt. and Hm. Ellen Stuart, dau. of 
Cliarles. 12il: Yiann Blantyra. B. G May. ISGo; 
EUc. hisTather I'^IS; ra., l.<oI,Lilin.n(;jortrnde, dau. 
of Mai. Ge;j. Jr.mes Da•^•id.^on, and vridow of the 
late Major Ernest ^iaxwell Willahire ; cd. at Eton ; 
late capi. r.Iieii Y.'at:h; eapt. l.oihiuTisand Bor- 
der Horse Yeo. ; D.L., J. P., Renu.nvshiro. The 
1st Bt. was the well-kno-vvn Sir D. Baird, K.B., 
a dis'inguished njiliiary coni/iiandcr, who re- 
ceived hi3 titlo, '.viih remainuer Ju default of 
issue to tho i^sue male of his eld. bro. Robert 
Enird, ancestor of ihe pres. Bt. Residence — 
Now byth, I'rcstoukirk, Hadliiigioi, shire. Clubs — 
Cmlt'jn; Xaval and Military; New (Ediu.). 
Issue — 

Jeiin Marjorie. 
Bd; Datii> Baizib, 2.\-d Bt., b. 1795 ; ra. 10 Aug. 1821, 
Lady Aune ixtnneuy (d. 2 Nov. 18771, dau. of Archibald, 
iBt ilaro. of A!!sa, aad d. 8 Jan, 1862. Icsu.. — 

1. Sir DAn:» Baird, Urd P,?., b. 26 Jan. Ja32; m. 
15 June, l>Oi, ilo.s. Ellen Sirjijir ai>j-idcuce— The 
Mount, Ascot), dau. of Chirles, l'2tti .md last Baron 
Blantyre, and d. 13 Oct. 191.3. Lssue— 

1. Maj. sra ])AMi> Baird, pro. Bt. 

2. William AKTur:: Ba:..d. Ueip. PRiis., b. 20 
March, 15.79: sue. to the i'=tati.s of the late Lord 
Blautyn-, 1900: capt. LocLiaua and Border Horse 
Yeo.; D.L., J.P., r.onirc^vshire; J J:\, Haddington ; 
m. 2SJan. 19'-)s. La iv H-rsey Consr:i>v;e Evplyn, 
dau. of Hc;.ry, itii '.ar.jUc-ss oi Con^niaiiam. EeEi- 
deuce— LtnLi'X'.OLir, l;a idington. Ifsue — 

1. David tharUs Band, b. July, 1912. 

1. Evelyn KrancfS. 

2. Margaret Stuart. 

1. Evelyn, m. 19 Feb. 19U3, Hon. Ronald Thomas 
Graham Murr.av {see Duxedin, B.). 

2. Hilda, m. 7 Jidy, 190^, Curtis Walter Lampson, 
{i?e LAMrsoN", Be.) 

3. Mabel. 

2. The late Jonatlian Peel Baird, J.P. Lanarkshire, b. 
1844 ; m Eruily Diana Trances, dau. of late Col. 3ir 
George Asldey Maude, Ii..C.B. ; and d. ::2 Aprd, 
I'Jii. Bi.iidcnce — L-vi-ndine bouse, Colwall, .Malvern. 
Issue — 

1. Maj. Randolph Eustace Weniyss Baird, Roy. 
facets fns., late If. LI., b. 1379 ; s.rvod in £>. Africa 
1901-2 (medal with 3 clasps). 

1. Alice Ann'.-. Kesid-.-nej— St. Jumos'?, West 

2. Katrine .Alaclc-.m. Pvtsldence— Abbots Hill, 
Hciael ll'-niyUead. 

3. Mary I?aL^L 

4. Diana Mar^^aret. 

5. Georgina Marian. Residence — Evendiue Court, 
Cotwall, M:dvern. 

6. Constance Kuuai dy. 

BAIPvD. 8th Bt., of Sanghton Hall (Neva 
Scotia). Croat. 2S Feb. 1000.— ^^lu 'N'^'rLLTA:*! 
Jam-^.h CAUia.Nt:-. U.^ir.u, s. of Vth lU. U. i'3 
ll'eb. 18C4 : m. 3 April. 1870. lion. -VraboHa 
Kt'-'c (d. 18 June, 1916), dau. of William, 

i 1st Baron Newlands ; '■uc. hia father 1330; 
' late It. -col. comd;?'. and hon. col. Lothinn end 
; Berwick T.Y. (rot. lOuG) : formerly lieut. 7th 
' Hu<:<ai-3 ; J.r. and ccrnmnr. of .supply, Mid- 
' lothian. and J.P. East Lothian. The father o'" 
i the Ist Borr. was creai,. a peer by Charles 1., but 
I d. before the patent passed tlio seals. P.esidence 
i — Glendulough, North Bev.viek. N.B. Scat-^ 
j Sau'^htot) H;i]l, near Edinburgh. Clubs — Ne^v 
I Edinburgh ; Carlton. Issue — 
I 1. Capt. James Hoziek Gardin-er Baird, M.C, b. 25 

Nov. 18s'J ; ed. at Eton ; ith Beds Itegt., late Argyll 
! and Sutherland Hishlanders. 

! 2. Tlie !ate \\ iiliam Prank Gardiner Baird, 4th 
'. Bait, ladfjrdshire Regt., b. 18 April, 18&5 ; late lieut. 
: 7th Dia:;oon Gds. and Scots Gds., ni. 24 Xov. 1910, 

Violet ilaiy, dau. of jUeiiard Benyou Croft, D.L., of 
I Fauhams iLiU. XVare, Herts, end was killed in action 5 
I Xov. 1914. Issue— 

1 1. James Richard Gai diner Baird, b. 12 July, 1913. 

2. William Henry Gardiner Baird b. 11 Oct. iOli. 
; 1. Lilian Ma'-y. 

I 1. Frauci:3 Harriet, m. 22 Nov. 1910, John Edulpii 

BAIRD, Lady (Kiit.'.s widow). — Co.N-srANCE 
I B.'UiHAKA, dau. of late Ed'A'ard Clarke, of Avis- 
I hay>:, Chard ; m. b March, 1905. Admiral Sir 
1 John Kennedy Erskiiic Baird ; K.C.B. ; com- 
j mndr.-in-chief in tiie Pacific 18S4-5 ; admiral- 
superintendent of Naval Reserves la85-3 ; com- 
I manded the oliaiuiol squadron iSS.^-90 ; wlio 
id. 8 Dee. 1903. Residence — Woodside, Isle of 
I Wight. 

I BAKER, FrivyCouuselbr. Apptd. June, 1915. 
' — Maj. Rt. Hok. Harold ThevoiiBaki:r,M. P., 
I s. of lUo late Sir John Baker, M.P. B. 22 Jan. 
1R77; ed. at Winchester end Oxford, Fell, of 
New. Coll. 189G-1907 ; Barr.-at-law 1903 ; M.P. 
for Accrington Div. of Lancashire since 1910; 
pari. priv. sec. to Lord Haldane while 
Sec. of State for \\'ar ; llnaucial sec. to the 
War Ofticc 1912-1.5; Inspector of Q..\I.G. Ser- 
vices, 1916. Residences — 42, Queen Arme's Gate, 
S.W. 1 ; Sawley Lodge, Clitheroo. 

r.AKER, 4tli Bt., of Dunstable House 

I (G.B.). Creat. 14 May, 179G. — His IIo.nouk 
' Judge Sir GiiOEGE Sfekston Bajcer, s. of 
' Henry Sherstoii Bake:', gov. of Portland Castio 
I (grandson of 1st Bt.), and the dau. of the 
I late John Burke, of \' ork Place. B. 19 iMay, 
i 1S46 ; m. 1st 3 June, 1S73, Jane Mary (d. 20 .May, 
..1909), dau. oi late Frederick James Fegeii, R.N., 
! C.B., of Baliinlonty, co. Tippcrary ; m. 2nd 19 
i Feb. 1912. .Mary Joseplune, dau. of late Henry 
I Bacchus of the .Manor H<.u-:e, Lillinc;ton ; sue. bid 
j cousin 1877; called to the Ear at Lmcohi's Inn 
I 1871, having previously practised as a special 
I pleader : is autlior of liuikcfc's International Law, 
I The Laws relating to Quarantine, and other legal 
I works joint compiler of tiie Digest for the Laiu 
I Eeporle ; and has formulated a scheme for an 
{ International Quarantine system, for which he 
has received the fonnal thanks of several foreica 
governments ; assuc. of the Instuut do Droit 
i International 1879 ; recorder of Helston 183f>- 
! 89, of Barnstaple and Bideford since 1889 ; 
i judge of County Courts since 1901 ; member of 
I Board of Examiners of Inns of Court 1S95-1901 ; 
I revising barr. 1899-1901 ; late standmg counsel 
1 to the Society of the Bai-onetago. Residence — 
' The Casile Moat House, Lincoln. Cluli — Do von- 
sbire. Issue by 1st in. — 

I 1. DoPi.vr.TO.v Gi:or.c;s Richat.d Sherstos Bakek, 
I b., 2:: July, 1,?77 ; m. 1,5 Dec. 190o, Irene, dan. 
of Sir Roper Parkiagton ; cd. at University Coll. 
, London : M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. IS'JO ; Maj. Indian 
I Medical Ser\iC'>, nud. oil. 7th Gurkha Rifics. Address 
i — Qui:tt;i, India. Issue — 

I Durupiirey Dodiu-toa B'^Ecdici; liberston Baker, b. 

' 13 Oct. 1007. 

Irene Magdalac Mary. 
2. John Doattiin Shei-ston Baker, aolicitor, b. 3 Tatk. 
I U>i2 ; III. :;: .Nov. l.'I '•, Anna Jojcpinne. d.ui. of the 
i Uto Alexander Wood, .\i.A., r.S..V. ilciideaoc — 



fil.l .xT.'jiriit, Ai.<-lio Stroct, r>OP.:b..y. C'iu)^ — 
J'.oaiLaj- Yacht, i-suc— 
Jxiramc Jo-^i-phin ■. 

1. HcDrUata C;i;i«!ir!f Slifr.-ton, in. 24 .Nov. li.O{, 
\VaU«.r Giori:. C i.iinii.iii, uj.'l Un-r \-»ic. lit?id<.nci— 
30, lioxooron^li I'urk. Hurrow. 

2. Emily .War-'an t Sli.r-toii, m. S Oct. 1910, Arthur 
Oldiiam, i;, Jnn-.-r 'i\!iip'.i-, and Sias issue. 
Itfiiucncc — I'J, Alli.iuy Vill;;-, Bovc, tii.-:ex. 

5. Georgian:-. Jau'j i>lier.-.tO!i, m. "i^ Stj'!. l'.)32, Pcri^y 
King i'addav, F.i'.A. Kesidcuce— loS, I' 
I'.oad, ilaiUa Yaio, W. 9, 

BAKER, 4th Bt., of Wembley (U.K.). Crcat. 
2 >;ept. ]hv2. — ,SiR R.aMjioI-F J,ittli:t!.UE3 
Baker, s. of 3rd Bt. B. iO July, ls79 ; .-.uc. his 
father 1900 ; ed. et Oxford ; B.A. I'JOtl ; iiout. D<^r- 
6et (Queen'? O'crr:) y. 1905, capt. iOll.maj. 1914: 
Alderman Dorset Cc. Couiicil ; uicmb. Dorset 
Terr. Foroe Assoi n. : cunte.sttd X. Doriet J yo."> and 
1900; M.P. X. Dorset since i91t> ; J.l'. lj.<rsct. 
The isi Br,. Lt.-Col. Edvard Bakor Litiichalcs, 
received the title for his prciessi'-nal and political 
services ; he assumed the name ot Baker, in lieu 
of that of Littlehak'3, in ISl". Jtesideiicts — 
Ranstor., near Biniidford, Dorset ; -3, Whitehall 
Couit, S.W. 1. Clubs — Carlton ; Bath : Arthur's. 

Heik, none. 
Tde Key. Sir ?.alt?ot Hastin-gs BrN-D.^Li. Baki:^, Sud 
Bt., b. S.'pt. l-iiy ; late pr Jculary oi Salisi.ury, 
and soiuttime vicar oi I'reston, DoiS'.t ; in. l.-t 17 Ju'y, 
1850, Flor'ji;f-e(d. -11 March 1S71I, dau.ot .lolin lIuichiTies, 
cf Ludlow, Salop ; m. 2nd 30 L".c. 1<75, Ahv brii.v 
(Rcfidence — I'orL'st Garden, Buri-y, llant.«.), dau. ol 
Lt.Col. George ilarrjac, and d. t Anril, I'JOO. Isiue by 
2iid <S:.— 

1. .-la RANDOLF LlTTLKHAtE.^ Baeeu, prts. Bt. 

1. iiorence Latitia, ra. 2fi July, 1912, h ar-Adm. 
Seymour Elpliinstone Ersljne (see BtXUAV, L.). 

2. Eunice Evtlya. 

BAKER, Knt. Bach. Great. 1 903.— Sm Avars- 
TiXE l''irzOi;,r.Ai.D Baker, s. of Hugh Baker, of 
Lisraacue, Tippcrary, and .Marion, dan. of Charles 
Corj'ers, oi Castletown Conycrs. Ed. at The 
Abbey, Tipperary, and Tiin. Coh. Dub., Z\I.A. ; 
cdinilted a solicitor iSTS ; pres. of the Incor- 
porated Law .Soc. of Irei.nnd 1903. Residence — 
00, Merrion Square, Dublin. Clubs — Constitu- 
tional ; Uuivei-sity (Dublin) ; Royal Yac-ht. 

BAKER. Lady (Knt.'s nidow). — Mildred 
Marion, dau. oi Col. Salusbur^- Thos. Trevor, 
R.E. ; in. 12 :\fdrc-h, 18S4. Sir Ed-.vard Xorman 
Baktr, K.C.S.L, !ieut.-gov. of Bengal, who d. 
28 March, 1913. Resiucjice — Tlie Grove, Stoue- 
hou=e, Gloucestershire. Issue — 

1. ArtLur S;>hi~!.urv Johu E ikcr, b. iS March, Ifii. 
K.-id'tic — Calcutta. 

2. AVil'iatn Salnsbury Bakir, b. 10, 1--?*. Itesi- 
dence — The Grove btoiiehou=e, Gloucestershire. 

BALCARRES, Earl oL See Crawford, Earl 


BALE, Lady (Knt.'s widow). — Marg-Aret, dau. 
of late 'A'. F. B rning, of Pietermoritzburg. M. 
1904, as his 2nd wife, the Hoa. Sir Henry Bale, 
K.C.M.G., K.C., Attorney-Gen. of Xatal and 
MinLiier of Education 1897-1901, Chief .Justice 
1901 until his death 1 Doc. 1910. Residence — 
Hiliside, Pictcrrnaritzburg, Xatdl. 


KlXEOSS, BAJ>.0>f. 

BALiOVR o! Borleigh, 6:h Baron (S.). Creat. 
IGJuly. li.07 : P.C. l5;.2; K.T. 1901 : G.C.M.G. 
1911 ; (.-.C.V.O.i017.— AlJi.\A>-D£R llcoH Bu'-:cE 
o. s. of the Life K. bert Bruce. B. 13 Jan., 
1849; m. 21 Xov. lS7d, Lady Kathevine Eli/;a, 
dau. of 5th Earl of Abenleen ; ed. at Eton 
or.d 0.\ford ; (M.A., hou. D.C.I^ nnd h.-n. i.Al 
of OriL-l Coll.), a rcprtsent.:.iive jKcr lur licot- 
land -sinco 1870; capt. lliirhland L.L (mil.) 
1672, res. 1830 ; lord-'in-wditinci to Qi'.et-P. Vic- 
toria lfcS7-9 , sec. to the Bourd of Trade l^^SV*- 
92; scc.for l53.")-l'J03, wlieu he rc3. ; 
laaerub. or iJcOtliah Lduc. Comm,, chriun. of Welsh 

XatJonn! Muscuni and Librsrj' Comni., chrrnn. 
KdvC: Endowment Ccir.nui. (^:cotland). ]S);2-90, 
Wehh. Sunday C:<:i;;._- Coinrrin. J5>'J-U0. Meiro- 
pf.luun W atcr Sui'pA Comnin. 1S92, Local Taxa- 
ticn ibO-i, l'<^uu Suppiy in War Tin:e 
Con;nin. i903 ; Trade Relatioiis between Canada 
and W'st Indi':3 Ci-njun. 1909 ; lord rector 
Edin. I'l.i'.'. 1890-7 ; Ciiancellor St. Andrews 
Univ. since 1<^00 ; h rd v.arden of the Stannaries 
in Ci'rnwail and Devor. iir.ce I&OH ; niemb. of thfe 
Council o: the Prince oi ^^■aie3 : lieut. P.oy. Com- 
pany of Arciici-s ; gov. bank of ScolJand ; direc- 
tor of the Gt. Xoithcrn railway ; mtmb. of the 
panel of thaini.en for ihe Court of Arbitration; 
<-]iimn. of tees ia the House of L<:rds 
19o4 and 1011. This tiile wcs lost by attainder 
in 171. J, but was restored, by Act of Parii-jn.ent 
1S'j9, ill the person of the pres. holder, wl.o cstab- 
hihid iiis claim as iineiil descendant of Mary, 2nd 
dau. of P.obeit. 4;h Lo!d Baiiour of Burleigh, by 
her m.. v.ith Alexander Biuce of Kennet. Resi- 
dences — Kennet, Clackr.annan ; 47, Cadojran 
Square, S.W. 1. Clubs — Carlton; Aihenwum ; New 
lEdin.); Western (.Gk^gow); Scottish Conser- 
vative. L->suo living. 

I. HON". GtOKGE JOHX Gor.i OX Bi'.rcE, 0. 18 Oct. 


1. lion. Marv, lu. 2t5 April, 1910, JIaj. Jr.l,n AusustUE 
Hop.-,^- k.R. liitle Cvrps, M.P. iii-ilothian (tee 
Hoi}:, Bt... 

2. Hou. Jane Han.Liton. 

3. Hou. Victoiia Aii.i.-\n irina Kathcrine. 

. BALIOUR. Privy Couusellor. Apptd. 1SS5;0.M. 
• 1910. — iii. Hon. Arthvr Jamzs Balfour, a. of 
James -Muitland BfhVur, . f Wjdf.inLjeha'ne, Had- 
: diiigto:i-liir»-, by Lady B:..;ici:j Ma."^- Himict, 
; dau. of 2iiJ Marq. i.f .Saii^bury. i>. 26 July, 
; 1S4S; cd. at Eton ana^Camb. ; M.P. Hertford 
, 1874-85. Manclic-srer fjL.vst) 1SS5— 1900 (v.hen 
ho was def< .ited), r.nd City tf London since Feb. 
i I'Jju ; private r>.c. to Marquees of Suli.ibury 
when Sec. of St.ite for Fcreign Affairs 1S78-80 ; 
pros, of Local Goverru:!-;nt Hoard 1835-0 ; sec, 
; for Scotland and vice-pr.s. of tiu council on eduo, 
ill Scotland lsf&'>-7 ; cjiivi sec. ior Ireland I>S7- 
91 ; First Lord of ths Tr-:.;sury 1891-2 and 1S95- 
1905; leader of the Hc^j.^e o'l Ccmmons 1891-2 
and 1895-1905; Prime Minister 1902-1903; 
Lord Privy Seal 1902-3 ; leader of the opposition; 
1000-1911 ; l5t Lord of '±e Admiralty lOlc^IO ; 
Sec. of State for Foreign Ariairs since Dec. 191ii ; 
Head of British Mission to U.S. 1917 ; rector for 
St. Andrews Univ. 1880. and for Glasgow 1890 ; 
elder bro. of Trinity House since 1904 ; hon. 
Li., D. Edin. iSsl, 'st. Andrews 1&85, Camb. 
lb8S, Dub. and Gi^5:;o'.v IsJl, Manchester 1908, 
■Liverpool 1909, Bmninjhara 1909, theiiield 
1912; Durham 1913; Columbia Univ. Xew 
'York 1917; chanc.:l'or of Edinburgh Univer- 
I sity ls91 ; hon. D.C.L. Oxurd IbOl ; D.L. 
! Haddingtorshire aid ii. ss-shL-e, J.P. Berwick- 
: shire, HuddirictCT'.shire and Rcss-sliire ; 

F.R.S. ; pr..?. B:iii.^;i A.-s-cn. 19"4. Residences — 
4, Carlton Gardt-ns. S.W. 1; \Vhitci:igehanie,Pre9- 
tonkirk.jN.B. Clubs — Cariton ; Atlionajum ; Xew, 
and Scittisli Conservativ-^ (Edinburgh); Rcyal 
i and Ancieut Golf i.Sl. Aiidrcws). 

BALFOUR. Privy CounseUor G.B.). Apptd. 
1900; (Irei.l 1890. — Rr. li...y. Gerald William 
Balfoir, s. of M..itLtnd Balfour, of 
u hitiiiczehamo, H..aah.."....:'..-.;:ire, by Lady 
i;liiiiehe Mary Kaniei, c.u. of I'nd Marq. of 
SiilLsbury. b! 9 A[.ni. !s.".:i : m. 21 Deo. 1887, 
Lady Elizabeth (B.ity) Edith, dau. of 1st Earl 

; Lytton ; cd. at Eton ar.a Camb. ; B.A. ist 
clu<i cld.^-^ics 1875; .\;.A. i>77; p-iv. sec. to 
his bro., the Rt. II' n. A. J. Balfour, when 

: pres, of Lr-cal Govt. Board lS85-o ; chief sec 
for Ireland iS95-i9-.'0: irts. of il^^ Board of 
Tradn ];io0-5; pr.;5, «.f tie Local Govt. Board 

I in 1905; chrmn. rov coi;.:..'i. "n c- i^st hchts of 

i U.K. I'jOt) ; M.P. eentrai ii: .-. of L^eds (C.) io&o- 



•ulicn ho vras der-ated, ResiJc-nro — . 

rs' Hill, W'okii.^, Surr-.y. Clubi — L'ailton ; '. 

ixnm. I-^fue — 
1. 1'.o i:.KT Ar.TiirK L-;rTON' Balfoi-r, b. r^l Drc 1902. 
!. ilut'i. m. -0 D-'c. I'JU, Lapt. Edward Y.illiaru , 
St-r_-'is Baitour, Otu Lia^oou C-ds. ! 

3. ."lav Lii'h. ' 

4. Lv iya i; jrb.ira. 

5.!J!een CoiTftauoe Biaiichi. 

B.^LFOUS. 1st Bt. (U.S.). Croat. 3 Feb. 
Ifill. — Sir KoBiUiT iiALiorr., s. o: James Bal- ^ 
four, of Piliuair, L.v.go, ri;-shire, and Isabella, i 
Jan. of Ait'xundyr Kuici.ison, cf Fostcrton, ■ 
Fif-?. P.. at Pinnuir, 6 ii .rch, 1S44 ; m. , 24 ! 
Auj. iSSi, Jtisei.iiine T'l -riu, d.ui. of the ' 
late Jaij-icS BeazKj". ot l.ivpi-pooi. siiipowner ; 
ed. at, ;>faciras Coll. it. Andrews ; 31. P. Lanurk- 
<■!■ e (r'arti'-U liiv.' since IjOti ; partiipr in the 
tinu of Bn'four, Wiliiamsou oc Co., merchants, of 
Li\ vrpcioi and Lcndon : dt-p. chrian. of the 
I'rIcLih and Fceign Maiiii'? In.^ Co., Ltd., , 
. ir:r,n. Cji ihe Cai.iorni.i Oil Field?, Ltd.. and 
diioctor oi x'ne Ur^iou DL-fr.unt Cu., of London, ; 
Ltd. Resideucts — Lan^h^iin Hali. Colci:L-iter ; , 
7, Prince's Gate, .S.V/. 7. •"Inks — iieform ; Na- j 
ti- Liberal ; Bi-^h ; CI y of London ; Kauu- , 
lajh. Irfue — - 

1. Al.i:XA.v!JER BALTOrR, b. S Sopt. 1?52 ; m. April, 
1910, Ri-.tii Franco-, liau. of late Jo)!U 1>. Jl.^tiar- 
JmkI, of Liucoin, y.i>iaska, U.S.A.; ed. at iUijbj' 
and Oxiord. li< .-iiieuco — ii-jriinjrauis, Caliiornia. 
(ilahi — I'aiversity, ixa. ITraa/isco ; Ciiliforaia. Issue — 

Q. AIuu Scott Balfour, b. C2 :.I.aj-. ]?94; cd. at- : 
Harrow ; 2ad licut. K.F.A. : m. ::7 Jiuie, 1917, .Edna 
\V!nii"ri.d, dan. of F. P. S. Karris. 

EALFOUR, Kit. Cr-r-.a. Juno. 1917..-Sir 
Gf.aiiam i3ALVOLT., s. CI Surg.-iJen. Thomas 
Gruliam Balfour, -M.D., F.R.t-., Pres. of Koy. 
iit.-tistical Socy., and Gc-cr^ina, dau. of Goorgo 
Pr -iitico, of Armagh. B. 2 Dee. ISoS ; ed. at 
I*L.riboro'jgh and W'orceiter Coil. Oxford (let 
el.-u=3 3Iodr., '2ad class ]-i:. ITnni.) ; m. -S. June, 
IS'.G, Kh'-'da, dau. of L. D. Brook:?, cf Birken- 
head; Barr.-at-!ii^, Irnacr Temple, i^So ; L»ireo- 
tor of Educa'ion, Staifordsliirf, rinco 1903. 
Residence — Cci->vi-b, Stan'ord. Ch:b? — Athe- 
r:':iim; New University. I?sue living — 

1. Giibv-t Gralians Balfour, b. -S.i I.b. t'-DC. 

2. -Miohael Leon^iri t.iral.:L- !'• iiiour, b. 22 Xov. 190S, 

BALGOIiill, Vi£C. S-e Leve.v, F.ari, of. 


Athol. Duke oir. 

BALI>:H ARD. Baion. ? e SouI.^ESs, Eaki, or. 

BALL, 2ua Bt. (U.K.). Croat. 23 June, 1911.— 
Sin Ceaeles Akvhcji Ktnwhan' Ball, s. of 1st 
Bt. B. C9 March, 1877: sue. his father 1916; 
ni. 25Anril, 1907, E'.izaboth, dau. of Joseph Stnvih 
Wilson," Berkelev, Calif. -mia, C.S.A. ; eel. -ax 
"J-.m. Coll. Dub. : :M.D.. B.Ch.. F.R.C.S.I. ; is 
>ui-g. Sir Patrick Duu's Hof^p, The 1st Bt. was 
a di.sti:c:uislied Dublin surgion. lie^iuf-nces 
— 24, INIcrrion Square, Dublin; White House, 
Killyb^cs, CO. L'jufga!. Club — I'Tiiver-sitj'. 
^IR CUAkLES p.EM Bai.T.. 1ST BT.. b. 21 1 eb. ISol ; 
:j. -IZ July, 1.S74, AN'm;: Jitlia fKe.Tiiencc — 24. Morrion 
Square Xorlh, liUD.ia). d.iu. ot Daniel Kinnlian, J.l'., 
o: Ki>;back I'ark, i-o. Iju^luj, and d. 17 :>l,irch, 11)10. 
l.-sue — 

1. Sra CriAiaES .vivniCR .Kinahax Ball, prc.^. Bt. 

L ^. . . 


i. ATiZ' 

];\.:v!i. ni. .S Oct. 1912, Oliixr Aiitrphv, 
law. ■ 

V.-inciua, in. 1 C-Jv, 1311, WiU'ai.i Gcotfrey 
.Uurit'l Kii'c. 

was b. 1 July, 1840; creat. Kut. Bach. 1SS6 ; 
astronomer royal for Ireland, and Andrc-w's pro- 
fessor of astronomy in Univ. of Dublin 1ST4 ; 
Lownueun profe.ssor of astronomy, director of the 
Observatory, hoii. 2,LA. of Canib., fello"." of 
King's, Canib. 1S92, and scieniitic adviser to the 
comini-s. of tho^ Irish lights, and d. 25 \ov. 
1913. Residence — 1, DevanaTerraoe, Caiubndize. 
I i-ue— 

1, Robert Steele Bail, M.A., h. 17 D-c. i;09; ni. li 
Sept. 1P0;J, Oi^M, dau. oi Utce Jobu Bdaiund ciuraje, 
of lloiilserrat, W.l. liesideace — 3, D.-vaua Terrace, 
Cambridge. Issue — 

Bof.ert Stars- Ball, b. Z Feb. 1309. 
Sl.!!a Elizab.-ti!. 

2. Vwlliani Valentine Ball, b. 10 Teb. 1S74; M.A. 
Caaib. ; B.ur.-at-!aw ; ui. 9 Get. IflO.'-, Kathleen 
ilary, dau. of i- -ji-ye Butt, I.b.G. >'.-;!ueiieei — la, 
ll.'ll^ind Strret, E a-siagtoii, W. s; 1, Bnck Court, 
Tcinplo, K.G. 

.■5. Charles l?o-.van rtiTiiltoD Ball, b. 24 June. 1576 ; 
M.R.C.S., B.R.U.P. : m. 30 Sept. 1007. Anne Jos phme, 
dau. i)f tbe late (ieoree Cowie. iles'.d-ace — itunitan- 
ton, JS'ori'lk. ls:uc — 

i'rt. ;• Jliilks- B.iU, b. 25 Jan. 1010. 
i. Kai. i;u Givsluy Ball, b. 23 Juhv li-l; Maj. Bov. 
Inlli^k:;liag Pus.; m. S July, 191 1, Irl--, d..c. ot tiie 
late ;?ir Bobert lIoiii;e3. 

1. Frances Auielia, in. C Jan. 1900, Capt. Harold 
Budajetl Meakic, M.D., I. M.S., who d. 2t Sept. 1907, 
and lias issue. 

2. -Mary AcU'tta, ni. 5 Aus. 1903, Jo3e]/h B.-.rcroft, 
M.A. Camb., P.K.S., and has issue. 

BALLANTYNE, Knt. Bach. Creat. 1900.— .Siit 
Henry BALi.ANrvxt;. B. 18 — . Is a memb. of a 
family long re-ident in Peebles.atidlias himself been 
closely identilled witii of tiie principal poli- 
tical and social movements of the district, taking 
a leading part in the promotion of the interests 
of the Liberal party dtudng the two general elec- 
tions of 1900 ai.d i90u ; provost of Peebles for 
six years ; D.I-. co. Peebles ; co-opted memb. 
Peebles Terr. Force Assoch. Residonee — Minden, 
Peebles. Clulj — Xaiional Libeial. 

BALLARAT (3rd) LorJ Bishop of. Con.s. 1916 
(Foun. 187.3). — Kt. Kfv. JnIaxv.ell Homi-rax 
?dAx\V£LL-GrMBr.i;TON, D.D., s. of tiie late E. T. 
Smith, Puisne JuJco of Jamaica. B. 17 June, 
1872 ; ed. at Reptonand Peterliouse Coll., Carab. ; 
m. 1897, Ella .Maria, dau. of Itev. Sidney George 
Gilluui.of Puclclechurch. As.-;umed the snrntinieof 
Maxwell-Gumbi -ton in iieu of iiniih 1916 ; ord. 
1S95 ; piii'St, 1S06 ; curate of J-'ucklcchurch. 1895- 
9S ; \-icar of Colerne, 1898-1902 ; rector. 1902-4 ; 
vicar of Chippenham, 1904-10; hon.-Caiaon of 
Bristol Cath. and Rural Dean of Cliippenham ; 
when he was elected to this see. P„eaiaeace — 
Bishopseourt, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. 

1. I'laxwell Sidney Ilarold ilax^vell-Gunibletoii, b. 
139.S ; licut. R.P.A. 

2. John Gilluin .Maxwell-Gumbleton. b. 1900. 

3. Bicliard Widi^ewood Maswell-LTumbleton, b. 190S. 
1. Margaret Anuu Julia. 

BALLIN3RIECH, Baron. See Rothes, Earl 

B.'iLLYlVIOTE, Baron oL See Taafpe, Vise. 
BALOTEL, Baron. See Crawfokd, Eael or. 

BALRAMPUR, Maharaja of, K.C.I.E.. F.A.U. 

Great. 19U'>. — ?rA!iARAJA Sir BAeitiWATi Prasad 
Si.sGK. ...e.sldence — District t'Onua, Oudii, 

I.nited Pvovinecs of Agra and Oudii. 

BALilATH, Barcn of. See. Avi.>rEi.. BA^ioy. 

BALUCHISTAN, Bugti oi. K.C.I.L. C.-e^t. 
1901. — XAWA.'i SiR Hlia'is.vz KiiA.---. Keside_,ce 

BALL, Lady (Xnt.'s willow). —Fravc.^s 
2i:TH, d.wu. of Williai, Edwa.d c'c-e.-.>, M.l). 
director of Scinco r.r,'i Art, Ma-eu/r.. Dublin 
M. 5 Aug. ItsGS, Sir P.cbert*- Stai-.tli F>aii, wh( 




»Fre;:j>. iARt 


BALV/EAPJ.K. Bsrou. S^e Liivcx. Earl of. 

Ards, K'nt. Bach. Ci\»t. l'Jo7,— j^i.-Col. Sip. 


BAii, ij. Oi I>ito J. A. Bam, of Capo Town, M.P. 
in Cape Ho»!.=6 oi .:\s3CTiibly- la75, «tp.a llaria 
rrederika, duu. of P.C. Van Blomriiestein, o£ 
Caledon, C^hj Colony. The families of Van 
Blomrnestcin, Canzius and Bam aro three old 
Dutch idiaiUcs ; the anccitor of the Bam family 
bax-ing pone to S. Afiica in 1740 from Holland. 
B. 29 July, 1869 : m. 20 JuJy, 1910, Ena Dingwall 
Tasca, dau. and heir of Alexander George 
John Stewart, of Ards, co. Donera!, Ireland ; td. 
South African Coii., Diocesan Coll., and Chel- 
tenham ; It.-col. O.C. 3/';tli Batt. London 
Regt. ; servfid in S. Africaa war (medel) ; J. P. 
CO, Donegal, and Capo Dibt. : was the last scmor 
memb. in Cape Legislative Assembly for Cape 
Town ; received special medal from King Edward 
VII for assistarioo in forming the Uruou of !S. 
Africa ; chrran. of the Exec. Council of the 
Imperial Exhibition 1913 ; assumed additional 
surname of Stewart by roy. licence 1910 ; tlie tirst 
Stewart of Ards was the onlj' brother of the Ist 
Marquess of Londonderry. Residences — Ards, 
Cashelmore, co. Donegal, Ire'and ; 61, Addison 
Eoad. V/. U. Clubs— City (Cape Town) ; Sports ; 
Royal Automobile. Issue — 

1. Alexander PitterCandui Vau EIom;iiest«Jn Stewart 
■fiam, of Ards, b. :-5 .^an. 1914. 

1, Patrj^iii .May Julia. 

2. Ina ilary Lsabelle. 

BAMFxYLDE. See I^'oliimoke, Bakok. 

BANAEn, Knt. Each. Creat. 1913.— Ho>j- 
Sa I'RAM.iDA CH.VEAN Banaeji. Joii.ed the 
Ind. C.S. as munsii 1S7-; sub-Judge ISSO ; 
served as small cm.ise jvdge at Agia and Allahabad 
and was apptd. r.ddnl. civil judge Luokuow 1893 ; 
puisne judge High Court, IC.'vV.P., siiLce 1S93. 
Address— Allahabad, X.AV.P., India. Issue — 

6 sons. 

EAInTJURY, lF.<. St. (U.K.). Creat. 6 Jan. 
1903 ; P.C. 1916. — ThcI Rt. Hon. Sir 
Fkedekick Geokge Baxeusy, s. oi Frederick 
Banbury, and Cceina Laura, dau. of WiUiam 
Cox, of Woodford Kali, Essex, and grandson 
of William Banbury, of Warlies Park, Esses. 
B. 2 Dec. 15.50 ; m. 3 July. 1873, Elizabeth Rosa, 
dau. and co-heiress of Tlioiaas Barbot Beaie, of 
Bettenham Park, Su;iolk ; cd. at Winchester ; 
lato head of the firm of F. Banburj- & Sons, stock- 
brokers, Old Broad Street, and trustee and man- 
ager of the Stock Exchange ; ehrmn. of the Gt. 
Northern railway, ^l.P. for Carnberwell, Pecicham 
div. (C. and U.) 1892-1906, for City of London 
since June, 1906 ; J.P. Hunts and Wilts. The 
family of ijanbuiy comes from Sout ham and Long 
Itcliiiigton in V»'arwickshire, with which places 
they have been connected for upwards of 400 
years. Residences — Warneford Place, Highworth, 
Wilts; 41, Lowndes Street, S.W. Club — Carlton. 
Issue — 

The late Capt. Charles William Banbury, Colds. Gds. 
b. 11 Feb. 1S77; m. 20 April, 1913, .Jos pliiuc, dau. 
of Joseph liciscah ; ed. at Lton and O.xiora"; sorved in 
S. African war 1900-2; and d. or" wounds reed, in action 
16 Sept. 1914. Kesidence — Wadley Manor, Isrringdon, 
Brks. l>;ue — 

CH.AKLE3 V.ILLIAM BA^-BCEy, b. IS Jlav, 1915. 

Mary ii^ritisje. 
Florence Evelyn. 

BANCROFT, Knt. Each. Creat. 1897.— Sm 
Squibi: BA^CKorx Bancuoft, s. of Secundus 
Bancroft-Butteriield, of Xetherihorpo (assumed 
the surname of Bancroft 1S6') ; confirmed by roy. 
licence- for hin^sdf and i-sue).. B. 14 May, *1S41 ; 
m. Istj7, Jlarie Etlie Wilton, the famous actress, 
dau. of Robert Pleydell Wilton, of Clos. ; ed. 
»t private schools in E:)gland and France, ami 
wint on the stage at an early ag<? ; tirst acted at 



Birmingham 1S51, and after several provincial 
engagements, chiefly in Dublin and Livejpool, 
ap[). ared in London 1805 at the old Prince of 
Wales's Theatre, wh.-u first oi)ened under the 
management of Miss Marie Wilton ; wa=! lessee 
and manager with his wife of that theatre 1S67-80, 
and of the Haymarket 18S0-5, when he ret. with 
Mrs. Bancroft from management ; afterwards 
acted at the Ljxeum and the Garriclc, and lias 
sinie devoted much time to giving readings in 
aid of liospitals througliout the country, by which 
ho has raised £20,000 ; pres. of tho Acad, of 
D.'iijuatic Art ; mcmb. of Lord Chatuberlain's 
Advisory Board as to liccnsini^ of plays ; auciior 
wiih his wife of " The Bancrofts' Recollections of 
Sixty Years." P.esidcucei — Al, Tiie Albany, 
P;cca.-liily, W. 1 ; L'nderlea, Sandfate. Kent. 
Clubs — Aihenasum ; Marlborough ; Garrick ; Green 
Room ; pres. Beefsteak. Issue — 

ficoree Wcyd.-U Bancroft, b. 1 Xov. ISO? ; clerk of 
Ai-i/.c, Midiuad Circuit; in. 1S9:>, KLiie Lucy, dau. or" 
-:r John li.ire. Kc^idenc- — >i, Burrtood Place. W. 

BANDARANAIKE, Knt. Bach. Creat. 1007: 
' C.I^I.G. 19o2. — Sm SoLOMO^■ Dias B.axuak-\- 
' XAiKE, s. of late D. C. H. Dias Bandarauaike. J.P., 
U.P.M., of Horagolla, Veyangoda, Ceylon, Muda- 
liyar of the Governor's Gate, and of Siyani Koile 
1 East, and Arma Florentina Philipsz, dau. of 
: Lubert Philipsz Panditaratuo, of Matara, Ceylon, 
: deacon in hclv orders. B. at Horagolla 1862 ; 
'. m. 1898, Daisv Ezline, dau. of Hon. S. C. Obevse- 
; kera, M.L.C., Ceylon, of Hih Castle, Colombo ; 

• ed. at St. Thomas' Coll. Colombo ; Moharidirum 
Siyani Korle East 18S4-S ; Mudaliyar 188S-95 ; 
Maha Mudaliyar of Ceylon (native A.D.C. to 
Governor) ISOo ; creat. Mohandirum of the 
Governor's Gate, and invested with sword end 
belt of otrice by H.R.H. the late Duke of Clarence 
18S2 ; one of representatives ot Ceylon ot Dia- 
mond Jubile? 1S97 (gold medal) and at Corona- 

: tiou 1902 (gold medal) ; extra A.D.C, to the 
; King, when Duke of York, 1901 ; has roy. order 
( of merit from King of Cambodia ; J.P. 'Cevlon. 
I Residences — Horagolla, Veyai goda, Broomfield 
' Xuwara Eliya, and 42. Silversmith Street, 
^ Colombo, Oylon. Club — Sports. 

'. BANDINL See Xenvbukgh, Eabl ov. 

! BANDON, 4th Earl oL Creat. 29 Axis. 18o0 ; 

; Vise. Rer.iard, 29 Aug, ISOO; Vise. Bandon, 6 

Oct. 1795; and Baron Bandon, 1793(1.); K.P, 

• 1900. — James Francis Bei^xap.d, s. of Grd 
■ Earl. B. 12 ."^Vpt. ISod : m. 22 June, 1876, Hon. 
'■ Georgiana Dorothea Harriett, dau. of 7t!! 
' Baron Carbory ; sue. his fatlier 1877 ; state 

steward to tho lord-lieut. of Ireland 1874-7 ; is 
lord-lieut. co. Cork ; hon. col. Cork R.G. Res. 
Artillery; elected a rep. peer for Ireland, 1881. 
The family is descended from Sir Dorbard Ber- 
nard, whose father came to England with \Villiam 
L, and whose descendants were seated at Acorn- 
bank, in Westmorland ; a younger s. of thLs house 

I went to Ireland in the re:f:n of Elizabeth, and 

' was progenitor of the earls of Bandon. Resi- 
dences — C'astle Bernard, Bandon, co. Cork ; 
Coolkelure, Dunrnnnway, co. Cork. Clubs — 
Hurluigiiam ; Carlton ; Kildaro Street (Dublin). 
James Bernard, 2.\d Earl of B.vxdo.n-, b. 14 June. 

: 1785 ; m. 13 M:irc!i, l.>;09, Marv SuJan All.inia (d 23 April. 

, 1670), dau. of Mf-^t kov. li;c lieu, (.liarl. i BroJrick, D.D., 
Archbishop oi Civsli'l, and d. 31 Oct. Jfr5t5. l.-iu — 

' 1. Fkancls Bl!;xaki>, iKP I;ari, of B.indox, b. 3. 1-lJ; III 16 Al-,'. l.-o-, Lstiiirine Marj- (d. lo 
liLC. l>7J',dau. of Tl.oi.ias Wliitiitore, of Aplev, isalop, 
and d 17 Ffb. 1-77. l.-=u— 
1. James Fhantis Blk.vakp, pri:<. Burl. 

1. L.iily Marv C'.ithiTini- H.'nriira, in. ZD Julv, 1S63, 
Co!. Ki^hard'Ald-.vor'ii. 1)1... luti- 7tu Bus., of New- 
marker, CO. Cork, who d. 5 t\b. lj.99. i) 

2. Lady J.oiiisa Ali'inia. Bccidence — 78, Che9t<;r 
Square! S.V . 

o. Lady Charlotte Bsrh^:.: Emily. 

4. Ladv Eiii'.ua Hairict. 

5. Lady Braficci, m. 2 June, ISsS, .Vi-'td 



'■ twins , I 

William George Caus^cn, who d. o April, 1910, and 
has is.;ii'\ 
:' Tlic l.-tc lit. Itci. *':;- Hr.i\. fliavl'-; Brodii'-Iv Dcr- 
n.'.Ti, l>.r>.. Bi-l'on of Tnani, l\ 4 Jan. iSil : m. 25 
Ju'v. lf=f:', H'n. (ir.iop Frokc (d. 5 June, iS'JS), sister 
of 7th Haron C.-.rlorv, and d. D Jan. l.>90. ISMin— 
1. The late J'cic%' taidripk UrriurJ, b. 17 Sept. 
1S44 ; m. 1st, il April, 1^72, ls;ibt I Enuna Beatrice 
(d. 1 >ray, lb7('), riau. of John Nf.vton laiio, of 
Kints BroiP,ky, Staffs. ; n. ^ml, 6 F.-h,. ] -^80, Mary 
Lissey (d. 1 Au?. ISOS), dau. r.iv.I h. iross of Dt-nia , 
Kirvfan, of Ca.=;tie Hackett, co. r,aiv>ay ; m. Srd, 2 
June, 1900, Evauucline (d. 19151, dau. of Ucury , 
Hoare, of StapK-hurst, and d. IS July, 1912. Issue i 
by 1st m. — I 


Heip. P-,:;s., lato R^flo Bri?., b. 18 Mprch, 1^75 ; . 
ru. 5 Jan. 1904, Loctica iliu.a, dau. of Gerald C. S. 
Paget. Issue— 

1. Percy Ronald Gardner Beniara 

2. Chailc:* BroJrick Anivas Bernard / 
b. 30 Aug. 1004. 

1. Cynthia Lett ice Margan't. 
Issue ^y"2nd ra.— 

2. Capt. Donis John Charles Kinvan Bernard, liillfl 
Bris., b. 22 Oct.. l.*S2. 

3. Percy Arthur Ernald Brrnard, b. 17 Feb. IPSO. 

1. Frances Mary, n). 22 Fob. 3',)00, Gcorse Arthur 
Palcy, M.A., J.P.(Ciub— Weliuigton) .in d has issue. 
Residence — An)],ton Ifall, Bmy St. Edmunds, 

2. Mary VTiiJfred, 
Issue by "Srd m. — 

4. Morogli Wyndham Percy Bernard, b. 5 Feb. 

BANDON - BKIDGE. Baron oi See Cork, 

Vjavt. of. 


BANERJEE, Knt. Bach. Croat. 1904.— Hon. 
Sir GoOx-oo D.\G3 Baver.tek, ALA., D.L., Ph.D., : 
s. of r;;imth>iniiia Bauerjce. B. 1844 ; rn. ISGi, 
3rd dau. o£ Pandit Pitamlinr Tarl;fipa2itlinnan ; 
rrifinb. Bengal CoiiU'-il 1888 ; puisne judgo of 
the Ili.;h Court of JiuliLati:re at Fort ^Villiam in 
Bengal' 188S-1094; vico-chp.r.o^llor Calcutta 
Univ. 1SS9-91 ; pre-. Centrnl Text Book Coin- 
nitttoe 1895-9; menib. Universities' Commission . 
1902. Rt-pidcnce —,, Calcutta. 

BANGOR, 6lh Vise. Creat. 11 Jan. 17SI : ' 
Baron Bcuisror, SO May, 1770 (Iroi.). — ?.I.\x\vell 
Richard CitosBrE Wasp, s. of 51 ii Vise. B. 4 
Slay, 1808; ni. 5 Jan. 190.^, Agiicd Elizahetli. dau. 
of late Dacre Harnilton. of Cornaca.<sa, I^lonaghan ; i 
sue. Ju's father, 1011; ed. at Hc.nov.-. and R. I^f.A., 
Woolwich ; niaj. R.A. ret., It-coI. conidi;. Antrim 
R.G.A. .spec. res. 1913-14; A.D.O.S.'; a rep. | 
peer for Iro! since 1913. Residence — ^ 
Castlo Ward, Downpatrick, co. Down Clubs — 
Army and Xavy ; N. of Irel. Yacht ; Roy. 
Ulster Yacht. Issue — | 

1. Hon. Edward Henrt Harold Ward, b. 5 Nov. | 


1. Hon. Marv H. Ion Kathleen. i 

2. Hon. H.l'i, ];ii./ii. t!i. i 

3. Hon. M:ii^'ir ' j; :-li:i Mrricl. i 
EDW.iKD Sori;iv.;,Lb \. iT.d, 3kd Visr. Baxc.or. b. 
Mar. 1700 ; in. 14 1\1.>. l-iio, ll.'irri'.f !e Marcaret (she m. 
2nd, 4 Oct. 1841, Maj. Andnw >r.2.nt, and d. 4 Jiilv, 
1880), dau. of l!cv. Henrj' Ala.wviU, and d. 1 Aug. 1837. j 
Issue — I 

1. Edward Ward, 4th Bakgor, h. 23 Feb. 
1827 ; d. nnin. 14 Sept. 1>S1. | 

2. Hexhy William Crosdie Vv'arp. 5th Vise. Baxgor, ; 
b. 20 Julv, 1S2S ; a rep. pii.r, D.L., J. P. co. Down ; 
Capt. 43rd L.I. ; served in Kattir war 1851-3 ; m. 1st, : 

, C IVc. 1554, Mary (d. 31 Au;. i-CP), dau. of Kev. 
Her.ry Kinc, o! Ballylin, .King's cc ; !ii. 'J.ud, 8 April, ■ 
J674," ELIzvliETH (k,.sid:n':r--i;rfr:nvood, Kiliiney, 
CO. Di'.bhnl, dau. and htiri.=3 cf .^i.O- Hiisjh Eocles, 
of Cronroe, co. AVirklow, and d. -^ Fi l\ 1911. ls?ue 
by Ist ID. — i 

1. MAX\n-i,i, V.i ii>-M, (-;■ ~r.,T; W.\RD, pres. Vise, i 

1. Hon. i: : , : ■ -- Vov. 1--<1, Maj.-Gfn. : 
Jdhn r. ! ; : ■ !: ru'ijaii:. L.I. lU-si- I 
dence — A;:. - ^ : , ^ '■ ; , '"• i'vn liii. 

2. Hon. lva'.in':.ji'i Ai'iiiiUe >or:di. lte^id^nce — : 
Bocciiwood, Killinev, co. Pnbiin. 

3. Hon. lUrtha Ji;"e, ni. 9 Au!X. 1883, Sir Robert 
John Kotmcdy. K.C.M.G. 

4. Hon. Eij.ilv •: i^i.'iaii.-v. ! 

3. I.t.-<.;cn. tho' Hon. B.-rn.iTd M.iMluw Ward, C.B. : 
(1905), b. M Aug. It^ni ; col. Su'Jolk Kcgt., late 47th 

and 32nd Ror;t. ; served in Crimea ; m. 1st, 27 June, 

Toucli. . 
157:'., J 
11. A. I 
C'lUh— 1 

ily Maria (d. 1 Ju'i 


of John La 

11 Feb. 

V, C.B., 


1. J-ri. -t Utw:wy Ward, b. 3 S-pl. l-o" ; li-ut. late 
5th i.rt:. T<oy. Iri.-;h RUW< ; Inspect, of Crown Land;', 
Transvaal, from 1903 ; served in S.A. w,".r lOU'j-l 
(tiiedai .aid four cla,?ps~, ; ni. I'JOS, Feodorp., dau. oJ 
G.Daiiiull, of Bloenuotitiin. 

1. Pose Florence, lu. 10 Dec. 1889, Coj. John 

Issue by 2nd m. — 

2. Herbert Bernard Ward, b. 5 Marcii, 1876 ; licut. 
late Koy. Irish Fus. 

3. }.laj. Evan Bernard Ward, D. cf Cornwall's L.I., 
b. 30 Oct. 1 -75 

4. Ma\-iveli Wil'.iam Bernard Ward, b. 24 Aug. 1S89. 

2. Evclvn Margaret. 

3, liildred Laura, m. Jan. 1009, Capt. .Mervyn 
Jam.:3 lIac\ilton, Gordon Iti^ddrs., wno v,as kiilcd 
in action, France, 28 Xov. 1914. and has ijsiie. 
L'c?id'"'nce — Cornaeassa, co. Monaglian. 

•1. i;:; :, :T::i-. ns. i'7 Feb lO'^e, Capt. George 
Biei I;. li.A., and has issue. 

5. !• . . r ' ' e. 

4. TIk' Int.- C: 
Au.^u.sta Wai 
Down ; rn. : 
(K-'-idence— 1 

Somerset J.ticliard Hamilton 
■-., b.9March,lt33, J.P co. 
..', Xor;.h Mary Elizabeth 
>,-. v.Ti!<tie. CO. Dbwni. d.ui. ni 
fe c>AxNBVr>, B.), and d. 2<:, 

l'\t.. Lord G>or.;e lidl (.-i 
Die. I'.ili;. l.-^-ue livini^ — 

1. Coninir. George Augustus Crosbie Ward, R.X., 
b. 14 Aiit;. ]8'i5: served in iipvpt D?^.; (tiieilal, 
Bronze st;ir) : in ( liin.i i^Os (med;il); ir.. 20 .May, 
101.'), H'^len .Mnit:.)ivr .loan, d.-tii. of (.'anon 'Wnrslev. 

2. Crosbie Cb.arles Ward, b. 2t5 Mar. 1863. 

1. Norah Louisa Fanny, m. 23 July, 1881, 2nd 
Baron Dunlcath. 

BANGOR. (72nd) Lord Bishop of. Cons. 1899 
(Uoun. before olG.) — Ht. J'ev. \V.^tkt>" Herbkrt 
\ViLi.T.VMS,D.D..s of k^ir}rueh\ViUia!iis, :5rii Bt., and 
Henrietta Clinrlotte, dou. of Sir ^Vatkin WiUiams 
Wynn, 5th Bt. B. 2_' Aug. 1845; m. "0 April, 
1.S79, Alice, dau. of Gencrrd -Monckton, of Stretton. 
.Stafi's, ; ed. at Westminster and O.xford ; B.A. 
1S70, :\f.A. 1871, D.D. 1899; ord. 1870; cur. 
of Rhos-Lianeri'hruaOL', Denhijihshire. J871-L"; 
vie. f.f Bodolwychlan', flints. 1 872-92 ; com- 
missary to Bishop of Saskatchewan and <'.i'- 
gary 1888-98; cliup. to Bishop of yt AsajihiTiid 
11. D. of St. Asaph 1889-92 ; can. and archd. oi" 
St. Asapli 1889-92; dcnn of St. Asaph 189:-8. 
wlien he was apjdd. to tl;is see : is patron of 72 
livincis. The diocese includes Caniarvonsliiro, 
Anglesey, and parts of Jlontgomeiy and !Merion- 
etlishire ; annual value, £4,200. Residences — 
Glyiigarth Palace, }ifenai Bridge ; Pant-Kiciai, 
Jlacliynlleth ; CO, Carlisle .Mansions. S."\V. I!. 
Clubs — Athenanim ; Oxford and Cambriilce. 

BANKES, Privy Counsellor. Apptd. 1915. 
Knt. Bach. Creat. 1910. — Tun P.t. Hon. Lord 
JuSTiCK Sir John Eldon Bankes, s. of lato .John 
Scott Bank.-s. of Soughton Hall, Flints. D.L., J. P., 
and Annie, dau. of Sir Jch.nJervis, Chief Justice of 
the Common Picas. B. at Eaton Piaco. S.W., 17 
April, 185-i: m. 10 Aug. 1882, Edith, dau. of 
Robert Peel Ethelston, oi" Hinton, S.iiop ; ed. at 
Eton and Oxford (B.A.) : fellow of Eton Coll. 
1905 ; Barr.-at-law (Inner Temple) 1878, bencher 
1899, K.C. 1901; contested Flint boroughs (t;.) 
1 900 ; junior cormsel to Oi'tice of Woods 1 897-1 910; 
chancellor of the dio. of St . Asnph 1908-10 ; D.L., 
J.P. Flints (chrmn. of Quarter Se-^sions siii'o 
1910) ; npptJ. a Judgo of tho High Court (King'.^ 
Bench div.) 1910 ; Lord Justice of 1915. 
Residences — Soughton Hall, Xorth.op, Fiint< ; 
45, Enton Square, S.W.I. Club— Carlttm. I^su- — 
1. Kob.rt Wvime Bankes, b. 23 June. 1--;: . d. ::t 
F'on aiKl Oxford, B.A. ; Barr.-at.-law 1911; J.I'. 

•.n. i; 




1. 'M.-irJirrt ', lu. 29 Julv, lOOS, Vv'llfrid HuliTt 

ivv^r I.CWI;:. 

2. iliith E.iifh. la. !'■, Mireh, 1912. Willi:'.:;. .Marviml) 
D!i;;aale. Uesi.leuce- -P.ndalov'. Li.'Uiiyllin, .\Umt- 


FETii^.,, axd 


BAJTZS. Lady (Knt.'s tvidow). — Ei.izABnxn 
RAt.iiE J-VJ:, dav.. of Jchn Elliott, of Liverpool ; n\. 
iPt. 1S74 Sir \Vi!!iam .A[itch.ll Banks. M.D.. 
F.R.C.S.. LL.D.. J. P.. who cl. An-. 1'>j4. 
RfsicKr.c;: — 1.), i'.nrk!.=inrl Crcsrent, Belsizo Park, 
Hampstead. N.W. 3. Issi:o by 1st in. — 

RpemMl Mltdr-U Bnuk?, b. J?>0 ; m. 1905, Lcon<\rJaii. 
of J. Harries. 
Issun — 

1. rrc'ariPl: Mitcli'^1! P.anks, 
J. Doris K!i2:ibcth MJtcli'-ll. 

2. Jfarg.iret MitclK'Il. 

HAEruOOD-BANITER, Knt. Bach. Cnat. 
1913. — .-^iR Joi:':.' rii;Tnj':Rt.\XD IlAiniooD-BAN- 
rvErn, f. of Harmond AValcct EJannt-r, of Pi'ol 
Bank, Eobingtor, Chosh., and Martrnrot, dftii. of 
John Sutl.erland. B. at Liverpool. S Sojjt. 1«47 ; 
m. 1st, 1875, Elizabeth (d. 21 March. lOO.'JI, d-iu. 
of late Thomas Knov/lp«, M.P.. of Darnliall Hall. 
Ciio^hire : ni. ?tKl. 19fiS, EUi., dau. ef 
Erne&t Herbert Liiiford, of Xonvich ; rd. at Rad- 
iev ; D.L., J.P. Liverpool (lord ir.avor 191i'-3) ; 
High Sheriff, Che.^h ire, 1902 ,- }.I.P. iEvertondivn. 
since 1905; is a chartered nccowirarit ; cx-prcs. 
InstitutP of Chartered Accountants ; clinnn. 
Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co., Ltd. Rosi- 
donce — Aston Hall, Aston-by-Sutton, Warrirg- 
tcn. Clubs — Carlton ; Junior Carlton. 

BANKERMAN, 11th Bt. (S.}. Croat. 2S Dec. 
16S2. — Sir Ale>:.i.ndeii B.^ s. of 
10th Bt. B. 10 D.-c. 1S71; 3ii'5. his father 
1301 ; entd. R.E. 1S91, capfc. 1002. bt. maj. 
1906. r,f.j. 1912 ; served in S. African war 
1899-1902 (despatches. Queen's and Kind's 
Tcdals) and '.vith the Japiinese arniy a't the ?u-^:^ 
cf Pert .-\rthur 1904; ha? Japanese orders of 
Sacred T'.f a^ura and Rising Sun ; comiTiamlerl Air 
Batt. 1910-12, when he'ret. ; rejoined 1914; 
It. -col. X. Staffs Rcgt. since 191*3. Clubs— 
Carlton ; United Service. 

Sir Alexaxpek Banki;r>:an-, 9th Bt., b. 6 April, 
i?'-3; \ic-iicut. Al '^nlfionshire ; ni. 2.5 Sont. 1— W, 
Arabella pima (d. F. h. ISi 01, dan. of 5tli Laii Urla- 
warr, andd 21 April, 1>77. Issue — 

Etlu'l Marv Klir&'ctli, m. 1 Aug. 15£H, Charles, 10th 
Ear! of Scuthcsk. 
S:p. GroEGE BAyxcr.M.ix, i^th Bt.. h. 4 June, 1S27 
(s. of Thonias Baiin. rnian, and <:i. n. pli. of (U!i Bt.) ; 
m. 5 Oct. 1=''.0, Ann? Mary (>i. 11 Au.'. 10^0), d.iu. of 
Richard Brook-^, F.S.A., of Handfon!, Chtsiiire, and d. 
Sn-^c.iaoi. f=Puc.— 
Sir Al£xindeu Baxn-euma\, pros. Bt. 
Elcauor. lu. 12 July, 1905, Harrv Colvin Colvin-Sniith, 
Th- lit'- Patrick 'Sni^on Baim^Tnian, b. 1^ Ti' r. 1704 ; 
ni. 5 ? ^pt.i -:■:., .\aiia ( l.> Mnn.ii 1>54), ilau. of Sir \Vil!ia!!i 
.)o: n^ton. 7th Bt., and d. 10 S pt. 1554. I?=Ui — 

The late Gen. WUIira B mn rninM. C.B. (uM.) 1JS7, 
b. 23 Sept. 1S28 ; scrvid in Buiijab cami^aiin 1^4:^, 
Persian War 1857. Indian Mutiitv, China war l,*C.n, 
Afghan war 1880; m. 10 S( pt. l**"*, Loni5.-» Con- 
stance (d. 1915), dau. of Bobort Goddard, of Monks- 
town, nn! d. 10 I".!.. n>!4. 1>mi. — 

1. Maj.Wvniiham PiriLipBAN-N-r.'^MAV. Hrin Tkt:';., 
31st Lane rs, Ind. Am^-, b. 1 C. F, li. 1 >70 : in. 1 7 .Tmi.'. 
1901, Mary Aucufta Mosl- y (d. 2 Jun\ lOiOt, ,:au. ot 
late Gccr'ge Asliwin Cheekc. Club — V.'iniiliani. 
Issue — 

Diana Marv Wvndl-.ain. 

2. Tholar^ Card. Ori I W'illiairi Erskinf B.Tnn.-miau, 
15th Lancer-s Indian Arinv.b ISlnc. 1S77; lu. 14 
S-pt. lf>'i7,Eniilie Henri, tte, dau. of the lati? Capt. 
Charles lousada, P'h Kc'rt.., and was kiiiiul in action. 
Franc*, 3 Feb. 1915. 

EANTRY. Earldom of (Uvtinct, "0 N-.v. )S01). 
•-:r,-:. 22 .h,-i. ISlvi. 

Kakl of Bantf.y, b. 10 Nov. 1^1 : a r p. pi i.r lor Ir. I. ; 

It.-cc!. comni. W. Cork Art;!!'rv : l».f.. : 'u. )>■ A|. il, 

1 =4'.. .l:i!K- (a. 7 .TnK-, 1 -.•<). (!.-.:!. > :" t l.:.r:. ^ Jo!in H. rl.. rt, 

bi Mii:'.;r.i>-i. Knl.irV.ev, ami d. !5 .lari. 1--4. I-'-u. — 

I. \MLr.iAM Henkv liAiti: Hei)ce--\Vhite. 4tii Rari, 

OF BA.vrnv, h. 2 Julv, l.-.'.4 ; ni. 18 F. b. I--*;, B.isa- 

vt.ND CATniTi:.-E. oi Hon. ].'!•. i:ud C.-orpe 

rare (sre Pe:::e. I'..), ai.d d. M Nov. l-i'i : sjil- ni. ::!id, 

7 Dec. Ib97, Aithur, •.;Qd Baroa Trover. 

1. Lady 0!i\na Chadottp, rrt. 16 Teb. 1S71, Arthur 
Eiiward, 1st Baron .A.raii,tun, 'vlio d. 2) Jan. 1915. 

2. .?an<» Francs Anna, ni. »; Jan. l''7t'., r:d'.vard 
."•■faTcw.dl K.-nn. y IbTb r'. who d. 24 Jiin. 191C. Is- 
fiii.-i — Aiibrcy Ed-.iard, b. 20 July. 1>77, Donen Edith 
!:ii7abttli.} Besidciicu— b, Woddtiold Koad, Eaiiuz, 

6th Lord Bishop of. (Foim. 1^24.) — Vacant 
since the death of Kr. Rev. \Vii-li.\m Proctor. 
SwARY, who d. Xov. I91G. The Bishopric 
comprises Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Luola, and the 
Grenarline.s ; fiifnual allowance £700 and residence 
from tlie col. treasijry of Barbados, as Bishop 
of P.-irSados. and £250 frori tiio Windr.ard 
I-^'aii'is t'ic^idcr.ce — Bishop's Court, liarbaaos. 

BARBOUR. K.C.S.I. Croat. ISS9 ; K.C.:^£.G. 
ISl'O ; C.S.I. 1SS7. — SiR iJAvii. .".[iLLEF. Barbovr, 
s. of Miller Barbour, of Calkill, Ireland. B. 1S41 ; 
ni. 18t>;5, Kathi>rine Constance-, dau. of Thomas 
Gril)bio. of liarrov,- ; ent. B.C.S. 1803 : sec. to 
Govt, of India in Finance and Commerce Depart. 
!fiS2-8 ; financial mcnib. of Cnuncil of Gov.- 
Geii. of India 1S8S-93 ; memb. of Roy. Commn. 
on Gold and Silver 18Si». on financial relations 
ixtween Great Britain and Ireland 1S94. and on 
sii^^TT-growing colonics of the West Indies 1896 : 
coiamr. to inquire into tiic finaiices of Jamaica 
1S97, and of the Transvaal aad Orange River 
Colony 1900-1 ; chrmn. of Roy. Commn. on 
London TraiJlc 1903 ; memb. Indian Currency 
(. oinm. 1893; chrmn. of cornm. on ctirrcncy of 
Straits Srttlrmont.-: 10u2 ; memb. of Roy. Comrnn. 
on shipping riiigs. and of committeeon Indian I{ail- 
ways, 1007. Rcsid-^nce — Tiitwcod, Crawley 
I)./wn. Sn--sex. Club's — East India United Ser- 
vice ; Aihen;eum. Issue — 

1. Iia!|)!i H^ iirv Barbour, b. 1S?4: ni. 30 Anrii. 
1914. Kvilvn Kos'-, dau. of Wa C. S. Culi«iK>' of 
Bnu.kdd-. "A!drrl.-y Ed?-. CliMhTc. 

2. K- mil til Uiirand B.irbo'ir. b. IS.^5: Cap'.. In'i. 
Army; m. 1913, Margaret Murray, dau. of David 

3. D.iviJ Xcvil! Barbour, b. 1895; licut. r»ov. Lnn- 
ca=tor Hf-ct. 

1 t;r;..r!n- .'.r-.rar.rrf, in. loll, B-v. Balph Lnvnrd 
M'nrti^lioad. Residence — 42, l")o«Tilcazr. Stoke 
Id-hop, B.ri-to!. 

BARCLAY, inth Bt. 3.). Crent. 22 Oct. 
IOCS. — Sir Davjo Edward Dc-reli. Barcl.vy. s. 
of llth Ik. p.. 30 I^larch, 18.58 ; m. 9 Oct. I8S9, 
Lftitia. dau. of Hon. Amias Charles Orde Powlett ; 
sue. his father 189G ; capt. 19th Hussars: 
served in Egypt 1SS2. and Soud; ii 1884 (medal, 
ilirce cla'sp-, and Kh--dive's star). Residence — 
TIio Grove. ?.tidd!eham, Yorkshire. Club — 
Royal Automobile. 

Sir. David Wrliam B-tRCLAT, IOth Ft., b. 5 Sept. 
l.'«04, capt. r.oth .'.nd 9HU Brgts. ; A.D.C. to Gen. the ' 
Hon. Sir Charts Colvill.-, Gov. of Mauritius; m. 1st, 
1(5 Fi;h. l-i-JO, Lisr .Tosrpiw de Eunc (d. 22 Marcii, 1867), 
dau. of Cliarl-s VT;\Io. .^Tar^uis de Ituae, oi Warsv, in 
Pi.ardy ; ni. 2iui, 19 S-pt. l.>72, Ei^.ily (d. IS Jinio, iblO,, 
2ud I'.iu. of .luiMi? K. .Stacey, oi Kini'ston, Surriv, atid 
d. -i Sov. 1.--S. issu. — 


BT.. C.M.G., b. i::i ])>c. 1^29; r.c.-SL-n. in Mauritius 
and .aud.-R>-n. in C yinn ; coiii-ri. of tlio L. uioa of 
llouour ; in. .s M:iy, 1^:.', LorisE Melavie (Risicience 
— C, -Vv-^nui; Marc, au, Paris), dau. and co-liciress of 
E.iouard Julli. n do Biiziia, of Mauridus, and d. 18 
Feb. 1-90. J-^ue— 

1. Sir Da-* id Euwai;i; DrPEti, Barcla?, pros. 

2. BoPF.RT CK'TL PC r.Er.^P! Barcl.'.t. IlEm Pres., 
b. 1.-^ Jiim-, y-'\-^ : .d. at Camb. K( ddeuee — 6* 
Avenue Marccau, Paris. Club — Oxfonl and Cam- 

3. Ci-Ivillo df Bwnc Barclav. M.V.O. (1903), 
h. 17 S.-pt. l<i(:9 : Co.i:i^..:if,r of E-i.l a=L;v .at Wash- 
ington fr..iii bu:': I... 10 A'ril, I'jlU, ^i.'lrita Kiiri- 
<in.ta, dan. of liorbirt \V;irl. cf Av. nue M;v.'ako3, 
Paris, (.lul) — St. Janns's. l.-^ue — 

1. Colville Fl. rbrrl vanford iiarclay, b. 7 May, 1913. 

2. Cooi! Edward ^ nford iJ.ircluv, b. 13 Sov. 

2. William M.Mo vU Run-' B.mi.-.y, b. 29 Aujj. 1842; 
Ilcut. late 24ili Foot ; m. 3 S-pt. J.->03, Karritdf. Jarip 



oaii. cf Francis Charles Loslle, of Ballyn-ard T-oJ^fi, 
Ca>tlo\vi.llaa, CO. Dowd, an'l Kiiirrai^-ie Castle, co. 

" 1 I'aviJ Kruiuis fliparille liarclav, h. 10 Sept. 1.^61. 
•?. \ViIii.:u.i Mclo do flun.o Barclay", h. 13 Jun<; IsTl ; 
ra. 15 April, liyS, Ncllis Craci;, Uau. of J. Uaiuil- 
ton. Issut^ — 

Lfsii': Han~.llton P>irclay, b. 31 Jan. 1509. 
■^. rridi;rick Arthur D'Epinay Barclay, b. 2-1 SepD. 
1S75; m. Laura Gwendolen, clau. of Cradork 
r.-vauchansYt. l^suc — 

Wiliiam Cradock Jo llune I'archiy, h. L3 June, 


4. Aubrey Henri de Bunc Barclay, I'. 20 Jan. 1550 

Blackburn Jan.--D r. 1910. Rf^siclmces — GO. 
SrvoTii Srniaro, S.W. ; 13. Old Square, Lincoln's 
Inr., W.C. I. ( -Iiibj — Reform '; Athcaa;uir.. 
Isiue — 

1. Georc-: 

1. Gri'.'i. 

2. Helen. 

Barday, b. 9 Dec. 1?S1 

BARCLAY, E:it. Bach. Great. 190S.— Sib 
Thomas Bap-clay, s, of late James Bavciay. of 
Felling, Nfwcastle-or.-Tyne. B. 30 Auc ISoO ; 
m. Ist", 1 Jiiiio, 18G1, Jlarv Anne (d. ISOl), d»u. 

m. 17 Sv pt. 1033, A 

O.sborne Gibbcs, Sid Bt. Isiuc- 

B-nv Th-odo-ia. 
i. Tl:-": loilaL'slic, in. 1st, 1501, Vi'iniam Thowas 
Lcki' Travrs, Barr.-at-!.a\v, viio d. i'JO'; ; I'li. 2nd, , 
10 '.'). I.t.-r'ol. Edwanl James Fandon Wood, late 
".r,iii,-.a .'.miy, and has i.;suo. 

2. t'or.itunce DurelJ, ni. 1692 Chcrlos Anvistrong, 
and has Ki.ue. 

3. Enid Harriet Durcil. 

3. lli-nn- Torreas de Huno Barclav, b. 5 Oct, lS-i9 ; i 
late C.S". cf British Guiniia; m. 2'S Oct. 137?*, Kllon : 
Eliza, t!au. of lato Thoiiias Frederick Henley, C.E. i 
Is=.iu- — 

1. Leslie Georsio de Rune Barclay, b. 3 Oct, ls79 ; 
Meat. Ivts. of Oilicory; late Boy. Iri>h liiiics ; ; 
served in S.A. war (iviup's medal with two clasps ; i 
Q.jP. ;.iV niidal with two clasps). Club — Juu. Naval '. 
and MUirary. 

2. Fr.^l-hck David Henrv de Rune Barciav, b. 11 
■ Oct. 1 -SI. Cli.tb— Ce:;-.ti:!it!onal. 

1. .Ad.l.'iii'e Georsiria, !a. l^Oi'., John llVnry Finnjss, ; 
o' the Mauritius C.S., w!.o d. 1 ••^^, and has !«suc. | 

2. I^ari' tte Anna. in. II i"el'. l-O'l, (\apt. Jolia Leslie, j 
late 5th Fu3. and has i-=i:c. JIfider.eor.— Bally ward i 
Lodge, BanbriJge, co. Down ; Kincraigie Ca=^tle, co. i 
Dor.ejral. . I 

3. Ma.'y Barbara, rn. 23 Aug. 1359, Capt. James Barton, i 
late K.A., and Las isstic. 

BARCLAY, K.C.3.L Great. 1913 ; K.C.r.I.G. ■ 
UIOS ; C.-M.G. ISOS ; C.V.O. 190' -Sra Gcoege 
Head iLvr.CLAY. s. of lato lien; ■ r'ord liarclav, of 
Monkhanis, Woodiord, Essex. B. 23 March, i 
1862 : m. 24 Oct. ISOI, Beatri.'i Mury Jay, dau. of ; 
late Henry G. CJiajiman, of New York : ed. at ' 
Eton and Caiub. ; ent. rliplomatic service 1SS6 ; I 
Sydsii-c. at ^Vasllin5ion 1S88 ; at Rome ISOl ; see. I 
to Embassy at r<Iadrid 1S9-1— 3 ; at Constant inoplo 
1898-1902; sec. of L-gation at Tokio 1002-5;; 
councillor 1905 ; councillor at Constantinople I 
IGOG, and niin. plenipo. therc:>, 1908 ; min. pU nipo. i 
and envoy extraord. in IVrsia 190S-12 ; at 
Bucharest from 1912. Residence — British Lega- j 
tion,, l\ouraania. Clubs — St. James's ; !' 
Travellers'. Issue — : 

Dorothy Katii.irine, rn. 5 .\pril, 1011, Sir Colerid-'e i 
A. F. i'cunara, Ist Bt. I 

Anne, a'a'u. "of Sir Edward of Robert Jaocjuos, M.R.C.S.. of Osmotlierley 

d, 2 Juno, 1893, Mary Uiagiey. dau. 
EdiTfird P:thyljridgc, barJcer, of Launoe ton ; 
memb. of Binningiiairi Town Council, 1885-94 ; 
is J.P. cos. Wtarv%'ick, Worce.-tt-r, and City "f 
Birniinciiain. iie^idonce — Tiie U]lanil>', Black- 
well. n(?ar Broni'^giovc. Club— ^rational Liberal. 
Issue by 1st m. — 

1. The late John Barclav, b. 8 Dec. 1SG'> ; ra. 2S 
March, 1901, \Vi!\;ired St. Barbe, dau. of Prof. Haslara, 
of Christ Ciiurch, .N'.Z., and d. Is .Tuiv,,-;. Is>ue— 

John Francis 8t. Barbe Barciay, b. 10 June, XiOZ. 

2. Thomas I'.aniay, b. 2;> .Mnrcii, L->ij9 ; ra. 15 aept. 
ISOf). Louisa ?-hiy, dau. of John Innes. of Harborne 
Hill House, Ldj-jl ii^ton. Residence — Mctciiley Grange. 
Harborne, BinninL'iiam. Issue — 

Joim Innr.i ilouiihouse Barclay, b. 1-t Aug. 190-1. 
5iary Innes. 

1. Jane Elizabeth Jacnues, m. 6 July, 1SS7, Dr. P. :i. 
Scatliff. Residence — bt. ilmo. Lordship Lane, S.E. 
Issue — 

Clarence Ei borough Barclay ScatHif. 

2. Edith Annie. 

3. .^lary, in. -:> Jan. li)H>, Horatio liistrs, J.P. Resi- 
dences — Waterpark, Hoisworthy, Devon ; The lier- 
niita.trc, Welcoinbe, Bnde.. 

4. Gertrude. 

Issue livin.; bv 2nd ta. — 

3. Edward l)r.b-ll Barol'v, b. 22 Au . 1S95 ; 2nd 
lieut. Pth Worf est.i.-liite Regt. 

5. Marjorie Pethyiindre. 

B.itP.HAr.!, Baroa. See GArNSBOP.ouGn. Earl 

BARING. See Ashburtox, Baron. 
BARING. See Cromer, Earl of. 
BARING. Sec Northbrook, Eapj, of. 
BARING. See Khvllstoke, Bakov. 
BARING, Vise. See.^rqok, Eael ok. 

■ BARING, 1st Bt. (U.K.). 

— Sip- GoDFi'.icY Barixg, 
Charles Rarin.c:, Cuhls. Gtls 
late Sir Jaiiics Graham, 
London, 18 April. 1S71 : i 

Great, i Feb. 1911. 

s. of lato Lt.-Gen. 

, and Helen, dau. of 

Bt., G.C.B. B. in 

■2C, Jan. 1898, Eva 

Hormionc. Jan. of the late Alexander .En^'as 
ilackintosii, of .Mackintosh ; ed. at Eton ; M.P. 
Isle of \Vi2:lit 19t)t>-10, and for Barnstaple div. 
of Devon since Mav, 1911 ; contested Devonport 
Dec. 1910; D.L. Isle of Wieht (chnnn. C.C.). 
J.P. Hants. (Hiizh Sherirt', 1897); pari. priv. sec. 
to Pros, of Bd. of Ed. since 1911. i;^-idences— 
14, Harrinjton Gardens, S.W. 7. ; Xubia House 
Cowes, L of \V. Clui.s — Bachelors': Brooks's 
Travellers'; Xational Li!)ei-al ; K.Y.S. Issue — 

1. CUARiES Christian Bakino, b. 16 Dec. l&ys, 2nd 
H u .Culd-^. G(\<. 

2. Ravnond Al xaudiT Baring, b. 7 Julr, 1912. 

1. llcl.n Aza! -a. 

2. Viola ilary. 

BARKFR. Earonetcv- Great. 1 Dec. It'OS.— 
E.ytinct 1914 at the death of tlie 1st Bt., SlB 
JoHX Barker, 16 Dec. 1914. Issue — 

Ann Sarah, n. 29 April. 1^«G, TresiiHin Giib-^y. J.P. 

Rcsid'-nc— A\hit.:I'.a!l, lUshop's Stortu.rd, Herts. 

BARCLAY, Knt. Bach. Croat. 1904.— Sib 
Thomas Barclay, s. of George Barcky. LL.D., 
of Bonvil, Cupar, Fife. B. 20 Feb. 1853 ; m. 
7 Jun', 1877, Marie, tlau. of R. Touschcr, 
il.D. ; ed. at Univ. Coll., London, and Univ.s. 
of London, Paris, Bonn, r.nd J»na, LL.B., Ph.D. ; 
Barr.-at-law (Lincoln's Inn) 1881 ; senior-vice- 
pres. of the In-titute of Internal. Law ; vioo-pres. 
of the Internal. Law .\ssocn. ; n;eml). of Roy. 
Acad, of .Turisprvidcnre of Spain ; examiner in 
jurispritdence andinternaiional })nhlic and private 
law to Oxford Univ. 1900: pres. of the British 
Chanibor of Comniercc in Paris ISOiV-lOOO : pres. 
of the International Broth riiood Alliance ; 
chrmn. of Coiuicil of Persia Scjciety ; has taken a 
ver\- prornineuL part in liio prrp;ress of tlie arbi- 
tration mover:ient, particularly in relation to tlie 
establishing of more cordial interiiational rela- 
tions between Great Britain a'Ml Fnuue, for which 
hn was knichted by Kin.' Ivl-.v.ini .inu r-.xcivcd 
the otneership of tlie L'-gion oi Ib!\o\ir ; has the 
Order of Leopold, and" is grand olhcer of thai BARKER, Knt. Cref.t. June, ]9i7.— Sib 
Persian Order of the Lion and the Sun ; author of : F.r ..xcis I-Ifsuv li.'vRKEK, s. of Alfred Parker, of 
" Probknw of International rraeiice and Diplo- ■ Esh<r. and iw>Vna. dan. ci John Gharnaud. ' B. 
inacy," 1907, "The Tvivo-Italu'.:! U ar and its i jg June, 1S.;5 : e J. prnatciv arid at Clifton Coll.; 
Problems;' "Thirty Yenhs of P-nuniseenees." ■ ni. 1S97, .\i:nee. dau. of Arthur do Vero ; director 
t=tc. : contest^-d Kirkcaldy liurghs ISsi') ; M.P. for of Vic'.-icrs. Ltd., And of Pearsons Foreign I'utenta 





Co., ; cJiTi-.n. of t.\».:nti\e Council (-"u=.-o. 
Britis-h Chfurber of Comrif n-e. ftc.-idcnce.- — 
Lo^^^;des Howst. Lo-.mi.J.- PU'te, i^.W.l : iiurnt 
Stub, Chessintrton, Esher, Surrey. Clubs — 
Marlborough ; St. James's ; Royai Aiitoinobiie, 
Issue — 

1. Alfred Vcrc iir.rkrr, b. TSW. j 

2. Arthur V.-re I'.arker "n IC-O.J. 

BARKER, K:it. Bach. Creat. 190G.— Cui,. Sir 
Fkjncis 'vVrLLTAM BA?.zci;:i, s. of Into Willinm 
Barker, F.R.C.P.I., ex-pre.q. of R.C.P.I. B. zU 
April, 1841 ; m. 1873, Ciiarlotto .Jessie, dau. of 
lat*- J. Foster ; ed. at Trin. Coll. Dublin, and 
R.:M..A. Woolwich; ent. E.A. 1SG3 ; mai. iSS.s - 
It.-col. ISOv), col. 1890, ret. I8l»8 : .served in 
Abyssinian Cainpgn., ]867-8 (at a=~a\i!t and cap- 
ture of Magdaia, medaPi ; instructor in eijnncry 
1873-6 ; ir.sp. warlike- stoicr^ 1S7S-S4 : asst. supt. 
R. Gunpowder factory lSSO-92 ; nctg. 
1892 ; supt. R. Snriall Arms factory, Birnjinciiain. 
1892. Residence — 1, VVestboume Mansions, 
Folkestone. Club — Radnor (Folicestone). Lssue — 

1. Lt.-Col. Eracst William Frar.cis B-irktr, D.-~.0., 
K.O., Y.J..r., b. 2 Jalv, 1577 : m. 2.-> M.ireli. 191 i. Knii. 
dau.. of Col. Boyce, R.E., of Hawkv Cotiago, Black- 

2. Lt.-Col. W. A. -T Barker, D.S.O., 6th Stalfonisiiire 
r.cnt., b. ^2 .\ux 1879. ; 

3. :\Iaj. Cecil H. Bnrker, E.A.. b. (> .Mar-h, 1<<1. ' 
]. .Marc:irct, m.22D,c. 1900, >[.'.A". -J. Frv. M.A., i".!l. • 
of Trin. Coll. Dublin. 
Iris, m. 2.5 Sept. 1915, Kev. Chude Hariand, M.A. 

BARKER. K.C.B. (mil.). Crfat. lull; C.B. 
1905. — :Maj.-Gex. Sir George Barkeh. s. of Col. 
George Barker, H.E.I C.S., and jlar^,- Kath-Tinc, 
dau. of Mai, -Gen. Vaughan 'sVorslc-v. ]'. at 
Cheitenhrrn, 17 Dec. lS4y ; rn. 4 Sept." 18SS. the 
Hon. Clemency Huhhard, dau. of 1st Baron 
Addingtori ; ed. R.^kE.A. Woolwich ; ent. R.E. 
1869, capt. iSSl, brev.-maj. 1SS2, maj. 1SS7, It.- 
col. 1894. brev.-col. 1898, col. 1901, maj.-gen. 
190G, ret. 1911 ; served '.vith Egj-ptian Expedn. 
1882 (despatches, medal, cHsp, bronze star, 4th 
rl. IVJedjidie, brev.-jnaj.l ; with Bvchuanaland 
Expedn. 1SS4-5. as D.A.A. and Q.M.G. (des- 
patches) ; A.sst, Sch. of Mil. Engnrg. 1357- 
81 ; A>.st. Insp.-Gen. of Fortification.s, Head- 
qu.arlers, 1894-1901 ; col. or the Staff commdc;. 
R.E., E. dist. 1901-4 ; Insp. R.E. at Hcad- 
r^uartcrs 1904-9 : sen. off. cnmmdcr. Ea.-tern 
Coast Defences 1909-11. Residciico — Stanford 
Place, Faringdon, Berks. Club — L'nitcd Service 
Is.=:ue — 

1. Francis Worslcy Barkf'r. 1>. G Jiin", lf^9 ; li- ut. 
Wrstn'iin'~-'i-'r Dragoons: ;ri. 17 ]'■'(■. i',V.-!. r,:V<:U-\ 
d.v.i. c.f O. Or'noml, of Pi.-kliiil !::ill, \'. rcxliur.i. 

2. Evclvn Hugh Biirkor, b. 22 May, 1894: capt. CO»h 

1. Dorothea':Marf:rirct,m. 197.3, Brig -Gen R.A.Brich''. 

BARKER, Lady (Knt.'s widow). Kathef-ine 
Westox, dau. of Edward GoMing Ehve- ; ni. ht 
30 Sept. 1902, a^his 2nd wife. Gen. Sir George 
Digby Baikcr, G.C.B., -who served in Persinn 
War 1857 (medal with cla.sp), Indian miitiiiy 
1857—8, with Gen. Haveloek at relief f.nd de- 
fence of Lueknow, (dcspoteh, i-ned.5.1 with two 
clasps, brevet-m.ij.) ; Acting-Gov. Hong-Kong 
1891 ; conimaiidtd troops in China ISOt)-.") : Gov. 
and Coni.-in-eh., Bern.uda, 180'>-lOO2 : and d. 15 
April, 1914. Lai.v Bakker. m. 2nd 24 Oct. 1910, 
Maj. Ernald Bavnardi.-itcn, R.E. Itesici ^ricc^ — 
Clare, Sufloik. Cli;i> — Ladies' Eiiipir>-. t^ir 

Gi^orge had i.^su"^ bv l.^r ni. — 

1. Jt.M.-na Ai;,i:i:sta 'Vietnri.T. m. 31 A':?. IM'I, fir 
I'raiuis Honrv .M.iv. K.( .M.i!. 

2. M.irv r.roii,!.. I.J.U.Si.J.J.r:., i ■- no O. t. l>0:i, 
\;aj.-i^n. .Taii.^s (■,•.•■; I),,:.e!i. \.iU-.ll.\. [:■ ^'\- ncj 
— i'lu: Hints, Gr. wolthorjic, lUi.on. 

BARKER, Lady (Knt.'s widow).— :^rARV Ann, 
uau. of late B. E. Black, of Halifax. .M. M Aug. 
1S77, as hi.s 2nd vrife, Hon. Sir Fr.LDinic 
Eustace Barker, who was b. 27 D( c. 1S38 ; Kat. Bach. 1913; chief justice, Suj-remo 
Ce:'in of New Braas'.vick ; he in. 1st, 19 Oct. 
lSij.5, .Julia ((!. 27 Fen. 1874), dau. of Edward 
Lloyd, of R. Engi-s. Civil Staff; and d. 15 Dec. 
191.3. Residence — The Cedars, Mount PleaEam, 

. St., New Brunswick. 

i Sir Ir. 'Jf n.; luid i^.^uc l.y Ist iu.~- 

1. Brig.-Gon. Frcdrriek Lloj J Barker, R.A., 

1.. 1.-1..H. 

1. ll'-I'^n Or.intbnm Lloyd. 

2. Ldirli Kvciyn l.loyd." 
1--UC !'V 2nd rn. — 

:!. .\ar\< s Mad-'lino Sliutrl.jwortli. 
4. Juli.t Lillic Winifred. 

BARKING, Lord Bishop (Suffraj^an) of. Cons. 
K'Ol.— llT. Ri;v. Thom.vs Stevexs D.D., s. 
i( Thomas O^den Stevens, of Clifton, BrLstol. 
B. 19 Sept. IS41 : m. >:> Sept. ISl.G. Ann 
Eliztibetli. dau. of George Bertram, of .Jersey ; 
ed. at Shrewsbury Sch. and Camb. (scholar 
Lind exhibitioner) : B.A. (class, and math, 
honrairs) 1S6.3, M.A. 18G7, D.D. 1901: ord. 
ISOo: was, between 18t')3 and 1S66, an master at Cbartei-house .'^cli.. cur. at 
St. Clary's, Charterhouse, of Woodford, Xoitti- 
ants. of St. ^lark's, Victoria Docks, of St. 
Botolph's, Bisb.oppgate. and of Hoh' Trinity, 

; Brompton, and vie. of St. Luke's, Victoria Docks ; 

' \ic. of Saffron Vv'alden and chap, to the L^'nion 
lS^2-9 ; vie. of St. .John's. Stratford, 1889-1901 ; 
hon. can. of St. Albans IS91-4 ; arclul. of Essex 
since 1894 ;con«. bishop as Suffraaan of St. Albans 
1901, and of Ciielmsford since 1913. Residence — 
Wanstead, E.ssex. Club — Roy. Societies'. Issuo 
living — 

Rath Marion, in. Rev. J. W. JMsdell. Residence— 
The Rectory, Or.sett, Gray's, Essex. 

BARKLY, Lady (Knt.'s widow).— Axxe Maria, 
dau. of .M.ij, -'n. Sir Thomas Simson Pratt, 
K.C.B. ; u\. It • as his 2nd wife. Sir Henry 
Barkly. G.C.:M.G., K.C.B., :\LP. for Leominster, 
and successively governor of British Guiana, 
J-nmaiea, Victoria, the ^lauritius, and tlic Cape, 
who d. 20 Oct. 1898. Residence — 1. Collinghanj 
Plae.', S.W..->. 

BARLOW, 5th Bt.. of Fort William (U.K.). 
treat. 1-9 Ju-.e. L-,u;j ; C.B. (civ.) 191.1— Sm 
Hif.Ar.o WiT,TtAM Weixesley Bai;lo\v s. rf 
4tli Ft. B. 19 .June, 18r,l ; m. £9 .Julv, 1891, 
Victoria Catherine, d'^u. of Col. Hugh Hihbert, of 
Birtlea Hall, Cheshire, and Broadcrate, Barn- 
st.-ipie: «uc. his father 1904; ed. at Eton and 
R. .M. A. Wo,.!wi.-h ; lt.-c..l. R.A. 1905, brev.- 
col. 190;*, col. 1910 ; supt. Roy. Lab. Wool- 
wich Ars. The 1st Bt. had been for many 
years Gov. of Fort St. George, Madras, and GJov."- 
Gen. ISUti. Pvesiden,-e — 18, Kidlrook Grove, 
IJIfiekheath, S.E. 3. Ciub— Xaval and .Alilitary. 
Issue — 

1. Richard Ilron FinLnw, b. 30 June, 1904. 

2. Chri.-'"^': T Mark Harlow, b. 14 1908. 

1. Annie K.atlifrian. 

2. Mildred Hilare. 

3. Ruth I'.iatrice. 
Sistur liviiiq or 4th Bt.— 

M.tria Charlotte L.xa.outli, ni. T Jan. 1>.57, William 
Southiy Whitiside, late Madnis C.S., who d. 12 Oct. 
]9;jO, and has issue. 

BARLOW. 1st Ei.. of Bradwall iU.K.l Crent 
2(1 .luly. 1907. — Sip. .loirs ; ::.-\iott IJaklcav, s. of 
I'Ik .-. l;.irIo-.v, of 'l'orkiii_'t.:i LocIlv. Scrckport. 

B. 10 April. 1S57 ; ni. 13 July, 1895, Hon. Anna 
Maria Hey wood, sister <if 3ril I5aron ; ed. 
at -•rovcilo..Tottcrriia:n ; calh-d to t he ]>ar (Inner 
Temple), but not pruiise : senior partiier in 
linns of Tlu-mas Bail..v,- ajsd Brother, Manchester 
and London, an < B.irh.w and Co., Calcutta, 
Shanghai, Singaj'ore, Kii.da J^umpur ; jf.P. 
i'yr Krome div. S'lmerset 1S92-5, and aeain sines 
IS9i. ; cont. Knutsfer.l div. ( h.;sliirp l>iSr, and 
De bio^h dist. 18S ; J. P. Cheshire and Somer.^ei : 

C. Alderman of Chesh.irc. Hcsidences — Bradwall 




ffall, Saabacli ; Torkiiii,'ton LoJc;..-, .Stockport, 
Ciifsliire ; Uryii Eirios, Colwyu bay, N. W ■.ilfS. 
CIub.^ — Brooks's • : ovoiisiiire. Issue — 

1. JOHM iJE.VMAS Baul-jw, b. 15 Junf, ItO?. 

2. Tiioiiiiis Biadwjill Harli.w, b. 7 Mai-cli, lO.iO. 

1, ;^ancv JiV.rv- Eniuiott in 4 Julv, ]yl7, Capt. 
r. I., f. D^u.xf, Lti!i--ter fl^p.: 

2. Aniia Liizaltt.'i. 

CAPvLOW. 1st Bt., of London (U.K.). Cieat. \ 
'." 3iarch, 1901: K.C*.V.O. jyol. — Siu Thomas: 
Barlow, &. of Juuies Bavlow, J.l'., <..f Uveeuthume, 
Edg^vorth. f.. 4 Sept. 184.5: in. 2S Deo. 1880, | 
Ada H'.'Jcn, dau. cf Patrink Dahiiahoy, VV.S., of i 
EdiiilA!!'.'!! ; ed. at Ui;iv.-;sitv OolL Loudon;- 
E.Sa. 1SG7, .M.D. ISTi, M.ii.C.S. IS7I, 
18S0, P\R.S. iO'jD ; F.Pv.C.P.l. ; emeritus pro- 
fessor of cUtiicai med. iiiid consulting physician ' 
to Unix-ersity Coli. j4o.sp. ; eousiiiiing physician 
to the Hospital for Childron Gi. Orniond St. ; , 
physician extraordinary to the King, late physi- ' 
fi'-'.n to the King Edxrard Vll's Household ; for- { 
mcrly physician extraordinary to yuceii Vic- 
toria, and to Qiieeii \ icioriii's Hospital ; pros. 
Pvoy. College of Phy-inm-i iUiO-15; iuuhor 
of minicrous paper:? on lucdical subjects ; hon. I 
LL.1>. Aberde'\>i, St. Andn-w?, Harvord, .Montreal, ' 
and Toronto ; hon. D.>>:'.. Vict.; hon. Y,.!). Dob- ■ 
lin and Christiania. Residences — 10, Wimpole 
Street, \V. i ; Boswelis, \V'endover, Bncks. ! 
Club — Atliena.-um. Issue li\^ng — ! 

1. James Aj,ax Xoel Bakiow, b. 25 Dec. 1S31 ; 
ni. 6 Ajiii, J ''11, Kmcia Xor.i, d.iu. of Horacj Darwin, | 
l-'.U.S., 01 Tiio Orchard, i iUobriUpe , ed. at .Marl- [ 
boroush aud Oxford (scholar), liosideuce — 10, Lans- ; 
down Road, W.ll. Club — .Ithfumina. Issue — '• 

1. Thomas Trasraus Barlov,-, li. 23 Jau. I'JU. j 

2. Erasmus Dnrwin i;;ir!ow, o, 15 April, l'J15. , 

3. AuiiTcw ]Jalm.-^y Uariow, b. 10 Sept. 1010. | 
1 Joan ilfkc .| 

2. Thomas l.iuhnahoy iiarloxr, bl.X. Canib., b. 23 Feb. ! 
18S3 ; iii. 15 i\.b. 1011, Lsth^r Sopi.hi, dau. oi iieury I 
Ciasolee, oi Li/iden Garden?, Baysv.atcr, W. JJfeii- i 
denc6 — 16-i, EccIjs Old lioad, Pendleton. Manchester. ' 
Issue — I 

1. Theodora Gertrude. ! 

2. Sonliia IVn. lori.-. 1 
1. Heisn Alice Dorothy. I 

3. Capt. Hon. Krdp:i Ircderick Vane, b. S Juno, IsOl •; 
Yorks L.I. hxto Durliam L.I. ; m. 5 June, 1917, Kath- 
leen, dau. of Ci'.pt. UillxTt Mair, of .Auckland, N.Z. 
T);ti late Sir Ih ary Morsau Van-. Kiit., b. 2J .N'ov. 1;03 
(grcat-gri:al.-t'raud;-ouoiGilljeit Vauc, 2ud B. liai-aard), 
«fC. to the Char. Com. ; n;. G July, 1853. Louisa (fi. 10 
Dec. 1S7S), dau. and co-lHiress of the Kev. Hicliard 
I'arrcr, of ^\-<hk'y, >'Grthaat3, and d. 22 April, ijjiO. 
Issue — 

1. Hen-ry pk Veke Vaxe, prt'S, Baron. 

2. The late Itcv. tlie Uon. Gilbert Holies Farrer Vane 
(•DiecedcDce l5'J2), b. 20 S^pt. 1S55 ; .M.A. Cauib. 
T.S.A. ; m. 21 Jiine, 1^91, i[ary (Ke^Monce— L%Tm 
.\lleu Truro), d:>u. of llie late T. D. ore dman, of >iigh 
Ercal! HaU, Shropjiiiro ; find d. 2" . ii: , .. 

3. Col. tlie Hon. WiUiam Lyoni^-i n ;;n';e, 
1892), b. 30 .A.US. leoJ ; UtelstB.^r:. 1 . .: , l J . and 

It.-col. and hon. ool. coind?;. 0th J-.;t..^\- ;;i L.I. ; 

vice chrinn. o- Terr. Force -\;socd., D.L., :.V. Dur- 
ham ; ni. 27 Jan 1904, Lady Katharine Louisa Paken- 
ha:ii, dau. of 4th Earl of Lonsiord. Residence — 
Hr.i:^',''n 'I: n. ••r-.rlippton. Chib — Car!tcn. Issue — 

1. '.,;;-. ;■ -, lu Vajc-, b. 12 .iprii, 3903. 

1. Hon. Lcmi-a rieurietta, Jii. 10 Nov. 1S91, Wiiijiim 
Blackstoue Rcnnoll, who d. 11 Dec. 1912. Keaideucu — > 

02, Eaton i-luc.-, 6.\V. i. 

BARNARD, Knt. Bach. _ Great. 18i)8.— Sir 
Hkkubbt Bap.x.aud, s. of .Joiiii Barnard, baiiker, 
and -Mary i\_nue, dau. of Herbert Xewton Jarrett, 
of Stratton, Suffolk. B. 1 Oct. 1831 ; it). 20 
.\pril, 1854, Ellen, dau. of William Wyiidhatu, 
:.I.P., of Dinton, Wilts ; ed. ut Eton ; late 
ciirmn. Public Works Loan Conunn. ; J. P. 
Surrey. Ltiiidon, and ; F.S..A.. Resi- 
dences — 23, Port kind Place, W. 1 ; Burrows Lea, 
Siiore, Guildford. Club — Union. Issue — 

1. [pTbert \Y.vndhaiii BiU-nar.l, b. 5 March, IS.OU : m. 
3 Oct. l^^Ol, .'Mii;. l!a. dau. of late John Dowucs. 
]U■:^; : ;ii - ■-'. -\ ■■ :- Square, S^.W, 

2. Li-i ■ V' i , ;,/iiiri. b. CMay, 1S03. Kcsi- 
deu- — ! ~, >- :i .- -i I, W.2. 

3. Cv; ! ,.' 1, ■■ :. r'..ird, b. 20 JIarch, 1807; lu. 
1001. EiLiiiia L- ouura, dau. Of laic Frederick Goodruan 

1. Florence Wvndh.T.u. 

2. Be-itrice Elkn. 

3. Mabel Katherine Wyndliam. 

4. Lillian Vi'ynohain. 11,. 31 July, ""SOE Edward 
Ileathcote Eefrov. Bcsidence — 73, >Nar\vicK Square, 
S.W. 1. 

6. Violet Mary AYyiidiiar.i. 
0. JIaud Evelyn \Vyi»i.lham. 

7. Mar>- Lsobel V.'viidhain. 

8. Hilda .Mary M 

9. Winihe I KattKriuo Wradharu, m. 2 Sept. 1005. 
CoUey Ednmml C^orge Hiime Grattan. 

BARXES. See Gorell. Bahon. 

BARNES, Privy Counsenor. Apptd. Jai; 

BARNARD, 9th Eaton (E.). Creat. 25 July, 
1C9S. — Hen'by de Verb Vaxi:, s. of Sir Henry 
Morgan \'ane. B. 10 3[ay, 1854 ; m. 23 June, 
1881, Lady Catnerme Sarah, dau. of 3rd ?ilarq. of 
Exeter : sue. his kinsman, 4tli Duke of Cleveland 
(extinct^ ut the barony 1891, and Ortabhshed his 
right 10 the title before the Coremiiteeoi I'ri\ ji :;. s 
the foilowmg vear : ed. at JCton and * 'xf' r i ; 

B.A. 187G ; called to tlie Bar (Inner Tumpio) ! 1910. — Rt. Hon'. George ;>,'icoll Bap-nes, s. of 
1S79, and was priv. sec. to tko chief charity ; James Barnes, of Dundee. B. 2 Jan. 1859 ; 
coinmr. ; late lieut. 3rd Baft. Xorthaniptou Rest. m. 30 Dec. ISS2, .Jessie, dau. of Thomas Lang- 
(M.); ho:i. col. 4th Butt. Duriiam L.I. : .D.L., ; land, of Dondee ; contested Rochdale (Lab.) 
J.P., Durham ; hon. D.C.L. Durham ; chrmn. I 1895 ; M.P. Blaclcfriars Div. Glasgow shico 
Tees Fishery Board ; Provincial Grand Mas- I 1006 ; asst. sec. Amalgamated Soc. cf Engineers 
ter of Freemasons for Durham ; memb. of I 1892-95 ; gen. sec. 1896-1908 ; memb. of Mose- 
eenate of Durham L^niv. ; a gov. of Shrewsbury ley Coramn. to United States ; memb. of Govt. 
6chooL This family is de?cended from Sir Henry ' Committee for Soldiers' aud Sailors' pensions 
Vane, knighted at Poictiers 1350; and r.nmber.s , and allowances; is interested in promotion of 
amongst its ancestry Sir H. Vane, prin. sec. of; Old .-Yge Pensions; commnr. for the Tjtio on 
State, temp. Charles!, and Sir Henry Vane, the : Ddution of Labour Commu and chrmn. Xat. 
younger, Treas. of tlio Nav*'.-, distincruLshed in the Organizing Conunittee tor War Savings, and 
oi\-il wars, and subsequentiv beheaded on To'ner : m.'inb. Statutory Comnutteo of Roy. Patriotic 
Hill, whu-so s. was creat. iJaron Baniard. The Fund Corp. 1916; Pensions ilinister since Dec. 
^rd B. was creat. Vise. Barnard and Earl of 1916. Residence — 2, Alderbrook I'oad, BalViaia, 

D.trlington, and the 3rd Eari. ixtrou Raby and S.W. 12 

^Sarq. and Duke !)f Cleveland, but all tiieso titles 

b'caino extinet on tho death ot the 4th Duko. 

'■'•••.>id(>nces— Raby Castle. Dar!iiigt( n ; 20, Bel- 

LT ive Square. S.W. 1. Clubs — ihooks's ; Oxford 

^"'d Cambridge. Issue — 

E The late Capt, Ho.n". Hesry Cecil Vane, R F.A., 

^- la Sept. 18S2; in. 25 Ausr. 1914. Lady Fiiid, 

^'•••u. of .AuMiouv, istii D.irl oi \V.'.>raiorlan.!, :tad 

■*-H killed in .aLtion, 9ifa Oct. 1.U7. 

1. Jauics Ed\vin Barnes, b. 

2. Houctt EuriK-s !>. Jun. 
1. Je."ii:. 

Feb. l.;S4. 

BARNES, Knt, Creat. Jan. 191G.— SiK 
FnuDDi'.ic (.Jor.LLi. liAiiNES. s. of the Lite Charled 
CarnLS. J.P., of .Mo.->t!ey Hili. Lancashire, and 
?ilarf<.in. dau. of the Kev. ^V. Peach, vicar of 
Brampto-i, Derbyshire. B. 18 ; 

f V Hos, CjiRisiOfiiU-. '.Villia.u'Va.m-, b. 2d Oct. ed.a.t Key. Inst. Liver, 'coi and Jesus Coll. C.v.nb., 
'^•^I tapt. ^Vt•^tUlorlau^l aud Cu^iLoriaud Yco. . M.A. ; m. 3 July, i8i)4, Caroline Anno Roper, 




ouly dan. of Sir Ro:Kr Lc'hbrklc:-, K.C.I. E. ; 
J5arr -at-la\v ItiS'y (l':u:-r lii:i]'li) ; rorito.-r"(l 
X K.l).Thy<hir.. isr.:^: :r.i'. ;C.) ;or Xorih-K.i.t 
K"iir 15'J.i. reriri'i UiUU ; ooiiiv.-^tcii Xo!ih;iiiii.t,.n 
]90u fin--i i91i>; D.L.. J. P., K..'iit ; F.iC.O.i>. ; 
clinixn. Or'^yholtn" Coiivaii^.-cr'rit Home f.jr 
U'oniifk'l ond ]< hiz'"^- i'JU-n : coi,iii;i>-y. in 
th3 HiiwUhur.-.t DUtrict for tin.- Kent VoUiiito- r 
FeAcib!f5 ; v:c-'-;i.vs. Couacil of Tiiriii' Kffurm 
Lcagu.;. Resilience — Ey.,t Wood. .Shiplak.-. Ox- 
ford^.'iirr-. Club- — Oirlcon ; Garnck ; '• I'JUO " ; 
Services. Issue- — 

1. Cap . Char: •': IJopi-r Gorcli. D.S.O., K;il.=- Brij.^dc, 

M.C. : b. 1 .Iiily, l.^Ou ; ed. at Pc-rabrok.^ Coll. 

<',,iiilj : 5.-r' • ' in rrrin;e, 1915 (do~p;itc!ics twiiv,- 

H '! I] - I.'.* \'."ooii. *liip;.''ke. Oxionl-hire. 

■2. i \ ..' .'. (ionni, b. 10 Xov. i'.K'\. 

3. -..i; : . 1 .iiidfie ijoreli, b. 23 Aug. 1D09. 

1. €,'.,, Mil.- J.:-ie .Mariaa. 

BARIiES, K.C.B. (civ.). Cr-ai. .Tune, IC15. 
C.E. 10'J9.— SiK Geo^.ge Stapyltu.v Haunks, 
s. of the lato Georgo Carnsc Br.rne?, C.B., aiid 
Margaret Diana, dau. of the late Maj. llriiry 
Chetwynd-Stapylton. B. S Fob. IS.jS ; ed. at 
Eton and Oxtord ; m. 16 Aug. 1SS7 Sybil de 
Gouruay, dau. of the late Charivs Buxton, M.P. ; 
Ban\-at-la\v (Inner Tempk) 1883; couaJol to 
the Board of Trade ISSG ; Ollicial J'.o.-'rivcr 
1893-1901; Comptroller of Companies De^.t. 
1904-11; Comptroller-Gen. of Labour P(i)t. 
1911-1.3; second sec. Bjard of Trade 1913- 
—16 ; mcmb. of Vieeroj' of India's Council for 
Industry and Comaierco sioco lOlG. R.-id:iice 
— Fc>diol!n, Cobliani, Surrey. Clubs— Bn;oks"s ; 
Reform ; AJpino. 

BARI7ES, II.C.S.I. Croat. 1003 : K.C.V.O. 
1903 ; C.S.I. IS'JT. — SiH Hrcu Sn.\XEsr:-:ATt<5, s. 01 late Jaii.cs Ralph B.iri:?.-, I.C.S. 
B. 1853; m. 1st, 12 June, IsSs, Winifred ui. 2u 
Aug. 1S92), dau. of Sir .John Stracluv, G.C.S.I.. 
CLE. ; m. 2nJ, 1S94. Edith Helen, dau. of late 
Rev. Reginald Barnes, formerly Vicar of Heavitne 
and Canon of Exeter ; ed. at "^Nlahern C..11. ; out. 
I.C.S. 1S74 ; private sec. to Sir John Srrar-hey, 
financial member of Viceroy's Council ISTO; 
assiot. sec. Foreign OlHce iS79 ; political oliicer, : 
Kandahar, 18S0 ; served dnrin? Afghan War, 
18S0-81, as political oiiicer : assist." to Gov.- 
Gen.'s agent in Bain.- hi^tan ISSl— 3 : politi'^al 
agent at Quetta aiul Pishin lSS;i ; deputy .-.i.. 
Foreign Oiiice, 1SS9 ; R^-vmue Conui.ur. at 
Quetta 1891 ; Resident in Ca^hmir 1894 ; aj^ent 
to Gov. -Gen. and C'hit-f (ominnr. lialuLliistan 
1S96 ; sec. to Govt, of India in foroiu'n dipt. 
1900-3 ; Lt.-Gov. of Barniah 1003-5 : "pros, of 
Central Committee (E'llhi Durbar) I'jOo ; late 
sec. of the Orders of the Star of India and 
Indian Empire ; memb. of the Council of India 
1905-13. Residence — Woodlands Corner, \Ve.,t 
Bj'fleet, Surrey. Club — Roy. Aiitomo'oile. 
Issue by l=t in.— 

1. J.iaiis fetrachiy B.irncs, b. 7 ."^ nt. 1<M. 

1. .M:ir}-, 111. 7 .May, I'JlO, st. John HiitchiurOn, Barr.- 

lisue by. 2nd ni. — 

2. Hugii Courtonay Banv >, b. 50 Jm^.o, i>;)S. 

3. Gior^e KiginalJ Barii' s b. Ij t pi. i'JOl. 

BARNEWALL. 5ti' Tr.iin.£STOw.N. Baron. 

BAR?;EWALL, 11th Bt. {l.\ Great. 21 
Feb. lO-'L'. — Sir John Roi; .f.t livr.NLWAi.T., s. 
of John Barnewidl. B. at Biu' Kiv"r, \ictoii:i, 
14 April, 1S50 ; m. 14 Oct. 1^^4, Grace, dau. of 
A. R. Bleiinerlia-ssett, of Ls-onden, ^"ictoria ; sue. 
l^ April, 1909 ; ed. privately ; Ls a 
r.!'..i erii7ii-r. This f imily. v-iiv-hLs uno ..f ^ 
anii.juity, Ls the parent stock vhei:ce the ni>blo 
hous. s of Kingsland and Triinlestowii have 
Lianched out, and was estab. in Irel. under 
'■ .-^tro'isbow," Earl of Renibroke, 1172. Tiie 2nd 
Bt. suuerod soverelj* under Cromwell, and of • 
the vast terr. possessions then lost, but, little was ' 

ever retr:iined. Residence — Thorn 
Vioti'ria, Austriiiia. Issue — 


!. BK'IInvvlk John Bavnewalt., b. 8 June, 1838; 
111. at Tliornton L'ppi-r i'ulilic school. 
2. Arriiur Waltii .A.yiiiiir Barncwall, b. 15 Aug. 1S90. 
Brotlurs and si='irs oi pre 3. Bt. — 

.■\iiri-ii O.-oru'- i;:irri.»iil!, h. ilay, ItSO. 
Cartholoiiiew Joiiu Bani-:w,iil, b. 2C« Jan. 18S2. 
Robirt l>v.iijaiiJa iiarii^w..!], b. 18 Jan. Iss5. 
Cutl;iiine Lucv, in. ivol>ert Uciiuie. 
Kl auor, m. Uiliiarn McMartin. 
JIaritza, m. Jloherc >ichola3. 
Adeline, in. Francis Dovnty. 
Eliza, m. John O'Kourke. 

EARNSLSY, IIi:t. Bach. Great. 19U.— Lt.- 
CoL. Sir oons Barnslev, s. of Tiiomn; Barnsley. 
of Hirmireham, J.I'., contractor, aiid Sopliia. dau. 
iif W. S'lUttr-r, of Hnndsworth, Birmingham. B. 
r.t Kirrniri:iiaa! 17 Xov. ISoS; ni. 24 Oct. 1SS2, 
P:iii-i Rnrii.riord. dau. of Robert Do vis, J.R., 
of Wandsworth Common, S.W. : ed. at King 
Edv.ard's School, Binaingham ; J. P., Birming- 
iiam ; gov. of King Edward's School. Residence 
— Earlsrield, EJgbaston, Birmingham. Clubs — 
Clef. Liberal. Issue living — 

J. Donald Gordon BarnsUy, B.A. C;.iab., b. 18 Jan. 


2 ■ jb.-rt Eric Barusky, B.A. Canib., L.P..C.P., 

.At.K.C.S.. b. 25 .A.pril, 1S86. 

:;. Arnold Baruslev, b. 5 Julv, ISO''.. 

1. .Vurah. 

BARODA, Maharaja Gaekwar of, G.C.S.L 
Great. 18S7. — il. H. jJaharaja Sib Sayaji 


Samsher Baiiadup.. F-arzaxd-i-Khas-i-Dowlat- 
i-E.-;i.i.i3iA, ». of Shri.iiant Kashirao Giick-.var of 
Kavlana District, Khandc.=h, Bombny. B. at 
Kavlana, 6 March, 1803 ; m. 1st, lS80,Ciiimnahai; 
m. 2nd, 18S5, Chimnabai, C.I. ; author of " From 
C.e-ar to Sultan," and " Famine Notes." Resi- 
dences— Laxmi Vilas Palace ; The Xazarbang 
Palace ; The jlakarpura Palace ; Wood stock 
House, Ootacamund ; Jayamaha! Palace, Ma!al;ar 
Hill, Bombay. Issue hving — 

1. Prince J.iysli'h Rao Gaekv.-ar, b. 1SS6 ; m. 1912. 

2. Prince Shivaji li.ij Gajkwar, b. ISSS ; w. lyiO. 

3. Prince Dliiirya-lr.l Rao, b. 1S02. 

1. PriuC'^ss In hia Kaja, m. 1913, H.ll. the Maharaja ui 
Cooch Bihar. 

BARR, Knt. Bach. Great. 1905.— Sir Ja:hes 
Barr, 9. of Samuel Barr, J. P., of Claremont, co. 
Tyrone, and Elizabf^th, dpu. of J. Tcwnley, of 
CO. Dcrrj'. B. at Cumber, co. Deirv. 25 S:pt. 
1S19_: m. 12 July, iSS2, Isabella .^laVia, dau. of 
J. WooUoy,' of Lancashire ; ed. at Londonderry 
and Glasgow Univ. ; il.B. 1873, M.D. 1882 ; 
L.R.C.S. Edin. and L.M. 1873 ; F.R.C.P. Lend. 
1902, M. 1697 ; F.R.S.E. 1904 ; LL.D. Toronto 
1906, and Liverpool 1912 ; vice-pres. British 
^[edical Association ; e.K-prcsident Lanes and 
Ch'.--!ure branch British Medical Assoc. ; pri?si- 
dent Ulasgow Univ. Club ; late pies, and treasurer 
Liverpool ^ledical Institution ; vice-pres. In- 
corporated Inst, of Hygiene ; vice-president 
Eugenics Eduen. Soc. ; It. -col. first; Western 
General Hospital (Terr. Force), and County 
director of Voluntary Aid As-socialion ; medical 
visitor Tncbrook Lnnati.; Asylum ; visiting phy- 
sician Hajuock Lodge Asylum; cori-suiting 
physician Rnyal Inlirmaiy," Liverpoc'l ; L^ta 
j>hysician and house surgeon Nortin-rn Hospital, 
Liverpool ;. medical oiiicer H.M. prison, Ivirk- 
dalc ; physician Stanlej- Hospital, Liverpool, 
and resident physician Ghisgow Roy. Infirmary ; 
late editor " Livirpooi jlodicai Chirurgical 
Journal." Residence — 72, Rodney Street, Liver- 
pool. Clubs — Liverpool Athenaeum; Coaservrt- 
tivo (Liverpool); Medical Iniiitution. Issue 

livmg — 

Vora Lvelyn, m. 22 DiC. ISOS, ('apt. Edward 
Astky liushtoQ. K.X. 



BARR, Lady (ivp-t.'s T.iaow).— Co^-sT^^-CE, 
uau. oi .\..ij.-Ueii. J. OiuUuiii ^-jott, i.A. .\i. itTl, 
Lr.-CCL. sir. JL-'AViu WiLLiAjM ivtiiii Batc:, v.iio 
v.\*i b. ri'.Nov. laiO ; creat. 1\.C.S. IV'j- ; ser^.cdm 
Abyajiiiian cdiispaigu iso* ^a.v-ddl), aJ^a in Uiiieicut 
nppoJiitnieiits in the iorc;gri citijari., Govt, of 
liidia, iSi.U--S7. Kesicicr.tat v..v.aiior ibST-Vi-, and 
iii Kaalimir itij2— i ; Gov. -Gen, '= ag-.nt, t't:ntial 
India. Ib'd-I-rt'Uy ; Keiident tt HyuviaLiad IfJ'JO- 
5 ; meinb. of the Coui.cii of li.dia li):'o~lo. liesi- 
de:ice — 92, Oiiilow Garcic-iis, ^.\V. 7. Issut — 

1. llic Me llfTafj- Kuta Larr, Iii-]. Aru;} , b. 20 
Aug. Ji7:i: lu. o -lu^'. lyxo, J.iiie \:r;i.t 2t. Liaro, 
diiti. 01 t!ic lutt i. .uiittinw,-, und d. 25 Oct. iyiii. 

2. Al'-^-iiidiT i-ijvid bl. Clair Burr, u. i.i 6-.-pt., i>75 ; ■ 
m. I'JJij 31:vrj;ar.t, cau. oi J. iiirk-y, vt J.;r.gUoM, 

3. Ariiiur Guv Barr, b. 25 July, ie7T ; in. 
1911, ilarcia P-.-yue, dau. oi >i.'.rcus £. ll'iisi;. 

1. Lv-iyii Cuiii'.unce, !:;. It' •_, .Maj. lieLiry viecrpe 
\Vatkin, 4tii iiUiSiirs. 

BAKRAN, 2nd Et. (U.K.). Great. 11 ±vb. 
ISt'O.— ."iin Joiiy Is'xchoi.sq:-.- Bap.kan. s. of Jolai 
Larrai), B. ib Auj:. Ibl'J; m. 1& JSov. lilu:.', 
Alice ^larg'irita, dciu. of Dr. Leightoa Pcrki, ol 
X. Yo:k, U.S.A. ; sue. Lis granuiather, iO'jo ; ed. 
at Winchester and Cauib. ; :-x.l\ for Hawick 
Burghs smce 1^09 ; pail. priv. s-.c. (ui^paidj 
successively 190 9-1 G to Postmaster-Gen., 
Pres. of Local Govt. Board, Home Sec, ioreigu 
Sec, Prime ^iiruster ; ai.d bbico lyUd to lit. 
Hon. H. H. .\3quith, ^-I.P., J .P., W.R. Yorks. 
Pciidcnce — .Siiv ley Hall, Jlipor, Ycrks. Glubs 
— i.'^torm; Brooks's; Leeds iLcedsj j Scottish 
LibL-ral (Euin.). Issue — 

JouN Leichios Baruan, b. 24 ilarch, i9C4. 

iL. y.ilwcTii >iciiOlsou i/c.rraL, L. b'J i-i^rch, 1910. 

0. Jjiivia lia^I.n Barrau, b. zi, ilay, lJl2. 

1. i-d^c iiargar.ta. 

SiK John Bii.i.A.N", 1st Bt., b. 3 Aus. 1521 ; M.B. 

1.1- Ln.c; lc7o-::- ; i;! d Uil.y div. oi V^iks i::0-do ; 

III. 1st, -2 I'cc. 1;42, Aiiu (d. IJ Jan. Ia74), d;.u. oi ii. 

lli.'^.r.oiLLKas , la. 2iid. io Juii. l57?, Liiz- (u. 4 May 

i-^i ,), \v1dow oi John Lhion, oi tcarboioagh, u^d d. 3 

May, li«jo. Issue — 

l'. '1 i.j Jate JcLa Barran, b. 25 Dec. 1S44 ; m. 22 .Tune, 
lo7o, Liiza liciuit-tta (Ko-id'rXiCe — Hob Gr^CD, Jlark- 
iijgtoL, Vork.-,, dau. ci laie Jidward >'ichciion, oi 
iiatti.t\v'6 tireiQ, Vi'ckiiigliani. and d. 19 i\b. ItSG. 

1. Sip. Joes Xicholsox Bat.kas, pres. B:. 

2. il.!J. Phiiip Austyu Barran, B„i.. Caiub., Isi 
West itidii.g Bdg. ii'.i'.A., L. 1) Ma:o!i 1^70 ; m. 2 
Jaa. 19ja, iJoroDiy turrtr, dau. oi ti.j late Arthur 
Currcr Bri;:i, oi'Wcdhow oriiuce, Lteds. K\:&i- 
dence — Ihs LIbiS, ti apcl Alkrton, hecQS. Issue — 

1. PJulip Hocry iarraa, L. :iu Aj^ril, 1X9. 

2. Aithur ilav.onii Bairau. b. 14 April, IjU. 

1. Kutli, m. 7 ^■ov. ivtO, Iratich h. ^i. iioaner. 
llssuo— 1. Edward John icdsjticSd. b. I'.ul. 2. 
Humphrev Francis, b. lyO-t. 8. Charks Aton- 
tague, b^ ly07. 1. Xancy Kuth.] Bcsidence— 
Prtstbury Hall, Cheshire, 

2. Lorua, 

3. Bihh, 

4. Har;,'artt Elma, 

6, Dorothy Hilda, m. 21 April, 1909, Lt,-Col. .iVh'red 
Jamts ^ativr Bartlett, o2nd L.l. iisiuc — E 
Elizabeth .Natalie. 2. Eatiiunne Eiana.] Itesi- 
dence— The Old House, Ayksbury, 
b. -Vaih.di- hvatne..-, i.:. A;iii, lyii, Maj. A:ithoDy 
UruiiiUioua iloaeu, iiiile li.i. E .-.icnc! — Marys- 
botou^h, t.i..aiiiirL', to. Cct.s.. librae — 
i'ci-iKJi Anmonv, h. It'i.'.. 
. Ci.ark-a Banan, b. 22 ^"c•v. JS49, J.P. Bevon, 
chnuu. oi Bart Eist. Brd. of toaservarcs ; ni, s ixiut, 
isfo, Loidsa Anne, dau, of tlii iatc John ilc>ao, oi 
SlidtciJitld. iMJrtwsUre. Clubs — Boy. %\ . of Eug. 
Yaciit ; >at. Liuurai. issue— 

1, Li.arkb Aiart-l Barrau, b. 2 April, 1677 ; m. 4 
Apnl, lyi,'7, Jessie iicuat-rsou, dau. oi Thoinas 
I'olk'k, of Livcrpc-.!. 

2.KtnutthOtraUl McXab Barran, b.l7Marc.:, E-JG. 

■i, (.x.'.iii Aii.iii ii.4rraa. b. Jnii--. i^--o. 

1. Jlur.,! Llu-c, 1.1. t Mart.., IjJ.^ •>-.\.a E .n.iltoa 

Cu:i.!i,iii:, ii.E. JUsiacnci— t arii..;jou, Bcr-ks. 

3. AUrcd Ba-au, b. \.^ Juno, Itai, i.e. W.K. Vorka 

and itids; lu. let, a Aug. isal, U.,y Mai-.a (d, 14 

May, Isso), dau. of iate lhc.i,as 6taUc:.oOd, JJ .E.C.S.; 

ni. riii, (j April, lyo4, Auuc .Mabel, cau, oi Uio iat<a 

<apl. T. t. Wliarivu, yTtis Etgt. Lluos— Alpine ; 

iltiurui. Issue by Irt ui. — 

1. Claude Eoul-ton Barran, b. 1 May, 1^^5 ; i?.. 10 
U'-".. ifU, Buitii, uau. 01 Arthur b-uui, o: stan- 
niLjlcv had, l.c».as. IssUt — _ 

1. l.Uiau ^oan. ^ 

z. Euti^anue Muriel. £^ 

I.-sue by Lnu ii«. — " 

2. }.ici:ara Wharton Earrau, b. '21 March.. IC.o, 

3. 'j<-or^-e i;L-tPiier Barran, b. 13 k\iz. lt>'.'&, 

4. Etan." i.arra:i, b. 6 Oct. Itot. ; M.A.,"LL.M. Can.b., 
Earr.-at-law, J.B, W.K. Yorks; iij, io l\b. l;;il, 
lic£..lie Mary (d. 2 Juiur, lyl4;, dau. o: iate Ldsar 
riov.-.r, Oi >ii'!akliul, Worts. Ei.tian.jjs — sL-i\i'-,il 
Grar.gc, Moor Alki-tou, Lceus ; '.Viiiu Brow, Clcuraton, 
Y!.rt=. t lub— Keior,^. issue — 

E-.nry \in.jn i'iov.or Barran, b. 30 July, IrJ4. 

Blame Isa-..i i'iow.r, 

0. Si EowlaaJ Hirst Barran. 

1. Ai-a-, ra. :i; Etc. IcoO, iu-v. I.undy Edward V.iliiam 
Ecc:-.-, vicar ci St, IVters, Harroirute, ;Eiue — 
L Ecv. Earo.d, b. Ii70 ; m. i;yb, Atay >orar. iicid, 

2. Eouglas, b. 1^72; ru. lyOo, tartii;;j Anue (.raib. 
B. tcurtenay, b, le73, E Aauie E;;;aa, m. 1;^';, 
Joi-a EeStvr. 2, Ann:'. Enuiy lune, it i.Ol, 
EdAtard tieorge Eoot. Eusidtnce — 'iU- Eowci, Co. 

z. B.jia, m. S Aug. 1907, Sir Kathan Bo(.;:.gton. 

3. Leuisa, in. 6 Scpj. iyu9, Harry Mannvk. M.i*. 
i.r Eii-NTcriiiauTS. (Clubs— Batii ; ^ai. i;.tial; 
Eji 'na.j i{i.=:dtnces — Moidccn Urauge, >c;iha_pton ; 
24l', St. Jamcss Court, BucKiniiham Ga:<;. s.'.t'. 1. 

BARRAN, Knt. Great. Jtuie, 1917. — sir 
^kOW'-l^^I) Hir.ST iJAKB.i^f, 3EP., s. of ."^lr Jolin 
Banan, i=t Et, B, 7 Aug, ISdS : m. Et, 10 
Feb, Blose Gardew (m. diss,;, dati. of lUv, G.lL-ero 
Bradley ; in, 2nd, 7 April, ll'L'9, Eouise BucL-iUan, 
dau. 01 J. 6tcpheu.>on Brown, of ?.icii:reai ; dir. 
of lirni of J olu. Eunan & Son, Ltd, i<esidc-:.cei — 
Leathlev Hall, Gtlev, Yorkshire ; 24, V\;een's 
Gate, .^•,^V.7. Glub.s— Reform ; Bath ; Hanelagh. 

E ibrland ^'oel Barr.iu, b. 

D<.c. 1sj7 


:-.. 2nd 

2. Capt, Hugh Bradley Barran, it.l'.A., b, 13 May, 

L Eo=e Syl^^a. 
, 2. Cnenuolin Car dew. 

; LAYLAND-BARRATT, 1st Bt, (U.K.). Great. 

23 July, iJlij. .IR i-ll.iXC13LAV.'LA>D-EA?.EAlT 

■ M.P., s, ol iiue Francis Earratt, ei t-t. A-.,s:eil- 

Gern-n-all, and I'lyjnouih, and Amia ^.licheL. Uau- 

and co-h. of lato Joiui Eascoe Beiu:;et'.s, J. P., of 

Ealnicutli. B. 12 Aug, Itb'J ; lu, y :;ept. liS4, 

Frances, aaii. of late Ihos. Lavlaud, of Wallasev, 

Glieshh-e ; ed, at Camb. (.ALA.. EL.B.); 3EP. 

Torquay div, Devonshii-e lt»uU-10 ; for St. Austell 

div. of Goinwali since 1915 ; D,L.. J,P., G.A, 

Goinv.all (Hig.i hd.eriii l&y7) ; J, P. Djvon; 

ccii.r.icdore Koy. Goiawall Yacht Ciub ; assuned 

byroy. hcencetiie adtutionai surname cf Eayland, 

Ibyo. Kesidences — ihe Alanor House, iorquay ; 

; Tregajne Lodge, St. Aostell, Gornwull ; The Eed 

I House, Cromer, Xoiiolk ; Ob, Gauij::an scuare, 

jS,\A.l. GluLs — Belorm ; Devon^iiue,; k. T, 

I Yacht ; Koy, Gornwall Yaclit, Issue — 

31.1.., I', -i inc. 15.10; lieut. bren. bus. 

; 1, Eorothea Layland. 

2. Prtronel Lleanor Layland, m, 1 .~t , 4 Oct, 1913, Flag 
Lt.-Comr. i.eorge kdward Cummir.-r, US., who 
was .:-x in H.M.». Gjud hoie in act.ea oif tr.e coast 
cf t..Jic, 1 ^ov, I'Jli; m. 2ud, IS UjC. 191i, Lieut. 

' Ee-inald Eillworth Howard, ll.X. 

3. iraaccs Batricia Liyliiud. m. 21 Oet. 1915 Capt. 
Gerva;;c Disnjy, Emcs Etgt. 

BARRETT. K,C,3. (mil,) 1008. Great,, 
1906: K.C.>.E lUU, K.G.V.O. 1^12; G.B. 
mihj ib-3. — Jyi.-Grx. S^^ ^VniHUE. asi^old 
BAr-asir, s. of Eto Kev. Ah'rea Barrett, 
E».D., of Carshaitou. B. 3 June. i>:7; m. 
1st, IS S'-pl. 1S94, Mary (d. 20 Ot. i!>"JT . aau. 
of J.i:'.ie= Have, of iowev, Gol•u^^..i•: i. 
3 Sep:, IbtjT." Eila id, I'J June l'ji7h o 
Henrv Lafone, of Kunckbolt, Sevenoaks ; joined 
h.duuj Ai-iuv IbTo.eapt, i6^'j, n.aj. i»ij5, it.-col. 
: ll^yl. col. I9oo, n-aj.--=;i.. lydb, It.-gca. lUll; 
seiA-ed during Afj-'han -ivar is7i)-6U ; a: r aef 
of Kandahar Inieuai, 2 clasps, broasa sttJ:) ; 

X. of 



with Hazarn. expccl. 18SS (medal, clasp) ; with 
:\Iiranzi oxpcd. ISOl (chi-p) : with Hunza Nof^ar 
fcxpod. 1891 (clasp); wiih Tiia}! exp^d. 1S07-8 
(dospatchis, ii'.cdt;!, 2 rb^'^, bt.-lt.-cul.) ; wi;h 
Za:»;^a lihi-1 ar.d Ivlohmands operations 190S 
(dcspatcht-s, cr. K.C.B.); coinindg. Nowshora 
Urigade 19UT-9 ; adjutiu.t.-g..u. in India 1900-12 ; 
coiudj^. Gth (Poona) divji. since 1912 ; sometimo 
D.A.G. Pii''jab frniriarid , cuinindg Indian 
Expcdit. i'oicu in Pii.-iau Gulf 11)14-15. 
Residence — I'oona, India. Club — I'nitfd S'^i\ice. 
Issue — Diu. 

BARRETT, Kut. Bach. Croat. 1912.— Sia 

WiT.IXiM ^•LEiCH'^K UaRI'-ETT, 3. of latf R.;V. 

Vv'. G. liarreit, anu ?iii)rtha,dau.of I-=aac Fk'telicr, 
of Southampton. B. 10 Fob. 1844; ed. at Old 
Traflord Grammar Sch. ; in. 9 Feb. 191G, Flor- '. 
ence (C.H. !•-.), dau. of J. ^^■illey ; science master 
Internitional Coli. 1SG7 ; p.hysics lecturer Roy. 
Sch. of Naval Architectm-e 18C9 ; prof, of 
p])vsics Hoy. Coll. of Science for Iicland 1873- 
1910 ; J.P. CO. Dublin ; F.R.S. Lond. and Edin. : 
mcmb. ot Roy. Irish Academy ; of the Council 
of the Royal rJubiin Society ; memb. of Inst, of 
Eicc. Engineers ; one of the founderd and ex- 
presid. of the Scciety for Psychical Rcseardi ; 
fell, of Physical Socy. ; author of various boolcs 
and papers. Residence's — 31, Devonhiro Plac*', ' 
W . 1. ; Carrigoona, Braj-, co. Wicldow. 

BARRETT, Knt. Bach. Great. 1913.— Srn ! 
Vv'n.LiAM Si'Oi'r B.u<r.i;Tr, s. of late John Ch.alk 
Barrett, of Leeds and Liverpool, and Jlary, 
dau. of William Scott, of Northallerton. B. 
28 Nov. 1843 ; m. 15 April, 18G9, .Julia Louisa, ' 
dau. of late Rev. Augustus Argill Colvilc, rector 
of Gr -at Livcnaoio, iSutfolk ; ed. at Leeds Grata. 
School, and Liveri^)ool Coll. ; D.L., J.P., Lanes ; ' 
chrmn. Q>uarter Sess. and Lanes C.C. ; constable ; 
of Lancaster Castlo since 191G. itesidcuce — 
Abboisgate, Blundelisands, Lanes. Club — 

National Liberal. Issue — j 

1. Henry Augiistu-; Sfott Barrett, b. 1875 ; J.P. 
Laucs ; m. l'.)OU, Evi lyn .Mr.iv, dau. of Art!ir,r ' 
Vickcrs, of Doucaster. Kesidccco — Linacn BUui'K'lJ- 
Siind?. l.ancs. 

2. Kev. V,';i:iam Edvard CohdJe Scott Barrett, h. 1?S0. ; 
A ic:ir of Oil.!'-i?mae, Leeds. i 
S. Colin Ewnrt Scott Barrett, b. 1;S5. 

4. lluL'h Scott Barrett, b. leS? ; cpt. Liverpool Rifles. \ 

BARRIE, 1st Bt. fU.K.l. Great. 14 June. 
1913. — .Sin Ja.mes j.Iattiiew BAnniE, s. of David i 
Barrie, of Kirriemuir. N.B. ; b. 9 May, ISCO ; | 
ed. at Dumfiii-3 Academy and J^din. L'ni-.-. (.M.A., 
LL.D. ); is a di- linfcuished novelist rmd plnv- ■ 
Avri-hr : m. D July. lb!J3 ^m. di^^ R)09). | 
Address — Kirriemuir, N.B. Club — Atiicna.-inn. I 


BARRINGTON, 9th Vise. Great. 1 Julv. 1720; , 
Baron Barrin.-ton, 172o (Ircl.); Baron Shute ! 
(U.K.) 15 April, 18S0, by which last title he 
holds his seat in the Hou^e of Lords. — Walter 

BULKELEY BABRtSGXON, S. of Sth Vi-^e. B. 2i) 

April, 1S48; m. 1st, 20 April, 1S70, .\Iarv Isa- . 
bella (d. IG Nov. 19t)3), dau. of the Rev. Richard , 
BoiTue, vicar of Denbury. Devonshir'^ : m. 2nd, 
19 Jan. 1905, Gliarlotte Mary L^'yv^esti^r, dau. of 
late Maj. George StopiLud, and widow of J. .Arden 
Birch ; sue. his father 19 d ; ed. at Et.'n; late 
lieut. lute Olds. Gds. ; D.L., J.P. Hvuks, J.P. ' 
Northancs and Brrlis. Tlie Ist \'i>e. 
M.P. f'>r Berwick-iitwn -Tweed ; tho 7tl: Vise. 
was Croat. Baron ^hute with special ren-.aindcr 
to his bro., wlio sue. as Sth Vise. Residence.^! — 
Beckett, Shrivenham. Berks: 101, liaton Square, 
S.W. Clubs — Travellers' ; Carlton. I.-sue— 

1. Hos. William P-KCI-vald Shut:; l;.\riiiv..rc.x. 
b. :;3 Julv, 1$73 ; cd. at Cam:.. ; cii'i. ;;:.■! !.oa. 
ii'..y. .ira Bate. Jxforastiire L.I. Club— BaclK-lors"-; 

2. lloi!. Walter Btrnar-.! Louis Barriu :'i..n. b. 15 
M.iv, 18V6; 111.11 ivc. l.ii^l, .Nina, Jan. 
of lat8 Judpo Sir Tiioiuas WilUaiu Snii-.;..-, Iv.C.M.G. 
lic-sidincc—riie Mauor ilouSiJ, LittL^ Boekliain, 
'ourrey, Ciub— Carlton. Issue— 

1. Patrick William Daines Barriiiston,b. 20 Oct. lOOS. 

1. I'ri.-cilla Marv. ::. Gillian Marv. 

r>. Hoi:. K'.i[>.jrt Ktiward Selborp..; Barrilicton, b. 10 
Ikc. 1S77 ; ii)..j. 3rcl llvst. Scottish Horse: m. 
To S.)'t. iO;':j. Mar.- Georsria'ia, ilun. of Lt.-Col. G. A. 
Firtrusoii, of I'iilour. Issue — 

Liic Walt<T Barrinyton 1) 13 J)jc. 1904. 
4. Ti,..' tilt" Hon. fcny Eseiva Simt« Barunctou, h. 
-y Jiiiy, 1^.-4 ; li'. i:i Oft. 190-., Jluriel Constance 
(i;-^ia(— :>54. Ci.lie Bflcrrauo, Bueuoa .A.ircs) ; iii. 
-:i,l. I'.i >.\'t. 19J4, Altr.'d Fai.ian fit- L-a. si.ia), rlau. 
<ji J. B. ()vl-r, of La Itrina banaliria Cnraol):i, Argcn- 
tiui; Kepuiilic, and d. 30 Mav, 1911. Issue — 

.Mi?tu:) O'Buen Shutc Barfiri^^ton, b. 15 Aus. 1909. 
J. Jion. Maude Louisa, n<. b Aus;. 1359, Hon. Eustace 
Fitz^-'rakl (fee FITZGERALD, B.). 

-. iion. Viukt Maiy, ni. 27 April. i,^9i>_ Joi;.- Charles 
Lvf lyn Hojie Brooke, J.B. (Ciulj — Wiiidiiiiiu), and 
lias i^'sue. liesideiiee — Boddington House, Byfield, 

Z. Hon. Hilda Margaret, m. 23 March. 1894, 5Lij.-Gen. 
>i- r.c-tiinald Salmoud Cuiti',, X.C.M.G.. C.B., U.S.O.. 


b. 1 O.t. 1793 : m. 21 Apnl, 1S23, Hon. .Jane Elizabeth 
Liddell (d. 22 March. 1S63), dau. of 1st Baron ilaven.s- 
wortli. and d. 9 Fub. 1S07. I~sue — 

1. Gkop.gk WiLUAii Bakri.vgtov, Tin Vise. Bak- 
KIVGTO.V, P.C, b. 14 Feb. 1^24 ; Vi( u-cluiialj. of H.M. 
Household 1-.74-1XN) : lii. 19 Feb lS4n, Lsrii.el EUza- 
iHth (d. 1 Feb. 1>'JS), o. c. of .lohu Morntt, of 
Bokcby Park, Yorkhiiire, and d. 7 Nov. l6><j. Is^uo — 

1. Hon. Constance Mary, m. 30 Sept. ItOS, 2aA 
Baron Ha!, .on. 

2. Hon. Evelyn Laura, ra. 17 1S07, George 
Griniston, 3rd Earl of Craven. 

3. iion. Florence, sister of tlie com. of St. Marj* the 
N'irL'in, Waiit:ige. 

2. i'a-.cY B-uatixGiox, »th Vise. Barrlvctox, b. 
22 April. 1^25 : H.L.. J.P. I'.uck? ; liiyb shentt 1864 ; 
D.L. Oxford^Lire : S'^rved iu Itifl.^ Brit;, and Scots 
G.if. ; eapt. iu O-viorJ-liire M. and hnu. col. Ist Bucks 
Hifl.'. Vol. ; m. 3 July, i-45, Limi-.i (d. 17 Juue, ldS4), 
,kau. and liciress of J allv Hicsrias, and d. 29 April, 
19('l. l.«ue— • "' 

1. Walter BrLKELEy Barkixotox, prcs. Vise. 

1. Hon. Alice Louisa, in. 23 .Tii'.v, ises, George 
Auaustus Camiibcll, and lias is-'ic. 

2. Hon. Edith, m. 17 Au-. ISOO, Abraliam John 
Eoharts, D.L., and has Issue. Residence — Tile 
House, Buckingham. 

3. Hon. Sir Wilharu A. C. Baninsfon, K.C.M.G. 

4. Hon. Sir B. Eric E. Barriugton, K.C.B. 

BARRINGTON, 5tb Bt. (U.K.). Great. 30 
Sept. lb:Jl. — .^iR Charles Bi:rton- Bakrexgtox, 
s. of 4th Bt. B. 1S4S: in. 14 Feb. 1895, 
Maiy Riise, dau. of Sir Heniy Hickman Bacon, 
pith Bt. ; sue. his father 189(1 ; ed. at Trin. 
Coll. Dub. ; hoii. col. unattached list, late 
Limerick City Roy. Field Res. Art. ; D.L., J.P. 
eo. Liniericlt : IIic;h Sheriff 1S79. TJus family is 
descended from Odynell Barrington, or Bareu- 
tone, who had tlie custody of the forest of Hat- 
field temp. William I. The 1st Bt. was the 
founder, iu conjunction with his sons, of the hos- 
pital and inflmuiry iu the city of Limerick wdiich 
bears his name. Residence — Glenstal, Newport. 
Limerick. Clubs — Union ; Carlton ; Kildare. 
Street (Dublin). Issue — 

1. CUAI'LES Bacox Barrixgtox, b. 6 Jum-, 1902. 

2. Alex^mier Fitzwilliaui Croker Barrincton, b. 19 
Nov. 1009. 

1. Winur.d Francos 
Sir Matiufw BAr.nixoTOX, 2xd Bt., b. 21 May, 
17sS : iji. 1 Jan. 1^14, Chadotte (d. 13 Nov. 1853), 
of William Hartisan, of Dublin, and d. 1 April, 1361. 
Issue — 

1. SIR WiLUAM Harxigax, 3RD Bt.. b. 4 Oct 1815, 
:u. 14 .March 1^59, Elizabeth Olivia (d. M:iv, 19i'7), dau. 
ot Henry Larley, of Wiugficld, cb. Wicklow, and d. 
14 Julv. 1>?2. issue — 

1. Charlotte Jos^y, m. 4 Juno, 1001, Bev. Gcorg-J 
liisi.v .<c;ott, rector of Brav, co. \S'ickIow,|aiid hon. 
can ..i Ch. Ch. Cathedral, and h.-vs issue. 

2. Maria Loui-.a Olivia. B.sidi nee — Clonsliavoy, 
Bnrrii :T'on*« Bnil^.-, co. t.iniiTirl;. 

2. S:a ' :mk;.:i B.xkri.nqio.-;, 4i'H Br., D.L.. b. 12 
July. 1.S17 ; m. 1 1; Anril, 1 - iS. Auu.t FiUcia (d. 7 June, 
1873,1, dau. of John Bcattv West, M.P., and d. 4 July, 
1390. I-suclisin-— 


2. Cr.krr iiarrinsto-i, M.A.. t aiT.-a:-Ii.w 1378 and 
Eulivit ;r 16S3 ; b. i3.''l : m 7 Oct. ISUO, Florence 
Jaae, dau. of Joliu Bayly, D.L., of Dcbsborougii 




with Hazara exi>od. 18SS (medal, clasp) ; with 
^liranzi o.xpcd. 1891 fcla^p) : witli Kuiiza Xaj^ar 
expcd. ISyi (clasp); with Tiiuh expcd. 1S97-8 
(tiosijaiclics, ii>.cd«I, 2 cla-Pc;, Ijt.-lt.-col.) ; wiai 
ZuSvica I'llicI ar.d Mohinand-s operations IftOS 
(despatches, cr. K.C.U.); coimndg. Nowsliera 
lirigade 1907-9 , adjutuiit.-gcu. in India 1909-12 ; 
cornd^. Gth (Puoua) divn. since 1912 ; sometinio 
D.A.G. Pii'^jub cii.'iiinand ; coiaindg Indian 
Expodit. ioico in Pcr.-iau Gulf l')14-15. 
Kesidencu — Poona, India. Club — United S'^rvicc. 
Issue— Diu. 

BAKRETT, Knt. Bach, Creat. 1912.— Sm 
Wn.iLiM i-LEiCHfiu i5.\F.i;Err, s. of late Iv-v. 
Vv'. G. isarreit, anu !Mart)ia,dau.of Ifaac Flotclitr, 
of Southampton. B. 10 F^d?. 1844; ed. at Old 
Traflord Grammar Sch. ; in. 9 Feb. 191G, Flor- '. 
ence (C. 13. !■-.), dau. of J. ^^'iIley ; science master 
IiitOirnationol Coli. 1SG7 ; physics lecturer Pvoy. 
Sch. of Xaval Arclntectui-e 18C0 ; prof, of 
plnsics Koy. Coll. of Science for Ireland 1873- 
ioiO ; J.P. CO. Dublin ; F.R.S. Lond. and Edin. ; 
memb. of Roy. Iris!i Academy ; of the Council 
of the Royal Dublin Society ; menib. of Inst, of 
Eiec. Engineers ; one of the founders and ex- 
presid. of the !>cciety for Psychical Re.-earch ; 
fell, of Physical Socy. ; author of various boolw 
and papers. Residences — 31, Devonhiro Place, ■ 
W . 1. ; Carrigoona, Braj-, co. Wicldow. 

BARRETT, Knt. Bach. Cietit. 1913.— Sin 
Vv'n.LivM SiroiT Jj^U'.r.rTr, s. of late John Ch.alk 
Barrett, of Leeds and Liverpool, and Mary, 
dau. of William Scott, of Xorthallerton. t>. 
28 Nov. 1843 ; m. 15 April, 1800, Julia Louisa, < 
dau. of late Rev. Augustus A?gill Colvile, rector 
of Gr?at Livtrnvjie, Suffolk ; ed. at Leeds Gra;!i. 
School, and Liverjiool Coll. ; D.L., J.P., Lanes ; | 
chrmn. Quarter Sess. and Lanes C.C. ; constable ; 
of Lancaster Castlrj since 1910. itesideuce — 
Abboisgate, Blundelisands, Lanes. Ciub — 

National Liberal. Issue — I 

1. Henry Augustus Scott Barrett, b. 1875 ; J.P. 
Laacs; in. l'.)03, Kvi iyn 'Slaw, dau. of Artlnir 
Vickcrs, of Doiica^ter. licsidonco — Lin.i'n BiuiuUli- 
&in<is. Lanes. 

2. Kev. Wiiaam E(l->vanl ColvUe Scott Barrett, b. ISSO. 
Vicar of Oiia-i-ome, Leeds. 
.". Colin Ewart Scott Barrett, b. l5>5. 
4. HuLTh Scott Barrett, b. 1SS7 ; c pt. Liverpool Kifles. 

BARRIE, 1st Bt. 'U.K.I. Great. 14 June, 
1913. — Sin Ja.mes Mattuew Bahrie, s. of David 
Barrie, of Kirriemuir. X.B. ; b. 9 May, ISGO ; 
ed. at Dutnfiii'S Aendeiny and Judin. U:d',-. (.M.A., 
LL.D.); is a di -linfruished novelist and idav- 
^v^Ldlr : ni. 9 July, lb03 ^m. di--. I'JO'i). 
Address — Kinieiuuir, X.B. Club — Athenojuni. 

BARRINGTON, 9th Vise. Creat. 1 Julv, 1720; 
Baron Ivurin-ton, 172o (Irel.): Baron Shute 
(U.K.) 15 April, 18S0, by which last titie ho 
holds his scat in the House of Lords. — Walteh 
BULICELEY BAEREs-axos, s. of Sth Vi-e. B. 2'P 
April, 1848; m. 1st, 2-3 April. 1370. .Mary Isa- 
bella (d. IG Xov. 1903), dau. of the Rev. Richard 
Boi^ie, vicar of Denbury, Devonshir'^ : m. 2nd, 
19 Jan. 1905, Charlotte "Mary Ivycesicr, dau. of 
late Maj. George Stopiord, and widow of J. .Arden 
Birch ; sue. his father 10 d ; ed. at Etr^n; late 
lieut. late tlds. ; D.L., J.P. Bu. kr--, J.P. 
Nonhanis and Birlis. The 1st \"isc. v.-aa 
M.P. f'>r Berwick-UTxm -Tweed ; tho 7t!; Vise. 
was Croat. Barou Si.ute with speci;d rei;.;'.indcr 
to his bro., who sue. as St!i \'i~e. Resideiice.^5 — 
Beckett, Shrivenham. Berks; 101, Katotj Square. 
S.W. Clubs— Travellers' ; Carlt.'n. I.-sue— 

3. Hos. William r.F.c.i.vALD Shut;; La: kin-.tox, 
b. Si Julv, 1S73 ; L-a. at Caiaij. ; t i!'t. :i:..l i.en. 
i;iaj. .ird Batt. Oxfordshire L.I. Clul'— B.iChc-lorsN 
2. iloi!. Walter BtmarJ Louis B.irnu -?i.ii. b. 15 
M.1V, 1S7G; m. 11 D.c. l:lt!l. Ll'.iii.c .Ni:.a. Jau. 
of late Juapo Sir Thoiuas William Sw.--:; Iv.CM.O. 
KesiJtucu— The liauor House, LittU Uoi>k!:am, 
Surrey. Ciub— Oarltou. Issue— 

1. Patrick William Dainos Barriii2ton,b. 20 Oct. IOCS. 

1. I'n.-cilJa Marv. 2. C.illia'a .Mary. 

■;. Hon. Kui"rn i'auard Selborn-; Barriiicron, b. 10 
l.'ic. Ib77 ; 111..]. 3rd i\«at. Seottish Horse: ni. 
To Si-i't. iO >;J. .Man,- Geor^iaTja, i!au. of Lt.-t'ol. G. X. 
Ftmusoii, of I'iik'ur. l.^'^ue — 

Liic Kuii.rt Walti-r Iia^rin^ton. b 13 J)jc. 1904. 
4. J iie iiit" Hon. fLrey li'.eivu .Siiute BaninctoQ, b. 
1:9 July, K--4 : II'. i:i Oct. 130-, Muriel Constance 
(!:•— ;>.i4. Culie Beliraiio, Buouoa .A.ircsj ; la. 
-;ia. Ill .-■ pt. 19i4. .MlP'.l Fai.ian <U->. dau. 
of J. B. (>>l'.r, of La lt< iiia Sauanria CoraoWa, Argcn- 
tiui; lltpuiiiie, and d. 30 May, 1911. Issue — 
■ Mi?uel O'Biieii Shute Barriri^ton, b. 15 .\us. 1909. 

I J. lion. Maude Louisa, n;. & .Vut;. ISS9, Hon. Lustace 
Pitzat;rakl (see FlTZGERiLD. B.). 

2. Hon. ViuKt Maiy, in. :i7 .\rn'. 1S92, Joli.i Charles 
Lv.iya iio;ie Brooke, J.l'. (Clab— Wiudliaiui, ' and 
lias i-sue. liesidence — Boddiiigton House, Byfield, 

0. llou. liilda Margaret, Tn.2S March. 1894, Maj. -Gen. 
^i• r.c-^inald baluioiid Cuiti^,, U.S.O., 


I. 1 (J:i. 1793 : m. 21 Ai>ul, 1S23, Hon. Jane KiizabeLh 
Liddell (d. 22 jiarch. IStJo), dau. of 1st Baroa Bavens- 
wortb. aiKl d. 9 Feb. 1607. I-sue — 

1. George WiLUAii Barri.voton-, 7tu Vise. Bar- 
RIN-cro.v, B.C.. b. 1+ Feb. I.i24 ; Vic --cluiinb. of H.M. 
Household l?74-l>»o : 111. 19 Feb 1S4C,, lsal)Ol EUia- 
bcth (d. 1 Fet). l--i»S), o. c. of .loha Morritt, of 
Bokcby Park, Vork.siiir;^, and d. 7 Xuv. IsSiJ. Issue — 

1. lion. Constance Mary, m. 30 Sept. ItOS, 2ad 
Baron llai .011. 

2. Hon. Evtlyn Laura, ru. 17 J.w. 1SC7, George 
i Griniston, 3rd Earl of Craven. 

3. i ion. Florence, sister of the com. of St. Mary the 
VirL'in, Wantage. 

2. Bejicy Barri-s-giox, Sth Vise. Barri-voto-n-, b. 
22 .^pril. Is25 : D.L., J.P. I'.ucks ; liitili sheritt 1864 ; 
D.L. Oxford.~Lire : s.;rved iu Bin.- Bris. and Scots ; capt. iu 0.\j"orJsliirc M. and Jiou. col. 1st Bucks 
Biflt: Vol. ; ni. 3 July, i-45, Lc'ui>.i (d. 17 June, 18S4(, 
dau. and hiiress of J allv Hicsins, and d. 29 April, 

! 19t'l. Lssuc— . "■ 

1. Walter BrLKEiEY Barkixgto.v, pros. Vise. 

1. Hon. Alice Louisa, in. 23 .Tidv, 1863, George 
Auauotus Ciunpbcll, and has issiie. 

2. Uon. Edith, la. 17 Aut'. 18('>9, .Abr.tliam John 
. Bobarts, D.L., and has'i.ssue. Residence — Tile 

House, Buckingham. 

3. lion. Sir William A. C, Barrinsfon, K.C.M.G. 

4. Hon. Sir B. Eric E. Barriugton, K.C.E. 

BARRINGTON, 5tL Bt. (U.K.). Great. 30 
i Sept. Ib31. — .Sib Chap.les Bcrtox BAEBrs-GTO>', 
s. of 4t)i Bt. B. 1S4S: in. 14 Feb. 1895, 
' Mai-y P.ose, dati. of Sir Plenty HIekinan Bacon, 
I'ith Bt. ; sue. his father 1890; ed. at Trin. 
Coll. Dub. ; hou. col. unattached list, late 
i Limerick City Roy. Field Res. Art. ; D.L., J.P. 
1 CO. Limerick : Hiqh Sheriff 1879. Tiiis family is 
descended from OdyneJl Barrington, or Bareii- 
; tone, who had the custody of tlic forest of Hat- 
! held temp. William I. The 1st Bt. was the 
j founder, iu conjunction with hi.s sons, of the hos- 
pital and infimiilry in the city of Limerick which 
; bears his name. Residence — Glenstal, Xewport, 
' Limerick. Clubs — Utdon ; Carlton ; Kildare. 
Stveet (Dubhn). Issue — 

1. Cu.U'LES Bacox BaRRIN-GTOK, b. 6 June, 1902. 

2. .\Ux^i!iler Fitzwilliaui Croker Barrington, b. 19 
Xov. ICO 9. 
1. Winiirrd Frances 

Sir Matiufw BAnRiNaTcv, 2>-d Bt., b. 21 May, 
17?S : lii. 1 Jan. i^l4, Charlotte (d. 13 Xov. I80.S), dau. 
of WLUiam llartigan, of Lublin, and d. 1 April, 1361. 
Issue — 

1. SIR WiLUAM Hartigak, 3ud Bt., b. 4 Oct 1815, 
:u. 14 .March ls53, Elizabeth 01i\ia (d. May, 1907), dau. 
of Henry Barley, of Wiugticld, co. V»icklow, and d. 
14 July. 1>72, issue — 

1. Cliarlotte Jes^^y, n. 4 June, 1001, Kev. George 
l)lci>v .<cutt, rott'or of Bray, co. WickIow,Iaud hon. 
can L.f Ch. Ch. Cathedral, and has issue. 

2. Maria Loui-a Olivia. B.sidcnce — Clonshavoy, 
BarrirtT'on's Bride.-, co. f.inuTiric. 

2. Siu <.i;uK;.:i 11ark::.gion, 4rn Bt., D.L.. b. 12 
July. isiT ; ni. 12 .\i)ri!, l.^t.'i. .A.uua Felicia (d. 7 June, 
1873;, dau. of John iicattv West, M.P., and d. 4 Julv, 
1390. I-.-;uc lisin.^— 

1. SiK C'U.UtLES BCRTON B.\RKI.VGT0\; prcS. Bt. 

2. Croki-r jsarrinHtou, M.A., I arr.-a:-l uv 1,378 and 
Eolieit-jr 1S33 ; b. i3.'>l ; m 7 Oct. ISJO, Florence 

I Jane, dau. of John b.iyly, D.L., of DebsborougU 



CO. 1 ipperarj-. H. m iPnccs — Bairinciton's Br'nlee, 
Liny-ri'k ; .">§, Fi'zwlliitim Sriiiarf. JJnl.lm. Clubs 
— •(■•-n-<-TV',tiv.- : ),' iM.;r :^r.,••r .,.vl rni". fjinl.lln'. ■ 

1. Croker Kilmund Barrin^on, h. J S-.'pt. 1687, 

2ml iiur. ■R.r.c. 

1. riot.jnc'.- Maiy. 
fj. Evt ivu Victoria Muric-!. 
Z. JcJ.n iieatty Bnrrinsfon, B.A., T.C.D.. U. 1359 ; • 

J T> n'l Ti-.,ono|,; ^jy\ | ippiT IfV HHci l"Or f/l Ilitjiick j , 

!l'-'i -■- -f ■ ;■-. rj .••ricklD12; i,i. :: Aii!;. lc^7, ; 
(., ■ ' . ' • . ill. ot .rolin J-l.ivly, D.L., of 

L), ;i,;..^,T,,,i,;; i; -I i Jifi^ — Asliroe, co. Limerick.. 
Clib— Jvi'air-' >AT-i. I.s=uo — 
.Tobn I5aTTi:i2ton. b. 2 Aucr. 189i>. 
M.ary Cliarlotts Glady-?; m. 2;) April, 1911. 
ColJT Al^r-rnou Ca'nph' il. Issue — 

Maij''-''"if. 'ii- -7 "July, 1J15. Michael King- 

1. Oii-.ia Maria, m. 13 June. 1871, Rev. Lewen 
BTirton Wclion, D.l)., who .i. j .hiu. IDU {■<':e • 
Wr.LDuN, lit.). 

2. jltrcv, III. 10 Aue. 1S31, Gcors? 'WriiTht, Jndse 
of the High Court, Ireland, who d. 15 May, 1013, 
and has issue. 

3. .T'=-> rr.Tnce?. in. 29 .Tan. l.^^O. Georijo K. Pent- : 
I&D'l, I).T..,"i' B'ack Hall, co. Lonrli. and iia.? issue, i 

4. Anna Ju^cpl.ino, in. 3 June, lt>91, John Xaptr ; 
George PoJIook, D.L., J.P., wiio d. 13 Feb. 10)0, 
and has issue. KeiidrfiCc — Moiiutainstown, nr. , 
Navaa. co. Meutli. ' 

BARPvINGTON, K.C.B. (eiv.). Croat. 1902 : | 
C.B. (ci'.'.) 1839. — Hoy. Sir 'Behxakd) I 
Edwakt) BAiiiiixnTON, s. of William, Ctii Vise. 
Barrington, and tho Hon. Jane Elizabeth, dau. : 
of Tlioinas, 1st Bnron F.aven^Tvortli. Ji. ; 
o June. 1S17 : lu. 24 Ff b. 1S79, Christina, dau. i 
of William Graham, of Burntshiel^, Renfrew ; I 
ed. at Eton ; er.t. tho Foreign Ofli:-o ISii?, and ! 
berai;-ie a prinripal clerk and head of ihe Eastern : 
Depart. ; was attached to special mis;ion of 1 
Lord B^av-on^fleld and Lord Salisbury to Berlin i 
1878 ; pvivato see. to ^tarq. of S.ilisljury and i 
Earl cf Md?-!' igh when Sees, of State for Foreign j 
Attairs lSSo-02, and to Marq. of Salisbury and j 
Marq. ofLansdowno 1895-1905 ; Assist. under-Sec. 
of State for Foreign Aliairs 190C-7, wiien he I 

BARROW, 4tli Bi. (U.K.). <>rat. lio :,L-.rol!. 
1S3">. — .Sm Fn.iNeis LAUti;;N-Cr: Jons Baehow, 
3. '^.f nrd Dt. B. 11 An-. 1302; m. 7 Jnn. 
189'), Winifred Sarah, diiu. of William Cr.'zier 
Steward, of Cr.rt:rato, Whitehaven ; sue. his 
fatlier 190n. Issu.-> — 

1. AViEniio JoH.v Wilson- Cuoki:?. Eareow >■. 2^ 
Dec. 1^37. 

2. .^lired Ff.tacis LeiiJun Eairov,-, b. 12 \!ay, K'Ot. 

3.>-ard Jo?.-ph Merrimaa Barrow, b. 19 June. 1012. 
1. >riMr.-d Marv V.Lniired. 

3m Gi:ors.-.;E B..^?.uo'.v. 2vd Bt., C.M.G.. 'j. 22 o.-t. 
1800; in. 23 .hilv, li-32, Ho-;iini!:id H' .ster ElizVoeth 
(d. 9 19)GI, (laa. of VViiliai'i iVnucU. late H.B.M. 
Consul-Gen. ia Brazil, and d 27 i'eb. lS7i3. Issue — 

1. Sir John Cuozeh Bauuow, 3kd Bt.. b. 8 .Julv, 

1S33 ; yi.A. O-Xiord ; L.ur.-at-'iaw ; J. p. for Kent; 

m. 2 Dec. 1;?.57, Emily Jauc (d. 23 Jan. 1911). dau. 

of James >*attiarael Merrinian, M.D of Kensinstou, 

and d. 23 Sept. 1900. Issue — 

1. SI?. Fu.vNCi^ LAErRE:,-CF. .Toux S.vP.p.ow, pres. Bt,. 


2. M;irv llercv, a nun. 
2. Tho late Rev. Gcorpe ?t.inntr.ii Barriw, M.A., b. 
20 Oct. 1834 : vie. of .Sto-.vniark.;t, S^i^tolk ; n;. 7 
April, 1>04, riorencc Jl;ii-y (:\\. 2rid. !>;'(.i, Cliarles 
Lom'^-r. Il'Sldence — Glemvoods, GiiilJ-forl?, dau. o: 
John yicho'J ■?, and a. 10 Av.:z. ISSi. Issue— 

1. Aimi'Ileta, w. 20 July, 1892. frekrick Cardster, 
llssue— L Dorothv Xony. 2. Barbara Gillian. 3, 
Rit.i Marz:iret.] K^eMdence— I-'alrfield, Epsoai 

2. Ida i'JoreiiCL, ni. 27 Sept., lOld, WiUiaia II. nrv 

3. Giilian Mar>-. 

1. Ro?,amoad S'cny. 

5. Ev-lyu Mavuerite, m. 11 Jlav, 1009, Conir. 
Francis A^xr>-.der Cluttorbuck, "P.N". iisfne— 
1. David Fraiici.-, b. 1 Aprii, 1915. 2. Peter Fran- 
cis, b. 5 June, 1910. 1. Op:d.] 

1. Rosamond v^. 5 Oct. 1S53, Rev. Mattliew Wood- 
ward, M.A., vie. oi I'olkcstone, who d. 1S93, and has 

2. Anna Maria, m. b Get, 1*55, Rev. .John Hensou 
Spf'rlins. M.A., wiio d. HO-I. 

3. Mary, m. 14 May, l.Si.l, Rev. Vra Brouchton 
Stnyth, -.Tho d. 10 Sept. 1007. Reiideace — Mistercon, 
Care-,T Road, i^-asthoume. 

4. Eiiz* C.i'heri:ie. 

5. Ad.-Iaii-, m. 5 Xov. 1SG3, Al.xand.r Cluttrrbnck. 
of Great .^tanmore, who d. l.-OO. and lias issue. Resi- 
dence — St. ?[ary's Grotto. I.iskenrd, Cornwall. 

retired. Residence — Tl-.e Old Lodge, Wimbledon j 
Common. Chib — Traveller.^'. i 

j BARROW, _ G.C.B. _ (mil.). Crent. 1900; 

BARRINGTON, K.C.M.G. Crent. 1001.— Hon. ' p-9-^-^-.„'''^" '^ ^^-^^'-'t,^- ''"''^^ 1*"^01 : C.l>. 

Sir \Villiam Augcstus Curzox BAnnixGTON. I ^ -^ 1^^°^- — ^^-•^- ^^^, Geok.:.: 

s. of Wmiaiu, 6th Vise. Earrirgton. and Jatie j ^^iP^'Pf; ^- °V ,'',^---^'"\- •^°'''P''n^f "i^ Barrow, 

Elizabeth, dau. ofTiiomas 1st Baron Ravensworth. ': 5l%' i^-V.'^?"'^ A!icia._dau._ ot_ Col. _ Eg.n. r,. 


ed, at Cheam, Woolwich, ; 

28 Jan. 1S.52 

14 Xr 

1SS2, 3rarir,n Letf-. 

dau. of Rev. W. Storv, of Corick. Cloahei 

B. 28 

Mannheim, and Bonn ; ent. iJiplomatic Service i 
18C0, .3rd sec. lS»i4, 2nd sec. ISTO, sec. of ' 

1883, of Embassv ISSS, eonsul-cicn and ehargj i ,„,, ,. ^ „„^, _, . ,._■. -. •, ^. ,„ 

d'affaires in various coui^tries lSSo-9b.andenvov j ^^'.^ 'I'^^'V^'"} Y''^' ^'i^'I^'-i'^'P^- ^■'^•^- .^^^ 
to the Argentine Republic and minister to Para'- ^""-l- ^S^'' |t- -°'- ^^''^'^°^- ^^^^r^na^.-srei^. ii,-)2 
guav 189G-1902; eiivov at StoelJioIm 1902-4. I 't-.'S^'"- l?*^^ • gen 1909 ; A.D.C. gen to ih- 
fepsklonce— 17b, Great Cumberland Place, AV. 1. I ^^"^^,^^\^- ' ?T'^'^ m Afgnan war 18.9 (moda 
Clubs-Bachelors'; Pratt's ; Prince's ; St. James'.-; I ^"d clasp), wuh exped as D.A.t^M.u 
Travellers'; Turf. \'^'^'°"C?.'?'^P"t.l.*»2 /medal, cla=p, bronze 

star, :\[edjidie), Gil^it Chitral mission 1SS.5-'j 
1 000 n\r n (brevet of major), Anglo-Siamese commn. iSS9-G0, 
,r ' ^-^ •'-'•.! with Tirah exped. as A.A.G. 1897 Cdcsnatches 

<^ntnn Tj-rone ; ed. at Marlborough and Rov. :\Iil. Cell. 
-' Sandhurst : ent. the Army (102nd Fu-iH-r.-: 

BARRON, K.C.K.G. Creat. 
1907.— -AIaj. -Gen. Sm Hakrv 

Charles Barron, of Denmark Hill, S.K, and I ;V;i;7 V staff l'90(Ci' 
Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Pige 

°J [ medal, 2 elasps, C.B.), and in China ex"ped. as 
(medal, 2 clasps, K.C.B., 

It Deimiark 

despatches): was D.A.Q.M.G. Bergal 1SS5-7 : 

Treasurer ol Christ s Hospital ... .. ^..^..^r^ , a,,,.^, ^^^^ Indian Mil. D.p.trt. IS.7-Q1 ; 
Hnl 11 Aug 184, :m. 20 April, lb, „ Clara and commanded Hong-Kong R...'t. 1S92-5 ; 
Emily l.U.n..-t...J.., dau. oi lat- :\raj -Gen. i ^.^.G. India 1S95-6 ; dep. "sec. Mil. Depart. 
Thos. C. Ke ly, C.B.,ot Lougaoawn, eo. Kildare ; i jg^.g , commanded Kohat-Kiu-ram Luoe 

P \ PV'';.'-"'-' ^'"^,o^-« '^■^^■.\c}rlT' V ,c^' • i 1S99-1900 ; D.A.G. Bengal 1900 ; sec. Mil. Dept. 
R.A isr,., capt. 18,9 niaj. SS4, It.-eol. 1894, i to tho Govt, of India 1901-3; in command of 
eo. 19U0 ,na..-gen. 1904; eiuer "f "!>'tor ot the 1st Division in India 1904-8: gen. oioeer 
School o Gun.up% Snoebtto-ness ISy^^^ Southern Army 1908-12 ;^ m:i. see. 

ominan.iing R..\. Thames 1900-4; late | i„;ii^ ^.g^^ .g^^ ,,j^^,^b. of the Com.eil of 

Maj.-Goii. commdg. R.A. at Malta; Gov. of 
T.i-nuuiia H'0'.l-13: Gov. of \\''-t.Tn Australia 
1013-17: K.G.H.<t..F..l.E. P^esidor..- — Swiss 
^'ottaco. Wevbnd-;o. Club — Xaval and :Militaiy. 
Issue livmg— 
i-ilinn \ai,iri,:iii. ii. ist.Cu-t. Ch.iri. s rin.llav, Cameron 
li!v:l,l.,!id i>., was k.ii d at ili.- i r.itie uf, 

1112 ls>u.! 

"•u o. 

-Maj. .\n:,'!i 

•JcXi;iii, latj si-afortli [lighl.aad'TS, and h;w issue, 

India 1917; hon. col. 7th Duke of Conaught's 
Gwn lvaj[)uts. Club — Tuni>r Uniferl .<orvJ< e. 
llosidenco — 17a, On.slow Ciardens.S.W . 7. Issue — 
1. Capt. llonaid Ed nam I Ii:irrnv, b. 1SS5 ; 3Sth 
Dosras. B. n'jai Ir.iaii!.->- ; la. 1012, C cilia Frances, 
daii. of lar- C- eil UuM. r, of Mil .stown, co. Loutli. 
-.:. G-oirpv S Krvii r-.rrov.-, :■.. 1891: c :. t Oxford, 
m. is April, 1017,.C!oti ildc, dnu. oi S. _i.".Ion, of Lyon?, 
I. Kathleen Sara. 





BARKOVv-, Kat. Bz'Ax. Cr. at. 1012.— Sra 
Reuhh-s V"in-cext BAi;no\v, s. of Lite John 
Barrow. oC F^-- • r, aria .Mr.i-v Covis'. B. ut 
Eiet»r 27 Ap,--!. !Sr<S: r.i. fc SepL. ir»59. Mary 
Ajinc, am. of T^J.v.iJ Aj,q. ti, of Adoiaule, S. 
AustrA'ia ; od. Briti^li auu Fovtisn School 
Soc, ii.',roi!t;i'. P.ocrl, &.I;;. ; M.P. ' BermonJst-y 
1802—5 : J. P. Groj-don, London, nnd tiurroy ; 
Ciimin. Croydon Ccuiity E^aeh ISOl; clirinn. of 
Surrey County B.iith IS95-I91'3. I'.csidcncc 
— Eng.-»d'''ie, V», Tr.rk Jlill Road. Cruy<Ion. Club 
— Reform. 

BARROW-IN-FURNES?. 3nd Lord Bishop 
(SnR:T.;,au, of. C.uis. Ivjoy.— Kt. Kkv. Ca:ii>- 
BI.LL WiiiT V,".^.TSO^•, '>I.A., D. !>., s. ni AdiUri 
'West V."at-.on. of Liverpool, merchant (and 
prards. of tho Into Wiliuun West Watson, 
city chamb. of Gl-'.seow). by Cf^r.jlJn.;, dm. of thi 
late T.heophilus Caini.ljcli, of Lurcrnn, irt-!., De;!n 
of DiOiijore. B at Birkotihesid, "3 April, 1S77 ; 
m. 24 Aupr. ITtOo, Eniily M:ibol, davt. of tiio late 
Rev. Henry !N!;'nsarral, VK-ar i.f St. ThoHia.s', 
Kcadal ; ed. at oirlcpnhmd >>fhoo' and Catr.b., 
M.A. ; hori. D.D. 191{. ; o:d. 1002. Bnr.-iar 
and Led. of Rid Ipy Hall Carab. 10 i^-.l ; FtlL, 
and Thcol. Lcc-t. of Eirir..-!aT\uc! C'll. i9ur>- 
07, Der'.n Hiii7-09; Examg. Ch-np. to the 
Bishop i<f Carii-In i 905-09; cons. Bi.Mi.ip A" 
Sufiragan of Carlisle, and Canon Kc.^id. of 
Carlisie U;03 ; pr ;ctor iii convocation for the 
c-hapisr of Carlisle, 101-2-15; .A.rolid'-ar-on of 
\V'es:n»or!n,nd I-JUj. Riisidence — The Abbey, Car- 
lisle. l.ssue— 

1. K^ith f'vnr' ^'' VTcit VvV.t^on. \> IG ^I'i?. i314. 

1. Eletnor Florence. 

2. C.aroli&c Mabol V,'•^s^ 

3. AlisOD llonsarrat WM. 

BARRY. !>na Bt. (TJ.K.). Croat. 22 Feb. 

IfiOJ. ZlT. EOU-AF.D Al'.THUa BAnilY, s. of 1st 

Bt., and Caron de Barrv iu Peerage of Poria- 
^ai. B. ?o Aorii, 1S5S .'in. l^t, 31 J.--n. l8S:i. 
Kathleen Ellen ( i. 4 D"c. I SS:), d;ni. of P.-roy Bick- 
nell, of Sijinrortc, ; m. 2nd. 10 Feb. 
1891, Eleanor r^Iargaret (d. 11 Feb. lt)lG), dau. of 
Col. Courteiiay Scott, of Pennant Hall, .Mont- 
gomeryshire ; f=uc. his father 10O7 ; ed. at Har- 
row and Car.ib. ; It. -col. comtndg. Berk.* Y. siuoi 
1910, and nnl. r.ien.b. Beiks T' rr. Force A-ssoen. . 
J.r. for Ber:.3 {Hi-h Sheriff l'.);i7). Rosidenoj— 
Ockwells Manor, Berfe. Ciub — (Javalry. y 
1?1 m. — 

1. Claudu Fkanci^ Bahrt, b. 10 Dec. ■■:--;! ; 
ni. 16 Di'C. 19;-, .\n2 la Lions M;iiuKr.-, .lau. c: !!• r- 
bcft C. lium-Siirv ; cd. at ilarrow; \' ;-ii arti?t. 
Residence — .\rIr;nTic Hon?.-, St. IviS, Comwal!. Is?ii'-— 

1. Kupcrt r.odney Francis Tress Barry, b. G Doc. 1910. 

1. KatUeen Manner.' Triss. 

2. Sbiela Vvonno Kii/ilclli Dor:-. 

2. Edward Courtenay Tress Barry, b. 23 Jan. 1895 ; 
iieut. Berks Veo. 

1. e;c.-ly 

2. Margaret Colquhoun. 

3. Rosaiiiundc. 

Sir Fras'cis Tre's Barry. 1st Bt., b. S June, 1825, 
B. dr T?.-\rrj' in Portncial ; M.P. ^Vindsor IsOu-lSi.tJ: 
D.L., J.I', for Caithni^s; ni. -1 Jiint. 1S51, SaraU 
DouoLAS (n.sii- rice— at. Lf'onavd".s Hiil. Wind.sor), o. 
c. of Artliur H-rron, of BLCklcy, Susse.K, and d. 2S 
Feb. 19i'7. Is.^ac— 

1. Sir Ep'^mrd .\RTKrR Bapry, pros. Bt. 

2. Douglas HiTTon B:irr\-, b. 5 Dec. ISOl: ni. 22 Jan. 
ISS-S, Rose Grace, dan. 'of Pet. r Gowllind, of GIou- 
costcr 'J'cr., Hyd- Park. Residence — 1. LoUiushain 
Garacn-i, S.W. Ij.?'!,- — 

1. Ronald Tr.-ss Barr.", b. 23 Jan. ISSS. 

1. Dorotliy Grace, in. 15 .Vpril, 1J13, Konnotb 
Dclniar Barrett. 

2. .\udrev Ko=". 

3. Wiliasn Jario^ Bam-, b. IS .Marcii. l-~''l, J. P. Nor- 
folk, Sh.-rill ];i!2: lu". 25 Jan. 1>.">, ba ly Grace 
Murr.ay, l:ui. of Ciiarlts, 7th Earl c£ Dunmorc. 
dcurc— V, ;• ■ 1 , .:v.i jiali, Xor«icli. lisac — 

1. I-! , : :,. 1:^^ Dee. iitl'i. 

2. 'i i :• ! tarn Barry, b. D Oct. l.^OS. 

2! ivaucy :-;i-.;abcM^ 

4. Lt.-CoL .'Jtanlcv L-^u-iard Barrv. C.^r.G., M.V.O., 
D.S.O.. lat" io<|. iM-;»..'-s. h. Rl D.c. 1>?7:^ ; = -rvcd in 
i. Ait.' an .>ai \-<:>- Ij-yl ; ro:".M..Ii-. 4'h I'.Ut. North- 
er.- = J;-r.: hi Jr •• 1914-1 >; fd' -^parch- s Ch - 

V..H r d 1 . Ligion d" Ibmii.ur) ; A..M.S !rrtc=. Horse 
«;d=. : r.!-. .Vorliints: m. Jurn-. lyo;. Hannah 
M.iry, ilai:. of J.\i>ies Hainswortii. R. sidence — 
j"ir<:(.rd U.Jl. Xwrthamnion. C'iuh<— Tu f : Boodle's ; 
N'.ival and .Mi'ita.";/. If^ue— Jeanne Irene. 

1. Alk.-r -^Taria, ni. S) Juno, 1.970, U.'nrv >'eve Good- 
bar:, whoii. 11 O.-t. l-^'-Z, and has irsiie. 

2. Crcv-o Isabrl, in. 5 June, lSs9, Harry Holmes, and 
Iras issue. 

B.ARRY. Knt. Saeh, Great. 1S99.— Sm Johv 
Fi)iioNjj Baukv, s. nf hue .John Parry, niorchant, 
of Didjliri. and Catharino, daii. of ThoiiiM Browne, 
of ;Ve.\fcrd. B. 6 Feb. 1S2S ; m. 1 Sept. 1849, 
T'.Tc-a, dan. of John Keefe, of Itferknock, co. 
^[•■at]) : ci}. at Je.niit Sen.. Dublin, and tho 
Coll. AVexfoid ; was fonr.crly a merchant iu 
Dub'in ; prcs. Dublin Chamber of Cojnmerce 
18i)7-8-9 ; memb. Dublin Port and Doclis Board 
18d7-97 and lSyS-190", and ex-ehnnn. of the 
Board of Superintendcneo of Dublin Hospital.?, 
and an «x-go\-. of Roy. Hib. Mil. School. Resi- 
dence — 12, Mount joy Square, Dublin. 

BARRY, K.OB, (oiv.b Great. 1897.— Sib 

Joiiv WoLTK Wo'-.fe-Barrv, .s. of Sir Charles 

BarrV; R.A.. architect, and Sarah, dau. of Samuel 

Rowsell. B. 7 Dec. 1S30 : in. lu .vpril, 1S74, 

Ro=:alind Grac". d'U. of Rev. F. E. Rowseil, 

, M..-\.. ':>ctor of H mbledon. Surrey; ed. at 

i Glenalmond and King's Coll. London ; hon. 

■ I<L.D. C'asgow Univ. ; a civil engineer ; past 

prL-.-. I.C.E. ; F.R.S. : F.K.G.S.; F.R.I. ; late memb. 

, of Scnato Londi.n Univ. ; memb. governing 

i body Imp'Tial of Science and Technology ; 

' clirmi). of d. I. gacy o£ City and Guilds Engng. 

' C'jli. S. Kcn.sin^ton ; chrmn. executive commit- 

, tte City and Gnil 1* Technical In-titute ; late 

Briti-h numb, of International Commn. of Suez 

Canal ; ciirnin. of Engineering Star;dards Gom- 

; mittco, ft:id of A\'t.«tmin=ter IIos])ital ; hon. 

col. Ericineor nnd Raihvay Staff Corps (T.F.); 

mcinb. of Army Railway Council ; D.L. co. 

London ; nieinb. Rny. Conmms. on Iri=!i Public 

Works ISSli, Highland 5 an<l I=;Iandi of Scotland 

1SS9. Estuary of Ribble 1800. Lower Thames 

Navigation IS'.Vt. National Phj-sical Laboratorj- 

1S97, Accident.s to Railway Servants 1899, 

Vibration on Tul>e llailwavs 1901, Port of London 

1902. and on London Traffic 1C03; memb. of 

Court of Arbitration for purebast! of London 

water conipanii's ; assurned thj additional 

.'Surname of AVolfe ISOS. Residence — 15, Chelsea 

Embankment S.W. 3. Club — Athenmum. Issue — 

1. Brnanl J'-.'m WobV-Bar.-j-, b. 20 1877 Barr. - 
atdaw ilnn'-r Tviupb) 1901 ; ni. 1 Jan. la'di), 3Iay 
(;.rtrude Iinp.y. ltc.-id< nee — 74, Onslow GMUcns, 

2. Kcnn-th Alfrd AVoIf.-E.arry, b. 1879; m. 1902, 
H'l'n .\birv Strain. Rosid-ucc — 4, Embankment 
Gar KiK, s.\Y. ;«. 

3. Al -xand.r. J^dwarJ Wolfc-Barrv, b. 18S2. Resi- 
d.'nc — Til- Rirs.-ii.'.r- Var-r., Ilisiuvr.n!!, WUts. 

4. i;."c G.-ri.^ri \V..ii-B;rrv. 1.. l-^'^; m. 1311. 
.Mary Un.l.rwood, dau. of J. W. Wliit.-law. Resi- 
d-nco — 

1 . Rosalind .Marv, ni. 1>97. Edward Church Bliss. Barr.- 
at-la^^•. R.-id. n.c— 2:!, Til- Stnet. CI.. Ls< a. S.W. 3. 

2. Ida Vlol.^t. ni. Ili04, Hoibart Brooks Farqubar. 
Resilience — I5arr>- Lod^e, Hook Hcatli, Woking. 

3. Sylvia Gr.ace. 

BARRY, Lady (Knt.'s widow). — Emzabeth 
Annle, d.ui. of L\>.<f Rev. IL Mahby, rector of 
E:igl. scliffe and canon of Dvirham. M. 27 Jan. 
Is.Sl. Vicc-.-\dm. Sir Henry Dvncon Barry, 
K.C.V.O., who supt. of Portsmouth Dock- 
; yard 1905-G, kni^hti d 0:1 tiie occa.sion of launch 
: of H.M.S. "DivadnuuJ.t," n..d d. 14 Nov. 1908. 
Residence — liainpton Coiut I'alaoe. 

SMITH-BARRY, •'^f' Barby-uork, Bakow. 



Bi'iF.RYMOIiE, lit B;iron (U.K.). Crcat. 
13 Julv, i'ji)::; 1'. C. (1.) ;s:)ii. -- AHT-.irK 
Hugh SiiiiH Bakky. a. ot Junics JJugii iSunth 
Borr>-, of Marb.iry Hall, Ch^>.<!iire. B. 17 
Jan.' 1843; tt:. 1st" 180S, Lady .Miiry Frances 
(d. 21 Sept. 1S84), daii. of :Wi Earl of Dunryvf>n ; 
m. 2nd, '2S Feb. 1839, Elizabeth, dim. ot C4t;n. : 
Wadsuorth, of Geiie.'5i30, U.S.A., and widow ot 
A'thur Post ; ed. at Eton and (.).\ford ; 3I.I'. co. ■ 
Cork (L.) 18G7-74, and for S. Hunts ^C.) 1S8G- 
ll>00 ; D.T.... J.P. iiviritingdou ; J.P. Cheshire, 
High Sh. ritt 1883 ; D.L., J.P. co. Cork. Rich 
Sheriff l.'<3(j. Picsidences — 29, Hill Street, Berkeley ■ 
Square, W. I; Maronrj Hal!, N.jrtli.'. ich, Chosliiro : 
Fota Island, Qi:?en?triwn. Clulj? — Carlt.-.n ; 
Travellers': R.V.S. Issue by 

Helr, none. 

1. H'.ja. Gcraidhii', in. IS J'liv, ls03, Hciin,- Burlcigli 
I..-tliai.i O:\--vA, vlr.i d. 19,1-1. 

ls?UO i:^ L;ia 111.— 

2. Hon. Dorothy Llizahelh, w. C Jan. 1017, 
W. iitrtium ilell, Loy. Linccr^. 

BARTER, K.C.B. (mil.). Great. Jan. 1916; 
C.B. PJOO; C.V.O. lOOl.—M.v.r.-OEN-. Snt 
Charles St. Legep. B.AXiTEa, s. of tbr Rev. J. T. ! 
Barter, of B-rehaven, co. Cork. B. S Oct. 1857 ; : 
ed. on til.;- Contmcnt and at R.rSI.C, ; 
P.S.C. ; joined 2Qd Batt. Yorkshiro L.I. 1875 ; '■ 
capt. ISsl, mcl IStO, It.-col. 1898, col. 1902, , 
raaj.-gen. 1909; served in A.-->hantee War 1S95- i 
96 ; 2nd in cornnmnd of Spi ciol Service Corps 
(Star) ; in X.W. Frontie.'- ." India Esped. 1897- I 
98 ; Tirah E.xped. 18S8 (do.spaiche.=;, medal, 2 i 
clasps) ; in S. African war 1899-1902, cornmdg. . 
2nd"jid,tt. York. I..1. (dc.«patc)ies, Oucea'.<5 medal, 
4 cl.vspr., Kings medal, 2 cla;])p, C.B.) ; D.A.A.C. 
1880-1894 ; mil. s''C. to Govertior Cape Colony ; 
and Hid; Conimr. S. Africa 1894:- 95 ; chief .«tafl 
olKcer 'ThaTnts Di.striet 1902-5; A.Q.M.G. 
We.-tern Connnand 190.^—7 ; coiamdc Poena 
Brig. 1909-13; con'.mdg. Territorial Div. 1914; 
served in France 1915. Residence — 
Club— Uui ted Service, ! 

BARTLETT, 1st Bt. (U.K.). Cr.-at. 7 Feb. : 
1913.— Sir Herbert Hp:>:ry Baetiett, s. of! 
Roberc. Bartlett, of Kardin<;Ton Mandeville, j 
So:»er.-;et, and Anne Gnppy. B. 30 April, 1842 ; i 
TO. 18 April, 1874, Ada Charlotte, dau. nf Joseph { 
Barr ; for many j-ears commodore of the i 
Roy. London Yacht Club. Residences — 54, \ 
Cornwall Gardens, S.W. 7 ; Hardington Mande- ' 
viiie, Sonier.-ot. Clubs — ^t. Stephen's; City ; 
Carlton ; Constitution il ; Roy. Tiiames ; Roy. ■ 
Ten. pie Yacht. Issue living — i 

1. lI.iRBI.VGipK i\KTHrP. BAm'i.ETT. b. 21 Xov. 1878 ; I 
m. 2 July, 1902, Irene, oi liiiiry Robiusou. Ilcsi- ! 
dence— Lancaster Hoaso, Onnoude Terrace, A.W. 8. ' 


1. Basil Ilardin^ton Bartlett, b. 15 Sept. 1905. i 

2. Hciuy David Hcrdin^toa Bartlett, b. IS March, 
1912. I 
1 . Irene Theodora. 1 

2. Robert Dudley Bartlett, b. - Oct. li^SO ; lieut. ' 
H N.V.H. ; ui 14 Jan. 190G, .Maud Viuiet, dau. of 
Georce Joseph ilartiu, of Boston, Liucolnsliire. 
lUiidencu — Clock 1 1 oust-, Boxv, .Middlesex. 

3. I.ric 0.~car l!, b. 20 Ai!-,'. l^•^2, m. 16 Jan. 
1907, Irene, dau. oi Laureuce Alport, of Lenham 
Gardens, \V. Is.-ue — 

1. -Betty ytai.ces. 
• 2 M;trv Augusta. 

4 Rvv. i'lulip ilunde\n!Iu Bar'lett. M.A. Oxford, b. 
'' •';■:. i-.>.t; curutv of C!i. Ci.. (O\ror.0 Wi-ion. 
'■ -!•'. 11- — rii. Ch. ■H'V.H-, l-;irat^!v l!.)a..l. S.W. 1;!. 
" Niirriiati Kdnin. b. 2i) Sent, i^s^ ; lieiit. B.F. . 
1- .^da >"ora, ra. 2 Dee. 191'.'.. Roiiald Broderick 
'irahum. Kisidet^ce — 33, KeasiugtOQ .Mansions, S.W. 
2 iou.y HiKia. 
3. t'.ivv t loieiice Ivy. 

BARTLETT. Knt. Bach. Great, 1911 ; I.S.O. 

';"'•;■— •":^ Hi Herbert rooEEsxRoJi B.KRTEErr, s. 
' ' '-dvvin Tliomas Bi'rt.'ett, of Plyinoutli, l»evon. 

!!Mary, dau. of Ralph Linwood, of Bath, Somerset ; 
ed. privat.-ly, and at The Lyc6o, Viemio, Franco ; 
asst. see. to Board of Inland Revenue 1897-1903 : 
Controller of Slamp.sand Registrar of -Joipt Stock 
Companies 1903-9 ; Commissioner of Inland 
Revenue 1909-13. Residence— 9, Hslena Road, 
Southsea. Issue living — 

1. Kthel Con-tarce. 

2. Vivienae. 

ASKMEAD-EARTLETT. Lady (Knt.'s widov.-). 
— Fran'CEs Christixa, dau. of H. E. Vv'alsh ; m. 
J874, Sir EUis A.shinoad-Bartlett, .M.P., a civil 
lord of tho Adi-niralty, who d. 18 Jan. 1902. 

liS-Ut — 

1. Ellis Ashinead-Bai-tii-t, B.irr.-.nt-la«-. 

2. The late Capt. Francis George Conin^'.^by Ashraead- 
Bartfett, Beds. Iteirt. ; ra. 1014, Piiyllu^ dan. of the 
late Water Scor.t i'iiomson ; and was killed in action, 
France, 14 Xov. 19iti. 

3. Scabiu-y _A5lin<c;>d-Bartlctt, lieut. ll.V.A., m. 12 
Marcii, 1915, Esther Idower. dau. of Eraest Capel 
tare, oi ihc Gran^-e, Salcoiube. liesidoiiee — 9:J, 
On-!o\v Srnnre. S.W. 7. 

4. Percy Arthur Ashraead-Bartlett, capt. London 
Best. ; in. li-'l-j, Katharine Biuny, d-.iu. of Alfred 
Morit/. and h.-is is.^u--. 

5. William Ashiuead-Bartlett. 

BARTLEY, Lauy (Knt.'s widow). — IMary 
Ch.\rt,otte, dau. of Sir Henry Cole, K.C.B. ; 
m. 1804, Sir George Christopher Trout Bartiey, 
K.C.B. , who founded the National Penny Bank 
1875, was M.P. (0.) for North IsUnqton 1885- 
190G, author of a number of boolcs and pamphlets 
on thrift, education, and social questions, who d. 
13 Sept. 1910. Residence — Shovclstrcde Manor. Grit\step.d. Issue — 

1. Tvcv. G^org^^ Henry Cole Bartl-'y, b. IS S-pt. 1M04 
m. 2^ sept. l.i»93, liat.; Sherj-er. Kesidenccs— ^st. -Mar- 
garet's Vicaraqv', llisii I'.enthani. Dsue — 

1. Cuthert Ge rite Sa:ri.-coa, b. 1903 (d. IdOS). 

1. Dorotliv Eva, b. 1^94. 

2. Ereda Mary J.ilian, b. 189?. 

2. Douglas Colo Bart lev. b. 2 Oct. loTO : Barr.-at-law ; 
m. 1 June, 1^97, Katldivn Marian Cole, Residences— 37, 
Hamilton Terrace, K.W. ;>; 1, Tcuiple Gardens, B.C. 4. 
Issue — 

1. Christopher Hardy Douglas Bartloy, b. 4 May, 

2. Kcbert .A.rthur Hamilton B.irtJey. b. 26 Aug. 1911. 

3. Bryan Cole Bartl''v. b 23 Junf^, I'sTo ; managrint? 
director of 8. <s kes A Co., Ltd.. I'insbnrv Court, 
Finsiiurv Baveiiient.. B.C. ; ni. 5 Feb. 19ul, Gertrude 


1. 1- I^^ti-— 
tley, b. S Feb. 1910. 

'lor Bigi-ail, dau. pf Nil 5 

•Istri-'^m, of 

■' '-h.din and'^ Ph mouth, Ci.iisul. B. at Ply- 

.: , -;rx!dand. 
4. Tile l.iu (_ .^•!. .-^niliope Col"- B;irtl; y. R A., b. 
la June, 1.>V6 ; in. -(• Nov. iy!i2, iiilda 1 rederiea 
Skene; and was killed in action in France 1:: Mareii, 
i'Jxn. lle=ldence — Tiio sUootin;; Box, .rnovelstrode, 
c^a-f Grin-te:.d. Issue — 

John Staniiope Walter Bartl.y, b. 7 May, 190C. 

Clinstina Fri'derica Brisit. 
1. Lilian Cole, lu. 29 Jan. 1902, Frank Johostonft- 

BARTON, Privy Counsellor. Apptd. 1901; 
G.C.M.G. 1902.— Rt. Hok. Sir Edmund 
Barton, s. of William Barton, stock and share 
broker, of Sydney, and ^larv Louisa \Vliydaiio. 
B. at Sydney is"jan. 1849; m. 28 Doc. 1877, 
Jean Mason, dau. of David Ross, of Newcastle, 
N.S.W. ; ed. at Sydney Gram. Seh. and S\dney 
Univ. (Lithfjow and CooDcr scholarships, Univ. 
medal cla-^-rT-s) : B.A. 1808. -M.A. 1870: call.-d 
to the Bar ls71, K.C. (1889) ; speaker Legislative 
A.s.sojnbiv 1883-7; Att.-Gen. 1889 and ls9i-3 ; 
a rep. of N.S.W. at Federal Conventions 1891 
and 1897-8 : leader of National Fed. Con. 1397- 
8 ; hrst I'rime .Minister of th^ (.Nur.monwealth 
and Minister for Externa! Affair.s 1901-3. when ha 
resigr.ed and was appointed senior puisne Judge 
of til.- High Court of .Vustralia ; is me nib. of judl. 
eonicnitt.-e of Privv Co-in-ii ; hon. D.C.L, Oxford ; 
hon. LL.D. Cantab and Hdin. ; Fellow of S.-na^e, 
Svdnev University ; Freeman of Edinburgh 
iy02 ; has order of Rising Sun (Japan) Ist cl&ss. 



lU-Jdence — Avei.e.', Darling Poir.t, Sydney, 
>.".S.\V. Clubs — Athenx'um, Australian, end 
University (ftydr.-y). IsiUte — 

1. jLJuiiii^J r.;ir...n. b. 1 \ray. 1 .ru : Burr.-at-bv, ; 
ct. I'JJJ, LrsilJa. iliiu. 0£ til'- late V.iiliura Cracc, ol 
gji!_-..!i! •uu. Oii.;:.! rra, N.3.V.. !:• --i k-iicc— Av.,-ik1, 
f rail is ^'reci, JJoadi, sydut-y, X.s.SV. 

2. V.i^.ri.J AK-x.ani-r liarton, b. ]■* Oct. l<>() ; Barr - 
it-la'.v ; Lieut. i-Ui lvii!?s J.iverpool Kegt. ; m. 
J J14, Olive tirace. uau. of Jitrberl rct-.K oi Cainbriilaf . 
K -iaoiitv — :.'J, CcLiwuiisr iiaii-ioii-;, I'riuf. oi \\ ai'.s 
Coad, s.W. n. 

3. Arnold Hcrbt-rt Iiarton, b. 7 Jan. 1S*6. 

4. Os\v:;i.a i;.;rton, b. 10 J:ia. 1-^-j; M.i!.. < >,.^I. : 
Lieut. K.A.1LC. ; in. Vi Feb. 1917, GwuDdoUa-.-, dau. 
CI Rupert l\lly, ci Adelaide. 

1. Jean Alicu, la. IJU D.v.Ul ;»Iau?han, Larr.-al-law. 
K'-sia-jnce — :N\Tanrie, Wcoilalira, iydn^y, y.S.V.'. 

2. Ltihi btephanic, m. 1 I>cc. 1915,' Hubert t.iiurchii! 
^;cot-.*ki^ving ; R.V.A. ll-jsidcnic — 1 .'4, Colu- 
berne Court, uU lirompton fioad, S.W. j. 

BARTON, K.C.V.O. Croat 1900 ; C.B. (mil. 
ISSy); C.M.G. 19itO. — jIaj.-Gen. Siii GEormv 
Babtox, £. of lb J laic C C. Barton, oi llowrdiams, 
H?.ats. B. 22 Feb. 1844 ; m. ISOu, B-ryl, du. 
of Col. Edward P. Mackenzie, of Dc.-nlriin Hull, 
Suftclk, Aucher.skeoch, Kirlccudbrightshire, and 
Craig?, CO. Dumfr>s ; cd. at Eton ; joi.icd 7t!i 
Rcy. Fusilii^rs 1S02 ; cap:. 1874; uiaj. ISTvJ ; 
It.-col. 1882 ; col. 1SS6 ; mai.-g-^n. 1S9S ; rit. 
1904 ; ser\-ed in Asli.inti IHT.i—i (d( ipatchcs, 
lucdcil with clasp), with Egyptian exp^d. lbS2 
as A.A.G. (dtspatcber, 4th class O^muiiich), and 
Soiidftii exped. 1885 (mil. sec. to ; 
cointnd. Fu-ilier Bzv^., and Pretoria di=t. i.i S.A. 
189a-1902 (despatches) ; A.A.G. Tiiamcs dist. 
189.5-7, and X.W. dist, 1S97-3 ; ^ol. Roval Fusi- 
liers 1900 ; K.G.H.Si.J.J.E. ; ij J.P. oo. ijiuiif .icd. 
Residen.-e — Craigs, Durnfriis. Clubs — WcIluiLTton 
United L'ervice ; Duinf.-ies ani Galloway. 1-sue — 

P.".. lip G'.'oJry IJarto:i, M.C.. b. -j Juqo, J.e.>J ; c^pt. 

Koy. Fus. 

Joaaaa Katharine. 

BARTON. Knt. Bach. Great. 19o2 ; C.B. 

(civ.) lOuO. — Sii'. Joux Geob'je Ba;;to>-, s. of; 
James BartDii, of L'-indalk, aud C\-.iij -riiii:, flaw. ' 
of Capt. Golding, of C-iledoa. B. l'! Oct. laoO ; ; 
ed. at Kcfiton ; m. 18 Feb. I&IC, riorcnct, dau. : 
of i^l. Colville Grauthpjn, aiid w idov.- <.{ Cul. E. A. ■■ 
Hamilton, E. Yorks Regt. ; Boaid of ^Vork3 I 
arbitrator, comranr. of valuation i'.nd cliii.f boun- ' 
dary surveyor for Ir-Jand .since l'6'J2 ; Govt, arbi- 
trator for several railwaj's in Ir« Imd ; ii.enib- 
committ'-e on science Colkgr lor Ire IjTid ; F.S.I; 
Clubs — V.'ind':ar.T ; Coii.-iuut:onal, Hiberuiau ; 
United Service (Dublin). 

BARTON, Knt. Cr^at. .June, 1917.— mp. Wil- 
LTAM Bakton, rd.P., i. 01 R. iJjrtou, of Huiuiiton. 
B. lSo2 ; m. 1695, Je-stie (d. I'Jlo-, dau. of J. 
Boj'd, of Maucliester ; il.P. for Oldliani ;ince 
1910; J.P. for the County I'ahitiiie of Lanca-ttT. 
Residences — o.'>, George ^ti'ti, ZJanchcitcr ; 
Wybcrlegh Hall, DitlL-y, Chi.^hirc. lisue — 

Dorothy liojx-. 

BAHTTELOT, 3rd 3t. ;U.K.\ 14 
June, 1.575 ; D.S.O. l.ilu.— .^Ill W l-'xi:!! BAilOLB 
BabtteI-OI, s. of 2nd Bt. B. 22 .March, la.Si); 
in. 17 Xuv. l9'.»o, Oladys St. Auhya, dau. of 
WilUam Colli.: r Aug-,. vc, of Oislow G.-idcns ; .-uc. 
hia father 19uo ; ed. at Eton ; nirij. Cold.?. Gds. 
mil. sec. to Gov.-G- p.. of Au-tralia l'Jll-14 ; 
sc-rved in S. .-Vfrican -var, !;ud in i raiiC:.-, JJai- 
daneiles J-xpei., and Mosopoianiia; li...^ Croix cie 
Guerre. Residenci.* — Stophani House, Pulburough, 
Sussex. Clubs — Caritou ; Guards'. Isoue — 

1. ■^'i-.TEK !■£ sroPHAM l;i;.nfu.or, b. 17 Oti. 

2. WiiiiaiQ Frederick Ueotfrey Xtlson ilarltelot, b. 
21 Oct. 1905. 

Ca?T. T:;i. lit. IIOX. Sill \V ALTER FAltXTtLUI-liAKTlELOT, 
HI ill., lat Ilov. jL»rau'<..ons, ti. W Oct. 1;-'-' : >1 1'- i'^r 
W. ftu^-.i. l.->CU-y3; ui' U-t. 2.S Acrii, 1-'.-, iiarri't (i. 
U'J JiUy, IS.ia), i!a\i. aai lO-lK-iri.-.^ oi sir Ciirii".ophcr 

.MusKravL', Bt., of Edcnhali, Curaberlaiid ; in. 2nl. 
li'j A!>ril, lei'S, Marsan.t (d. :;.S Jan. lo'Xi<. o. e. r,t 
Heiify l>uifi>,To, c: soutli Loii^o, St. Leonard's I'orest, 
Sussex, a:.d J. 2 leij. lsy:5. IsVje bv 1st u.. — 
1. Sir. Vv'Ai,T£R George IJaiitteloi. .;:<-d Bt.. 
ithljrasoon Ods., u.llApri!, l.-.O.: ;m.3 June, 1S73, 
Oeorj.'iuna.Mary (lu. Liid, 220ct.l902,IJf;\-ilI- Molesworth 
St. Aubyn (licaiUeuce — Hahveli lloure. Kinst^brK'.i?''. 
S. Devon), dau. of tjcwee Edinoncl B.ilfonr, of The 
.M.-iuor. Sidiiioath.and v/a^ kiil'.'d in South Africa, 'Z'i 
.Ma/, lO'O. IssJ — 
1. Sni AVALTEit Balfour Bauttelot pre?. Bt 
2 The latf Litut.-Comr. Xis.-i Keanotli Walter 
Barttrlot, 11..V., b.9 April, lss3 ; lu. JO .fun 1906, 
Dorotliv Maud. dau. of t;..- lare Fr-.l-.-ric-k .U.ii-roft 
K;.y,and wii t:il!-d in u^xvalactior) Hi ll^olarn! Bicht, 
commdit. /i.iLf-. "lib-irty," '^i A-ag. 1914 (des- 
patcU'.-s). l<iue— 

James Nigjl \V alter Barttdot, b. 27 June. 1311. 
1. Irene Jlaisiaret M.ary, in. 5 Jaa IT.l';,' Ciipi. 
Fw-ncis Ale.xauier Atchison, llatapduro Iteqt. 

1. Edith Harriet, ni. 12 June, lii,i, Lt.-Gen. Sir 
Henry Crichton Sclater, K.C.Ii. 

2. Lv>;iyii Famiy m. 29 March, 1633. Charj. s Munro 
.Saiidha'ui. of Ilowdill, Subsos, who d. l&Ol, and has 
i-suo. Ri .sidouce — 13, Eftcrton I'lace, S.">.V. ■.^. 

:-.. Ada Mary, ni. 17 Oct. LSSri, Col. WiUiain Frederick 
lavaye, late Roy. Susse.x Regt. Residences — 6, 
.Nivilln T.Traj-, S.W. ; Birch 'nbri.ige, Horsham. 

BAR WICK, 2nd Bt. (U.K.). Great. 1 Fob. 
I'jli;. — Sill John SroiiEY Bakwick, b. >A 1st 
Bt B. 4 Aug. 187G; sue. his father 1915; 
111. 12 Aug. 1907, Gwlady.-? Jessie, dau. of George 
William Griiliin Thomas, of Ystrad 'lynach. 
Gianiorganshite. Res! '-^nccs — Aslibrcolie Grange, 
Suiiderland ; Thimbleoy Hall, Osiaoilioriey, 
Yorks. Issue — 

1. Jol.n .\Ior^'an^rick. b. 25 Xov. ]'.>;.S, 

2. ];■ :.. 11 ■■ :■. u Lurwick, b. 4 Xov. 191o. 

1. K..-;:. . 1 ■ ■, :'y9. 

iiu; JOH • a:. .: • • , tick, lixET., ^^.23 Feb. 1S40 ; m. 
17 Sej t. 1572, .M.t: i.-et (d. j7 Oct. ISOSj, dau. of George 
Short, of Sunderland; and d. :2 Aug. iCij. Issue— 

1. JoHS SioiiEV Bakwici:, pres. lit. 

2. George Short Barwick, b. 7 July, 1879 ; la. 31 July. 
1913, Marianne, dau. of the late WUUam ilarsUall, of 
Wcav;;!!liam, Cnisi.jre. 

1. Margaret Etiivl, Ui. 19 Dec. 1895, Maj. Regiiiidd 
Kd\vard Irehernc Brav, latH Roy. BerliS Rest., and has 

2. Edith. Mary, Pi.:i4 Ap;)!, 1001, Gilbert Gilbey, and 
lias issue. Residence -Clia!kland.s, Bourne End, 

3. Kathleen Maud. 

4. EUa Martha, in. '^Q April, 1914, Geor.^e liuto Croft. 

BASING, 2nd Baron (U.K.). Great. 7 -July, 
18S7 ; C.B. (mil.) 1902. — Geoege Lii:BBEY 
Sci^\T£R-BooTH, 8. of 1st Baron. B. 1 Jan. 
I5*i0; m. 12 Dec. 1S&9, .Marj- (d. 1 June, 19ij4), 
dau. of John liaii^reaves, of .Maiden Erlegh, 
Berks, and \\'halley. Lanes. ; sue. his li-ther 

i 1S94 ; ed. at Eton and Oxford, B.A. 1S82 ; It.-col. 
Re.s. of Oliicers, late 1st Royal Dragoons ; served 
in the S. African v-ar (despatches; ; rep. memb. 

, S.'Uthampton Teir. Force Assocn. ; C.C, D.L. 

j Hants ; has 2nd class Red Eagle of Gern.any. 

j Residence — Hoddir.gtou House, Winchneld, 
Hants. Clubs — Naval and Military ; Arthur's ; 
Corltou. Lsbue — 
1. Capt. Hok. Joha' Limbrey Robeux Sclateb- 

■ Booth, 1st Dranoous, b. a Dec. loJO. 
1. Hon. Joan !*• u. Iool. 
'.i. lion. Lyuia jcvce. 
The Rt. llox. GEoKGE .SCLATER-Boorn, lyr Baros 
B.vsi.vo, b. lu May, l<-2^ : Mi". H-.uits U-.'>7-fr7 : Fin. 
.■^e.-. to Tieas. l&t",", ; J'fi^. Lcc. Gov. Brd. l371-o'J ; 
!i!. a Dec. le.57, Lvdia Caroline (d. 5 Juiy, 1.'^!), 
dau. of Col.' George Birch, of tlare Rark, lluuts, and 
d. J-i Oct. 1694. IsiU;'- 

1. George LiMBi.EY Sclatek-Booih, ires. Baron. 

2. Hon. (.haiiis l.uUey ^e;.^t. r-Boo:ii, B:irr.-iit-la\v. 
b. May, Isou ; i.i. Is Arrii, lOuO, Elien Geralaiiie, 

j dau. of Gcorg'.; joms, of Mitton Mai'ur, Staffordshire, 
aiid widov.' of late \V. i'uaor Frtre. D.sut — 
George Luti. V >.!..' .'••I'.oaih, h. V iKc. iJ)3. 

3. (ol. till- lion'. W ,..•.•- i >.e~ :woi)d Sciator-BO' th. C.B,, 
D.^.O., K.ii.A . I'. ;.' i ■■■. it;.'.'; i.i. 'M Jui.e, ;9rj, 
Frances Mary, duu.o: J;.v. .I'l.l .lJ'.iriu::.o: Ca.-llc Edeu, 

i Durham; ser\-ed Briti^n EAptd. Force in France, 





1914-15 (despatches, D.S.O.). Club — Army and 
a&vy. Issue — 

1. Eleanor Ma:v. 

■>. \ora!i rrtnr-f-. 

1. Hon.Thuodordiliiry.ui. 11 Ariril, 1SS9, Komin^ton 
Waiter Wlii.-o Tlioni.soii. M.A., wiio d. -'.> .Ian. liiiO 
(se-', WiuxK Tir<):.;s.iN, IC.C.B.). Kc.sil>-i!c-.— o9, Ilaiib 
Plftcn, S.W. 

2. Hon.Pcnelori'Mn,':.1alen,'r.i.3 Auor. issii, Cliarhs A. 
Eovill (Club— booU.-'sl. fl«\ie— 1. Anthony Charios 
Stevens, M.C, capt.. Plh Landers. 1. .M;i-'d U.-u j:i!on, 
m. 6 April, 1914, maj. O. C. Jordan, 11. i:. 2. i;e=o. 
Mary. in. 4 Jan. 1910, Sir A. L. L'.criB Tooih, 2nd P.t.] 
Kesideuce— r.O, Pont Street, S.W 1. 

3. Hon. Lvdi;i Katharine, in. 30 Pee. liOZ, Frank 
'\Vr*;:i:'-K''-.r '('I'lh — .Iv.r.. Carlton', and has itsue; 
I{i -;;•■;, ;:.:tVv Ci.inse, "SViuchfiell. ll;vnt>. 

4. i! 1,. 1 : ■. : Kirch. :a. 19 .July, l-',!j. tl^'iry Wi'- 
=oni I'X. .M.!\ tor X. Warwicksliire Pinoc 107 7 : r.'irr.- 
at-Iav,-. ,'c:iil -— Carltoa : Junior Carlton ; "WcUir;:- 
tou.) [Is=uc— Georw Herbert.] Residence— 20, 
lo-wndes Soiiare, S.^V. 1. 

5. Flon. Ar.i" Circiy, in. G .Ipril, 1^93. Francis Mar- 
shall. ri'-.Videnea — ^Crancsdeu, .tlayfleld, Siiswx. 

BASS. Sad Et. (U.K.). Great. 1.7 ^jay, 
1SS2. — 8ra WixTjAM Ar.xiiuK HA.\iAR Bass, p. of 
If.te Uamar Alfred Busj, of .B^-rkley Locl;;e, and 
neph. of 1.3t Bt. (cr. B. Burtmi), whom lie sue. 
in tlie baronetcv under ;?per. limitation. P. 
2-t Dec. ISTO; m. 9 June 1903. Lady (Wilmot 
Ida) ^'oreeii, dau. cf 13th Earl of Hniitincdon ; 
capt. 10th Hussars ; served in S. A. 1900-2 ; J.P. 
Staffs ; sue. 1 Feb. I'JnO. Residencies — Bvrklev 
L0J5-. Burton-on-Trerit. StatT-rdrhire ;' 145, 
Piccadiilv, \Y. Clubs — Baciielors' ;Turt ; Jockey ; 

BATCHELOK, Kid. Bach. Croat. 1914.— 
HcN'. Sir tTANLT^v LocKirAi:T BATcirrT-OR, .■?. of 
. B. ISr.S: ni. 1905, 
Jland Alice, dau. of IIoti. H'Mbi rt Battv, ju<lge 
of ihs Hi^h Court, Bombay. H'02-Si ; ci]. nt St. 
Edmund's Coll. Ware, and at Univ. Coll. London, 
B.A. (1S84); cnt. I.C.S inS7. and served in 
Bom'oo.y as a.s^ist. collettor and in.;gi-trate ; 
«pptd. Under-Sec. to Govcnur.cnt Political Dopt. 
Bombay 1890; 1st lOOU ; judce and 
S.'ss-.on.s jucige 1900, and puisne jud^e of High 
Court of Judicature at Bombay from r,t04. Btsi- 
dence — Malabar Hill, Bonibaj'. 

^-BATE, Lady (Knt.'s ^vidov). — C \TnF.i?rN:e;. 
divu. of Alan Canieron, of Fort Williara. Yi. IS 
Dec. 1852, Sir Hkxky .N'ewell Bate, who was b. 
9 April, 182S; creat. Ivnt. 1910 ; con- 
nected with many Canadian public and commer- 
cial euterpri-^es :' and d. :'. April. 1917. Resi- 
deuces — Trennick House, Oitaw;\; Tanulcwood, 
St. Piitrick's, P.Q. ; Tronnick Lodge, Green Lake. 
P.Q., Civnrida. 

BATEMAN. 3rd Baron. Creat. 30 Jan. IsS". 
— William Spexccr Batemvn-H.-v-nbuky, 3. of 
2nd Baron. B. 3li Svpt. is.iC, ; ui. 23 Jul\-, 1904, 
Mrs. Henry C. Knapp. ui U..S.A. ; sue. ids father 
1901 ; lato capt. 2nd Life Gd=!. ; served in Egypt 
1882. This family is desc. piiternally from the 
Hanburys of Kehnarsh, a yountjer branch of the 
ITanburys of llanbury. Worce.-.tershire. The 
sreut-preat-grandfaiiier of the present peer m. 
-Sli.^ We.itern, who^e undo, William Bateman, 
was creat. an Iri-^h Vise, in 1723 ; tl;o title 
hecame extinct on the death of that peer'.^ s. in 
1802, and the estates pns-=;erl to Wil'.ian-. Hanbury, 
the de.-eendant of Tuiss Western, who a?.-urned 
the name of Bateman, obtained a new barony 
by the *;amo title, and was prandfatber of the 
pres. peer. Kesidcnce — Sliobdon Court, Shob- 
''.ou, Herefordshire. Clubs — ^^Carlton ; Marl- 
o.a-uujh : Turf. 

\'''.LlUM iUN-DUKT, li=T BAR0:7 B.iTKHAN-, b. 24, 

ITsO; in. 10 Axi^. l'?22, Elizabeth (d. 10 Sept. ]s-<2), 

'i^.'i. ot Lord vSpt-neor Staiit.y Clach^slor, and d. 2'j July, 

1 >!.'>. r.-sue— 

1. WiLLiA>i Batk-ma", 2nd Baron' Batemav. b. 2.S 

Ju'y, 1820; Lord-l-i-.-ut. U.Tctn.-drhlre l->.-,2-100l ; 

-M.A. Cunib ; hon. col. 4th B:ift. Kirie's ^Urofisbire 

I'.L; 01. 13 3Iay, liSI, A'!:-:e3 i'ur.r.Eii. (K-.sidcnces 

: — 0.aklcy l».-\rk and Brome Hall, F.y-:. Sutfolk : Kel- 
nnr.-"'i. N'oifluM'.ptoi'siiiir':. ii%u. of Gi n. sir Kd-xr.rd 
K'.Tiison, jit , K.C.B., li.C.H., and d. 30 >"ov. 1901. 

! Issue — 

1. William SrExcTR BATF.MAy-H.iifBrRT, pres. 
1 BaioM. 


; Hanbury, H kits Prfo., h. ] 3 Sept. 1S77; capt. iinattd. 
list =ince "i<)iO, late .Vortollc Y. : i'.L., J.P. Xorioik. 

; P.esidpuce— u2, Curzon Street, W. 1. Cbib — Bache- 


I 1. Hon. .\laud Frances, ni. 8 .Tail. IS^^O, Pf v. the 

Hon. Archibald P.arker (see M '. ' ' - ■, i r u, E). 

2. Hon. Gertnid'^ Lniilv. rn. !' . - .. .Tohc 
i Wood, M.A., M.P., D.L., J.!'. ^ - : : : .ors' ; 
j Carlto!) : Jni:. Carlton ; Xcw Umv... .n - h.i^i.sue. 

i P ■sKU nc.-s — Hen-.Tavc Hal!, Bun.- St. Pdir.unds ; 

I AVhitofteld House, Glossop ; Forrest Lodge, G&lio- 

wav, N.B. 
I 3 Hon. \z ' - p-^-nvr-d. 

4 Von ''■■'■.:- I . ;:i.i. r.i. 17 .Tail. lOHo, Thomas 

i Mark IT.' . ..i:. >. (Is'ue— Edward Mark. b. 

I 2SApri!.l 1 ': - i-iice — :03, Ilariey Street, W. 1. 

' J. Hou. iiariio A;/ne .ScUna Ueeiuia, ra. 12 April, 

l>'y9, Satuuol Rill- Wood, D.L, 3I.P. (Qubs— 

Bachelors' ; Carlton ; Juu. C.'irltou) ami has issue. 

B"sidences— 11, Great Stanhope Street, W. 1 ; 

j Mooriicld, Olo^sop. 

I 2 Tlie lite Hon. Chades Spencer Baseman Hanbury 
Kincald Lennox, b. S Oct. lsC7 ; la. l-'-t, 17 Oct. 1861, 
' llarsarct (d. 2S June. 1FP2), dau. of John L^nno.^ 
I Eincaid Lenno.v, ar.d widow of 7th Vise. Srranjiford ; 
m. 2nd, 19 An,'. l->33, ilosa. dau. of the late Boyd 
Alexander Cuninghame, of Craigends, and d. 22 
March, 1912. " _ 

3 PcT. Preb. the Hon. Artlmr Allen Bateraan-Han- 
bnrv, M.A. Oxford. b.l3 March, 1*29 : Pr<b. of Here- 
ford Cath. ; 11). 2 Fen, ISDS, Mary Ward (d. 31 Dec. 
1895), dau. of John Davenport, of Foxli'v, Hereford- 
shire. Residence — Sliobdon Peetory, Herefordshire. 
Clnb — Jnn. ConS'Tvative. Ts«ae— 
1. Arriiur l^avcnpon- Pr,t..i:-an-Hanbiiry, b. 7 Oct. 
1807 ; ni. 2j Anril. l!>93, Xina Louisa Mary. dau. 
of the lato Gen. Sir Charles Henry EUice, G.C.B. 
1. Fditb. 

2 Constance Marv, ra. 15 Oct. 1S9(>, Pev. Fr.ank 
Shem.-ld. who d. 22 Dec. lom; (sp» Snr.Fntr.D, Bt.). 

3. Mary p.ntriee, ni. 11 Feb. 1914, ".Villiatn Gordon 

4. Winifred Katlileen, m. 7 Julv, 1914, Pev.Francis 
Edward Tuke. Residence— Shobdon, Hereford- 

1 Hon. L^ni I T: - ' -,:i:-. ni.lst, 6 Au'J. 1?(50. Lt.-Col. 
Henry Gr : i late Scots Fus. Gds. (d. 

1R94), and! I th. 2nd, 26 Xov. 1902. M his 

Ihid \rife. Vi';':: ■;; I'r > , is k':- Vismes Kane, D.L., J.P. 
Eesidcnee — lo, Auuusta Gardens. Folkestone. 

1 BATEMAN, K.C.M.G. Creat. 1900; C.M.G. 
; 1892. — Sir Aefred EDMr;">:r> Batk:mak, s. of P>.cv. 
; John Bntenian. rector of East and "West Leake, 
■ Notts, and Emily, dau. of .John Shcwell, of Clop- 
i ham Common. 'B. 31 Au^. 1S44 : m. 30 .July, 
j 18G8, Edith Ellen (d. 4 June. 1909). dau. of J. 
I Eland Hob^on, of Haverfield, Kew. ed. at Rep- 
] ton and Brii:;htouColl.: ent. Board of Trade 1865 ; 
! controller-general for Commerce, Labour, and 
i Statistics, and chrmn. Commercial Advisory 
I Committee 1901-5; sec. to commissions for 
I French Commercial Treaty Negotiations 1877, 
i 1881, and 1882. to International Sugar Confer- 
I ences 1887-9. and to Trade and Treaties Com- 
mittee 1S90-2 : Briti;^h delegato for Portusuese 
; and Spanish Commercial N>'gotiatirns 1S92-4 ; 
' pros Roy. Stati-tical Soc. 1897 ; member roy. 
cnnimns. on food supplv in war time 1903-5, on 
shipping rings 190G-9.'and for Brussels. Rome 
and Turin Exhibitions 1909-10 ; member of 
Managing Com. of Imperial Institute from 1995, 
and chrmr,. of exhibitions committee^ 190fi; 
membei; of tho panel of chairmen for the Court of 
Arbitration in labour disputes, and chrmn. of 
the Advisorv Trade Committee for Labour Ex- 
changes lu London; represented Brit. Govt, at 
the Intern. Industrial Property Conf.Tenco held 
at Washington. U.S.A. 1911, A"tl at Exhibitions 
Conference at i'erlin 1912; ^ Dominions Trade 
cominr. 1912-17. K.^^idenco — Woodhouse, Wim- 
bledon Park. Clnl)s— Wiiiahaai ; Nariuiud ; 
Ranclagh. Issue — 
1. .Joha K.''.-!ir.Re i{:!t.nnai\ b. 10 June, iS7?. 


'F.r,r;a, baroxets. bishops and 


1. firnc Rlltia. 

2. n-tf^T. 

3. K.ii»h Flor-r..". m. 2 Jul". I--^, Tror Forbes 
Msiicolrn?on. Ro^M.-qc;— Xottlifl.Mrcli. n»'", 

BATES, 4fh BK 'U.K.). Croat. 1.1 Afrvv. 1880. 
—Sir V::t:^\' Elt.v Ri.rr.s. •^. of 2nd Bl. B. 
12 Mp.v. isrn ; in. 20 Jiin'^. lO'i?. :^f.'irv Ar.n.flnij. 
of the lata Vfrv Rr^v. W . Lfirov. D.D., D^-in of 
Xor^ch : sue. hi.s bro. 1003 : patron of 1 livfn'Z. 
The l.^t Bt. was senior p.-irtiK-r iii tiio wr-ll-kii iwi- 
finn of .shipowner and merchant-J, Eikvard B.^te? 
& Son«. Liverpool, London, «ind Bon^bav. e^rA 
for manv ve?.r3 ^M.P. for Plvniouth. Re.sidene*?.? 
— Kiridertrn Hall, \^=tor",. r-;., ,•,:.,, . c;yrn 
C-.stl.', fiolywe'J, Flintshire. Ciab — Orientai. 

EnwAr.n Pi!rct Bat?3. b. 15 Oi-t. isir>,. 
SrR Knw.^ro Latf:>. i<»t Ct.. b. 17 .Nf.trch. ISUiD.T^., 
J. P. lanes, ant! H.-into. ; M p. Plvr.'.n-itb 1^71-.?0 aivl 
:??.5 0:>: n. 1~t, is?,7. Ch.-irlotr.- F.'U.^betii M. F.-h. 
184."! Hii of Cornclin'! rnifrovii!--STn'Mi. U.i: I CS. ; 
m.eni.e.- Tnno, 1<*44. Fllen <d. f;'"i April. 19:).'>i, <lan. of 
Tborr..ii T)iOTiip>o.n. of IIcsslc, York% and d. 17 Oct. 
IS96. r.'^.siip bv -[at m.~ 

1. fiprfmdH Kli7.ahf-th. m. 16 Mav. l.=5'-,0. Thomis 
Prie^t'ev i'.i!hrou2b, who d. ant has Usiie. ?.>«'.- 
df-iifps— rh^ivn Ho'mo, Ivans':!!, Kor'ja; Victoria 
Island. Lowrr Burma. 
Isiue bv 2(i'i tn. — 

1. Sir i:')Ward FrnrY BiTK^, Cvn Bt.. n. i Aui., 
18-tT; I) L.. J.P., Wish Sh.-ri'f riint=. 103: ni. 20 
April, 187f^. Cov^rtvcs Euzabtth CRr-'df^nf — 
— Gvm ra=Uf, riint'^'iiroi, dan. o( S-imufl Ilob^rt 
Gr&vps, MP.. rt .11 Dec. i ^00. I^-i- — 

1. Sr?. i:r.TC.t:?D li -r.Tr.AM P.vti:?, 3rd Bt,, b. 7 
March, l.s77, apd d. iinm. 6 March, 1903. 

2. Sm Percy Rut Batks, prps. Bt. 

3. Mvi . Ceil Koo^rt Bat("<. R..i.. >,. ^ Feb. I'-C. 

4. Frederic Alan Batr-3, b. 153 i ; lieut. Dnr.iilihshire 

6. Capt.Dcnia Tfau^htoa Brit. 3, Dukeof Lancaster's 
O^vn Yro. , b. l.'J^.l.' 

6. Ma j .Austin Graves Bates, rj.C, R.F.A., b. 19 
Ang. KOI. 

7. Maurice Halifax Bates b.9AuE.lS93; 2;.d ■.lltut. 

2. The late Gilbert Thompson Bate?!, b. 22 Ayril, 
1847; J.P. Ilenfre-.v-=h!re ; m. 13 .T\ih-, lS7fi, 
lotte Thnsfc^r, dan. of t»i^ late Gnorje W'arron. of 
Woolton: ar.d d. 30 M.irch. 1017. Rr<=idencc— BaU, Leominster, Hants. If«uc iivin^^ 

Marv-, m. 21 Peh. 190?., Sir Lioael Fiftrher 

3. Svdnev T.cse-T% B.ate«, b. 23 Arril, 1551 : in. 9 July. 
1.S78, Flizah-'th .TesMe. da'.i. of t'le late Col. Geora? 
Grpnville M.Met, Boniiav L. Car. '?'t' Male?. B^.i. 
Re.sidence;— 2a. Hvde P.'.rk Sqanre, W. 2. : M .nnjown 
Park, Bnsi-ic-toke, Clubs— Oiicntal ; Oxford and 
Camb. I=sne — 

1, Lr..-Co1. Arthur .Svdnev Eat.-', D.S.O. ; Lane?. 
Fu?.. late London nifle Bris.. b. 1.=? June, 1^79 ; m. 
26 Arrjl. iOO.>. >rr,rv da Costn, dau. of Lt.-Col. 
Ch:irle3 Eoi.irt Crosi.-, M.V.O. 

1. Xorah f.ll.,n. 

2. EdiMi M.-.rv. 

3. Borotb'.' Eileen. 

2. Anne MiUi<^ent. m. 26 ^'ov. 1S74. Donall Xlnian 
Nlcol, of Animamoch, Ar!rs-!l=hir\ D.L.. wlio d. 'S' 
July, 1003, and has ibsue. Residence— 14, Cavea- 
dlsli Squar\ W.l. 

3. Ma^f! Stenhouse, m. 20 Feb. 1873, Fr'-deriek Bel- 
lairs Thompson, of Bellefleld. West Derbv, who d. 
18='2, and has ts-^ue. Residence— Turvey House, 

4. Xorah Greame, m. 3 T)ec. 1??0, Stints Brocket 
Hfnrv Chariiherlavnp. J.P. (Club— Broi'-rs'^i, and 
issue. R'sid."nco<— ■VVitherl'^y Hall, ; 1, 
Chts):ani Place, S.W. 1. 

BATESON. See Deramorh, Baron. 

Bx\TH. 5th ^Ta^q. of G.B.\ IS .'.up. 
I7>.0; \"i,L-. \Vevi:i..,u;-, B:>r'm -nivriru-. li 
Dec. 10a2 ; Bt. 15. June. Itj4l (G.B.V. K.G. 1917.— 
Thomas Ht:NRY Thy.nne, a. of 4th .Mirq. B. 
1.5 July. l.Si-.J ; ni. 19 A;>ril. 1*!>>. Violvt (.'aro- 
lii.<', ( of Sir Charic* .Mordauiit. I'ith lit. : 
.SIU-. his father 1S9G ; ed. at O.xfiird, IM.A. 
I88s>: under sec. of state for India 19"i5 ; late 
it. -col. eoiiinulti. \Vi!t:ihir« Voo. ; prcs. S-ti>- 
sr.^et Terr. F<rco As.socii. ; .M.B. for iSoniewet 
(Fror.-.e) 18S6-i;2, f.nd from JSOo until ho 
sue. to tho pocrrsgo ; I'.rd-Iient. Soiiier-jct ; 

chrmn. \Yilt5. Ot. .Sf-.s3. ; und C. : fonn^-rly 
chrinn. Ro-,-. rornmn. on hliofs and Imbeciles ; 
piitron of 10 livin::^. Thi.' f-ini;!.- dateq its an- 
ro^tTV from the tim« of Kinn; .John, fit tphich 
Poriod it 13 cnid tho family name was Botevile ; 
John BotevHe bein? ca!lf>d from thf placo of his 
rp'idenfo J"hn o' th' Innf>. !»nd tln^nc" T}i\T-,n<». 
Thf> yoxinizT bro. of i<t M.irq. was creat. Baron 
Carteret, with remainder to the yonn:rer isong 
of tho Tilarq. : thi^ title h-camo extinct in 1349. 
Be«ideTices — Lon^lent, Warminstfr, Wilts. : 29, 
Oro^venor Square, W. L Club — Ccrlton. Issue 
living — 

1 'irvpv rr.ED::uii.h. Tur.sxt, Viif. Wkymoutu, 

h. :■! Jm. -oo-,. 

1. Ladv Ali.-e Kathleen Violet. 

2. Ladv Emma Jfar^^^ry. 
S. L.-idv Afarx- Braf.ic- 

.Torn- AtEXANnr.!: Thtn-nt. 4Tn M.ap.»>. op Rath. b. 
1 Marr-hl^:?! • lorri ijp.if. Wilts.: hon. col. Wilts Yeo. 
Cav. : chnnn. Wilt- C.r. : m. 2=) Au:;. I?''!, Frauds 
i^-ab»'ia father ne (,]. 31 Oct. i9ir.\ dan. of Thomas 
3rr| V!=e. d- Vpspi. andd. 20 April, 15^(^;. Iwuj— 

1. Thova^ Ht-.s-rt Titr?:sE, rr^^. M.irq. 

2. L*.-C I. Lord .XiexandT Geor.'» Pofpvilo Tbvnnc, 
D.S O., Wilfs R tr., h. 17 Feb. 1873 • M.P.BaUi " l-ce 
19T0 • snrvpd in 3. Af-icin war 100n_2. and Somali- 
iand 19"i3-4. Rpsiriences — Norton Hall, Daventrv ; 
15. Square, W.l. Clubs— White'.^ ; Carl- 
ton • Turf. 

1. Ladv Alfi^e Emma, m. 14 Xov. I'iSS, Sir Michael 
Hucrn Sbaw-^t'-wart. eth Bt. 

2. Ladv K.atherine O^'onrlna Louira, ra. 22 Oct. 1901, 
Ev»lvn, 1st n^\rl of Cromer. 

3. Ladv B-vat:;ce. 
Si-t.-r living of 4rh M.arq. — 

L.adv Loii'sa T=ah.dl.-i Harriet, m. 29 Anril. 1862, 
Gen. tb'^ iron. Sir P rcy R. B. Fellding, K.C.B. {see 
Tiy.svi'.nn, T, ofi. 

EATHan'l WELLS. (70th)LoriBi'!hoDcL Con?. 
1SS2. 011.=-,. — Rt. Rev. Gkoroe Wyxdha:! 
KnsN'Tov, Tl.D.. 3. of GeorL"» Konnion, ^I.D..and 
Cntl.rrj.v-E'frida. dnu. of .John Fordvco. of A\-ton 
Castle. Bcruiek. B. .t Sept. 184 5 : in". 5 D-c. 1882 
TTenri'^tta D'lnr.-Mi. dau. of Sir Charles Dtilrymple 
Fer^'isson. .'th Bart. : ed. ot Eton, and Oxford; 
fonnerU- r'lap. to Bi-.hop of Tuarn, and dioc. 
in=p. of schools f. )r t'-.e dioc. of York : vi.?. of St. 
P;iura. Hull. IST:?. of All i^aint^, Br.idford. 187G : of Adeinitle 1SS2-94, when he tran.s- 
lated to tlii.s jsep -, lect. on Pastoral Theolosry, 
Cnn^.h. I'niv. lOi'O : cx-ofTicto a Pupporter of the 
Sovereiirn nt the Coronation : hon. cliap. N. 
Roincr^et Y<»o. ; is patron of 42 livin£r=i. The 
diocese inehi(lp<; th- wiiole of tho county of Somer- 
set witli tho f'xception of the p^iri-h of Bedmin- 
ster : nnnnal \--\\w^ f .5,non. Re=idenee — Tho 
Palace, Well.a, Somerset. Club — Athenaeum. 

BATHTJRST, 7th Earl. Creat. 27 Aug. 
1772 : B-ir.n B.itiuirst. 1 .Tan. 1712 ; Baron 
Anslev. 24 Jan. 1771 [Cr.V,.) • C.Al.G. 1002.— 
Skymoitr Hkvry BATTtuRsr. g. of 0th Earl. B. 
21 .Inly. isr,4: m. 1.5 Xr-v. 1803, Hon Lilias 
Margaret Francp>^, dan. of l-^t Baron Gle-^esk 
(ext,) : sue. his father 1S92 : ed. nt Eton ; D.L., 
C.C. Gloupe«ter : lato cA. co'iidtr. and lion. col. 
4th GIoueest.T Rejt. (M. >; hon. It. -col. in the 
Army ; late pvc?. Cllouce-terTerr. Force Assocn. ; 
hon. col. oth Patt. Gifiueoster R^st. since 
1908; ser\-ed at St. Helena durincr S, African 
war ; Grand warden of Enrrli<li frPoma="n3. 
Tlio 2nd Earl was Lord'ellor from 
1771 to 177;^ Rosidonco-s — CinMicester Hou.-e, 
Cironeestor, Glpueestersliire : Fi-;!nU-s Hall, Dart - 
fonl, K-nt: 12. Pe!_'ravrSouare, ^.^V.1. Clubs — 
Bnehelors'; Carlt'm. I«sue — 

1. Al.t.E'T Al.r..-;HN-ON- BAT.qrRST. Lord ApstFY, M.C., 
b. 3 Auc. 1 ■••:»', : Ij.iir. r.ov. <;l.'-. \.c,. 

2. Hon. William Ralph Sevinour Bathurst, b. 21 Sept. 

3. Hon. R.a!i>h Henry Bathurst, b. 2« S- T>t. 1004. 
1. Lidv '\T. rj. ! 'div:;!. rv + Mav. Mil'".. Li-ut.-f'ornmr. 
Lord .v;.-r;iir nr.i.' i-n, iS.V. f"-'' MovrrosF. n.b 

Air.E5 .A.tF.x<"PT:!; BATwrRsr. r-rii Earl BATnrR?T, 
b. 19 Oct. l.~,;,-.i; M.P. for CiriTiCOStcr 1857-73 ; m. 1st, 

: 1 



31 Jan. IS'" Flon. .Mcnel Lc-i-rfjtcr M. 6 Jul/, r>rt:) d.-,u., 
oi Gr^or?", •-''!.! !'>-iron <t .^ T;,; '. v ■ i .. _ '. . .1 . :,-'71, 

EVJ-LY.N- tU/AEETU (ill .-.-:: . - i'.ir.n^ 

S.W.I.). .];iu. Of il.ora..- JiV . ■ .' ;: -: \ n Fvt- 

cham Par'K,Sam>"aii.ld. 2 \i;_' I- ■- : • • > 1 -t ni. — 
]. SEYMorp. IIENT.Y DiTdUf;sr, pr:s. i:.ul. 
::. Hon. I.aiicilot Juliaa iiathurst, b. 2t .Jan. 1863. 
Cmb— Bncli.iors'. 

3. Lt. Co!, thi' Hon. Alien Eenja-ain Bathurst, "LP., 
I: 25 June, 1S72. Into CloU' • stcr lUgt. ; 3I.P., 
f-)T E. Glrnics. IS95-IOO1; .iiid i'.e IPIO ; in. 
22 Aprl\. 1002. .Aususta Ruby, dau. of the late 
Lord £'iv.-ard Sp'^nc-or Clmrchiil. Hcsidences — 29, 
Ch-.iljaiii 3:iv.-t, SA\'.|1; Polcbrcfk, IIcvi.t, Kcpti 
Club — Carlton. I-tUC — 
PottT Jiathurs:, b. 1 March, lOO.'i. 

1. Lady Gcor^ina Mcri .1. t,i. 2."; F-:>. i'">, !;r,. Fon. 
Sir George N\i!Uara Buchanan, P.C., G.C.M.G., 

I.-.-ie by 2rid rn — 

2. Lady Kvilyn 3-:'ilna, m. 13 Juno, I'O-*, Maj. George 
Corytoii Lister, who d. 30 Jtay, 1303, and issue. 
R'^'jidenc-^ — i, Porr-man Mansions. W.l; Armitapo 

aui. A-oct. 

BMHUilST fNew South Vrales), (3rd) Lord 
Bishop oL Cons. 19ii.— Thk Rt. Rev. 
George 3Ierkick Loxti, ^I.A.. D.D.. s. of 
Williara Lon;J, of ilarybc rough, and Eliza, d.^u. 
of Jomc> Tilerrick, of Worcettpr. B. ot Caris- 
hr-iok, 5 Xov. 1374 ; m. i'J:)'*. Folecie Alcxamlra, 
dan. of Alfred Joyce, of j>raryboroiigh ; ed. at 
Maryborough gram. S'.h. and Mell.oiirae Univ. 
f.^uA., Itit cl. in I'iiilosophy and Loaic), D.D., 
1912; Orel. ISOD ; lieadmn-tcr ot Trin. ^rara. sch. 
Kew, Victoria, 19i)3 ; can. of Jlelbyurne CaDh. 
1910-11 ; dioc. chap. 1907; Dioc. covers 8.3,000 
pquaie niiie.s. L'esIJer.ce — Bishop's Court, 
Bathiirst, N.S.W. Issue — 

1. G.oT'.i M.rrick Lwa, b. 31 -Mav, 1901. 

2. Lind= ly Mi-rrick hoog, h. 1-i Iiec. 1909. 
\. Jove-; Marjori''. 

2. M?!rj- Al'xand.-a. 

3. Iscb:-1 Hilary M -rrick. 

BATHURST, K.B.E. Creat. June, 1917.— 
Capt. ttrp. Chat;lE5 Eatht-?.3t, il.P., s. of Charles 
Bathurst, J. P., of Lyciney Park, Gloucestershire, 
and Mary Elizabeth, dau. oi Col. Thomas Pauley 
Hay. B. 21 Sep;. ISO" ; ed. at Sherborne Sch. 
Eton, Roy. Asricultural Coll. Cirencester, a.nd 
Univ. Coll. Oxford, 3I.A., F.C.S., 3I.R.A.C. : ni. 
17 Dec. 1S98. Hon. Bcrrha Susan Lopes, daii. 01 
Henry, 1st Baron Ludlo-n- : Barr.-at-lav.-, Inner 
Temple ; capt. ?iIonniouthshire R.E. : mil. sec. 
^'onthora Coind. and Salisbarv Traininji Centre 
I915-1G : (S.R.) : M.P. tor South Wilt-.-^nue liHO : 
pari. sec. to lilin. of Food HUtj-17 : chrnia. of 
Roy. Comn. on Sutrar Supply : J. P., aid. C.C. 
Gloucestershire ; life menib" (by Examination) of 
R. Agricul. Soc. of England. Residences — 
Lydney Park, Ciloucesiershire : 47, Duke Street, 
S.\\ .1. Clubs — Carlton : Oxford and Cambridge ; 
Burlington Fine Arts. Is=ue — 

L Boniauiin Ludlow- L.i-'r.ur^t, b. 2 Oct. 1699. 

2. Htnry Charles ilil-y BaUiurst, b. lo March, 1901. 

1. Ursula Mary. 

HERVEY-BATHURST, 5th Et. (U.K.) Creat. 7 
Decisis ; D.S.O.l'JlT. — .Sm FB::r>tB'.cic Ed\v.\ud 
William HiiRVEY-i^ATucEsT. s. of 4th Bt, 
H. 11 Feb. 1.S7" ■ m. 24 July, lOl'l. Hon. .Moira 
'mar. diss. 1912), dau. of' 14th Baron Inchi- 
'aiiii ; sue. his lather 19f'0 ; late .-apt. Gren. 
'•ds. ; for.iK-rly lieut. 3rd Hams B( -t. (?.!.). 
^■'••rved in Franco ami Bclsiuni as Staff A.D.C. 
'•) insjjeotor-gin. of fonimunications 1914 
id- <?patches). Is desc. from the 8th s. of 1st Earl 
'^f liristol. The 1st Bt., an aid.'-de-raiup to the 
LJ'ike of V.'ellin-ton at Waterloo, to.^k th'? sur- 
-■line and ar;iis of i?ai!rarst. in .id i.ti-n to hi-; 

■•*-'i, by roj-. iiier.ce.lS^l. R--idt-iuL — .■"■.nnliornj 
t'^irk. Stockbridu'e, Hants. Club— Xav"l and 
Milita-y. Is.sue-— 


"• 'M Jan. lyOa. 

"I" I-'aEt>i:UKK UtTLniNS-.V Htl!VEy-HAT!!CVST, ;jRl) 

"-•, fc. 6 .Jui,^., 1-1,7; m. LSI, il Aiav. l;o2, Louisa 

Mary (d. 30 Due. ISiO), dau of \Valtrr flrnvtlie. of BaTn- 
bri !gf llo'iso, }i:~-ut-i ; m. -Jiid, 2 '. .Sept. 184."/, Claro E;aily, 
dau. 01 Sir lUecari Br..iik-, 0:li.. Bt.. oi 2\ortoa. and 
d. 23 Oct. l.^Sl. I>M\f. by 1st rn. — 

BATntT.ST, 4 Til L"T., Gren. Gds. ; b. 13 March, 3,S3ri, 
MP. tor S. Wilts iMiX-C'j ; m. 2i April, iSiiO, .A.DA 
(d. 27 I'ob. 19 Ui. dan. ol Sir John Slicp >y lUbtoa, 3rd 
Bt., and d. 2!) Mav. ISUO. Issue— 

1. Sir FR£iir.!ucK Ed-ward Wilt.ia:.! IIervet- 
Batiictist, Tires. Bt. 

2. IMton K'-sinaid George Iloi-vev- Bathurst. b. 
19 March, 1.S71 : late caiit. Bu-^ks. \>a. 

3 Aljernon P.iciiard Hervev-BMiuirst, b. 10 Aua. 
1872 ; ni. 27 April, 19')i, Eltrida Mar\-, o. c. of 
Howard Mi.all Coekip'U. of 1, Cromwell Gardens. 
Be~id, uer— Be. ille.;s Li.: p li. Id, Surr y. Issue-- 

iris Llirida. 
4. Bortrand Elwell ner\'py-Bathurst, b. j Oct. 1S32 ; 
'■apt. >.'orthiiaiberland Fus. Special Ros. 

1. Coeilia .\da. ni. 21 Au.2. lOni. lU-nn.' Brooke 
-Maca'-taev Cr< we Grevilie, and has issue. 

2. Aliiie Beutdx, in. 13 Oct. 1903, Hon. Charier. 
C. T. Littleton {see ILATnERTO.N-. ii.). 

3. Violet Maude, m. 22 July, 1003, Robert Francis 
Stanleton-Cott-on {see Combef.mere, v'isc). 

1. Angnsta Frt-d.-rica, m. 30 Jan. 1572, P.ev. Feli.\ 
John Buddcy, hon. canon of Bristol, lat.; rector ot 
Stanton St. Qainton, who d. 20 March, ISll. 

Issue by 2nd m. — 

2. The late Lt.-Col. Lionel P.aston-CoontT (a=suinei 
by Roy. licence 7 Oct. 190.3, the name or Paste. -> 
Cooper in lieu of Hcrvey-Batiuirsf ), b. 7 July, 1S49 ; 
te.. 29 Jan. IS^a, Mary Ethel, dau. of the lat.-. Sir Astky 
Pa-ton-Cooper, 3rd Bt. of Gadebiidge, and d. 4 
Mav, 19iiS. Isnie— 

i. Sili.-y Lion.-l Pri^ton-Coopcr, b. 1.'. Dee. IS^i?. 
2. .'.rMiur i;eri".:jl.l Pa^ton-Cooper, b. 19 .NTov. 
1839, late !ic!it. R.F„A.. Special Res. 

3. Capt. Arthur Cecil Hervey-Bat hurst, b. 2 July, 
1S51, late Ilov. Sussex Rest. Rcsi.lence — 3?. Bnr\' 
Street, St. J-.m.s's, S.V,'. 1. Chib — Naval and Mlli! -irv. 

4. Caiit. Claud Hurvey-Biitlmrst, late Essex Regt., b. 
23 Xov. ii-;i.-.. 

1. Clare Emilv, m. 13 Oct. 1374. Charles Xicholas 
Paul Phipns, D.L., late .M.P. for Westbur\-, who d. 9 D' c. 
1915) ana has issue. Residence — Chaleot, Westbury, 

2. Alice Constance m. 15 .Tan. 18''4, Charl.'S Clement 
Tudway, D.L. (Clubs— Arthur's ; Carlton), jtsiio— 
living— Li.-nel Chares Paul, D.S.C., It.X.J Resi- 
dences — Milton Lodge ; The Cedars and Stoberry 
Park, WelU. 

BATTERSEA, Barony, (ext. 27 Xov. 1907) 
Creat. o Sept. 1892. — Tlie late Cyril Floweb, 
Baron B.vttersea, b. 3o Aug. 184.'J ; Bar.-at-law; 
M.A. Canib. ; lieut. for City of Loiul. ; M.P. for 
Brecivnock 1S8U-.5, and Luton, Bedfordshire, 
1885-92 : a jun. Lord of the Treas. Feb. to Julv, 
18S(;: in. 22 Xov. 1877, CoNiTA.NCK, President 
of tho Order 01 ?dercv, dau. of Sir Anthonv 
Roth.schild, 1st Bt., "end d. 27 Nov. IS07'. 
Ri^sidences — .Vston Clinton, Tring, Bucks. : Tho 
Pleasauuee, Overstrand, Xorfoi.k : 10, Counancrht 
Place. W. I.- 
BAXTER, Knt. Bach, Ci-eat. 1904.— Sm 
Geori;e Washi-vuton" Baxter, s. of the late 
Rt. Hon. W. E. Baxter, of Kiiiealdruni ;nid 
Janet, dau. of John Home S.:ott. B. 20 X'ov. 
1853 ; m. 20 Feb. 1889. Edith, dau. of Maj.-G'Mi. 
J. L. Fagan ; ed at High School, Dundee, and St. 
Andrews and Edinburgh Univs. ; lion. LL.D. 
St. Andrews ; chrmn. of Dundee and District 
Liberal Unionist Assoc. 1S8G-1909; ehaimian 
Dundee Unionist As^oc. since 1910 ; chairman 
of Uni'.-ersity Coll. Dundee ; unsuccessfully con- 
tested -Montrose borotiglis 189."', Dun.dee 19u3, anci 
again in Dec. 1910; D.L., J. P. Dundee; J. P. 
Forfarshire ; X'iee-Clirinn. City of Dundee T. rr. 
Force Assoen. Residence — Iiivereighty. Foriar- 
shire. Clubs — Dex-onsiiire ; Eastern (Dundef<). 

BAXTER, Knt. Bach. Creat. 1907.— Sib 
Wii.LLv.M Ja.m:;s Baxter, d. of Samuel Baxter, of 
Balljinoney, co. Antrim, and Sarah, dau. of 
Joht'i Beiaty, i(f Mulliiiahuneh House, co. Tyroiie. 
B. at (Jookstown, co. 'Vyvotw, 1S4.> ; m. April, 
1S92. .Mary, dau. of th.e iate Rev. Robert Wallaee, 
of Ciilcraiiie, co. Loi.d.iii.ltrry ; cd. at Ballymcaa 
Acadeinv, and Carude.'iael Coil. Di.iblin ; nliar- 




maceutica! ■jhemi-t ■\x:d merchant ; chairman 
Coleraina Urban Coi'ncil 1807-93 ; pres. D^rrv 
County and City LiJvral A^.^ot,*, 1907-15; vioo- 
pres, UL-?rr Lib-ral Assoc. iau6-lo : ores. Colc- 
raine Y.M.C.I. 1894-1912; prc-sident Ph.iri.iCt- i 
ceutical So.icty. Ir-iaiid. 1911-14 ; men.l>er of 
various local boards : irtercsts himself in edu- • 
oationai, polili-^al. religious, nnd socfnl mittrr=!, : 
for tlie prorantier. of .--ocial and imperial proirr.'s^ : 
D.L., J. P. CO. Londonderry ; contested Xorth 
Antrim 1910. Residence — Avondai.?, Coleraino. i 

1. Ethel -Man-. . ! 

•I. .-usai! .Io''.,n:-''( n \'^jlla:-. , 

3. Sara Mar-u lit... 

BAYHAM. Vise. Sec Camden, ilARyi-Ess. 

BAYLEy, G.C.I.E. Creat. Jw.e Vj]5: K.C.S.I. 
1908: C.SJ.I. UK.3; I.S.O. 1912.— Sm Ck \rles 
SiiTAKT BAiiiEY, s. of the Lite Cant. 
Bayley, H.E.I.C.S., and the late Isnb -Ua 
Francos, dau. of Wiiliam Henrv Oakos. B.C.rf. 
B. at Florence 17 Marcli. 1854 ; ni. 18 Doc. 
1880, Sarah Constr.nce, d.-.u. of Maj.-Gcn. 
Archd. E. Campbell, I.A. ; ed. at Harrow and 
at Heidelberg; Barr. at-law (Lincoln's Inn) 
1877 ; ent. I.C o. 1S77 ; has b-^-on assist, magis- 
trate Bengal ; assist, sec. to chief coiumnr. of 
Assam ; under-sec. to govts, of Bengal and India ; 
assist. coiomTir. of Ajmer 1886~S : political agent 
in BikancT 'SSS-94 ; g'.-n. ?upt. of operations for 
the suppression of and Dakaiii 1894-1900 ; , 
agent to gov. -general in Central India 1900-5 : 
res. at Kyd.;,:tad 1905-11 ; ofnciatcd as iionr... 
g'-.v. of Eastern Bct:^p.1 and As.-iitn >Igv to Njv. 
lOOS; lieut.-gov. 19!l-i-J ; Ueut.-gov.' of Bihar 
and Ori?:sa 1012-15 ; meiiib. of Council of Indi.i 
since 1915. lle?idence — 1, Queen's G.>.t<^ Terrace, 
S.'W, 7. Clubs — Athencsnin ; E. India United 
Service. Issue — 

1. ArcliibalJ sSteuart Buttrrwortli Bayley, b. 8 July, 
1885: In<l. Finaiic; D.;pt.; m. lU Oct. 1914,. 
Gladyis, dau. of the late F.ev. Join; TeJu.aii, oj 
Clifton. H-^fidon.-; — Lahore, Punjab, Ir.ii.i. 

2. Charles Dnrnol Bayky. liett. Il.F.A.,1'. 12 Jim.-, 1S95. 
1. Floronco Tcirno, u.. 7 Dec. l'J05, iviwan-l H-rbcrt ' 
Keaiy, I.C.S., and has issue. Residence — Peshawar, 

2. Ethel Ihrmiono, in. 2 .Tan. 1003. F.-icr.-G ■>. Licn.^l i 
Forbes Ashbumx M.V.O., D.S.d., Koy. Ins., hto ■ 
Durham L.I- (Club — Army and Xa\-yi, wiio s.-rvej in 
S. Africa 1899-1002 (despatches thrice), .and in I 
France 1914 (despatches), and h:;s issue. ; 

3. Alice- .M.".r>-, r.i. 14 !>"c. liil-^ Ciipi. Aim Arthur; 
Fowh-r. CiiiiLiou lliiblrs., «'uo was k;i! ri in .iciion ' 
2S April, 1915 {see 1-o;vli:ir Or Fr.ALM >r.'.. !u.). I 

BAYLEY, G.C.SJ. Creat. 1911; K.C.S.I. 
1878; C.S.I. 1S75 ; CLE. iS-^2.— Srp. Stet-art 
CoLvTN Bayxey, s. of William Rutt^nvorth 
Bayley and Anno Augusta, dau. of ^Vtu. .Jarkson . 
(Registrar of the Supreme Court, Calcutta). B. ' 
26 Xov. 1S3G ; ra. 21 Nov. IStlO. Anne, d.iu. of. 
R.N. Furquhnrson, Bengal Civil Service ; »d. at ; 
Eton and Hailtybury College ; ent. the Bengal j 
Civil Service ; was commissioner of I'atna ' 
division during Bengal famine of 1S7:>— 4 ; socrc I 
tary to Government of Bengal 1877 : on snt cial i 
duty in connection with Madras and 3Iy?ore , 
famine 1877 ; secretary to Government of India, ! 
Home Department, and officiating chief ccmmis- I 
sioner of Assain, 1S7S : memb. oi the council of ' 
Govcrnor-Q<^uoral of India. 18S2-7 ; lieut.-gov. , 
of Bengal 1S87-90 ; chief of the l',>litical I 
and Secret Department of the India Otlk-e 1S90-6 ; i 
when hd was apptd. memb. of the Indian Council ; i 
rot. Sept. 1005. Resi.'^nc; — ihe Old Hou^o, ; 
Brentwood, Essex. Club — .\thena?\mi. Issue — i 
1. Lt.-Col. Sictiart Faiquliarson Baylcv, b. I5'j3 ; : 
ofRciatinn; Rpfjdent ot Ktutinandu, Ncml. ■ 

5{. WUliara Fd.a Sl.euart Bavley, b. lMi>; m. 14 i 
March, IJi;, lAWna, widow of ilev. II. A. 5>. Atwood. ! 
8. Lf.-Co! !.i..Ti.l s;,.'o!i Iiavlev, P..A., b. 1S7.5. I 

4. cl):'.r!.s liiUtciw.TUi l;.vvl"V, <W.i.).. .M.S' • '. l''"t>, | 
b. 7 Sep''. 16/6 ; priv. stc. to tho Lit-Ui.-Gov. o: iiibar i 

■>'<■: ()ri=!-i : m. ii Ocr. lOi.!. \i-,i,.'. H.ii. ci Mic Inte 
Dui'v r-i,.p!.;(,ii r.icK. !;(*id.'UCP— l-afna, Indi.'.. 
( liii — r..n=al (C:iU:!!;fa>. 
.'.. Maj. I.ytto^ Cecil Lai.ibcrt Bayley. Ind. Anay, b. 

1. Augusta, m. G Doc. 18SS, Sir Elliot Graham 
Coivin, IC.C'.&.l. 

2. Alicia Sidney, in. 2 Dec. leM, ^Villi„m B. Glad- 

a. .Mnrion llamiiton, m. isoi'. Tindsnv Danir-ll. ' 

BAYLY, K.C.B.CmiDCV.nt. 1911; K.C.M.G.1917; 
C.B. 1900: C.S.L1909; D.S.O. 1S37.— Maj.-Gen. 
Sir AI.FRED \Viixia?.i Laiibart Bayly, p. of 
late 3Iajcr George Bayly, 35th Regt., and Eliza, 
dau. of late Lt.-Gen. Savage, R.E. B. at IS Feb. 1856 : m., 1st, 1877, Ada 
iLu-garet (d. ]S80\ dau. of late Maj.-Gen. S. 
Thacker, I>om. S.C. : m. 2nd. 18S0. Eva. dau. 
of late John Naylor, of Leighton Hail, 3Iont- 
Comcrj-shire ; ed.' at ■\Vellinsttciu Coll. ; P.S.C. ; 
.-utd. Army 1874, capt. (now I.A.) 1885, 
niaj. 1S04. It. -col. lOuO, brev.rcol. 1902. col. 1903, 
maj. -g^n. since i90fi ; served in Afghan War 
1.S79-80 (medal, clasp); Soudan espedn. 18S5 
•fmedal, clasp, bronze star); Bunnah exprdr. 
lSS!>-7 (despatches, medal. 2 clasps, D.S.O.) ; 
in S. Africa 1809-1900. as D.A.A.G. (despatches. 
Queen's medal, 5 clasns. C.B.) ; sometime 
D.A.A.G. and A.A.G. Bombay, and A.Q.M.G.. 
heatlquarters, India : A.D.C. "to King Edward 
VII, 19ti:?-ti ; D.A.G. Punjab, 1904 : Ist commdt. 
Indian .Stait Coll. 190.5-0 ; sec. of Army Dopt. 
India 190^1-9; col. 126th Baluchi-tan Inf. since 
1907, ret. 1912. Club — L'nited Service. Issue 
by 2iid m. — 

Eric Bayly, !.. IsDl. 

BAYLY, K.C.E. (mi!.). Great. Jan. 13, 1914; 1912 : C.V.O. 1007.— Vici;-ADM. Sir Lewis 
i'AVLY. B. 23 S-'pt. 1857 ; m. 1802, Yves 
H. niietta Ynysey Stella, dan. of the late Henry 
Annesley Voysey ; joined R.X. 1870, comr. 
1S94, capt. 1899, rear-adm. 1910 ; vice-adm. 
1914 ; served in Ashanti (medal), in Congo 
1875. Egyptian war 1882 (m.edal, Ivlie dives 
bronze star) : A.D.C. to King Edward VII 
190S : comrnd. 1st cruiser sr|uadron 1911-13; 
comdg. 3rd battle squadron 191.3-15 ; vice-adra. 
c.-it\-c. rtt Queeixstown since 1915. Residence 
— -A Irairalty House, Queen^town. J __ , _; _^ 

BAYNES, 4th Bt. (U.K.). Creat. 29 June 
l.*-oi. — Sir Ceristopher \Vii.tiAM Bay>-es, .s. of 
3rd Bt. B. 14 Sept. 1S47 : m. 20 June. 1S72, 
Amy Rupcrta, dau. of Edward Colston, of Round- 
way Park, Wilts ; sue. his father 1897 : ed. at 
Harrow, ihe 1st Bt. was an oilicer in the Roy. 
Horse Gds.. and helped to raise and commanded 
the Uxbridge Yeo. 1797. He was des. from and 
ancient family seated at Middlesmoor. York-ihiro. 
ResideHce — 27, Lowndes Square, S.W. 1. Club — 
Arthur's. I^stie — 


Feb. IbT'j ; ed. at Harrow .-ind Carab.. B..A.., LL.B. 
1?97; M.A., LL.M. lPu:5 ; called to the Bar (Inner 
Ttiiiple) 19. .0: Ja:\sc, Xaiive Tribunals, Egvpt. 
Cipt. Colds. Gds. Club — Arthur's. 

2. Konal.l Christopher Bavn.?s, b. 12 Nov. 1878; 
lieut Po^t Offi e Bi'les. Club— Wellington. 

1. C.bristol.el Kureira. 

2. Dorotl.y Julia'. 

Sir. William Bayxe-s, 2.vd Bt., h. 2S Xov. 1789 ; 
in. 14 ]>i r. L-vi.s, JuJui (d. 21 Jan. 1 j»ll. u.iu. oi General 
Sir Jolai Si:dth. ll.A., and d. i Jan. l>t.<j. I-suo — 
1. bra Wu.LLAM JoHX Walter Bayxes, 3rd Bt., 

b. 5 Jun..', 1p20 : m. 17 June, lj4o. ilarsrar-l (d. 17 
Julv, 1011), dau. of Dani.l Stnart, oi Wykham Park, 
Oxior.lsliire, and :i. 2r. O.t. 1>97. Issii';— 

1. SIR Chkistopheu William Baynes. prrs, Bt. 

2. Donald Stuurt i'.avncs, C.E., b. 17 Sept. 1S4S; 
m, 8 June, i^sl, Anni--. dau. of late Rev. Edward 
Ravenshaw, nrtor oi Kiiiston, Wilts. Resi- 
denci- — I.a'imrTs, Chri-tchiircl', H.-ints. 

3. I!cd. rioi; Wa!t.T Brivii'S, O.K., b. 8 May, 1S52. 
Kcsid.i'.cc — o. S::ltr.aiu i'laee. The Hoc, Piy!noi*h. 
Club — lU'V. Wiiteru Viiciit. , J 
4., Key. Siakolm Charles BayDCS_M„\. Cairib , b. 



i:. Aug. 1853 ; m. 14 April, 
ffitha, dau. ot it'.v. Artliur L'azvi 
of iiOL-iu'^'-'r. K' sliieuce — lair-:' 
Avon, Wilt^. 

1. Koiv •: 

• a-L'u- 

1. 1- 

Miirga- luitted suli.'itor ISGS ; partner ia Beacbcrcfl., 

Thompson .^c Co. , solicitor to Ctii-idt's H-?pitai 

since 1S73 ; mcinb. of court of tho Clothworktrs' 

SMart'iiavuJCi; 10 :uv. 1536;^ ^"JP^'}^ = J^^'^V'"', ^ ^J^^"' = ^o^'^'"""' "f^™''- 

!, .. ■ of the L.C.G., elect, aldorman 1892, dep. chrinn. 

js-T. 1S90. vice-fhnnn. 1&97. chairiiii:!! 19U9-iO; 

was first climriiian of Metropolitan Water Board 

10t>3-8. R''rfid(nco — Liitieniouut, Oookliani 

Dv-'au. Clubi — Ciinservative ; Alpino. 

n .\i 

i:. .:;;■-: -'. , - -avf. 'ii It ]>■■,'. i;ilt, {\\],t. a. 

Uonili.ia, \Vi!-.,ick<; i;.t:t.. .Issue— 1. Xijicl 

failles, b. 1915. 8. i>;ivia lUUi'li, b. 19M.] 

0. ilaj. LU!'t".i-t SaiiiUtl L^av uuj, l;il-j OV-'tii 1(111^5, 

b. 10 April, 155; ; iti --i.-.l in Al;r!>;iii war laV8-9i, 

5. Afrrauvar 1681, uu.l Ilastcru Soudau 18-4. 
Club— W. lliiigton. 

6. I.'.-C' !. Ki-nu" tli Schal'-!) Uavucs. late Caiiieron 
Hi;;;iK.iia. r-, b. 20 l\b. ISST.'j.l'. ; £crv...i.ii 
Ejyp (uv.-patclios twice, brevet u-.aj., laiilal, 
iiv." tlri,--.=.;uid Kludive's star) ; coiiiuid. Imp. i'co. 
Al;)ord,.'-t ' IJ:i- ; !u. <) W-'u. 1^:':;. ii..:-. a ■■■ •>:. 
ileutkcrko, dau. of rli- K;-v. Alr\..;:.i.-r j;v.-i:i|-', vie r 
ot" Walaitr, Kent. Ckih — >'a\a! and .Militiirv. 

7. Edward Xcll Bayu •:>, T.S.A., b. 1 Ai>hl, liCl ; 
m. ;<1 July, ISSS, Cl.arlotte Aui;u-ta, dau. ot Hon. 
Augustus Aiifiiouy i'r-:;^l' rii:k Iriiy. Issiic — 

1. Edward Stuart. .AU^n-rui UaviiL-s, b. -5 Juue, 
18S9 ; tapt. lltli K.K.K.C 

a. George Keuneth Bavncs, b. 1 Feb. 1891 ; 2nd 
lieut. K.E. 
1. Margaret Agnw, in. CS Jan. 1008, Ji-ro 0: 

Residfuco— ir^AN 

thoru'len, Clifton, BrNtol. 

2. Th'jb-. \'.\. : ; 

1 .-.:ici3 Bayncs, b. 10 Dvc. 1823 ; 

in. 22 :- I'' . 'i '• ■ 

■;a Sarah (d. 7. -Vus. 1910), dau. 

cf Willi.: ;.i .' .^■': 

•idd. J(i 6-\,t. 1914. Issue— 

1. v.-^r-r _\ .: . 

. :.nUI-S, h. 31 Aug. l^'ti. 

2.Tho uj- :..,.■. 

: . ;• ; WilUatn Frauds Bayucs, b. 21 


. -. rsMr.a' lii.l<tlO'U. 1904 

]diL--..i !.-.: 

. !'. ;0i. (!r.:i. vt .Juhn Grant .Morris, 

of KM. . .. 

V ; 111 211.1. 25 .Tan. 1912, Gladys 

Blari. ... : ■ 

. !. ot T. V, . Short ridi;.-. and vidow 

o/Ma,. ;: : 

1. .•.:-..• :. 1 

-U.cild Talbot, and d. 1915. Issue— 

2. EUid j:'Ki:..,^s. 
BAZLEY, 2nd Bt. ;U.K.\ Great. 30 Xov. 

ISi.y. — SlB TlIOM.iS .'^i.Ii.ASTIAX B.\ZI.EY, S. of 

It Bt., and Mary Idcuia barah, 2nd dau. of the 
Itttc Sebastian Nash, of Clayton, near !^ianchester. 
B. at .Mancliester, 30 April, 1S29 ; m. 1 Xov. 
1855. rii7..ibeth (d. 1 .'\lay, 1S90), dau. of Robert 
Gardner, of Cliaselcy, Manchester : 3uo. 
Ids father ISSo ; ed. at Camb., B.A. (math. 

BE ALE, 1st Bt. (U.E.). Crc-ar. 3 July. 
1912. — Sir Wit-li.v.m I'inrsox BEALii, s. of late 
\Villiam J(din lieale, -(.P., of Brymirion, !Merion 
cth, by rdavlha, dau. <•! \Vidiaiii Phi[i.-o.i: of We-it- 
bourue, Edgbastcn. !i. at Edgbaston 29 Get. 
18o0 ; in. 5 Aug, 1809, Mary, dau. of Wiiliam 
Thompson, late of Sydney, N.S.V*'. ; ed. at 
Heidelberg and Paris ; Bair.-atdaw, Lincoia's 
Inn ISlIT ; Q.G. lSs8 ; bencher, iS92 ; iLP. (L.), 
S. Ayrsldro smce 190G : is F.G.S. and P.G.S. 
Re;ddeiii;es — Druuilainioid, Barriiili, K.l'>. ; 2, 
Whitehall Court. ri.W.l. Clubs — ivefonn ; Sa.-ile ; 

SEAMAN, Knt. Great. June, 1917.— Sm 

I'R.IXK ClEMK-NT OFfL32y BE.A.WAN, S. of Dcp.- 

Sur.-Gen. J. Beaman. B. 27 Xov. 1858 : ed. 

' at Bedford Grammar Sch. and Queen's Coll. 

Oxford; m. 12 Dec. 1881, Carohne Emily (d. 

10 I)ec. 1911), dau. of E. Banks: joined I.G.S. 
1879; District Judge 1891:-iu01 ; Tudicial 
Coinur. Sind 1904-1; ; Judge of H.-M Jdigh Court 
of Judicature at Bombay .=ince lUOO; Grand 
Master of all Scottish iVeemasomy in India 
1912-17. Residence — Lugiino, Sv.itzerlar.d. Club 
— East India United h-ervice. Lssuo— 

L Capt. .ArdcTu Ariliui- Uulmo iJean.ui!, D.S.O., I. A., 
b. 13 Aag. Is-;. 

1. KatlJecn Fitzjcrald Vaasittart, m. 4 Xov. 1911, 
Arthur Diivics. 

2. Lorna, m. t> Dec. 1910, Jlulcolm Xieliolsou Hogg 

BEARD-^IORE, 1st Bt. (U.K.). Great. 22 Jan. 
1914. — Siii William Beabd.morl, s. of William 
Beardmore, of Purkhoad. B. IS Oct. 1356 ; m. 

11 June, 1902, Elspeth Stiven, dau. of David 

honours) 1S52 ; D.L., J. P. Gloucestershire ; Hi;;h Tullis, of Giencairn, Rutherglen, Glasgovr ; chrmn. 
Sherifl 1874 ; J.P. Cheshire. The 1st Bt. was of William Beardmore & Co., ].,td., Enpineers; 

M.P. for Alanchester 1858-80 
Kilmorie, Ilshain Drive, Torquiy 

Residence — 

1. The late Capt. Gurdur Sebastian Bazky, Gloucester 
fie;;t., b. 14 Oct. Ie03; i.arr.-atdaw oi tin' 1uu.;t Temple ; 
10. f. Feb. }903, Kuth Evelyn (m. 2ud, 2 Sept. 1913, 
Lieut. Francis Chades Cadopan, H.N. dua. oi j3ir 
Edward Stariord ±iov.a.-d, K.C.B, and d. 22 Juac. 
1911. Issue.-- 

1. THO.MAS Stafford r.\7.LEV, Heir, b. 5 Oct. 19'C, 
ofHatherop Castle, Faino-J. 

2. Antlionv Gardner iiasley, b. 4 June, 1911. 

1. Elisab. th Ra; h^l. 

2. Frances Catherine Kuth. 

3. Kacliel Constance. 

1. Elizab.jth iiary, m. 13S3, Gen. Sir Edward Fenibcr- 
tdiiL-aeli. Iv.t .i;., K.C.V.O.^ V.i;.,u;iO .;. -:;AiTil.;9! :;. 

2. Aunie Ciuoline. in. 16 Feb. l;-7. Fr. .ieric Pocuck, 
Jiullev, .M.A., J.P. ilisue— 1. Fredne tinv, b. 24 
Feb. is90 ; 2nd litut. A.S.O. 1. Evcily,, .Mary Joyce. 

2. .\nnio Adelais. 3. Freda Faith 
Marion.] lte^ideace — .Marstou Hill, luiriord, Gios. 

3. Frances Auaar.j. Elk a, ui. 5 Jaa. l5J2, Kichard 
Acshacii, \; 2. Oet. i'115, and has issue. 
liesid' !!■ --- l-, Grantclu'ster, Cambridcc 

4. J. -1 L. .,• ;ie-ou, lu. 2u Ai>ri!, 1911, Rev. 
Fn'a-ri : j n : a^mau, .M.A. KL-idenoe — The 
Old l;.(r V, ." i I , liiaiiipton, Stroud. Gins. 

5. L.iiy ■■ . ; . V . :a. 27 July, Is-;^*, Itjiiirt Pims- 
'inl-, ui.i .> .-, 1 ^■. Rrsidcno:- Ravensiiiii, E.-^st- 

memb. of Science Committee of Educ. Gommn, 
191G. Residence — Flichtv, Inverness-shire. Clubs 
— K.V.S.; Brooks's. 



. BSACKCUOiT, lint. Bach. CnaL. i;to4.— 
^^1R Kicu.vKU -MtL^ii.L b.K:ACHCKOiT, s. of Richard 
1^1 ache-.oft, and Htiiriilta, dsiu. of hue Sir 
^'ames Cosmo MelvUi, K.C.H. P. 22 Jan. 1840 ; 
'"• IS July, iS77, Charlotte Emily, dau. of 
"u--- Robert M. Bonnor-Maufict-, ot Bodynfocl 
iinU, MontgoToery.^ldre ; ed. at Hanov,- ; ad- 

BEAT30N, K.C.B. (civ.). Great. 1907 ; O.B. 
(civ.) PJU2. — Sir George TrioitAs'son s. of 
the lato George Stowf.rt Beatscn, j[.D., C.B., 
surgeon-gen. Army Med. Dept., and lion, physician 
to Queen Victoria, of Campbeltown, Argyleshire, 
and ^Marj' Jane, dau. of the late Col. <>?orge 
Cochrane, of Colombo, Ceylon. B. at Trincoma- 
lee, Ceylon, 3Iay 20, 1848 ; ed. at King \\ illiara's 
Coll., I. of ilan, Camb., and Edinburgh L'niv. ; 
B.A. (Camb.) ; graduated M.B., CM., L.R.C.S.E. 
1874; yi.D. (Eviin.) 1878 ; joined 1st Ltinark 
V.A. July, 1S79 ; transferred to comd. of Glasgow 
cos. ; late It. -col. cominandins Glasgow 
4^ ,-'*l-;|":;^""et K.A.M.G. (Vol.); late A.D.M.S. Lovdand Div. 
(T.F.) ; civihan mcrab. city of Glasgow Terr. 
Force Assocn., senior president Roj'. Med. Soc. 
Edinbtugh 1S74 ; exinnr. in surgery, Edin. Univ. 
lbS9-92 ; chairman of Council of Scottish Branch, 
British Red Cross Society ; member of Council 
British Red Cross Society ; con. surg. Glasgow 
^Vestcrn Infirmary and Surg. Cancer Hospital ; 
hon. as.soe. oi O.IL.St.J.J.E. ; D.L. co. of the 
city of Oct. 1908. Residence— 7, 
Woodside Crescent. Giasgov. Clubs — Junior 
Con^titntluiial ; .Scottish Conservative (Edin.) ; 
Western (,(Jlasgow). 


BEATSON, Lady (Knt.'s wido>.e).— Edixei Cecil, 
dau. 01 .dajor-u'on. Sir Wdhaiu Kieiston EUes, 
K.C.B. ; m. 2 Xo\ ., i.sa9. Sir Stuart Brownlow 
Beaison, K.(_.B., K.l'.S.i., K.C., who 
Bervpd in Jowuui <-vnf<i. lh77-8 (medal end 




clasp), Afgnr.n war IS7S-0-SO, prf^seiit at capture 
of Ali Musjiil (medal and (.i.i-.;>), EgypriMn oxrt'd. 
1S82 as A.D.C. ('ncdp.l, bronze "star), Burmali 
s.\ped. lSSf,-7 tis mil. sec. (dcsp., cla>p. bt.-inaj.) 
wills JIaiakand field force (at rcliui and def'.iice 
of Malakand and nliff of Chakdara Fort) and 
ilohnuind Arid loi'-e 1897-8 (despatches thrice, 
medal, 2 c!asp'=, C.B.), and m S. Afiica lOOi-2 iis 
brig. -gen. in command oi" mobile column (desp.) : 
tnilitaiy sec. to the Kir.g, \\!ic:n P)in< c of \\ul»:o, 
uuiing las tour in India 19U.5-0 ; extra equerry 
190t}-14; priv. spc. to the Qiieea 1011-12, 
during tlie lour in India, and d. 9 Fib l'Jl-1. 
Rr-sidenc<^ — 75, Portland Court, W. 1. Issue — 

Cliurifs Eilos Stunjt 1'.. at-ion. !>. 121 Sonf. laOl ; 

m j. il.K.A. 

Kl'-anor Jenn, in. 15 April, 1913, Aiulro^r Duncan 


BEATTY, G.C.B. Creat. 1916 ; K.C.V.O. 
1917; K.C.K. iOU ; 191): M.V.U. 
1905; D.ii.O. lS9t). — Vice-Adm. Sir David 
BEi.TTY, R.N., s. of David Longfi^ld E..atty. 
of Borodidc, co. A'l'exfoid. B. it] Jon. ISli: 
m. 22 May, IPOI, IClhei. dau. of Marshall Fi-ld. of 
Chicatco. U.S.A. : ed. at Dartmouth Naval Coll.; 
ent. E.N., prom. capt. 1900, ronr-adm. 1910; 
A.D.C. i9u^lO ; naval sec. to Fust i^ord of tlse 
Admiraltv 1912; served with Da:i£;.,ia expxl. 
1S9G (despatches, D.S.O.), with Nil- exped. 
1S97-8 ; present at battles of Atba-.a and Ivliar- 
touin (despatches, Medjidic, nth cla-=s, prom, 
to coir.m.); in China 1900 (wounded, de?- 
patchc?. prom, capt.); com. 1-t Batile S..uadron 
1914-16 ; C.-in-C. Grand Fleet smce Nov. 1916 ; 
Lord Rector of Edinburgh Cniv. since 1917; 
in Graud OtHcier de la Leaic n d'Houii.ur : has 
order of St. George (-iUi cl.) Russia ; Grand 
Oliicier of mil. order of .Savoy (Italy) ; Grnii'd 
Cordon of the Rising Sr.n. 1st class (Japan). 
Residences — Brooksby Hail, Leices-ter ; Hanover 
Lodge, Regent's Park, N.W. 1. Aberdour. Fifo- 
shire. Clubs — Naval and Military ; Marlborough; 
Turf. Issue — 

1. David licid Bi'.itty. I 

2. Peter Randolph Beatry. 

BFAUCHAMP, 7th Eorl. Cteat. 1 Doc. 1815; : 
Vise. Ehnliy, Ibl") ; Bar>ii Beauchainp, 26 
Feb. 1SIJ6 (U.K.): K.G., 1914; P. C. iy.>6 ; 1899. — WiixiAM Lyvos, s. oi i,ih Earl. 
B. 20 Feb. 1S72 ; m. 26 .July. 19o2. Lady Lettice 
Mary Elizabeth, sister of 2nd D. of Wcstmhister 
(raised to the rank of a duke's dau. 19MH) ; sue. hia 
father 1S91 ; td. at Eton and Oxford ; Gov. of 
Now South Wales lS99-i9ol ; capt. lion. C.^rp^ 
of Gentlemen-at-Arms 19ut>-7 ; lord steward • 
of the Houseliold i9i'7-!0 : lord pres. of the coun- 
cil 1910 and 1914-1.5 : First Commnr. of Work 
1910-14 ; one of t);o tiireo Commissi, >ner3 apj>td. 
for the Caro and Custody of tlio Great Seal in 
tho absence of the Lord Chancellor from Kntriand 
1913; Lord Warden of the Cinque I'ort- since 
1913; Lord-Lieut. of Glouce-itersliire, and pres. Terr. 
Force Assocn. since 1911 ; bearer of tho Sword of 
State (Kiniz'3 Repalia) at tho ('..ron.uion .if 1911: 
D.L., \Vorcesters!;u\' : maynr of Wnrc^-t'T 1^9^>-6; 
hon. col. 2nd South Midland Itricracie I'v.F.A. 
(T.F.), late 1st Wor.vsier Ariillery Vols. ; an Eccle- 
si-.tsticalC-jmniur. since 1911: patron of 6 livin;;-! ; is 
K. J.H.St.J.J.E. : has Grand Cross of tho Order of 
tha North Star (Sweden >. aiui ..f the Ord. r if ( 'hrist 
(Portugal). Tiie l = t Ear.', William Lygon, had 
rep. Worcestershire l>-ir thirty yi irs in Parlia- 
ment ; he was s. of Ui.:inald I'y.'uiai, who 
assumed the name ui atte;- the fanuly of Ids 
inothor ; tho latter wji ..■ -.■-nucd i!i t!ir> female 
liiie from tho jvmso of B>au. h.imp. Liads Bea\i- ■ 
champ ^jf Powj ke. Residences — Madresdeld i 
C'jurt, .Malvern Link, Worccstcrshiro : 13, 13.1-! 
grav e Sjuare, S. W. 1 ; Oidcial resid.:nee — Walmer ; 
Castle, Kent. Cluli — TravcHevs'. l.s:ui-.; — i 

i. WiLUAM I.Y ■..>.\-,\"i3c. Eluley, b. :', fuly, i.i j3. 

■2. Run. ilu/h Patriei, Lyi;v.n, U. 2 Nov. li'04. 

3. H. :.. Ki'h r.d Edward L^aoa , b. 23 Dfc. 1910. 
1. I..1 Iv i.cttice. 
-. l.alv .>ii..ll. 

3. l.a-ly .Mary. 

4. Dorothy. 
FiifcUEUtiK LYf.ov. Cth Eaki. Beauchamp, P.C, 5I.A , 
D.C.L., r.S.A., b. 10 Nov. 1S30 ; Lci-d-Lu ut. ■Worcester- 
shire ; Lord StL«-ard of Die ^ou^•>).ol•^ !s74-18?0 ; Pav- 
luastor Gen. lb>0-.S7 ; M.i". for T'.-wkfsi-urv l?57- 
oa : \V. Worcestershire lS(i;5-ii ; a I.orl of the .Ariniiralty 
l>.j? : m. 1st, Pi-b. ISGS, Lady .Marv ..utlieriue Staii- 
iiorje (d. oO Juno, loTti), dau. oi otli K. Stanhope ; m. 
■J:i I. 2i Sept. 1873, LADY EMILY AXNOi'.A (jHARtiOrTS 
riF.URErONTfKcsidence — 11, Eato.'i Square, S.W.I.), dau. 
oi :ird Earl Mauvers, and d. 19 Feb. 1,S91. Issue by 1st 

1. William Lygon", pres. PJarl. 

1. hady Mary, ni. -i Jlrty, 100.3, Maj. Hon. Henry 
WaliLT Hepbiirn-Stuart-Forbcs-Xrofusis {see Clinton, 

2. Lady Stisan, ni. 10 Oct. ISsg, Brig.-Geu. llobert 
Gcrdoii Gordon-Gilniour, C.V.O., C.B., D.3.O., lute 
Gren. Gds., D.L., J.P. llssue— 1. J hi, b. :. June, 
1-^9. 1. .\I ry, in. 6 July, 1312. Kucrh Moi,ic;o!iiery 
Ka; chbnll-Hng s-'U. ch.-ik i I P.O. ^ K id nee — 
;;, Grid y Pli.c , ?.W. 7. 2. M v^^vf 3. Grizel.l 
Kesidince— The Inch, Liborton. Midlotliian. 

3. Lady Mar;^aret, C.I.. b. 8 Oct. iS74 ; m. Oct. 1S94, 
Arthur, 2nd IBaron Aniptliill. 

Is^ue by 2nd in. — 

-. Lt.-Ccl. Hon. Kobcrt Lvcon, M.A.. corjidL'. 2/lth 
N. Lines Ke^t.., late Gren.' <Jd-., b.' 9 An,'. 1879 ; 
■^■--rved in S. African war lS99-i9U0 : m. 10 Oct. 190:i. 
r-i.ii Allrlnia, 'dau. of c-ir Georse Arbutlinot (tee 
.VKftrTHXOT, Pt.). Issue — 

r.iciuald Arthur Lygon (sponsor, H R.H. the Duke 

of ConnauchM, b. 2S July, ICO.;. 
^. Pod. H.nrv Lvcon, b. 1(' April, 1SS4 : lieut. Suffolk 
Yeo. ; M.A. 0.\l6rd ; inemb. L.C.C. 1907. Kc sidencs 
— 41, E:vtou Square, S.W. Clubs — Marlborough ; 

4. Ladv Asncs, m. 6 Oct. 1906, Hon. Arthur George 
VilUers Peel (s?« PEEL, Vise). 

5. Lady Maud, ni. 16 Oct. 1909, Sir Samuel Joha Our 
ncy Hoare. 2n(l Bt.. M.P. 

BEAUCHAMP, Vise. ^esHEitTFORD, Marq. or. 

BEAUCHAWP. 1st Bt. (U.K.). Great. 27 
Jur.o, 1911. — .Sib EdvvAUd BE.\ucn.i.:,tp, s. of the 
( late Rev. ^Vil!iam Henry, rector of 
' Chedgrave, and iacam.b. of Langley, Norfolk (s. 
,' of Adni. Sir William Beaucharn.p-Proctor, 3rd 
Bt.), bv Augusta, dau. of Dr. Arnold, of Stam- 
ford. B. 12'April, 1849 ; m. 1st, 2u July, 1S75, 
Frances .Mary (d. 7 Jlay, 1886), dau. of Jaiues. 
Stephen, LL.D., Judge of County Courts ; m. 
2nd, 2 June, 1890, Betty Campbell,"dau. of the late 
.\rchibald Woods, of Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. ; 
late Mid. R.N. ; rilemb. of Llovd's (chrmn. 1905 
and 1913) ; M.P. N. SulTolk 1900 to Jan. 1910, 
and since Dec. 1910; J.P. Norfolk. Residence 
— 26, (Jrosvenor Place, S.W. 1. Club — Uiuon. 
Issue living by 2nd m. — 

Er.OGKiVE CAilPL-ELL BEAUCHAiTP, b. 5 May, 1S97. 
2ud Lieut, lit Life Gds. 


Great. 2u Feb. 1:-j4-.3 : C.B. (mil.) 1902.— ilEV. 
Sut Montagu Kakry pROCTOR-BcArcHAMP, s. of 
4th Bt. B. 19 April, 1 860 ; sue. his brother 1915 ; 
ra. 20 April, 1S92, Florence, dau, of Robert Bar- 
clay, of Reicate : ]iLA. Canib. ; a missionary in 
China 1885-1910 ; Vicar of Monkton Combe, Bath, 
1914-16. Tho 1st Bt. represented Middlesex in 
Pari lament from 1747 to 1768; he assumed the name 
of Proctor. The 4th Bt. obtained a roy. licence 
in 1852 to di.-continue the names Be.iuchamp- 
Proctor in that sequeii'^e and to use tiiein only 
in tho order of Proctor- Beauchamp. Resid- 
ence — TIio Vicarago, :Monktoii Combe, Bath. 
Issue living — 


2. Basil Ualph Proctor-Bcaueha;np, b. 17 June, 1906. 
1. Muriel Esther Dornie. 

SiK Tuo.\i.\.s WiLLiA.M liuoor.AVi; i'lajcroR-BEArcnAMP. 
4Ta Br., b. JJulv, ISIJ: !;eiit. Uov. U. (.ds. ; m. 10 
Juuo, I6j:i, Jloa. C.-.r.jl!i:e E,iiier Widd.'.'r.ive (d. 3 July, 
18JS), dau. o! iirauville, 2Ed Baron«tock, and d. 7 
Oct. 1374. IS3U0— 




1. Sir Krr.iNALD \Vii.iia>[ PRocTOR-nr.vrcui^rr, BEAUTrlONT, Baroness (E.). C'-eat. 4 ^'.'arcli, 
5TH iiX.. b. 2o April, l^oS;m. 7 Ju.ic, 1-^-0, Ladv nuy.— MoN i. Josei'iiine i'KMfxsT St.^jl-tov, 

\"'lu'^tin^^m.l^-iay: ,;r 22 iuui: 1009. fept 19U, Hon. Eoraard Fhzalan Howard 
Uofnioa Uarkor Hahlo. RtsiJeuce— Lai.gky l'=ark, (/se Howard of Gt.ossop, Baron i. The l-t 
Norwich. j Peer, Sir Henry de Beaumont, tv<15 summoned 

2. .Va'lin!', m. 1st, 23 April, 1910, Edward Gravis ; to Parliament in tiic rciuu of Ed%vard II. Tha 
BrinUley fm c]i--=. lOi.-)) ; 'ii. 2Qd, 15 f^ept. _UU5. • Barony fbL" into auoyanjeoix the death of William. 

7th Baron, and the abeyance was terminated in 
favour of Miles, 8th Baion, 1810, but ag:da fell 
into abej-ance o. i tiie birth of a second dau. to the 
loth Baron shortly alter his d'jath ia iS'Jo ; but 
tJie abeyanco was ternimated in favour of the 
present Baroness in 1806. Residence — Carlton 
Towers, Carlton, Yorkshire. Issue — • 

Geor:^ft B^tt,>" ::!i 

Suprcni.-; Co.ij- L •- ' 

diiict— J-l. <_:. ' .1 

2. Cox.. Sir H.ii.a: ,. < 

6TE Bl'. Xorfolk i'-- xt. 

1892, FIODKNCK. diUl 

'■ '-' I't, JndM of the- 
:iau Ucminions. Eesi- 

i'j-\ .. I'lluCTOR-BEiCCHAJir, 
b. o Xov. l>.'i';. ; m. io -Nov. 
oi l;\te Hcnrv jl. Li?avilt, 

of New Vorli; ser\eJ in S. African war and in 
Uarlauellcs i.-\pfJ. 1013, wiiero ho was klDid in 
action 12 Aui. 1j15. 


?r.s. Br. 
. Ida Caroline, m. 6 Oct. 1S91, Col. Kobert Ileary 
Curzon Drary Lowe. Groa. Gds., who d. 4 Jan. 1907. 

2. Hilda, m. io Bee. 1SS4, John Edward Kynaston 
Studd, M.A., prcs. of the i'olycjchiuc, Kogeat Street, 
and na? i>.='ie. llesidence — ti?. Harlu-y Struct, W.l. 

3. Ccris;f..':ce itvda -.vith iii;la;, iii." ?.:; Julv, 1;'59, 
■WUliain D ji'.;!;u ilolinsoQ-DoUiTlas, .M.A., J. P. (.Club— 
UnitBd Univuriity). R.^sidouce — urchvirdion, Castle 
Douglas, ^.B. 

4. Maud, m. 7 May, 1889, Very Rev. W.T. B. Hayfcer, 
Dean of Gibraltar, and iias iosue. 

BEAITCLERK. See St. Aj.eaxs, Dukf or 

ESAUFORT, 9th Duke of. Oreat. 2 Dec. ' 
16o2; Marq. of Uo.coster, 2 March, 1642; Karl; 
of Worcester, 1 Feb. 1514; Earl of Glamorgan;! 
Vise. Gro.siDont, and Baron Beaufort, 1044 ; I 
Baron of Bottetourt, 130S : Baron Herbert, 20 i 

.July, J 401; Baron Herbert of Ragiand, Cliep- ^ mont. 3. of lOch Bt. 
3tcv/, and Gower, l.^iuU (nil E.). — Hexry Adei.- 
bEHT Wellixgtox FitzHoy Somerset, a. of Sth 
Duke. B. 19 .^lay, 1S47 ; m. 9 Oct. ISlio, Louise 
(L.G.H.St.J.J.E.j. dau. of the late W. H. Harford, 
of Oldown, Gioucestersliire, and widow of Baron 
Carlo de Tuyll, of Horton, Gloucestershire ; sue. 
nis father ISOO ; ed. at Eton ; cuniet Roy. H. 
Cids. 1865; capt. iS'iO ; rer. 1877; hon. col. 

1. Ho.v. iliLES Frascis St.vpi,eton Fitzaiax Howard, 
b. 21 Julv, 1015. 

2. Hon. Michatl Fitzriiau Howard, b. 2i 0' t. lO.o. 
.NIiLES Thomas Stapl^tox, ^tk Baro.v BEitiMONT, b. 
i .fuiie, iSo-i ; in. 9 aeot. 1344, Isabella .-V.x>'3 (Ileai- 
ilonce — Carlton lower?, ■yorksfuro), dau. oi 3rd Baron 
Kilniainc, and d. 16 Aug. I3.i4. I^^suc — 

1. IIE.NRY Stapletox, 9th Baron' Beacmoxt, b. 11 
Ati?. 1S48 : m. 2S July, 1SS3, Vioir.T (ivtiiideuce — 49, 
EatonI Place, S.W.I), dau. of th? lite F.'-ederiei:: 
Wootton Issacson, M.P., and d. 23 Jan 1802. i 

2. Miles Siapleion, iuth Bap.o.n* BEArjioxT, b. l" 
Juiy, 18.j0 ; It.-col. ooLniuug. 20il; Hu:<ar5; s^rvt'd 
on Start in Canada 1j>74-c. ; in Malta 1^79 ; iu Becha- 
analaud E.fp''dn. l.-iS4-5, and Egyptian frontier titid 
force 18s5-tj (raed.Tl and bronze star) ; m. 7 Nov. 1893, 
Marv Ethel (d. Hi March, 1916), dau. of Sir Charles 
Henry Tempest, 1st Bt. (extinct), and d. 16 Sept. 
189.5. Issue— 

1. Mo.VA JOSEFHIXE TEMPEST, pres. Baront's. 

2. Hon. Ivy Mary Tempest, b. 4 Oct. 1895. 

EEATOIONT, nth Et. (E.). Croat. 21 Feb. 
1000. — Sib Geokcie Aktuur Ha-miltoj: Ee\u- 
B. 18 Jan. I88i ; siio. his 
father, 1914; lieut. L.R.R. Corpi. Tins 
family is desc. iu a direct patsrnal line from 
Louis \'TII. King of France throagii ins 
youngest s.. King of Jerusalem and Sicily, the 
issue of whose 2nd s. took the name of Beau- 
mont. Hence sprang the Barons and Viscouiitu 
Beaumont, whom tiie present Beau- 
mont represents ii\ the feuiaio lino ; but in 

iate col. comdg. Gloucester Y. (TD.); A.D.C. i the male -line the Bt.'s family are the repre- 
su\co 1901; bearer of the Curtana or Sword of Mercy jsentatives of Thomas do Beaumont. 2nd s. of 

(Kings Regalia) Coronation of 1911 ; Lord High 
Steward of Bristol ; and High Ste^rard of Glou- 
cester ; D.L. Brecknock ; patron of -6 livings. 
This family descends from John of Cxauut, 

4th Lord. Residence — Coleorton Hall, Ashby-de- 
la-Zouch, Leics. Ibsiie — 

Sit. George Ho^vla:; 
Bt., b. 16 Dec. i; 


June, 1325, Mary Amie 

D. of Lancaster, and includes amongst its | (d. 15 Feb. 1834), dau. of Dr. William Howley, late Arch 
members the celebrated Cardinal Beaufort, Henry ; bishop of Cauterhur,-, and d. 7 June, 1S45. I'sue — 
Beaufort, D. of Scmorsot, the Marn. oi Worcester, | 1- Sir George Howiaxd BEAtjViO.VT, 9th Bt., b 
the author of " The Century of Invniions," etc. '. 
Residences — Badminton House, C-dour^estershire . j 
Llangattock Park, Crickhowell, Breconshire; | 
Clubs — Carlton ; Boodle's ; ^Marlborough ; Turf. I 

ISoO, p-'.uiiua Mi'uriies 
U.E.I.C.S. ; 
d. 19 Juae, 
iirinc Castle, 


1. Hexhy Hugh ARTiitnt Fitzrov Somerset. Marq. I 
OF Worcester, b. i April, lOuO. ! 

1. Lady BLincJie LLnuie. I 

2. Lady Diana Miud Xina. 
Hexry Charles Fiizroy Somerset, 8th Dcke of i 
Beaufort, K.G., B.C., b. l Feb. 1824 ; m. 3 July, 1845, ! 
Lady Cr-orgiana Charlotte Curzon (d. 14 Mav, liMjO). dau. | 
of Ist Earl Howe, and d. 30 April, loOJ. l.:=u<, — I 


SET, pris. Duke. i 

2. Rt. Hon. L'-rd Tic nry Richard Cliadrs Somerset, P.O. | 

3. Lord lieiirv Arthur George SouursiJi, b. 17 Xov. 1 
ISol : rcaj. lute Roy. H. Gds. : D.L. Wills. i 

4. The late L^rd Hmrv Edward Ihu lenill, b. 6 July, ' 
1853; m. 17 Au^r. 1»80, F.inny J'llla. (m. 2nd, 2,: 
July, l>j-.)s. Miij. Johu Gracwicke Blau'rave. Kosi- | 
donee — Uaiubrook House, Charlton iviuja, Cheltp.n- ; 
ham), dau. of Sir .A.kiandtT BeaunioQD Churchill j 
Dixie, 10th Bt., and d. 17 .Mav, 18'J7. j 

1. Tho lato Ii.-ut. U'.-ufv l:L/nrv Kd-.vard SonuTSft, I 

b. 7 Sept. Ijtr. : iiov. M-ji\. u.E.' ■. lu. 12 Mar. ; 

19a8, Evcly:; Juiiet, dau. ui the l..;e W. L. .-Vdam- 

Ma?'l'oi?' ^/'^•"?'-*^^-'- ^lo^'^'-^tershire, and d. 23 BEAUMONT. G.C.B 

. Anthony Beau.mont. 

12 SoDt. Ib28 ; m. 1st, 4 -Jv 

(d. 9 ibec. 1870), dau. of W. 

m. 2nd, 4 April, 1872, Oct v. 
! 1901), widow of Maj. J. K. S 

i CO. Cork, and d. 3 June, lo>- i-r .i. 1st m. — 
I 1. Sir George Howla.vd William Beaumont, 

lOTH Bt., b. 10 March, 1851 ; m. 24 Feb. 18S0, 

Lillie Ellen, dan. of Col. George Avton Crastcr, R.E. : 

ed. at Eton; capt. K.H„-i. ; and" d. 22 June, 1914. 

Issue — 

1. Sui George a. H. Beaumont, pres. Bt. 

2. Frederick Louis Maureward Beaumont, Heie 
Pres., b. 17 June, 1802 ; in. 21 Xov. 1900, Helen 
Mary, dau. of the late Decimus Sturges. barr.-at-!aw. 
Residence — Rivcr i;anche,Chtlcotca, British Colum- 

3. Capt. Henry Cecil Charies Beaumont, b. 24 
April, 1804 ; Rov. Unek^ Hu.^s., late Scots Gds. ; m. 
19 Dec. 1*04, .J"e55ie Leich, dau. of the late Gcorce 
A. FlUows. ofXcwYorlc. Residences — Dodim.iton 
Park, Ciiippiim Sodimry ; 42, Bryanston Square, 
W. 1. Clubs— Baeiitlors' ; St. Jan'ies's. 
1. Lina Mary UowUy. m. 19 Oct. 1876, Col. Gawin 
Willfam Rowan Hamilton, and has is.suo. Resl- 
dt-ne ■ — Killvljagh Castle, co. Dowu. 

1. Constance >larv, m. 6 Jnlv, 1852, William Unwin 
Htv-a:,'. Ml'., \iiii.d. 2 M:u"e!i 1002, and h;\s is.'jue. 
Rtsidi nee — Hoecliiti: ilanor, Longliborou^li. 

(mil.) 1911 ; K.C.B. 
1901. — Ad.m. SiK Lewi.s 
B. 19 May, 1847 ; m. 

BEAUMONT. See .Vixen da/jl, 


1889. Mary Eleanor, 
! Verkms, of Boston, 

(d. 1907) dau. of Charles C. 
U.S..A, ; eiit. R.N. 18(50, 



lieut. 1807, cornmdr. ISTf!, capt. lSS-2. rcar.- 
adni. 1897, vice-adm. l'J02. aim. iOOO ; r<n. 
19.12 ; First and Priri-npal X»^-aI A.U.C. 1911-12 ; 
served i'l H..\I..S. "Di^trnj-ry " in Arctic fxn>d. 
18T5-G ; private stc. to the Earl of Xorthbrook 
whf»r. First Lord of tin Admiraity aad Higij Corn- 
mnr. to Egvpt 1S82-5 ; Dir"ctof of njiva! int-!ii- 
gencp 1894-9 ; C.-in-C. Pacific Station. 1899-iyiJi.i, 
and Au-^tralian station 1001-3 ; British coinmnr. 
on Iiitcriiaticnal inquire into Russiai! 
Ncrth S^T. incident 1904 ; C.-in C. on the Plymouth 
Station 1905-S ; i? Grand Oticer of the Legion 
cf Hononr. Residence — St. Gforgo's, Hisrytpir-r- 
pcint, Sasiex. Club — United Service. 

BEAUMONT. Knt. Bach. Great. 1910.— Ron 
SiE VS H-i-iAM Henf.v BEACiiONT, s. of the kite 
Lt.-Col. U. Beaumont, of the 23rd .Madras L.I. 
B. L"4 Feb. 1S51 ; m. 28 June. 1S7IJ, .AHce. dan. 
of the Hon. Jr,l)ii ililluf, ".LL-C, of Durban : 
ed. at Sherborne and Saiidhurit ; joined 75th 
P.o^t. 1870, ret. 1875 and entd. Xatal C.S.. from 

2. EiznT Wrixon-Bpcher, b. 12 Oct. 1862. 

' Lt.Col. HciiTv Vrixon-Bccli^r, DS.O., Yorks 

K-s:.. I;. ::7 July. iStv,. 

*. .\rihiir >'ic:io!ai U'rixon-Bccher, :;. a Aug. 1S63. 

1. Victoria Euiily. 

•2. Man,-. 

y. C'Cii Eleanor, m. 2S Mar'-h l<-94, Percy Hope 

Murray. Jl.K.. of Beck-'nliaii!, and has issue. 

4. Biir'oura Elizabeth. 

5. .-Vii.-laiae MauJ. III. 1 June, 1S99, William Norton 
fc.-.rrv-, J.P. llesiJence — Castlo Cor, Kuuturk, Co. 

G. Alice Eiizabeili, lu. Hi June, 1899. Hon. Horace 

Ciccrse Lvsaght <see Llsle, Baroa;. 

7. Ev.lyn. 

S. Georgians Victoria, in. 23 April, ISyS, Maj. Edward 

Wilirid .Spcddind, ".A., and hi« issue. 

9. Hilda .Mary. 

EECS, Knt. Bach. Croat. 1914.— Ho:>. Str 
AE.\?r Becet, s. of Ja-cb Bock, of Baden, Ont. 

B. 20 June, 1857; m. 8 Sept. 1S9S, Lilian, o.c. oiJate 

C. J. Ottaway ; ed. at Oi-.U. ; Mayor of London, On- 
tario, Ht02-:i-4 ; mcinij. of Legislature .-ince 19^2. 
Rciidencc — H>-adl"v, London, Ontario, Canada. 

which h-- ret. 1910 ; judge of the Special Trca-son Clubs— Albauv (Toronto) ; St. James's (Montreal). 

Court 1901 ; puisne judge oi ti'.e Supreme Court ■ i^;,_,f. 

of Xatal 1904-9 ; acting chief justice and adinnr, 
June to August 1907 : on S. African Delimitation 
Cemir.n. 1909. Residence — Pietermaritzb-arg, 
Natal. Issue — 

M.irion Xuv 

1. Kollaad Beaumont, 
of Charles Toller. 

m. 12 Jan. 131j, Helen, dju. 

BE.WERBROOK. lit Baron (U.K.). Creat. 
23 Jan. 1017 : Be. June, 191d ; Knt. l'.c?h. l!)il. 
vVlI-LIAM M.iXWEIX AlTKEN", s. of the Rev. 

■William Aitken, of Xewcastle, Xew Bruns- 
■wick> Scotch 3liiiister, and Jean, dau. of Artliur 
XoL>!e, of Vaucrhan, Oiitario. B. 23 iiay, ls79 ; 
m. 29 Jen. 1s'ij6, Gladys, dau. of Gen. Druiy, 
C.B., of Halifax, Canada : ed. at Public Schools." 
Xevrcastle, Xew Brunswick ; 3I.P. for A.^hton- 
under-Lyne 1910-10, v.hen lie was rai-sed to ciio 
Peerage as Baron Beaverbrook in t;ie Province of 
Xew Brunswick, in tho Domiiiion of Canada, aud 
of Cherkley in the County of Surrey : Record 
oaSeer ist Canadian Div.'iu France, Gen. I{ep. 
of Canada for Canadian overseas iprces 1915 : 
otSecr in charge of Canadian \A"ar Records with 
rank of it. col. 191o. Residence — Cherkley 
Court, Leatherhead. Club — Cariton. Is-ue — 

1. HOK. JOII.N- WltLHil .\ITKI.V, IJ ' 3 Feb. 1910. 

2. Hon. p. tcr Hu.lvara A;tk-n. b. J^ Var.h. 191-J. 
1. Hon. Janet Gladys Aitken, b. 9 July. 1906. 

WRIXON-BECHER. 4tb Bt. (U.K.t. C.-eat. 
3v* Sept. Is31.— .Sir i-;u.STACE William \V:Nr>H.\Ni 
\Vkixon-B.'=:ciier. s. m 3rd Bt. B. 27 l>e. 
1859; sue. his father 1914; m. ;> Oct. 1907, Hon. 
Constance Goutrh Calthorpe, dau. of Augustu?, 
6th Baron Calthorpe. The Ist Bt. took the 
additional surname and arms of Becher by r 'y. 
licence in 1831. Seats — Ballygiblin, Li-maris- 
town. Midlou-, CO. Cork. ; Crea-'h, Sldbbcrecn, cu. 
Cork. Club — Brooks's; Kildare Street (Dublm). 
Issue — 

BECK. Knt, Bach. Great. 1911.— Hon. Sir 
.ToH.v He>:ry Meirln-g Beck, s. of C. Beck, of 
Worcester, Capo Prov., and Johanna Eliiab^nh, 
dau. of J. II. 2>Ieiring, of Worcester. B. at Wor- 
cester, Capo Prov., 1855 : m. 1885, Mary Emily, 
dau. of \\ . C. Kuys, oi Bredasdorp, Capo ; ed. 
at W.-.rc^st.T Public S.h., S. African Coll., Ediu. 
Univ., Berlin aud Vienna (M.D., M.Ch., F.R.S.E., 
M.R.C.P.E.): entd. medical prof. 1879; M.L..\. 
for Worce?t<T (Ca|Te) 1898-1910 ; Senator of 
the Uniuu of S. Africa .-ince lylO ; chrinn. of 
Couunittee of Senate 191'>-lt> ; ^Imiiter of Posts 
and l" 1. -.n'af'hs since 19iG ; one of the dele- 
gates from the Cape of Good Hops to the 
S. African Xntionai Convention ; menib. of 
Counc. Univ., Cape of Good Hope, 1888-1911 ; 
ex-pres. Cape Med. Council ; J.P. Residence 
— D.- (hide Drostoij, Tulbngh, Cape Province, 
S. Africa. Club — Civil Service (Cape Town). 
Lssue — 

1. M:irie. 

2. J-;iii E.'.' 
' J. i lUia Hv^ter. 

BECK. Knt. Bach. Great. 1911.— Sir Ray- 
i!ONL» Beck. s. of Morris Beck, of Chislehurst, 
Kent, luernb. and twice chairman of Lloyd's, 
and Ag'ies, dau. of Thomas Pavne, of Epping. 
B. in L ndi.n. 31 May, ISGl ; m". 13 April, 1912, 
El:^ie 31ary, d.iu. of C. J. W hiitinfiton, of Sandhills, 
B'tLhwortii ; ed. at Lancing Coil. ; ent. Llovd's 
1879; ciirmn. 1910 and 1911. Issue—" 

llayiuond Mjrris, Bock, h. 11 May, 1913. 

BECKETT. See Grimthorpe, B.vron-. 


IIeapiokt, .Marq. 


1. WiLUAM Faxe Wrixox - Becher, b. 


1. J'uri.l. 


S. Shtlla. 
4. ilo-.niarv. 
Sl.t WiLLl.i,jrn'Ri.tON--BECUEE. 1ST ET., 31 July, 
17«0 ; 111. la Dtc. l;ld. Elizabeth, the ceUbra' ci .-votresa 
(d. -y Oct. ls;2', diu. cf Jc;.n 0".N\iil, and d. -a Oct. 
1--^'. l,-ji.— 

1. .-^iR liE.v.iY WnxoN-BE. azn. 2nd Bt., b. 1S26 ; 

111. -M i'lb. 1-7S, 11. rerif-e Elir.ibith ll.inr.:ih (m. 

2iid, S .March, 1 -94, Arthur Louis U« ary H. l-r llrynell- 

Pac'.;, of, X. uton .Abbott, and d. 20 ?ept. 

l^»i-', dau. oi Ercderick Joliii SV.dker-aud d. _:. -Nov. 


•J. Ma JOHS WaiXON-BECilEH. 3RU BT.. b. 10 Aug. 

lo-a. Di. G Mav, 1^57. I.;idv Eniilv t.ith.rine (d ol 

D i; 1 !•■> d.iu. of Willi i,,- 2iid S:;.'.fl of LisU.w-.-l : »nd 

d 21 Apr,|, i9U. I*-ue— 

1. El>t4.-e William Wisdh.^.* WRixo^hzriz^. 

BEDFORD, llih Duke oL Creat. 11 :May, 
1094 ; Earl of I'-dtord, IH Jan. 1550; Marq. of 
Tavistock. 11 .May. li.94 ; l^aron Russell of 
Cheneys, 9 iMarch. 1539; Baron RiLssell of Thorn- 
haucih. 21 July, W>'>'.i ; Huron Howland. 13 .June. 

it:95 (E. ); K.G. 19^2. .-^IR HERBR.A.N-D ARTnUK 

Russell, s. of 9lh Duke. B. 19 Feb. 1858 ; m. 
3" Jan. IS&S. -Mary du Caurioy, dau. of the Ven. 
Archdi aeon i"rib'':"?ue. his bro."ls93 : ed. at Balliol 
CKll.Oxf<ird;.!ateliLiit.GrM..G(Ls.: served in £..:yp- 
tian campaign, 1882 (iModal. ciosp, Khedive's 
Star); A.D.C. to vicerov of Itidia (Lord Dufferin) 
1884-8: lato It.-col. cotuni i-. 3rd Batt. Beds. 
Regt. ; Lord.-Li.ut. Middl.s.-x ; Mayor of 
Holborn 1900-1 ; D.L. B=-ds ; chrnm. Beds C.C. ; 
memb. tee on orL'anizat ion of Terr. Army, 
190G ; commdg. Beaford R. i-'t. Training depot. 
1914 ; .-\.D.C. io the Kinc, formerly -A.D.C. 
to Kaii« Edward ; and pres. Middlesex Terr. 



Forces Aasocas. : prcM. of Zoological Society ; 
R trustee of the British Ma^eum : F.R.S. TLh 
1st I'oer in this fnitiily was pic-ticvilnrly favoured 
by Honry VilL, rnrl in tfio reicn ot Slary tilled 
the oiiico of Lord Privy Seal ; he was sent as 
ambassador to Spain to conduct Pliilip to Ens- 
land ; th-> fuTfiiK numbers ainon:; its menibers 
William I^rd Kusseil, beljeaded in 1683. 
Residences — 15, Bclcrrave Square, S.W. 1 ; 
Wobum Abbey, and Oakley Koii=e, Bedford ; 
EndsIpigh.Ta\'istr>ck. Clubs — Brooks's ; Guards. 
Issue — 
Hastln:o« Wrr-LiAM SACKTrrxE Rcsskll, 5L«ip.q. of 
TAVIPTOCK. b. 21 Deo. ISSs ; m. 21 Xov. 1914, 
Loiiiii Cromelliii Kctari. J;ra. of Roiifft Jov.ett Whit- ; 
well ; ni^nih. ot Xat. Council Y.MC.A. Ffii<!;ncc — 
W.-irblinj-ton HciiO, Kavant. Club — Bachuiors'. I 
Issue — i 

John- Robzet Kus?f,i,i,, b. 24 Mav, 1917. 
Fkancis CHAiars Hastings Hts-ell, <>t3 D. of Bfd- i 
rOED.K.G. b. IG Oct. l^li) ; ra. 13 Jan. 1; U. L-dv Eliza- , 
beth Sack\-i!le "^est. V.A. I'd. 2Z Anrii, 1S07). dau. of i 
George, 5th Earl Do la Warr, and d. 14 Jan. 1S91. : 
Issue — 


lOxa Dui:!: OF BErFOF.n : b. 10 April. 1S52: D.L., ] 
M.P. for Bedford ; m. ?4 Oct. 1376, Adeijne Maris. ' 
L.J. H.St.. T.J. E. (Residences — Clienu;3. Kickmans- 
worth ; 51, Berkeley Square. W. 1), dau. nf 3rd E. 
Sonicrs, and d. 23 Man;!). 1S03. 

2. HEF.B.-'.AN-DAKTHCRRc-ssEtL, pros. Duke. 

1. Lady Ela jioiiica S.ickvilio. Kr^sidtncos — Cliodty 
Wood House, Rickiaaasworth ; i 51, Prince? Gate, 
S.W. 7. 

2. Ladv ErnmitnideSack\il!.-ni. 10 Ma'-ch, 1885, Et. 
Hon. sir Edward BaMi'iii Ma': t, 4f!i Bt. 

BEDFORD, Knt. B:ich. Great. 1911.— Sm 
Chakles (Henry) BEuroRD. s. of late Frederick Bedford, D.C.L.. LL.D., Ph.D. B. 
10 Jui.e, 18Gi; ; ni. Hi Jan. 1900, dau. of V.'illiam 
Allan Carter, M.LC.E., J.P., of Edinburgh ; ed. 
Edinburgh Univ.. LL.D. (Honoris causa) St. 
An.lrf ws ; :.LD.. D.Sc. E ;in.. M.R.C.S. E.^g. ; ent. 
Indian rned. service 18S9: lieut.-col. 1909; ret. 
1911 ; foiinerly chemical examnr.. Govt, of India 
and Bengal, andpiof. of college, 
Calcutta ; director, central excise laboratory 
for India ; scientific and technical advher to the 
Gov. of India ou Eevenue matters ; author of 
several works on medical, chemical, and "^ecii- 
nologieal subjects. Address — Co National Bank 

of India, 26, Bishop^eate, £.C. 3. Club 


BEDFOED, Lady fKnt.'s widow). — Ethel 
L.G.H.St.J.T.E., dau. of E. E. Turner, of Ipswich ; 
m. ISSO, Adm. Sir Frederick Georre Denham 
Bedford, G.C.B., G.C.:.r.G., who served in the 
Crimea; governor of Vrostern Australia 1003-9; 
and d. 30 Jan. 1013. Residence — Hampton 
Court Palace. Issue — 

1. Con.r. Arthur r.ot:.>rd. K.N"., fa. 2 Aua. ISSl ; in. 
31 Aug. 1914,>. (lau. of the late William Edge , 
Jlort, of .-^v Incv. N.S.W. 

2. Irpilk. Gonlnu H;iv licJtord. b. 11 Sfpt. 1882. ; 
in. 1 June, 1911, .Alaude, dau. of Arnott SiJson. 

3. Lieut. -Coinra. Deniiani Maurice Turner Bcdforl, 
R.X., b. 19 Sept. issr,. 
1. Ethelireda Charlotto, m. Jan. 1912, Cecil Pearse. 

I. Residence— Ox- 
rfolk. Club — Junior 

Great, by wr't tci.ip. Edw 
buTLih. ;5roi<;e Ferrv, N 
Unir.Mi Sovvi-c. Is^We Hvii.g— 


S/ncc. li'i:. 

Sii. ; .; ; Iasxov-Bkdin'gfiem), 6th Bt., 

b. I' .'. .Vu'^. Ic2ii, Margaret Anue (she 

a--;' ■':. ': . j;., ^ i, lv Bov. Licence the additional 
name of i;;- !:,,;,, und d. il Jaii. liST), o.c -u Ed^vard 
Past on, awl d. 4 Feb. 1>;G2. Is?ue — 

1. Srr. IlE.M^Y George PasTOn-Bedi.n-o, txh 
Bt., b. 21 June, 18:?0 ; D.b. Norfolk, His. <I 
1832 ; m. 17 Oct, 18=^9. Arr.rSTA LroY (Reside. 

4.'), Cromwell Road, 3.M'. "),o. cof Edward Claven..s;, 
of Callaly Castle, Northumberland, and d. IS Jan. 1902. 
Issue — 

1. Sir He.vry Edward P.*sroN--BEDiNOFELi), pros. 

2. Richard Henry Claveriug Paston-Bediiigfeld, 
b. 2 .T,T.n. 1S<'.2. 

?.. Charles Paston-Bedinefeld. b. 25 July. 1864. 

4. Frank Paston-BedinslHd. b 1674. 

5. ITi'.ii'^rt Pastop-P.edineieiJ, n. i>T7. 

1. Alire Mary. m. Ist, 12 Jan. 1691, Vice-Adra. Jarne* 
Lacun Hammet, C.V.O.. who d. 15 F«b. 1905, and 
has issue: m. 2nd, 1 Oct. 1906, Comr. Cle'ir.erit, 
Lapriniaudaye, C.V.O.. who d. .".1 M.iy, V3bi. 
Residence — 10, Lincoln House, Basil Street". 3 AV. 1 

2. .Mars- Maud, a nun of t!ie Drier o; the Hole Child. 

3. Edith Mary, a nun of the Order of the Holy Ciuld. 

2. The lateLt.-Col. Raoul Sieph ■nBi,-<iioDP (assuuiod 
23 Sept. 1SS7, bv Rov. Licence tlio surname of 
Bi.^-^hopp!, h. 1'1-^r.J ; m. So April, 1897, 
Katherii!.' •^rjr",-( evidence— 27. Pont Street. S.W. 11, 
dau. 01 ]"...■ . \ •■' ' r, late of Henl'ury Manor. \Viin- : : : '.voiHe-irv A.C. Lene>'.pi;ens. 
1. Mary i .. .. -1 June, ls>0. Ferdiiiiind John 
Eyre (Clu.j— iioodJe's). Residence— Moreton Hall, 
Bury St. Edmunds. 

BEECHAH, 2iid,Bt.. CVei-.t. 17 July, 1914. Knt. 
Bach. 1910. — Sm Thomas Be-:cuam, s. of 1st Bt. 
B. 29 April, 1870 : ed. at Ros.?aIl Sch. and Wad- 
ham Coll. Oxford; ra. 1903. I'tioa. dau. of Dr. 
Charles S. Welles, of N'fnv York ; Musical Con- 
ductor and Composer, and 0])era Promoter ; 
chrma. of the Thomas Beocharn Opera Co. 
RoMdencp-^ — 32. Upper Hamilton Terrace", N.W. 8 ; 
Mursley Hall, Buckinghamshire. Club — Devon- 
shire. Issue — 

L AliFIA.V BEECHAM, b. 4 Sejjt. 1904. 

2. Thomas Beecham, b. 19 June, 1909. 

Sir Josefh Ueecham, Isi- Bt , b 3 June, 184^ ; m 

14 April )-7>;, JosKPKiyE (Residence— 9. Arkwriiht 

R^ad, llampjt , d. N.W. " :'Ev.-:!nville, Huyton. Liv.'r- 

pool>, dau. oi Willinm Burnett, 

md d. 2:1 Oct. 

_ BEDI, Knt. Great. Jan. 1016.— Bab^ Sia 
GuBBAKHsn SiXGH Bedi, Hou. Extra A.-.sist. 
Commnr. in tho Punjab. Residence — Kaliar, 

PASTON-BEDINGFELD. 8th Bt. lE.i. Great. 
2 Jan. liji'iO. — ^Sin Henry Enw.vr.u 1'a.^tox- 
Bedin-c,fei,d, a. of Tiii i'.t. B. 20 Ausx. I860; 
Hi. 21 Juno, i;)04. SyVdi, da\i. of the htte Henry 
Alexander Lyne-Stephens, of Grove Ho\ise. Roe- 
'■•ainpton ; sue. his i:-;ther 10ii2 : late maj. 3rd 

1 -verpool Rest. Cd.l; J.P. ^(U-Ie.ik. Th.; 1st 

191G. I- 

1. Sir Thomas Beecham, pres. Bt. 

2. Hor.ry reechnin. b. 20 Aua. 1.*-<S ; m. 25 Oct. 1914, 
Ethel Anne, dau. oi Herbert B.ixter, or Keyham Hall. 
Leicester. Residence — Ewanviile, HnvtoD, .Lanca- 
shire. Issue — 

I'.eecham. b. 16 Jan. 1917. 
; 1. Josephine, m. 31 Jan, 1905. Charles Frederick 

' 2. Edith, m. 10 Sept. 1910. Frederick Duke Woolley. 

3. Jessie, in. 8 June, 1909, Leonce Delphin. 
: 4. Elsie OUve. m. 9 Oct. 1915, Senior Ellis. 

5. Amy Christine, m. 27 .March, 1017, R. W. Wrathall. 

BEEVOE, 5th Bt. (G.3.). Creat. 22 Jan. 
; 1783. — Sir Hcgh Reeve Beevob. s. of Sir 
Thomas Beevor, 4th Bt. B. 31 Oct. ISoS : m. 
■ 29 .June. 1804. Emily Georcina (d. 17 April. 1009). 
dau. of Sir William Foster. Bt. ; sue. his father 
i 1885 : ed. at I-Vl.sted crammar school and Kinc's 
! ColL.Lond. : M.D. Lund. ; is oonsultin? physician 
! King's Coli. Hr.:,pital ; F.R.C.P. R.-sid'ence — 
i Hargliam Hall. Attleborough, Norfolk. Club — 
I Union. Iis.-<u« — 

1. Thomas Lubbock Beevo.i, b. l June, 1897, sub 

1. Brid^e't Chevallier. 
Sir T^o^IAS Bkasthwatt Beevor, 
April, 17j> ; m. 1st, 9 Itrc. 1S19, Eliza: 

l;n 7!T.. b. 7 
III Bri l-et (d. 
)..»•( Norwich ; 
lS4;;i. dau. of 
Norfolk, and 

Bart, was Henry Cediiiizfeld, of Oxburgh Hall. 2 Nov. 1-,',1). dau. of Rich.ard Luldiu 

■who sustained great pecuniary loss bv liii attach- , "' 2iid,4 '-.pi. 1^32, .M.irtha Hi. 2. 

■"t-nt to tbt- cause cf Cb.arit-s I. The t'th Bt. , ^''S.'"'''''.' ^I' '''-"""'f- of Old Buck^ 

«s.u^od the additional name of P.ston in 1830 ; I "^-^ tl^^ i™. BeK '"h'bt., b. 23 Au,. 1823 ; 

^> V. as declared by tho H.-.-,iso.o: Louis ui ls.,S to j „,_ lo D. c 1-50, .Snpl.ia Jane (d. 22 Feb. l>9i>), dau. 

ae one of the co-heirs to the barony of Grandison< I of Rev. Clement CiieTolher, Rector of Badiagbam, 




SuifoJk, and wiiow of If-mc Jenny Jcrrnv, o! S:aafle!J 
Hall, .VcTiolk, ani d. i> Aua. ■.^5.'.. l.-uo— 

1. Sm Ku'-.H Ue^vk JiEEVo?.. t>r<-~. iu. 

•.:. r.aira J>in.y l;.. %..r. M.A. Cmii.. ; h. 29 D. :. 

1S59 ; Tu. 2^ I-.'-}. «■ jhia M;ir>-, d-i-.. of !a:- 

Rev. Jcsepli Prfston. ltcsii:ncc — l';iirS>;!d, Bron- 

ley, Kent. I««ue liv.ri^ — 

1. Kaloh Brriiilhwavt ^covor, b. 29 Apri!, Ia9;. 
2nd lieut. ll.F.C. 

2. Esmond Avtoa B.«evor, b. 2 Dec. 19-y^. 

1. iTjnt B.-diiii!:Vid. 

2. Nancv Clov-r. 

3. Av.rj Preston. 

3 Tlic i5»c Rev. Joiin Rare Beevor, b. 1 J u.n ', ) 561 : 
M.A. Camb. : m. £2 Fob. 1;32, Su^an Hciri Olivr 
(liesidence — Iloveton Hall. %Vro;v'..aru, Noriolk . 
dan. ct the late Cliarks \VilUam JUaor.i.v. of Boston, 
U.S.A., aul d. C7 Fo";. 1314. 

4. Rowland Be-,vor, solicitor, b. 7 Feb. I»6'i ; ra. 
13 Sopt. 189L^ Mafjirct Frances, dau. oi Goorj? 
Evans, of Xotting.ham. Residt-nces — Hclml.urv, 
B'is.hey Keatii. Heria ; Brvn-CeniJ^Tj, Dolsirllv. 

1. Cecil ThoiTi."iS Ashwortl, Beevor, b. 4 Jan. l??^. 
2ud lieut. K.F.A. 

2. -Miles Beevor, b. 8 M.irih, 1900. 

3. Humphrey Bpevor, b. 24 Ausj. 1003. 

1. Joan Hepwortli. 

2. Judith Chevallier. 

5. Edn-.und Beevor, b. 23 May, 1='>7 : r:i. 4 Anz. 
1S96, Mary, dau. of Sir V/illiam F'->s!..r. 2nd t". 
Kfsidence — Al'Unhaai Seh'-ol, El-fr.". 

1. Amy. Resi'l^nco, 9, Ed-amount, "arli-'o. 

2. Lucy Jam., t.!. 23 .\ii?. IstU, Cl'-iri = H 'crv 
Delamain. [Issu3 — Ch.i-lc-s Boevor liarfv. .AIC.. b. 
1 Dec. 1S9G; 2nd lieur. R.F.A.J Ko-idend;-- 
Mousehaii, Tide brook. Susses. 

MUKAI»i:-IAD ALI BUG, E.C.I.E. C:>-;^:. 
1908; M.V.O. 1906: CLE. 190i\— Iva^w.^b 

XlSAR-JVSC. .-vTS \P.-rD-DAtrL.\, A.FS^.R-r'L-M'-T.K 
B -.DAUUTl, Silt MCHAMM.VD AXI BsG. .■=. uf la'-:- 

Mirza Viiayat AJi Bez, E i=5aiclar, 3rd La-ic rs. 
Hyderf-bad contirif-f^nt. B. 1S.j2 ; nt. Is67, 
Va/ira Khanuin, dau. of 3iirza Scrab Bos ; 
johied 3rd Cavalry, conrintrent, 
18G7: aprtd. to staff of H.H. the Nizar.: 
1880; commdr. Golcunda • ris:. 18-4 ; 
hen. major in Indian Army 1S88 ; appti. 
to ccrarnand Ist and 2rid La.ncer.?, Hy.k-raL)>-. i 
Imperial Ser\'icf Troi-'ps {vrhieh ho lia i rai-ed» 
1893 ; cornmr. of H.H. the Xizain"s reirular forc^- 
1397 ; Ch. Comr. 1917; A. DC. to Viceroy of India 
since 1910; Afchan war rneila! (ISSll; 
attended Durbar at Kowal Pindi 18S5 :a:tacheJ to 
Black^Iountain exped. 1 888tniedal and de-: atche- 1 
and served in Cliina (nieual, and in Poiitin^ Fc.v 
expd. 1900. Resid nee — Raiint Munzil, S kifaba-i, 
Hyderabad. Deecan. Club — Secun<^icrabad. 

BEGBIE, Knt. Bich. Cr.?st. 1911.— ^ir J.^m-^ 

Begbie. s. of WilH.iru Becrbie, of D'.n ioo, an i 
Jessie Grav. B. at Du.-idee. 27 Mavv.'i. l-^O : 
ui. 16 Dec". 190J, Khoda, dau. of Archiiaid \'.'. 
Campbell, of Bombay ; ed. at Dundc-^ Hi;!'. 
School : sec. and treas. of the Bank of Bombiy 
1899-1915 ; mcmb. of roy. coninm. on India-i 
financp and currency 1913-14; an addid. niemh 
of the council of. the Gov. of Borr.bav lOll-ll". 
Residence — Eastbourne. Cluli — Oriental. Is-sue — 

Ian Begbie, h. iOOj. , 

Joan. " 

COOCH-BEHAR, K.C.S.I. Cr-at. Ja-i. 1917. 
— H.H. M.VHK'-.A/A .liTEN-pRA Nar.\yan- Bhc 
Bah.^elk or Cf.^H-DEHAii. s. of MAI. Miharaja 
Xripendra. . H. -'J Deo. !»>•'>. sue. his ijroiLer 
1913 ; ed. at Eton ; la. 1911. dau. of t!ie Gaek- 
^var of Bivroda : is cutitlcd t > a .-.iUiti; .>i thirnr-r. 
pun^. I<esido;i( .' — Co.-ch-F iiar, H.-nuMi. Chibs 
— Roy. Automobile; I'nucc t^ ; Cakuttii 

BEHRENS, Knt. Bach. 
CiiAHi.Es Bei;ki NS, s. '>; la; 
of Br^idfo^d, Vorks, B. 6 
April, 1S83, Emilv ilihits, duu. 
Siiaw. J.P., of 

{'r..u. I'jl2.— ."^IK 
• .'^ir Ja.' ..b };• iif. ;.,-. 
Aug la 13 : v.\. U 
of Sumutl 
».., «.!.., .ji<is. Halifax ; ed. 
at Bradford Gnimniar an<i H'£,'ii schools : I>ord 
Mayor of ilanchf.Uc-r, ll'-.-J-K', I'.'-Hi-il ; 
Gov. of -Maiuhcstcr Gr..i>i ^^<•!'. • Gov. of 

Manchester Roy. Ic^-rm^'y ; memb. of the Court 
of Victoria Univ. of Manchest :r ; mcmb. of, E. Lanes. T.rr. ; J.P. City of :.ran- 
che^f^r ; partner in firm of Sir Jacob Behrens 
&; Sons, Manchester, Bradford, Gl'.^gow, London, 
and Calcutta. Director of ^Mfnchester Ship 
Canal Co. ; local director Coromfreial Union 
Insurance Co. and Ocean Accident Corp. Resi- 
denc-'— Holm-Acre, .Ahrincham, Chesliir.^. 

Club~ — Reform ; Clarendon, and Reform (Man- 
cliost- r). Issue — 

1. Emily Doris, m. 22 Dec. 1911, Ooorse Hill Hushea. 
Rc:^^i..•nce— Kingsbury Croit, .\Iarlb.3rough, Wilts. 

2. Alice Mariel. 

3. Xorah Clare, va. 1 Xov. 1909, Assheton Xevill-; 
CI-;;2. RrtjsiJence — Brackecdone, Dunham ilassey ; 
Cote Brook, larporiey, Cii.shire. 

BEILBY, Knt. Great. June, 1916.— Sm 
C.FOr.oc Thomas Beilby. f-. of Gecrce Thonias 
Ef ilL.y, M.D., of EJinburah. B. 17 ::c,v. ISJO ; 
ed. at private sclioois and Edinburgh. Univ. ; in. 
1877, Emma Clarke, dou. of the l^ev. Samuel 
Newman ; LL.D. Glasgow, F.R.S.. F.C.S., F.I.C. ; 
pres. of Soc. of Chemical Industry 1S99 ; of Inst, 
of Chemistry 1909-12 ; of Inst. of".Metals 1915-16 ; 
memb. of Roy. Comnm. on Fuel and Eneines 
tor the Xavy 1912; chrmn. of Roy. Technical 
Coll. Glasgow ; Scieutific Director of Chemical 
Works in Great Britain ; memb. of Central Cora, 
laitti'e of Board of Inventions and Research 
since 1915. Re.sidence — 11, University Gardens, 
Glasgow. Club — Athenseum. Issue — 

T! ■r>K:-r X.I Beilbv. b. 1«^:: : m. 1909, Hilda, dau. of 

J..;.*'S Bot'o::iley, LL.D.. F.R.S. 

\Vi::iirod .Moller, ni. 1908, Frederick Soddy, F.R.S. 

A' rir^n Univ. 

Map.^. of. 

01, and B:\ron. .Scf Doxegall, 

EELFIELD, S.C.I.I.G. Great. 1914: C.M.G. 
190','. — Sir Hexrv Coxvav BELFirLD. s. of I'.t? 
John Finney Belaeld. J.P., of PrinJ?y Hill, 
Devon. B. 29 Nov. 1855 ; m. 1884. Florence, 
dau. of Rev. James Rathborne, re-. tor of West 
Tytherley, Hants : Barr.-at-law, Inner Templ*^, 
18S0 ; rommnr. of lands and mines. Federated 
:Malay States, 189t^ ; acting Bruish Rcsid.. Se- 
laugor, at various jieriocs from March. 1897, to 
Sept. 1901 : Br. Resid., Ne^ri .Sembilan, April. 
1901. and Selangor, Aug. 1902; Gov. of East 
-Afri.a Prntr»ctorate since' 1912: High Comrai-sr. 
for Zanzibar Protectorate 1914; J. P., Devon. 
Residences — Go\-t. House. Nairobi, Ease Africa ; 
Prin.iey Hill, Pai^iton. Dr-von. Clubs — Junior 
Carl;'.>n ; Ranelagh. Issue — 

L Stafford St. George Conwav Belfleld, b. l?:-7. 

1. A'iolct Enid Jane, m. 19i3, Hamilton Frederick 

BELFIERD K.C.B. (luil.). Croat. 1914 ; C.B. 
1900 : D..S.O. lt'02._LT.-GEN. >;ia Herbeht 
l-:\-E?.sr.EY Beltield, s. of Capt. 'Wiliiam Bel- 
liold. of MalniGins, Gloucestershire. B. 25 Sept. 
1857; ed. at Weilinjrton CoU. : m. 1st, lSb2, 
Emily Mary (d. 1SS3). dau. of the iate Rt. Rev. 
Hibbert Biimey, D.D., Iv.^hop of Nova Scotia ; 
m. 2nd. 19 July, ISSS, Evelyn Mar}-, dau. of 
Albon Taylor; joined 101st Ke=:t. 1870; capt. 
Roy. Munster Fus. 1885 ; mai. 1&93 ; It.-col. W. 
Riding Rcgt. 1897; eol. 1S99 : maj.-gen. 1006; 
It. -gen. 1912; served iu Ashanti war 1895-90 
^despatches, brev. It.-col.); in S. African war 
19ft.i_iiHt2 fde^patchcs tvace, C.B., D.S.O.) ; 
D.A.A.G. Aklershot lSOJ-95: A.A.G; Ald-.r- 
shot 1902-3 :'coind. 4th Infantry Bris. 1903-7: 
coind. 4th Div. 1907-11 ; Director of rrisoners of 
war since 1914 ; col. W. Ridlni; Rest, smce 1909. 
I'vCridence — Fox Lod_'e, A.-h. Surrey. Club — 

I Arniy and Navy. Is.sue — 

; 1. -Mary Clara, in.lJ12, Capt. MejTick Hugh McComul, 

1 B.H.A. 

I 2. EvchT. Monica" Evcr;:k-v, m. 23 Nov. 1013, .^fai. 

; Harold ■ Edniucd FraiiiilvD, M.C. (.S«« Fkanct.YX, 

I Lady). 



BEIGRAVE, Vise. Se,- Westmi.n-sxee, Duke 


BSLHAVEN and STENTON, 10th Bai-on (S.)- 
Crej\t. 15 LV-c. ir)47. — .VijiXANUKR CaARTLHS 
Hamiltck, s. 01 Wiiliain Joiiii llainilton, M.P., 
bv his 2nd '^ife, Hen. r'.lmcrarot J-'rance3, Jau, of 
13ih Vise. Dillon. B. 3 July, iSlO; m. 7 July, 
ISSO.Georgina Katharine, uau. of Let;h Richmonrt ; 
sue. his kinsman 1S93 ; col. late K.E. ; served 
in Zulu Avar 1879 ; rep. Peer for Scotland since 
'900 comd. Surrey Vol. Bricjade 1888-1902; 
F.R.G.S. ; D.L., J.P., Lanark ; mil. meinb. 
Lanark Terr. Force Assocn. J'he lineage of this 
family commsnccs -.vith JoJin Hamilton, -bro. 
c: 1st. EptI cf Arran, whose great-grandson 
received the pe?raQ;o i^r his loyalty to Charles I. 
On the dea+h of 5th Baron in 1777, the peerage 
remained donnant until allowed i:i 1790 in favour 
of William Hamilton of Wi^haw, hei'' gen. of 
I'nd Baron, as 7th Baron, but ngain became dor- 
mant in jSGS on the death of Sth Baron, until 
adjudged by the liouse of Lords in iS75 co the 
9th Peer. The ;^nd and all subsequent Barons 
descend from Sir John Hamilton of Catlzow. The 
8th Baron, -who was Lord High Commr. to tht 
General As-embly of the (^ luircU of .Scotland, was 
creat. a Peer of the U.K. l>s Baron Hamilton of 
Vv'ishaw, but on his death witliout i.-!?ue this title 
became extinct. Residences — \\ishaw House, 
Wishaw, X.B. ; 41, Lennox Gardens, S.W. 1. 
Issue — 
Hoj.-. Raiph Gerard Ai^x.M\-i)r,R IIamixto:--, Master 
OF Belhaves. b. 22 Feb. lfeS3 ; in. 1 .^Ia^Cll, 1904, 
Lady (inzel Winifred Louisa Coclimiwi, dau. of 12th 
Earl of D'liidonald : ^d. At Eton and U.jI.C, Sandhurst ; 
Lt. Co'.. K.F.A., i..:e 2r.d Lli'e "ids. ;.iid Ztd Uu?sar.'»; 
J.P. Lanark. r>osiilcuc.,— Wi,lKV,v Il'.uio,. Wishaw. 
S.B.; 1 .St. .rami *'s Terrace, llfgint'i P.ark, :N'.W. 8. 
Club — Ur.i? "d 'Srrvicc. 
James Hamilton, Oth Bakox Belhatev axd STENToy, 
!i. 2j .\iu. k>l;i; ; ni. 30 Oct. 1S77, GEor-.lXA (R- fideiice 
— 4y, Sioir.j oirJi'n?, S.W. 1. dau. of ^ir John \Vat5on, 
Bt., of Ear:;Dch and Xeilsiaad, Lanarksliire, and d. 
6 Sept. :8y3. Issue — 

1. Hon. L"onorc Agnr-s 'Waison >."isliet, ni. 24 March. 
3903. Cap:, r.obert B.^rras M'h'ttside, A.S.C., who 
d. 20 April, 191.5, on active service in France. [Issue — 
L B.irra9 Xoel ilamikon, b. 1903. 2. Lrslie Hamil- 
ton, b. 190S. 3. Cecil ITaraiiton, b. 1909. 1. Gn>or- 
gina Penelope Hamilton.] Residence — 2S, Lower 
Beigrave .Mr.e;, >.W. 1. 

2. Hon. M.iy Clarke Mary Nisbct, m. 29 April, 1913, 
?2nd Baron H'-mphill. 

73. Hon. Clarice Jes-=ie Evolyn, tn. 12 Dec. 1899. 

Francis, 12th Baron Xapier and E'trick. 
*4. Hon. Muriel Loni=o, la. 29 March, 1310, William 
jfMichaei Jari;e=o:i Martin, Capt. ll.G.A. 
1 5. Hon. Winifri-i MauJ;. 
. «. Hon. lJ..rn hv (l.-iriata, ui. i?3 Anz. lOKi. Maj. 

Bertram AVakl.n-, Lanv.s Ri-et., wl:o died of wounds 
;■ received in .^.ction 11 Feb. 1917. 
.'7. Hon. Grorsina Violet, m. 22 Xov. 1913, James 

C. Sinip=on, licut. R.E., wiio was killed In action 4 

Lee. 1910. Besidcnce— 10.3, Colehcrne Court, S.W. 5. 

ter living of pres. Baron — 

Jyhil Jean, Bister of the Confraternity S.J.B., 


BELL, 1st Bt., of Mynthurst (U.K.). Great. 
25 Nov. 1909. — Sm Hekby Bei.l, s. of John Bell, 
of Glasgow, merchant, b\ Hflen, dau. of John 
Colquhoun, of Luss. B. in Gla-siow, 25 May, 
1S48 ; m. IC, Jan. 1SS3, Lizzie French (d. 19 Jan. 
189r>), dau. of Timothy Courser Eastman, of 
New York, U.S.A.; cd. at the .Vcadeiny and High 
School, Glasgow ; chrmn. of the Buenos Ayres 
Western BAilway, Ltd. ; director of the Buenos 
Ayres Great .Southern Ilaii.vay Co., Ltd., and of 
the Central ITruguay Railway Co. of Montevideo, 
I''d- ; J. P. ijurrey. Residences — Mynthurst, 
H-iirate, Si-.ricv ; 3<i, Hertford Street, :»Iavfair, 
'■■'*'■ 1. Ciub—Kefonn. ls:su.— 

1. EiSTMi.s- Bell, b. 27 Ju'v, 1,-^^4 ; cd. at Winchester 

tad Ojiford (B.A.); Larr'.-at-law, la.ner Temple; 

ctpt. Sur'--v Voo. 

•i. Henry James BcH, b. i> Juiy, 1SS6 : Cupt. Stirrey 


1. Vury putna!:i, n. 10 i'eb." lOiO, Maurice Fitzgerald. 

BELL. 2nd Ft., of Ronnton (U.K.). Great. 

, 21 Ji^ily, IS^O.— Sir (TnoM.As) JIur.H Bi:;ll, s. of 
Ist Bt. B. at WiTirom-ble--, near Xewc-utle- on- 
Tyne, 10 Feb. 1844 ; m. ist, iSo7. Maria, dau- of 
John Shield; in. 2nd, iS7G, Florence Eveleen 

' Eleanore, dau. of the late Sir Joesnh Ollitfe. 
M.D ; .sue. his father 1904 ; ed. at the'". 
Pa-ris, and at Gottingen ; is an ironmaster and 
chernieal manufacturer ; memb. of com. on 
special training for army staff 1906 ; memb. of 
the employers' panel for the Court of Arbitration ; 

^ memb. of the B. of Trade Advi.sory <Jommittee. 
and an Employers' Rep. B. of rrade Indust. 

: Council ; memb. of the Senate of tiie Univ. of 

• Durham; contest. City of London .Jan. 1910; 
I hen. D.C.L. Darham 1900 ; hoa. LL.D. Leeds 
i 1910: J.P. :^[iddlesbrough (Mavor iS74. IS^.'^ 

i and Sept.-Nov. 1911), J.P. and Lord-Lieut. N.R. 
! YoTks : D.L., J. P., Durham (High Sherirf 1895; 
I Pres. York (N.R.) Terr. Force Assocu. Rest- 
' dences — Roimton Grange, Northallerton ; r^Iount 
} Grace Priory, Yorkslure ; 95, Sloane Street, 
I S.W. I. Clubs — Burlington Fine Arts ; Reform ; 
I Automobile. 
! Issae by 1st ra.— 

j 1. Maurice Hugh Lowthian Bell, C.M.G.. b. 
i 20 March, 1.S71 ; It -coi. Monmouth Rcgt. CT.) ; hon. 
capt. in the Armv : has CD.: D.L.. J.P., X.R. Yorks ; 
: served in South Atrica 1900, and in France (despatches 
, twice). R-~idence — Kounton Grange, Northallerton. 
I Club— Brooks's. 
I 1. Gertrude Margaret Lowthian. 
I Issue bv 2nd rn. — 

I 2. Rev. IIu2h Lowthian Bell, M.A. Oxford ; b. 21 
I Oct. 1873 ; chap, to Bishop of Pretoria, S. A'rica. 
I 2. Florence Elsa, m. 8 July, 1907, Capt. Hcri^ert 
! William Richmond, R.N., and has i.ssue. 
j 3. Man/ Katli.irine. rn. 6 Jan. 1904, Charles Philips 

• Trevclyan, M.P. (Club.s— Brooks's ; Nat. Libera!). r.!;d 
has issue. Residences — Cambo, Morpeth ; 14, Great 

j CoUfsje Street, S.W. 1. 

: Sm (l«AACi Lowthian Bell, 1st Bt., b. 15 Ffb. I5I6 ; 
i D.L , J.F.. Kurham ; Hich >}uT\il l.*54 ; J.P. N. V.lhr,! 
I Yorksiiire, and for NeTvra>tl--ou-T-.-ir; : D.C.L., L '..!">. 
, P.R.S., M.P. for Harrlorfcol 187.5-^') . m. 20 JuU-. 1- !2, 
Marsaret (d. 18 Nov. 1SS0>, dau. oi Hu:;h Lie P.utin:-on, 
I F.R.5., of Scots House, Durham, and d. 20 Dec. 1004. 
I Issue — 

! 1. -Sm TH05T.AS Hugh Bell, pres. Bt. 
I 1. Marcaret Florence, ni. 10 Anj;. 1371, Walter Johr.?on, 
, Scots Greys, who d. 9 Feb. 1915, and has issue. 
I Residence — .\rnclitte Hall, Northailurton. 
j 2. Marv Katharine, m. 5 Feb. 1873, Edward, 4th 
' Baron Shcffleld. 

! BELL. 1st Bt.. of Glasgow (U.K.), Creat. 

1 29 Aug. 1S95; C.B. (civ.) 1317. — Sir 

I Jamss Bell, s. of John Bell, of Glasgow, 

j shipowner, by Helen, dau. of John Colqu- 

I houn, of ?Jiddle Ross, Dumbartonshire. B. 

I IG Jan. 1850 : m. 23 Nov. 1S75. Fle'.en (d. 12 

I Jan. 1909), dau. of William Findlay, of Hallhiil. 

i Lanarkshire ; ed. at Glasgow Pligh School and 

Academy ; Lord Provost of Gla'Sgow 1892-6 : 

late Hon. Col. 1st Lanarkshire Pv.V. ; memb. of 

j Roy. Patriotic Fund Corp. : chrmn. Ayr Terr. 

Force Assocn. ; Vice-Lieut, for city of Glasgow ; 

j D.L., J. P., Glasgow, Lanarkshire and A^t. 

Residence — Montgreenan, Kilmarnock. Clubs — 

Carlton ; Junior Carlton : Western (Glasgow). 


1. JOH}* Bell, b. 19 Au^. 1*70; ed. at Upplne- 

ham and Oxford ; J.P. co=:. .^yr and Lanark ; capt. 

AjTshire Yeo. Residence — Montoreenan, AjTshire. 

1. Helen, in. 1 Feb. 1910, charl.js Eucr^^nc Gunrher, 

I Issue— L -Jarnes Henrv. b. V?\2. 2. .rnhn, 

' b. 1013.] Re-id.'.ncei— Toa'T^woodHawkhurst, Kent ; 

59, Princcs's Gate, S.W. 7. 

I EELL.lstBt..o!Franiswood. Creat. ISJuly. 1908; 

; Kaf. B.ich.l902 ;O.B,(c) 1917.— Sm John Chari es 

j Bell. s. of Thomas Bell, of London. H. -1 

; Sept. !S44 : m. l.^^t, IS .Vpril, 18i)7. Ciroliuo Eliza- 

both (d. 28 Nov. 1012). dau. of Th..:MA3 Clare, 

ofEnliold: m. 2nd. 1914. -►•^llon, dau.of John Jiituos 

Burgess Kill ; was partner in the brcwins l:rm of 

Glo\er, Bell .V Co.'. now the W-uiock Brewery 

Co., of wiiich he is Chrmn. and Managing Director ; 

Alderman 1894, Sheriff 1901-2, Lord Mayor 




1907-8 ; D.L. City of Lond-.n ; In-omo tax 
comnr. for City of LotArm ; Pa.^t Master Haber. 
dasliers'. Glover-:' and fanniakers* Cos. ; Past 
Grand V.'orfkii of Ficcir.a.ior.s ; co-opted mernb. 
City of Lor;d>.n Terr. Force Assccn. : Corranander 
Red Eii^Ie of r; imany {Hud eliiss with star); 
Grand OriKCP of I^eciou of Hr.p.our ; J.P. City of 
London and Bucks. Pesidenco — 1- ia;iiew..od. 
Stoke P"i:os, B\icks. Clubs — Junior Carlton; 
City Carlton. T<sue — 

Annie Cirolinc. m. Arthur Thomas Franklin, an I iins 
Issup. llciiclcacu — i, CheEterTerrare, Kegcnt's Park, 
N.W. 1 

B^LL, K.C.M.G. Creat.«. 1915.— The 
Hon. Sir. FHANciilfE.vaY Dii toxB-Li.. K.C..?.oi 
the Int.- Sir Fr^nci.= Di'.lMn Bo!!,, C.E. 
B. 31 March, 1S51 ; cd. at High School, Dunedin, 
and Canib. ; B.A. !872 ; m. 1878, Caroline, dau: 
of Hon. Vv. Kohinson, M.L.C., New Zealand ; 
Barr.-at-law (:\fiHd!e Temple-) 18":4; Crown 
Solicitor Wellinston, N.Z., 1805-1911; M.H.R. 
for City of Vv'eilincrton 1S9.V7 : M.L.C. ?ino© . 
1912 ; rviinisier o» Affairs ar.d of Immi- 
gration 1912—1,5 ; Minister of Immicrration «incf5 
1915; Mayor of Wellinsrton I8!'2.~]803. 1 ?07. 
Residence — Wellinerton. New Zealand. Clubs — 
Reform ; Oxford and Cambridge : Portland, 
and AYellinTton (N.Z.). " • 

BELL, K.C.M.G. Creat. 190s : C.M.G. 1903.— 
Sir Hextcy H-sketh J. Bell, eldest s. of Hetirv 

A. J. Bell. B. Dee. isr.4; ed. in Br-.ip^.-ls anil 
Paris ; ent. Color.ial Civil Service, West Indies, 
1882 ; Senior A^-ist. Trea=nrer Gold Coast, I 
1891 ; Receiver-General and Treasurer Bahamas, ] 
1894: Administrator of Dominica, 1S09-1905;; 
Govt, and Commr.-ir -chief. Utnnda Prot>^ctornte, 
1905-9 ; Govr. of the Protectorate of Northern . 
Nigeria 1009-12; of L^ewan? I<!r.nds i912-]o;' 
of Manritius since 1916: Re.-idt>nce — Govern-' 
ment House, rMauritius. Clubs- — Con=:crvative ; . 

BELL, Knt. Each. Great. 1911. — Sir James! 
Bell, s. of William Bell, of Prescon. Lanes, 
M.D., by Jane, dau. of AVillinm Owens, of Wiek- 
low, Ireland, M.D. B. at Preston. 20 March, i 
1SG6; m. 2 Sept. 189.3. Evelyn Clifford, dan. of I 
Stephen Avcling. of Rochester ; ed. at Preston ' 
grsm. sch. and Univ. Coll. Sch. London ; 
admitted a soli'^itor (1st cl. honours) 1S8S ; asst. 
town clerk of Birmincham 1891-4 : town clerk 
of Leicester 1894-1902. and clerk and solicitor; 
to the Derwent Valley Water Board ; town clerk 
of London since 1902; a li.ur. of the City of 
London; has the 1911 Coronation Medal, and 
holds many foreicm Orders. Residence — riill 
Place, Famhara Royal, Bucks, (.'iub — New. 
Issue — 

James Clifford AreUng Bell. b. 1694 : ileut. K J.A. 
EvehTi M.-.Tv Jovc" Avi-linc. m. 1 1^ •^■■\>i. lUH, LiLUt. 
.\athony Le\is Lockhart, D.."^.©, E.X. 

BELL. K.C.V.O. Great. 1911.— rilAJOR-GEX. 
SiE James .-Vlexaxder Bell, s. of late Col. James 
Gibeme Bell. Ind. Army, and Annie dau. of C. 
Bushby, I.C.S.. memb. of Govr.-Genl.'s Council. 

B. 28 Jan. 1S5C : m. 12 July ISSO, Editli E.,dau. 
of late Col. Robertson, Warwicks Re^t. ; ed. 
at HaiTow : entd. Ind. Army 1S75 ; capt. 1886 ; 
maj. laQO : licut.-col. ll-ijO ;" col. 10ri4 ; maj.- 
gen. 1911 ; Brigade Commdr. and Pohtioal Resi- , 
dent, .\den, I91(V-14. Re-iden'c— A'hmore, 
Rowledpe, Farnham. Siirrej-. 

BELL, K.B.E. Cnat. June, 1917.— Sir Tjio- i 
MAS BzLL.Dep. Cont of Dockyard.? and Shipping. | 

BELL, La>ly (Knt.'s widowV— F.r.i-.rHA Di.\x; 

LY:sDEX-3ELL. K.C.r.LG. Creat Jtme, 1917 ; 
C.B. (m.) M.tlS; C.M.G. i90.'>.— :\i a.t..G.;n-. Srk 
AitTirm Ly>-den--Bkll, s. of Dtl.aj.-Gen. T. Lyii- 
i!>-n-Bcll, of Brookliill Hcu:.e. Wexford, and 
Fiituiv Brad.shawe, dau. of John Mator. B. 2 
Jan. 1867 ; eJ. at Clifton Coll. and R.IM.C. Sand- 
hurst : P.S.O.: m. .*? June. 1903, Hon. Bertiia 
Clarion Akcrs Douc'ao, dau. of Arctas, 1st Vise. 
Ctiilsto'n ; joined the Buffs 1385 : capt. 1394 ; 
maj. 1902; It.-eol. lOOS : col. 1912; niaj.-gen. 
!9!G ; ser^-ed in Chitral Campaign ) S95 : iu 
S. Africa 1898; in S. African war 1899-1900; 
(medal, 2 c!a.sps) ; in Dardanelles exped. 191.=> 
(despatches CB.); in Frr.ncc .since 1915 (des- 
patches 7 times): D.A.Q-M.G. at W.O. 19(XV-o : 
jreu. .-talf Southern Command 1907-11; geu. ctaif 
Lowland Div. lyii-13; gen. starf W.O. 1914; 
has order of St. Vladimir ; Croix dc. Ccmmandeur 
de la T.^crion d'Honneur : Grand OfScer of tho 
Crown of Italy ; Gra- d Officer of Order of the 
Nile. Club — Navai and Military. Issue — 

T:dTLk Thcaias Gtcrcc Ljxacn-Ecl!. b. 20 April, 100".. 


r.IORRISON - BELL, 2nd Bt. (U.K.). Great. 
IS Dec. K'lKj. — Sir. Claude ' Hedi.zy 
Moreisox-Beil, s. of 1st Bt.. b. 5 T.l'ay, lSh7; 
.sue. his father 1914; m. 11 Nov. 1903, Frances 
IsaVel, dau. of lato Col. C Atldnson Locan, Roy. 
Scots, of St. Andrews, N.B.; capt. late .Argyll 
ar:d Sutlierland Hig?danders: J.P. Durham and 
Northumberland. Kosidencos — Hifrhgreen, Bcll- 
ineiiam, Noj thuiri''>er!and ; Balccmlie Tower, 
Bournemouth. Clubs — Carlton ; Army and 
Na\'y ; Confititutional ; Roj*. Autoinobiio ; Nor- 
thern Counties. Is=ue — 

1. CnirT.ES Regi}:.vld Fkancis MOKR-Joy-Bi;;.!., 
b. 20 June, 1 )15. 

1. K.itll-'ii TranrcS. 

2. I'.-iphnf: Fr-iucis. 

3. ViTonira Frances. 

Sir Charles Wu.ltam .Mo.RRisov-BEtT,, IstBt. B. 18 
M^ir.^li. 1>33; m. 1 S. pt- '-f'3. Lou<b Maria, rl lu. of th? 
i.ite William Henrv Dawes, J.P.. of Th-^ Hall. Rpiill- 
worth; assumed adiiition.'il name .-^ad arms of Morrison 
bv roy. lic-ncc 1905: J.P. Wilts. Suss' s and Xorth- 
iimb^riand : D.L., J.P. Darham : F.G.S. and d. 21 Oct. 
1914. I«>U(^— 

J. Sir Clacds Wiill4.m Hedlet Mokrisox-Bell, 

rres. Bt. 

2. Maj. Arthur Clivc Morrison - Bell, late 
Scots Gds., b. 19 April, 1*71 : M.P. (C.) Hnni- 
toii div. of Pevoiifliire since Jan. 19 iO : m. 21 Xov. 
1912, Hon. Lilah K-atheriae .Tulia Winsfleld, dau. of 
7th Vise. Powerscourt. — 7, Great Cnm- 
b-rland Place, W.l; Hartford, Devon. Clubs — 
Gtiard.s' : Carlton. Issue — 

Shelash JocthT:. 

3. Lt.-Col. Ernest. Fi'z-Kcn- .Morriso.a-BHn. Ir-te 9tli 
Lancers; b. 19 Aiiril. l.sTl : M.P. (C.) Aslibarton div. 
of Devonshire 19ns to Jan. 1910. and from D.^^ 1910 : 
m. 12 Xov. 1902 -\lf.ud Ev. Ivn, dau. of l.t.-Col. Franci.s 
Henrv, J.P., of Elmr--tre.', T. tbur\% Gloun -r^-rslare, 
rvo.=ideiices— 5. Cambridsc Gate. N.W. 1 ; Pitt House 
Chudleit'b. Devon. Clubs— Cavalry ; Carlton ; Koy. 
Automobile. I=-ue — 

1. Louise Monica. 

2. Ruth Eveh-n. 

3. Claire Wluihclmii'a Maud. 

4. Mary Ernestine. 

4. Lf-C'jf. Eustact-WiiiariiiztonMorrison-BcU, Westmin- 
ster I'rajoons. lati^ J<i!le Bri2., b. 10 Feb. IS74 : m 4 
Aug. 191 4, Hon. Harri''Tt .Margaret Tnfusis, d,m. of 
20; h B.iron Clinton. Residence — 88, St. James Street, 
S.W.I. Clubs— Armv and Navi' ; Wlute's; Carlton. 

Morrison-Bell, b. 23 Dec. 1916. 

1. Evclvn ]'. ?atricp. 

2. MuriW l;ianclie Gwendoline, m. 10 Mav, 1899, Col. 
John Mii.ileton Ro<:r-r.s. D.S.C.latc 1st Koy. D.-as. ; 
J.P, Hants, and has issue. Residence — River'iill 
UCuSe, Sevenoftks. 

BELL.MHS, Liiily (Knt.'s widow). — Blanche 

iau. of G. Torr. of Garbrai.d H ul, Ew, 11. Surrey ; St. John, dau. of F. A. :\ro.schzJsker, Ph.D. ; ni. 
n. 1882, Sir William Jam.cs Bell. LL.D., J.P.. 1SG7, Licut.-Gen. Sir '.V; 

D.L., nidormnn London C.C. 1903- 
2 April, 1913. Rer.idence— 37-S, f 
Plac9, S.W. 1. 

Iliam Bellairs. K.C.M.G., 
■^i'o d. I C.B., who d. 24 -Tidy. 1913; is authoress of 
Jamei'g , " Go^sip.s with. Maiden.^," etc. Residence — 
1 Clevedon. Somerset. 

pf.rt:' counsellors. KiNianxs. etc. 


BELLAMY, Knt. Each. Creac. 1904. — Sra ' lient.-col. Conn.ia'Jiht. Rangerg, late iieut. 
JciKPfl ARxnrK Ufllamy, s. of Juseph Beiiamy. j oth Drat^oon Gib. ; D.L., J. P., co. Galway ; 
of Plviaouth. ii. t- .'iept. IS-ti ; m. I'O Auk. I^b6, I Jiigh .- i-enff 13S7. Tliis fjitiiih/ is dosoeaded 
Su3an :>Iill (:!• S Aug. i9'->S), davi. of tho Lire VVm. j from a common fincestor -with the Bel'e\v8 of 
Siuill Wills ; is a sliipowner ; flavor of i'l\^nouth ! Burmeath. Seat — Blount Bellow, co. Galv.ay. 
j.jyl_2 ; J.P., Plymouth; chnna. l-'lymouth : Ciubs — St. James's; Kiidare Street.. Isaue 
and Stonehouoe Gas Co.; chairman Sutmn Har- ; living — 

bour Co., and commnr. Ct-tt^jwacer Hui-bour ; ; i. Chap.les CHP.iSTOPflirp. Grattan-Bellew, b. 23 
hus taken an activ:? part iti the pro:notion of i Aug. 18-7: iicut. k.K.K.C. 

jiscitary reforms and tho advocacy oi tecimical 

eJucatioii ; has ordeis ci Charles ill. t^paiu; , 

Orange and Xassi-.u, Netherlands : Meiji Tderit, i 

Jupan. Residence — Yaha, ^lunnainead. Ply- , 

mouth. Issue — \ 

1. Artnur Bellamy, I). 27 r^Iav, ISOd ; laaj. K.F..^. ; 

HI. 19 Anrii, l^'js, Edith, dau. or Wiiluim Tliomas 

iladg'.'. otB'Of.zi.ton J.clai.-, i^atiipy Hill, S.W.'l- 

euce — VL-lvcrtf/n. CiiartS' id AN-Lnu>-, Putafv, S.VF. 1^/. 

1. Ellen, in. lyj4, V.iiiiajn Kjd2 rUts. iti-=idence— 
T.'ioni!i.'H Eoad. MaaCuii-jad. Plymouth. 

2. Jo=<ie, m. 1004, Arrimr Leslie Boly. Kosidenct; 
— Thi, J;ov'T, '^r. (U'v' Hiil, ^ViDchPStcr. 

BELLE W, 4t!i Baroa (I.). Great. 
18-1.8; Bt. U Dec. IGSS. — George 

10 July, 

B. 22 Jan. 18.07 

2. ll.onias Beiiry Orattan-Bellow, b. 9 Llav, 1901. 
.3. -^nliur Joiiu Grattaii-Bullew, b. 2:J May, 1903. 

1. Hcl-?na Barbara. 

2. Moira Jauc. 

3. Angela Mary. 
Sister living oi prei. Bt. — 

1. "Jlary Helcrjr*., m. 7 July, 1SS5, jStli Ba.'oa Saltoun 

BELLINGEAfJ, 4th Bt. <G.E.). Great. 
19 April, 179ii. — -Sir ( Kenry BEruNa- 
HAii. s. oi 3rd Bt. B. 23 Aug. iSiO -, in. Ist, 
13 .Jan. 187-1, .Lady Constanoo juiiii, Eiee.nor (d. 
8 Aprd, 1891), dau. of 2nd Eari of Gainsborough; 
m. 2nd, 11 June, 1895. Hon. Lelgarde Harry 
Florence, dau. of L;idy Grsy de Kuthyn, by 
Augustus Wykehani C'ifton ; sue. his father 1SS9 ; 
ed. at Harrow and Oxford ; 31. A. 1872 : called 
to tho Bar (Lincoln's Inn) 1S75 ; capt. Gtli Batt. 

I : is a rep. peer tor Ire- j j^^,^._ j^j^^ Rities : chamboilain to T.t\. Popes Leo 
:'''i^\ „*I'^^;Y^- .'''^*;, '^;?*,:|xiiL and Pius X.; M.P. Louth lSSO-5 ; H.M. 

! Iieut. and J.P. co. Louth, vice-iieut. 1909-11; 

I cornmr. of National Education in Ireland 1890 ; 

Brva", rt. of tho 2nd Baron, 

sue. his brother 1911 

land ; late rnaj. 1 

served in Afgan War 1S7S-79 ; in the Nile 

expei.l. 18S4-5 ; second in comm. of a Batt. of 

lino. Veu. in 6. Africa 1900; f ^umod the sur- i ;;;;;'j;;-^yg;-;;---;j RoyV Univ."ot"lreiana "(hon! 
name of J>ryan m heu of Bollew 1881 ; D.L.. i ^l.d. 1909); rep. in direct male descent Alan 
J.P. CO. Kilke-my. Residences— Barnipa^thUKStle. ] ^^ BelUngham, tewp. William tho C.^.nau.--ror. 
Dimleer. Ireiant. : ..lenkmstou-n Park, -t^ukcrmy, , .,j^„ j^j,,_-j^ ^^.^^g,^ .j^-rj.gj.^,^j j^j.-jj^ ^1^^ C^,;^^jon^ 
Ireland. Ciub— Army and Navy; Pratta ; lurl ; ] ^g^nh, and rep. Louth in Pari, uninterruptedly 
Kildare St., Dublin. I r^^,,^^ lCCi^-1775. Tho 1st Bt., 2nd creat.. was 

PairicE Bkllzw, ^.C, 1ST B.VKOX BKLtET. b. 29 Jan i ^g^, to William Pitt, and wos creat. a Br. v»-ith 
1793; uj 19.Jan 132-}, Annar, 1Sj7),| - 1 j, tho heirs male of his father, under 

dau. of Den Jo-4 Mana de Mciuloia V -Kios, oi Seville, .• i i • i ti rj„-, „,t,,. ^^^f^r^^A 

»ni a. it' Dee l-i.i; I-^-u. ' which Ins neph. sue. 3 he Baronetcy conierrea 

1. £dw\rd'j^weph Bellew. 2.\-d Boiov Bellew, I on an ancestor in 1U20 became ex. 16.',0 on the 
b. 3 JuTio, !>.;-! : m. 7 tr-.-l.. iS:Jo, Augusta Mary i death of 2nd Bt. Resider.ce — Castle BeUin^, 
(d. 11 May, li)04), of col. George Bryan, H.i'., I co. Louth. Clubs — United Service; L'uiied 
of JtakiJiatovrn, co. Kilkenny, and a. 23 July, 166-3. i University. Issue 


1. ChaklesBestuajiBellkw, SrdBarosBellew, I 
b. 19 April, 1^5,■> ; a r.,-p. p-^er lor Ireland : lii ut. i 
CO. Lcuiii; HicliS!ieri;I lS3j ; late capt. Otli Batt.. i 
Roy. I:ish Billys ; m. 8 AU2. ISS3, MILDRED .MAr.Y | 
Josephine (KesideiiCf- — B.-.rmea'^^h Ca-^tle. Dnnleer, | 
CO. Loutli), dau. of >ir Hiiiunl'vcv do irarlord, 2nd I 
Bt., and d. IJ July. lyu. | 

2. George Leopold Br.v.-.y, pros. Baron. 


b. 31 July. 1?5S ; tu. ist, zr Oct. 1537, Ada Kate | 
(d.20 :!tt''.. ; -•■•^!, d.tu.of tile late U. P. GUbuy, of , 
Stan • . I : , M. 2nd, 30 *»'ov. 1,>9.'J, Gv/en- i 

do!..' ., , ■\iue. dau. of Wiliiani U- .rji'iald 

J. i'. ii ••■ r , : L . J.r., oi Clytl.a, Monmouth- i 
sliire. I;f.-il^n.e — Mount Firoda, Castiecomer, i 
00. Kilkennv. issiv '-v l.<t n:. — 

1. Edward II(jnr\ B. i: .v, „. Ci Feb. 18S9 ; li^ut. j 
K.N".\.R. U1U; ni. -0 Juiy, 1912, Barbara Helen | 
Mary, o. dau. of Henry Farnhaiu Burke, C.V.O., 


BELLl.vr.HA.M, D. .0., b. 20 Jan. 1879 ;ri. 11 June. 
1904, Cliarlotie F.Iiiabah, dau. of Alfrnl Payne, and 
wiilo" of Fr ' ti;:; ■,.■ -'.Jh : l.'tt- it.-col. Uoy. Dub. Fu3. 
and Rov. . - ■. r,-i in S. African war lSd9 ; 
late sec. f;r!.!'i i ■ -.i, Guatemala. 

2. The late Lj^r. J.,'_ r Charles Noel Belliujiham. 
R.F.A., b. 2-j Aurii, l;r4 ; A.D.C. to the I,ord-.Lieut. 
of Ireland 1912-14; ;ii. IS Jan. 1910, Alice Ann, 
dau. oi the late Richard Nuish, of Ballyruilea, co. 
-Liirerick, and wxs killed in action 4 Jlarch, 1915. 
Issue — 

1. Roger CarroU Patrick Stephen BeUingham, b. 23 


1. Constance Catlv-rine Mary Pia. 

1. Ida Marv Elizahotli Agues, a nun Of tlie Order oi 
the IFMv Ciiild. 

2. Aupu.sta Maty Monica, m. 6 Jidy, 1905, John, 4th 
Marq. oi But'-. 

CB.',' Norrov Kins of Anns. I Sir Ala.v Edward Bellin-gham, 3rd Bt., D.L., M.A., 

2. Bryan Bertram Bellew, M.C., b.ll June, 1890; j b. 8 Oct. ISOO ; in. 1:: Jan. 1.-41, Elizabeth (d. 11 April 
Iieut. .->. ]ri=li H.'is-. ; lSS7),o. c. of Henrv Clarke, of Wi'st Skirbeck House, 

1. Guendaline Ada, m. 19 Oct. lOlC, Hugh Lloyd j Lincolnshire, and d. 19 April, 1.-S9. Is.sue — 
Thoifas, S c. in Dip!on::;tic S rvice. i 1. Sm Alan Henry Belli.vouam, pres. Bt. 

~ "^ '- ■" ' 2. The late Rev. William Claypon Bellinghara, b. U 

Xov. 1S47 ; rector of eo. Loutii : m. 22 Aug. 
1878, Su=an Caroline ( Residence — Dunany, Dunleer, 
CO. Loutlij, duu. of \'en. Ami rii-^e Power, Aichdn. of 
Lismore and d. 3 Oct. B_->y2. Issue — 

1. Eudo William Alan Belhagiiam, b. 1884. 

1. Vera Surau. 

2. .^.liC'; Maiiaii. 

1. AHct^ Scpiiia, ni. 2i Juiy, I8ii4, Sir Victor A. Brooke, 

2. Charlotte Mary. in. 8 Feb. 1872. Kt. Hon. Frederick 
8trii; -T Wivi'ch. P.O. 

3. F.-i' s A . •• .fane, m. 29 July, 1869. Richard 
A!':i' .;.' -: . ■ '. :nid lias issue. 
4 \ - M M iu 3 Nov. 187.'). MontRCU Yeats- 

GRATTAN - EZLLEW, 3rd Bt. iU.K.^.^ J'^' ''''■''•• '^-i;-^- ;T^',;'V':^';"'"w'il^ 
Cr.-at. 1.0 Au-. 1838.— Sir Hu.M'.v C.iRisXOruER ; 1=-^ ■•■•■■'■- l^-~id-nce-Il Casteho, Portoiuiu, itai> . 
Gp.attan-Bkxxew. s. of late Thomas Arthur BELHORE. 5th Earl. Croat. 20 Nov. 1797; 
Grattan-Bollev-, and Pauli.v'. dau. co-h.'iress' Vise. Bclinorc. Doc. 17S9 ; Baron Bciroore, 
fi late irlcnrv Gr.atfm. M.P. B. 1 -Juiu-. 1S';0;;(; Jan. ITal (L). — Ai'Uak .LovrpY-CoRrvY, s. oi 
m. il F.b. IS.-^o, L;.d.y .SmViu.-v Maria Elizaboth.i 4tl) Ke.rl. B. ;> -"^lay, 1S7U; trUC. his father 
duu. of 7th E. o{ GrauarU ;' 6U0. Id* uiiclo 1S67;" 1913; ed. at Winchester and Triu. Hall, 

2. Ada Kate, m. 1 March, 1917, Charles Barry 
£ Domville. Residence— LoughlinstowTi, co. Wick- 
' low. 

Issue by 2ud m. — 

3. Riciiard Courtenav BeUcw, b. 16 July, 1893; 
2!:d licut. 1 ish Ga^r.H. , 

4. George Rothe B^n-:}vf. h. 13 Dec. IS 'y. 

5. Patrick Fi- rV)ert B-llew. b. •_ Aprd, 1 ■<):,. ; 

1. Hou. Aniiaf>ella Marv. iii. 18 Juiie. l.-.'.7, Lt.- | 
Gen.Coayerb r'W-„-r,C.l5.,'wh-i d. I .M,\icii, 1 :iV.i. ) 

2. lion. Fcrnhia Maria .V....--u;i!' na, in. 7 .May, I 
- 1S32, Capt. tlij Hon. Ev.r.ard M-urtou, wiio d. i 
? 20 Feb. lji-9, an<i issue (see MuWBllAY, B.). I 
g Residence — Soiilhgate, Casdeh' lllnsbaiii, co. Louth. . 




Camb., JI.A. 1895 ; barr.-at- 

1897 ; D.L., J.P., C.C. Fermanagh (Hicrh Sheriff 
1535); J.F, Tviv'tie (Tligl. S/ieriil lyol); late- 
Capt. FvOj . InriiskiUing Fus. The 1st Peer : 
was Armar I.iowry, wiiose father assumed i 
the iiaiv.e of Corry ; the family of Lovrry emi- 
grated from Scoc'iand. Rosldoiico — Costl-icoole, 1 
Eiin;'--K-iII'-p, FemiP.naeh. Clubs — Cai-lton ; North- , 
ern Counties, Fermanagh; Co. Cavan ; Tjroae 
Co.; Dublin Uni\er~!ty 

ARV.AR Lo'sniY-CoRRV, 3RR Earl Bklmore, b. 28 Dec. i 
1801 ; m. 27 May, liSt, i;niily Louise (d. 3 .Tmi. 1904), 
d&u. and co-heir of 'SVUHara Shepiierd, of Bradbourn, i 
Kent, and d. 17 hcc. 1S45. Issue — ; 

1. SoME-isrr lacEAKi' LoTOir-Cciir.Y, 4rH Ejoil 
BELMtaiii, b. » Apr;;, 18K P.O., I. (Uv>7), O.C.M.G. ; 
M„A.. Canih., M.Pv.I.xi.^; a rep. peer ior iiftv-?is v.ars ; - 
tender .S..C. of ritate riome Bept. 1866-7 ; ""lev. .and : 
CL.niir,.":.-;ii-Ciuf, X.S.VT. 1867-72; oae oi tlio Lords 
Ju-ticts ior ],'.laiid on many occasions : v.\. 22 Autj. , 
1861, Ann2 Er.iziEETK HoKOKiA (Kesidencc — CastU,-- 
cooK., I>'ni-r:;i!.^u;, dau. of Capt. Jonn Xoilson Gkvl- 
stoae, R.N., M.P., and d. 6 April, 1913. I.<;sue 

1. Lo.VET-Cor.UY, pres. £.\rl. 

2. HoN.CEi-n- Lowf<Y-CoRaT,HErRPF>ES.,b.20March, i 
1S7S ; ed. at\Ve!l!r.?:ton ; Hi'/a Sheritf Tyrone 1013 ; j 
Besidence — CnsUecoolc, Enniskillen. Clubs— i"er- I 
nwnagh; Tyrone Co. | 

1. Lady Theresa. i 

2. Lady Florence, xn. 12 Oct. 1893, Lt.-Col. John ' 
Henry Edpp. [I;su.- living— 1. George Wilfred, b. i 
irO:3; 1. Christian Florence. 2. Xorah Madeline.] ; 
Residence, l.olmdene, Cheltenham. ; 

3. Lady ,Mar/. 4. Lady Winifred. ; 
5. Lady Violet. 6. Lady M.irjaret. i 
7. I^Oy t)o^o^■ly. 8. Li'dy Kafi'lt'.-n. ! 

2. .Adm. the Hon. Armar Lowry-Corrv, R.N. (ret.) ! 
I.. 25 May, 1836 ; k. 8 T'eb. l,Hf><. 0' rr.ldine ^i. S .Tan. 
190.5), dau. of Janios Ki;.;; Kins, M.P., of Staunton ' 
pArk, Herefordsbire, liOb^iUtncj — 15, Wr.rwick i 
8r,uare, S."W. Club — united Sen-ice. Issue ii\in^ — I 

1. Arthur Lowry-Corrv, b. 21 I't.b. lS('i9 ; ni. 7 Doc. i 
1897, Kate Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Jaues Builen. ! 
Refidenee— S.>;;side, Ort-.'nn, U.S.A. 

2. Rev. Ger.ald Lov.n'- Corry, b. 24 Ane. 1''71 ; 
R.C. Priest; late lieut. 2tid Batt. Chesliirc Eegt. , 
Address — Ti.e Oratory, Bror.ipton, S.W. o. i 

3. Capt. Adrian Lowrv-Corry, A. Ord. Pept., late i 
Lieut. Roy. Vf . Kent Rest. ; b. 11 Feb. 1876 ; served I 
In S. African ^ar 1901-2 ; m. 11 Feb. 1909, Gerald- ; 
fee, dau of William Thomas Hartcup, of Eastwood, ! 

Inner remple, Residence — Kitirrstoa Hull, Derby. Clubs- 

Bachelors' ; Carlton ; Marlborough. ' Tissue — 

1. Ho.v. At.exandeh Ronald George SiRtJir, b. 23 
April, 1912. 

2. Hon. Michael Strutr, b. 31 Oct. 1914. 
1. lion. L-iviuu .^lar>•. 

BT. f£0X LDWAP.D faTRrXT. 1st r.-VRON- Bet,per b "6 
Oct. 1801 ; Lord-Lieut, of Notts; m. 2^ March, 1837, 
Einiiy(d. 12 Dec. 1690), dau. of William Otter, D.D.' 
Bishop of Cnichester ; M.P. for nearly a quarter of ii 
century for Derby, Arund?!, and Xottincham ; Chief 
Commissr. of Railways 1846-48 ; Ch<iiicelior of tiie 
Duchv of Lancaster lS.13-54 ; d. 30 June. l6S0. fo^nc 

1. llENRY MRCTX, 2ad Ba1!0.\ B.ELPEH. B. 20 May 
1840; m. 2 .M:iy. 1S74, Lady Margaket Coke (Resi- 
d'rnce— SI, Cado:4an Square. S.W. 1.). dur. oi Thomas 
2nd Ear! ot I,' ic-s'er ; and d. 24 J'!lv, 1914. Ls^ue-- 

1. ALGERNoy Hexry Strctt, pi OS. Baron. 

1. Hon. Norah. m. 20 Nov. 1911, Maj. Robert Lee 
Morris, .Tnd. Anny. . 

2. lion. Lilian, la. tO Jan. 1901, Vernon Austen 
Malcolmscn, E.A., J.P. (Club— Brooks's). (L=;sue 
li\ing— i. Ian Donald, b. 1907. 1, Elspeth Mnry. 

2. ^'ancy Moireach.j llesidonce— Aston Bury, 
Steven; 5?, 

3. Hon. Hilda, m. 23 Oct. 1906, Charles Israel Loraine 
Allix. M.A., D.L.. J.P. (Club— Juu. Carlton). 
[Issue— 1. Mary Diana. 2. Pamela Kachel.] Resi- 
dence — Penraadown, St. Germans, Cornwall. 

4. Hon. Margaret. 

5. Hon. Muriel, m. 30 Nov. 1916, Ilaj. F. H. Horns- 
by, R.F.A. 

2. The late Hen. Arthur Strutt, b. 3 March, 1842 : m. 
22 April. 1S73, Alice 3Iary Elizabeth (Residence— ^ 
Milford House, Bournemouth), dau. of Ambrose Lisle 
Marcii Fiullips de Lisle, of Garendon Park, and Grace 
Dieu .Mriio-, ar.d d. 6 Fvb. 1l<;7. Issue- 

Capt. Edward Lisle Strutt, 3id Batt. Rov. Srots, 
b. 8 Feb. 1874 ; served in S. Africa ; m." 10 Oct. 
190.5, Florence Nina, dau. of John K. Hollond, M.P., 
of Woiiham, Baniptoa, Devon. Clubs — Travellers'"; 
White's ; Alpine ; _N'e-v. 

1. Hon. Sophia, m. 7 Sept. 1869, Sir Henry Denis Le 
Marchuit, 2nd t^l., who d. 1915. 

2. Hon. Caroline, m. 30 Aug. IS70. Sir Kenelm 
Edn;ird Dijbv, C,C B., who d. 1916. ' 

3. Hon. Mary Emily, m. 1st. 21 .\utr. 1S72, Henrv 
Mark Gale Gale, of Scnitoa Hall, Yorks, and has 
issue ; m. 2nd, 8 April, 1893, Henry Handford, M.D. 
and has isf ue. Residence — Elmti.-ld, P.outlr.voU, Notts' 

4. Hon. Ellen, m. 22 Oct. 18>5, George Murray Smith, 
D.L., J.P.. and has issue. Residence— Gumley Hallt 
Market Harborough, 

BELSEY, Lady (Knt.'s widow). — Kate Mokf.i- 
soN Foster, of New York, U.S.A. M. 1897. Sir 
Francis Flint Bclsey ; Mayor of Eochester 1S79 
and 1SS5; for 10 yeurs co-opted menib. Kent 
Education Committee ; chaimian Council Sun- 

Old Catton. Isiu 
Galbralth Armar Low->--Corry, b. 14 April, 1913. 
Dorei-n .Stella 

4. Hubert. .Armar Locr>--Corry, b. 22 May, 1681. 
Assist, districr C oii n., U^ mda. 

5. Capt. Walter Lowrv-Le.rry, b.6 March, 18S.'>:23rd 
Punjaub Cav., Indian Army ;; served in .>onialUaud, | day Sch. Union for 20 yrs. ; J.P. Kent ; wlio d 

1. Rosamond Florence. T^ ^^^^V' ^214. Residence- Abbotsley, Deal. 

2. Muriel, m. 4 March, 1005. Alesan.ier Wallace Gil- ; '^*-°t. 

mour, and ha.s i.?suc. Itrsidencis- A<tlev Abbotts, I •R'P\'AT?VQ TVTnhjiniT n? rmv r.-^nf lor.o 
Shropsiilre; 4, L-pp..r B.lRrave Street, S.W.i. i «^--JN AKr^S, iTiaiiaraja Of, G.C.I.E. Creat.1898.— 

3. Evelyn, m. 30 April, 1507, Charles William ' i?'^^' -^'^'^;^-'^ ^°^ Pbabhu >.ar.ayan SrsGH 
O'Conor and -lias issue. Residence— riie Kock, Lug- 1 ■'^'*-"^^^"^- ^- -^ Nov. 1855; sue. his uncle 
wardine, Hereford. j 1889 ; is entitled to a salute of 13 guns. Pvosi- 

8. CoL the Hon. Henrv- 'VNilliam Lowry-Corry, late | denccs — Rumnagar ; Chakya, Mirzapur Benares 

Colds. Gds., previously coinmda. l.;ih K. (;im(:atal | State ' 

Dist. (Bury St. Edmunc's) ; b. Co June. 1S45 ; D.L., j 

J.P., C.A., Suffolk; vice-clirnia. juifolk T.F..\. ; ! 'Rr'KPmiT To-^rr irr„i- '^ „-j n -c 

M.P. for Co. Tyrone 1873-SO ; M.A. Cand.. ; m. 21 I Tt- .^ .„ ' ft^ ^ «'■ I ^"ipw) — Eliz.abetk 

Sept. 1876, Hon. Blanche Edith Wood, dau. of 1st I V- '^r .^^^- "^f Henry Bird, of The \ineyard. 

Vise., G.C.B. Residence— Edwardstone Hall, ^^'^^"^ee- -M- -7 Apnl, 1892, Sib He>tiy 

Boxford, Suffolk. Clubs— Carlton; Tnivclicrs". Issue — ' Benbow, Chief Inspector of Machinery PwN. ; 

who was b. o Se; 
1902 ;D.S.O., 1S91 ; 

1. Emily Mary, m. 1 Feb. 1911, Sir Richard ^ehoa \^\''J''p, *?: "'^ ^°'- 
Rycr.iift, .5tii Bt. " j House, K-istbourny. 

Muriel Caroline. 


1. Capt. Henrv Charles Lowrv-Corry, M.C., R.F.A 
b. 20 Feb. T837. 

1838 : crcat. X.C.B. (mil.) 
served in Nile Exped. L8S4- 
1916. Residence — Osborne 
Issue — 

2. AUce traneob I.ouls.i. I 

1. Lady Loui.=r. Ann, m. 14 June, I860. Lt.-Col. Richard I 
Henrv- Ma.'vias 3ord R. ;t. who d. 4 Au.'. is;0 j BENDIGO (Victoria), '2ad) Lord Bishop of. 

?1^d^^cJES^S?^^^,;\s70. Wiinam J^^^i^^" ^f ^'^^^ Z^-', ^ohx I^rsK 
Edward King-Kins. cfSta-jntoa Court. Hereiordb.Mre f;^"^-"' D.D., o. of Henry Laneley, ot Bally 
who d. 10 March, 19U, an 1 has issue. Residence— ^ I i^""' ^vaterfoni, and Isabella, duu. of Rev. 
OTHftontitry, Her. lord. : Henry Arciidsi 11. B. 183t", ; m. ISoC, Louisa, 

■a-r^r-oTT, oj T, Trr^, r. .^ . idau. of John 11. Ke-ys; ed. at Trrtmore School, 

EFLPER, ard Baron lU.K.l. Creat. 29 Aug. j Trin. Coll.. Dublin, and Moore Theolosical Coll. 
UNO.N iiESKY SxHTrTT. s. of 2nd ' Sydney ; ord. June 1873, priest DecT 1873; 


;ron. B. a Mny, 1>;83 
patron of 3 livings: 
lat<3 Notts I.Y. ; n>. id 
Icabol Jlarian, dau. of 

sue. his lather 191-i ; ' inenmbent St. D;tvid'.s. SvJaev. 1875-82, and 
cpt. 2iid L:te Gi.s.; rector of St. Philip's 1882-1907: chap, to 
April, i9il. Won. Eva j Archbishop 1833 ; arciideacon of Cumberland 
2iid baron Abordare. 1895 ; canon St. Andrew's Cath., Sydney. 1902 




Residence — Bishop's Court. WhiteHillB, Bendigo. 
I::r-i& — 

1. Henry Archdall Lanciey, Solicitor, Sydney. 

2. John Iluds'jn Lau^riey, of the Paciiie Pho3phatcs 
Co., Ocivin liiand. 

3. Frederick B^rk'-T Lacgley, an oficor ci the Legis- 
lative j^ssembly, Sydney. 

1. Mar." Aplira ni. Charles Patterson, accouutaut, oi 

2. Isab'L-I Edwar 1?9 d'. K<'t. Scaflfid Douehar. 
S. Louisa Elizab.ih. 

BENEDERALOCH, Baron, ^■ie Fbi:aua-lbake, 

ilAT.Q. OP. 

SENCGTJGII, S.C.B. (mil.). Great. 19CS ; 
C.B. (n?.i\.) 1&'5G. — iiAj.-G£s. Srr. Haecoi^tit 
McBxri-R Bekgough, s. of the late Geoige 
Beiigough, of the Ridge, Glos, and Aane, dau. 
cf Capt. J. C. Caq^enter, K.H., R.X. B. 25 
Nov. lSS7 ; m. 22 Dec. 18TG, Christina, dau. of 
H. J.Icvbery, of Brecon, S. Wales ; ed. at Rugby ; 
ent. 77th Regl. ISoo, cjI. 1883, maj.-^en. fsOl, 
ret. i80S ; served in the Crimea, the Zulu cam- 
paign 1878-9 (de>patche?, medal, brev.-lt.-col.), 
aud Burma esp-^dition 1885-6 (despatches, 
C.B.) ; A.A.G. INIadras 1882-7 ; in command 
2nd class dist. Madras Army 1887-Si ; commdg. 
troops in Jamaica 1S93-4, and first infantry 
Brig, at Aldershot 1894—7. Residence — Hyde 
Bra*-, Chalford, Gloucestershire. Issue — 

1. Harcourt Georre Lionel Benrou^h, b. 22 Nov. 1877. 

2. Xe\il'3 Ste^v,\rt I^arcrourt jjen.ouih, b. 6 June. 
1893 ; liciit. Wtl?h Pvist.. ; m. 2 l;-.c. li>16, Gladys 
Ella, dan. of James Williams, of Dakota, Aboyne. 

]. Ina Violet. 

BENN.Bt. Creat. 15 July, 1914; Knt.Bnch.190B. 
— Sir .Joir-N- \Vii.T.iAiis Bexx, s. of ihe 1<(\-. Jnlius 
Beim, bv Ann. dau. of William Tnvlor, of G-rrnrds, 
rh-<hire. B. 13 Nov. IS.iO ; m. IJuIy, 1871. Lily, 
ilaii.of late JolmPickstone, of Hyde, Oiicshire ; ed. 
privately ; i.* a newspaper proprietor ; niemb. of 
London County Council since its establishment in 
ISSO; vice-chmm. 1895-6; chrn^n. 1904; Tvl.?. 
St. Georrre's-in-the-East 1892-5. and Devonport 
1904-10; D.L.. J. P. London. Residences — The Old 
Knoll, Blackheath, S.E. ; Crowborough, Sussex. 
Club — National Liberal. Issue livine — 

1. Ernest John rick^tone Bonn. b. 25 June, 1875 ; 
m. 3 Jan. 1903, Gi-cndolin-^ Dorothy, dau. of Frederick 
Mav .Andrew-?, of Ed_-b;if'on, 

2. \Vllliam Wed^^ood B. nn,D.S.O. b. 10.Mav.l877; ed. 
in Paris and .".t Univ. Coll., London, B.A. 1S9-! ; M.P. 
(L.) St. Georce'3 div. Towpr Han-kts since 1900 : a 
Junior Lord of th* Trep.sun' since 1910 ; rep. of II. .M. 
Office of Work' in Ho'i=e of Co'nr.'ons sjnc-^ 1912. 
hon. capt. Middlesex Hussars. Residence— The Old 
Knoll, Blacklieath. 

3. OUver Williams Benn, b. 11 July, 1887; capt. 
Somerset L.I. 

1. Lilian Margaret, m. 3 June, 1905, Cecil Eldred 

2. Eliza Irene, m. 7 Dec. 1912, Arthur Kiehard Pain. 

BENNET. See Taxxebville, Eabl or. 
BENNETT. Knt. Bach. Creat. 1914; CLE. 

1900. Sm COT-RTEN.\Y W.VLTEK BeXN-ETT, 8. o£ 

John Nicholas Bennett, of Ford I'ark. Plvniouth. 
B. at Plj-mouth 11 May, ISbo ; in. Edith, dau. 
of John Peter Leay, of Liverpool ; vice-consul 
Panama 4 Oct. 1S7G, and acting consul th.:^re at 
intervals from 1872-82 : consul Guatemala 13 
Feb. 1883, acting consul-ren. there during 1884 ; 
conf^ul at P'.io Grande do bui, Brazil, 10 J;in. 1835, 
•ind to Reunion 1 March, ISPO ; employed on 
P'.'.blie service at Paris concerninc Indian Coolie 
L.nmigration ; and transferred as co.-isul Bilbao, 
8nain, 9 June, 1900 ; consul-qen. Sui Franci'^co 
U Nov. 1901-?.uiy, lf'..i7. pointj tl.r.r:idi the 
f-arthquako and lire of 1900, 'and at New York 
1907-16 ; fello^T of Roy. Colonial Inst. Resi- 
dt'nce — British Con-wlate Genoial. 17, State 
.Sireet, N.Y. City. Clubs- Calumet : Down 
lown. Issue — 

L Arthur RiisseU Bennett, b. 13 .May, li^So ; Imp. 

IwUat CoEtoui.^ Bombay. 

2. Lieut. Frederick Walter Bennett, R.N". b.26 April, 

' 3. Lieut. Alwi Coiirtenay Bcnnetf., It.lS'. b. 20 June, 
' 1S91, 

1. Edith Mand. 

i BENNETT, Knt. Bach. Creat. 1912.— Sra 
! Fban-cis SowEi-VBY, s. of late Josenh 

Bennett, M.P.. of the Cedars, Louth, Lincoln, 
I and Maria, dau. of Francis Sowerby, of Ayl?sbv, 
': Grimsby, Lincoln. B. at Gri.-n.sby 9 Oct.' 18G3 ; 
• m. 11 March, 1891, Julia Elizabeth, dau. of 

T.homas Ouriton, or Hcimctieid, Pontefrcot. 
i Yorkshire ; J. P. for parts of Lindsay and for 
I Grimsby ; partner in flr:n ci Bennetts & Co., 

timber merchants, of Grimsby. Residences — 

Fryston, Grimsby ; Oxcombe ilanor, Homcostle. 

Issue — 
■ 1. Bodirick Sotrerby Bennett, b. 7 Oct. 1898. 

2. Michael Vrharrani Bennett, b. S 1903. 

1. Kuril Ousioii. 

, 1. Ruth Ouston, m. 19 Jan. 1915, Norman Edmund 

2. 'lary Eleanor. 

BEIiNETT, K.C.V.O. Great. 1.901.— Sra 
William Hr.NRy Bennett, s. of William Francis 
Bennett, of Chilmarlc, Wilts, and Selina, dau. 
of Ilenrv Self, of Fonthill. B. 1852 ; m. 1st, 
18S2, Isabel Lloyd (d. 9 Sept. 1911), dau. of 
Thomas Dickinson : m. 2nd, 1914, Gladys 
' Florence Stewart, dau. of Rev. Allen Stewart 
, Hartigan, of St. I/'onards-on-Sfa : is F.R.C.S. 
Eng., and a consulting s^u-gcon ; H.M. inspector 
; of anatomy ; consulting surgeon to St. George's 
1 Hosp., to the Hosp. of St. John and St. Elizabeth, 
I to the Grosveiior Hospital for ^Vomen and 
I Children, and to Osborne; consulting sr.rgeon 
I Seaman's Hcspitai, Greenwich. ; vice-pres. 
Seamen's jciospiial Sec.; formerly merab. of 
court of examiners Royal College of Surgeons cf 
1 England, and examiner in surgery Camb. Univ. ; 
, pres. Incorp. lust, of Hygiene : .surg.-in-ch. St. 
I John's Antb. Bri'^r.: chrmn. I.'n-.alid Children's Aid 
I Assoc. ; K.G.H.Sr.-I.J.E. ; cojnr. of the Order 
1 of the Redeemer of Greece 19U4 ; is mernb. of 
various learned societies, and author of teveral 
treatises on surizical subjects, etc. Residence — 
I 3 Hyde Park Place, W.;2. Clubs — Athenneum; 
, Junior Carlton; Royal Automobile. 

CUHTIS-BETJNETT, Larly rivnt.'e widow).— 

; Emily Jane, dau. of Frederick Hughes- 

; Hallett, of Brooke Place, Ashford, Kent : m. 15 

Aug. 1878, Sir Henry Curtis Bennett ; ctiief Met. 

Police mag. 1913, previous iv West London 

1SS6-95, Marvlebone 1895-1905. Westminster 

I 1905-8, Bow Street 190S-13 ; who d. 2 June, 

191.^. Residence — 118, Lexham Gardens, W.S. 

Issue — 

1. Henrv Hon^-wood Ciirtis-Bfnnett, b. 31 July, 
1879 : m. 4 Ajril, 1903, Elsie, dau. of A. .A.. Dangar, of 
Baroona. Whiftinsjham, X.SW. Residences — Bor?- 
hara Lodge, Bor.ham, Chelmsford ; 10, Burv Street, Issue- 
Frederick Henrv Curtis-Bennett, b. 29 Feb. 1904. 
: Elsie Ann, b. 20 Jan. 1910. 

I 2. Francis Noel Curtis-Bennett, b. 14 Mav, 1SS2; 
j m. 11 Juno, 1910, Ethel .Alav. dau. of Walter Radford. 
' Residence— :;9. Queen's Gate Terrace. S.W.7. 
' 3. Violet MurieL 

BENSON. See Chabxwood, Baron. 
'. BENSON, Knt. Creat. 2May,1916.— SibFkank 
1 Benson, s. of the late William Benson, of Alre.=5- 
, ford. Hants. B. 4 Nov. IS-'iS ; ed. at Winchester 
; and New Coll. Oxford ; m. 1»S0, Constance, dr.u. of 
, J. Fethe'rstouhaugh. Is an actor manager ; founder 
j of the Benson 'Jornjian}', vhicli has produced m.any 
; of Siiakosptnre'M plnvs ; ''•-'.s knichtrd on the 
' oocasiuu of tLo eelebratit :i of the tercentenary 
'. of Shakespeare's death. Clubs — Bath : Garrick; 
' Green Room. Issue — 

'• The late Lt.-Col. in V. li ; a Benson, E.R.R.C, 
i b. lSb7 ; r.i. 17 .,';: . ■'- ■ Ann.;, dau. oi the 

I late lUctiard Xa\ iri : 1 in action In iranca 

I loJ^ept.ieiS. 'lie.,: - — -i, Lorkeiey Square, ^^. J. 

Bryabiiri Lu':y. 



BENSON, Knt. Bach. Croat. 1912.— Sir (Johx) BERESFORD, ist Baron (U.K.). Great. 29 
AWTP.EY BtJN-so.N, s. of I'rt'f. (Jl.arie.-i Benson, Jan. lOlo; G.C.B. (rriii.) li'll: G.C.V.O. i90e ; 

M.D., of FitzniiiifiTn Square. Dublin, ox-prci. 
of Roy. Coll. oi t'urcr., Ireland, and Mariu. duu. of 
MauDiell AiKlrows. J. P.. of Ratheunv. Kliij^'dCo. 
B. in Dublin. 28 Feb. iS43 ; in. I G June. 1S7I 

iv.C.H. (mi!.) iy03 ; K.C.V.O. 100.3 ; C.B. 
(mil.) iSSr.. — Charles William De la Poek 
BEnESFOan, s. of the 4lh Marquis of Waterford. 
B. 10 Felj 184C : m. 25 Juno, I87S. jlina. 

Dorothy A. Downing, dau. oi Rev. Thomas Power, dau. of Richard Gardner, M.P. for Leiceste. , 

eorneiime reccor of Clashinore. co. Vraterford ; lieut. R.X. IS'JS; comr. 1S7.5 ; oapt. 1882; 

aftenv ards incumbent of Teni^Icree, CO. 'I'ipperary; rear-adm. 1897; vice-adm. 1902; adm. 1906; 

ed. privately and at Trin. Coll. Dublni, first, ret. I'Jll ; coniina'ided H.M.S. "Condor" at 

honours in science, il.D. l)»7-t ; late physician, bombardment of Alexandria, 1S82, and as Gov. 

now con.sulting physician t6 Roy. Citv of Dublin re-torod order and put oat ■jon£ia;;ration caused 

Hospital, and of :*lnn!cstou-n Hospital ; pres. of by Arabs (despatches, medal, clasp, bronze, 

Roy. Coil, of Phvs., Ireland, lOli-IJ; ined. 3rd class Medjidie) ; has three medals for .-saving 

adviser for Ireland to H.-Al. Colonial Off. ; and hfe ; served on Lord VvVibole> "si staff inXik expoT 

to tlie Tiansvaai Govt. ; hon. J.L.D. Dublin dition 1884— 5, and in command of bteamor 

Univ. 1912. Residence — -57. Fitzwiiiiam ^flua^e, 
Dublin. Club — University (Dublin). 

BENSON, Ent. Bach. Creat. ISOfi.— Sm Ralph 
SiLLEP.Y BexsO-s. s. of Prof. Ciiarles Bt-nson. pros 

" Satia " on Xile was means of rescuing Sir C. 
^\ ilion and party as well as saving whole column 
by ac'.ion at \Vad-el-Habi.:hi (despatches twice, 
C.B.); Junior Lord of tho Admiraitv 
18St'>-S8 (res. on question of strength of Jleet)'; 

R.C.S. Ircl.. .M.D., and Maria, dau oi -M lunsel a Xaval .\.D.C. to H.M. Queen Victoria 1897 

Andrews.oiRar.heiinvHou^e, l-Cins'st o. B. 21.\ULr 
1851; TT. D'-cSS, 18T(".,Famiy C. A. fKaisar-i-hind 
medal Ist cl. ),dau.of Re\-. W. Gilbert Coojkt. r>I..\., ' ford 1 874-80, when he was an unsuccessful candi 

tooK a icadin'j part in securing- the passing of 
the Naval Defence Act 18S9 ; yi.F. co. Water- 

chaplain Indian Ecclesiastical Estab. : cd. at Rath- 
mines School, Dub., and Tria. Coil., Dub. ; i'Ui<- 
sica! Se!ioin:sh;p, 1870 : B.A. 1872, .M.A. and LL.B. 
1887 ; Barr.-at-law (Middle Temple) KSiV ; ent. 
Madras C.S. 1873 ; collector and ma^istrato in 

date, and for Maryiebone (East) 1SS5-9, when 
he res. to take up the command of ILM.S. 
•' Undaunted'" ; in command of steam res. 1893-6; 
M.P. York 1808-1900, and Woolwich 1902-3. 
■hen he res to take up command of the Channel 

various districts lS7ti-8 (specially thanked Fleet ; M.P. for Portsmouth 1910-liJ ; 2nd in 
by Government for famine work) ; assist, and coiLnnand in Iho Mediterranean Squadron 1000-2 ; 
acting commnr. Nilginis 1878-81, and revenue in command of Channel Fleet 1902-5 ; of 
and forest settlement officer 1881-4 ; acted as Mediterranean Fleet 1905-7 ; of Channel Fleet 
sec. to two Local Go\-t. ccmmiitf^es lSb!-J (twice 19ii7-9: has Grand (jross of tiie Redeemer 
thanked bv GoveruTn^^at) ; apiHd. rctirii: redstrar of Greece, of the l.ed Ea^le of Privssia, of O.'af 
Jlatlras liie^-h Court iSSo ; Utider Sec.iio Govern- of Xorway, of the Learion of Honour and Grand 
rnent 1837 ; actingc sec. to Board ci Revenue Cordon of the 3Iedjidie ; hon. LL.D. Liver- 
1888. district and"session judge 18SS. and to pool, 1909, hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1911 ; F.R.C.I. 
special duty regarding landlord and tenant ita'\s- 19')9 ; rais---d to the Peorag-i as Baron Beresford 
lation 1895 ; puisne jiideo of the Hi^rli Court of ■ of .^I.teinmeli and of C'umtgliinoro in the county 
Madras 189G-1913 ; acted twice as Chi':f Justice ; of \Vat>-rford. Residence — 1, Groat^ Cumberland 
vicc-chanc.^ Madra-s Univ. 1905. Residence — !*!iioe.W. 1. Clubs — Carlton ; AthenJi^um : Turf ; 

I'liittd Service; Savage. Issue — 
L Hon. ICathloc-n M.tri' Dp la Poor. 
2. lioi. t:u,(>ii Thi.r'sa Lucy De la Peer. 

BERG.\"E, Lady fKnt.'s widow).— M.^hy a 
CoiRT, dau. of the Rev. S. B. Bergne ; m. 1878, 
Sir John Henry Gibbs Bergne, K.C.B., K.C.:\I.G.. 
H.M.'s p'.enipo. for signature of Copvrifrht Con- 
vention 1880, etc., who d. 15 Nov., 1908. Resi- 
dence — 13, Pembroke Road, Kensington, W. 8. 

Ev. Ivn it Court Berfme, b. 1S>'2 ; capt. Inns of Cotu-t 

^'.T.C. H'';^idprice — lii, Falkland House, Cheniston 

Gardens, Kensington, ^y. 

BERKELEY, 8th Earl oL Great. 11 Sept. 
lf.79: Vise. Dursley. 1''.79 (Ene.).— Randal 
See PoRTLAKD ' Thomas Mo-vmirav Rawdox Berkeley, s. of 
' 7th Earl. B. 31 Jan. ISOo ; m. 9 Xov. 1887. 
Kate (d. 29 March. 1898), dau. of William Brand, 
Great. 1911 ; CLE. 1902 and widow of Arthur Jacicson ; sue. his father 
Benton, of 1888 ; F.R.S. ; late heut. R.X. The title of the 
IV Benton, pres. jvcr to the earldom was confirmed by the 
■re. iJanitsiiire. llouso of Lords in 1891, in oppcsition to Lord 
B. o .\vg. 1850 : TV.. 3 Oct. 18^5. Margaret For- Fitziiardinge, who cluinied by descent from a s. 
eyth. dau. of late i'rovost K. Dick, of ilothe.s, of oth Baron h. previously to a marriase of 
X.B. : ed. at'sln.-tn.. Fi.ciiabers. .Vberdeen, tliat peer with Mary Colo in 179G, thoucrh 
and Edinburgh. I'niv.. and R.I.E. Coll., Cooper's , subsequently to an alleged marriage in 17S5 
Hid; Fell, of C. 'Oper's Hill Coll.; ent. Public i which was held not to have been proved. 
Works Dcpt., India. 1873 ; o.\ec. engnr.. Punjab, . Tiie Earl was Oth IJarou Berkeley (by writ 
1881 ; supt. enijnr., T-landalny. 1897; cldef engnr. , of .<ummon.s). The claim to the title having been 
sec. (Irrigation Branch) Pui>iic Works Uopt,, ■ disallowed in ISll, th.e pres. peer is the first 
Punjab, 1902 ; Insp.-Gen. of Irrigation in India , representative of tlic title who has taken his seat 
)0(li,i-i2, when h;:' ret. K. ■idt.-.n <.>— \Vesicroft. in the lb use of L<->rds for nearly 100 j-ears. Resi- 
dence — Foxcombe. Buar's Hill, Vv'oottoa, Berks. 
Club — Army and Xavy. 

Geoeoe Len->-o:< Rawpok Bekkeiet, 7th Eat.l oy 
Berkeley, m. ^-1 t\ri. li^O, Cixii.e, Hon. Lady PelUnr, 

Roeiiuuk Grove, Donnybrook, Dublin. Club- 
University (Dublui). Issue living — 

1. Ch.irk3 Molvu. ux Benson, b. 2 Oct. 1877, .^t.D., 
F..a.C.S.L ; m. 1904 Josephine Alic^. d.-.u. of J. A. 
French, of St. Ann's. Donnvlcook. Ui-.sidcnce — 

72, Lower Ba<;c:ot Strr-et, Du'ilin. I.smi.- — 

1. r.alj.Ji Aniitir Kretich iicu-on. u. !4 Aup, 1914. 
1. Eliz:;''ftli Catli.irine. 

2. Lt.-Cr.l. P.aU'li Hawtrev Roude Bonson, K.A., b. 
30 Jan. ISSO. 

BENSON, Lady(Kut.'? widow 'i.-CAuOL!N-r, dau. 
of Sir G. E. Cou.ur. Bt.. K. C.S. L, C.ll.. t '.I.E. 
M. 6 Sept. 1881,' M.\j.-Gex. Sin Fuedekick 
WiLLLAM Bexsox, who was b. 2 Am;:. 1S49 ; 
creat. K.C.B. 1010 ; and d. 20 An::. 1910. iiesi- 
dence — Coi:inibe Bissett, Salisbury. 


DtJKE or. 


— Sib John Bextox. s. of late John 
Sheritihaueh. Banti-iiire, and Mary II 
dau. of Alexander Hav 

Siiverdale Road, Easioourne. 


[aEQ'.XS9 Oi. 



DECirs, Bi 

(d. 1 Nov. i9i4\ dau. oi Count Ed.,uard dc McUort 
Dmmi.iond, .and d. .7 Mii. l--i. I-iUe — 





BERKELIiY. P-.rcness (Ea^O- Cre;it. 20 Oct. 
1421. — Eva .M.ujy i oLnv, dau. of the la* o Ba'-oness 
Berkeley, arid .Maj.-Gen. Gasta\ii3!lt0!i Lock- 
wood Miiman, R.A. B. 4Marci:, 187">: in. 5 .Vag. 
1903, Lieut.-' o!. franii \Vic;ram Fol-y, D.S.O., 
oomradg. olh Batt. Roy. BL-rhs Rcgt. ; sue. her 
mother 1S33. This title had its origin by Tsrit 
of suniruons directed to James de Berkeley 
n 1421 ; the Otli Baron was creat. Earl of 
Berkeley in 1079 ; at the death of the Cth Earl 
the earldom descended to tiie heir mole (the 
7th Earl of Burkeley), -nr-hile the barony devolved 
upon tlie heir E' a;'rcl. — 12, Soutji- 
cote Road, .!;• idmr:. Isiue — 

1. Hox. SUT.Y LL!.vc FoLEr, b. S Oct. 1G05. 

2. Hon. Cynt'iia LUa. 

BERKELEY, Knt. Bach. Great. ISOfi.— Hon. 
6iE ilEJa^Y Spencer liEBKELEY, s. of Thomas 
Berkeloy Kardtinan Berkeley, C.J.LG., prc-3. of 
Federal Coiincil, J^ee^'ard Islands, and Alice, dau. 
of John Hart Ratlins, oi St. Kites, Indies. 
B. at St. Pli'.ts 18J1 -. m. 1S7S. Katharine, dau. of 
Frederick Gi'-sin, of Antigrua ; BaiT.-at-law 
(Inner Temple) 1873 ; Solicitor-Gen. Leeward 
Islands 1676-S3 ; i.cting Golocidl Sec. jSS3; 
Attomey.G&n. Fiji lSSo-7 : acting Chief Justice 
and acting Hieh l.oranir. for tho We.stern Pb.cifio 
1887-8 Chief^Ju3ti<-e, Fiji, aud cJiief judicial 
Cotnmr. for V\'estern Faciiic (adminisiered the 
Goveminent of Fiji unJ ar;-,.ed as High Commnr. 
for ti'.e Wei^tern Paciiic on several uccj-sions) 
188&-1902 ; Att.-Gen. Hong-Kong 1902-6 ; 
ac^ed ^ Chie' Justice, Feb. to 3iay, I'Mo ; apptd. 
K.C. for l£ong-Kong lOOo ; J. P." butiolk. Kesi- 
dcnee — Bur (is St. 3iai-y, fcurlolk. Club- — Jitnior 
Caritoa. Issue — 

1. :•!( nry Socrave Berkeley, h. 1579 ; Barr.-at-law, 
Jlid'ilo Ten.plo; served in S. African war 190U-01 
(aiedal, 5 ciusi s) • assist. Kes.. I». Xisicrici ; magis- 
trate liil3. 

2. ilaurice Anliiony BcrL-eley, b. 1891 ; lieut. Rifle 

1. Katheiire ?I.irg'iret, m. 1900, Mai. George Fison 
Bluller, K jI.J..i., who viiS killed in action, i»ardan- 
elies, 1 May, i^io. j 

2. Alice Auloiu:.i: • Hart. j 
H. Marjorie Constance. I 

BERKSB-TU:, E.irl cf. Sae Sdffole. Eael of. I 


Bi>-DO>', i^AP.L OF. 

BERNARD. Barosetcy. Ext. 8 May, 1883; 

creat. 5 Af:rii, 1700. — LT.e iato Sip. Thomas 

Tvp.iNc.iiAM L-EPJ.-AKu. OthBt. B. lo .Sept. 1791 ; 

M.P. for Ayio-.bury 1&37-'j5 ; m. 2 6 July, 1319; 

Sophia Chas:ottjc (d. 15 I.lay, 1S37), o. c. 

of Sir David Wiiliams, 7th Bt., and d. 8 May, 

1883. issue living— 
Bophia El'zab-nh, ni. 13 June, 1S61, Joseph Napler 
Higgins, Q.C.v.hod 1 7 IKe. 1599, and has issue. Resi- 
dences — 24, Tlie Boltois, S.W. ; NVlckeadou Pnory, 

BERNT-:RS. 8fa Baron (En?.^. Croat. 2''. May, 
1455. — 4th F.t. of .■>TAXLEY (C.K.). 3 Oct. 1908 
Hayjioxd Robert TY7l^vH.ITT-\^■ILSO^^ s. of 3rd 
Bt., and Emma Harriet, in her or.n rigiit Baroness 
Bmers. B. 22 July, 1355 ; ed. at Camb. ; 
assiuued the name *of Wilson IS 92 ; sue. his 
father in t!v. Baronetcy lh*J4 ; and his mother 
as 8th Baron 1917;' J. P., Shropshire (High 
Sherirf i'JiO-ll); iisis Ord-.r of the Leagtie of 
-Mercy. This peerage, -.vhich f>;ll into abeyance 
in 1743, was calkd ovit in 1832, i:i favour of the 
great -great-untie of the pres. Baron. It had 
Its origin by writ of summons directed to Sir Jolm 
iioureiiiLT, "K.C : hii ^raiiusou d. vuh.'it issue, 
and tha"- .'vet's dau. n, Ediuurid Knyvet, w'rio.-t- 
descendant, EhzabcLli i'Lnyvet, m. H.nry Wiison, 
ot Didlington, Xo'-folk, and their gr.mdson sue. 
P9 3rd lilyron Residences — Ashueli Ti^orfje, 
Norvvic/n ; .>r,.ni-y ri^jul, ^ i^ridirnjith. Shrop- 
shire; K.jvt:.0'pJ Hull, Leicester; 4, Down 
Kt£?et, l'icc.v.luly, W.l. 
t'.uvA aUssiiL i'i>--\oii-:. ."AKo;-ih.-C BEi'.?Ji;i;u (d. 

IS Auc. 1917), dau. of late T.ev. the Hon. Kobcrt Wilson 
, ar.d ilaiTit, dau. aad co-bcir of Col. Georci: Crurn;), and 
[ widow oi Jolin Wilsoa blicppard ; b. Is >ov. l-.j.) ; ni. 

3 Xov. 1S53, Sir Uer,iy Tiioma-i IjTwhitt, 3rd Be, 'who 

d. 2G Jan. Ii94. Issue — 

1. Hon. Sm Ravmosd PvOeert TYrvWEiTX-Wu;.30M, 
4th Br. 

2. The lite Coraraodore the Hen. Hucrh TjTwhitt, 
R.N., C.V.O., C.3.I., b. 14 July, lh:>f) ; A.D.C. to tha 
Kin^, priv. see. to the First i.ord of tlie Attiniralty 

j 180-J-la05 ; la. 10 Au?. lSi52, JuM:^ Marv (ru. iljd, 
13 Xov. 190S, CoL WiUiaraWard Benmit; Residence 
rarrlnsJon, Backs >, dau. oi Williaru Ornie Foster, 

: il.i*., oi Anley Bark, S.ilop, and d. 26 Oct. 1907. 

, Issue — 

; GKUiJ.D Hugh IriiWiHir, Heik Bres., b. is Sept. 

i lt<83. 

I 3. Hoa. Clement TyrwWtt, b. 2i Oct. 1S57 ; m. 25 Nov. 

I 1884, Aunttte, dau. oi \S". Webb. 

! 4. Maj. the Hon. Rupert Xyr-.vhut, late E,.A., b. 25 

; May, 1>:'>9 : in. 15 Xov. 1000, Lcui-e Isabel Frances, 
dau. oi ^Va!te^ Fox Wiliianison WeU.:, I.C.S. Issue- 
Lionel Rupert Jinyvfct TyrA-liitt, b. 9 Aug. 1903. 

! V.-ra Rnby. ' . 

; 5. Hon. Bliilip Boarchier Tyrwliitc, b. 2S Xov. 18C1 ; 
late sub-lieuc. R.X. ; m. 6 L)ec. 1905. Grace A(?ae3, 

i dau. oi late John May, of Westport, co. Mayo. Resi- 

i dcnce — 1.070 Hornby Street, Vancouver, "B.C. 

i C. Rev. the Uou. Leonard Francis Tvrwliitt, M.V.O. 

! (1906), b. 29 Oct. 13G3 ; ed. at Camb., M.A. ; crd. 
16at", cur. of Henley IjSO-'Jl, oi llendou HJl-05, 
lie. oi Fenton, Start's. 1^95-19J7, r.-ctor of Jioil. "oa, 

; Sta.'fs, s-ince I907 : chaplain in oni. to the iLhuz =iace 
lc'99, cii^plain toH.M.S. "' Renown " 19 J5-6; ^^ce-prov. 
of ijeiistone Coil, since 19il6 ; canon of St. Georji's, 
V,i:. :~..r. <n:rr li'lO; Cl:n;.!;iin to rlio i-"orces, U'14. 
Re,-i loucts — Roileston Rictory, Burton-on-Tient ; 
The Cloistirs, Winasor Castle. Club — WcUinjiton. 
7. Hon. John Xyrwldtt, b. 14 Sept. 1S70. 

1. Hen. Ardvu Maty, a.. 11 April, lSft7, FraccU 
Vise. Knollys'. 

2. Hon. Sib'l Grace, in. 14 Feb. 18S5, JamfS Volant 
V.'heeli r, LL.M., J.P., and has issue. Residence — 
Bitterley Cottrt, Ludlow. 

3. Rm.' Hester Efa. Eesidence — Ashwell, Thorpe, 

BERVEY, ICth Bt. (Eng.). Creat. 5 May. 
1620.- -Sir THOit.\s Reedham Beeney, s. of 
late Capt. T. H. Berney. B. 6 July, 1S93 ; sue. 
his griindiather 1907 ; capt. Norfolk Regt. ; 
is patron of 1 living. The Ist Bt. was 
Sheriff of Norfolk in 1622. Residences — Tho 
Plollies, Winkiield Row, Bracknell, Berks ; 
Barton Bendish, Norfolk. 

Sir Henry Hanson Bernky, 9tu Bt., b. 30 Xov. 
1S43 ; m. 31 J;in. IsGO, Jane Doroihy (Re.^idence — 
0. Clarendon Crescent, Leamington), dau. of the lata 
Rev. Andrew Bloxam, and d. 27 Feb. 1907. Issue — 

1. Tn: ii' • Cipt. Tl'.onuis Hu::h Berney, We.^c 
Yoiks R. Et., b. 17 Oct. lb(5'> ; m. 2 July, 
r^Ol. Friizwede Katherine (Residence — The KoUies. 
WiakfleM Kcw, Bracknell), dau. of Lt.-Co!. F. \S. 
Bell, 01 Stand House, Fenuov, and was tilled ia action 
at Monte Cristo, Xatal, 18 Feb. 19:iO. Issue — 

1. Sir Thomas Reedham Berney, pres. Bt. 

2. RicEARD Geoffrey Gordon Berney, Heir 
Pres., b. 19 Jan. l?y7. 

2. Kici.ard V,'ilUani Beraey. b. 20 Dec. 1S07 : served 
ia S. Africa 1901-2, and in S. .\frica;i Rebellion 1914 ; 
m. 25 June, 1913, Maria Theresa, dau. oi late Rev. 
Leslii* Career. 

3. John Hanson Beme%-. b. 22 Xov. 18G3 ; ra. 2 April. 
1900. Marearet, dau. 01 .Sinclair G.-orrre, of X.Z. P.esi- 
df^nce— Matai Hui, Tharaca Valley, Wellington, X.Z. 
Issue — 

i. Hugh Barton Berney, b. 11 Jan. 1902. 
2. Henrv Ha:i-:on B-rnev, b. 31 Jan. 1906. 
."5. Jol n'fte. .ihr.m Berney, b. 8 Nov. 1911. 

f. Rich .rd Bruce Bu ney, b. 8 L\c. 1 jIO. 
i. Mar.:aret Lorraine. 

g. Dorothy Barbara. 

4. Booert H -nrj- Bemev, b. 5 Mny, 1S71 ; ed. at 
Oai;i:>., M.A. ; m. 24 Dec. 1004, Ldith Ana, daa. Oi 
Ut'^ Dani-l V, il>on, of Ui.l llall, .S;iaaal Masna. Keil- 
dear-'.— (h:irth iar-.i Cocta,-, ii;irieuiin.__ 

5. A!' var.d-r i.«avid Bcrun-, b. -0 S-pt. i~,.. 

•i" Jiine iK.rorfiv Eliz.ibeth. m. 3 July. 1907, Henry 
Dtil.3 Middictoh: lieut. R.F.A. ! Issue living— 1. 
R-l-.h. b. I'.UH. 2. Cecil, b. lUil-I Residence — 3, 
V>;.^ti\rld Tv;rracc, Chaoei Ailerton, Leeds. 
.'^ «' at! erinf A.U11. m. -* Ana. I".i04, Robert William 
Tho'i :iV Kwart. ils-=ue— Robert Charles EernLy, b. 
20 J-.u:o. I'.ti5. '.".ith.Tine Kveiyn.] Residence — The 
tllin". Monfo-e. X.B. 




BERRroGE, Knt. Baoh. Great. 1912.— Sra 
TH'lilAd He>"P.Y Dt-V-ERbUX Ckktiidge, s. of Rev. 
W. f'trriclge, vie. of Lowton .St. Mary's, Laups. 
B. « July, 1S57; m. L'l July. 1S87," Atrnea (d. > 
20 Feb. 1000), dou. of Frederick Cftrnpion, of 
Freiiciieo, Rediiill ; ed. ar, UphoiJaud Gram. 6cb., 
and privately; adnii'ted ioiicitor 1878; M.P. 
Warwick and Leaminsjton, l90o-10. Resi- 
dcncec — 29, Elm Park Garden^.. S.W. 10 ; Green- 
wood, Alkhara, Dover. Clubs — Refonn ; Royal 
Automobile ; National Liberal ; Eighty. Issue — 

Frank Bevoroux BorrJdc--, b. 9 June, ISS'i. 
llrhtl Ca.Mpion Dev^rv'us. 

BERRIED ALE, Earon. See- Caith-^zss, Eabx. of. 

BERRY, Knt. Creat. Jan. 1S16.— Sin Geokoe 
Akdbeas Bekrt, s. of ti-.e late Walter Beri-y of 
Glaustriven, Argj-ilshire. B. 5 Oot. ISc'iSj'ed, 
at Marlborough and Edinburgh Univ. ; also 
studied in London and in Paris, Vienna und 
Ccpenliagen, 3.1.3.. LL.D. ; m. 2-1 May, 1-SS3. 
Agnes Jean, dau. of the late ^Si^ W. Muir, K.C.b.I. ; 
late pres. R.C.S., Edin. ; memb. Edin. L'niv.C-ourt ; 
late pres. of Ophthalmolo^ic-al Soc. of U.K. ; 
hon. fell. Roj-. Academy of Medicine, Irelaud ; 
hon. surgeon oculist to the King in .Scotlmd, 
formerly to King Edward VII ; maj. 
(T.), Ophthalmic Dept. -nd Gen. ^Iil. Hosi^ital, 
Scotland ; QUtiior of " Diseases of the Eye," and 
various other ni'^dical and scientific ■■vork^. 
Residouces — 31, Drunu^heugh Garden.*, Ediii- 
burgli ; King'i Knoll, North Berwick, Hadding- 
tonshire. Clubs — University, Edinburgh ; Hon- 
ourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. Issue — 

1. Elizabeth Jean Phyllis. 

2. Enuly Dorotliy tiavelock. 

3. Apne3 :iiary Gordon, ni. Boyd 5prot, Licu^ 
CaraeroQ Hig'.Jrs., v.ho was kiJled in acuon iu i nince, 
2.3 Oct. 19: i. 

BERRY, Kct. Each. Creat. 1900.— Hon. Stv. 
Wu-U-A-M BisssT Berky, s. of .James Berrv. of 
Aberdeen. B. at Aberdeen 1830; m. iSt'.4. 
Marion (d. 1884), dau. of William Beale, of Hrmel 
Hempstead ; ed. at Aberdeen Univ. ; M.A., 13.59|; 
M.D. ISGl ; hon. LL.D. ; practised as a phy.-ioian 
at Queen's To\vn, Cape Colony, 1861-99. and has 
been identilied there with everj' mcvemenc for the 
betterment of the oeople ; memb. of the Le;;is- 
lative Assembly oi the Cape (and now of the 
Union of S. Africa), for Queen's Town since 1893, 
Speaker 1893-19GS. Residence — Queen's Town, 
Cape Province. 

BERTIE. See Asis-occs. Eaiil or. 

BERTIE. See Likdsey, Eahl or. 

BERTIE OF THAME, 1st Baron 'U.K.). Creat. 
28 June. 1915 ; P.O. uoTitd. 1'J'j3 ; G.C.B. fciv.) 
1908;G.C.M.G. 1901 ;G.C.V.O. 1003 ; K.C.E(civ.) 
1902. — Rt. Ho-V. .Sir Francis Levkson Behtie, 
8. of Montagu, 6th Earl of Abingdon, and Eliza- 
beth Lavinia, dau. of Georje Granville Vernon 
Hareourt. B. 17 Aug. ISU^ m. 11 Avnl, )S74. 
Lady Feodorowna Cecilia, dau. of lionry. l^i 
Earl C\jwky ; ed. at Eton ; eiit. Foreign Oflice 
18G3, was priv. sec. to Pariianieiitary L'ndcr-Sec. 
of State (Hon. E. Bouikol IbT-^-SO; acting 
2nd sec. orr special mission of Lord.s Bti^consheld 
and Salisbury to Berlin 187S ; sec. to special 
mission to King of Saxony lb^2; a.ssi.-t. Indor- 
see, of Stato for Fonljn AiTairs lS9-i-1903 ; 
ambassador at Rome 1903-4. and at Paris since 
1 Jan. 1905; Chrmn, L'ganda Uv. Cora. 1896- 
1903; has Grr.nd Cord..n of the Order oi St. 
Maurice and St. LazRrus (i;aiy) 1D03. Ke.'i- 
donco — British Embassy, Pans. Clubs — Brooks's; 
St. James's Turf ; Travellers'. I.ssue — 

fio.v. VEHi: Frederick BtmiE, b. 20 0:t. lc7.'i ; 

ed. at i;t'>n, Oxford and Cumb, ; Barr.-at-l.-vw (Inner 

Temple); ir.. '.'.'ui,, i!,iu. of Fpi.ii.:< \S ..>/(>. 

HosMeni'o — Athviitune t'ottr.. j, Aad!r:-t'ja", ^urriy. 

Cidb3 — MuribotougU ; Brooks's. 

BERTRAM, Knt Creat. Jan. 1916. — Briq.- 
Gf.s. SiH Ar.EX.^NF.EK Bertram, •'.. of John 
B.-riram, of Dundas, Oat. B. 1S53 ; m. 1S77, 
Eliza MUleshamp, dau. of Hugh Smitn, of Tor- 
onto ; Canadian .Militia ; dep. chnnn. Iiapsrial 
Mu'iitions Board, Cimada. Residence — Dundas, 
Onti.'io. ls.-:ue — 3 sons, 1 dau. 

BERTRAril. Knt. Bach. Creat. .Jan. 1916.— 

Sjr A.N TON" Bertram, s. of the Rev. R. A. Ber- 
tram. B. 8 Feb. 1869 ; ed. at City of London 
>'ohool, Gonvillo and Ciius Coll. Camb. ; Po^'-js 
Gold .Medal 1890 ; Chancellor's Medal 1891 ; 

, first cla.=3 Classicpd T.-ipos ; pres. Union Society. 
C*n.b. 1891 ; rn. 1902, Edith Marion, dau. of 

, Kees Jones, of Cardiff ; 'uarr.-at-iaw 1893 ; 
apptd. Attorney Gen. of Baliamas 1902 : Puisnit 
Judga of Cyprus 1907 ; administered Govt, of 
Bahamas during portion of 1905 ; attorney-gen. 
of Ceylon 1911; X.C. 1913; fell, of Go'uvillo 
and Caius Coll. Residence— Colombo, Ceylon. 

BERTRAM, Lady (Knt.'s widow). — Anna 
Map.ia, Jiiu. of the lato Gen. E. J. Lawder, 
Madias Staff Corps. JI. G June, 186G, Sir George 
CLEiiENTBERTRA.M,whc was b. 8 Jail. 1841 ; creat. 
Knt. Bach. 1SS5 ; Btvrr.-at-iaw (Inner lemple); 
Solicitor Gen. for Jersey lS79i-80; .Attornej'- 
Gen. 18S0-S4; BaOill of Jersov end Pres. of 

-Legislative A&sembly lS84r-9S ; and. d. 24 Oct. 

i 1915. Residence — 16, Milner Street, S.W. 

BERWICK, 8tli Baron (G.B.). Creat. 19 
May, 1784. — Thomas Henby Noel-Hii-l, great- 
grandson of 4»h Bp.ron. B, 2 .June, 1S77 ; sue. 
his uncle 1897 : ed. at Oxford, B.A. 1901 ; lieut. 

; Terr. Force Reserve, late Shropshiro Y. ; hon. 
attache to British in Pans since 19<j3. 

' The 1st Baron represented Shropsliire in 3 par- 
liaments. Residences — Attingham Park. Shrews- 
bury : 8, Clarges Street, W. 1. Clubs — St. James's ; 

! Carlton ; Bachelors'. 

The llEV. KiciuRD Xoel-IIill, 4Tn B.\rox Berwick, 
l>. 1744 ; ni. I'MiUi. IT.-^O, rraiicts .Maria (d. 4 Jan. 1840), 

I J:tu. of William Mostyn Owen, .M.l'.; in 1624 he assumed 
il'.j surname oi Xo.l iu addition to that of Hill, by Sign 

; Manual; and d. :i> ^< >>t. 164S. issue — 

i 1. JlKHARO XOEL-HlLX., oTil BaI'.OX BERWICK, b. 21 

: .Nov. 1-ou; d. u:im. 12 Atril, ISGl. 

2. WiLLiiJM XoEj> Hill, otu Bakon Berwick, b. 6 

July, ls02 ; d. uniu. 2.4 Xov. 18s2. 

o. The late Rev. the Hon. Thomas Henrv HiU, b. 1 

Feb. 1S04 ; m, IS Sept. 1843, Harriet Sebecca, dau. 

of John HumiTrevs; and d. 1 March, 1»70. Issue — 

L Richard Henry Hill, 7tii Baron Berwick, 

!>. 13 .May, 1847 ; in. .(lui.-, 1809, ELLEN (Kc-sMf r.ce 

i — 43, Cianricarde "iardi-ns, V.' i:.>, dau. oi Brucka- 

j patron Xystrom, oi Mahuoe, Sweden, and d. a. p. 

! 2 Xov. 1897. 

I 2. The late Rev. the Hon. Thomas Noel Hill, b. 13 

i .May, 1S47 ; m. 2 June, 1874, I'rcdtrica Sarah (d. 

2a Dec. 1883), dau. of Rev. David Morrice, preb. of 
.Sarum; and d. 3 July, 18SS. Issue — 
Tho.mas llE.KRr NoEL-HiLL, pres. Baron. 
Hon. Mary .Selina (precedence 1901). 
4. Thu Lite Hon. L'hirLs Arthur Wentworth ITarsvood 
X.<l-lliU, b.22 Ai)ril, loll ; m.29 A\:s. 184G, C.tlKriue 
.\hiry (d. 4 Aug. 1?94), dau. of Chariis Marsh Adams ; 
and d. 2 June, ]9."1. Ts=up — 

Rev. Charles Xocl-Hill, il.A., b. 18 Feb. 1S4S : m. 
6 Oct. 1J591, Edith .Marv, dau. of Rev. Riou Ben- 
son, M.A. ; and d. Is .Nov. luil. Residence— CUfl 
I House, Ruj-ton of tho Eleven Towns, Sliropsldre. 

I Lssue — 

! 1. Ch.irles .^[I^■^!AEL Wentworth Hnx. Heir 

Pre?., b. 4 March, 1^97 ; lieut. Rifle Brig. 

1. :i'.a!L-\. 

2. Mathr-rine Miry. 

iv.ito Maria Louisa .Ada. Residence — Frogmore, 

BESSBOROUGH. Sth Earl of. Crep.t. 6 
Oct. ;-o9: Vise. Duncannon, 2S leb. 1723; 
Baron of Bessborcuqh, 11 Sept. 1721 (Irei.): 
Baron Fonsonby, 1? June. 1749 (G.B.), and 

: Baron Duncannon . 9 July, lS34(U.Iv.), by which 
last two titles ho hcld-s his scat in the House of 

: Lords ; K.P.191,5, C.V.O. ISo2 : C.B. (civ.) 1895.— 
Edwabd PoNso.VBV. s. of 7tl'. Ei'-l. B. I March, 
1351 ; FH, 22 .-Vprii, 1 87-5, ijiancho Vere, dau. of the 




late Sir John Guest ; snc. hi3 father 1900 ; lieut. 
R.2,\(ref.) ; call- d tu clioBai- (luner Tvinpie; iSTH; 
&ec. to tiie opL-ak^n- 1884-05 ; J. P. ?.liJales-x and 
Cariow ; Shenn Cariotv i»9S, D.L., J.l'.Kilkeruiy ; 
C.C. liiikeimy lS03-i9O7; K.G.H.St.J.J.E. 
This ancient family derives its name from tiie 
lordship of Ponsoriby ia Cuniber'and, which it? 
progenitor acquired at the Omquoat. The first 
S3tt!er in Ireland Sir John P<.'ri¥fnby. a 
col. of hordo m the servxce of Cromwell. The 
2nd Vise Duncanncri received the earldom of 
Bessborough, anvl hij, 2nd s. -.vas Joha Ponsonb}-, 
speaker of the Irish ilouso of Cornmons. Tlie 
4th Earl wud a dialiagaishod niin.istt.r, and d. 
lord -lieut. of Ireland. Kc-sidences— 17, Caven-, 
dish Square, W. 1 ; Bcssborough, Piltown. co. 
Kilkenny. Club — Brooks's. Issue — 


b. 27 Oct. ISsO ; m. 25 June, 1912, Itobene. dau. of 
Baron de Xeuflize ot" Paris ; ed. at Hr.rrow aaa Cainb. ; 
B.A. 1901 : B'; Inner Temple ; SulfoJk 
Yeo. ; late l:eiit. i)Uck.^. I.Y. ; contest. Carruanhen 
1906 ; M.P. for Cheitenliaia Jau.-lJLC. 191U. and for 
Dovpr sinte 1913 ; lituib. L.C.C.l 907-10. i;e:id',ncc3 
— Garrylall, Bagna!stov.-n, oo. Carlow ; 22, Portland 
Place, W.l. l:^slIC— 

1. Hoii. Jcim Ed'vard Nenfliie Poiisonhy, b. 29 
March. 1913. 

2. Hon. Dpsaond Xeuflize Ponsonbv, b. 4 Au-r. 1915. 

2. The late ilaj. the Hon. Cyril ^vk-s Brabazon i'onsoa- 
by, JI.V.O. Grt-n. &ds., b. Itj Xov. l^sl ; od. at 
R.M.C. Saudhurit ; m. 20 July, 1911, Rica Narcissa, 
dau. of It.-Col. .'Mountlfort J. V. I.c:;,1iclJ, of Casole 
Mary, co. Cork ; A.D.C. to H.R.H. the Duke of Con- 
naught 1906-9 ; served in S. African war ls03-1901, 
and in France 19H-15, where he was killod in action 
28 Sept. 191.5. Residence — 14, Ulouceswr square, 
W.2. Issue— ' 

Arthur Mountiiort J.ongiield Ponsonby (H.R.H. ; 
the Duke cf Connaueht, iponsor), b. 11 Dec. 1912. 

3. Hon. Bertie EraV.-tzDn Ponsotiby, b. 10 Feb. Isao ; 
ed. at Can:!'., B.A. ; Barr.-ac-law, Inner Temple ; 
late Capt. Bjcka. Yeo. Lieut. Gren. Gds, 

1. Lady OIwlu Verena, m. 2 Jan. 1901, Geoflrey, 3rd 
Baron Cranraore ani Browne. 

2. Lady Helena Blanche Irene, m. 26 July, 1904, 
John Congreve, D.L.. J.P., and has issue. Residence 
— Mount Congreve, \Vatcriord. 

3. Lady Gweacth Frid^i, in. 10 July, 1913, Hon. Wind- 
ham Baring isee Cromek, E. of). 

John Williaji Posso.nby, 4x3 E.irl of Eessborough, 
b. 31 Aug. 17al ; Lord Lieut, of Ireland I^IG— 17 ; m. 
16 Nov. 1S05. Lady Maria Fane, daa. of John, 10th Earl 
of VTestnicriaTid, an! d. IC Mav, 1«47 l.~suo — 

1. Joh:; George Bkabazon Ponsonby, 5th Earl of 
BESSBOROUUfi, b. 14 Oct. I:i09 : d. 28 Jan". 1S»0. 

2. Feedff.ilk Bp.aeazos Po.s-so:;by, Cth • 
Eael Oi BrsiBOr.oroH, b. 11 aept. 1615 ; d. unm. 11 
March, K-l).".. 

3. Walter Williau Bkabazox Po>-sonby, 7tk Earl 
OF BESiBOr.Ot&H, b. 13 Au?. lS2i ; ed. at Canb., 
M.A. ; m. IdJaii. l;5(i, Laay Susan Coruwallis Eliot 
(d. 15 Jan. 1911), dau. of Edward, 3rd Earl oi St. Ger- 
mans, and d. 24 Fell. lyoo. i^^^ur — 

1. Edward Ponsoxbi:. pres. Earl. 

2. Hon. Cyril \Vul:.-r I'un.-^i.iKA-, b. s Sept. ls.i3 ; 
D.L., LondoQ ; ni. 19 Sept. iM'Lf, EuiJly li. Eyre, 
dau. of Kev. H. Addin!?ton, oi lienlow Graucc, 
Beds. Residence — 53, Draycott Place, 3.W.3. Issue 
living — 

Michael Henry Ponsonby, b. 22 June, 1S96. 

3. Hon. Granville Ponsonby, b. 13 Sept. 1854 ; 
Cliief of Police, Sr. Lucia, W.'lniii' s ; ia:o Inspector 
of Constabulary, Jamaica, and oi tiie Ci'i! Serv. ; m. 
10 Jun-^, lS79,"}itab. 1, dau. oi Hon. diaries Jackson, 
of St. Anne's, J.ani.-.iea. 

. 4. Kou. Arthur Cori.v,a)lis Poason'nv, b. 8 Jan. 
1S56; ni. 17 Auj. i.-92, Kathleen Evelvn, dau. oi 
the late Henry^ Sillerv. 

5. Hon. Walter Gerald Ponsonbv, b. 31 Julv, 1S59 ; 
Earr.-aMaw (inn r Tempio). R.>i ienc— 1*7, St. 
George's Koad, S.W. 1. CJub — Marlborousth. 

1. Lady .ilaria. Ke.Mdenco — il, I".el-;rave Road, 


2. Lady Ethel .Te'.uinia, lu. 23 Fob. 1^S3, George, 
2nd Baroa Ka5:'.in. 

3. Lady Sara ICavhleen, ni. 20 June, lb ^3, MaJ. 
ChailfS Lftiicelot .A.udrewes Skinner, aud lias issue. ; 
Rciidenct— 57, Eecloton Squaiv, S.W. 1. | 

4. Rt. lion. Sir Speuccr Cecil Praba.'.on Potisonby j 
Fane. P.C. G.c'.B. i 

BEST. See WiiN'toRD, Bai-.on. 

BEST, K.C.M.G. Creat. l&OS.— Hox. Sm 
Ront-RT Wallacs Jizsx, s. oi Robert, Best, of 
Fitzroy, Victoria, customs omcor. B. at Fitzro;.-, 
Victoria, lo June, 18.5G ; m, 1st, 13 April, 1831, 
Jane Caroliao (d. 4 Aug. 1900), dau. of the Hon. 
George David La.ngridge, Cliief Sec. for Victoria ; 
m. 2nd, 1902, xMaudo Evelyn, dau. of George 
Crocker Smith, of St. Kilda ; ed. at Templcton's 
Scliooi, and I\Ie!>Journe Univ. ; Barr.-at-law ISSl ; 
returned councillor for Citv of Fitzroy, 1886 
(Mayor i88S-9) ; M.L.A. Victoria 1859, res. 1901 ; 
pres. of Board oi Lands and '.'.'orks. and ^Minister 
for Lands and Commnr. for Trade and Cudtoras 
1S94-9 (Sir George Torner's govt.) ; cimna. 
Roy. Comnin. oji Coiisiitui iona! Ktform ; one 
of the original six senators rctui-ned to represent 
the State nf Victoria I'JOl ; 1st chrmn. of com- 
mittees in the Senate of vhe 1st Federal Parliament 
1901-3 ; vice-pres. of the Federal Execuiive 
Council and Leader of the Govt, in the Senate 
IGOe-lOOS. iVIiaister for Trade and Customs 
10 Juii(i li/OQ (.3rd Dcakin Govt.) ; returned to 
House of Representatives 1010, 1913 and 1914. 
Residence — " Kooyong," ilount Albert Road, 
Canterbury, near 3Ielboume, Victoria, Australia. 
Issue by 1st m. — 

1. Geort^e Robt-rt Bcs:, b. 4 March, 1SS3. 

2. Arthur FitzRoy Best. b. 1 Oct. ISiS. 

3. Sydney Lanjrdridge Best, b. 19 Dee. li«l. 

1. Blanche Emily. 

2. Beatrice OUve, lu. Frederick Broad. 
Is'ue bv 2nd ni. — 

3. JIarsot .Maude Kdgehill 

4. PhvUis Wallace. 

5. Helcne Wallaee. 

6. Roberta WaUace. 

BETilELL. iS'ee Wsstbuby, Baeon. 

BETHELL. 1st Bt. (U.K.). Creat. 2ti 
June, 1911 ; Knt. Bach. l&i»G. — Sir John 
Bethell, 3. of late Georpe Bethell, of Woodford, 
Essex. B. 23 Sept. I8G1 ; m. 30 May, 1S95, 
Florence, dau. of James Woolley Wyles. of E-sex 
House, East Ham ; J.P. Es.-^cx ; M.P. for Rom- 
ford, Es.-ex, .since 1906; director of L. <t S.W. 
Bank, and Roy. Excliange Assurance (2orp. 
Residence — Park Hovise, V\'anstead, Essex. 
Clubs — National Liberal ; Reform; City Liberal. 
Issue — 

1. Fp.a.nk Harry Bethell, b. 18 May, 1896; ed. 
at Harrow. 

2. John Ravmond BetheU, b. 23 Oct. 1902. 

3. William Gladstone Betliell, b. 11 April, 1904. 
1. Dorothy Frances. 

ri2. Grace. 
V- 3. PhyUis. 

BETHELL. K.C.B. Crest. 1914; K.C.M.G- 

1912 ; C.M.G. 1904.— Adm. Hok. Sir 
AleX-axder Edward Bethell, s. of 2nd Baron 
Westbury, and Mary Florence, dau. of Rev. 
Alexander Fownes Liitirell, of East Quantoxhead, 
Sorat. B. 2S Aug. 1S55 : ■ m. II rtlarch, 1S90, 
Hilda :Mary, dau. of B. Huntsman, of West Ret- 
ford Hall. Notts ; ent. R.N. 18G9 ; sub-heut. 1873 ; 
iieut. 1878 ; comrnr. 1891 ; capt. 189S ; vice-adm. 

1913 ; adr:i. 191(5: was rear-adm. and assist, dir. 
of Ordnance ; dir. of naval inteliirrence 1909-12 ; 
commr.-in-chief. East Indies, 1912 ; in command 
of Royal Naval War Coll. I913-1G; C.-inC. 
Pl>anouih since Dec. 191G : A.D.C. to King 
Edward VII, 1907. Residences — 34, Grosvenor 
Gardens, S.W. 1 ; Government House, Plymouih. 
Club — Naval and 31iiitary. lesiie living — 

Ed)rard Walter Bethell," b. 17 Dec. 1S91 ; lieut. 
Roy. W. Surrey Regc. 
Agatha Hilda. 

BETHELL, Knt. Bach, Croat. 1914.— Sir 
Tuo:.£As iCe/BEKT Betuell, s. of luto Geor,;e 
Bethell, of South \\'oodford, E-sox, and Frances, 
dau. of Rob'-rt Tipper. B. 8 May, 1807 ; Barr.- 
Rt-iaw (Midrlio TeT.ipie); J. P., Essex; M.P. 
E. Essex I'jUti-lO. Residence — The Firs, South 
Woodford, Essex. Chambers — 2, C»drden Court. 
Temple, r.r. 4. Chibs— National Liberal ; Reform 




BETHUNE. Sfe LiNDSAy, E'ahl of. 

EETHUrfE, K.C.B. (uni.). Cieat. Juno, 1915 : 
C.V.U. I'JiJit ; L.U. I'Jij.-). — Lt,-G::x. Sik Edwakd 
Cecil Bi-IHCNE, s. of Adni. Charles "amsav 
Bethune, C.B.. of Balfour. Pile. B. 23 .lunJ, 
!S55; ni. 25 Oct. 1S90, Mary Lilian, dviu. of 
Col. Willia.n Eliott-Lockiiart, late K.A. ; joined 
Gordon JJighlri. 1875 ; capt. 6tli Dragoon Gds. 
Is8r3; rmj. IGth Lancers ISOS, nol. 1901, inaj.- 
gt-n. 190S, It.-yen. 1913; served in Afgiiani.-stun 
1878-80. Boer V.'ar iSSl ; raided and cornd. 
B-ithuiie'.i Horse in S. African War 18&^ 
lUOO; A.A.G. 1900 (despatcLcs, brcv-.-col.) ; 
comd. C'av. Brig. S. Af'-ieii lOol ; coi. 4'.U 
Dragoon Gds. 1908 ; comd. W. Lancaahire 
Teriitonal Div. 19U9-12 ; Director-Gen. of 
Territorial Force at War OCice since 1912. Clnbo 
— Carlton ; Xaval and ililitary. Issue li\niig — 

Mar,- Cecilia. 

SHARPE-BETHUNE, 10th Bt. (N.S.), of Scots- 
crai?. Crear. 21 April, 1083. — Sib Alexandeu 
MAiTL.i.xD Shasi'e-Bethcne, s. of 9th lit. 
B. 28 :March, 1909; iue. his father 1917. The 
Gth Bt., aMaj.-Gcn. in the Portuguese Army, took 
part in the Jacobite rising in 17-1.5. and v»-;'S 
attainted in 1746 ; in 1769 he obtained .'special 
pardon, and his petition to enjoy xh.e Baronetcy 
was granted. At hi.- death iu'l7S0 the Baro- 
netcy became dormant. The 9th Bt. proved his 
clai-n before the Baronetage Committee, of the 
Privy Council iu I91G, £.nd a.-i.suxncd the additional 
name of Sharpe. Residence — Russet House, 
Tadworth, Suxrey. 

Sir '.VilLIAM SH.\F.IE, 6lH I',T., h. Jan. 1729 : ni. 1770. 
Margaret. d;iU. of Johu lie tiiiine of Bit-bo, and d. 13 Feb. 
1780. Is=u«— 

LT.-GEN". ALEXiN-DER Sfarpe, lie jv.ri? 7tk Lt., 
baptized 20 Auj. 1771 ; assumpd !•>- Hoy. LictMici.- m 
1815 the name avA ami.s oi iJuthui;'.- in li*^u o: riio.-^o of 
Sharpe : m. i82u,.31.'iria (<1. Jan., 1880), dan. oi llubtrt . 
Low, of Clatto ; and d. Ijec. i^47. Issm,- — 

1. ALEXAN'UKR Bfthcsk, of B.-lbo. do jure >TH Ilf., . 

b. 1S::4 ; rapt 4:;iul Ki-hlrs. : rn. 1849. .Mar.'ant, 

dau.of JohR.MaxwoD.andd. 10 Jlay.lyOO. I>siie — 

1. Sir ALEXAXItEH S.n.i.rPE-liETHCNE, 9TH liT.. 

b. 18.'.0 ; ui. ;> Xov. l.v •,•. i:i.iz.\ C.ti:Ni:i;iE 
(Res.dnc- — t llousu, Tadworth. Mirrcv), 
dau. of rrtderi.-k Levi- MaitI :rid-ll. riot, 01 
Ramorni.-; aiid d. 31 March, li)17. ].=-.ij.-— 
1. Sir Alexander Maitlaxi> >.4Ar.!E- 

BETHEXE. pr, s. ¥.'. 

1. Margmrue ViLtoria, in. 10 AiTil. 1013. 
Capt. Ernest Ccstley White, Nvas.tlaiid 1 iiUi 
Force; Xvasaland 0.8. I Issue Colin Bo;.. -r. .. 

2. Evelvn Carn.cio, m. i:! .(ub.-, ii'i;.. Out.' 
Lionel Vilkin^toi,. Rov. Warv.icksinre Kn-r. 
[Issue David Chj.rles.l 

3. Elizabeth Madeline. 

1. Mary Elizabeth. KesidoiiCe— Elie. I Jie. 

2. Maria, m. 22 Julv, ir-0, David tiilL-pi^- oi i 
Klrkton, who died 1 i2. Ee^idt nee— Corrienessan, 
AberioylP, Perthshire. j 

BEVAN, Lady (Knt.'s widovrl. — Lothsa Hak- 
EIET, d:\u. of Xiven Kerr, of tl;e Consular Service ; 
m. 2S Nov. 1804, Sir Alfred Henry Bevan, late 
Sheriff of the City of London, who d. 8 Dec. 1900. 
Residence — 39, Queen's Gate, S.W. 7. Iscue — 

Ida Maud, m. 24 June, JW3, Alastair Campbell Sande- 

BEVERLEY. Earl oL Sec XoRTii'-i-BEiiLAND, 


BEVERLEY, Lord Bishop (Suffragan) oL Cons. 
ISsy, — Hi-. Kev. Koblht jARU-ifT CiU.sruwAirL-. 
D.D., s. of Rev. Bonju. Cn-ih'vuite. h<'n. canon of 
Ripon, and vie. of Knart-borouu-h. and Charlntte 
Robekah, dau. of Rev. Robert Jitrratt, \ic. of W ol- 
lir_".'jr!, Sonierset. B. 13 0.t. !>:;7; n. I^t !5 
Aug. 18u7, Eleanor Jr'rances (d. 7 .''■'ay, I^A:>\ dan. 
of Kev. Philip Sinipson, Metham liuil, Yorks : m. 
2nd, 1887, Anne Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. \Vm. 
Moore Crosthwuite, Pribenuury of Cork and 
rector of Drimoleague, co. Cork; ed. at Le. ds 
Grainrnar School and Cati:b. : bth v.ri'.niilfr . 
1S..0 ; D.D 1891; fvUow of Trin. Coil. Ibf2; 

ord. 1SC2 ; ciu-. of North Cave 1802 ; sec. and 
ch:;piam to iVrclibishop of Y<.rk 1800 ; onr. of 
Bi. !i..pthorpe 1800 ; vie. of Waghcn-Wawne 
l60;>-74 ; vie. of Bravtou 1874:-83 ; vie. of St. 
LawTcnoe, York, 1883-5 ; rector of Bolton Percy 
1885 ; prt-bendarv of x'ork, examining chaplain 
to Archbishop of York, and R.D. of Seiby 1883 ; 
archdeacon and R.D. of Y'ork 1884 ; con. 
bishop, and suttragan for York 1889 ; prolocutor of 
the Lo-«'er House of the Convocation of York 
190S. Residence — The Rectory, Bolton Percy, 
Y'orkshire. Issue — 

1. Bobirt Crosthwaite, b. 2.3 May, 1868 ; m. 6 Aug- 
' ls90, Augusta Eenha Elizaueih Jilaieersfleld, dau. o£ 

Charl-s Kaigersfield NVharmaa. 

2. litv. Arthur Crosthwaite, b. 2 Sov. IsTO ; ra. 16 
Fi-l). 191-9, Kate Louisa, dau. of Samuel John Barlow, 

3. Wiliiaiii Henry Crosthwaite, b. 21 April, 188" ; 
ni. 24 Aug. 1910, Gertrude Anrie Ha.=r.iazs. dau. of 
Rev. Charles Medl-urst, vie. of CoUiasham, Yorkshire. 
1. Margaret. 2. Mildred. 3. Lucia. 4. Agnes. 

BEWLEY. Lady (Knt.s widow). — .A.N-se Sophia 

Stewaht, dau. of Henrv- Cope Colles, Barr., of 

Monkstown, co. Dublin"; ra. 8 Aufr. ISGO, Sir 

Edmund Thomas Bewley, LL.D., K.C., regius 

professor of Ftudal and Englisli Law, Dublin 

Cniv., 1884—90, judge of the Supreii^e Court of 

Ireland and judicial comrar. of the Irish Land 

Comrais.sion 1890-8, author of several books on 

Iciral and antiquarian subjects, who d. 27 June, 

lbu8. Residence — Greenholm, Hindhead, Surrey. 

Issue — 

Kev. Edward Dawson Bewley, b. 1868 ; m. 9 July, 

191:i, ilorencf, dau. of H-^nry \Vebb, anl widow of 

Art!;ur Srrc;:_'.s. Rfsidence — .St. Paul's .School, 

.N"-v.iiuv>.n, tiie>.n Road, Richmoad. 


BHANDARKAR, K.C.I.E. Creat. 1911 ; CLE. 


6 July. 1837; ed. at Rainaeiri Govt. Enc'lish School 
and Eiphinstone Sch. and Coll., Bombay ; ^I.A., 
hon. LL.D. Bombay and .Edinburgh ; hon. Ph.D. 
Guttingen and Calcutta ; headmaster of High 
Schools 18C4-S ; prof, of Sanscrit, Eiphinstone 
Coll., 1809-81 ; prof, of Oriental languages, 
Deccan Coll., Poona, 1882-93 ; Fellow and some- 
time vice-chanc. Bombay Univ. ; I-'eilow, Calcutta 
Univ. ; memb. of Supreme Legis. Council, Cal- 
cutta. 1903-4 ; meinb. Bombay Legis. Cotmcihisa 
leader of Hindu social and religious reform move- 
ments ; author, translator, and editor of many 
philological, historical and antiquarian books, 
essays and articles, and Sanscrit works. Resi- 
dence — Poona. Deocan. 

BHATAVvTDEKAR, Knt. Bach. Creat. 1900.— 
SiK Bhalchandra Kp.ishxa Bhatawdekab, 8. 
of Krishnashastn Dhondew, of Talegaou (Poona, and Eakhmabai. dau. of Baiaji Vishwaneth 
Wakankar, of Palaspa (Colaba district). B. at 
Pala.-,pa 19 Feb. 1852; m. Ist, 6 IMav, 1876, 
GanL-abai, dau. of 3Iorjoshi Wakankar {d. 1&S7), 
of Pombhurle : rn. 2nd, 1891, — Sawitribai ; ed. 
at Eiphinstone High Seh. and Grant Med. Coll. 
(Bombay Univ.) ; passed L.'Sl. 1st class, honours ; 
secured gold Uiedaland medical prize, Apni, 1874 ; 
sometime asst.-surg. and afterwards clJef med. 
officer and Durbar physician Baroda Stale ; Fell. 
Bombay Univ. and sometime Dean and S^Ti'iic 
in med. ; rnemb. Municip. Corpn. (pre.s. 1897), 
memo. Standing Comrn. (chrmn' three successive 
years) ; M.L.C. of the Gov. of iiomba\-, 1897 and 
19uo ; memb. City Improvement Trust; memb. 
Bombay Med. Council"; pres. Bombay ^Medical 
Union, 'of the Hindoo Calendar Revis'ion Com- 
mittee, of the All India Tcirp-.-iance t'on:. heid 
at Benares, of the Bombay Provincial Conf. held 
at Surat, March. 1907, of Hindu Union Club and 
Students" Literarv- and Sticntitic Soc, and pres. 
of the Grant Coll. .M-jd. Soc. ; private practr. 
in Bombay -inco l^8o. Publications — " Pubhc 
Health " ;" " Inoculation Esj>lained " ; " Over- 
crcw.iing in Bombay " ; "' Leprosy " ; " Adures.i 



:>n Temperance " ; " Paper o!i Tu>iercuiC3is." 
Residence? — Bombay, anil Karla, Inaia. Issue — 

1. Morcsiirtar iilialcliaiiJra JJl.atav,-<ickar, .M.A., ii'., 

.Til I has !-sup. 

■>. X.lkantli lihalchan.lra Bhafawdi-kar, B. \.,M.r..B.S., 

iitotJica! pracritioiKr ; is in. 

3. Auandras Biialciiarnlr.i. Bliata^-icl.a:-. 

BHAUNAGAR, Tbakar Sauib of, K.C.S.I. 
Creat. lyUi. — H..H. .Maiiap.aja Sre Bkaosi>-ghji 
Taiihtsixghji, s. of late Thakur ibaiiib, G. C.S.I. 
B. 26 April, lS7o ; sue. his father 10 Feb. 1S9C ; 
ig entitled to a sahite of il giins. Kesidence- — , 
Motibagh Palace, Ehaunagar. 

BHOFAL, Eegam of. G.C.S.I. Crcct. 1910 ; 
G.C.I.E. 1904. — H.H. 2>'av,'ab Stji-taic Jahan 
Beoum. B. 9 July, 1?53 ; sue. 17 Juno, 1901 ; 
received the Order of th.e Crown of India, li-11 ; 
ponat O.Id.8c.J.J.E. ; is entitled to salute of 19 
puns. Residence — Bhopal, Central India. Issue — 

3 sons., K.C.I.E. Creat. 1S97 ; 


Bhowxaggree. B. in Bombav 18.51 : memb. ' 
of the Parsee community ; ed, at Bctubay Unis'. 
and Elphinstone Coll., Bombay : Fellow Bombay 
Univ. f ^ras a journalist in India ; Barr.-at-iaw ■ 
and jud. counc. Bhaxna^ar State ; came to Eng- 
land 1SS2, and wtis cplledto the Bar at Lincoln's 
Inn 1885 ; I^I.P. Rethnal Green. N.E. div. (C.) 
189.>-19>.t6 ; founded 2\ urges' Ilome. Bo.mbay, 
and Eastern Corridor Imperial Institute, ia 
memory of his sister Ave. llesideuce — 177, 
Cromv.-eIi Road, S.W. 5. Clubd — Carlton and 
Constitutional. I:;-;us — 

I'priii l'.ho>vn.r4-;:rt.\ m. Dr. .1. X. BaJi.liirj.i-. 

BHUTAN, Maharaja of. K.C.3.I. Creat. 1911; 
K.C.I.E. lOuo. — H. H. :Lvhakaja Sni Sm 
I'gyen Wangckuk, s. of late .Jimi Xamgcy, of 
Wanirdieiihili, Bhutan. B. at Wan^diehliili, ! 
.lan.lSCl ; m. 1st, ISSl ; 2nd, 1903. Residence 
— Bhutan, IndiH, 

•2. Wiilir 


■2ud h- 


2. Hon. Violet Zviaad 

..twonh, b. 23 Xov. 1)^03; heut. IStl 
.Jonathan ^Ve^t^^oUh, b. 7 April, I-'jT 
i;.F.A.] ■Residence— BiTonsii, Kaslnor 

BIDDULPH, 8th Bt. 
1601 — SiB TiSEOPiiir.u.s 
of 7th Bt. B. 13 April. 
Elr-anor, dau. of late 8ani 

(Eng.). Creat. 2 Xov. 

UkoKGE BlDHrLPH, .". 
l.S7-i ; m. 21 hoiu. i'JOT, 
ifl Thompson, of .Mucka- 

more Abbey, co. Antrim ; sue. his father 1SS3 ; 
patron of 1 living. Ciub — Arthur's. 
SiK i'.'iEorHlLUS BiDi;CLFH, -ITii Bx., HI. Jane (d. 14 Aiii;- 
lii.S), d.ui. 01 iu.v. :>lichaei Biddulpii ; and d. iSOi. 
Isiue — 

1, SiK I'HEOi'iULVs BiDDULru, 5TH Bt., b. 23 March, 
IT.iT : ni. 17.^4. Hannah {d. iy24), dau. of Ileiirv 
Brfstidtte : and d. yi) July, i?4i. Issue — 

^IR iunopiiiLCs BirDL-irn. era Bx., b. 23 Mavch, 

17.-'.3 : 211. in April, ISilo. Jane Rt^becca (d. li) .March. 

i-l:i), dau. oi Ki'twrt Vvner, of Eathurpc ; and d. 

i.-) J.dy, 1854. I4siie— ■ 

SIR TllEOl'lULLS \\(T.T,I.\.\t 7TH P.T.. b. 
lo .fa!i. \!j:»; ii\ is June. 1S7:2. Mary A'-n-^> 
(d. HI ,lii!ic. i-s'j). dai.. of i<ci!i;l!u, 17th Baron 
So!iKTviII_- ; and d. 1 .March. ls-<;i. Issue— 
.>ui TaFormr.fs tiEor.GP; -cros. Bt. 

2. Th- late Kev. John Biddulph. iii. ;?oi>hia id. L< 
Feb. ISW), dau. of Sir Charles \M;ekr. Bt. , and d. 
10 V-2ii. Ts^iK- — 

C'apt. William B:ddu!j>h, Ben-al Arniy, b. 8 Jan. 
1^0.5 ; m. 17 April, 1S4]. liannah Saraii (d. ISQ.:), 
dau. of Dr. Xatliauul Wnllich ; and d. 2 Jan. 18.52. — 

William Wallidi Biddulph. h. 1 .May. 1S42 : m. 
Undo, dau. of Wiiliain lh;<,'n Bnrnikic, ol rciri- 
tirnk'.' ; and d. 18 April, istil . I^^ne — 

1. Lt.-Col. Wii.UA.-i HfiiH i;!iii)i, iii jr. 
I'Klib.. b. ■> Jun. . lSo9; m. ::m Feb. l-OJ. 
.Anm-ffe Loni-^a id. 17 Jan. 1913), dau. of Iat.> 
Bt.-Coi. AVilli.un llariuurt AIa-t>--r ; nt. :ind, I'.l! .'., 
Uafhleen Anna Jiorrinc. dau. of late Herman 
IfiTrins-C'i'ioptr, of Muule (.'a^tl'-, cri. <_ ariw.v ; 
lt.-col.i;oianid2.Ceylon;plant<Ts K.C.: J.P.C> yii;n 
nnd patron oi th'^ livin'.; <>i fninktcn. U'j~i- 
denrt — h';-.r;in'j;!lla, Kot-nalie, ('p\1cii. 

2. 'Vho laf- j;pv. Al-xand-r n.ori;- .-".-ilf I^id- 
didph. h. If* Jan. li<71 ; in. 'J Ant?. l.-'.if>, sVini- 
fr^ i Aeni-. dan. of Kev. D ivi.l MaXK-U ; and 

d. l<-, Anril. I'MUK 

Wutli Sophi.v 
1. Dora .M arrant 
!{i--:inaM Thomson 



G.C.E. (mil.). Crea-.. 1899 

BTDDULPK of Ledbury, 1st Baron (U.K.). 
Creat. 1 Aug. 1903. — Michaei. Bii>in.Li'H, s. 
of Robert Bidduloh, of Ledbury. D.L., LP., i BIDDULPH, 
M.P. for Hereford, and Elizabeth, dau. of : G.C.M.G. iSSG ; K.C.B. (mil.) 189G ; K.C.M.G. 
George Pahner, of Xazing Park, Essex, jI.P. for • 1880 ; C.B. (mil.) 1877. — Gek. Sip. RvOBERT 
South Essex. B. 17 Feb. 1S34 ; m. lst_^ 9 Aug. ; BiDDtrLni. ». of Robert Biddulph, of Ledliur". 
1864, Adelaide Ceorgiana (d. 22 _:iIay,l.Sji 2), dau. ■ Herefordshire, formerly M.P. for Hereford, and 
" " '" " ' ' Elizabeth., dau. of George Palmer, ^LP., of Xazing 

of Rt. Hon. Gen. Peel, of .Affirble Hill. Twicken- 
ham ; 2iid 1(1 July, 1877. Lady Elizabeth ' 
Philippa (d. 13 Jan. 19 IG^ dau.' of Charles 
Phihp, 4th Earl of HardwicKo, and -n-idow of 
Henry John Adeanc, r»I.l'., of Brabaham, i 
Catnbs. ; ed. at Harrow : I^I.P. for Hereford- ' 

■k. Essex. B. 20 Aus;. 1835 : m. 11 Au2. 18G4 
Sophia (d. 23 April, 1905), dau. of Rev. A. L. 
Lambert, Rector of Chilbulton, Hants, and 
widow of R. Stuart Palmer ; ed. at K.^iLA. 
Woolwich ; gazetted 2nd lieiit. R.A. 18.53, cant. 

shire 18G5-1900. Is a partner in banking ' ISGO, maj. ISGl, It. -col. 1804, col. 1372. brif:. • 
firm of Cocks, Biddulph ,fc Co., and a director gen. 1879, maj. -gen. in Cyprus, 1879, maj. -gen. 
of Economic Life As-urance Comv. ; D.L., ! 1SS3, It. -gen. 1887, sen. 1892, col-commdt. 
J.P. Hereford, and J. P. Glos. Residences— R.A. 1895; rot. 1902 ; D.A.A.G. in India 1858- 
Ledbury I'ark, Ledbury, Hereford ; Kemble GO ; mil. sec. in China 1S60-1 ; rail. sec. Tiladra?, 
House," Cirencester. Clubs — Reform ; Brooks's, j 1 80 1-5 ; D.A.Q.G. Woolwich, 1808-71; asst. 
Issue by 1st m — i boundary commnr. under Reform Act of 18G7 " 
1. Hox. JoHX MicirAf;L Gordon- BrnPFLPSi, b. 19 ' private sec. to Ylt. Cnixh " 

Nov. 1809 ; m. 10 .Nov. I89t;, Marjorie Susan Caro- 
line, dau. of late Col. Wni. Mure, of CuldwoU ; ed. at 
Eton and O.viord : i>arrner in linnkiin; rinn of Cocks, 
Biddidph A- Co. ; c;ovr. of iluv's tla-^nital; 1).L,, 
J.P. Hereford. Eisidencc—O, Baton I'laco, S.W.I. 
Clubs— r.rojk-'.^ : ■iir.veller.s'. Is-u. — 

1. Micli.vlV.':i^:unJolinBidau.iph, !■. i'. March, lSy8; 
li.",;f. to! ,v I. :-. 

2. lUipert Artlmr Biddulph, b. 1 Jul'., 1904. 

1. Adelaide M :ry. 

2. Ma.ry ro!:<f;vice. 
2. Hon. Vl.iM '■\.;lia!'i nid.iii 
D.L., Hor.ioui ; n,. IJ !;,<'. !• 
Alfred Jolni Howard, lit si it ii 
S.W.I. Club— Brooks's ; Bad 

Anthony BidJvilph, b. IS Au^. 

Mnricry .Marv, 
1. Hon. Kdith' Mar\-, m. 1?91, 
BelS, D.L., J.r. :^ = u,1 iivii!!; 
Chalr.s. D.S.O.. M.C., Roy .a i us, 

>h. !>. s I'.-b. 1S71 ; 
■•j, .\!:.r-'arec, dau. of 
f— 9, Cheshaiu Place. 
lots'. Issue — 

harl'S Wcntworth 
1. Cape. Jlichae 
b. 8 June, lsi2. 

•hen Sec. of State 
for War, 1871-3 ; A.A.G. at headquarters 1S73-S ; 
commr. for arranging the payment due to the 
Porte under the Cyprus Convention, 1879 ; Hicrh 
Commissioner and C.-in-C. in Cyprus, [May, 1879- 
80; was inspector-gen. of recruitin<7 18SG-S, and 
acting Q.JI.Cr. for a time in 1SS7 : director- 
general of military education 18SS-93 ; quarter- 
rqaster-cen. Jan. 1893; Gov. and C.-in-C. at 
Gibraltar 1893-1900 ; Army comumr. 
1904 : nta^tor-gmmer of St. James's Park 1914. 
R,,. l.lPi.r^o.—SS. CoriLwall Gardens, S.W. 7. Club -^- 
Uniteil Service. L-^sue — 

1. Lt.-Col. Hope Biddulph, B. A., I. 27 Oct. ISOO ; 

HI. 9 Oct. ias9, Mabel, dau. of Capt. W. H. L'rquhait. 

Issue — 

1. Geoflrev Biddulph, b. 3 April. )Si)3. 

2. John Biddulph, b. 1 June. 1905. 
I X. Hermione, 




■i. \U]. >ncha»: B:'ilulph, A.P.D.. b. 5 Vrril. 14^71 ; 

oj. 30 March, 1904, Rutli Emma, .Ian. of G. F. Trench, 

01" Ar.i.'Lrt, CO. KtiTT. 

3. Mr.j. Harn- BifMulph, R.K., b. 19 Jnlj. 1S72 ; 

nc. 13 Jan. 1904. CoDitance Eniilv, d«n. of Rowland 

SinUh, of D'nfi.-id Ilall. P-rhv. ' 

♦. 1"^^;? Bi'iduiDh, b. 27 JiiDP, 1 S76 ; m. 23 Jan. 1307. 

Marcarft, da'i. of late John Fwbes, of "WestUeld, 

LJul'ih^cw. Issue — 

1. Gnorge .M'chael Eollo Biddalph, b. 28 Dec. 1913. 

1. tiii^iboth. 

2. Leonora. 

-1. Evr.. n.. 10 .^pril. 1393, Lt.-Col. A. U. M.a^cn, R.F., 
C.B., D.S.O., \r!,o d. 1896. and has issnc. 

2. Constance, rn. 12 July, 18SS, Sir Charles A. Kin? 
Harman, K.C.M.G. 

3. Jfssic. 

4. H^Irn. 

5. .Mab?l. 

6. Gcoreiana. 

BIG9E, Sa ST.4Mrc>j:DEi.^r, BAaoN. 

SELBY-EIGGE, K.C.B. (civ.). Oreat. 1913. 
C.B. 1903. — Sm Le-.v:s Amherst SELBv-Bi'nE ; 
B. of Charles Selbv-Birge, J.P., of Linden, Xorthkl. 
B. 3 April, ISGO : "m. 15 Sept. 1SS2. Edith 
Lind.say, dau. of lare Fa. Hon. John Robert 
Davison, O.C, :M.P., of Underrivc-r. Jud^e 
.Advocate General , ed. at Winchester and O.^c- 
ford, M.A. ; Fell, and '.ecturer in i>hiIo?ophv, Univ. 
Coll., Oxford, IS33 ; Barr.-at-law (Inner Temple} 
1891, eissist. charity commr. 1894-1902 ; princ. 
as-slst. sec. Board of Educ. 190S-11 : permanant 
sec. since 1911 ; is J.P. Xorthants. Residences — 
Manor Ho'^sr-, Kind's Sutton, Banbury ; 7, 
Wilbrfthem Place, S.AV. Club — Brooks's. Issue — 

1. John Amli-r;! Serov-lilgge, b, 20 June, 1892 : 

m. 30 June. 1014. Buth. dau. of E. W. luniDhrey.s, of 

Asi;bumham Grov3, Bradford. Issue — dau. b. 13 

Oct. 191.^. 

1. Mary, m. 22 June, IPO?, Capt. Cecil Pomber. 

Househoid Hatt., who was killed in action, "2 Mav, 


2 Edith Katharine, m. 31 Oct., 1914, Cavit. 

Geoffrey Bowes-Lyon {lee STRATHMOEE, E. oil. 

BIGGS, Ent. Bach. Great. 1906. — Sir .Arthck 

WoTiTHiXGTON Btggs. 3. of Kite Wiljiam Eicgs. 
J.P., of Leicester, forraerly TiLP. Xe^ri-iort. Isie'of 
Wight, and Jlarj- Deborah, dau. of John Worth- 
ington, of Leicester. B. at Leicester, 2 March. 
1846 ; m. 16 March, 1S72, Lilian, dau. of late 
Charles Holland, J.?., of Liseard Vale, Cheshire 
(d. 1891) ; ed. privately and at Payis ; for many 
years in Lanes, cotton trade ; maj. (ret.) Cth 
Lanes. Gar. Art. Vols. : vice-pres. Xat. Libera! 
Club; contested S. Worcestershire (L.) 1900. 
Club — Nat'onal Liberal. Issue — 

1. .Arthur HolUinl Bii;?. b. 2 F-b. 1>;3 ; '-f-.-V.. LL.M. 
(Camb.) ; m. 20 S^-pt. 19 i7, Ethel, d.-.u. of John I ano. 

2. Lt.-Col. Ch.arl.s William IJisss. U.i:., b. ;U .Maroli. 
1378 ; m. 20 April 1904, Winifred, d.aii. of Dr. W. G. 
Dickinson, of Piitn»>v. 

3. Harold Bi22>, b. 2 April. 13*0: M.A. Camb.. ni. 
1907, Ethel, .lau. of J. Henderson, of Cl.risichurcli. 
Xcw Zealand. 

4. Edward Kenn^^th V>\zz<, b. fi .March, l*-^:« ; livut. 
H.V.A.; ni. r> K.-b. lyi,;. Mnni.inr <\'.\\rK d.iii. o: 
Charles Stuart Douila*, l.jth t^iiorwood lor.-tvr^. 

5. Ed(?ar Arnold Biegs, b. 3 Nov. 1*37 : ni. IT 
Feb. 1914, Ida, dau. "of J. Asliford, of Suifolk Lo-bje, 
Shatiklin. I.^le of Wicl.r. 

1. Eiiz.-.bcth Mar." HoUan 1, ni. 11 O'-r 1910. I. 
Arthur Ha^llev. Residence — Tlie Havrs. Chandlers 
Ford, Hants. 

BIGHAM. Se& Mehset, Vise. 

BIQNOLD, Lady (Knt.'s wid,->%-V— TImiioy 
Floku-NCK, dau. of l.^to Asar, of L-;-ioo3- 
t^r, m., as his 2nd wife, 23 July. 1906, Sir .\rthur 
Bi^nold, who was b. 8 Julv. 1S39; orcut. Knt. 
B-ich. 190.4 ; a r:v-!nb. of :';•< Lon.'on Stock 
Ly l.iiTice ; M.P. for Wick Di-t. ir">'-6. and 
19't>-l0, contested sar.^.e division D'/'c. 1910; 
J.P. Ross-shire ; P.R.GS., F.R.Z.S.. and d. 23 
March, 1915. R^^idoneos — 12. Keu-iini:;.^n G'urt 
Man-sicns, W. 8; Ixichroscue CVu>tle, Dingwall, 

BIJAWAR. M^haiaja oi, K.C.LE. Great. 
1911. — H. H. S.\n-.Aj Mahap..\ja BAHADm. Sib 
?AW.\NT Srs-un. B. 2,j X.-.v. 1377 : sue. 26 
June, 1900; is entitled to £. =alute of 11 cuns. 
Residence — Bijawar, Bundelkhand. Central India. 

BIKANER, Maharaia of, G.C.S.I. Great. 19] 1 ; 
G.C.I. E. 1907 : K.C.S.J. 1904; A.D.C.— H. H. Sm 
Ganga Singh BAH.^.Dt7R. B. 3 Oct. 13S0; .-uc. 
31 Au<T. 1887 : hon. col. Indian Army ; hon. 
A.D.C. since 1910 ; is entitled to a salute of 
17 irans ; served with Indian Exped. Force in 
France 1914—1.5 (despatches;. Residence — Bi- 
kaner, Rajputana. 

EILE3. Knt- Bach. Creaf. 1913.— Sir. Johk 
Harvap.d Biles. B. at Portsmouth, 6 Jan. 1S54 ; 
m. 1S70. Emma Jane, dau. of late Richard 
Hosk^-n Lloyd, of Pembroke : eu. at Roy. Sch. or 
N'avui Architecture and Marine Ergineorinz. and 
R.X. Coil., Greenwicii ; ■ prof, of" naval archi- 
teciure, Glasgow Univ., since 1901 ; LL.D. 
(Yale), D.Sc. (Harvard), M.Inst.C.E. : M.Inst. 
Mech.E. , AI. Soc. Xav. Arch. .U.S.A. ; hon. memb. 
Ji-.p. Soc. Xav. Arch., has Order of Os'ii9.nioh : 
has served on various Admiralty and Board of 
Trade Committees ; is consulting naval architect 
to India Ofnce. and to Govt, of Commonwealth 
of Australia. Re^dences — Wemyss Bav, X'.P. ; 
2, Whitehall Court, S.W.I. Club— Xew (Gl.isgcw). 
Issue — 
1. John Harvard Bil 'S, b. 15 March, 1687; in. 1913, 
Maiion, d.iu. of Adam Konkine-Wilson. 

1. Iris Floroncp, ni. 13 Apri'. 1907, Prof. Robert 
Latta, ?.I.-A.., Prof, of Logic at Glasgow Univ. 

2. G^Tladys Margaret. 

BILSLAND. 1st Bt. {V.K.\ Croat. 25 Nov. 
19^7. — SrB Wii-LiAM Bn.-LAXD, s. of James 
Bil.'iand, Ballat, Stir!ingsl;ire, and Anne. dau. of 
V.'iiliam Blair, Spittal of Killpam, StirHncrshire. 
B. at Ballat. Stirlingshire, 17 March, 1S47 ; m. 
16 Sep. 1885, Atmes Anne. dau. of .Hexander 
Steven, of Provansidc, Glasfrow ; ed. at Vale of 
Leven, Dumbartonshire ; LL.D. Glascrow ; lord 
provost, of GlasETOw and Lord-Lieut, of Glassrow 
190.5—8 ; a trustee for national eallcrv of Scot- 
land : D.L., .T.P. Glasgow, Lanarks. Resi- 
dence — 28, Park Circus. Glasgow. Clubs — 
.\rt : Western (Glasgow) ; University (Edin). 

1. ALEXAVDER STEVEX BiLSLiND, b. 13 Sent. 1332 : 

ed. at Glasgow Acad, and Camb. : lieui. 8th Scottish 


1. Ames Anne, m. 6 Oct. 1915. C.ipt. David John 
Cc:%-i!!e of Cleland, 6th Scottish EiSes. 

2. Helen Isobel. 

BIXGH.AM, Baron. See Lucax, Eabl of. 
BINGHAM. See CluVN'^, Baeon. 

BINGHAM, 2nd Bt. (U.K.). C.reat. 12 Dec. 
1903. — s^ip, Albert Edw.u'.d Bixoh.4-m, s. of 
1st i;t. B. 23 Xov. 1S6S ; sue. his fathf^r 1915 ; 
m. 29 Aug. 1893, Lucy, dau. of lat- D. L. IMcAIhmi, 
of Gosfonh ; ed. at Blairlodge, X^'.B. ; It. -col. 
late lstW.Y.R.E.(V.); V.D. ; mil. merab. W.R. 
of Yorks. Terr. Force Assocn. ; Lt.-Col. commds, 
R.E.. W.R. divsn. (T.F.) ; senior wa-den C-itlers 
Co. ; proprietor of Walker & Hall, Sheffield. 
London, etc., manfcr. silversmiths and cutlers. 
Residence — RanbyHou'^o.near Retford. Clubs — 
Junior Constitutional ; Rov. Automobile- ; Shef- 
field. Issue— 

E-me Lvle. 
5IRJ..HS EuWARPBISGSTAM. ICTBT., b. 27 J;'lv, 13TP; 
m. 9 M.^.rch. 1 <•:.:>. Mahia fK.iidence— West Le.'i, 
Sheffield) dau. of the' iatc William Fawcett. cf Clarke 
Uou'c, Sheffield, and d. 13 .M.".rch. J 915. Issue— 
Sia .\Lrr.r.T EpwaFvJ) Bi-vcnAir, pres. Bt. 

B'NMNG. Baron. See Haddin-gtok, E. of. 

BINMNG, Knt. Croat. June, 1916.— Sir 
AuTHVr. \ViLLT.vM BiNNii^o, s. of Robert Binning, 
cf Glasgow. B. 5 Auj, 1861; ed. ivt Glasgow 

, Acidemy Resid-.-nre — Rangoon, Burma. Club 

! — Oriental ; Pegu, Er.ngoon. 




airtCH, K.C.M.G, Great. 1911: C.M.G. lOi^-O. 
— SiA Ek>'Est WooDFoan .yiP.CH, a. of late James 
\r:ieel.?r AVocdford Birch (a.?3C33muted by Ma'.aya 
in 187oi. Ccloriia! Sec. Siraits Setilenionts and 
Br.tish Kobid. at x-erak, aad Emilr cAiap'oall, 
daj. of L'ai<e AVaiter Kelly, of Ca=:t!ered, Roscom- 
mon, physician. B. :o. Ceylon i'9 Apri!, 1857 ; 
m. 3 "Nov. iSS2. ilara^ai-ot, dau. of Lanrence 
Nivpn ; ed. at Ehtree ari'i Hurro'^' ; enfc. Colonial 
Ofiice ]^76 (cadet in Strnits Settlertieius s*.r%-ioe); 
niiicistrato and coikctor of Land Kcvenue Malacca 
13SS, and S°c. to Govt, of Feiak 1S03 ; acted as 
Briti::.h Rcsid. of Srlasyor 1S92-3. cf Pers\'=: 
1895-6; Brit. Kssid. of' Ne^i Sembiian 1S97- 
nOi ; Gov. and Co.-nir.dr.-in-C.aef of Labai.n 
and British N. Borneo i901— i : british Kesiuent 
of Perak lf'04-il. Residences — 69. Courttield 
Gardens, S.W. 5 : The Box. Bexhill-on-SeH, ; 
Clubs — \ViridI;am ; Sports ; M.C.C. Is-7iie — 

1, Ernest AViniim Pa;r;ck Birch, 1>. 9 Be^. i.-SS ; m. 

9 June, 1910. Muriel, ^au. of J. Ciietw ynd. 

1. Fiorenoc Hiidu. i 

2. Acm-s Winifred, m. 10 Xov. 1910, Mai. Eoaaid . 
J5.^;er Corslii, I.A., aiid has issue. 

3. El:-ie Woo Iford. 

4. Margaret Idris, ni. i Dec. 1915, Sir Trevor Wheler, 
13th Bt. 

BIRCH, Lady (Knt.'s widov.-). — May dau. of • 
Capt. George F. Burdon. 3.T. 13G3, as his 
2nd -^rifo. Sir Pacha .-d James Hohveil Birch, a 
It.-gen. in the Indian Armv, who was created a 
K.C.B. in 1S60, and d. m 1875. ' 

BIRCHENOUGH, K.C.M.G. Crr-a:. June, 1910; 

C.M.G. 1905.— SiK fizXF.Y BiRCHK.N-OUGH. s. of : 

the late John Birchenou£?h, .7. P., of Macclesfield, ' 
aud Elizabeth, d!>ii. of the Itite John Tavlor, J. P., 
of Maccle^fielJ. B. 7 March, IS'S ; ed" at Unir. ' 
Cell. London. Oxford and Pari=, MA., F.R.G.3.; 
m. 1 Dec. 1886. Mabel, dan. of the late Vsrv Rev. ' 
G. G. Bradley, D.D., C.V.O.. Doau ,f We?tminster: 
raemb. of Advisory Coniin. of the Board of Trade ; 
director of Brit. S. Airica Co. and of Imperial 
ContineELtal Gas Assoc. ; Govt, special Trade 
Comxnr. to S. Africa, 1903 ; memb. of Tarifi 
Comm. 1904; m?rab. ot Roy. Comm. on Ship- 
ping Rinss, 1905-07 ; incmb. of departmental 
Comms. of the Board of Trade, i 907- 14 ; chrmn. 
of Textile "After the War" Comm. cf the Board 
of Trade, 1916 : chrmn. of Rov.Comm. on Paper, 
1917. Residence— 79, Eccleston Square, S.V/. 1. 
Clubs — ^Atlienaeum ; Carlton ; Brooks's. Lssue — 

1. Sylvia MUlieent. m. l> Oct. 191.S, Dr. Aliied F. 
Morcom.M C, .M.B.. M.R.C.S. Eeiidence— 29, Clarges 
Street, W. 

2. Elizabeth Mahel. 

BIRD, Lady (Ivnt.'s v-idow). — Euh-y F ttt v, 
dau. of Maj.-Gerx. Henry Dirnsaale MarminK, 
M. 1872, Genera! Sir George Corrio Bird, K.C.I.E.. 
who d. 20 Dec. 1907. 

BmD WOOD. K.C.B. Creat. June 1917; K.C.S.I 
Jan. 1915; K.C.M.G. June, 1915; C.B. 1911; 
C.S.I. 1910; CLE. IPOS; D.3.O. 1908 ; A.D.C. 
1906. — Lt.-Gex. Sir William Riddell Bibd- 
WOOD, 3. of the late Herbert Miiis Bird- 
wood, C.S.I., M.A., LL.D., I.C.S., member of 
Council and Jude-^ of the High Court, Bombay, 
and Edith Marion Sldnie, dau. of Surj;.- 
Gen. Elijah George Kai.hed Irnrev. Bombay 
H.A. B. 13 Sept". 1865; m. 5 Apnl, 1834, 
.Janetta Hope Gonville. dau. of Col. Sir Eenjanun 
Brornhe&tl, C.B.. 4th Bt. : ed. at Clifton 
Coll. and R.M.C. Sandlmrst ; i-nned Roy. 
Scots Fus. 1833. IL't-i Lancers iSS5, 11th Bengal 
Lancers 18S7, capt. 1896. maj. IC'OO, It.-coJ. 
1902, col. 1905, brij.-een. 1909, m.ij.-een. 
1911; It.-c-n. ll.Ii; Mil. Sec. to C.-in-C' S. 
Africa 1902, and in India 1905; Q.M.G. India, 
1912 ; served in H:izara Canipaipn 1891 (m^edal, 
2cla.sp.s); Isazai 1892; X.W. Frontier. India, 
1897-8 (modal. 2 cla?p-) ; Tirah iS97-8 (des- 
patches, clasp); «. African War I>y5-1902 
(wounded,'>atciie.s 5 linie5, b:ev.-inaj. and 
It.-coi., 2 medals, 8 clc-pi). chief .straff c21c9r 

Mo};mand Exj^cid. 1903 (despatches, medal, 
clasp, L'.S.C'.' ; sec. in Army dept. to Govt, of 
India and 3i.L.C. cf gov. gea. 1912 ; bnir.-cora- 
mr. India, 1909-11 ; comdar. Australian and New 
Zealand Army Girp.s Dardanelles 19 i5 (des- 
parchcf?) ; Graiid Omcier de la Legion d'Hor.nrur; 
ha.s Croix de la Guerre. Fraiice ; Gra.nd Omcier 
de i'ordi-e do la Couronne, Belgium. Club — 
Cavalrj-. Issue — 

1. Christopher Brombead Birdwood, b. 22 May, 1899. 

1. Constance J-:aa 'Jcnville. 

2. Jiichth Ho-atia. 

BliTDWOOD, Lady (Krt.'s widow). — Fbaxces 
A>r;.r, dfu. of late Ed^-^rd Tolcher. R.2>.'., of 
Hares.ood House, riym.pton .St. :s[ory's i m. 
I'J Feb. 1S5C, Sir GronGK CHRisTOniES iloi.Es- 
vroRTn-BiRDWOOD, M.T>., M.R.C.S., who was b. 

' 8 Dec, 1332; creat. K.C.T.E. 1SS7 ; Knt. Bach. 
18S1 ; was recognized as th.o authority on &ii 
matters relating to Indian History, .Art, Litera- 

I ture and Mythology; aud d. 2S June, li>17. 

1. George Brodrick Birdwood, b. 27 Dec. I860. 

2. Alan Eoc;.^r Birdwood. b. 27 Jan. 1802 ; ra. 1S92, 
Anna, dau. of th" Inte Rev. Dr. Ewir.;:. 

3. Francis Traver: Biniwood, b. fi Dec. 1865 ; solicitor ; 
m. l-'PS, Amv. dau. of lato!l S-', of Liver- 
pool. Residence — 19, Corfton Road, Ealing. 

1, JIary Brodrick, b. 8 Sept. 1S09. 

2. Ethel Travers, b. 21 Sept. 1870. 

' BIRKBECK, Baronetcy. Ext. 2 Sept. 1908 ; 
' creat. 9 March. iSSG. The lato Sir Edward Birk- 
, bccii. Bt., K.C.V.O., b. 11 Oct. 183S ; M.P. 
; for N. Norfolk 1879-85. for E. Norfolk 1885-92 ; 

chairman Roy. Nat. Life Beat lust.. Public 
'• Wor!:s. Commissr., chairman International Fisher- 

ic-i Exnib. 1883, D.L,.J.P.. Norfolk ; m. IS April, 

1SG5, Hon. Maby AuGirsTA, dau. of William, 1st 
' Baron Hylton, and d. 2 Sept. 1908. Residence 

— Mill on Bure. Buxton, Norfolk. 

BIRKBECK, S.C.B. (mil.). Great. June, 1915; 

C.B. 1902 ; C.-.I.G. 190G.— Maj.-Gen-_ Sib 

■ William HEinsY Birkbecic, s. of late Joseph 

Birkbeck, Banker, of Settle. Yorks. B. S April, 

1S63 ; m. Oct. 1905, Mabil, dau. of .Alex. D. 

, Shaw, of Staten Island, New York ; ed. at Wel- 

i lin^rton Coll. and K.M.C. Sandhurst ; joined Est 

Dragoon Gds. 1S83 : a^-t. inspector of Remounts, 

S. Africa, 1.S99-1902 ; D.A.A.G. for mil. educa- 

; tion and training at Headquarters 1902—5 ; 

j atta.'^hed to Japanese Army 1905-6 ; commaiid- 

I ant Cavalry School 190'--11 ; director of Re- 

I mounts at Headquarters since 1912. Residence 

' — South Hall, Heme! Hem.p.stead, Herts. Club 

— Naval and Military. Issue — 

1. Alex.inder Shaw Birkbeck. b. 1900. 

2. John William G.illaud i- Birkbeck, b. 190S. 
I 3. Theodore Henr>' Birkbeck, b. 1911. 

I BIRKIN. 1st Bt. (U.K.). Creat. 25 July. 

' 19Mo. — Sir Thomas Is.^ac Birkin, s. of the 

: late Riciiard Birkin (d. 9 Oct. 1870). J. P., of 

1 Asoley Hall, Notts, and .Marv Ann. dau. of Tiiomas 

Walker, of Trowell, co. Notts. B. iS31 ; m. 

9 Oct. 1856, Harriet, dau. of M. Tebbutt, of 

Biuntishani. St. Is'cs ; D.L., J.P., Notts, 

I sheriEc 1892 ; a director of the G. N. R. 

; Residence — Tiie Grange, Ruddington, Notts 

; Clab- — Canton ; Notts. County. Lsuc — 

i 1. THOiiAS STA."a.EY BiRSi.v, b. 18 Get. 1557 ; m. 

• 2 June, 1554, ti'.e Hoa. Jlargarei Diasa Horetonn, 

i dau. ot the lute Capt. Hon. Henrj W, yunr.d C^.er- 

! wyuu, R.>'.. and ii^'or or Godirev, sth Vi.-e. C!.:t- 

1 wjTji. Residence— Park House, jiapperiey, 

ham. Issue living — 

1. Henrv Ralnh Statdev Birkin, b. 20 July, i:^06. 

2. Claries A.rcliii.rJl C-cd Birkin. b. 30 March, 1905. 
1. :ii.-ir,:urot, Ida Maud. 

I 2. Alexavior Birkin, b. 9 Sept. 1S6!. 

j 3. Lieut.-Col. RicJwrd LcsUe BL-kln, D..S.O. (ISOO), 

b. 2 Feb. 3 8G3 ; late ma] •>. -Vott--. Hu»sa.-3 Inu>. i'eo. ; 
; serv,='a in S. Afrieaa v.;;r fdespatches) ilt'0-2. iiesl- 
' dioc'^ — Edaie Houie. Ihe Pa.-k, XottiL'sium. Clubs — 

Cavalry: KY.C. 

4. Lleuti-Col. Charles Wilirio Birkin, C.ILG., b. 11 




Feb. 1806 ; coinniandiriK 7:h Katt. >otts. .irid D.-rbv- 
shlre R'gt.; served in I ran e lyl'.-lt, Me*p>t<"hpst. 
D.L.. J.P.. XotT.-..: m. 2 .rul\ , isyii. cbir.- LIov<l. ^^■.^ o( 
Akrandcr Howe of Xew Vor>;. U.>i.l'nc.,' — I.arai.ole, 
RpjJcliiio-on-rrfRt, Xutts. i lnhs — r.oodl. s" ; C^mnty 
(Notts.). IS.':U<! — 
1. Charks Llovd Birliin, b. L'4 Sent. 1907. 

1. Wirufrcd il.'.v, ui. ft Julv, 1913, sVilU.iPi !)aJi-v 
Ward. Clubs— Hath ; V/yndham ; lirooks' ; Ke- 
forni. M.P. for ."'outhan.i.r.jn. H. ^-i.itnoi — 4:;, 
Great Cum'; rlan.! VIm", \V. 

2. Violet iiilda Margaret. 

3. Vera Lilian. 

5. Philip Au5t»n Eirkin, h. 24 S^nit. 1?69 : rmj. 
Sherwocd Kant'crs ; m. Nov. lOuO," Franc -s i:!ialy, 
dau. of Joseph Littiiwood, J.P., of the Paric, Xottiiig- 
ham. Issue — 

Effie PldUppa. 
C. Earry l^awroiic; Birkin, b. IT March. 1572 ; ,;iaj 
S. Notts. HiLsstrs ; S'Tvud i.i S.A. war; i.j. 2J April, 
1909, Olive Isobel, dau. of Rtv. E^nrv Tuarl.-s llur?- 1!. 
Kesidouw — ^Wcodsidt^ rhii«.-f H. >ot"ts. l;?u^; — 

1. Peter Lawrence Birkiii, h. J" M^rfli. lOjo. . 

2. Jaiucs Micliael Birkin. b. 2.3 April, 1912. 

i. Harriftt Msud, ni. 2>! July, iS^sS. Cecil iid-A-ard 
Willoughbv, late R.N., and liis isiuu. 

2. Hilda Marv. 

3. Ethel LiUa'n (O.B.E). j 

BIRKMYRE, Kat, Creuc Feb. lOlT.— Sm 
Akckibald Bjp.KiiYP.E, s. of tlio late Kvnry IJiik- 
myre, of Port (jlasjrow. E. 1875 : ed. at Grc-tiock 
Coliegiato School ; m. 1896, Annie, dau. of < apt. 
James Black; i.s senior partner of Messrs. 
BirkmjTe Bros., merchant's, of Calcutta ; an 
additional memb. of Council of Gov. of Boneal for 
making Laws and Beg^ulations. RfsideiiC'"> — 
0, Ciive Pvov.-, Calcutta, Jadia. t,'Iui>s — Oriental, 
Bengal, Calcutta. Issue — 

1. Hcnrv Birkm\Te, b. 1808. 

2. Ajchy }!irkm>-re, b. 1G04. 

BIRMINGH.^:*! of Kells, Baron. Sec Gor- 

MA>'STON, Vise. 

EIRMUTGHAM. 2n'J Lord Bishop of. Cor;. ! 91 i : 
(Foun. 19j4). — liioiix i(EV. Henkv i^c-sxhi.L 
Wakeoeld, D.D. i=. of F. Vv'akefield. of Brooinfiel I 
CO. W'icklo'.", and Emilv. dau. of Leatharn Ho\v;ird. 
B, at Mansfield, No!t3. 1 D-:c. IS.iJ ; in. S Sept 
1878, Frances Sophia, da'u of Henry DalLTway: 
ed. at Tonbridge .school, the Lvcee Bona- ; 
part© (Paris). Bonn (Germanj'). and O.Kford ; ! 
orieinallv intended for diplomatic service ; ord. ' 
1877; cur. St. Peter's. Vauxhali. 1S77-S, of j 
Barnes 187S-81, of All Saints', Svrancombo j 
1881-3 ; \'ic. St. .Michael and All An^rels with j 
Ch. Ch., Jx>wer Svdenharn, 18S3-S. of Saiidirite! 
18SH-94 ; rec. St. I^Lirv's, Bryan-t.'n Sq. 1894- | 
1909; dean of Norwich' 19'i9-il; mn.s. | 
Bishop 1911 ; was lect. on Ene. Liter. Crv^t \I i 
Palace 1S87-91 ; n-.emb. L.S.B. 1897-19 in ; ! 
preb. St. Paul's 1C03-9 : fellow commr. of | 
St. Cath. Coll., Camb. ; t-n-ice mayor of M.\r}le- | 
bone ; member Royal C'ommn. on t!ie Po^r : 
Laws and Relief of Distrr s.s ; was clsrinn. : 
Central Com!nitt-?e for the Uncmpl'^yed in Lonrlon, ; 
and niernb. exrc. committee National Anti- j 
Sweating League. The see of Birminsh.un, j 
comprises part of the former sees of Worces- I 
ter and Liiiifitld. F.esidrnre — Bishop's Cr-n't, ; 
Somerset Road, Edgbaston, Binnine'iam. Clubs — j 
Reform; .Atlien.Tum. Lssue — j 

J. Henry Francia Howard Wak-jfi^ld, b. 1 Feb. 1850; 

coi;iii!t. I; N ; 

" 2. Herb rt Ru?;;- 1! Wakcfleld, b. 9 May, 1S35 ; 

lii-iit.- Ht.-. Sc)'s Fu? 

.1. Gilbert Eiward Wak- fi,ld, b. Z'i April, 1S92; 

r.ip; l;o.-. SCO-, j :„. 

1. En.ilv Man-, m. fi F.b. 19!::, Vaj. Edward Archi- 
bald Bock. D.S.O., Roy. Scot.^. Fa.^. 

BIRRELL. Privy Coun.<;ei:or. Apptd. i9ri.5. , 
— Kr. Hon. Ac-ucstink Rirreli.. youngest s. ; 
of Kov. Charles .'^litchell Biiiell, Nonconformist ' 
minL'ter, of Liverpool, and Harriet Jnne, dau. of 
Rev. Henry Gre»-, D.D.. of E U:iburdi. B. 
1850; m. 1st, 1S7S, Lo.iis.i (d. 1S79). 
dau. of .\rchibald .Mirrieieea, 2nd, 1S8S, [ 

K-J.-::ri-.r .Mnry B-rth^i (d. iO .Mareii 1915), dau. . f 
Fn-leriik L"cker, and widow of II>»n. i^ion^i 
T'-invson ; ad. at Aruerslumi Hall School and 
Camb. ; B.A. 1872, LL.D. (St. .Atidrews) ISC'5 : 

1 hon. LL.D. (Livemool. 1909 : called to the bar 
(Inner Temple; IsVo. Q.C. 1894, bencher 19j3; 
Quain Prof, oi Law at Univ. Coli. London 1890-9, 
pres. Board ci Edueation Dec. 10O5-7. and S-^c. 
for Ireland 1 907-16; M.P. \V. Fifeshire 1 S80- 

! lOiiO ; co'ite-jted N.E. Manchester 190i» : :\LP. N. 

; Bri-it<^I since 19'jr« ; Lord rector of Glas. fniv. 

' since 1911 : author of " Obiter Dicta," " Life of 
Ciiarlotre Bronte," "Res Judicata, " etc. Resi- 
donees — 7f>, Elm Park Road, Ciiel.sea. S.VV. 3 ; T!-.e 
Pi^htle, Si!erin<ri!am. Clubs — Aihenaium ; New 
University, National Liberal. Issue — 

1. Francis Frederick Lccker Birrcll. 

2. Aathoay Grey Eirrell. 

BIET, Lady (Knt.'s widow).— Mary Ak.v 
CoxsTANTiA, dau. of 3Iatthew Watson Thomas, 
of ^Valthamstow, Essex ; m. :2 Jan. 1S72, Sir 
William Birr, V.D., formerly general man